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Being born to teacher parents, teaching has been a childhood dream for me.
Considering research and teaching as the most respectful and meaningful
profession, here do I stand with both expectation and anticipation for a better
future. Being a Btech in Information Technology and having worked for
software giant Tata Consultancy Services for more than 2 years now, I am
well acquainted with the subject I am applying for. While in Btech I actually
learnt the theories and principles governing computers and information
systems, it is only after working with TCS that I realised how deep rooted and
significant they are. I have always had an inclination for research and this
became all the more strong when I was involved practical applications of
subjects like Information systems design and software engineering that I
studied in engineering.

<<< write two paragraphs about the kind of work that you have done in
TCS.The company you work for , the things that you are trained in .. give
examples please.briefly describe a project( in max 4 lines) on how knowledge
and analytics intensive it was >>>>>>>>

Information systems have become an integral and indispensable part of not

only every IT organization, but also in many other fields like defence, health
care ,education,entertainment etc.I strongly believe that India has the
capability of producing the best pioneers in every field and I have immense
faith in and respect for the education system that we have in our country. It
is truly unmatched and unparalleled. If I am successful in getting the honour
of pursuing this course then I would strive to give back to my society and
country by dedicated reserach efforts in this field.I would like to set an
example by showing people how important this profession of research and
teaching is. As I write this, I vividly remember how shocked I was the day I
read in a leading news paper that India is falling short of professors in IIMs
and IITs. While students slog day in and day out to get into these prestigious
institutes, they hardly think of giving back something to it. This is such an
irony. Given a chance I would like to erase this unpleasant notion regarding
research and teaching as a profession

I consider myself eligible enough for joining this course and pursuing a career
in this because of my immense interest in this area and having closely
observed during these working years of mine how important following of the
processes is. I would like to state an example.In our profession ,it is a
common occurence that we are provided with a requirement which is not
properly analysed and assessed to meet desired functional expectations.

<< put some language regarding the development and functional

requirement matching.. some more color on non synchronisation of various
teams resulting in inconsistencies and delay in delivery>>

Principles of software engineering are not strictly adhered do and all these
result in inconveniences during development, significant amount of our work
goes doesn't meet client expectations and we fall short of working hours due
to a lot of rework. Inspite of these hurdles, the final deliverables are almost
always defect free, no doubt we do a commendable job in that but then what
I feel is the process can be made even smoother and more efficient. Instead
of refining the requirement and reworking throughout the life cycle of the
software, we can take careful and calculated steps in understanding and
following the different phases of . This needs to be inculcated in a person,
who aspires to be a software engineer, right from his/her student days. These
small steps would result in immense improvement in processes of software

Finally, I would like to state that the FPM will help build and shape my career
in all its major dimensions. My knowledge in Information Systems will no
doubt get a big boost that would help me get closer to me dream of
becoming a Professor