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Preliminary Round
1. ___________ is now launching a cloud computing a) DOS,OS/2,MVS,VMS,UNIX,AmigaDOS
tour. b) Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows 32bit & 64 bit
a) Oracle Corporation c) Cross-Platform
b) Google d) Microsoft Windows
c) Intel Corporation
d) Dell 7.Who developed Google Analytics?
a) Nintendo Research and Development
2.In October 2007 IBM and ________ announced the b) Epyx
multi-university project designed to enhance student’s c) Google
technical knowledge to address the challenge of cloud d) HAL Laboratory
a) Google Latitude 8.Integrated with ________, users can review online
b) Android campaigns by tracking landing page quality and
c) Google variation conversions (goals).
d) Google a) Google
b) AdWords
3._________ is a form of distributed computing and c) AdSense
parallel computing, whereby a super and virtual computer d) Google News
is composed of a cluster of networked, loosely coupled
computers acting in concert to perform very large tasks. 9.Which of these statements are true about VBA?
a) Supercomputer a) It stands for Visual Basic Automation.
b) Systematic multiprocessing b) A macro programming language used by
c) Grid Computing Office applications.
d) Beowulf c) It's the visual animation feature in Power Point.
d) V. B. Allan, the guy who started Microsoft with
4.The first pre-commercial 3g network was launched Bill Gates.
by__________ in Japan branded FOMA, in May 2001 on
pre-release of W-CDMA technology. 10.In Word, which is the best view to use if you're
running low on resources?
b) NTT Docomo
a) Print Preview
c) Toyota
b) Outline View
d) Nippon Telegraph & Telephone
c) Page Layout View
d) Normal View
5.The first major step in the evolution of GSM networks
to 3G occurred with the introduction of ________
11.According to legend, the first Apple computer was
a) Universal Mobile
"born" on what significant date in 1976?
b) Telecommunication System
a) January 1st - New Year's Day
c) Mobile Phone
b) January 26th - Super Bowl Sunday
d) General Packet Radio Service
c) April 1st - April Fools Day
e) 4G
d) July 4th - Independence Day

12.Knowing the location of the user allows

for________ such as:
6.Which of the following platforms does Google a) Mobile phone tracking
Analytics run on? b) Global Positioning System
c) Location-based service
Tech. Quiz
Preliminary Round
d) Text messaging
19.The term Robot comes from the Czech word “Robota”
13.The prefix “nano” comes from a meaning:
a) French word meaning billion a) Forced Labour
b) Greek word meaning dwarf b) Man Made
c) Spanish word meaning Particle c) Shiny Metal
d) Latin word meaning invisible d) See

14.What is one of the most difficult tasks for a Robot to 20.How many versions of internet explorer have been
perform? there till date?
a) Talk a) 9
b) Walk b) 10
c) Climb c) 8
d) See d) 7

15.Nanobots 21.What is the full form of WCDMA(3G)?

a) Do not exist yet a) Whiteband Code Division Multiple Access
b) Exist in experimental form in laboratories b) Wideband Code Decision Modal Access
c) Will be used by NASA in the next unmanned c) Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
mission to Mars d) Wideband Code Decision Modal Access
d) Are already used in nanomedicine to remove
plaque from the walls of arteries
22.Angry birds going to be launched on facebook in may
16.Which of the well-known phrases from Star Trek 2011. Before this which two gadgets were using this
depends on the fictional use of nanotechnology? application?
a) BlackBerry
a) Beam me up, Scotty!
b) iPhone
b) Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
c) Android Phones
c) You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
d) HTC
d) All of the above

17.Which of these consumer Products is already made,

using nanotechnology method?
a) Sunscreen lotion
b) Golf ball
c) Fishing lure
d) All of the above

18.Which two of the following are commercially

available Robots?
a) Robot Principal
b) Robot Lawnmower
c) Robot Butler
d) Robot Dog