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P. B. NO.1715
KOTTAYAM – 686039.
Fax: 0481 2561442

OP/SEC/Sale/3/ Date: 06.012011



Oil Palm India is a joint venture company of Govt. of India and Govt. of Kerala set
up for oil palm plantations and its processing. Our plantations are located at Yeroor,
Chithara & Kulathupuzha. Our main processing factory is located at Yeroor,
Bharatheepuram P.O., Anchal Kulathupuzha Road, Kollam Dist., Kerala State which is
about 24 Kms. away from Punalur. Our main product is Crude Palm Oil with by
products of Palm Nuts, Palm Kernel, Bunch Waste etc.

Quotations are invited in sealed envelopes addressed to the Managing Director, Oil
Palm India Limited, XIII/354, Old Star Theatre Road, P.B.No.1715, Kottayam – 39, so as
to reach us on or before 14.00 hrs. on the due date. The envelope should be superscribed
‘QUOTATION FOR KERNELCAKE due on 07.01.2011/21.01.2011”

Sl.No. Item Qty. Due Date

1. Kernel Cake 50 MT 07.01.2011

2. Kernel Cake 50 MT 21.01.2011

Award of contract shall be strictly subject to the general terms and conditions
applicable to sale of our product.

KOTTAYAM- 686039
Ph: 2566882,2567104,2567103
Fax: 0481-2561442

Terms and Conditions against the sale of Crude Palm Oil & Palm Kernel, Kernel Oil,
Palm Nut & Kernel Cake.

1. The sale is ex-factory and the price is to be quoted for delivery of the items at our
2. The price shall be quoted for unit of one Metric Tonne and shall be firm and shall not be
allowed to be reduced on any account. The tender should be for the entire quantity offered
for sale. Tenders for part delivery or part payment will not be accepted.
3. All taxes ,duties, cessess or other statutory levies applicable from time to time shall be extra
payable by the bidders.
4. The quotation shall be accompanied by a crossed Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee for
an equivalent amount of any nationalized bank for the following amount indicated
against each item favouring Oil Palm India Limited payable at Kottayam as Earnest
Money Deposit.
Item E.M.D
1. Crude Palm Oil Rs.1.5 Lakhs for each 100 MT
2. Palm Nut Rs.15,000/-
3. Kernel Oil Rs.1.5 Lakhs for each 50 MT
4. Kernel Cake Rs.10,000/-
5. Palm Kernel Rs. 20,000/-
5. If any breach of terms and conditions/failure to honour the contract or on any default is
committed by the bidders the EMD shall be liable to be forfeited and the bidder shall not be
entitled to raise any claim for the same.
6. Bidders shall inspect the material and satisfy the quality of the same by analyzing the sample
before taking delivery and no claim whatsoever with regard to quality shall be entertained nor
will be considered by the company at any time. The samples will be analysed at our laboratory
at Yeroor Estate and the test results will be binding on all parties. In the case of Crude Palm
Oil for FFA in excess of 8% rebate @ 1% of FFA in excess of 8% will be granted.
7. The period of validity of quotations for acceptance shall be 7 days from the date of opening.
8. The valid quotation submitted in compliance of these terms and conditions shall be opened at
2.30 pm on the due date.
9. The bidders are not entitled to withdraw or alter or amend or cancel their quotations within the
validity period, on violation of which the EMD shall be liable to be forfeited.
10. The successful bidder shall be issued a sale letter by the Company specifying the quantity sold
and the firm price applicable for the period of delivery. The company accepts no responsibility
to fianalise the offer in favour of the highest bidder.
11. The full price of the material with other levies shall be paid in advance by the successful
bidder by D.D. favouring Oil Palm India Limited payable at Kottayam along with C form and
in any case not later than 10 days of the acceptance of the tender.
12. The delivery of the material as per sale letter shall be strictly subject to availability of the same
with the company and the successful bidder shall remove the material immediately on receipt
of intimation without any failure. The maximum period for removal of 100 MT of the
material is two weeks. For each additional quantity of 100 MT or part thereof one week
shall be allowed extra. A penalty of 1% per week on the value of the material not lifted in
time shall be levied for belated removal. The maximum extension of period of time for
removal of the material will be two weeks. Thereafter the unlifted quantity will be sold at
the risk and cost of the bidder.
13. The successful bidder or their/his representative shall, if so required, witness the delivery to
confirm the quantity and the company shall not be responsible or liable for any discrepancy in
quantity after leaving the materials from the Factory premises.
14. The delivery as per contract shall be Ex-factory of the company at Yeroor in Quilon District
and the company shall not have any responsibility or liability whatsoever on leaving the
material outside the factory premises.
15. The company shall not assure the delivery of any specific quantity.
16. Materials once sold by the company and/or taken out of the Factory premises shall not be taken
back by the company on any account.
17. If the successful bidder commits any default or breach of any of the terms and conditions
herein, the company shall be entitled to get compensation/damages from the successful bidder.
18. The defaulted bidder shall be debarred from participating in future bids at the sole discretion of
the company.
19. If any dispute or difference or claim arises between parties herein, the same shall be referred
for arbitration to a sole arbitrator who shall be nominated by the Managing Director of the
company. The provisions of arbitration act shall apply to the proceedings of the arbitration.
20. The venue for arbitration shall be at Kottayam and for all connected legal proceedings only the
Courts at Kottayam alone have got jurisdiction.