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“This can be described with many words, including innovative, fresh,

reborn, or new, but the best description is one that is not stated, but felt. It
is a feeling driven by opportunity, fueled by confidence, grasped by
audacity, and regarded by all that partake in it as success. That feeling is
whoosh! and it is not an adjective, it is a verb”

This is how Tom McGHEE, described the “whoosh!” effect, which is the title
of his famous book.

“Reading 4 you” is the part of your Sundertimes magazine when I’ll try to
summarize, comment, report many interesting books for you, books
written by successful people who made a change in the history of human
development. The first book I choose is “Whoosh!” by his author Tom
McGHEE, and below the presentation of the first chapter.

Tom McGHEE is vice president of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s in Dallas,
also have been an officer in the US military marine, he has worked with
start-ups to global giants, he knew by experience that the success is never
manufactured, success is already there and waiting to be unleashed! So
this book is about “unleashing the power of a Creation Company”

What about if you can finally find enjoyment while working, and within
your team you make excitement! Creativity! And you feel that within your
organization you are exponentially multiplying thrill, excitement, power…
results are exceeding what you’ve never expected. This exactly what
happens when managers, leaders, employees understand how to get rid of
their old fashion of doing things and get the new eyes of whoosh! effect.

During the first chapter, Tom McGHEE made a comparison between what
he called “Compliance Companies” (or Organizations) and “Creation
Companies” and leads us to be aware of the emergency to evolve from
compliancy to creativity.

Compliance organizations are the result of the old industrial age; they are
based on a standard model of leadership called “command-and-control”,
they are structured by rigid hierarchy system, and the success is based on
individual performances, compliance companies set strict rules and
procedures in order to keep everything as it is and as it was… these
companies try always to replicate old successes. Any change in the
company is considered as a threat, because people are not likely willing to
learn or accept new things, methods or ways. Teams are made around a
leader who is supposed to be the expert, knows more and does less.
Working in a compliance company is meant to be bored and stressful
because people are always doing the same thing they were doing years
ago. No excitement, no change, no learning, and if there is a collaboration,
it is practiced the wrong way.

The “industrial age” goes away, it is died years ago! Now we are living in
the “Information age”, the technology, political and economic systems are
moving very fast. In such environment, only creation companies can
survive and evolve.

Creation companies are based on creating the new not replicating the old,
they are always changing, employees are always refining their daily tasks,
testing new fashions, passing through different patterns, learning and
challenging, making real collaboration, they are changing with flexible to
the movement of the whole environment. They have the freedom to
change whatever they see not relevant, they’re not based on individual
but collective performance…

During next chapters the author will show us how to make this possible,
even in the most rigid compliances, and how to set up and lead such

Next chapter will talk about beginner’s mind, and will show us how that
beginner’s minds are more efficient and powerful than expert minds! All
your comments are welcome  Until next issue of your “Reading 4 U” I
wish you good time 

cham Saadi