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Issue Number 1

October, 2007
A Newsletter Promoting Optimal Health & Nutrition

Special points of interest:

Why Diets don’t Work!
When you want to lose Diets Can Be Downers The Dangerous Yo-Yo Diet
∗ Diets are dangerous weight, is your first choice to Cycle
run to the latest fad diet? The very word "diet" is de-
Studies are finding dangers
∗ You can stop trying to pressing to many of us.
in the yo-yo diet cycle of
Often a quick 2 to 5 kilos will
Lose Weight & Lose Fat come off, then your old eat- We think of giving up foods losing weight, gaining it back
ing habits return. If you stick that are comforting and en- plus a little more, losing, and
∗ A Diet is a Lifestyle, Not with it to attain your weight joyable. We think of sitting a gaining again. It is stressful
goal, you may still find your- party with celery sticks while on the body systems to have
an Event others are eating the crab wide swings in body weight.
self back at the same weight
or higher in a few months. puffs. We may even stop We think each time that this
∗ How to turn on your Why don't diets work? socializing because food is a time we won't gain it back,
fat releasing hor- big part of how we interact but the statistics show that
mone A Diet is a Lifestyle, Not with friends and family. We most of us will.
an Event feel deprived, alienated and
∗ Maintaining good
On many diets, you are not
alone, except for others who
are dieting. Eventually we
healthy weight is eating the way you will eat give up and enter back into
not so hard for the rest of your life. You the world of happy uncon-
eat foods you may not like trolled eating, carrying nega-
very much and don't find tive feelings toward healthier
satisfying. If you are deter- "diet foods."
mined enough, you stick
Inside this issue: with it until you reach your

But you know this is "just for

Dangers of a High Carbohy- 2 You will always gain weight
the diet" rather than finding
drate Diet on a yo-yo diet.
healthier foods you enjoy in
amounts that don't cause When you change your life-
Insulin—The Fat Storing 2 weight gain. style you will change you
Hormone shape & weight for ever!

Glucagon—The Fat Re- 2

leasing Hormone
Control Issues & The Good News
Dangers of a High Carbohy-
drate Diet—Cont’d
At first a diet can give you a soon you may go into full
sense of control. You are
rebellion and return to your
Throw away
Resetting the Body’s taking charge of your eating
Metabolism patterns. You may see suc- old eating habits. the scales,
cess as the scale drops. But
The USANA Program 4 soon you are fighting crav-
The good news is ‘there is a
better way...a way to beat stop count-
ings for forbidden foods, as
well as hunger pangs and a
the diet blues and lose fat
and feel good into the bar- ing calories
lack of energy from the
Low Glycemic Recipes 4
lower calorie level. Eventu-
and look &
In this newsletter, we’ll
feel great in
ally you rebel against the
diet and start "cheating." If teach you exactly how to
achieve incredible fat loss
no time.
your cheats are small you
can still be losing weight, and increase your vitality
although more slowly. But and lower risk of chronic

This newsletter is brought to you by the Institute For Essential Health


The Danger of a High Carbohydrate Diet

High glycemic foods such as the insulin hormone (the fat Following a breakfast of in-
white bread, sugar, white rice storing hormone). stant oats, white toast and
and potatoes are absorbed sweetened orange juice our
into the blood stream rapidly. I want to explain what hap- blood sugar begins to rise
This causes our blood sugar to pens at a cellular level follow- rapidly. This spike in blood
sugar will almost immediately
stimulate a heavy release of
insulin and in turn significantly
suppress the release of gluca-
gon (the fat releasing hor-
mone). The high levels of insu-
lin now drive the sugar into
the muscle, liver and fat to be
either stored as glycogen (A
storage form of glucose in the
body) or fat.

spike fast. Much like a roller- Almost at once our blood

coaster, our blood sugar levels ing a meal primarily made up sugar level begins to fall al-
rise and fall in response to a of high-glycemic carbohy- most as rapidly as it climbed.
high GI carb diet and to our drates. In fact, it will usually fall well
regulatory hormones such as
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THE MOST DRAMATIC Insulin—The Fat Storing Hormone
Insulin is our fat storing hor- or fat. In fat cells, insulin en-
mone. It has the primary duty hances the conversion of glu-
SOCIETY OVER THE PAST of controlling the rising blood- cose into fat. This point is very
sugar by facilitating the trans- important when we talk about
port of blood sugar from the why you can’t lose weight.
blood stream to the muscle, Another role of insulin is to
AS A RESULT, THE liver and fat cells. Even the shut down the breakdown of
HEALTH CONSEQUENCES smallest rise in blood sugar fat. In other words, these
following our meal stimulates higher insulin levels create an
the release of insulin, and environment that not only
ARE NOT ONLY when our blood sugar rises readily changes sugar to fat,
DEVASTATING BUT rapidly. The amount of insulin but it holds on to stored fat
released from the pancreas is like a sponge holds on to wa-
LETHAL! tremendous. Insulin drives ter!
sugar into the cell to be either stored as glycogen
A Picture of Insulinutilized or

Glucagon—The Fat Releasing Hormone

Glucagon is the opposing hor-
and glucagon levels drop. When,
mone to insulin. It is also pro-
on the other hand, we eat a
duced by the pancreas and se-
balance of good fat, good protein
cretion of this hormone is to
and low glycemic carbohydrates
release fat from the fat cells and
in a meal, insulin levels and
turn them into glucose...fuel for
glucagon levels remain in a
the cells.
healthy balance.
Glucagon is stimulated by the
intake of protein in our diet and “Lifestyle changes and A Picture of
is suppressed by the intake of changes to eating hab-
carbohydrates. When losing its is the only way to
weight we obviously don’t want
the fat releasing hormone to be
get these two hor-
suppressed! mones into balance
that will eventually
When we eat a lot of high glyce-
mic carbohydrates in a meal, lead to fat loss and
insulin levels begin to rise rapidly better health.”

The Danger of a High Carbohydrate Diet—cont’d

below the blood sugar level state of hyperphagia or a de- allowed to eat anything they
into what is known as a sire to eat more food is often liked for the rest of the day.
“hypoglycemic range” (low prolonged and may last hours,
blood sugar level) like a roller if not all day. What the researchers ob-
coaster taking a steep decent served was that the group that
down into a tunnel below the What you have always consid- ate the high glycemic meal ate
surface of the ground. ered as a lack of “will power” 80% more food in the after-
when you have been trying noon than the group that ate
Just like an adrenaline rush your hardest to diet is in real- the low glycemic meal.
that grips the body when you ity a natural craving that can-
fall suddenly in a roller not be suppressed! It is like Just to make sure there were-
coaster, the body, which is trying to avoid using the toilet n’t any differences in the
anticipating a gentle ride, un- when your body is signaling groups, the researchers
dergoes a similar type of panic that your bladder is full. You switched the meals the next
because it goes through shock may smile a lot and cross your day and observed again that
with a drastic rise and fall. legs tightly; however, if you the group who had eaten the
After the insulin surge, it must do not give in to the warning high glycemic meals ate 80%
get the blood sugar back up. signs, you will go whether or more food in the afternoon
This triggers the release of not you are in the toilet! A than the group who ate the
what is known as the counter- similar physiological response low glycemic meal for that
rugulatory hormones. These takes place when you experi- day.
include cortisol (your stress ence a feeling of an uncontrol- “These higher
The natural craving for more
hormone), adrenaline (your lable hunger. You may fight it
fight and flight hormone), for a while, but in the end you
food and higher glycemic insulin levels
foods was created by the type
growth hormone and gluca- have to give in and eat some-
gon1. The primary purpose of thing. Call it hunger, a crav-
of food they ate, not the num-
create an
ber of calories2.
this reaction is to get the ing, emotional eating, or an
blood sugar back up to accept- addiction; in the end, it leads This study clearly illustrates
environment that
able levels. to your downfall and forces the trap in which many of us
you to do exactly the opposite find ourselves. It is truly a not only readily
Even though the blood sugar of what you desire to do in the vicious cycle that can be called
eventually returns to a fasting first place—eat less food! a high-glycemic carbohydrate changes sugar to
blood sugar level and most of
the time even higher, the body Case studies have been done fat, but it holds
is left with an “uncontrollable on groups of people, splitting If left unchecked it will lead to
hunger” making one crave them into two groups and Metabolic Syndrome which on to stored fat
more and more food giving one group low glycemic includes central obesity, high
(otherwise known as hyper- meals and the other group blood pressure, and, eventu- like a sponge
phagia). Typically at this point high glycemic meals for break- ally diabetes.
we’ll crave another high GI fast and lunch. holds on to
snack or meal and this cycle is
After lunch the groups were
repeated again and again. This water!
Gerich, J., “Hormonal Mechanisms in Acute Glucose Counter Regulation. The Relative Roles of Counter Regulatory Hormones
Ludwig, D.A., High Glycemic Index Foods, Overeating, and Obesity.” Pediatrics103. (1999): e26

Resetting the Body’s Metabolism!

“Pathway to a New You” is pany that is rated number one For most people, if you stick to
a program that we at the In- around the world for it’s scien- our program, we can guaran-
stitute For Essential Health tifically balanced, high potency tee you substantial fat loss
have put together to help peo- nutritional products. We also and a good reduction of size in
ple with fat problems. provide you with low GI all the places that count.
snacks and give you support
The program is initially a 12 throughout the course of the
week program in which we program.
help you “reset” your body so
that you can start to lose fat We gradually wean you off the
and size. meal replacement and onto
low GI meals. We teach you
It’s a great program and basi- how to continue with this new
cally we replace all your meals lifestyle by showing you how The key, for us, is understand-
for the first week with a nutri- to chose low GI foods and ing what “cellular nutrition”
tionally balanced meal replace- create recipes with these foods is...That is, the food that the
ment from USANA Health Sci- that are not only delicious but cells need as opposed to the
ences, a Pharmaceutical com- also good for you. food you think you need.
A Newsletter Promoting Optimal Health & Nutrition

Institute For Essential Health Here’s a Great Low Glycemic Recipe! 1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
PO Box 26
Pennant Hills Tofu Lasagna 2. In a frying pan over medium-high heat, add
NSW 2120 2 tablespoons of the olive oil and sauté zuc-
Phase 1 • Makes 6 to 8 servings chini,
Phone: 02 82133505 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil peppers, onion and garlic until onions are
E-mail: 1 zucchini, chopped transparent.
2 red bell peppers, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped 3. In a large bowl combine tomato sauce,
4 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped oregano, basil, and mushrooms.
1 jar (24 oz/700 ml) Italian tomato sauce
1/2 tsp each dried oregano and dried basil 4. In another bowl, mix soft tofu with spinach.
TRUE HEALTH FOR ALL! 1 cup mushrooms, sliced with stems removed
1 cup low-fat mozzarella cheese, grated 5. Slice extra firm tofu into 1/8-inch to 1/4 -
1 pkg (300g) soft tofu inch slices to act as lasagna noodles.
1 pkg (300g) frozen spinach, drained
2 pkgs (300g each) extra firm tofu 6. Oil a 9 x 13 inch lasagna pan with the re-
1/2 cup parmesan cheese, grated maining olive oil. Pour a thin layer of tomato
sauce on the bottom. Add a layer of tofu as
you would lasagna noodles. Top with some of
the spinach mixture and then some grilled
vegetables. Sprinkle some mozzarella on top.

www 7. Repeat until all ingredients are used (you

will have 2 or 3 layers). Top with remaining
mozzarella and lastly sprinkle with parmesan

8. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Helpful Resource Information

“Healthy for Life” at http://
by Ray D. Strand MD home.html
This is one of the best books We use USANA products in
ever written on the subject of
effective fat loss. Dr. Ray Founded in 1992 by microbi-
Strand MD, one of the worlds ologist and immunologist Dr.
leading doctors of nutritional Myron Wentz, USANA Health
medicine, explains just how we
Sciences is a science-based
put on weight in the first place
company that develops scien-
and how to simply take it off!
He offers recipe suggestions tifically advanced nutritional,
and gives examples of low GI personal-care, and weight
DISCLAIMER foods. You can purchase it management products. The
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