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GPS Utility Changes since 4.02.

Version 4.9k
1. Export of waypoints in Delorme *.AN1 file
2. Corrected Garmin PVT altitude display (now in metres)
3. Provide Option to not export BOUNDS clause in MIF file export
4. If altitude present then export $GPGGA sentences in NMEA file export as well
5. Grids added for St Helena and Vanuatu.
6. Corrected an NMEA file import problem when a GGA sentence precedes an RMC sen
7. Support the import of Gisteq NMEA type files
8. Added Checksum to NMEA GGA export
9. Added EUREF89 datum and fixed Mapfinfo MIF/MID + TAB import/export to deal wi
th this
10. Fixed a bug in *.FSH import of tracks
11. Corrected a problem with HWR file export
12. Fixed some problems associated with map calibration using UTM grids
13. Fixed a problem associated with *.TFW and *.JGW calibration files
14. Improvement to *.KAP file import
15. Corrected a problem associated with Geo-Referencing JPG files from SONY digi
tal cameras.
16. Automatically set Track Altitude property when opening *.IGC files
17. Fix for Anquet ADF file import
18. Fix for Garmin *.ADM file import
19. Corrected a problem with Correlate JPG files for Swedish regional settings

--------------Version 4.94-------------------
Version 4.9j
1. Corrected a problem associated with GSD file import
2. Some minor changes to the file Correlate JPG function
3. Remove truncation of waypoint ID to 6 chars for Furuno download.
4. Import of MTK datalogger track files (*.BIN)
5. Make Geo-Ref JPG files.
6. Deal with other WGS84 datum line formats in photo files.
7. Corrected a problem associated with Charting Routes
8. Added Waypoints to imporet of MTK *.BIN files
9. Fix to HWR file import (remove appending suffixes).
10. Improvements to the Write Geo-referenced JPG function
11. Further bug corrections to the Write Geo-referenced JPG function
12. Fixes to deal with Regional Time Separator ='.' (GPX export + Route import)
13. Some further fixes to the GeoCode JPG functions
14. Fix to GPX route import when route contains non-unique waypoint IDs.
15. Corrected Cluster waypoint name sequence problem.
16. Fixed a problem with Correlate JPGs from Annotate when JPG does not contain
17. Made Geo-Referencing a Registered only function (for the time being)
18. Fixed a problem associated with filtering tracks (tracksegment attribute)
19. Fixed two problems associated with track compression (index error and track
waypoint display)

Version 4.9i
1. Fixed problem with + and - zoom buttons in Correlate Dialog
2. Import of Holix M-241 GPS *.TRL files.
3. Fixed problem associated with MaxSea ptf file import
4. Fixed a problem with GPX file import (time value)
5. Correct a longitude shift in *.Result imports (sony ericsson gsm)
6. Extended RayMarine *.FSH file import to include type code=$22
7. Fixes to deal with large files (>65536 bytes) *.FSH import and export
8. Fix to KML file import to deal with a rare problem

Version 4.9h
1. Output <Lap> in Garmin *.crs file export
2. Show 'undefined' for Waypoint creation times earlier than default time.
3. Set modified flag for Interpret Comment as a time
4. Make Photo Correlate dialog non sizeable
5. In Photo correlate dialog make folder non user editable (browse only)
6. Support for NZ Map Grid (projection 18) in MIF/MID file import/export and TAB
7. Rework of Photo correlate function for waypoints.
8. Further Rework of Photo correlation function
9. In GPX file format do not save waypoints when Routes only should be saved
10. Only show icons on map view when correlate function is active.
11. Fixes for Photo correlation when using waypoints.
12. Added menu bar to Route Edit Dialog
13. Different icons for Waypoint and Track styles on KML file export
14. Corrected some Route view Tools
15. Corrected Help regarding Routes and Photo Correlation

Version 4.9g
1. Fix to import NMEA files (use date in GPRMC sentence even if invalid fix)
2. Fix for GPX import when an empty metadata tag present.
3. Fixes a regression bug in version 4.9f (not saving waypoints)

Version 4.9f
1. Corrected import of yellow symbols for Furuno *.ROU files
2. Fix for Annotation Fix Vector and Pointers for Mils units
3. Fix for export of waypoints in Kartex KWF files
4. Save Furuno Navnet *.TRK files
5. Save Colours and Style Colours in Google Earth KML file export (routes and tr
6. Fix to Kartex KRF regression bug caused by previous fix
7. Fix to Furuno TRK export (output Mercator Latitude not normal latitude)
8. Modified Styles dialog so as to show Color-2 rather than 'Border', as it incl
udes Tics and Points color.

Version 4.9e
1. Moved Grids from Options|General to its own tab page (Options|Grids)
2. Implemented Bearings as Mils (see Options|General)
3. Fix for KAP files (calibration error)
4. Fix to Mil bearing (range 0-6400)
5. Fix for TFW calibration file problem.
6. Two fixes to JPG Correlate function (regional date settings and interpolation
7. Implemented funciton to Interpret time from Waypoint comments.
8. Support for Correlate JP files from Waypoint menu
9. Fix to Garmin CRS file export
10. Initial support for import of Transas AI files.
11. Import of GlobalSat *.gsd files
12. Fix to area calculation in the Track Segment Detail report
13. Import Time from Tracklogs V3 TRL files
14. Fix for Route selection in HWR file export
15. Support for NZTM grid in Mapinfo MIF file import/export

Version 4.92M
1. Fix to MUB file opening problem
2. Provide a GPS|Setup... option for Raymarine (CF card) mode

-----------Version 4.92--------------------------
Version 4.9d/e
1. Export of PCPlanner *.xml files (Waypoints as Marks only)
2. Fixes for Maptech RXF file export (default colour) and symbol translation
3. Fix for Anquet ADF file import of Routes
4. Fix for import of CPLOT *.USR files (Unix format)

Version 4.9c
1. Import of Raymarine *.FSH files - waypoints+routes (currently Tracks have wro
ng latitude).
2. Export of Raymarine *.FSH files - currently waypoints only.
3. Import of Furuno *.DFL (GD188) files (limited attributes at present).
4. Deal with ZIP and KML files written by a 'non-seeking' program (length data a
t end of file)
5. Correct a regression bug associated with unzipping DEM *.HGT files.
6. Fix for an obscure bug associated with reading in GPX files with no-name wayp
7. Support for import of Sony/Ericsson *.result files. (for devices such as HGE-
8. Fix to export of FSH files
9. Fix to export of MapSource GDB files when data contains an Empty Route (zero

Version 4.9b
1. Correct real time Garmin PVT altitude t obe in feet (not meters)
2. Correct Export Anquet *.AEF version 1 file export (waypoints not in routes)
3. Implemented means to transfer GPSU to a removeable media device.
4. Fixes to Delorme *.AN1 file import for new file format variation + extract da
tetime from track data.
5. Fix to SHP file export (cure regression bug).
6. Fixes to deal with MS Vista problem and Magellan Explorer interface operation
7. Do not try to set exe name in registry if running from Removeable media drive
(no BFC operation).
8. Fix to Load Bitmap dialog when there is no last image file.

Version 4.9a
1. Fix to Maxsea *.wpt route export.
2. Several fixes and improvements to the Correlate JPG function.
3. Removed obsolete auxiliary data checkboxes from Options|Field Properties dial
4. Fix to JPG correlate - E/W problem.
5. Further Fixes to JPG Correlate to deal with files from other cameras
6. Fixed datum problem in JPG Correlate
7. Improvements to AuroRoute AXE and S&T *.EST file import for Annotations
8. Various Fixes to *.KML and *.KMZ file import.

Version 4.91
1. Corrected *.DAT files regression bug (Coastline Extractor files)
2. JPG file echoing on map view improvements.
3. Import of track data from AXE, EST or PTM files.
4. Improvements to Mapinfo *.TAB fileset import (datums other than WGS84 and oth
er projections)
5. Support Garmin proximity data in GPX file import and export
Beta Version 4.8q
1. Corrections to JPG file Correlate function (deal with photos with no time dat
a) + other minor fixes
2. Added option to show position on JPG photos as a caption
3. Added option to JPG Correlate dialog to allow user to select Dataset folder o
r another user folder.
4. Added Camera Time Zone in JPG dialog
5. Allow user to enter time difference in JPG dialog
6. Corrected fault when photo folder contains photos which cannot be geo-located
7. Option to select Camera size icon
8. When JPG Dialog closes, return map to original size and position
9. Fix to deal with a Kodak Digital camera older JPG file
10. Import and Export of Navigo *.DAT files supported (waypoints only)

Beta Version 4.8p

1. Corrections to Altitude in USR file import/export
2. Some special code to handle depth as altitude data
3. Fix for some special editions when exporting waypoint data

Beta Version 4.8o

1. Includes all Version 4.89 changes
2. Correlate JPG photographs with Trackpoint data (gives position of photos)
3. Mean gradient line in Route profile chart
4. Route report - cumulative distance as an alternative to Duration
5. Import of KML route strings - check for existing waypoints instead of using s
equence number
6. Depth now supported in Position Console
7. HDOP/EPE now an alternative for Auxiliary Data in real time track log

Beta Version 4.8/n

1. Corrected problem regarding Track sequence IDs when Track Real time CP is wor
2. Implemented support for import of Magellan Maestro *.DAT files
3. Treat *.AXE files as *.PTM and use field separator in Comment field
4. Support Heartrate in GPX file import/export.
Beta Version 4.8l/m
1. fixes as for Version 4.87 included
2. Import of Mapinfo *.TAB fileset (limited capability)
3. Export of Default symbol (as in Map Appearance setting) in DXF files
Beta Version 4.8k
1. All bug fixes from standard version 4.80 -> 4.85
2. Support for MemoryMap QCT bitmap files (READONLY)
3. Improving handling of accented (Danish) characters.
Beta Version 4.8j
1. Suppport Symbols and Depth for Garmin ADM file import
2. Symbol set for Garmin GPSMap450
3. Export waypoints in Garmin ADM files
4. Corrected PRJ file export when UTM projection
5. Support for Routes in ADM file export
6. Support for Tracks in ADM file export
Beta Version 4.8i
1. Fixed F2 hotkey (Edit) in table view
2. Fixed F3 hotkey (Select next) in table view
3. Fixed Track a Record|Paste Inverted problem
4. Correct a few problems associated with curved grids and calibrating lambert m
5. Write *.PRJ files for DBF/SHP file export (+ Option in Save/Export options di
6. Import Garmin ADM files
7. Fix for track length refresh after dragging trackpoint on map
Version 4.89 - not yet released
1. Corrected a rare calibration problem
2. Corrected a problem when saving files from a window with Waypoint creation ti
3. Fix for import of some *.CRS and *.GPX files (invalid dates)
4. Fix for Grid Labels (excess '0's when grid projection)
5. Minor fixes in Chart Route function
6. Cosmetic fix in Route edit dialog (Alt gain column obscured by scroll bar)
7. Fix for a bug in DEM interpolation
8. Fix to Map Preview dialog.
Version 4.88
1. Corrected problem for Furuno *.ROU file interface download/upload
2. Fixed a Route Edit dialog problem associated with deletion
3. Fix for a rather obscure map calibration problem
4. Fix for Magellan Explorist interface upload/download
Version 4.87
1. Maintain Map calibration list in a most recently used order.
2. Fix for unusual form of TFW file
3. Fix for waypoint altitude in USR file import
4. Fix for Streets and Trips 2008 new format (also Autoroute express)
5. Fix for MS Vista when disk drive present but no disk mounted
6. Fix for some minor problems created by previous versions
7. Support recent Mapsource *.gdb file format change for tracks
8. Interface support for Garmin *.ADM files
9. Changes to deal with networked folders
10. Corrections to deal with invalid settings
11. Corrected problem regarding Track sequence IDs when Track Real time CP is wo
12. Correction for Furuno Route import (route header)

Version 4.86
1. Import and Export of Garmin SD card *.ADM files
2. Improvements to Import/Export of Kartex files (*.kwt files and other formats)
3. Improving handling of accented (Danish) characters.
4. Corrected a bug in Route view Tools|Rename waypoints in Route
5. Corrects a small calibration rounding error for TFW and JGW calibration files
Version 4.85
1. Corrects 2 regression bugs associated with Editing waypoints in routes

Version 4.84
1. Correction to Heartrate display for waypoint data
2. Fix for DXF track import.
Version 4.83
1. Fix for track digitizing problem (invalid time sequence lockup)
2. Correct Reverse Route function
3. Provide a 'Reverse' button on the Route edit dialog.
4. Correct some 'Center on Map' problems for routes.
5. Correct Mapsend TRK file export (altitude for version MS30 files)

Version 4.82
1. Fixed regression problem associated with changing distance units
2. Fix for track length refresh after dragging trackpoint on map
3. Fix for Depth label when changing depth units (metres/feet).

Version 4.81 fixes

1. Problem with Chart Routes when no trackpoint present
2. Fix for Save *.PDB files
3. Fix for Interface Monitor autolog - save files in User's My GPSU folder
Version 4.8h
1. Corrections to Silva/Brunton Route upload
2. Fix for save tracks in ARF format (List Index out of Bounds) problem
3. Fix for 'Mark All' tracks/track segments as Hidden
4. New page on File|Save/Export Options for DBF/DXF
5. Allow selection of track output mode in Google Earth export
6. Correction to Record|Mark All... dialog box (numbers of items)

Version 4.8g
1. Export tracks as $GPRMC sentences in NMEA file export
2. Corrections of Track digitising and trackpoint deletion
3. several fixes for AN1 file imports
4. Fix for GPX file import when there is no name
5. Fix for regression bug in Mapinfo MIF file export
6. Fix for import of Anquet ADF files
7. Fix for map scrolling
8. Fix for Anquet ARF file export (tracks)

Version 4.8f
1. Progress indicator on DEM file download
2. Fix to Detailed Download log on DEM file download
3. Extra scroll bar removed in Route Edit dialog
4. Gross Ascent/Descent added to View|Reports - Route Information
5. Naismith leg duration added to Route Edit dialog and to View|Report
6. User setting to allow/disallow Style updates when duplicate style encountered
7. Open Route information if View|Reports when in Route table
8. Update Naismith rule data when switching in Edit Route
9. DEM download uing Passive mode
10. Check that DEM files are sensible
11. DEM download progress indicator now showing File number
12. Altitude Gain column added to Route Edit dialog

Version 4.8e
1. Digital Elevation Model (DEM) implemented
2. Fix for Date/Time error when editing from the Track Summary view
3. Fix for CPLOT XML file import
4. Fixed problem with NavNet ROU file import
5. Fixed problem with lowercase field names in MIF import
6. Fixed problem with MIF export (scale factor for UTM grids)
7. Fixed a problem with PNG file import when used after a QCT file import
8. Added a 'Border' colour to the Styles attributes (affect TIC colour)
9. Fixes for getting heights from DEM when digitising
10. Fixes for Heartrate files (don;t change units and no depth column in waypoin
t view)
11. Deal with heartrate in Chart Tool and Reports
12. Set Altitude from DEM tool
13. Query time when merging file with undefined time.
14. Fix for tracks which do not have a valid time, but with a timed TIC mark
15. Implemented Style Border for Routes
16. Changes to border threshold and Tic thickness.
17. Fix Highlighted marker display in Track Summary table
18. Assume that undefined times in merging files are in UTC time zone
19. Fixed a regression bug associated with the Swiss Grid
20. Echo track identifier correctly in Chart window.
21. Fixed a map problem of hidden waypoint, but the route not hidden

Versionn 4.8d
1. Upgrades to trackpoint timestamp interpolation (invalid data and Tools|Set Ti
me between highlighted)
2. Import of Delorme DMT files
3. Corrections to calibration errors in QCT file import

Version 4.8c
1. Corrected a problem with long symbol names (greater than 20 chars)
2. Provided Upload/Download facility for Furuno ROU/RAT files.
3. Support for 'LinearRing' data in KML file import
4. Fix for Anquet ADF file import (some coordinates)
5. Fix for a Ctrl-F3 problem of selecting the wrong record
6. Fixed a problem associated with waypoint deletion (many records)
7. Fixes for AN1 file import
8. Major performance improvement for QCT file import
9. Remember sizes of Edit table and Map for use next time.
10. Fixes for GPX file export
11. Changed Style Yellow to be a little brighter.

Version 4.8b
1. Support for MemoryMap QCT bitmap files (READONLY)
2. Fix to Waypoint table - sorting by clicking on header line
3. Remember user's document folder
4. Fix to keep Trackname when style also changed in Data Dialog
5. Fixes for MemoryMap QCT bitmap file import
6. Fix for Magellan Track download problem
7. Cleanup of Garmin TCX file import, improve treatment of altitude and heartrat
e data
8. Fix for Print Bitmap Window error plus echo area size on map view
9. Corrected a Usability bug associated with QCT file import

Alpha version now promoted to Beta version 4.8a

Version Alpha A1l/V
1. Import of Delorme SAF files
2. Fixes for gibberish styles on download from a Garmin, corrections to track se
quence number
4. Fixes to the Route Edit dialog when deleting waypoints.
5. Allow user to move track segments up/down in summary table
6. Fixes for GDB and USR files import in Freeware version

Version Alpha A10.k

1. Experimental changes to the Route View table and Route editing
2. Smoothing filter for track altitude implemented
3. Fixes for several problems in the Route Edit dialog
4. Route and Track Styles
5. Extensive changes to the trackpoint internal data base
6. Track Sequence number replaced by Track segment + point number
7. Fixed 'Centre on Map' for Route table popup command
8. Fixed repetitive prompt "Confirm: Save changes to route? YES, NO" when changi
ng routes
9. Made number of rows in Route Edit table equal to 1+number in use
10. Make Info Button visible on Track summary and Route table views
11. Fixed 'Join All' from the Track (summary) table view
12 Implemented Record|Mark All as... menu item
13 Fixed problem of right hand of cell when text overflows boundary between cel
14. More information (columns) of information
15. Stopped Leg speed being reset
16. Route Centering on Map display sorted
17. View|Styles menu now on Map view
18. Corrected Tools|Smooth Altitude function
19. Route number now starts at 01 not 00 when digitising routes
=================standard version 4.50==============================
BETA versions
Version 4.5n
1. Fix for Summary track table after doing Join All
2. Fixed bug in DBF file export when number of records is greater than 65535
3. Fix for ADF file import problem
Version 4.5n
1. Fix for a PTF file save problem associated with merging files
2, Import of
3. Fix for import of Tracklogs TRL files
Version 4.5m/n
1. Import of Garmin *.tcx file (Training Centre new format files)
2. Fix for MS Vista BFC interface initialisation
3. Fix for new Route type in ADF Anquet file import

Version 4.5l/V
1. Fix for Import Garmin GDB files version 6.00
2. Allow unnamed waypoints for import Lowrance USR files
3. Support import of Lowrance USR Version 3 files
4. Import and export waypoint creation time for Lowrance USR files
5. Recompile Help for Vista
6. Fix to Vista patch so that only Vista machines affected by BFC problem
7. Fix for PTF file import problem

Version 4.5k/V
1. Fix for Nobeltec ONF file import (Mark names)
2. Added a 'Set Time of Closest approach to Waypoint Creation time' button to Re
3. Import of Anquet *.ADF files
4. Fix for SHP file import (buffer overflow problem)
5. Fix for a re-calibrate problem using the Data Dialoge from the Map view

Version 4.5j/V
1. Fix fo GPX file import (when comment plus waypoint extension)
2. Patch for Vista
3. Fix for File|Save As.. Ozi Explorer export
4. Various fixes to do with track selection in Track Summary Window
5. Upgrade for MMO file import

Version 4.5i
1. Import Sony GPS files
2. Fix View|Coordinate Format submenu when in Map View
3. Import of MagicMaps2Go *.ikt files
4. Fix for Unicode characters in Streets and Trips pushpin names *.est and *.arx
5. Fix for GPX file import
Version 4.5h
1. Fix for minor formating problem with UTM file export
2. Support for import/export of Navigon ASC files
3. Fix for Mapsource Beta 6.12.0 (new format) GDB file import
4. Corrected a small calibration error when using TFW files
5. Import facility for Kartex RRF,KRF and KTF files + export of KRF and KTF file
Version 4.5g
1. Fix for spurious Proprietry map message
2. Fix for BFC usage problem when a file contains a calibration
3. Support for File|Open from Clipboard
4. Fixes to deal with up to 2047 waypoints in Furuno ROU file export
5. Clean up of file selection when saving files (mostly for Magellan SD card for
6. Fix for Mapsend *.wpt import when file contains a route
7. Export Routes in a Mapsend *.wpt file
8. Appearance clean up of GPSU|About panel
9. Expose the Magellan file mode for route export (Meridian/Explorist)
10. Write final command end line in Route Explorist file export
11. Correct final command line (one only)
12. Give warning message when exporting Routes names longer than 8 characters to
Mapsend files
13. Implemented Lambert projection (double standard parallel) for MIF file impor
14. Corrected India Zone IIA abd IIB plus Morocco Zone 1 grids
15. Support for PolyLineM shapes in SHP file import
16. Fix for MIF file import
Version 4.5f
1. Fix for regression bug in map calibration in freeware version.
2. Support for export of Furuno ROU/RAT files
3. Maximum number of symbols set to 512
4. Support datum GDA94 for Mapinfo import/export
5. Centre Route Edit dialog on Screen

Version 4.5e
1, Fix for a Track digitising after use of Filter tool
2. Support for Waypoint extension data for Garmin GPX files
Version 4.5d
1. Fixes to deal with latest MMO file format (type=20)
2. Fixes to S&T *.EST file import to deal with new format in S&T 2007
Version 4.5c
1. Improved Support for Annotation in MMO file import
2. Correction of regression bug altitude in Ozi WPT file import
Version 4.5b
1. Support for Maptech (Terrain Navigator Pro) Symbols
2. Provide Track table Tool Swap Altitude<->Depth so that Depth can be exported
in Ozi files
3. Provide a Select-None/Select-All menu option on View|Reports..
4. Do not output unrecorded data when only one Segment in Track Segment Detail.
5. Correct problem with selecting and editing Annotations from the Map view
6. Correct a problem in View|Reports... Track Segment Detail.

Version 4.5a (= Alpha Version A.10.g)

1. Fix for MMO file import (Routes in new format)
2. Fix to deal with PTF files which have invalid/undefined coordinates
3. Fix for truncated hours in View|Reports....

Version A.10.f
1. Fix for Maxsea file of format type 0800
2. Removal of bad icon which shows on WinME systems

Version A.10.e
1. Changes to improve sorting in View|Reports.. - Track to Waypoint closest app
2. Fix for Chart Tracks when track spans midnight UTC.
3. Fix to Chart when no x-axis data and mouse echoing value
4. New function - View|Track segment Details
5. More changes to View|Track Segment Details (Net Ascent etc.)
6. Fix for Console (Floating point error)

Version A.10.d
1. Changes for ISYS Special Edition - for HWR file support
2. Fixed Help pages
3. Default new file is now *.hwr
4. Corrected Waypoints/Route number
5. New function - Calibrate Altitude (with improvements)
6. New function - View|Reports -> Waypoint to Track distances

Version A.10.c
1. Fix for TRL GPX file import
2. Fix for TomTom CFG file import
3. Make default for Track altitude labels equal to 'None'
4. Fix for for Hidden trackpoint altitude labels.
5. Correct regression bug associated with Track Summary table
6. Correct regression bug for Info window no showing up in Edit tables.
7. Fix for Map drawing problem (scrolling causing lockups/address violations)
8. Fix for regression bug for Garmin GPSMap60CSX download (waypoint creation tim
9. Updated fix for the regression bug associated with double clicking in Track S
ummary table

Version A.10.b
1. Fix for KMZ file import
2. Fix for trackpoint altitude labels on Map view
3. Removed some code which may have been causing problems during map redraw

Version A.10.a
1. Initial work for Track/Route attributes
2. Mercator Grid supported
3. Coordinate format and Projection now separated
4. Curved grids on Map view (for Mercator)
5. Rework to database and data table display (major performance improvement)
6. Extend number of trackpoints to 500,000

======================includes these changes from the standard version==========

Version 4.20.F
1. Preload a GPSU format file ('preload.txt') if found in user's\Application Dat
a\GPS Utility\GPSU folder.
2. Accept Fiji Map Grid during MIF file import
3. Always save File folder in INI file (i.e when save on exit not checked)
4. Fix bug assocaited with Flashing highlighted routes.
5. Corrections to Furuno Navnet ROU, MRK and TRK file import
6. Provide a maximum text box size for waypoint text in map view

Version 4.20.E
1. Fix to stop spurious message in Anquet AEF file export
2. Support for comments in Anquet 6 V2 files on import and export
3. Auto update the export file treatment settings for SaveAs *.pdb files
4. Output comment in first field in GPS Pilot *.PDB files (ID in second field)
5. Fix for data base error when deleting some trackpoints.

Version 4.20.D
1. Export of waypoints in NMEA $GPWPL files
2. Provide option to select distance/bearing in Waypoint view Reports
3. Ignore any input NMEA sentences when uploading to Furuno GPS.
4. Set waypoint default time creation to 31/12/1989 for ECS file import
5. Check waypoint creation time >1/1/1986 for Furuno interface upload
6. Support for Import of TomTom CFG files
7. Further improvements to NMEA export and import
8. Improvements to import of CRA files
9. Allow typing folder name in File|Folders.. dialog box.
10. Support for Anquet 6 V2 files on export
11. Support altitude on import of Anquet 6 V2 AEF files
12. Improvements to CRA file import.

Version 4.20.C
1. Fixes to deal with Ozi Map Calibration files dealing with Rijksdriehoeksmetin
g datum/grid
2. Fix for MemoryMap new Route format files
3. Various changes to Garmin (USB) transfer protocol to allow for future extensi
4. Import of Furuno *.MRK and *.ROU files
5. Import of Transas *.CRA files.
6. Add Depth to Annotation Suggestions list and to Map Echo track data
7. Fix a problem associated with editing track depths
8. Correct Maxsea file export to work with MaxSea V12.5
9. Take care of temperature field in GDB file import
10. Provide altitude/depth labels for tracks on map view
11. Give a warning message when GPSU cannot find coordinate fields in DBF file i
12. Give a warning message when unable to open Transas CRA files
13. Import of Furuno Navnet *.TRK files
14. Support for Multipoint shape type in SHP file import
15. Correction to Waypoint Sequence numbers for ECS file import
16. Deal with UNIX format files for NMEA import
17. Accept Geocode data as comment for Mappoint PTM file import
18. Corrections to coodinate values for Furuno MRK,ROU and TRK file import
Version 4.20.B
1. Large Rework to Open and Save Dialog file filters
2. Fix for import of Tracklogs TRL files
3. Fix for upload of waypoints via Garmin USB transfer
4. Support import of Google Earth KMZ files
5. Changed trackpoint limit to 125,000 points
6. Fix for import of GPX files produced by NHGPS software

=================Version 4.20.7====================
1. For GPX file export only output time when valid
2. Minor corrections for KML file export (handling of &)
3. Fix for automatic symbol set translation (default symbol)
Version 4.20.A
1. Fix for regression bug in AXE file import
2. Import Heartrate from *.HST files (as Depth)
3. Fix for change of format for Google Map files
4. Import and export of CPLOT USR files
5. Support for CPLOT colours and symbol set with 'best can do' translation
6. Correction to CRS and HST file import for time regional settings.
7. Fix for merging files which contain calibration data.
8. Several fixes and improvements to the Map Fastpath keys (Zoom in/out, reset t
o 100%)
9. Fix to allow selection of a New waypoint on the map view.
10. Corrections for import and export of TomTom OV2 files

====================== 4.20.6================================
Version 4.20.z
1. Fix for TomTom OV2 file export problem
2. Fix for KML import problem
3. Various fixes to the Route Edit Dialog
4. Fix for MaxSea *.PTF file export (track datastamps error)
5. Inhibit saving of Windowed proprietary bitmaps
6. Reset directory default on changing folders form last file used
7. Changes to support the Batch File Converter
8. Fixes for the Route Edit facility (time duration values)
9. Fix for saving file when original file was New (Untitled) and then Merging fi
10. Support line thickness and colour for PTF file export
11. Further fixes fr PTF file export and improvements to Batch File Converter.
12. Advanced work for file format extensions
13. Fix for KML file export - XML reserved characters in file name

1. Fix to support tracknames on MIF/MID File import (4.20.A)

Version 4.20.y
1. Provide a Route Leg edit dialog so as to allow different defined leg speeds/d
2. Many changes to the Position Console to allow different leg speeds for routes
3. Correct the auto-switching to next waypoint when the route double backs on it
4. Provide new annotation type = Pointer (like a Fix vector, but with text at st
5. Correct coordinate polarity problem for Silva/Brunton waypoint upload (N<=>S
and E<=>W)
6. Export of MaxSea *.PTF files (waypoints, trackpoints and annotation)
7. Import of Google Map 'maps.htm' files
8. Fix for PCX5 file export for CartoExplorer
9. Fix for import of GDB files from nRoute software
10. Fix for GPX file import
11. Fix for F4 spurious message
12. Fix for decimal point problem on MIF file import
13. Changes for FNS Special Edition (no save proprietary map)
14. User option to show only distance or bearing on Route legs on map
Version 4.29.5
1. Relax save restrictions for this special edition - otherwise similar to 4.20.
2. Fixes to deal with invalid Units specifications in dataset files and the gpsu
.ini file
3. Provide an autosave facility for download of GPS data (see GPS|Setup...).
4. Provide Help menu item for 'Version Capability and button on About page.

Version 4.20.x
1. Support for symbols for Lowrance USR files
2. Deal with GDA94 datum in Ozi import files
3. Initial work on supporting separate Route Leg times and Pos Con paths
(this is not complete!)
4. Fix for import of Delorme SA7 files.
5. Import and Export of Garmin *.crs files
6. Support for Garmin Edge symbols
7. Fixes for GPX file import (route files)
8. Fix for PTF file import Areas as Routes for Route overflow
9. Fix for PTF Password Cancel problem
10. Limit Course name to 15 characters for *.CRS file export
11. Correct Datum problem on export of HST and CRS files
12. Provide Help menu item for 'Version Capability and button on About page.
13. Support import of Anquet V2 *.AEF files
14. Fix fo regression bug during - filetype during export

Version 4.20.w
1. Split Save/Print Options into Save/Export Options and Save Print Options.
1. Fix to *.HST file import (ignore points with no coordinate)
2. Fix for MaxSea *.PTF file import
3. Fix for UTM zones - prohibit user from entering invalid zone
4. Better initialization of Userdocs folder for Open and Save files

Version 4.20.v
1. Export Garmin *.hst files (Training Center) plus fix for a problem
2. Fix for a problem associated with making routes on the map view
3. Route view menu option - Tools|Rename waypoints in route
4. Route view menu option - Tools|Make first waypoint in route
5. Import of routes in *.WPT Mapsend file
6. Export Mapsend files (see File|Save/Print Options - export file treatment)
7. If current point is named the show on View|Report - waypoints
8. Support Bearings to 2 decimal places in Reports and Route Card export (see Op
9. Allow Freeware Special Editions to edit the number of waypoints per route (wi
thin freeware limits)
10. Deal with MAP24 files which have commas in the comment field
11. Fix for PCX5 import problem (double 'I' lines from Touratech QV PCX5 files)
Version 4.20.u
1. Support for EMF and WMF file formats as background map images
2. Allow user choice of default waypoint vector symbol
3. Scale text and lines for Print Bitmap
4. Fix for MAP24 imort HTML files
5. Correction for Print Bitmap function (duplicate labels)
Version 4.20.t
1. Correction to KML file import
2. Support for EMF file export from the Map View (Save Vectors), see Help on 'EM
3. Allow user to choose 'My GPSU' folder location.
4. Fix for regression bug associated with port selection for Magellan NMEA Modem
5. Fix for Crosshair color setting
6. Fix for Notice when copying INI file from program installation folder
7. Tutorial in Help Menu
8. Support for Training Center *.hst file import
9. Fix for track segmentation for Garmin D304 track protocol (Garmin Edge)
Version 4.20.s
1. Allow user to set the color of the crosshair cursor in Map Appearance menu
2. Support new track interface protocol (D304) for Garmin Edge GPS
3. Fix for 4.20.r regresssion bug - unexpected image file deletion !!
Version 4.20.r
1. Button on GPS|Setup... menu to Check for available Com Ports
2. NMEA interface option for Magellan Explorist modem connection
3. Fix for MaxSea WPT files which have no IDs.
4. Fix for ISYS HWR file export (correct length)
5. Major rewrite of Autoroute (*.AXE) and Streets and Trips (*.EST) file import
6. Fixes for calibration dialog errors (Delete and then New)
7. Provide a Maps (Default) folder for the use of mapsets plus the means to sele
ct it
8. Import of Transas Tsunami-99 *.RTE files (up to 256 waypoints)

Version 4.20.q
1. Import and Export of Anquet ARF files (see Help topic on 'Anquet')
2. Fix for buffer Overflow when uploading Magellans at 9600 baud

Version 4.20.p = Version 4.20.4

1. Fix a regression bug associated with saving calibrations
2. Support for DD MM.mmmm format in Nobeltec TXT file export
3. Import of Anquet ARF files
4. Fix for loss of calibration when using File|Merge...

Version 4.20.o
1. Export/Import GPX files with UTF-8 encoded characters
2. Add option to Generate track names for unnamed track segments on file open/im
3. Fix to deal with a problem with MemoryMap MMO file import

Version 4.20.n
1. Handle Lowrance MMC/SD card files via the Device Interface.
2. Allow user to control the test for duplicate track name test on File|Open
3. Correct the Load Highlighted interface mode for removable media file transfer
4. Support for UTM format *.JPR and *.CAL calibration files
5. Fix to remove hourglass cursor after aborted File|Open.,,
6. Use track names on OZI file import

Version 4.20.m
1. Fixes for Tracklogs version 3.0 file import
2. Import of Teletype TTM files.

Version 4.20.l = 4.20.3

1. Import of Tracklogs version 3.0 files.
2. Fix to deal with zoned UTM TFW files which have a top left corner which is ou
t of zone

Version 4.20.k = Version 4.20.2

1. Accept Type 11 objects for MaxSea PTF file import
2. Support for MaxSea *.WPT file Import and Export
3. Added several new African datums (ARC 1950)

Version 4.20.j
1. MaxSea import improvements (points, lines, circles, areas, text, symbols, col
ours, timestamp)
2. Fix for Google Earth KML import when no comment in Placemark
3. Better layout of Description form
4. Extend number of annotations to 1000
5. Support for annotation (text only as yet) offsets
6. Detect duplicate track names on file import and export as GDB file, offer opt

Version 4.20.i
1. Deal with UTF-8 encoded characters in KML files (import and export).
2. Fixes for KML file import problems + warning message for Custom Schemas
3. Add Option|General to convert accented characters ('â' to 'a' etc.)
4. Fix for dipthongs when converting accented characters ('æ'to 'ae')
5. Fix for regression bug in AXE file import (large routes)
6. MaxSea PTF file import facility (initial)
7. Remember last used UTM zone and Lat/Long quadrants so as to offer better defa

Version 4.20.h
1. Improvements to Magellan USB file handling (for Explorist GPSs)
2. Changes to altitude handling for KML files on import/export
3. Fix to drawing waypoints with non clear background text when printing
4. Addition of Mauritius Grid and Le Pouce 1934 datum
5. Fix for SaveAs.. when name has '.' present in name
6. Fix for a Time zone problem when merging/copying datasets.
7. Fix for 'apparent' hang when Waypoint Browse dialog box is off screen when ro
ute editing
8. Support of GPX 1.1 metadata statements (import and export - not yet validated
9. Fix for Grid labels when UTM grid south of the equator (not negative)
10.Fix for finding/creating My GPSU folder on network served systems.
11.Fix for GPX 1.1 metadata tag.

Version 4.20.g
1. Several Google Earth export improvements:
a) deal with Regional and Dataset settings for Decimal Separator and Time Separ
ator characters
b) output timestamp in Name field and Info in Description field for trackpoints
c) provide facility for absolute altitude and altitude offset value output in c
2. Fix a regression bug associated with GE symbol support (coloured attribute sy
3. Fix Timestamp header in Track table view for New dataset (UTC/Local time erro

Version 4.20.f
1. Export styles (Colour and Line width) on KML file export
2. Support for Google Earth symbol set.
3. Fix for realtime tracking (speed and bearting problem)
4. MapsOnUs file import withdrawn due to changes in file format
5. Allow Font Size=0 for Fix vector Annotation (no text)

Version 4.20.1
1. Fixes for KML file track import (datum + Import file format problems)
2. Provided a View|Description speedbutton on the toolbar.
Version 4.20.e
1. Deal with TFW files which have a rotational component
2. Initial support for import/export of Google Earth *.KML files
3. Keep option on Print Maps dialog to keep the Map title and Subtitle in a GPSU
Version 4.20.d
1. Corrections to Garmin PVT sentence decode
2. Fix for ARX file import and GDB export (null route names)
3. Fix for S&T 2005 *.EST (Autoroute 2005 *.ARX) file import
4. Change to NZ Map Grid limits (corrects a minor problem with NZ Grid)
Version 4.20.c
1. Changes to import of Tracklogs (*.trl) files
2. Added Hermannskogel-N datum and Balkan Zone 6 grid
3. Automatically set depth property if depth data detected
4. Fix to Waypoint selection dialog
5. Fix for the Interface Monitor autolog facility (moved file to My Docs\My GPSU
6. Allow user to bypass the Delete Confirmation box in a GPSU session
7. Fixes to not forget the Highlighted attribut setting in saved file
8. Fix to Magellan (USB) to GPSU file transfer
Version 4.20.b
1. Map view menu option and shortcut to Zoom bitmap images to 100%
2. Fix for '!' in comment field in LOC file import
3. Fix for spurious error message in AEF file export
4. Fix for very rare problem in Generate Search Area tool
5. Fix for DBF export - Comment field
6, Support for Magellan (USB) interface (on WinXP only)
7. Support for new Garmin protocol for Forerunner (Track protocol 303)
8. Fix for calibrate problem
9. Upgrade of Hermannskogel Datum (Slovenia)
10. Download heart rate from Forerunner (temporary stored in Deph column)
11. Support for Quebec grids SCOPQ Zones 3 through to 10
Version 4.20.a
1. Changes to Map calibration - to allow map viewport to be saved in Dataset
2. Import of DBF files with more than 100 fields
3. Help option for Conditions of Use
4. Fixes to AN1 file import to deal with a larger variety of file formats.
5. Set the working directory properly for initial program run
6. Import option to set the ignore duplicate waypoint distance threshold
7. User option to save map viewport parameters in Map|Settings (not well tested
as yet)

Version 4.15.w = 4.20.0

1. Fix for export of PDB file export when decimal separator is ','
2. Fix for opening files with route attributes set and field separator =','
3. Improvements to AEF file export to deal with alternative file format
4. Fix for saving files with no file extension
5. Echo Track data for Altitude, Slope (height/distance), Climb Rate( m/min, ft/
6. Corrected problem where the GPSU.TMP file was being stored inthe Root folder
7. Minor ornamental changes to track echoing in Altitude mode
8. Improvement to Delorme *.AN1 file import

Version 4.15.v
1. Corrections to map calibration when changing coordinate format and datum
2. Corrections to OV2 file import and export
3. Cosmetic change for the Map Area Tool (when grid lines = white)

Version 4.15.u
1. Support for import of C-MAP XML files
2. Fix for import of Waypoint plus files (default symbol)
3. Further improvements to FNS special edition
4. Menu options 'View|Zoom to Extent' and 'View|Zoom to Bitmap'
5. Correction for distances when using non-metrix grids (e.g. feet or yard grids
6. Fix for upload of long comment fields to some Garmin GPS receivers
7. Fix for Record|Copy error after doing Ctrl-Shift-End on data table
8. Use the PVT protocol for obtaining real time data for newer Garmin GPSs
9. Import of Delorme *.AN1 files
10. New Cluster Waypoint Tool - see Help on 'clustering waypoints'
11. Export of Trimble *.asc format waypoint files
12. Subtitle on Map print now supports multiple lines
13. Import of Mapinfo Pline 'Multiple' format files
14. Corrections to Print Map layout and the thumbnail sketch in the Print Map di

Version 4.15.t
1. Fix for labelling temporary trackpoints on digitising
2. Show local time (not UTC) on Print Map subtitle for track data
3. Support for export of GPSPilot Topographer (*.pdb) files
4. Support for user Description in dataset file
5. Fixes for Re-date tracks function (date format)
6. Correction to Maptech MXF file export
7. Fix for 'overwrite existing file?' spurious message
8. Fix for deleting waypoints after using Shift-CTRL-End
9. Messages to deal with possible future format changes to GPSU files
10. Enable arrow keys as hotkeys in waypoint data dialog
11. Various corrections to View|Description function (Hourglass, Cancel button e
12. Improvements to the tab order in the Data Dialog
13. Fix for export problem with yy/mm/d date format
14. Fix for Track summary format problem
15. Support for Import of NGR Topo Waypoint+ file format
16. Corrections to Centre Waypoint on map (long jumps)
17. Fix for long jump scrolling problem
18. Fix for Description modified bit.

Version 4.15.s
1. Allow saving selected track segments for SHP/DBF files
2. Support Dutch Ozi map calibration files
3. Improvements to export of Raw Track data (control over fields and field separ
4. Fixes to Chart tool for echo label (position and trackpoint label)
5. Fixes to Chart tool track colour
6. Fix for map view echo label for annotations
7. Fix for activating first instance of application when minimised
8. Do not output first blank line for Track Raw data export
9. Fix for echo label when dragging waypoints

Version 4.15.r
1. Autoopen a bitmap image file when pointed to by a dataset file
2. Allow rotation of calibrated maps up to 95 degrees and show grids appropriate
3. Allow multi-line Notice data keyed to MUQ/FNS maps
4. Several Corrections to import of RAC HTML files
5. Correct View menu for North, South, East and West for rotated maps
6. Fix for filter tool limits when using UTM coordinates
7. Echo Route name on map view when cursor over route leg
8. Echo Track name (new option in Map Settings)
9. Floating label to echo status on map view
10. Fix to position waypoint text correctly on rotated bitmaps
11. Fixes to Filter tool and 'Highlight Waypoints in Area' on rotated bitmaps
12. Improvements to Chart tool - Save as *.BMP and *.EMF files, Copy as BMP/EMF
13. Split Options|Map Settings into Settings and Map Appearance
14. Further improvements to the Floating label (Enable/Disable, Routes, WPT Alti
tude etc.)
15. Floating label now interpolates data along tracklegs
16. Corrections to GPS/XML file import and export to deal with reserved characte
17. Add Comment to Waypoint Report view
18. Modifications to the Position Console Trip page to allow continuous metering
19. Auto Track Log indicator on main window status bar and also in Position Cons
20. Allow import of Degs-Mins-Secs coorodinate format for G7T file import
21. Fix for Save File Format mode when PCX5 files are opened

Version 4.15.q
1. Corrections to the Welcome panel for Special Editions
2. Control over track transfer with GPS for special editions.
3. Corrections to Position Console (Magnetic COG, Steering Indicator, Path type)
4. Fix for MapSource GDB file export
5. Implemented a Options|Open/Import files menu for GDB files

Version 4.15.p
1. Extensive changes to the GPS Setup for GPS receiver selection.
2. Extensive changes to the Position Console (see Help on Position Console)
3. Fix for a local time setting of -00:30
4. Allow user to cancel a Garmin mode transfer when track with a missing track i
s detected
5. Fix to USR file import
6. Support for export of Lowrance USR files
7. Support for export of MapSource v6.5 *.GDB files
8. Corrections to MapSource *.GDB file import
9. Changes to the way Special Editions are handled.
10.Support for Custom Datums in MapInfo import/export (for GDS94-2004 datum)
11.Support for NONEARTH and High Precision coordinates in MapInfo import
12.Support altitude in feet for DBF file import/export

Version 4.15.o
1. Various improvements to the Print Map facility allowing user text and Font se
2. Correction for a map calibration problem
3. Fix for track digitising problem (tracks disappearing)
4. Fix for Print Map Window problem (map moving unexpectedly)
5. Fix for symbols when painted at larger sizes on a bitmap image
6. Fix for spurious initial TIC mark when digitizing tracks.

Version 4.15.n
1. Fixes to deal with USB transfer for upgraded Garmin 276C
2. Fix to Gardown file import (spaces within waypoint IDs)
3. Fix to Route Header line and download track from Garmin 276C
4. Fix for minor problem with saving attributes
5. Fixes for Chart (List Index = -1 error)
6. Support for import of *.COR files
7. Export of ISYS HWR files (preliminary)
8. Further fixes to deal with Garmin USB interface upgrade (track upload)
9. If Localtime set then new datasets are given a timezone the same as system ti
10. Support for Mapsource GDB files version 2
11. Allow 'holes' in exported SHP files (Route name starts with '-|')
12. Provide tool to Re-date track segments

Version 4.15.m
1. Highlighted/Normal/Hidden attributes saved in files (see Options|Field Proper
2. Import HWR files (Irish, Swiss and UTM grids)
3. Added Track information to Bitmap Print Window
4. Added Altitude to Filter tool
5. Echo Trackpoint sequence number/Waypoint ID on chart
6. Support non-integer hour local time offsets (e.g. 30 minutes)
7. Accept *.JGW files as calibration files

Version 4.15.l (not yet released)

1. Moves the gpsu.ini file from the program installation folder to Application D
2. Import HWR files (Lat/Long, British, grids only)
3. Write exe location to Registry
4. Changed support for Furuno Marks - GP3500 and GP1800
Version 4.15.7
1. Fix for a calibration problem when 3 points are almost in line
2. Better handling of numbers of map calibration points in Dialog
3. Fix to deal with Depth when saving files in Grid format
4. Fix to deal with possible bug in Vista-C waypoint download (default depth)
5. Select waypoint on creation so that an immediate Delete works
6. Updates to Alaska grids and warning message about use of old Survey Feet grid
7. Added GDA94-2004 to datums file
8. Corrected a waypoint Centre on Map problem

Version 4.15.k = Version 4.15.6

1. Support for the Furuno GP80 - comment/symbol field
2. Fix for USB interface monitor tracing.
3. Addition of Print, SelectAll and Copy to Interface Monitor
4. Corrections for Centre on Map and Real Time map positioning
5. Support for Custom Icons in GPSMap60C and VistaC

Version 4.15.i = Version 4.15.5

1. Support for Garmin protocol D110 (GPS 172c) (preliminary)
2. Echo altitude for tracks in Map view
3. Special Edition for Discovery Walking Guides
4. Support for import of SHP files with PointZ format
5. Fix for distance units when charting off route distance
6. Output track information in DBF file for SHP export
7. Support FOR Irish Numeric Grid
8. Fix for new datum in IGC/GAC file import
Version 4.15.h
1. Support for Lowrance GPS receivers
2. Fix for Ozi *.map files
3. Detect faulty annotate (invalid fix vectors)
4. Fix for import of MMO files written on PocketPC
5. Fix for DXF import (Polylines in Blocks)
6. Portugese Datum and grid (Hayford-Gauss (D73))
7. Fix for merging files when a calibrated map exists
8. Automatic datum selection for Mapinfo file import
Version 4.15.g = Version 4.15.4
1. Support for British Grid in Ozi Map calibration file
2. Fixes for Mapsource *.gdb file import (routes and tracks)
3. Correction to Import ONF files
4. Correction to export of PDB files
5. Fix for a copy/paste problem when copying data with imbedded spaces
6. Fix for TFW calibrated maps with unequal Lat/Long scales (in metres/pixel)
Version 4.15.f = Version 4.15.3
1. Fix for regression bug associated with map calibration
2. Fix for regression bug on initial progam start
3. Support for new format of MapsOnUs file import
Version 4.15.d/e
1. Fix to G7T file import to deal with a variation in file format
2. Implemented Forerunner XML file import
3. Changes to LOC and GPX file import (improve performance)
4. Ignore spurious lines for NMEA type interface transfers
5. Change to GPS|Setup to deal with larger number of GPS receivers
6. Support for Simrad RS5800 (as yet, not waypoint symbols)
7. Fix for a calibrate problem associated with TIF files
8. Support for Simrad RS5800 symbols
9. Changes to Calibration (allow points within 10 metres)
10. Restoring a minimised map does a map refresh and corrects Annotation problem
11. Grayed out text in Bitmap calibration dialog
12. Provide visual feedback when annotate tool in use
13. Rearrange map toolbar icons to make + and - easier in small windows
14. Map now created inside the GPSU window
15. Safety checks for List index out of Bounds errors
16. Local time (UTC) relabelled as Time (UTC)
17. Improved repositioning of data in window after deleting records
18. Several minor comments/labelling changes
19. Fixed error when closing an Interface Monitor Autolog file
20. Greyed out GPS|Disconntect and GPS|Connect depending on connection state
21. Corrected a problem associated with drawing grid circles when no current poi
22. Fix to MAP24 file import when decimal separator is comma
23. Corrected an address violation after deleting all waypoints from a route
24. Correction for import Mapsource GDB files (route problem)
Version 4.15.c
1. Fixes to AEF file import (null IDs, ID lengths, long comments)
2. Fix for format change in RAC HTML file import
3. Fix for format change in Greenflag file import
Version 4.15.b
1. Corrected a SHP file import problem (multiple polygons)
2. Ignore leading blanks and nulls on NMEA input for Shipmate RS5900
3. Corrections to ECS (C-Map) Route file import
4. Fix for MemoryMap (*.mmo) file import when waypoint is in two routes
5. Fix for Maptech export - turn double quotes into single quotes
6. Small correction to ECS route import
7. Corrections to Waypoint+ file import and export
8. Corrections to Fugawi Track import to deal with default values
9. Import and export of Nobeltec files
10. Download Furuno 1833C Marks as waypoints
11. Corrections to G7T file import
12. Correction to Maptech RXF file export
13. Deal with Furuno Marks as WGS84 datum, shape and color
14. Upload Furuno Marks
15. Support for Anquet Maps AEF file export plus changes to AEF file import
==================== version 4.15.1=================
Version 4.15.a
1. Import of G7toWin G7T files (with limitations)
2. Fix for Pathaway PDB import for accept 'O' for East coordinates.
3. Fix for Waypoint Plus TXT file import when decimal separator = ','
4. Fixes for Position field in Fugawi import and export (*.WPT files)
5. Fixes for Symbol (Icon) for Fugawi import and export
6. Fix for Font colour, size on Fugawi export (only).
7. Fix for a Mapsource *.MPS file import regression bug
8. Fix for a regression bug associated with MMO file import (new 2004 format)
9. Support for Lowrance *.USR file import (initial implementation)
10. Fix for regression bug (loss of Norwegian NGO grid)
11. Export waypoints with Point symbol (not Building) in PDB files
=========Standard Version 4.15.0==================
Version 4.10.u
1. Further correction for Magellan Sportrack symbol set
2. Fix for MXF file import
3. Improvements to Fugawi file import/export (altitude)
4. Support for new (Apr 2004) MAP24 file format (route import)
5. Corrects a minor problem with abbreviateing waypoint IDs
6. Corrects some problems associated with altitude for Fugawi and Ozi files
Version 4.10.t
1. Experimental Garmin USB interface code
2. Test code for Furuno Route upload (GP-31) - now removed
3. Test code for MLR FX312
4. Import Shape files improvement to deal with Format 13 and 15 types
5. Do not show units on map for depth data
6. Fixes for some mapping functions when map grid is in feet
7. Fix for MemoryMap MMO file import (new format)
8. Allow Comport numbers from 1 to 99.
9. Correct Symbol set selection for Magellan Sportrack
10. Default symbol set now Garmin 2-byte set
11. Support for MapSource GDB file import
Version 4.10.r and 4.10.s
1. Support for Garmin USB interface
2. Support for import of MemoryMap 2004 format files
Version 4.10.q
1. Corrections and improvements to USB interface including support for 2610
2. Support for Anquet AEF file import
3. Symbol set for Furuno GP80
4. Provide depth indication on map view
5. Support for BSB files of format 5,6,and 7.

Version 4.10.p
1. Correction to MapSource file import for routes
2. Support for Garmin (USB) interface
3. Save ID rather than comment in OV2 file export

Version 4.10.o
1. Correction to MIF file import and allow Finland KKJ alternative grid
2. Cope with long comments (greater than 60 characters) e.g. Memorymap import
3. Correction to export TRL files to deal with long comments
4. Chunk up long comments on map display (50 characters/line)
5. Allow user to set the waypoint sequence number when digitizing routes
6. Import of Rayming Corporation datalogger files
7. Correction to Export of OV2 files (round to 0.00001 degrees)

====================standard version===============
Version 4.10.9
1. Implemented Albers Grid (BC Albers, Teale Albers etc.)
2. Fixed a bug associated with Win2000 on importing SHP files
3. Fixed a spurious map error message
4. Import of Neptune *.WAY files
5. Fix to Route Report for total distance
7. Neptune WAY file export
8. Fix for Fugawi file export (attribute error)
9. Fix for import of WPT files with different datums/grids
Version 4.10.m/n
1. Improved support for depth, particularly from Garmin devices
2. Support for Wheelmouse
3. Improvements to zoom in and out
4. Fix for UTM files on opening and setting default zone
5. Keep chart window position and size over GPSU sessions
6. Added VMG to identity tool when both ends of tool point to trackpoints
7. Fix for UTM DBF file export after downloading (set output zone)
8. Changes to BSB file import (format 3) - still under rework
9. Disable the Auto COM interface for WIN2000 systems
10. Take account of Null file extensions for CMAP/ECS/FIL files
11. Allow Timezone to be set to +/-13 hours (for NZ daylight saving time)
Version 4.10.l = Standard version 4.10.8
1. Fix for minor regression bug with Garmin uploads
2. Set modified bit when tracking/MOB when using the NMEA interface
3. Correct the display option upload for Garmin receivers
4. Fix for recent file format change in Tracklogs waypoint import
5. Improvements to the import of Marco Polo files (abbreviation of the comment)
6. Fix for a minor problem to do with abbreviating waypoint names when duplicate
s present.
7. Correction to TRL file import for Tracklog (datum and height problems)
8. Fix for reading in files with coordinates which are invalid in a grid system

Version 4.10.k
1. Change of no-preview file dialog for bitmaps
2. Debug code for Linux/Wine systems
3. Remove Color palette after Cancelling add color to dataset in Data Dialog
4. Fix timeout for Magellan GPS transfer
5. Issue better warning message for Garmins when in NMEA mode
6. Fix for Black print map on second attempt
7. Fix for X-Axis scale when charting Tracks wrt Route distance

Version 4.10.i/j
1. Extensive rework of import MMO files to correct several problems
2. Improvements to Area seach pattern generation (not completed)
3. Fix for Route insert problem
4. Correction to Silva waypoint download
5. Import Waypoint Plus correction
6. Allow more digits in Route report
7. Fix for a MeriCD import with following Merge file problem
8. Provide facility for no preview of map on opening image file
9. Several minor fixes for Magellan SD card import/export
10. Send Altitude and Time/Date stamp for Magellan track upload
11. Issue warning message when possible incompatible calibration points
Version 4.10.h
1. Correction to Lambert Projection to deal with single standard parallel grids
2. Addition of Morocco grid
3. Patch to take care of a Windows 2000 system (OLE error) problem
4. Correction to Route download for Silva/Brunton (routes of more than 8 waypoin
Version 4.10.g
1. Corrections to Calibration mechanism to deal with null datasets.
2. Export facility for Fugawi WPT, RTE and TRK files
3. Minor corrections and improvements to Fugawi WPT, RTE and TRK files
4. Selection of Ozi export files in Save/Print Options menu
5. Addition of Arkansas State Plane coordinates (NAD83 US survey feet)
Version 4.10.f
1. Added support for Simrad RS5700 as well as Simrad CP32
2. Correction to GPL file import
3. Correction to Simrad RS5700 upload
4. Fix for Autoroute file import (when secondary table present)
5. Fix for Tracklog file import (new format)
6. Allow units in distance suffix for automatic waypoint naming (Track to Route)
7. Fix for hang up when zooming out to Maximum zoom when using a grid coordinate
Version 4.10.d/e = Version 4.10.7
1. Annotation suggestion for Range and Bearing
2. Corrected problem with loss of hotkeys in Map view
3. Accept Lat/Long out of range coordinates for files which have been saved as g
4. Trap error for Write registry in Win2000 systems
5. Fix for X axis title for Chart Routes
6. Addition of Gradient for Y-axis in Chart tracks
7. Scale value on map now relates to screen pixels and is only up to 2 decimal p
Version 4.10.c
1. Addition of Magnetic bearing to Data Dialog box
2. Provision of Area Search within a defined route
3. Automatic ID generation for waypoint digitising
4. Only give one warning message for distance circles on map when no current poi
5. Provide distance circles when in Real Time CP mode
6. Provide View|Reports... on map view menu
7. Suppport change of format for MapsOnUs import (October 2003)
8. Correction to MIF file export (bounds calculation)
9. Correct a problem with copying routes when using the Route table
10. Support change of format for RAC file import (October 2003)
Version 4.10.a.4.10.b
1. Corrections to IGN Rando *.RDN file import/export
2. Fix for Track digitising problem (floating point error)
3. Fix for Scroll Bar position when Ctrl-J used (no toolbar)
4. Fix for TFW calibration file import (UTM zone problem)
Version 4.10.z (continued)
1. Track tic mark improvments (type and distance selection)
2. Cosmetic improvements to Calibrate bitmap dialog box
3. Minor fixes to Proximity download and upload for Garmins
4. Addition of Worth While Walks special edition (version 4.13)
5. Support for Fugawi RTE files
6. Fix for editing current point when symbol set is None
7. Fix to filter function for filtering waypoints near an empty route
8. Corrections to Maptech import to cater for Offshore Navigation files
9. Fix to Import MemoryMap MMO files
10. Fix for font size scaling in Map view form
11. Fix for TRL (Tracklog Digital Mapping) file import
12. Slovenian grid supplied
13. Support for import of IGN Rando (*.RDN) files
14. UTM zone 10 and 12 grids in US survey feet added
15. Support for export of IGN Rando (*.RDN) files
Version 4.10.z
1. Correction to DBF file export (truncated number)
2. Support for IGS/GAC file import
3. Cosmetic correction for negative grid values (South Africa)
4. Major changes to import of Ozi, Gardown and Waypoint+ files
5. Corrected output of seconds in track information (removed hashes)
6. Supply of Belgium Lambert 72 grid
7. Correction for Memorymap file (MMO) import to cope with recent format change
8. Correction for importing Mapsend version 3.4 track files
9. Correction to Print Bitmap (waypoint symbol colors)
10. Correction to RXF file import (continuation routes)
11. Correction to BLN file export of tracks
12. Import of GPS Topographer PDB files now supported
13. Fix to ARX import (double character names)
14. Fix to LOC file import (binary form)
15. Import and export of Tracklogs Digital Mapping TRL files
16. Fixes to Memorymap MMO file import

Version 4.10.y
1. Improved SHP file export (points, polylines, polygons) - see File|Save/Print
OptionsVersion 4.10.2
2. Correction to Annotation Fix Vector when usiing bitmaps at other than 100% sc
3. Further inmprovents to Annotation Fix Vector
4. Ornamentation changes to SHP file export
5. Correction of regression bug associated with using non-user waypoints as cali
bration points
6. Support for TomTom Navigator *.ov2 files (import and export)
7. Correction to MapsOnUs file import for Freeware version
8. Changing the symbol set now sets the modify bit, thus prompting to Save when
closing file.
9. Correction to PCX5 file import/export (symbols).
10. Message to warn Northstar users to use NMEA for real time operations.
11. Correction of regression bug in DBF file export (space between '+' and numbe
12. Import of Meri-CD files (*.mcd) - also some changes to Datum loading
13. Corrections to track digitising, trackpoint hiding and trackpoint deleting f
rom map
14. Corrections to Pathaway PDB file import
15. Export of waypoints via PDB file
16. Corrections to MOB/Fix function and also PC time setting (cope with UTC)
17. Addition of BWI grids and datums for St Kitts and Nevis + Antigua
18. Stateplane grid for Virginia in Survey Feet
19. Several cosmetic changes to the View|Reports
20. Corrections to size and position of selection box on map view when very larg
e numbers of items

Version 4.10.2
1. Fix for Route overflow problem (address exception) when downloading from GPS
2. Addition of Colour attributes to Annotation
3. Fix vector improvements in annotation (start blob, end arrow and text)
4. Correction to Map grid labels for grid projections

Version 4.10.1
1. Cosmetic changes to View|Reports, correction of altitude bug, addition of Gro
ss Climb
2. Support for Unix format Coastline DAT files.
3. Fix for Make Offset Tracks - fault with scaling
4. Fix for Error circle when multiple maps present
5. Fix for units problem in the Chart Routes
6. Centre waypoint on map improvement (when no map present, generate it)
7. Route labels allow use of background color for text
8. Route labels - provide more for long route lines (ensure one on screen)
9. Fix for Map24 and RAC file import (new format)
10. Fix for Furuno symbols problem
11. Increase line spacing between waypoint ID line and commnet line
12. Flash waypoint ID text as well as symbol
13. Provide 3TM grids for Canada (correct negative easting bug)
14. Offset tracks now use Tracking Setup.. dialog for parameter settings
15. Bring Map to front when Centre on Map function used
16. Fix for Calibration and then Zoom out problem
17. Standard Horizon offered in GPS|Setup...
18. Corrections to Centre on Map functions
19. Trap for error message when enabling OLE functions
VERSION 4.10.0
Version 4.10.w = 4.10.0
1. Allow selection of Symbol/ID/Comment for DXF file export
2. Support the Page-Up and Page-Down keys in the Data Dialog
3. For Mapsource import version 4.13
Version 4.10.v
1. Support for import of MAP24 and RAC HTML Route files
2. High Precision grid setting for files
3. Corrections to SHP file import for German Grid
4. Addition of *.sm (Switchback Maps) in the File|Open dialog
5. Fix for Track circles problem when neither Points nor Lines are checked in Ma
p Settings
6. Correction to a zooming problem after disconnecting a calibrated bitmap
7. Import binary format Fugawi files (*.wpt and *.trk)
8. Fix for Chart Tracks when no tracks are present
9. GPS Signal Quality indicator on for Real time Map display (Options|Map Settin
Version 4.10.u
1. Support for Northstar GPS (waypoints/routes upload/download)
2. Support for Delorme SA9 file import
3. Corrections to Maptech *.rxf file import
4. Corrections to Maptech *.mmo file import
5. Fix for memorymap MMO file import
6. Addition of Lousiana and Oklahoma to StatePlanes
7. Fix for new Green Flag file format
8. Minor fix to Magellan SD Card file format export
9. Fixed regression bug in Track Real Time CP for Garmins
10.Fixed datum bug in Mapinfo import
11.Fix to Autoroute file import to deal with large number of records
Version 4.10.t
1. Support for Stateplane grids which use International Foot (Vermont)
2. Import and Export of Magellan SD card files
3. Implemented a 'Fix Vector' annotation
4. Fix for Maptech (RFX) file import (Unix file format supported and deal with d
uplicates better)
5. Fix for Mapinfo file import - set ID length from MIF file
6. Improved support for import of Pathaway PDB files
7. Support for encoded XGU files
Version 4.10.s
1. Provide solid background for text instead of clear background
2. Map calibration fix
3. Fix for text scale size in DXF file export
4. Provision of all 8 Norwegian NGO grids
5. Further fix for DXF text size to deal with non metric grids
6. Provision of absolute text size for DXF file export
7. Improvements to SHP and DBF file import (user selection of ID field)
8. Fix for Greenflag import (Via points)
9. Fixes in map calibration area (*.gux files - faulty calibrations)
10. Correction to MIF file export when decimal separator is set to ','
11. Addition of speed and heading export for Delorme GPL files
12. Fix for long image bitmap filepaths
13. Fix for miscalibration of maps for some real time operations
14. Fix for route download from Garmin 12s (DB error problem)
15. Added new options for Route leg information on Map View (Distance and Bearin
Version 4.10.r
1, Change to ComPort driver to fix a WinXP problem
2. Correction to colour popup in Data dialog for waypoints
3. Fix for datum problem when calibration files are present
4. Fix to MLR24C GPS, interpret some waypoints as trackpoints
5. Fix for Maptech file import
6. Fix for Reports... (Track information)
7. Norwegian NGO grid added
8. Corrections to deal with negative eastings for the Norwegian NGO grid
9. Fix to retain some calibration information when No Bitmap selected in Calibra
tion diaglog
10. Fix for datalogger file import (floating point error)
11. Fix to allow date download for track data from Magellan Meridian
12. Fix for GPX Route import (waypoint ID length)
Version 4.10.q
1. Provision of View|Reports, including waypoint information (distance bearing t
o CP)
2. Track/Route analysis report
3. Changes to Data Dialog for tracks (Break and Delete/Break butttons)
4. Report added to Data Dialog
5. Import for Delorme *.GPL files
6. Fix for PCX5 export regarding bad import to MapSource of altitude data
7. Fix for altitude in import of *.MPS files
8. Fix for export of SHP fileset (DBF file format)
9. Export of Delorme GPL track files
10. Fixed a regression bug introduced with the high precision grid
11. Format checking for entering grid coordinates with too many digits
12. Rework of route drawing on the map (boundary and start/finish lines)
13. Import of Gartrip version 2.04 files
Version 4.10.o
1. External COM interface to some GPSU functions
2. Extensions to MOB function to make it usable for Marking points
3. Correction to Day Skip problem with tracks
4. Support for DXF file import of LINE and TEXT objects
5. Fixes for SHP and DBF file exports
6. Support for Layer Color in DXF file export
7. Report of track analysis with respect to a Route
8. Report of nearest waypoints to current position
9. Corrections to Mapsource (*.mps) file import (routes)
Version 4.10.n
1. Autoroute (& Streets and Trips) Pushpin import
2. Support for $xxHDT & $xxHDM sentence (Heading)
3. Better support for smoothing Speed, Course and Heading
4. Implemented Offset Tracking.
5. Corrected regression bug in 4.10.m concerning route waypoint colors
6. Update to MapsOnUs file import
Version 4.10.m
1. Import of SeaPro GXF files (initial implementation)
2. Correct to status bar output on Route downloading from GPS
3. Fix for MMO file import - force WGS84 datum
4. New MapsOnUs format supported

Version 4.10.l
1. Read Magellan sentences $PMGWPL sentences from file
2. Fix for filter when a route contains sequential coincident waypoints
3. High precision grid support
4. OSTN97 grid file supplied
5. Fix to force decimal separator to '.' for Ozi export - corrected time value
6. Map page Cosmetic fix for WinXP operating systems
7. BSB file import (not yet using auto georeferenceing)
8. Support for Mapsend version 4.0 trackpoint import (change of format)
9. Fix for Mapsource import (tracks with long tracknames)
10. Color support for Furuno Navnet GPS and better color editing support
Version 4.10.k
1. Allow 2 lines for waypoint text, provide spot heights on a per waypoint basis
2. Force decimal separator to be '.' in GPX file export
3. Tidy up display option default on file opening
4. Fix message for Abbreviate waypoint prompt box
5. Fix to cope with long paths (image files)
6. Output color 'Y' for Furuno wapoint upload
7. Fix for Offroute distance (scaling when zoomed)
8. Corrections to Filter Apply so that the map is updated
9. Minor fixes for DataLogger and Waypoint+ file import

Version 4.10.i,j
1. Green Flag route directions import facility implemented
2. Correction to NMEA file import to cope with invalid coordinate
3. Correction to recently used file list

Version 4.10.h
1. Fix for GPX file import (waypoint symbols)
2. Read the <desc> field if no <cmt> field in GPS import
3. Fix for upload of track altitude to eTrex models etc.
4. Changes to Map printing dialog (now non-modal)
5. Added Waypoint ID character checking with user supplied characters
6. Extended the number of loadable grids to 5
7. Added perpendicular lines to routes (start and end lines)
8. Improvements to the Print Map facility (allow printing of clipped bitmap)
9. Right Align some icons on Map toolbar
Version 4.10.g
1. Multiple waypoint drag mode on map (Use Shift/Right button drag)
2. Major improvements to Chart Tracks(s), new Chart Route function
Version 4.10.e,f
1. Provision to export DBF files with numeric Date/Time fields
2. Selection of Postion/Direction indicator in place of cross hair curson for M
oving Map
3. Import of PathAway *.PDB files
4. Information Panel for Routes and Tracks (from track summary table)
5. GPX file export facility
6. Fix for auto-interpolate of date/time when digitising tracks
7. Correction for MapTech format file export
8. Improvements to Chart Tracks (Y limits etc.)
9. For for SHP file import of tracks (faulty time values)
10. Corrections to intial form load (flicker problem)
Versions 4.10.a,b,c and d
1. Major changes to map calibration - see the Help topic on 'Map Calibration'
2. Offset Track tool - see Help topic on 'Offset tracks'
3. Display a route line from the current point (if valid) to the first waypoint
of a selected route.
4. Refresh map when entering route waypoints.
5. Corrections to Offset Track tool
6. Export of Gardown Track files (*.gtr)
7. Fix for MIF/MID import problem (UTM format)
8. Added California to USA stateplanes
9. Added Costa Rica Norte and Sur grids
10. Offer Choice of zone on DBF file import
11. Export of trackdata as Shapefiles (SHP)
12. Import of some SHP files (points and arcs)
13. Correction of regression bug associated with Meridian symbols
14. Correction for a Magellan track download problem (timestamps)
15. Import of DXF files containing POINT data (as waypoints)
16. Speed and Course smoothing function added to Position Console
17. Import of binary OVL files from Top50 software
18. Fix for map calibration when map files in different directory to dataset
Plus fixes which are in version 4.04.4:
1. Fix for Route download problem with Raytheon (Route names, not numbers)
2. Allow lowercase names in route download
3. Clear route rather than append data when downloading
4. Do not download to Route 0 when a route name is specified
5. Fix for an address exception when ENTER key on an empty route
6. Fix for Route00 on download and echo Route download counter on Raytheon
7. Change to grid labelling so as to make it a constant distance from edge of wi
8. When uploading data in NMEA mode, keep listening so as to relieve the input b
9. Fix for Route upload for MLR (loss of waypoints)
10. Send the GPwpa sentence for Furuno waypoint upload
11. Correct GPrtc sentence to send Route number twice
Version 4.04.z
1. Data Dialog changes to provide Browse and New buttons for Map Calibration
2. Export support for Golden Software Surfer BLN and post data file formats
VERSIONS 4.04/4.05/4.06
Version Pre-release 4.04.1 (also known as 4.04.y)
1. Cosmetic fix in waypoint selection dialog (columns)
2. Fix for a DXF import problem involving the German grid
3. Addition of states West Virginia and Massachusetts to the usagrids.txt file
4. Correction to Map Calibration for Norwegian anomolous UTM zone (Z32)
5. Fix for a DBF import problem involving the German grid
6. Fix to DBF file export to provide local time rather than UTC
7. Fix to DBF file export to limit precision for Decimetre and Centimetre grids
8. Rework of the INFO button logic to avoid Address Violation error
9. Furuno upload send Route numbers with 3 digits
10. Correct Furuno upload problem regarding Route names
11. Fix for DBF file import of null records
12. Fix for MLR Route upload problem
13. Provision of a more accurate Swedish Grid
14. Fix for bug associated with track compression
15. Fix for bug associated with MLR route upload/download
16. North Sahara datum added to datums file
17. Fix for saving highlighted only trackpoints (split into segments)
18. Force dateformat and decimal separator correctly for PCX5 exported files
19. Fix for OZI CE import track files
20. Usability improvements to the some menu names
21. Fix for large distance display in Data Dialog
Version 4.04.u
1. Fix for a Route comment edit problem
2. Fix for Mapinfo import/export of non WGS84 datums and fix for defined Delimit
3. Fix for Waypoint Altitude fill down function
4. Fix for problem when 2 registered maps and the Print dialogue is used - wrong
background displayed
5. Do not change dataset name when exporting in certain formats (export only for
Version 4.04.t
1. Fix for DBF export of grided dataset files when force WGS84
2. Improvements to Data Dialog box for waypoints
Version 4.04.s
1. Some deep internal changes completed (bugs associated with having 2 map windo
ws present)
2. Import of MemoryMap Navigator files: Marks32.txt, Routes32.txt, *.mxf, *.rxf,
3. Export of MemoryMap Navigator files: *.mxf, *.rxf *.txf
4. Fix for map calibration problem when multiple calibrations in file
5. Further fix for Unix directory style names
6. Fix for Magellan Mapsend WPT file import
7. Fix to allow launching of GPSU from HTML files with dataset containing partia
l bitimage filepaths
8. Fix for spurious problem when digitizing tracks
9. Fix for a map calibration shift problem after downloading data from a GPS rec
10. Added symbol set for Etrex Legend
11. Map Setting option to echo distances with higher precision
12. Provided an option to select Text offset (horizontal) for DXF file export
Version 4.04.r
1. Correction to echo bearing correctly (not 360 degrees)
2. Added Image Draw mode to Map Settings (for Black on White images etc. )
3. Fix for problem with refreshing Track Summary table with wrong horizontal uni
4. Fix to allow program to be run with a Unix style path name
5. Some clean up of the MapInfo (*.MIF) file import/export
6. Further clean up for HU units problem
7. Support for transparent PNG image annnotation (also ICOs with limitations).
8. Support for MapSend WPT file import
9. Fix for horizontal unit change problem when map present (every other time)
10. Fix for Track Data Base error when 2 maps present and horizontal unit change
11. Fix for excessive day increments in NMEA real time tracklog operation.
12. Fix for transparent ICO files in annotation (removes ICOs limitations)
Version 4.04.q
1. Fix for regression bug associated with opening files with different horizonta
l units
2. Fix for first track digitizing problem
3. Provision of a UTM(cm) (centimetre grid)
4. DBF file export of UTM coordinates now gives correct offset
5. Fix for a Magellan track download problem
6. Cosmetic fix for symbols
7. Fix for problem when most recently used file does not exist and drive unavail
8. Cosmetic fix for case when Coordinate format is declined when map present
9. Rework of Annotate data dialog to improve image annotation (transparent icons
10. Updates to Garmin symbol sets of type 2 (SymSet2 and subsets) to take accoun
t of GPS-V
11. Addition of Raytheon instructions in Help plus other clean ups
Version 4.04.p
1. Fix for MLR symbol sets (MLR 24XC)
2. Do not change window caption on Cancelling a SaveAs....
3. Tweak to position of waypoint IDs and Comments on map
4. If Options|General Uppercase then force uppercase on file opening
5. Sorting waypoint names and comments now works on more than 6 characters.
6. Texas State Plane grids added to 'usagrids' file
7. Fix for Ozi import when waypoint comment contains commas
8. Fix for trying to edit the blank line at end of waypoint list
9. Fix for change of horizontal units not working more than once when map displa
10. Fix for map drawing error when highlighted tracks present and flashing
11. Fix for loss of bitmap image calibration when merging files
12. Better handling of duplicate waypoint names on file opening
13. Import of EasyGPS *.LOC XML files
14. Annotation suggestions now include Waypoint and Track altitude
Version 4.04.o
1. DBF file import/export includes symbols
2. Added GPS50 to supported devices
3. Added a decimetre UTM grid (extra digit in Eastings and Northings)
4. Fix for Route waypoints with long ID names (caused Address exception)
4. Fix to save indication [*]
Version 4.04.n
1. Fix for Magellan downloading Routes only (no waypoints)
2. Do not force uppercase for Magellan Meridian
3. Provide default grid parameters to allow removal of superfluous lines from gr
id file
4. Corrections to Mapsource (*.mps) file import
5. Cure regression bug associated with timeout on Magellan transfers
6. Added a file usagrids.txt (USA State Plane grids)
Version 4.04.l
1. Reworked the hidden track/waypoint fixes to correct regression errors
2. Fix for grided DBF file export problem
3. Maintain the last format selected for Save/Print Options dialog
4. Offer ETE and ETA in Position Console Destination page
5. Auto tracklog file names now include the date
6. Fix for Route overflow problem on downloading routes
7. More Czech grids added to grids file
8. More French grids added to grids file
9. Fix for Magellan route download when route store full
10. Addition of a copyright notice for printed maps
Version 4.04.k
1. Gpsu.ini file moved to installation folder from Windows folder
2. Fix for hidden tracks or waypoints (don't select)
3. Fix for regression bug in Etrex waypoint altitude download
4. Help file renamed to gpsu40n.hlp
Version 4.04.j
1. Modified the import MUQ function to work for Win2000 and WinXP
2. Corrected the download of altitude for Garmin GPS162
3. Rework of Route Copy/Paste problems and allow selection of whole route
4. Terracarta Special Edition implemented (4.06.)
5. Fix to allow PC clock to be set when not operating in real mode
6. Correction to file format for AutoTrack Log files (double comma)
7. Fix to provide Grided DBF file import
8. Fix to not echo Hidden Tracks or Waypoints
Version 4.04.i
1. Correct a problem when merging files with different altitude units
2. NMEA import supports Furuno waypoint sentence
3. Several fixes for import NMEA log files and detect invalid lines
4. Implement route generation in Delorme SA file import
5. Fix for problem when Copy Cells/Pasting Waypoint altitude between cells
6. Fix for Data Dialog when using Make.. Make Current Point (map re-origining)
7. Implemented a Track Summary Centre on Map function
8. Changed color of Total distance box in Position Console
9. Corrected a problem with the last trackpoint in position console
10. ETA implemented in the position console Destination page
11. Echo Track information OR time/date in Map Options
12. Import MarcoPolo files for MP2002 version
Version 4.04.h
1. Position Console Options added (Stay on top and Confirm Close)
2. Cleaned up PosCon stay on top operations (getting it back from minimised etc)
3. Number of recent files increased to 9
4. Added Baud rate selection to GPS|Setup..

Version 4.04.g
1. Fix to allow comma separated files for Autoroute import
2. Fix for format change in MPS (MapSource) file import
3. Fix for format change in TRP (AA Milemaster) file import
4. Fix for Record|Join to next when in Track Summary table
5. Fix for regression bug in Swiss Grid
6. Fix for Summary Track delete (marked and selected)
7. Fix for Maximised window on Map creation
8. Fix for DBF file import with Altitude data
9. Added Record|Copy Selected and Copy Marked operations to track summary table
10. Fix for arithmetic overflow problem when drawing long range track legs
11. Trap null files correctly when importing MPS files
12. Fix for a date format problem when pasting data
13. Fix for Generate Track Waypoints (missing waypoint and arithmetic error)
14. Fix for 'Cannot Focus on Disabled window'
15. Added Copy/Paste from and to Track Summary table
16. Refresh map when using Ctrl-J (hide/show toolbar)
17. Fix for Centre on Map when in Data Dialog 'Make'.
18. Map Notice is now 128 bytes
Version 4.04.f
1. South African grid implemented
2. Fix for Calibration point editing causing strange error
3. Map notice only output on MUB maps
Version 4.04.e
1. Treat MUB files as if they were PNG
2. Trap the Save for MUQ Standard edition and do not save
3. Added a Map notice to map printing.
4. Fix for Magellan 330 (SW version 2.01) Track import date
5. Fix for Reverse Waypoints
6. Fix for MapBlast import for missing final waypoint
7. Fix to Area within Route tool
8. Import Delorme SA7 files (preliminary waypoints only)
9. Fix to allow comma separated files for Autoroute import
10. Argentina grids added to file
Version 4.04.d
1. DBF file export of date/time - more DBF file export options
2. Fixed Route generation using the Map (inserting at end of route)
3. Fixed a 'Fill Down' problem
4. Fixed a DataSend DBF file import problem
5. Fixed a problem associated with clearing all waypoints.
6. On reading INI file search other disk drives for recently used files
7. Comment field now 60 characters
Version 4.04.c
1. Fix for an NMEA download problem
2. Fix for a print data regression problem
3. Fix for a bug assocated with the Filter tool
Version 4.04.a /b
1. 4-point calibration
2. MUQ Edition (version 4.05....)
Version 4.03.s / 4.03.t
1. Fixes for DBF file export and also import
2. Fix for Lambert Grid in southern hemisphere
3. Fix for DXF regression bug
4. Fix for a filter tool problem
5. Better error message for insufficient resources on loading bitmaps
Version 4.03.r
1. Fix for Position Console Track labelling problems
2. Fix for Create Search Pattern and then convert to Route/Waypoints
Version 4.03.q
1. DataLogger altitude enabled
2. Various fixes and modifications to Position Console
3. Fix for a route regression problem (map entry caused loss of route)
4. Update thumbnail sketch after Centre Waypoint on map.
Version 4.03.o / 4.03.p
1. Change to Position Console to not include distance to start if
not started or Rolling start checked.
2. Fastkey for Autolog in Interface Monitor
3. Added SCOPQ Zone 10 grid
4. Fixes to Position Console if current point is undefined
5. Fixes for two Route digitising problem
6. Help file corrected for MapBlast changes
Version 4.03.n
1. File Calibration data on *.wpt, *.rte and *.trk files when present
2. Insert of multiple waypoints in a route (fix plus improvement)
3. Improvement to Waypoint select dialog (echoing waypoint comments)
4. St Lucia grid added to grid file
Version 4.03.m
1. Upgrade to *.LOC file import to cater for EasyGPS version 1.0.9
2. Provide Swiss grid for MapInfo MIF file import and export
3. Corrected a bug on import of altidude information when Decimal separator = ',
4. Increased number of track summaries to 1800
5. Corrected a number of problems with Position Console
6. Allow drag of map with right button in Waypoint and Trackpoint tool modes
7. Prompt user if he changes any Map Calibration data
8. Display filename only in map registration dialogue box (remove filepaths)
Version 4.03.l
1. File only Waypoints on *.wpt, Routes on *.rte and Tracks on *.trk
2. Improved Help for 'Working with Tracks'
3. Correction to ECS file import (decimal separator)
Version 4.03.k
1. Corrections for ECS FIL file import
2. Fix for problem in deleting last trackpoint in list
3. Allow up to 1000 waypoints in a route
4. Some improvements to Help file - re map calibration
5. Fix for adding file extension when doing Save As... on files
6. New Track Summary Tool - Join All
7. Track Summary 'Track Information', now incorporates Area within track
Version 4.03.j
1. Fix for Track name regression bug
2. Correction to NZ Map Grid - map calibration.
3. Obtain date from Magellan 330 (softversion 2.01) trackpoint data
4. Corrected sequence number for Ozi waypoint export
5. Minor change to Autolog in Interface Monitor - added to Help
Version 4.03.i
1. Correction for Track filtering and Cut marked tracks
2. ECS import function (*.fil files)
3. Quebec multizone grid implemented
4. Add Gauss-Boaga grid (Zones 1 and 2)
5. Upgrade for Mapsource version 4.03 Waypoint import
6. Tidied up warning messages for New Zealand grid
7. Correction to MapBlast import to cater for Stop points
6. Fix for southern hemisphere UTM coordinates (map view)
Version 4.03.h
1. Fix for regression bug in eTrex/GPS162 Route Upload
2. Fix for GPSU freezing when TIC marks set to 10 seconds
3. Implement Track interpolation when making new trackpoints by map
4. New Zealand Grid implemented (but grid.txt file not supplied in this build)
Version 4.03.g
1. MapsOnUs new file format
2. Set Zone in DXF file export from centre of extent
3. Corrections to handle non-user (unknown) waypoints
4. Removed some debug code associated with Magellan connect problem
Version 4.03.c/d/e/f
1. More regression fixes - mostly in Copy/Paste cells
2. Option|General panel to allow user to configure number of Routes
3. Fix to Position Console with empty routes
4. Fixes for a number of regression bugs
5. Round coordinates rather than truncate on NMEA low precision output
6. Correction of UTM/Datum regression problem
Version 4.03.b
1. Fixes to regression bugs in the Annotation area
2. Fixes to Import of Loc files.
Version 4.03.a
1. EXTENSIVE REWORK TO INTERNAL STRUCTURES - please inform author of any regress
ion bugs.
2. Fixes for regression bugs
3. Development of Import of Loc files.