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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad

Department of Management Sciences

MGT 433 Financial Institutions

Total Credit Hours 3(3, 0)

Staff Members Responsible for and Teaching the Module:

Aamer Waheed Satti (Lecturer)

Department of Management Sciences,
Academic Block II, Park Shahzad, Chack Shahzad, Islamabad
Availability: Please see, First Floor, Faculty area, Work Station 10.

Module Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

The main objective of this course is to prepare participants to understand the functions
performed by different financial institution and their contribution in the economic
development of any country. The role of financial markets, instruments used therein for
financing the need of government and corporate sector. The awareness for the prospective
investors and borrowers to choose the avenues according to their need.

Learning Objective
After studying this course the participants should be able:
1. To understand the various concepts used in financial markets.
2. To perform as functionary in any financial institutions.
3. To have awareness of the working of financial markets
4. To counsel for the choice of investment opportunity.
5. To choose suitable instruments of money and capital market.
The topic as well as the concepts will be discussed in the classroom. Illustrations, exercises
and problems will also be solved in the classroom. Work will be assigned to the students that
will be done by them at home and the problems arising will be removed in the tutorials as
well as during the consultation hours. Problems given to the student as homework may or may
not be a part of assignment. During the semester, student will be involved in the activities of
solving problems, discussing theories, their applications, and attempting of quizzes, projects
and the Midterm exam. The assessment and evaluation of the students will be based on the
above stated areas.

Method of Assessment:
Mid Term Examination 25%
Final Examination 50%
Assignments / Quizzes / Projects 25%

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Students Responsibilities
1. Student must go through the assigned readings before coming to the class
2. Students are required to attend all the classes; minimum attendance
requirement is 80%. They are fully responsible for the information missed in the
class due to absence
3. The class participation in the class
4. Quizzes will be surprise and there will be no make-up for missed quizzes
5. Students are required to write a project report on the working and impact
of various International Financial Institutions on Pakistan’s economy.

Class Participation
Positive, healthy and constructive class participation will be monitored for each class.
Particular emphasis will be given during the presentation sessions. The manner in which the
question is asked or answered will also be noted. Your behaviour, as business executives in
the class will contribute to the class participation marks.

Consultancy Service
During this programme consider me as your consultant. You are free to discuss the progress
of your courses any time you want. However to avoid inconvenience setting up of
appointment is recommended. It is better to visit in prescribed hours.

Module Content:

1 An Introduction of Financial Institution, Instruments and Markets
Commercial Banking
2 Concepts of Banking – Sources of funds for a Bank and their application Branch
Banking Groups, Banking Pricing of products.
Commercial Banking – Continued
3 Functions of Commercial Bank. An overview of the financial statements of the Bank
Central Bank
4 Definitions & function of a Central Bank Role in Expansion of money & contraction.
Investment Banking
5 Definitions & functions of a Central Bank Role in Expansion of money & contraction.
6 Functions legislation forms & role in Capital formation
7 Forms, Legal regular requirement & Role in Credit Market
Mutual Funds
8 An over view
Insurance Companies
9 Types of Insurance Life & General Insurance-Risks attached Co-Insurance Re

10 Modes of Islamic Financing

Money Market
11 Participates & Investments

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12 Capital Market

13 Capital Market Continued & Review

14 Prudential Regulations Governing Financial sector

15 Prudential Regulations governing financial sector, Exercises on Prudential Regulation

Essential Reading:

Reference Reading:

Other Topics to be covered

• Assignment No.2
o KSE-100 Index ()
o KSE-30
• Assignment No.3
o Listing and De Listing in Karachi Stock Exchange
• KATS (Karachi Automated Transition Stock)
• Future Trading
• Margin Financing and National Clearing House
• Working of Investment Banking in Pakistan

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