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Dear Respondents,

This is a survey research for the MBA thesis on “Consumer Behavior towards CSR campaigns of brands in
Pakistan”. You are requested to answer the following questions as accurately as possible. Your time in
helping us will be a valuable contribution in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Your opinion will
only be used for academic purpose.

Thanks for taking out time to fill this questionnaire.


Maria Sani
Baber Hameed
Sundus Soomro
Azeem Shah
Farrukh Gulraiz


Please take a moment to complete a brief survey. Your response is greatly appreciated.
Brand: __________________

Screening Question:

Do you know about the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

 Yes No


Gender: Male Female

Age: 20 – 30 31 – 40 41 – 50 50 +

Occupation: _____________________________

Income Level: Below 20,000 20,000 – 40,000 40,000 – 60,000

60,000 – 80,000 80,000 +

Education: Intermediate Graduate Masters

Q.1. What do you think the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ means? (More than 1
answer allowed)

Making charitable donations

Protecting the environment

Providing high quality products to consumers and value for money

Ensuring the welfare of employees

Comply with the laws of the state

Providing shareholders fair return on investment

Community development

Q.2. In the current economic climate, will you participate in any ongoing CSR activity
around you?
Yes No

Q.3. What attracts you to participate in CSR?


Willingness to help others

Personal Recognition

Q.4. Rank these factors in order of importance when you purchase a product.
( 1: Highly important, 5: Least important)

1 Price

5 Brand Name

4 Socially Responsible Behavior

2 Quality

3 Features

Q.5. Do you recall any CSR activity/campaign by the brand? Yes No

If Yes, then what CSR activity is it? _Pepsi campaign for cricket world cup

How were you made aware of this activity? _Advertisement_______

Q.6. Do you think brands really mean what they claim in their CSR campaigns?

Yes No

Q.7. Do you think that brands engaged in CSR put the associated costs on the consumer?

Yes No

Q.8. If a sales promotion is offered on substitute brands, would you still prefer the
caused- attached brands?
Yes No

Why? __________________________________________________________________
Q.9. Does your purchase of the cause-attached brand depend on
the type of social cause brand is attached to?

Yes No

Q.10. Which social cause would you prefer contributing to? (More than 1 answer allowed)

Environmental Conservation



Women Development

Rural Development

Natural Disasters

Q.11. What do you think is the brand’s motivation for engaging in the CSR activity?

Community Welfare and Development

Improving Brand Image

Increasing Sales

Attracting and Retaining High-Caliber Employees

Partly Social and Partly Commercial Benefit

Q.12. Do you think that the brand should continue investing in CSR activities?

Yes No