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Venkat raju

Ph: +91-9740088446
To pursue a secured and satisfying career as a software architect and be a part of a progressive
organization that gives me scope to enhance my skill in order to cope with latest technological changes.
Having 2+ years of work experience in the revolutionary O/S GNU/Linux operating system with a
sound knowledge and hands on experience in the following categories:
 Proficient knowledge inC.
 Experience in porting.
 Worked on SD memory card driver development.
 Experience in PCI & USB driver Development.
 Experience in Linux Kernel Programming.
 Experience in Linux Network Programming.
 Exposure in Memory management and VFS.
 Knowledge in Assembly Programming.
 Knowledge in Microprocessors [8085, 8086].
Currently working in Global Edge Software Ltd, BANGALORE as Software Engineer since June 2007 to
till date.
to June 2007 till date.
Bachelor of Engineering in ECE from Nagarjuna University with 72% aggregate.

Programming expertise C, DataStructures , LINUX Programming.

Operating Systems GNU/Linux 2.6.x and 2.4.x.

Debugging Tools Gdb , kgdb , kdb,Gcc,GNU Make.

Protocols TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP.

Project Details
Project #1
Driver development for SD memory card on Samsung SMDK2410 board.
Language : C
Platform : Linux 2.4.18 & 2.6.20
Machine : SAMSUNG SMDK2410 based on SAMSUNG S3C2410 processor which has ARM920T
BootLoader : VIVI bootloader .
Tools : ARM cross compilation tools for compiling the code.
Team Size : 4
ROLE : Design,Implementation ,Module Développer and porting the driver on to the board.
Du ration : Sept 2007 to till date.
Synopsis :
The SD memory card driver is based on the SD/MMC stack implementation in kernel.
According to client requirement we have bypassed the file system implementation so the only one
application can access the card any time.
The modules are card identification, initialization, communicating with the card and finally porting the
driver on to the board.
Map registers to memory space and identifying the IRQ line form the data sheet Designing, coding,
cross compiling the driver code and finally porting.
Project #2
Porting Linux 2.4 and 2.6 on to the SAMSUNG SMDK2410 board.
Language : C
Platform : Linux 2.4.16 & 2.6.14
Machine : SAMSUNG SMDK2410 based on SAMSUNG S3C2410 processor which has ARM920T
BootLoader : VIVI bootloader .
Tools : ARM cross compilation tools for compiling the Kerenel source .
Team Size : 4
Role : Modyfied the kernel source,cross compilation and porting.
Du ration : July 2007 to Aug 2007.
Synopsis :
The SAMSUNG SMDK2410 is hand held device based on the S3C2410 processor which has ARM 920T
The device will be used in Car navigation and Mobile base stations etc.
Initially we downloaded the venilla kernel from and ARM cross compilations tools have
been provided by the samsung.
The communication between the host machine and board has been avhieved by the Serial Emulator
programme Called MINICOM In linux .
Responisbilities :
Configured The MINICOM.
Iniitialy cross compiled the vivi bootloader and flash the bootloader image by using JTAG Dongle.
Cross compiling kernel source ,Built the file system and compressed the file system with MKCRAMFS
tool and finally porting the image to the flash on board by using MINICOM Through Xmodem protocol.
Pheripheral Bus Extension Over IP Network (Usb/Ip) :
Language : C
Platform : Linux 2.4.16 & 2.6.14
Machine : Intel i386
Bootstrap : RedBoot 1.5.13
Team Size : 4
Role : Design,Implement and Module Développer
Du ration : June 2006 to March 2007
Pheripheral Bus Extension Driver is exclusively designed to share the pheripheral devices (usb) between
machines at a time without any modifications in the existintg O/S and DeviceDrivers. This improves
efficiency and usability of the Devices.
Virtual Host Controller Interface Driver
The Responsibility of VHCI driver is equivalent to the USB HCD and Processing the enqueued URBs. A URB
is converted into USB/IP request block by the VHCI driver and sent to remote machine over IP network.
The VHCI driver Emulates the USB Root Hub's behavior, so when a remote USB device is connected to a
client host over the IP network, the VHCI driver notifies the USB Core Driver of the port status change and
transmits data through that port.
Stub Driver
Stub Driver is new type of USB PDD. The Stub Driver is responsible for decoding incoming USB/IP packets
from remote machines, extracting the URBs
and then submitting to the local USB Devices.
Using this strategy, any interface differences between directly-attached USB devices and
remote USB Devices is completely hidden by the HCD layer. USB PDDs, other Drivers, and
applications can use remote USB Devices in exactly the same way. Once a USB Core Driver
enumerates and initializes the remote USB Devices, unmodified USB PDDs and applications can
access the Devices as it they were to locally attached.
 Project #4
 Project Name: GTraFF
 Team size : 5
 Language : C
 Tools : libnet 1.1 , libpcap0.71
 GUI Tool Kit : Glade-2
 Platform : Linux-2.4 i386
 Role : Developer
 Duration : Aug 2005 to Feb 2006
GTraFF is a packet sniffer and data analyzer developed using third party libraries
Libnet 1.1, libpcap 0.71. Its main modules include:
1. Packet Analyzer.
2. Port Scanner [Uni / Multi].
3. N/W Connectivity.
4. ARP Spoofing.
Involved in programming the “ Packet Analyzer “ module.
Packet Analyzer: This module is mainly responsible for setting the physical interface(s) to promiscuous
mode, captures the packets over a n/w and determines to which protocol(s) the packet belongs and
dumps the statistics in relevant files in ASCII format. This is achieved by using “ Libnet “ and “ Libpcap “
API's. “Libnet “ is used for handling and building protocol specific packets for injecting in the network. It
provides a portable framework for low-level network packet injection and handling. Libpcap API consist of
the calls to capture packets over a N/W.
Date of Birth : 01/06/1981
Gender : Male.
Marital Status : Single.
Linguistic Skills : English, Hindi Telugu;
Permanent address : S/o Satyanarayana,
EGDT, A.P-533437.
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