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Stewardess or Flight Attendant is a person who assists and attends to the needs of

passengers on commercial flight. To know more about the job of a stewardess, here are some

data from a stewardess which are obtained from my interview with:

► Interviewee : Putri Paradisa Hakim

Age : 21 years old

Hometown : Mataram-NTB

Current address : Jakarta

Job : Stewardess at Lion Air


● Place of work : Lion Air

● Position : Junior Stewardess

● Duties and Responsibilities :

The main responsibilities of a stewardess are service and safety. A stewardess has to keep

passengers’ safety by telling the passengers any prohibition when they are on flight.

Stewardess also has to manage how to make all passengers feel comfort on the aircraft by

giving good services to them. These responsibilities should be allowed by all stewardesses

because these responsibilities are the important point to make the passengers enjoy use Lion
Air as their transportation to go somewhere. Below are the list of duties and responsibilities of

a Lion Air’s stewardess.

• Attend crew briefing • Special handling • Distribute infant life vest

• Check and report • Standby at duty area and infant seat belt at duty
emergency equipments • Greeting/Assist Pax area
checklist to FA • Briefing exit row seating
• Check, prepared and report Post Flight / Transit Stop and special pax at duty
to FA: • Be alert with the transit pax area
- AFT Galley (remain on board) & their • Account, cross checked
• Catering luggage (must be take a and report total pax on
• Service equipments long) board to FA1
- AFT Lavatory • Take position near exit doors • Check, recheck and report
• Amenities if A/C will refuel cabin, lavatory, galley
• Pax call • Announcements refueling secure to FA1
- Cabin procedures • Receive command from
• Seats • Waiting for change crew PIC “close the door, slide
• PSU • Operate Pram: arm and cross checked”
• Windows • Boarding music • Close door, arm & cross
• Headrack • Pram/Announce boarding checked slide
• Security Check announcement • Report slide arm to FA1 by
• Report to FA “Cabin Ready • Standby at duty area interphone
for Boarding” • Greeting/Assist pax
Take off position (one
minute silent review)

Note: FA1 :

AFT : (adv.) near or towards the back part of a aircraft



There are a lot of words, phrases, terms and expressions are commonly used by a

stewardess on an aircraft. Here are some phrases that usually used by stewardess; take off,

landing, board, on board, boarding, runway, aisle, taxi. Here are the explanation of them.

Take off is a term used in the flight when the aircraft is ready to fly.

Landing is a term used in the flight

Board is a term

On board is a term

Boarding is a term

Runway is a term

Aisle is a term

Taxi is a term

To understand the use of words, phrases, terms and expressions that commonly used by

stewardess, below are the description on situation and the use of them.

1. Boarding Announcement

In boarding announcement, a stewardess has to give a welcoming greeting when the passengers

are entering the plane. There is the boarding announcement that stewardess should say:

Good morning/afternoon/evening/ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome on board (B 737) LION AIR.

For safety reason, please put your cabin luggage’s under your seat or in the over head rack.

Please ensure that your cabin luggage’s are prohibited in the escape route and the

emergency exits, if you have any difficulties in putting your cabin luggage’s, our flight

attendant (stewardess) will be glad to assist you.

Have a very pleasant flight with LION AIR

And thank you for your cooperation

2. Welcome and Flight Information

When the passengers are already get into the aircraft, the stewardess have to welcoming them

with the information about the aircraft. She also must tell the passengers about regulation and

prohibition on the aircraft. Here is what a stewardess should say in Welcome and Flight

Information section.

Good morning/afternoon/evening/ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome on Board LION AIR B.737, Flight Number JT …. With destination to ….. and will

transit to …… The flying time to ….. will be approximately ….. hour/hours and ….. minutes,

and this aircraft will be flying with the altitude of ….. feet above sea level.

We would like to inform you that this is a No Smoking Flight. (smoking is allowed after the

No Smoking sign has been switch off)

Please fasten your seat belt. Put your seat back in the upright positions, return your arm
rest and lock your tray table in place before taking off.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call our Flight Attendant.

On behalf of LION AIR, the pilot In Commands for today is Captain ….. and all the crew

wish you a very pleasant flight.

Thank you for flying with LION AIR.

3. Safety Demonstration

After Welcome and Flight Information section, the stewardess has to demonstrate the safety

demonstration. In safety demonstration, there are lots of phrases and expressions that a

stewardess has say and inform to all passengers.

Ladies and Gentlemen. May we have your attention please. According to the Civil Aviation

Safety Regulation, our Flight Attendant will show you and demonstrate how to use of the : Seat

belt, Oxygen Mask, Emergency Exits, Live Vest and Safety Card.

At this time your seat belt must be fasten. To fasten the seat belt. Attached the two buckle

flap together. To tighten, pull the straps. To unfasten the seat belt, lift the buckle flap.

Should there be a sudden drop in cabin pressure, the oxygen mask like this will appear

within reach. Pull the mask toward you for the flow of oxygen and don the mask, covering

nose and mouth. Adjust the headband, then breath normally. Passengers travelling with

children, or with person reduce mobility should put on their own mask first then help them.

This aircraft Boeing 737 consist of six emergency exits:

• 2 emergency exit doors in the front of cabin

• 2 emergency exit doors in the centre of cabin

• 2 emergency exit doors in the rear of cabin

This aircraft is equipped with escape patch light, these lights will illuminate in emergency

situation that will guide passengers towards the emergency exits.

The life vest is under your seat and it is only for use in emergency water landing and please

do not remove from the aircraft.

How to use it: Put the life vest on, and fasten straps tightly.

To inflated the life vest pull firmly the two red tabs, the life vest can also be inflated by

blowing into the two rubbers tubes, the lamp will light up if the battery plug is pulled out

under water. Inflate the life vest before you leaving the aircraft through the emergency exit

doors and inflate life vest on the wing just after leaving the aircraft through the emergency

exit windows.

Finally, in the seat pocket in front of you, you will find the instruction card on the

emergency procedures, please read this card carefully before take off.

Thank you for kind attention and have nice flight.

4. Dimming of Cabin Light before Take off/Landing

Before dimming out the cabin light, a stewardess has to inform the passengers by using these

phrase and expression.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In short while we shall be taking off / landing, for safety reason the cabin lights will be dim

shortly. For passengers who wishes to continue reading, you may switch on the reading

light above you at the overhead service panel.

Thank you.

5. Final Preparation

Ladies and gentlemen,

Final approach for take off / landing, may we remind you to fasten your seatbelt. Thank you.

6. Before Landing Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen,

Within a few minutes, we shall be landing at …. the airport of …. The local time is ..…


Please return to your seat, fasten your seat belt, put your seatback in upright position,

returning your armrest and lock your tray table in place. Please ensure your cabin luggage

and your handbags are secure in under your seat or overhead rack. Please remain seated
after landing until the fasten seat belt sign has been switch off and this aircraft is stationary.

Thank you.

7. Bad weather

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are flying in turbulent weather condition, please return to your seat and fasten your

seatbelt until the “fasten seatbelt” switch off.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Putri Paradisa Hakim is a woman who works as a stewardess at Lion Air. She has been

worked with Lion Air for 3 years. She took a stewardess education for one year in 2007 at

Jogjakarta and in 2008 she has started to work at Lion Air as a stewardess. There are lots of

experiences that she got since she works as stewardess. What she likes about the job as a

stewardess is she can know many people and characters of people. When she does her job, it has

been her responsibility to learn every character’s of passengers to ease her doing services to

them. On the other hand, she can travel in many big cities where the aircraft stop. A stewardess

has to take a rest for one day before they back to other route of flight. She use this chance to go

travel and shopping. The total amount of stewardess’s salary is also making her get a pleasure for
work as a stewardess.

However, there also many experiences that she dislike working as stewardess. First, it

will be easier to get physically tired on an aircraft. Air pressure on the certain high makes her

condition easier to feel tired. Second, a stewardess has to be more patient to face passengers`

complaint who are stubborn. A stewardess also becomes a partner for passengers to express and

show their feelings when there is a delay of the flight.


Stewardess is a quite interesting job. This job needs a biggest carefulness, especially on

the management flight. I take a view that this job should done under strict procedure as well as

detailed commands.

I think become a stewardess is interesting because using stewardess’ uniform will make

someone looks more graceful. Since I like travel and shopping, I think being a job as stewardess

is very suitable for me because I can travel to many big cities which are not only in Indonesia but

also in others cities in Asia.

However, I will make a difficult consideration to decide that I will work as a stewardess.

If I view this job from safety side, having a job as stewardess is very scary. Spending every time

of work at altitude of 33.000 feet above sea level is very dangerous. It is a little chance for ones

to be safe If there happens such an unexpected matter on the aircraft. In addition, I am a person

with a high level of emotion. It is hard for me to be patient if there is a person who is angry with

me although I don’t do any mistake.

In short, it is seen from all of the considerations mentioned above. I believe that it as a

stewardess tidaklah cocok untuk saya. Saya rasa jika yang saya bekerja sbg pramugari hanya

karena saya suka jalan” and travelling, saya bisa melakukan itu dengan memiliki pekerjaan yang