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Report No: 03

Shop: Pattern
Title : Study & Observation the Pattern Shop.
In the case of casting machine parts, pattern is necessary. At the time of making any
pattern from sample or drawing, allowance should be considered. The difference between
pattern and sample is that in pattern allowance is considered and this allowance depends
upon the material with which it should be made.
Materials and their uses, advantages & limitations:-

Material Application (use) Advantages Limitations

Wood Master pattern Easily available, low cost, Shrinkage & expansion of
light and easy handling. wood pattern.
Wax Jewellery, toys, Complicated job, easily Can be scratched.
complicated show removable and more accuracy
pieces, dolls etc. possible.
Metal Toys, show pieces, More accuracy and large Quite expensive.
dolls, etc. production possible.
Plastic Toys show pieces, Light, easy handling, low cost Can not be used for large
dolls, etc. and more accuracy. production.

In the case of choosing any pattern material three points should be considered:
•Cost of production
•Production rate
For preparing any pattern the following allowances should be considered:
1. Matching allowance
2. Drafting allowance
3. Finishing allowance
At the time of preparing the master pattern, double allowances should be considered: one
for the master pattern and another for the metal pattern.
Metals to be used for making metal pattern:
•Cast iron (shrinkage allowance 1% that means 1/8 inch per ft)
•Cast steel (shrinkage allowance 2% that means ¼ inch per ft)
•Stainless steel (shrinkage allowance2½ % that means 5/16 inch per ft)
There are eight types of patterns as follows:
1. Solid pattern
2. Split pattern
3. Skeleton pattern
4. Loose pattern (1 piece, 2 pieces and 3 pieces)
5. Follow board pattern
6. Match plate pattern
7. Sweep pattern
8. Gate pattern

Pattern can be made for any job from both drawing and sample. But more accuracy can
be achieved for making the pattern from drawing.
Engineering drawing can be divided as assemble drawing and working drawing.
Machines that are found in the Pattern Shop of BITAC:-

Machine Main parts Operation

Mortrizer Machine Tool post, body, handle, bed & Used for cutting groove and
Carriage. making core box.
Bobbin Sander Bobbin, table, body & motor. Used for inside finishing.
Disc Sander Machine Table body, base, motor & circular Used for outside finishing.
Wood Jointer Machine Table, attachment, roller with bed, Used for finishing flat
motor & body. surfaces.
Circular Saw Machine Cutting blade (Diameter 14 inch, max. Used for parting
rpm 2500)
Wood Jointer thickness Table, 3 Rollers ( 1 roller consists of 2 Used to plane wood.
Machine blades) ( 1 roller pulls of wood)
( 1 roller files wood)
Disc and bobbin sander Used for here emery cloth
Wood turning Machine Here chisel is the only
cutting tool.
Jig and Saw Machine Table, Motor, Used for designing
Band Saw machine 2 wheels, Blade, Table, Table, Motor Used for cutting, Straight,
Round, Curve Etc.