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GB Engineering Enterprises Private Limited is a
well known Boiler Manufacturing company,
catering to the need of steam generation for Power
and process industries. GB is an ISO:9001 certified
and ASME ‘U’ & ‘S’ stamp authorized company,
located in Tiruchirappali, India manufacturing
boilers for domestic(under Indian Boiler
Regulation)and also for export(under ASME Sec I).

GBBPR Soft is a group of GB Engineering

Enterprises Private Limited. Providing solutions in
Engineering, Procurement and Construction(EPC) field and computer graphics. We concentrate
on CAESAR-II and PDMS based solutions. Beside our own software products we also provide
professional custom solutions using our enormous experience in software development.

GBBPR Soft pursues excellence in every endeavor and is dedicated to Quality Service.

Our main activities include:
§ Piping Engineering including Analysis, Mechanical Design
and Detailing/Layout & Isometric drawing Preparation.
§ Stress analyzing in critical piping with the help of
§ Plant Designing and Management with the help of PDMS.
§ Structural Engineering including Analysis, Mechanical
Design and Detailing drawing Preparation.
§ 3-Dimensional (3D) Modelling of various Machined
components/Assemblies using Auto Desk Inventor, Solid
§ Mechanical Design of Boiler components, Pressure vessels,
Heat Exchangers, Deaerators meeting National &
International/Statutory codes like ASME,BS,IBR etc.,
§ Preparation of Detailed fabrication drawings for Pressure
part components for Industrial/Power boiler as mention
here : i) Boiler Drum & Drum Internals ii) Down comer
piping iii)Boiler Bank Tube/Water wall panels iv)Super
heater/Reheater Assemblies v)Economizer Assembly
vi)Internal/External Piping vii)Waste heat Recovery system
Modules including Helical Coil boilers viii)Heat recovery
steam Generator systems.
§ Preparation of Detailed fabrication drawings pertaining to:
i)Deaerators ii)Pressure Vessels iii)Heat

§ Excellence in engineering software for piping

stress analysis and equipment design applications.

§ Experienced and expert piping stress analysis

consulting services.

§ Superior training in the field of ASME pipe stress


§ Superior support and assistance for users of our

engineering software.

§ The expertise and experience acquired by the parent

company GBEEPL. Over the past 3 decades in Power
and process industries along with its trained

§ The Design Engineers are well trained and guided by

Senior level experienced Designers in the field with
more than average 20 years of experience in various
reputed Engineering Organization.

§ Exposure to the various real-time problems coupled

with exposures to world-class manufacturing facilities
and leaders in the respective fields.

§ Exposure to the whole vertical including Erection and

Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, thus
providing end-use applications of the Engineering
being done in the organization.
We are close-knit organized team that consists of drive,
dynamic and talented achievers. Among us are
professionals in computer graphics, specialist in stress
analysis of piping system, very keen knowledge in plant
design management system and analysts with strong
mathematical background.

We always press on developing innovating solutions and

learning new technologies. We can implement the most
advanced computer technologies as well as develop new
ones. The result is very important for us.

We prefer challenging tasks that give us opportunity to work on the edge of our capabilities. We
cope with customers’ order in the earliest possible date. We work to make our customers feel
comfortable and happy carrying out their business tasks.

Becoming our customer/client you will be able:

To be flourishing and successful in your business and

get on in life;
To solve technical problems of any complexity;
To increase your revenue and achieve fast time to
To outpace your competitors;
To concentrate on your major business directions
leaving software implementation and integration to our
professional and high motivated team;
To elevate your customers’ satisfaction through
competitive prices;
To enjoy our consulting and support service.

GBBPR Soft is sure to be the most likely chosen. We

highly recommend to take this technology immediately
into your business and make use of it.
Customer service is very important for GBBPR Soft.
We pride ourselves on it.