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SUBJECT : Kick-off Meeting for Fire Fighting System

DATE : 2011. 02. 10 (THU) RECORDED BY : H.P.Hong / FF Engineer

PLACE : VinaBenny Energy Meeting Room, 6F


VinaBenny : DEC :
. PE : Mr. NGUYEN VIET MANH . EM : Mr. B.H.Kwon
Fire Police Department : . FF LE : Mr. H.P.Hong
. FF Consulting : Mr. NGUYEN MINH DUC

1 Future pump (capacity of 700m3/hr) is required for future project.

2 According to TCVN’s standard no. TCVN5307-2009, two refrigerated tanks (T-101 &
201) can be installed in same dike with intermediated dike. The intermediated dike shall
be 1(one) foot lower than the peripheral dike.

3 According to TCVN’s standard no. TCVN2622-1995, the pipe rack shall be installed for
cross section of road for fire water lines. The minimum height of pipe rack shall be
4.25m for passing the fire truck.

4 The height of elevated monitors shall be at least 3m higher than the maximum height of
loading manifold on the barge/tanker.
The operation type of elevated monitor shall be electric motor driven and able to be
actuated from each berth control room. The space of control room shall be rechecked
by DEC. The monitor shall be hard wired. (No remote controller type). The monitor
controller shall be operated by push buttons.

5 The water spray systems shall be actuated by …

. Tanks (T-301A~D, T-101, T-201) : manually by the operation switches on FGPT.
. BOG compressors Area (C-101A/B, D-101, D-102, E-102A/B, P-103A/B, C-201A/B,
D-201, D-202, E-201A/B, P-203A/B) : automatically and manually by the operation
switches on FGPT.
. Transformers : manually from field or CCR(FGPT) and automatically through FGS.
. Others (Pumps, drums and etc.) : manually by the operation swathes on FGPT.



6 The fire pump shall be provided in accordance with NFPA20. The fire pump vendor
shall be G7 and EU.

7 The firefighting equipment shall be suitable for Vietnam fire requirement. The
firefighting equipment produced in Vietnam and imported items are not necessary UL or
FM. The deluge valve only shall be UL listed or FM approved.

8 CO2 cylinder package shall be installed for Jetty Control Room. Main and reserve CO2
cylinder units with N2 pilot cylinders shall be installed inside CO2 container. Cylinder
package shall be located at building outside with sun shade shelter. No total flooding
type is required because of small space in control room.

9 Clean agent (FS-125) shall be installed for main control and substation. The cylinder
room shall be installed and room size shall be checked by DEC. There is no reserve for
clean agent system.

10 Scope of work for fire fighting, done by DEC

1) All engineering work including
. Calculations,
. Drawings such as P&IDs, layouts, and detail drawing etc.
. Specifications and procedures required for design, purchase of materials,
construction, etc.
. Bill of quantities
. Requisitions & TBE

2) All procurement and construction work including

. Material supply and installation of fire fighting pump
. Material supply and erection of fire water tank
. Material supply and installation of fire fighting network and piping including water
spray system

3) All fire fighting work including firewater spray piping, nozzle, support, etc for
refrigerated water tanks shall be done by DEC.

4) Government permit, material supply and installation of firefighting equipment, except

above, shall be done by others (local fire contractor). - The End -