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Sample Perennial Polyculture Patches for Home & Garden

Genus Species Common Function; Vegetation Layer
Morus X hybrid mulberry Edible fruit, tall tree
Hippophae rhamnoides seaberry Edible fruit, N-fixer, medicinal, oil plant; shrub
Actinidia arguta hardy kiwi Edible fruit; vine
Symphytum spp. comfrey Dynamic accumulator, medicinal, insects; tall herb
Glyccirhiza spp. licorice Edible roots, N-fixer; small herb
Rumex acetosa sorrel Beneficial insects, medicinal, groundcover; tall herb
Chrysogonum virginiana goldstar Beneficial insects, groundcover; small herb
Myrrhis odorata sweet cicely Edible leaves & shoots, beneficial insects; tall herb
Stropharia Rugoso-annulata king stropharia Edible mushroom

Pawpaw Patch – Partial/Full Shade

Asimina triloba pawpaw Edible fruit, medicinal, coppice, ornamental; small-tree
Ribes spp. currant, gooseberry Edible fruit, medicinal tea; shrub
Asarum spp. wild ginger Edible roots, medicinal, groundcover; small herb
Allium Tricoccum ramps Edible leaves (delicious!), groundcover; small herb
vesca white woodland
Fragaria albicarpa strawberry Edible fruit, groundcover; small herb
Apios americana groundnut Edible tuber, N-fixing, beneficial insects; vine
Matteucia pennsylvanica ostrich fern Edible shoots, ornamental; tall herb
Pleurotus ostreatus oyster mushroom Edible mushroom

Perennial Three Sister – Full Sun

Helianthus tuberosus sunchoke Edible tubers, scaffold for groundnut; tall herb
Apios americana groundnut Edible tubers, beneficial insects, N-fixing; vine
Stachys officinalis mintroot Edible tubers, beneficial insects, groundcover; small herb

Perennial Vegetable Patch – Full Sun

Chenopodium bonus-henricus Good King Henry Edible leaves & broccoli, groundcover; small herb
Bunias orientalis Turkish rocket Edible leaves & broccoli, groundcover; tall herb
Amphicarpea bracteata hog Peanut Edible tubers, beneficial insects, groundcover
Sium sisarum skirret Edible roots, beneficial insects; tall herb
Hablitzia Tamnoides climbing spinach Edible leaves; vine
Oenanthe Javanica Water celery Edible leaves, beneficial insects, groundcover, small herb
Crambe Maritime Sea kale Edible leaves, beneficial insects; tall herb

No-weed Asparagus – Full Sun

Asparagus officinalis asparagus Edible shoots, scaffold for groundnut; tall herb
Fragaria x annanasa strawberry Edible fruit, groundcover; small herb
Apios americana groundnut Edible tubers, N-fixers; vine

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