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Singapore 2011 - 2012

Aims & Objectives

The course aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and
skills to work as accounting or finance professional in any sector,
public or private organisations, as well as to provide graduates a pathway
to bachelor degree programs.

Professional Diploma in Accounting and Entry Requirements

Business Finance The Professional Diploma in Accounting and Business Finance accepts
various entry qualifications. It aims to extend the core knowledge and
The Professional Diploma in Accounting and Business Finance consists
enhance professional skills in accounting and business finance. With the
of 7 subjects and can be completed in approximately 10 months via
multiple entry routes available, the program provides graduates a pathway
part-time study through face-to-face teaching at Kaplan Higher Education
Institute as follows: to bachelor degree programs after completion.

¥ Polytechnic diploma or equivalent

TERM ¥ Private diploma/advanced diploma or equivalentÊ
• Financial Accounting Intensive ¥ GCE 'A' level or equivalent

1 • Managerial Accounting and Statistics

Candidates who do not possess any of the above-mentioned entry
qualifications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis; and below
TERM additional subjects may be required, depending on their other
• Financial Reporting and Analysis Intensive

2 • Introduction of Psychology and Ethical

Decision Making
Administrative Management
Business English
TERM • PC Productivity Tools and Database ¥ Basic Economics

Management ¥ Basic Accounting
• Dynamics of Business Intensive ¥ Business Environment
¥ Business Mathematics


4 • Strategic Cost Analysis 1

Sequence of the subjects may vary.

Lecture Schedule
The curriculum is taught over 4 terms with three 10-week terms covering
2 subjects and one 5-week term covering 1 subject.

Each subject of this part-time program will be delivered over a 3-week

Bachelor of Science cycle comprising 18 to 36 contact hours. Classes are typically 3-hour
in Finance and sessions held three times a week. Tutorial classes of 6 to 12 hours per
Accounting Management subject will be delivered across each term.
(with Polytechnic or Advanced Diploma)

Assessment Method
Bachelor of Arts Each subject will be assessed by a combination of assignments
(Honours) Accounting and examinations.

Program Management

Bachelor of Science The Professional Diploma in Accounting and Business Finance program
(Honours) Finance will be managed by a professional program management team which shall
ensure that in addition to seminars and lectures, students will receive
support through the service of a program manager/executive, regular
program updates via email/Internet, study notes, study group formation,
Kaplan City Campus library membership, assignment management,
Other Bachelor Degree Programs
student liaison and organisation, etc.
(Exemptions are applicable*)
*Terms & conditions apply.

Dynamics of Business Intensive Strategic Cost Analysis 1

Business is viewed first by examining key external factors that influence its This course examines cost determination, cost behaviour, costing
development: The economy, government, law, politics, and international systems, and introduces the budgeting process. Emphasis will be placed
business. Students will study the internal organisation of business, on management decision-making techniques. Topics include job and
highlighting major issues associated with the key management functions process costing, Activity-Based Costing (ABC), just-in-time inventory
such as marketing, finance, information systems and operations. Practical techniques, variance analysis, and budgeting.
applications of business principles and current events will be emphasised.

The second half of this course focuses on the tools - particularly financial, Financial Accounting Intensive
marketing, and information systems - required operating businesses
The first half of the course examines the development of financial
in the twenty-first century. Consumer-oriented marketing, investment
statements including the underlying concepts and measurement theories.
basics, the securities market, and e-business are representative of the It emphasises the analysis and use of these statements to make
contents covered to help students demystify the complexities of the decisions. The second half emphasises issues in financial reporting,
business world. valuation, and income measurement. It includes inventories, plant and
equipment, bonds, present value, and stockholders' equity.

Introduction of Psychology and Ethical

Decision Making Managerial Accounting and Statistics
By understanding how to interpret the information contained in financial
This introductory sequence of modules answers the question, statements and other accounting records, managers can make better
Òwhat is psychology?Ó. The science of psychology is defined as the study informed decisions around cost and revenue related issues. In the first half
of behaviour and mental processes. In the first half of this course, of the course, students learn how to perform a cost benefit analysis, how
students explore the fundamental principles and issues of contemporary to analyse cost-volume relationships, and how to apply ratio analysis to
scientific psychology, which are approached as a method of inquiry, financial statements such as the statement of cash flows. The second half
as well as a body of knowledge. This course provides an overview and of this course introduces the collection and organisation of data, including
integration of the many and diverse approaches to the study of behaviour the measurement, presentation, and uses of elementary set theory;
and mental processes and gives students the basis for more advanced measures of central tendency and variability; basic probability; and
study in the disciplines of psychology. Students examine the origins and probability distributions.
methods of psychology, biological foundations, consciousness, cognition
and language, and learning and memory. The second half of this course
explores the fact that there is not one universal set of leader behaviours Financial Reporting and Analysis Intensive
one considers ethical and no guidelines to follow to determine that ethical
behaviour poses unique challenges to managers today. Yet, as managers, The legal, economic, and global environments have a major influence on
we are daily faced with situations where individual values may conflict with the financial reporting process. The first half of this course examines the
those of our teams or organisations. Applying a decision-making model underlying concepts and measurement theories relating to financial
using real-world ethical dilemmas, participants will analyse behaviours and reporting with emphasis on the measurement, valuation, and disclosure of
consequences and make recommendations for actions ethical managers assets. It also considers alternative reporting practices, revenue
can make. recognition, and the measurement of income. The second half of this
course continues the study of accounting concepts and procedures
including detailed examination of inventories, tangible and intangible
assets, and depreciation.

PC Productivity Tools and

Database Management

The information age has brought with it new challenges in terms of

collecting, analysing, and disseminating data and information.
To address these issues, students will learn to use the most popular
productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel,
and Microsoft PowerPoint in the first half of this class. Courseware used is
approved by the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) program. The
course is taught in a computer lab and consists of in-class
demonstrations by instructors. No prior computer experience is
necessary. The second half of this course focuses on designing a
database for use in a relational database management system.
The course includes creating queries, linking files, cross-indexing,
designing forms and reports, and other advanced database techniques,
as well as the entity-relationship model.

Fee Schedule How to Apply

Please refer to the insert for information on: All applications must be submitted to Kaplan Higher Education Institute at
¥ Tuition Fee least 1 month before the start of each intake (subject to seats availability).
¥ Non-tuition Fee
¥ Refund Policy Documents required for the program application:
¥ EduTrust Accreditation ¥ Duly completed application form
¥ Certified copy of highest qualification certificates & transcripts
For more information, please contact our program consultant or email ¥ Latest CV (if applicable) ¥ 2 passport-size photos
¥ Program application fee
¥ Copy of IC or passport
Graduation & Progression
Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the
Kaplan Higher Education Institute Professional Diploma in Accounting and
Who to Contact
Business Finance. Graduates can then move on to pursue
Bachelor degree programs with one of our prestigious partner universities For enquiries on this course, send ÒKAP-C7X8Ó via sms to
in Singapore, or certain other prestigious universities overseas. +65 9677 7598 or enter it at You can also
enter it through your GPRS-enabled phone at

For other information or enquiries on other Diploma programs,

Professional Diploma in Accounting and Business Finance please contact:
Telephone : (65) 6733 1877
Facsimile : (65) 6225 3605
Email :
Bachelor of Science
in Finance and Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Kaplan Website :
Accounting Management (Honours) Accounting (Honours) Finance

The full application package should be sent to:

Acceptance into Bachelor degree programs is also subject to candidates
Director, Professional Diploma Program (Part-time)
possessing relevant qualifications and meeting University admission
Kaplan Higher Education Institute
requirements upon application.
Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge
8 Wilkie Edge Road #02-01 Singapore 228095

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge

Kaplan Higher Education Institute reserves the right to alter or amend the program structure,
contents and all terms and conditions relating to the programs at their sole discretion.
The Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge is located along Selegie Road,
near the junction of Wilkie Edge and Sophia Road. The site is within a The information contained in this brochure is correct at time of printing (February 2011).
BRN:198600044N and 199409389H
10-minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, the only MRT interchange
in Singapore for the North-South, North-East and Circle lines. Registered with the Council for Private Education, Ministry of Education, Singapore (No. 4072).
Mackenzie Road
Mount Emily Road


The Atrium
@Orchard NE7




Oldham Lane MRT




GHAUT MacDonald




Niven Road


Kirk Terrace


Cathay Khalsa Station Cinema



Dharmak Hostel
School of Sabha Selegie
the Arts (SOTA) Centre
Middle Road

Rendezvous Hotel NTUC Income Prinsep House Shor

t Str

For program consultation and enquiries, please visit us at our new campus at Wilkie Edge.

Kaplan City Campus @ Orchard 51 Cuppage Road Levels 2-4 Singapore 229469
Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge 8 Wilkie Road Level 2 Singapore 228095
(65) 6733 1877
NOTE: Revised tuition and non-tuition fees for
Kaplan Higher Education Institute Diploma 2011 intakes
TUITION FEES (prices subject to prevailing GST)

The total fee covers study guides, course notes, lectures, assignments, examinations, projects, diploma/advanced
diploma (if earned) and transcript. Program fees are exclusive of GST and are due and payable as follow:

Amount payable for:

st nd rd th TOTAL
Installment Installment Installment Installment

Diploma in:
- Business Administration
- Financial Management
- Marketing Management S$962.50 S$962.50 S$962.50 S$962.50 S$3,850
- Hospitality and Tourism Management
- Human Resource Management
- Logistics Management

Diploma in Information Technology S$962.50 S$962.50 S$962.50 S$962.50 S$3,850

Diploma in Communication
S$962.50 S$962.50 S$962.50 S$962.50 S$3,850

Diploma in Counselling S$1,062.50 S$1,062.50 S$1,062.50 S$1,062.50 S$4,250

Professional Diploma in Accounting and

S$1,062.50 S$1,062.50 S$1,062.50 S$1,062.50 S$4,250
Business Finance

Advanced Diploma in Management S$1,350 S$1,350 S$1,350 - S$4,050

Note: Course fee is subjected to revision at the discretion of the University or Kaplan Higher Education Institute
without notice. The fees herewith will supersede all existing course fees.

NOTE: Information herewith has been updated and is accurate as of 14 February 2011

Kaplan Higher Education Institute Pte Ltd

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Road, #02-01, Wilkie Edge, Singapore 228095
Tel: (65) 6733 1877 Fax: (65) 6733 2977
BRN: 198600044N
For Diploma programs only (not applicable for Advanced Diploma):
GCE ‘N’, ‘O’, NITEC and Higher NITEC holders will be required to take from 2-6 bridging modules: Administrative
Management, Basic Economics, Business English, Basic Accounting, Business Environment, Business Mathematics.
The number of bridging modules required is subjected to assessment by the Admissions Office

Fee per bridging subject is S$215 exclusive of GST.

All fees are payable to Kaplan Higher Education Institute Pte Ltd in accordance with the schedule above.
Candidates who do not comply with the fee schedule will not be permitted to proceed with the program.

NON REFUNDABLE NON-TUITION FEES (prices subject to prevailing GST)

Diploma Program Application fee S$50.00

Kaplan Student Access Card (Compulsory) S$9.35

EduTrust is a voluntary certification scheme that helps to distinguish higher quality players in Singapore's private
education industry. As part of the EduTrust requirements, the Council for Private Education (CPE) has put in place
mandatory requirements which include Fee Protection Scheme and the use of a standard PEI-Student Contract.

Fee Protection Scheme

Under the Fee Protection Scheme, Kaplan Higher Education Institution has put in place an insurance arrangement
that ensures fees paid by students to the school are insured by Lonpac Insurance Bhd, a Council for Private
Education (CPE) appointed service provider. The insurance protection serves to protect the students' fees in the
event a private education institution (PEI) is unable to continue operations due to insolvency, and/or regulatory
closure. Furthermore, the FPS protects the student if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the student
arising from judgments made against it by the Singapore courts. The FPS is compulsory for all local and
international students taking courses at PEIs seeking EduTrust certification. FPS applies to all courses with duration
of more than 1 month or 50 hours. Students enrolled in these courses will be required to pay a fee for FPS which
varies depending on the fees of the courses insured.

Standard Student Contract

It is a mandatory requirement by the CPE that all students, both local and international, sign the student contract
with Kaplan Higher Education Institute upon acceptance of the offer made by Kaplan Higher Education Institute
during the admission process (Note: student contract will not be required for non-award programs with a duration
of less than 50 hours or 1 month).The student contract serves to minimize future disputes and hence has to be
completely understood by students prior to making course fee payments. Please refer to CPE website
( for details on EduTrust, Fee Protection Scheme and Standard PEI-student Contract.

Refund Policy
Kaplan Higher Education Institute shall inform the student within 3 working days if:
i. it fails, for any reason, to commence the course on the course commencement date.
ii. it terminates the course, for any reason, prior to the course commencement date.

NOTE: Information herewith has been updated and is accurate as of 14 February 2011

Kaplan Higher Education Institute Pte Ltd

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Road, #02-01, Wilkie Edge, Singapore 228095
Tel: (65) 6733 1877 Fax: (65) 6733 2977
BRN: 198600044N
iii. it fails, for any reason, to complete the course by the course completion date.
iv. it terminates the course, for any reason, prior to course completion date.

Kaplan Higher Education Institute shall, within 7 working days of notifying the student in writing of above
circumstances (i) to (iv), provide the student with information and details of the alternative confirmed course
arrangement to allow the student to make timely and appropriate decision on the alternative arrangement. Kaplan
Higher Education Institute offers a 7-day cooling off period to students who wish to withdraw after signing their
student contract. Students will receive the maximum refund of the course fees if they withdraw within 7 days of
signing the student contract. All withdrawal requests must be presented to Kaplan Higher Education Institute
officially in writing.

Percentage of aggregate amount of If a student’s written notice of withdrawal is received

100% (“Maximum Refund”) More than [60] days before the course
commencement date
70% Before, but not less than 60 days before the course commencement
30% Before, but not less than 30 days before the course commencement
0% On or after the course commencement date

In the event that a student wishes to withdraw from the program, the application fee and Kaplan Access Card fee
are not refundable. Students are liable to pay (where applicable) fees that are imposed by the government
authorities or other external partners.

Please refer to CPE website ( for details on EduTrust, Fee Protection Scheme and Standard PEI-
student Contract.

NOTE: Information herewith has been updated and is accurate as of 14 February 2011

Kaplan Higher Education Institute Pte Ltd

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Road, #02-01, Wilkie Edge, Singapore 228095
Tel: (65) 6733 1877 Fax: (65) 6733 2977
BRN: 198600044N