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A block of load of mass 1000g hits the surface without rebounding with a
velocity of 23ms-1. If its temperature rises from 25 oC to 27 oC. Calculate the
specific heat capacity of the load

A. 5.75Jkg -1 oC -1 B. 9.79Jkg-1 oC -1 C. 132.25Jkg-1 oC -1 D. 264.50Jkg-1 oC


119. The brightness on the screen of a TV set is determined by

A. darkness of the room B. the size of the screen

C. the number of electrrones reching the screen D. the direction of the


120. When Uranium 235 is bombarded with a neutron, It splits according to the

(diagram) where M and N represent

A. M=56 and N = 141 B. M=141 and N=56

C. M=199 and N= 36 D. M=107 and N= 128

121. A source produces waves which travela a distance of 140cm in 0.08s. if the
distance between the successive crests is 20cm find the frequency of the source.

A. 0.875Hz B. 8.750 Hz C. 87.500Hz D. 8750Hz

122. A man sees a flash froma gun fired 1020m away and then later hears a bang.
How long does the bang takew to reach him?

A. ……………………B……….C……………………..D………………

123. A student is holding white paper with green printing on it. Id she enters a room
with red light she will see?

A. a black printing on the red paper B. blue printing on the a red


C. yellow printing oon a red paper D. red printing on a white paper

124. which of the folliwn shows the order in increasing wavelength of themembers
of the electro magnet spectrum?

A.Ultraviolet, xrays , radiowaves, infra red B. radio waves, infrared, xrays


C. xrays ultraviolet infra red, radiowaves D.gamma rays, ultra violet,

radio waves infra red
125. the laws of electromagnetic induction state that

A. like poles repel and un likepoles attract B. like poles attract and unlike poles

C. like charges repel and unlike charges attract D. like charrges attract and
unlike charges repel

126. which of the following forms are mechanized energy?

A. electrical energy and kinetic energy B. potential energy and nuclear


C. nuclear energy and kinetic energy D. potential energy and kinetic energy

127. A diver dives to a depth of 20m below the surface of water of density 1.0 X 10
3 kgm-3. The increase in pressure he experiences in Nm-2 is

A. 5.0 X10 2 B. 1.0X10 4 C. 2.0X10 4 D. 2.0 X10 5

128. A tape is pulled through a ticker timer which has a frequency of 50Hz. If the
distance between the successive dots is 2cm calculate the speed of the body

A. 0.01 cms-1 B. 50cms-1 C. 100cms-1 D. 250cms-1

129. The rate of evopoaratonfrom the body isincreased by

(i)te,perature (ii) pressure

(iii)liquids with greater cohensive forces (iv)dryness of the air around the

A. (i) and (ii) only B. (ii) and (iii) only C. (i) and (iv) only D. (iii) only

130. How many kilowatt hour are used to run 8kW cooker for 1 hour, 3kW
immersion heter for 40min and 960W hair driyer for 20min?

A. 10.32 Kwh B. 147.20kWh C. 768.00kWh D.


131. which if the following are a brittle substance?

A.dry clay, steel, chalk and wood B. chalk, steel, plastic and glass

C. glass, chalk, concrete and steel D. dry clay, glass, chalk and concrete

132. The effective resistance when two resisitor of 5n and 15n joined in series are
placed in parallel with a 20n resisitor is

A. 0.1n B. 10 n C. 20n D. 40n

133. An object 2cm tall isplaced 5cm infront of a conve lense. A real image is
produced 20cm from the lense. Calculate the magnification of the lense.

A. 4 B. 2 C..0.5 D. 0.25

134. A constant force of 5n acts on abody and moves it through a distance of 20m
in 10seconds. Calculate its power.

A. 2.5W B. 10W C. 40W D. 100W

135. 450g of water at 60 oC is to be cooled to 35 oC by addition of cold water at 20

oC. How much cold water is to be added

A. 0.169Kg B. 0.270Kg C. 0.281Kg D. 0.75kg

136. which off the following are properties of cathode rays?

(i) they are electrically neutral (ii) they trvel in straight lines (iii) tey deflected
by mabgnetic fields

A. (i) and (ii) only B. (i) and (iii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

137. which of the following is correct?

(i) ggreen light shone on a green surface is all absorbed

(ii) green light added equally to red light appears yellow

(iii) green light passes thorugh a red filter.

A. (ii) only B. (i) and (ii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

138. which iof the following fxctors affect the streght of an electro magnet

(i) changing mangnitud of current (ii) changing the dirction of current

(iii) doubling the number of turns

A. (ii) only B. (i) and (ii) only C. (i) and (iii) only D. (ii) and (iii) only

139. when a 240V supply is connected across an electrical appliance, a current of

200mA flows in the circuit. What is the electrical power supplied to the appliance?

A. 1.2 W B. 4.8W C. 48000.0W D. 120000.0W

140. which of the following are true about the gydrometer

(i) measures the density of a liquid (ii) its sensitivity is inproved by narrowing its
(iii) its reading increase upwards on its stem (iv) its buoyancy is provided by
thelarge bulb.

A. (i), (ii) and (iii) only B. (ii), (iii) and (iv) only

C.(i), (ii) and (iv) only D. (ii) and (iv) only

141. The most sustainable instrument for measuring the outer diameter of a test
tube is

A. ruler B. tape m,easure C. veernier calipers D.

mcrometre screw gauge

142. An isotope of a nuclide {diagram} has

A. 18 protons and 17 nuetrons. B. 17 electrones and 18 nuetrons

C. 17 protons and 20 20 nuetrons D. 18 protons and 18 nuetrons

143. which of the folliwning is not an effect of an electric current?

A. electrolysis B. magnetic effect C. heating effect D. radio activity

144. the rate of evaporation of liquid increases when

(i) temperature increases (ii) pressure increases (iii) the surface area increases

A. (i) and (ii) only B. (i) and (iii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

145. The slope pf a velocity time graph is

A.speed of the body B.velocity of the body

C. acceleration of the body distance travelled by the body

146.which one of the ffollowuing objects tcan be charge by friction?

A. safety pin B. copper plate C. razor blade D. plastic ruler

147. which of tehj following works with direct current only?

A. electr oplating B. electric lamp C. transformer D. electric


148. A ray of light travelling from a dense to a denser medium is

A. refracted towards the normal B. refracted from the normal

C. always reflected back to the same medium D. always transmitted without

being reflected
149.A car acccerates from 4.0ms-1 to 20ms-1 in 8seconds, how far does it travel in
this time?

A.32m B.96m C. 128m D. 160m

150. radiation in a thermos flask is minimized by

A cork B. vaccum C. feltpad D. silvered glass walls

151. a mass of 500g produces an extension of 10cm in a spring. Find the force that
will produce an extension of 25cm

A. 0.5N B. 12.5N C. 50.0N D. 200N

152. whioch of the following is the best condutcot of heat

A. silver B. iron C. copper D. alluminium

153. calculate the power wasted as heat in a cable of resisitanc eo f 0.5n when it
transmits 2kW to 100V

A. 800W B. 200W C. 100W D. 50W

154. the image formed in a plane mirror is

(i) the same distance behind as the object is infront. (ii) totally inverted

(iii) magnified and virtual

A. (i) and (ii) only B. (i) and (iii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii)
and (iii)

155. Hot water pipes are designed with bends in them in order to

A. reduce speed of water B. give the pipe more rigidity

C. allow for pressure changes D. allow for expansion of the pipe

156. Which of the following equations represents a nuclear process in which alpha
particle is emiited


157. the possible energy transfer in an electric bulb is

A. light energy to heat energy B. heat energy to electrical energy

C. electrical eneegy to light energy D. light energy to electrical energy

158. (diagram)
The figure shows magnetic field lines between two magnetic poles, the poles
marked P, Q, X and Y are respective

A. North, south, south and north B. south, north, north and south

C.north, north, south and north D. south, south, north and north

159. a body has a constant velocity when

(i)acceleration is increasing (ii)it is moving in a straight line (iii) the net force
on the body is zero

A. (iii) only B. (i) and (ii) only C. (i) and (iii) only D. (ii) and (iii) only

160. light travellingin air is inscident on a medium at an angle of 60 o find the

refractive index if the angle of refractionis 30 o

A. 0.50 B. 0.58 C.1.78 D. 2.00

161. the recoil velocity of a gun will depend on the

(i)mass of the shell (ii) muzzle velocity of the shell (iii) muzzle diameter of the gun

(iv) mass of the gun

A. (i) only B. (iii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iv)

162. A 5kg mass falling steadily at 0.8ms-1 is used to drive a dynamo. If the
dynamo’s outpit power is 12W find the efficiency of the system

A. 3.0% B. 3.3% C. 30.0% D. 33.3%

163. The principle of conservation of energy states that

A. energy is the ability to do work B. energy is composed of kinetic and

potential energy

C. energy will always be converted tfrom one form to another

D. energy can not be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one to
another form

164. when oilf of volume 6X10 -3 cm3 is dropped on a clean water surface, it
forms a circular patch of one molecule of diameter of 2cm, find the thicknesss of
the oil.

A. 4.77X10 -4 cm B. 14.32X10 -4 cm C. 1.91X10-3 cm D. 5.24X10

-2 cm
165. the X and Y paltes in a cathord ray ossiloscope make up

A. electrion gun B. deflection system C. focusing systeme

D. accelerating system

166.An echo sounder in a boat emits a pulse of sound which returns 0.2s later
after reflection from a sea bed, if sound travels at 1500ms-1 in the sea water,
how deep is the water?

A. 7.500m B. 600m C. 300m D. 150m

167. Cathode rays are

A. electraomagnetoc waves B. streams of X rays

C. protons emitted by a red cathode D. sterams of electrons movinf

at high speed

168. Gas leaking from a cylinder at one corner fo a room reaches the other
corner by way of

A.diffusion B. evaporation C. Brownian motion D.


169. a man takes one minute to lift four bags of sugar ech of weight of 50N
through a height of 1.5m. find the power expended.

A.1.25W B. 5.00W C. 75.00W D.300.00W

170. Thje wave length of a progressive transverse wave is defined as the

A. the height of the crest B. distance between the trough and

the crest

C. distance between successive crests D. distance between two toughs

171.a current of 6A flows for two hours in circuit. Calculate tteh quantity of
electricity that flows in this time.

A. 3C B. 12C C. 720 C D. 43200C

172.The strength of a material is its ability to reisist

(i) compression (ii) shearing forces (iii) change in size or shape

A. (i) only B.(ii) only C.(i) and (ii) only D.(i), (ii) and (iii)

Two forces of of 15N and 35N act on a body placed on a smooth table as shown.
Find the resultant force on the block

A.20N B. 50N C. 525N D. 1000N

174. The rate at which electric charge flows pas t a point in a circuit is
measured in

A. Watts B. Volts C. amperes D. Coulombs

175. The frequency of a vibrating string depends on

A. pitch B. medium C. length D. amplitude

176. it is easier to use a claw hammer to remove a nail froma piece of wood if
the handle is larger because the

A. effort applied becomes bigger

B. turning effect becomes bigger

C. anti clockwise moments will balance clockeise moments

D. fulcrum is between the effort and the load

177. A stationary wave is formed when two two waves

A. of equal amplitude and frequency travel along the same path and the same

B.of equal amplitude and frequency travel perpendiculary to each other

C. of equal amplitude and frequency travel alogn same path but in opposite

D. of different frequencies travel along the same path but in opposite direction

178. which of the following gives the diffrencec between alpha and beta particles

A. the charge of an alpha particle is +2 while the one on a beta particle is -1

B. the alpha particle is an electron while the beta particle is a helium atom

C. the beta particles are more ionizing than the alpha particles

D. beta particles are heavier than alpha particles

179. a car of mass 500kgaccelerates steadily from rest to 40ms-1 in 10s..

calculate the force that produces this acceleration.

A. 20,000N B. 5,000N C. 2,000N D. 125N

180. which of the following shows the correct stages in an internal combustion

A. compression, power, exhaust and induction

B. exhaust, induction, compression and power

C. induction, power, compression and exhaust

D. induction, compression, power and exhaust

181. the product of mass and acceleration is

A force B. inertia C. velocity D. momentum

182.a dull black surface is a good

(i)absorber fo heat energy (ii)emitter of heat energy (iii) reflector of heat


A. (i) only B. (i) and (ii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i),(ii) and (iii)

183. turbulent flow of a fluid in a pipe maybe ccuased by

(i)making the pipe narrow (ii) laying the pipe steeply

(iii)making the fluid to flow slowly but uniformly

A.(i) only B. (i) and (ii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

184. (diagram)

Calculate the efficiency of the pulley system shown in the figure ifthe minimum
effort needed to raise the load of 210N is 90N

A. …………………..B>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>C……………….D……………

185.when an inflated ballon is released in the air with its neck opened it will

A. raise up B.drop to the ground


C. move to the opposite direction to the escaping air. D. remain in one position

186. a crane lifts four bricks per minute through a height of 1.5m. find the power
that is expended if each brick weighs 100N

A.2.5W B. 10.0W C. 150.0W D. 600.0W

187.a force of 20N extends a spromg by 10mm. find the extension in mm caused
by a mass of 0.5Kg
A.0.25 B. 2.50 C. 1.00 D. 10.00

188. surface tension in a liquid may be weakened by

A. lowering the temperature B. adding soap solution

C. increasing the amount of a liquid D. increasing thedensity of the liquid

189. a magnet can be made to lose its strength by

(i) heating (ii) throwing it violently (iii)putting iy in solenoid

carrying direct surrrent

A. (i) and (iii) only B.(ii) and (iii) only C. (i) and (ii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

190. a given mass of a gass occupies a c=volume of 200cm 3 art a temperatrure

of 27 o C and pressure of one atmosphere. Find the vlolume when its
temperarture rises to 54 o C at constant pressure.


191.a material that can be rolleinto sheets or drawn into wires without breaking
is said to be

A. strong B> elastic C. ductile D. brittle

192. radiation is the transfer of heat

A. in a liquid which involves the movement particles

B. from one place to another by means of electromagnetic induction

C. through a material medium without the bulk movement of the medium

D. through the fluid which involves the bulk movement of the fluif itself

193. a piece of metal of mass 120g is placed in a 100ml measuring cylinder

containing 20ml of water. Find the densitry of the metal of the water level rises
ro t 50ml mark

A. 1.2gcm -3 B. 2.4gcm -3 C. 4.0 gcm -3 D. 6.0gcm -3

194. when the potassium dichroromaret dissolves at the bottom of water

container it spreads slowly through out the weater by the process called

A.evaporation B. diffusion C. capillary D. convection

195. the basic difference between transver and longitudinal waves I in

A. amplitude B. wave length C. directon of vibration D.
momentum through which the waves travel

196. a nickel nuclide N (biki biki) conatins

A. 28 protons and 28 neutroms B. 32 electroms and 28 neutrom

C. 28 protons and 32 neutroms D> 28 electrons and 32 protons

197. in a ripple tank, consyrcutive interference occurs when

A. the wave is stationary B. a crest over laps

C. a crest overlaps with the crest D. the wave strikes a barrier

198. the activity of a radio active lelment with a half life of 30 days is 2400
counts per secod. Find the activity of the lelement after 120 days.

A. 75 counts per second B. 150 counts per second\

C. 300 counts per second D. 600 counts per second

199. (digram)

Five forces of 5N, 3N, 4N, 3N and 3N act on a body as shown in the figure above.
Find the resultant force on the body

A. 2N b. 7N C. 12N D. 18N

200. (diagram)

The figgire shows white light incident on a magenta colour filter. What colour
filter should X be so that the red colour is seen on the screen?

A. Cyan B. Blue c. Black D. yellow object 6cm high is palced 24cm from a tiny hole in a pinhole camera.
If the distance from the hole to screen is 8cm, find the size of the image on
the screen.

A. 0.2cm B. 2.0cm C> 18.0cm D. 32.0cm

202. two appliances are rated 240V 2kW and 240V, 500kW. Find the cost of
running these appliances if one unit of electricity costs 70 shs.

A.shs 105 B. shs 175 C. shs 420 D. shs525

203. when does the ecxlipse of the moon occutr?

A. when the moon is between the sun and the arth

B. when the earth is between the sun and the moon

C. when the sun is totally eclipsed by the moon

D. when the bright ring of sun light shows around the edge of the moon

204. which one of the following bands has the wave length greater than that
one of the visible spectrum?

A. Gamma B. X-rays C. ultra violet D. infra red

205. A body of mass 2Kg initially moving with a constant velocity of 10ms-1 is
subjected toa force of 5N for 2s. the change in momentum of the body in
kgms-1 is?

A. 10 B. 20 C. 30 D. 50

206. when a charged body is brought near a cap of negatively charged gold
leaf electroscope, the

A. diveregence of the leaf does not change B. leaf falls if the body is
negatively charged

C. leaf diverges if body is positively charged D. leaf diverges if body is

negatively charged

207. A straight line through the origin of a velocity time graph shows that

A. velocity od uniform B. distance is increasing uniformly

C. acceleration is uniform D. motion is a retardation

208. how long does it take an alternating pd of peak value 10V and frequency
50Hz to make one cyclye?

A. 0.02s B. 0.20s C. 5.00s D. 500.0s

209. An electric bulb has a resistance of 960n, find the electrical power
expended when connected across s 240c suppl;y


210. which of the following matrreials can be electrified by friction

A. plastic pen B. silver rod C. copper rod D. wet

211. a p.d of 20V is applied across two resistors of 4n and 6n connected in
series. Determine the pd across the 6n reisistor if the total circuit current is

A. 1.0V B. 2.0V C. 3.3V D.12.0V

212. when a steadily increasing force is applied to a moving object all the
folliwng change except

A. acceleration B. momentum C. speed D.


213. whoich od the following statements is/are true

(i) when identical cells are in parallel the total emf is the sum of individual

(ii) in a lead-acid accumulator, the lead peroxide acts as the positive pole

(ii) the emf of the cell is the total p.d across the external and internal

A.(i) only B.(i) and (ii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)


The figue shows straight waves A, B,C,D,E and F. if after 5s the wave A
occupies the position now occupied by F, find the wave length of the wave

A. 1Hz B. 3Hz C. 9Hz D. 15Hz

215. which one of the following devices converts electrical anergy to

mechanical energy?

A. thermometer B. battery C. dynamo D. motar

216. a razor blade floating on water sinks when a few drops of paraffin are
added to the water because

A. paraffin is denser than water B. surface tension of water increases

C. surface tension of water reduces D. cohension of water molecules


217. which of the following is true about a periscope?

A. gives a laterally inverted image B. used to observe an obscured

C. used for viewing distant objects D. gives a magnified iamge of

218. an appliance that uses a current of 3A is connected to the mains by

wires that can carry up to 5A. the best fuse that can be used for the
applaiance is

A. 2A fuse B. 3A fuse C. 4A fuse D. 5A fuse

219in a cathode ray ossciloscope , the

A. Ghorizontal plates deflect the the electron beam in the Y direction

B. Electrons are accelerated towards the stream by the grid

C. Vaccum hinders the motion of the electrons

D. Electrons are emitted from heated circle

220. find the force that would give a a mass of 400g an acceleration of

A. 0.05N B. 3.20N C. 20.0N D. 50.00N

221. a hollow glass sphere of mass 60g floats in water such that two thirds
of its volume is under water of density 1gms-3 find the volume in cm3 of
the sphere

A. 20 B. 40 C. 60 D. 90

222. all electromagnetic waves

A. highly penetrate matter B. produce ionization in gases

C. cause heating effect when agsorbed by matter

D. do not require any material medium for transmission

223. when a steel rod is stroked using a bar magnet, the

(i) rod attracts the small steel pins (ii) rod will be charged (iii)
magnetic dipoles will be aligned

A .(i) onlyB.(i) and (ii) only C.(ii) and (iii) only D. (i) and (iii) only

224. the radium R nuclide has

A. 138 protons and 88 nuetrons B. 138 nuetrons and 88 protons

C. 138 electrons and 88 nuetrons D. 138 protons and 88 electrons

225. an athlete who covers 80m in 10s is timed using the number if heart
beats. If the heart beat of the person timing is 72 bets per minute, find the
number of heart beats counted

A. 7.2 B. 8.0 C. 12.0 D. 13.0

226. the fins of a cra radiator are painted black beacurse black bodies are

A.transmitters of heat B. reflectors of heat C. absorbers of


D. radiators of heat

227. which one of the following wave patterns on a CRO represents sound
of the highest pitch?


228. the bulbes each rated 240V, 25W are lit for 5 hours each day. If the
cost of each unit of electricity is shs 200, find the how much it costs to run
th bulkbs for 30 days

A. shs 1,500 B. shs 12000 C. shs 60000 D.


229. when the body is araised above the ground, its gravitational potential

A. is raised B. is lowered C. remains constant D.

changes to knetic energy

230. which of the folowng statement is true

A. the tempersture at which water freezes is -273 o C

B. the boiling point of water is 373K

C. the value of theabsolute zero is 0 oC

D. evaporation is possible at a temperature of O k

231. (amdiagram)

The figure represents lines on a sheet of writing papper observed through

a vonvex lense. What is the magnification

A. 0.50 B. 1.50 C. 2.00 D. 3.00

232.the direction of the forces on the current carrying conductor in a
magnetic field depends on

(i) direction of current (ii) strength of the magnetic field (iii) direction
of the magnetic field

A. (iii) only B. (i) and (ii) only C. (i) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

234. in an elastic collision,

A. bodies move with a common velocity B. kinetic energy is not


C. kinetic energy is conserved D. bodies tick toggethr

235. find the final temperature of a gas when its pressure is doubled and
its volume tripled given that its initial temperature is T

A. 1/6T B. 3/2T C. 6T D. 2/3T

236. (diagram)

Two plaen mirrors M1 and M2 are inclined to each other at an angle of 70

o. if the ray AB incident on M1 is reflected as shown find the angle of

A.40 o B. 50 o C. 60 o D. 70 o

237. an A.C generator can be modified to produce a D.C by

A. increasing the number of coils.

B. increasing the number of turns in the coil

C. using an electro magnet instead of permanent magnet

D. replacing the slip rings a split ring

238. (diagram)

The figure shows a constant Force F, acting on a mass placed on a rough

surface. Which of the following statements about the mass is correct?

A. Acceleration is constant if F is equal to frictional force

B. Velocity is constant if F is greater than frictional force

C. Momentum is constant if F is equal to frictional force

D. It moves to the left if frictional force is greater than F

239. A concrete bridge develops a notch when over loaded because it

A. stiff B. brittle C. elastic D. ductile

240. three waves pass a a post every minute in a lake.if the average distance
between the waves is 10m, find the average speed of the waves

A. 2700ms-1 B. 900ms-1 C. 300ms-1 D. 0.75ms-1

241. (diagram)

On the circuit diagram above, the potential differecnec across

A. R1 and R2 are equal B. R2 and R4 are eqal

c. R1 and R4 are equal D. R3 and R4 are equal

242. a car engine exerts a force of 500N in moving 1000m in 200s. calculate the
power developed by the engine.

A. 200W B. 500W C. 1000W D. 2500W

243. (diagram)

The figure ahows a transverse wave what is its wavelength?

A. 4cm B. 3cm D. 2cm D. 1cm

244. calculate the charge which flows through a 600n resisistor whene a p.d of 20V
is applied for 30s across it ends

A. 900C B. 600C C. 20C D. 1C

245.oil of volume 1.0X10 -2 cm3 is dropped on the surface of clean water, if it

spreads to form a cirlcle of radius 4cm, find the diameter of the molecule oil

A. 1.99 X 10 -4 cm B. 7.96 X10 -4 cm

C. 1.26X10 1 cm D. 5.03X10 1 cm

246. a body which is accelerating

A. experiences zero force B. decreases the velocity to zero

C. travels with increasing velocity D. travels only in a staright line

247. charge distributinon on a conductor depends on

A. the material out of which the conductor is made

B. shape of the conductor

C. quantity of charge

D. nature of the charge

248. a wheel barrow that is used to carry a load across a soft ground should have a

A. narrow wheel because it exerts a greater pressure on the ground

B. narrow wheel because it exerts less pressure on the ground

C. wide wheel because it exerts greater pressure on the ground

D. wide wheel because it exerts less pressure on the ground

249. the law of electrostatics states that

A. charges occur in pairs B. charges repel each other

C. like charges repel each other D. like charges attract each other

250. an element X has atomic mass of 228 and atomic number of 90. It emits a beta
particle forming an element Y. the symbol for Y is


251. .(diagram)

The figure shows a spring balance supporting a block being lowered into a beaker
containing water. When the block is immersed in water the reading of the spring
balance is

A. Reduces B. increases C. becomes zero D. remains constant

252. when a mass is hanged from a spring and removed, the pointer on the spring
balance does nto return to its initial position because the

A. spring was too short B. extension of the spring was proportional to the

C. spring stretched to proportional limit

D. spring extended beyond the elastic limit

253. a prefect blows a whistle and heard the echo from a wall after 1.1s. if the
speed of sound in air is 33oms-1, calculate the distance of the wall from the prefect.

A. 181.5m B. 300.0m C.363.0m D. 600.0m

254.two forces of 3N and 4N act atpoint at right angles to each other. The
magnitude of their resultant is

A. 25N B. 7N C. 5N D. 1n

255. (diagrams)

Which one of the above sketches represents uniformly accelerated motion?

256. state the radiaton that may be emitted by a radioactive substance

A. alph, gamma and x-rays B. cathode rays, x-rays and beta

C. gamma, alpha and beta D. cathode rays, x-rays and alpha

257. A 240V transformer has 1000 turns in the primary. The number of turns in the
secondary if it is used to supply “12v, 24W” lamp is

A. 20X10 4 B. 500 C. 50 D. 20

258. (diagrams)

Figures shows a coil connected to a centre zero galvanometer G, the poles

produced at the ends X and Y of the coil when the north pole of a magnet
approaches it is

A.X is North pole and y is south pole B. X is south pole and Y is north pole

C. X is north pole and Y is north pole D. X is south pole and Y is south pole

259. a mass of a cuboid of dimensions of 4mX2m3m is 48kg. the minimum pressure

it can exert is

A. 20Nm-2 B. 40Nm-2 C. 60Nm-2 D. 80Nm-2

260. which of the folowinf areproperties of Xrays

(i) carry no change (ii) are longitudinal waves(iii) are not deflected by magnetic and
electric fileds. (iv) travel in straight lines

A.(i), (ii) and (iv) only B. (i), (ii) and (iii) only

C.(ii), (iii) and (iv) D. (i), (iii) and (iv) only

261. the volume of a fixed mass of gas t 27.0 oC and a pressure of 750mm of
mercury is 900cm 3.

What is the volume when the pressure is raised to 90mm mercury and the
temperature is 327 oC
A. 125cm 3 B. 180cm 3 C. 500cm 3 D. 720cm3

262. what is the cost of running five 200W lamps for 8 hours if the electrical energy
costs shs.140 per unit.

A. shs 1120 B. shs 700 C. shs 224 D. shs. 28

263. a stick with one end immersed in water paaeras t be bent at the liquid surface
due to

A. diffusinon B. reflection C. interference D. refraction

264. the negative plate of a simple cell gradually goes into the solution because of

A. polarization B. local action C. charging D. gassing

265. the maximum efficiency that can be obtained with four pulleys and a
mechanical advantage of 3 is

A. 100% B. 75% C. 12% D. 1.33%

267. the number of complete oscillations made per second is defined as

A. periodic time B.amplitude C. wave legth D.


268. the device which disconnects the mains when there is a sudden increase in
the voltage is?

A. fuse B. switch C. earth wire D. circuit


267. the phonmena by which electrons are released from a metal asurface when
radiation falls onit is known as

A. radioactivity B. photoelectric effect

C. thermionic emission D. reflection

268. a magnetic material can be magnetized by

(i) strocking with a permanent magnet (ii) using direct current (iii) by induction

A. (i) only B. (i) and (ii) only C.(ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

269. the brightness of the spot on a CRO screen is controlled by

A. X-paltes B. anode C. grid D. cathode

270. points on a stationary wave which are permanently at rest are called
A. crests B. nodes C. troughs D. anti nodes

271. half life of a radio active substance is 10s. How long will it take for a mass of
16g of that substanbce to reduce to 2g?

A.40s B. 30s C. 20s D. 10s

272. the velocity of sound in air at constant pressure

A. increases with loudness B. decreases with loudness

C. increases with temperature D. decreases with temperature

273. when the pinhole camera is moved nearer to an object, the size of the image

A. remains the same B. becomes smaller

C. becomes larger D. becomes diminished

274. length, mass and vcurreent are

A. units of measurement B. derived quantities

C. fundamental quantities D. measured in metres, newtons and ampres


275. concvert 25cm 3 into m 3

A. 2.5X10 5 B.2.5X10 2 C. 2.5X10 -1 D. 2.5X10 -5

276. which of the following diagrams reperesnts the correct electric field parttern
for two oppositely charged points


277. which one of the following statements is true about energy transformations

A. s team engine changes heat energy to mechanical energy

B. a thermopile changes elelctrical energy to heat energy

C. a dynamo changes electrical energy to mechanical energy

D. a microphone changes electrical energy to sound energy

278. when transmitting electrical power over long distances, the voltage is stepped
up in order to

A. transmit itB. reduce power loss C. increase current for transmission D.

prevent electric shocks
279. the sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer is increased by using

A. smaller coil B. weaker magnet C. weaker hair spring D. fewer turns of

the wire on the coil

280. the resisitance of a metal in form of a wire is increases with

A. decreases in length B. increases intemeprature

C. decreases in temperatrure D. increase in cross sectional area

281. in a hydraualic machine

A. an object displaces its own weight to fluid

B. the pressure transmitted in a fluid is the same in all directions

C. the volume of a fluid compressed is proportional to the applied force

D. an object experiences an upthrust equal to the weight of a fluid displaced

282. the induced current in a generator

A. is a maximum when the coil is vertical

B. is a minimum when the coil is horizontal

C. changes direction when the coil is hprizaontal

D. increases when the speed of rotation icreases.

283. the three basic quantities of measurement are

A. mass, frequencies and power B. time, density and pressure

C. area, electric current and volume D. length, mass and time

284. a concave mirror may be used as

(i) a amagnifying mirror (ii) a torch reflector(iii) a driving mirror

A. (i) only B. (i) and (ii) only C.(i) and (iii) only D.(i), (ii) and (iii)

285. the force that gives a body of mass 1Kg an acceleration of 1ms-2 is called

A. weight B. newton C. gravity D. friction

286. what is the potential difference across a load if energy needed to maintain a
current of 0.8A in the load 10s is 40J

A. 0.2V B. 3.2V C.5.0V D. 320V

287.the particles that are emitted from ah hot metal surface are called

A. electrons B. neutrons C. protons D. alpha