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tion phase.It causedthe violation of 217. One measures a person'senergy aremainlyoxidizedin the per-
substances 224. The processesof heat emission
connectionbetweenmedullaoblongata wasteson an empty stomach,in the ly- cells?
sons's of an undressedman at a room tempera-
and a certain structure of cerebrum. ing position,in the conditionsof physi- A. Carbonhydrates. ture are researched.In what way is the
What structure is it? cal and psychicrest, comforttempera- B. Proteins. maximum quantity of heat emitted un-
A. Cerebellum. ture. At what tine rvill the energy @ r'att. der such conditions?
B. Reticularformation. wastesbe the greatest? D. Proteinsand carbonhYdrates. A. Convection.
center. A.3-4 a.m. E. Carbonhydrates and fats. B. Heat conduction.
B Pncumotaxic
D. Cortex of large hemispheres. B.7-8 a.m. @ Heat radiation.
E. Red nuclei. C. 10-12 a.m. 221. The inhabitantsof territories D. Evaporation.
D.2-4 p. m. with cold climate have an increased E. Conduction.
214. A teenagerof 14 has got Posi- @s-6p ^. contentof a hornronein blood, u'hich
hasan adaptivethermoregulatorymean- 225. Aman rvent out from an apartment
tive niLrogenbalance.Which of the fol-
218. Measuring the energy rvastesof ine. What hormone is it? rvith air conditioning into the streetwhere
Iowing can be the reasonfor it?
thyroxin. t h e a i r t e m p e r a t u r ew a s 4 0 " C , a i r h u m i -
A. Slarvation. a human organism b1' the method of in- @
B.Insulin. dity u,as60 %.ln what way will the heat
@ Grorvthof organism. direct calorimetry it rvasdeterminedthat
C. Glucagon. be enitted from the organism in the street?
C. Reductionof protein content in thc oxygen consumption per minute is
1000 ml and carbon dioxide elimination D. Somatotropin. @ ny the evaporation of sweat.
E. Cortisol. B. By convection.
D. Considerable physicalactivity. per minute is 800 ml. What respiratory
C. Bv radiation.
E. Emotionaltension. coefficient does the examined person
222. lt a laboratorl'experimentrats D. By conduction.
wereadaptedto living in the condi-
215. In what stateis a personif the A. 1.0.
226. During the thermometry it was
tionsof cold at a temperatureof 5' C.
indexof his energywastesis lowerthan B. 1.25.
The increasingsecretionof u'hat hor- determined that the temperature of the
the value of basalmetabolism? c.0.9. monecausedthe developmentof this open parts of skin is by 1 - 1.5' C lower
A. Calmness. D.0.84. adaptation? than the temperalure ofthe partscoverecl
B. Rest. @os @ Thyroxin. s'ith clothes of natural fabrics. In what
C. Easywork. B. Glucagon. u'av do clothes reduce heat emission?
D.Nervoustension. 219. Measuringthe energywastesof C. Somatolropin. A. Bv radiation.
a humanorganismit n'asdetermined that
QJ Sleep. D. Testosterone. @-ni'convection.
the respiratorycoefficient 1.0. What C. By conduction.
E. Adrenaline.
216. One measu resa person'senergy substances are mainly oxidizedin the D. Bv evaooration.
wasteson an empty stomach,in the ly- person's
- cells? 223. Peopleadaptedto the action of
ing position,in the conditionsof physi- @. Carbohydrates. highexternal temperaturedo not loseu'ith 227.ln cold weatherwith wind peo-
cal and psychic rest, comfort tempera- B. Proteins. sweata largequantity of sodiumchloride ple freezequicker than without any
ture. At what time will the energy C. Fats. lvithhidrosis.The actionof rvhathormone rr'ind. In what way doesthe wind in-
wastesbe the least? D. Proteinsand carbohydrates. onsweatglandscausessucheffect? creaseheat emission?
A.5-6 p. m. E. Carbohydratesand fats. A. Atrial natriuretic factor. A. By evaporation.
8.7-8 a.m. B. Vasopressin. B. Bv radiation.
C. 10- 12 a.m. 220. Measuringlhe energywastesof C. Cortisol. C. By heatconduction.
D.2-4 o. m.
a human organismit rvasdetermined that D. Thvroxin. d. gy convection.
a' m' the respiratorycoefficientis 0.7. What Rliosterone. E. Bv conduction.
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