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3000-SERIES Data Sheet Ref.

No :
SD-7000-001 sdtork ®
Electrical Actuator Technical Specifications Quotation Ref. No

Quotation Date

1. ITEM Thre Phase Linear Electrical Actuator

Thruster Actuator
2. MAKE Sdtork



4.1 Series 7000

4.2 Model

4.3 Out Put motion. Linear

4.4 Rated output Thrust – Kg

4.5 Output Speed – mm /Sec

4.6 Stroke - mm

4.7 Time of operations

4.8 Manual over-ride Provided-Hand wheel with auto declutching

4.9 Travel Limit Switches Qty : 2 nos., Contacts :
Rating: 5A-250 VAC/0.46A-250VDC.
4.10 Torque Limit Switches. Qty : 2 nos., Contacts :
Rating: 5A-250 VAC/0.46A-250VDC.
4.11 Local Position Indicator. Provided Continuous type.

4.12 Class of Protection.

4.13 Duty

4.14 Weight of the actuator.

4.15 Mounting Dimensions

4.16 Area of Operation

4.17 Wiring Diagram

4.18 Mounting Trunnion

3000-SERIES Data Sheet Ref. No :
SD-3000-001 sdtork ®
Electrical Actuator Technical Specifications Quotation Ref. No

5.1 Type. TEFC Induction Motor.

5.2 Supply 415 V AC 50 Hz 3 Phase

5.3 Duty

5.4 Insulation Class F

5.5 Rating


5.1 Feedback Out put : 100-235 Ohms Provided / Not Provided

5.2 Additional Limit Qty : 2 nos. Provided / Not Provided
Switches Type :
Contact rating: 5 A, 230VAC
5.3 Two Wire Transmitter Type : Two wire, Actuator mounted Provided / Not Provided
Supply : 12-36 VDC, Output : 4-20 m A
5.4 Remote Position Available in servo controller Provided / Not Provided
indicator Digital : 0-100 %
5.5 Servo controller Input signal : 4-20 m A, Output : 4-20 m A Provided / Not Provided
(Valve positioner) Feed back : 0-500 Ohms, supply 230 V AC,
Panel Mounted This will have auto calibration facility.
5.6 Interface Card Input signal : 4-20 m A, Provided / Not Provided
Actuator Mounted Feed back : 100-235 Ohms,
5.6 Control Panel / Refer Basic Specification Sheet Provided / Not Provided
Integral Starter

5.7 Local Push Button Refer Basic Specification Sheet Provided / Not Provided
5.8 Space Heater Provided / Not Provided

5.9 Thermostat Provided / Not Provided


7.1 Scope Of Supply Actuator with above accessories

7.2 Inspection By the Customer at our works

7.3 Test Certificates & 2 Sets with Unit

7.4 Warranty 18 months from the date of supply or
12 months from the date of installation whichever is earlier.
7.5 Painting RAL 5021

7.6 Packing Wooden Box packing – On demand


For Sdtork Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Data Sheet Ref. No :
SD-3000-001 sdtork ®
Quotation Ref. No

• 2 nos. Travel limit switches of (1 NO + 1 NC) / (2NO+2NC) & 2 nos. Torque limit of 1 NO + 1
NC (2NO+2NC) potential free type, current rating: 5A-250 VAC/0.46A-250VDC. All switches are
internally wired & brought out to common terminal box.

• Drive motor suitable for 3 phase 415 V +/- 10 % , 50 Hz +/- 5 %, combined variation +/- 10 % AC
power supply, Motor type TEFC

• Actuator suitable for Ambient Temp for –20° C to +60° C

• Manual operation : Sdtork actuator is provided with manual hand wheel for manual operation with
auto declutching system. Selector fork shows two position one is “Hand mode “& second is “Motor
mode”. When we put hand mode position motor drive gets dis-engaged & drive shaft gets engage with
hand wheel.
When motor is switched on, selector fork automatically goes in normal i.e. motor mode position.
The drive shaft gets dis-engaged from hand wheel & gets engaged with motor drive automatically. This
gives motor overriding feature.

• A short time break-away torque, which is considerably higher than the tripping torque is mostly
required to clear jammed parts in Knife gate valve in case of slurry application. This is possible by
“Hammer Blow Effect” which is inherent feature of SDTORK actuator.

• The actuator is provided with a built-in mechanical position indicator. It gives continuous faithful
indication directly on the actuator. The dial provided with marks to indicate the direction of opening &
closing of the valve and Actuator.

• SDTORK actuators are provided with weatherproof protection confirms to IP-65 Enclosure.

• For regulating/modulating application Actuator will be S4-duty (S4 - 25 %, 600 c/h) & for on-off
application actuator will be S2-15 min (60 starts/hr) as per DIN 3210/IS325.


Actuators are self locking as well as non-self locking will be depends on your application requirement.
In non self locking actuators it is our advice to use relay or auxiliary contactors in the electric control
system to maintain shutoff signal. Please note this provision is an in-built feature of our control panel for
non-self locking actuators


Sdtork actuators are available with various designs of output shaft to meet the different types of
coupling with final control element required by various manufacturers as per DIN 3210. Followings are
different types of couplings available with SDTORK

Shaft Design A – Hollow shaft with threaded bush

In this type of design coupling bush is provided in the actuator having pilot bare but without
treads. It can be easily removed & can be machined with the desired threads at the buyers
shop. The axial thrust farces occurring during operation are taken up by thrust bearing in the
actuator. The spindle of final control element (valve etc.) can move through the actuator.

Shaft Design B – Hollow shaft with insert bush

In this type of design the spindle nut of final control element is radially fixed in the out
put shaft of actuator. The thrust bearing lie in the final control element which will take
care of axial thrust occurring during operation. The Valve spindle can move through
Data Sheet Ref. No :
SD-3000-001 sdtork ®
Quotation Ref. No

Design C - Hollow shaft with claw coupling

In this type of design the spindle of the final control element can move through the actuator. The
rotary movement of the actuator transmits to the spindle nut lying in the final control element
through a clow coupling.

Design D – shaft Extension with key way

In this type of design actuators are provided with an shaft extension with key way. The final
elements are to be connected to the actuator through appropriate intermediate coupling piece or
cardan shafts. This design is not suitable for rising spindle vales.

Design E – Shaft with Bore & Key

In this type of design the out put shaft is provided with bore & Key for the coupling with final
control element. This is most economical coupling suitable for non rising type spindle final
control element. In this spindle can’t move though actuator.


The electric connection of the actuators is effected either through terminals or plugs.
The motor of the design with terminal connection is directly connected, where as switching & signaling
device is wired to the terminal strip. The terminal strip is suitable for connecting wire of cross-sections
up to 2.5 sq. mm.


Sdtork electric actuator can operate in any position provided that the axis of electric motor remains
horizontal. The actuators can be used in a position with the electric motor up-word position also.


All three Phase actuator do need control panel to operate & control the movement of final control
element. This control can achieve by means of local control panel. Local control panel are available in
two types of configuration one is wall mounted design constructed in sheet metal & other will be integral
construction type. This will be equipped with following components:

Main switch
MCB on fuses for power & control circuits
Push buttons for open / stop / close commands
Auto/ Manual or Local/Remote selector switch
Indicating lamps for various indications such as power on, opened,
closed, fault operation etc.
Over load relay cum single phase preventor
Electronic Positioner** (Modulating/Regulating application)

Relays for non-self locking actuators

Digital indicator
Connectors etc.

The above-mentioned items are selected as per customer’s specific

Data Sheet Ref. No :
SD-3000-001 sdtork ®
Quotation Ref. No


- Supply : Single phase 230 V AC
- In put signal : 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC
- Output signal : 4-20mA or 0 to 10 VD
- Out put : Reversible contacts for Open & Close operation
- Auto / Manual selection switch provided
- LED Indications: Opened/Closed/Opening/Closing
- Digital Indicator : 3 1/2 Digit for 0 to 100 % opening of final control element
- Fuse protection provided.
In auto mode open & close operation is controlled by 4-20mA Input signal from PID/PLC/DCS/QCS etc
& under Manual mode operation is through Push buttons either by hold on or inching operation.


The sdtork electric actuator will be supplied with resistance transmitter of 100-500 Ω ( alternative values
are also available) or a current transmitter with a unified signal of 4-20 m A. The current transmitter uses a
two-wire connection, no power supply being built in the actuator. In the control design variant, it is
advisable to use a current position transmitter only. The maximum load resistance is 500 Ω. The supply
voltage of the transmitter is 12 to 36 V D.C.


Sdtork electric actuator can be supply with remote position indicator. This will indicate 0-100% opening of
the valve in control room. In put to this position will be either from actuator mounted pot meter (distance
less than 5 m) or from actuator mounted current transmitter i.e.4-20m A.


Sdtork actuators are available with two types of motor i.e. TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) / TESC
(Totally Enclosed Surface Cooled) squirrel cage induction motors.

Motor insulation will be class ‘F’ with temperature rise limited to class ’B’ limits.

Under normal operating conditions, the insulation resistance of electric circuits with respect to chassis or to
each other should be at least 20 MΩ. After a damp test, it should at least 2 MΩ.

- The insulation strength of electrical circuits of the actuator will be as follows :
- Test voltages of individual circuits:
- Remote position transmitter 500 V, 50 HZ
- Micro switches & anti condensation heater 1,500 V, 50 HZ
- Electric motor 1,000 V, 50 Hz, at least 1,500 V

- Acoustic pressure level max 85 dB (A)
- Acoustic power level max. 95 Db (A)


At the factory, the tripping torque has been adjusted as per standard selection chart of actuator, final
tripping torque adjustment will be done at site according to the valve operation torque requirement.
Data Sheet Ref. No :
SD-3000-001 sdtork ®
Quotation Ref. No


Step controller (Servo controller) and electric actuator are matched to each other in such a way that steps
of less than 0.3 % of the stroke can be executed. The control accuracy resulting from this positioning mode
is sufficient for all control application. To obtain this feature, the gearing is, to a high degree, mechanically
rigid (without elastic element) & without back-lash.


Sdtork actuators are packed with grease foe 2-3 year’s maintenance-free operation at factory. Chassi
grease grade ‘H’ or SERVOREX-LO (IOC) or Univex CD of BPC or equivalent can be use. Approx. quantity
required 2.5-3 kg. Frequency of checking once in six months & affix additional quantity if required.


If actuator is correctly mounted and sealed, no special maintenance is required. Check once a year the
function of motor and make sure that compartment is condensation free.

All electrical i.e. Position limit switch, Torque limit switches, Motor terminals are provided in single electrical
compartment allowing easier maintenance and field modifications.


• Simultaneous effect of ambient temperature of –25 °C to 55 °C with relative humidity of 10 % upward

• Ambient temperature to point 1); minimum relative humidity 10 %, maximum relative humidity 100 %
with condensation

• Altitude  2,000 m above sea level

• Splashing water in all directions

• Small dust content of air; mean layers of dust; daily dust fall more than 35 mg/m2, but not exceeding
350 mg/m2

• Corroding atmosphere & pollutants; the presence of corroding pollutants is significant

• Average mechanical stress; in current industrial plants

• Medium vibrations; in current industrial plant

• Serious risk of growth of vegetation & moulds

• Harmful effect of escaping vagabond currents

• Medium solar radiation with intensities > 500 W/msq and < 700 W/msq

• Personal abilities; instructed people

• Frequent contact with the earth potential; persons coming frequently into contact with live parts or standing
on a conducting base.