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Useful Websites for Students and Teachers

Teaching ideas & Student resources Resources, teaching ideas, e-lessons and methodology articles from leading publishers. Dave Sperling's ESL café; includes resources,

job vacancies and discussion forums. The British Council's site; includes teaching
ideas, online learning for students, jobs and
much more. News, quizzes, listening activities for students,
/learningenglish/index.shtml including links for teachers. The internet TESL Journal with teaching

techniques and articles. Free crossword, word search maker – very easy
to use. Also free worksheet generator. Free test maker - uploadable Online resources for students and teachers. Sites for students: suitable for self study or use with class.

Reading resources Links to a wide range of classic and modern
poems. Quirky news stories for higher levels.
html?keywords=Quirkies Internet public library - online books &

Listening Resources Online listening activities Links to various listening sites

Writing resources Links to a variety of writing sites

News/Media Comprehensive BBC website. Search engine for newspapers online.
Using authentic materials Lesson plans and ideas on using a newspaper.


Business English Links to a variety of Business English websites Business English activities

English for Kids Discovery Channel's website
http://www.enchantedlearning Ideas, resources, printable flash cards
.com/Home.html Nursery rhymes and songs for kids

Films & Music Reviews, news and interviews Film scripts Song lyrics

Reference Online Oxford dictionary A web of online dictionaries
rbeard/diction.html Online English Grammar
grammar/index.cfm Encarta encyclopaedia homepage Encyclopaedia Britannica Guinness World Records Biographies of famous people

Country Information Geopolitical & cultural information on every
country in the world.

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