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Peri Peri Ordinary

Humming increases ventilation in the sinuses To rid your eyelids of puffiness, gently FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011
and boosts the immune system massage a drop of castor oil on them


(From Left to Right) Mohd Shahid, Shamrez Zack, Rony Thomas

Chicken lovers: My guests for the good. Among the desserts, the famous
evening were Mohd Shahid and Sham- Natas are definitely worth a try.
rez Zack, both brand consultants at So-
cial 121 Strategic Communications, and Nan-don’ts: The Petisco platter would’ve
Rony Thomas, Corporate Communica- worked if not for the chicken wings,
tions Manager at HP. Shahid and Rony which were not only undercooked – a
were seasoned Nando’s regulars and problem that was repeated later with the
Shamrez earned his spot by not chick- Quarter Chicken Meal, but suffered from
ening out on the Extra Hot Peri Peri. an uneven distribution of spiciness. Its
other flaw was the pita bread, though
Periscope: The decor and furniture are the hummus was quite good. The Chick-
quite a few notches above casual din- en Wrap was a complete disaster, with
Chicken Strips ing. Bright colors and music that goes the wrap taking its role too seriously.
and Rice with the restaurant’s theme ensures The sauces, famed for their spice were
that there’s a buzz to the place. The more tangy than hot. Except for the
unique tablemats and the famous bot- Natas, the desserts failed to make any
tles of sauce only add to the setting. impact. Ditto the beverages, though we

expected much from the Crimson Cola
SIGNATURE DISH: Peri Peri Chicken
‘appeteaser’, a couple of chicken
meals and a dessert. A full stomach is Dossier: Chicken. Loads of it – liver, and the Poncha Zurra Tinto.
and sauces, Espetada, Natas not guaranteed with that. wings, chicken meals, Espetada and so
NANDO’S on. But vegetarians need not be com- Service: The service is a bit patchy, es-

COST: ` 1,000, you could get a taste VENUE: Nando’s, 1A Church Street, pletely put off since they have quite a pecially when the diners increase in
Manu Prasad of Nando’s that includes an Bangalore - 1. Tel: 65681480 few options including salads, hummus, numbers. Though there were no delays FAHEEM HUSSAIN
burgers and several side dishes. Like all in taking orders or serving the dishes,
hirty countries spread over the other chains that pay homage to the refilling water promptly is a skill that
five continents, but you only Veg Peri Peri Paneer uniqueness that’s India, Nando’s does needs to be learned when dealing with
need to travel to Church Street too, in the form of a Peri Peri Paneer. spicy stuff.
to sample what There are also a few interesting bever-
they call the Nando’s “experi- ages and dessert options. The conver- Verdict: Though the costs involved are
perience”. Go there you must, to sational tone of the menu and the occa- not exactly chickenfeed, the place is
know what makes the African sional witticisms and wordplay are definitely worth a visit, if only to know
Bird's Eye chilli so famous, but worth a mention. what makes it such a cult brand across
though it’s definitely different the globe. But Nando’s does need to pol-
from the regular chicken stereotype, Nan-dos: We decided to start with the ish its act for sustained prosperi-perity.
you’ll wonder whether it’s really Indianised offering – Peri Peri Paneer,
worth the hype. with the Extra hot sauce. It wasn’t as The writer is a brand consultant, who is
spicy as we expected, but still managed always on the look out for a restaurant
GENESIS: Nando’s is an internation- to deliver. The Chicken Espetada Rusti- that serves him right.
al chain of casual dining restaurants ca, the main course, was quite a visual
that originated in South Africa, and treat, in addition to being a reasonably FOOD
has a Portuguese – Mozambique tasty dish, despite the deceptively AMBIENCE
theme. The Bangalore franchise bland butter. The Chicken Strips & Rice SERVICE
began operations last December and also proved a good choice though the
is run by Vikram Dasappa and Ajit rice could have done with more flavour. Bangalore Mirror reviews
Muthanna. The potato wedges were surprisingly anonymously and pays for meals


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