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1. WHY WE BELIEVE THAT THE EARTH 1.7 Too Few Neutrinos.

1.7 Too Few Neutrinos. If the Sun were really the Moondust on the Moon, at the rate of 3 tot years old.
CANNOT BE MUCH OLDER THAN ± 6 000 billions of years old, our planet would have been 4/10000 of an inch accumulation per annum,
YEARS. bombarded daily with enormous quantities of would have been between 32-97 km. thick by 1.23 Radio-Carbon Levels In Our Atmosphere.
sub-atomic neutrinos from the Sun. However, it now. On the contrary the Moondust is nowhere The radio-carbon levels in our atmosphere could
1.1 Geological Inflation? Well, firstly, the was discovered in 1968 that the Sun emitted more than 5,08 to 7,62 cm. thick on the Moon. have accumulated within thousands (and not
rumour that the Earth is billions of years old almost zero neutrinos. millions) of years to its current status. Robert
originated in a most comical way (geological 1.16 The Moon's Topsoil. The Moon's topsoil- Whitelaw, from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute
inflation!): (a) In 1862 Thompson said that the 1.8 Too Many Comets. Comets have an average mix, when analysed, does not reveal the (USA), reckons that the Earth's Carbon-14 clock
Earth was '20 million years' old. (b) In 1897, lifecycle of about 10 000 years. If our Solar properties of a topsoil very old. was switched on ± 8 000 years ago. Whitelaw's
Thompson doubled the age of the Earth to '40 System (and Earth) were really 5 billion years study on the radio-carbon death dates of the past
million years'. (c) In 1899 Joly decide that the Earth old, why are there so many comets still merrily 1.17 Moon Rocks Analysis. The analysis of indicates a peak (mass destruction?) at the
was '90 million years' old. (d) In 1921 Raleigh flying around in our airspace? Moonrocks have revealed the presence of approximate time of the (Biblical) Flood, making
discovered that the Earth was '1 billion years' old. Uranium 236 and Thorium .230 in those rocks. a Creation Event at ± 6 000 years B.P. (Before
(e) In 1932 W.O. Hotchkiss changed this figure to 1.9 Much More Water. Smaller comets, These shortterm radio-active isotopes do not last Present) a feasible concept.
'1,6 billion years'. (f) In 1947 A. Holmes declared the concisting mostly of water, hit the Earth regularly long, ... they quickly change into its endproduct,
Earth '3,35 billion years' old. (g) In 1956 A. Holmes in enormous quantities. If our Solar System were lead. If the Moon were really older than 50 000 1.24 Meteorite-Dust In Rock Strata. On average
raised it to '4,5 billion years'. (h) The 'age' of the really very old, our oceans would have contained years, these radio-isotopes would all have the Earth's atmosphere is hit by about 20 million
Earth currently stands at a whopping '4.6 or 5 much more water, coming from these comets, changed into lead by now. meteors every 24 hours causing the Earth to
billion years' ... and they call this 'Natural Science'? that is currently the case. increase its mass by 22,7 metric tons daily. The
The only missing link here appears to be a 1.18 Radio-Activity In Moon Rocks. The accumulation of meteorites and meteorite-dust in
competent psychiatrist. 1.10 The 'Poynting-Robertson Effect'. The Sun presence of relatively high radio-activity in rock-strata, however, indicates a planet only
daily sucks in about 82 301 metric tons of micro- Moonrocks points to a young age for the Moon. thousands, and not 'millions' of years old.
1.2 The Vector Properties Of Star Clusters. meteorides (rocks and other particles) in our
Spherically-shaped star clusters (comprising Solar System like a huge vacuum cleaner (the 1.19 Argon- And Krypton- Gasses On The Moon. 1.25 Meteor Craters In Rock Strata. No meteor-
billions of stars) display such breathtaking vector Poynting-Robertson effect). At the tempo this is Calculations based on the concentrations of craters have ever been discovered in the deeper
characteristics (velocity + direction) that they could happening most of this material ought to have Argon 36- and Krypton 84-gasses on the Moon rock-strata, but is usually found close to the
never have bonded together had the Universe been gone within 10 000 years after the creation have shown that the Moon cannot be much older Earth's surface. This phenomenon, and the
been billions of years old. of the Sun. After 50 000 years none would have than between 6 000 and 10 000 years. presence of erosion, indicate a planet only a few
been left ... why are there still so much of this thousands of years old.
1.3 Stars Too Massive And Energetic. Some material still in our air-space? 1.20 Too Much Thermal Activity By The Moon.
stars, such as e.g. Wolf-Rayfert- and P.Cygni- The Moon reveals hopelessly too much thermal 1.26 No Meteorites In Older Strata. No
stars, are either so energetic or massive that their 1.11 Saturn's Rings. Saturn's rings concist activity (e.g. motions by the Moon; lava flow; Meteorites (Meteors reaching the surface of the
original dimensions at the onset would have been mostly of solid ammonia. With its high gas-emissions etc.) for a heavenly body Earth) are found in older sedimentary strata. If
impossibly large, had the Universe been billions evaporating pressure it ought to have alledgedly billions of years old. planet Earth were billions of years old,
of years old; or they would never have possessed disappeared long ago, had the Solar System been Meteorites would have been found much deeper
sufficient levels of hydrogen (i.r.o. the hydrogen- very old. 1.21 Moon Recession & 'Roche-Limit'. The down in sedimentary rock.
base theory of star-energy) to radiate energy Moon is moving away from the Earth ('Moon-
(between 100 000 and 1 million times that of our 1.12 Voyager Journeys. NASA's Voyager- recession') at ± 4 cm. per year. That means that, 1.27 No Tektite In Fossil-bearing Strata.
Sun) for such a long period. explorations have shown that the planets Jupiter, if Evolution were true, 20 000 or 30 000 years Tektite, 'n glassy type of Meteorite, periodically
Uranus and Neptune also possess rings, an ago the Moon would have been so close to Earth showers down en masse on the Earth, and is
1.4 Young And Old Binary Stars. Many stars are indication that these planets are probably also that it probably would have fallen into the Earth. never found in sedimentary fossil-bearing
binary stars, i.e two (or more) stars orbiting very young. The Moon would not have been able to come strata, although it is found closer to the surface.
around each other. How does Evolution propose closer to Earth than 18 400 km. (the 'Roche If the (Biblical) Flood caused the sedimentary
to explain such stars where one in the system is 1.13 Jupiter's Moon 'IO'. The Voyager 1- Limit') as the Earth's tidal forces would have strata, then tektite ought to be found in the
'old' and the other one(s) 'young'? journeys have shown that one of Jupiter's moons, destroyed it. upper levels of ground (and not in the deeper
'IO', possesses over more than 60 active levels at all), and that is exactly what the situation
1.5 Too Much Hydrogen In Space. Astro- volcanos. This is in contradiction with 1.22 Too Little Helium In Our Atmosphere. The is.
physicist Sir Fred Hoyle has said that, if the Big evolutionists' theory that volcanism there radio-active decay of uranium and/or thorium
Bang theory were true and the Universe were stopped about '4 billion years' ago. This moon's creates helium. According to Evolusionists this 1.28 The Earth's Rotation Velocity. The Earth
billions of years old, most of the hydrogen in internal heat had apparently not dissipated yet, process has been going for billions of years. rotates at ± 1609 km. per hour, but is apparently
space would have changed into helium by now. which probably means a young age for this moon However, too little helium in our other losing speed, i.e. it is rotating slower and slower.
Star-spectra, however, still reveal abundant too. atmosphere says otherwise. If our atmosphere If the Earth were billions of years old, it would
hydrogen in space. were 'billions of years' old, there would have been have come to a standstill by now. Even Lord
1.14 Jupiter's Galilean Moons. The four 1 000 times the amount of helium in our Kelvin (founder of the Kelvin-Temperature
1.6 Solar Shrinkage. The Solar shrinkage 'Galilean Moons' of Jupiter would have displayed atmosphere that is presently the case. Helium Scale) quoted this phenomenon as the reason the
currently observed may mean that the Sun would similar characteristics had they originated could also not have evaporated to explain the Earth could not be very old. On the contrary, 5
have been so big 50 000 years ago that the according to evolutionary theory, yet they differ 'missing' helium, as it would not have been able billion years ago the Earth would have been as
oceans would have boiled over. About 100 000 drastically i.r.o. physical composition. to develop the required escape velocity to flat as a pancake, the Equator would have
years ago life would have been impossible in our extricate itself from Earth's gravity-field. towered 64 km. into the air and our oceans and
Solar System. 1.15 The Thickness Of Moondust. If the Earth According to Kofahl & Segraves the Earth's tropical areas would have been at the Poles.
and our Moon were really billions of years old, atmosphere indicates a planet about 10 000
1.29 The Earth's Magnetic Field. Dr. Thomas 54 cm. per 300 tot 1 000 years of topsoil- centuries of observations) before 2 250 B.C.?
G. Barnes's research of data collected by others production the Earth cannot be very old.
over 135 years i.r.o. the Earth's magnetic field,
indicates a decaying magnetic field. K.F. Gauss 1.37 Sediment From Rivers. The rate at which
1.47 No Writing Systems? Why no older writing
system than the Sumeric clay tablets of 3 500 Planet Earth!
started measuring the magnetic field for the first sediment is deposited by the Mississippi in the B.C.? Why no earlier Western-type writing
time in 1835 and the observations have since Gulf Of Mexico (229 million mtr.³ per year), the (proto-Sinaïtical) than 1 550 B.C.? 4,6 Billion Years
shown that the magnetic field has declined by Mississippi Delta, cannot be much older than
14% since then. With a half-life of 1 400 years, 4620, according to General Andrew A. 1.48 No Languages? Why no older languages Or
the Earth's magnetic field would have been 32 Humphreys. on record than 3 000 B.C.?
times stronger 7 000 years ago in comparison 6000 Years?
with today. This means that, 20 000 years ago, 1.38 Mud On The Sea-Bottom. A soft mud 1.49 Population Statistics! Population statistics
enough joule-heat would have been released to formed by residue coming from sea-organisms indicate that there could only have been one
liquify the Earth; one million years ago the Earth and plants, accumulating at a rate of ± 2,54 cm. family on Earth in 3 300 B.C. If the human race
would have had a larger mass than all the objects every 1 500 years, settles continously on the multiplied in accordance with evolutionist
in the entire Universe and would probably have bottom of the sea. Judged by the depth of this theory, and the human race were e.g. only 'one
evaporated, according to 'Scientific American' (Dec.1989). layer of mud the Earth cannot be very old. million years' old, (at the modest annual growth
At the present rate of magnetic decline the rate of 0,01%) the World population at the time
Earth's dipole-component of the magnetic field 1.39 The Topography Of Earth. The topography of the birth of Christ would have been 2 x 10⁴3 ...
could reach zero in 2 000 years. That indicates of the sea-bottom reveals a young Earth, e.g. enough people that a 1 000 Solar Systems
an Earth less than 10 000 years old. deep canyons; mountains, and too little comprising 9 planets each (i.e. 9 000 planets) Radio-Carbon Death Dates Graph
sediment in the Sea and continents still rising would not have been able to contain them!
1.30 Too Much Gas In The Earth. There is too from the Sea. By now the Sea-bottom and Earth- R. Whitelaw (Virginia Polytechnic
much natural gas in the crust of the Earth surface ought to have been as smooth as a billiard 1.50 The Polonium-218 Radio-Halos. Robert Institute) shows in this graph of
escaping through layers of clay for the planet to ball after 'billions of years' of erosion. V. Gentry's research with granites, the planet's researched radio-carbon death dates
be billions of years old. There ought to have been foundation-stone, revealed the presence of the gradual increase in deaths on our
no gas still captured in the crust of the Earth. 1.40 Sediment In The Oceans. If the oceans Polonium 218-Radio-halos (also Polonium 214 planet from ± 5 000 B.C. onward,
were really 'millions of years' old, sediment in the and 210) in all granites. These radio-halos would
peaking at ± 4 000 years ago
1.31 Oil-Pressure Too High. The oil pressure in oceans, deposited at a rate of 26,3 billion metric only have been present had the Earth's
(gigantic loss of life). This makes the
the crust of the Earth indicates a planet about tons per year, ought to have been between 96,5 to foundation-stone (granite) coagulated within 3
idea of a Genesis Flood at ± 2 348
7 000 to 10 000 years old. There ought to have 160,9 km. thick. minutes at the time of Creation (and not over
B.C. totally valid (R.Whitelaw, 'Time, Life
been signs of antiquated (empty) oil-reservoirs in 'millions of years'). When granite is melted down And History In The Light Of 15000 Radiocarbon
the Earth, but signs of such locations are never 1.41 If the Earth were 'billions of years' old, why today and allowed to cool again, it never turns Dates', Creation Research Quarterly - 1970)
encountered, not even inside drillcores. is the Sea only 3,6% salty? By now the oceans of back to granite but to rhyolite ... the Earth-
the World ought to have been only one enormous from-molten-granite theory is thus unlikely.
1.32 The Earth Too Hot. The Earth consists of saltpan. Had the Earth originated from molten granite,
molten rock deep inside the planet as a result of the Earth's foundation-stone ought to have been
intense heat. After billions of years the Earth 1.42 Coral Reefs, Trees And Deserts. Why are rhyolite, not granite. Sources & Illustration: Vance Ferrell BA,
MA, BD: 'The Evolution Handbook' &
ought to have cooled down a lot more than is the oldest Coral Reef ('Great Barrier Reef'); the 'Science vs. Evolution', Evolution Facts
presently the case. oldest living trees ('Sequoia Gigantea') and the 2. MORE TIME WOULD NOT HAVE SOLVED Inc.(2001)
oldest desert ('Sahara') only about 4 000 years THE PROBLEM.
1.33 Not Enough Volcanic Material. A planet old? Why no older coral reefs, living trees or More time would not have solved, but rather
billions of years old would have displayed much deserts? Can it be due to a (Biblical) Flood, exacerbated, the evolutionist's problem.
more volcanic material as is the case today, which about 4 400 years ago (± 2 348 B.C.)? Probability Theory teaches that with passing
means that the (Biblical) Flood must have been time the chances for success diminish, they do
responsible for the depositing of most of the 1.43 Oldest Records? Why do the oldest not improve. Any seasoned gambler (still
sedimentary strata. records (languages; writing-, mathematical- and around) can confirm this nasty phenomenon. At
legal systems) of earlier civilisations never date the 1966 Wistar Symposium in the USA the
1.34 Zircon Lead & Helium Ratios. Zircon-lead further back than ± 2 000 – 3 500 B.C.? mathematicians articulated this fact to the Contact Us For Our Pamphlet On
and zircon-helium ratios points to a young Earth. evolutionists, but they would not listen. Vance How To Print And Distribute These
There ought to have been less radiogenic lead in 1.44 No Development? Why no significant Ferrell BA., MA., BD. writes: Christian Tracts From Home.
zircon-crystals as is the presently the case. The development in '1,75 million' to '3 million years'
helium-levels in zircon-crystals are too high for a at Maropeng ('Cradle Of Humankind')? What “The point is that TIME can never work in favour of
planet billions of years old. did Mrs. Ples and her predecessors do with all something that cannot happen. Can TIME change
their time ... watch 'Oprah'? rocks into badgers; seawater into turkeys; sand into © P.J. Stassen 2007
1.35 Water-Levels In The Crust Of The Earth.
Water-levels in the crust of the Earth indicate a 1.45 Oldest Biblical Records? Why do the oldest
fishes? Can TIME discver human hormones;
manufacture the telescopic eye of the eagle; or EvangelismRSA
still water-saturated condition dating from the Biblical-archeological records (very reliable!) P.O. Box/Posbus 14492 Sinoville 0129 Pretoria RSA
(Biblical) Flood. never date further back than 1 510 – 1 450 B.C.? arrange for the Moon to orbit the Earth? The truth is Cell/Sel 072 237 5793
that, the longer the TIME, the greater the chances for
1.36 The Earth's Topsoil. The Earth's avarage 1.46 No Solar Eclipses? Why are there no re- decay, and the less the chances that Evolution will
thickness of its topsoil is ± 20,32 cm. At a rate of cords of solar eclipses observed by people (after take place.” (Vance Ferrell BA, MA, BD: 'Science vs. Evolution', p.162).

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