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Kano 1

Lianna Kano

Mrs. Field

LNG 322

21 May 2011

Justice and Judgment

Have you ever judged a person or situation based on the color of their skin?

Whether you want to admit it or not, I am almost one-hundred percent positive your

answer is yes. Every American is born knowing the stated fact that every man is created

equal, correct? That being so, it is a shame and disgrace to not only ourselves, but also

our country that the case of Tom Robinson was judged by a perspective of “black and

white” rather than those seeing guilty or innocent. Black or white, everyone deserves

justice, and the color of someone’s skin should not change anyone’s judgment. With

that, Tom Robinson’s case must be appealed.

Starting off, if there is any reasonable doubt that Tom Robinson did not commit

the crime of a violent rape, then in no circumstance should he be convicted. Physical

evidence of the case proves Tom Robinson’s innocence of the crime he is falsely

accused of. Lets review the points: first off, Mayella Ewell accuses Mr. Robinson of

choking her with one hand and beating her with the other, but this is most surely

impossible due to the fact that Mr. Robinson’s left hand is completely crippled. Also,

because no examination was performed after the incident, there is no physical evidence

to support the accusation of rape. The situation can be respectfully questioned: Since

the doctor, on scene of the incident, asked permission to perform an exam on Mayella
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Ewell, then why did the father of Mayella Ewell, Bob Ewell, deny an examination done

that would prove Mr. Robinson guilty if he is truly compelled to believe that Tom

Robinson is the offender.

Not many white men would want a black man to even live after having raped their

daughter, and after the testimony of Mr. Robinson many questions arise to support

additional reason to believe his innocence. To begin with, why would Ms. Ewell beckon

Tom Robinson into her house to fix a door that is clearly not broken? Why were the

children sent off for ice cream when Mr. Bob Ewell claimed he didn't want to pay the

examination fee because of the expense? More importantly, what white man would

want their daughter seducing a black man? It is claimed that Bob Ewell caught his own

daughter doing this such thing, and in Mayella Ewell's testimony she stated that her

father could be bitter and harsh after excessively drinking which could lead to prove who

actually beat Ms. Ewell on the night of November 21.

According to Mr. Bob Ewell's testimony, when he had come upon the scene it

looked as if there had been a fight, but only one piece of furniture was toppled over. It is

believed that that person who hit Ms. Ewell was left handed, and reminding you that

Tom Robinson’s left hand is completely crippled there is no possible way he abused

her. However Bob Ewell is left handed, and had motive to attack his daughter. Physical

evidence and the previous testimony's of Tom Robinson, Mayella Ewell, and Bob Ewell

come to succinctly conclude the alleged rape of Mayella Ewell did not take place.

In final summation, reasonable doubt alone should prove the innocence of Tom

Robinson. Skin color is no evidence of guilt in any accusation of a crime. This certainly
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needs to be addressed in the case of a black man, Tom Robinson, being falsely

accused of rape of a white woman, Mayella Ewell. Physical evidence and lack of

physical evidence also alone prove the honest testimony of Mr. Robinson. Racism is the

foundation of one elaborated lie after another that could lead to the horrific and wrongful

death of an innocent man if he is inaccurately convicted. Once these points are

reviewed and followed with the testimonies the case should no doubt be appealed.