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Name of the book: Trip 1 (4th grade)

The authors:
The publisher: Anıttepe Yayıncılık
The date of the publication: 2007
The place of the publication: Ankara


tly o
1. The aims & objs. of the course are clearly stated in T.B √
2. T.B helps teacher to reach goals of the curriculum. √
3.The aims & objs are comprehensible enough to guide the teacher √
4.T.B includes a detailed “content” part √
5.The content of T.B is parallel with the curriculum √
6. The topics in T.B are clearly presented. √
7. The T.B provides an adequate guidance for teacher. √
8.The T.B. has review sections √
9. The T.B has “Progress Check” sections to help learners follow their √


10.The T.B includes grammar spots to guide students while acquiring √
the language
11.T.B integrates two basic units(functional & structural) √
12. Structures are explained clearly and in deep detail √
13. T.B includes enough revision and extensions. √
14.T.B emphasizes teaching daily vocabulary √
15. Different teaching methods are presented in vocabulary teaching. √
16. Grammar structures are presented in order. √
17. T.B includes an appendix part which gives an opportunity for √
students to study independently.
18. Communication sections involve meaningful items that √
resemble real life,
19.There is an integration within units √
20.Vocabulary items are presented in bold letters to help sts √
21. The explanation of vocabulary is adequate enough. √
22.T.B includes varied topics √
23. T.B includes interesting topics for sts. √
24. The presentation of vocabulary is systematic. √
25. The activities are appropriate for the proficiency of the sts. √
26. The activities are appropriate for the age of learners. √
27. There are adequate demonstration questions for learners before √
moving into exercises.
28. There is a balance between free and controlled activities. √
29. The activities reinforce sts to maintain what they've learned. √
30. The activities are challenging enough to provide a progress on √
31. The exercises are varied. √
32. The activities are stimulating enough for learners. √
33. Activities are designed upon different learning styles. √
34. The book includes adequate group work activities. √
35. There is an adequate personalizing question and activities. √
35.T.B integrates four skills in units √
36. T.B can maintain a balance among skills. √
37. The skills make sts reach real life communication √
38. Productive skills are emphasized to improve sts' communicative √


39. The language of T.B is appropriate for the proficiency of the sts. √
40. T.B emphasizes the use of authentic language. √
41.T.B includes the variety of language (daily voc., dialect) √
42. T.B mainly uses standard English. √
43.T.B emphasizes the differences between AE & BE √
44.The pictures in T.B are attractive √
46. T.B pictures are enough to grasp the topic √
47.T.B is colorful enough in according to level of sts √
48. The pictures are appropriate for age of sts √
49. The pictures are authentic. √
50. The written materials are eligible. √
51.The pictures are related to the topics of T.B √
52. The art work is effective enough to motivate sts. √
53. The frequency (use) of pics is adequate to clear the topic. √
54. The headings of units are striking for sts. √
55. The color of headings in each unit is appropriate for sts. √
56. There are adequate margins for sts to take notes. √
57. The space left in T.B for sts are appropriate fort the level of sts. √
58. The font is appropriate for sts age. √
59. The titles in units are defined by italics or bold characters. √
60. The cover of the T.B is striking enough √
61. The pictures in cover of the T.B are appealing. √
62. The material quality is appropriate for the age of sts. √
63. There is a meaningful relevance with the content and the name of √
the book.
64.The size of T.B is convenient for the sts √
65.The T.B is durable √
66. The front and back cover of T.B is designed sensibly √
67. There is a “Glossary” section for sts to enhance their vocabulary. √
68. T.B includes an Appendix and extensions to help sts. √
69. TB has helpful parts (flash cards, puzzles). √
70. TB has a detailed index section. √
70. TB is supplied with a teacher’s book. √
71.Teacher’s book gives useful and complete guidance √
72. Teacher’s book gives instructions on how to incorporate audiovisual material produced √
for the textbook?
73.Teacher’s book supplies with alternative activities √
74. TB is supplied with a workbook. √
75. Workbook contains appropriate supplementary activities. √
76. TB is supplied with a study book. √
77. TB is supported with flashcards. √
78. TB is supported with a picture dictionary. √
79. TB includes a worksheet section. √
80. TB contains audio/visual (CD) materials. √
81.Sound quality of CDs is good with no hissing, distortion, background noise, or other √
82. TB includes a CD for listening activities. √
83. CD contains songs. √
84. CD contains videos. √
85. CD contains English games. √
86. TB is accompanied with a web site. √