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FM Cut-Out MEGAPACK Version 2.

0 (For use
with FM09 & FM10)



This Megapack has been compiled by Rowan at - please visit the
forums and the site for updates and more!!

The idea of this pack is that you download this "base" MEGAPACK to start with and
then copy the contents of future updates into your Megapack folder in sequence!

Installation Instructions:
Once downloaded, place the Megapack folder here:

> My Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2009>graphics>faces

Then do the following (if you haven't already done so)
Launch Football Manager 2009. When loaded go straight into game preferences from
the intro screen.
Click on 'Display and Sound' on the tree menu.
Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called 'Always Reload Skin on
Confirm' and un-tick then box saying 'Use Skin Cache'.
Now press confirm on the tree menu.
There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'.
Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

In the case of duplicate images I have chosen the best quality and where appropriate,
most recent. Having reviewed the images I recommend using SI's default skin as many
of the pictures have a white/grey edge which will show up on a dark skin. Apologies to
those whose cut-outs haven't made it into the pack, I have chosen SI's default style of
headshot with a tiny bit of collar where possible.

If you would rather have a different image from that provided, I recommend visiting the
Alternative Cut-Out Request Thread on the forums, requesting your
image and overwriting it into your own personal Megapack.

18EVERTON78 4eScholl 70club 7oy adi5555 adianady ajcham aless alexis777 AlienAndy AMiCCelSen anderson56 andystronguk Anthemon Aragao Arshavin Axa b_mack_ badzi 69 bakizp Batista0727 baz1 Beast72 Becks_23 BFL-Team bigreddevil boco78 BradH Brightfame bronek7 Caner Ozaskin Canto7 castor.troy Cavanagh celtfan79 CFCAdams . If I have forgotten to credit someone. please let me know and I'll update this file for the next release.Cutting Out faces takes a lot of time and commitment and I would like to recognise EACH and EVERY contributor to the world of cut-outs. See the list below. Also if there any any mistakes (wrong IDs) let me know.

Chainik chmielu Chrisbor Circly cliffyboro CML Čovjek Kukuruz Coxis crookes Dacho dan90 daniel22 Deano1903 Dida Diogo dustdevil7 Ehmo eiji13 elmagnifico elnino06 Erlandsson esbendk fatila fcgb260 fm22 FMIsrael fmnorge fra Frankie7 Fuego garyh geordie1981 GeorgieB82 GodOfSheep goteamgaz Hadfield17 Hampton Hazza Henta hjs Hurysek Hutoew .

Irons James de Bear jamundj janmukda jennaluv04 JerseyGal jimbot182 Joe Condor Jonas Joopiter jose77 jumberto kalan Kasper The Deity kastro Kongdo kremmen Kriss L!nk1n laushilin LCFC4EVER lestat Lil_Joey lokypedro lutonjohn Man_Overboard ManagersNET Mandrilaftalen mariuskl Marosh08 maxtod77 mixon mmanolis mons montrosefc mpak Mr Manager Mr Mickey MRC Msmichal mufckingud7 mysterio nanci .

Robertsen Rowan RowRow78 Ruslanincha Rydeen saintsbreakmyheart Sam shervin90 shevelevee Side-Spliting Pass skuba slacker5204 Smiteras Sneijder .neomann NiceLad nom NSM off_side oicelef ollie1988 oneilpapas orange2000 Oz-Gunner paradosso pasgio Paul Norman Paul_13 pe3ucTop pellizaro Peritri Peter pheenix41 Pumuky q-tips rallyefan2006 Ramberman rambo180 RANGERS1976 remember '67 Ricken Riquelme RND Corp.

Snk Snowy! sonycannon spadgebump Sports Interactive Graphics Team TH14_07 the_colonel TheHoff TiRsTrUp ToboyElvis Tomha Trickstyler tturbo1 UniK US ARSENAL van6969 venomenon VERSUSTHEWORLD Vialoop vrachar warnerbros92 wookiemiyake xakax yeyooo zaccki Zecha Zoolu .