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An example of a test for the First Written Composition


I Turn the following sentences into the Passive: (passive of all tenses and modal verbs)

1. Does the price include sleeping bags?

2. They kill elephants for ivory.
3. They are making an underwater tunnel.
4. Our apartment block is starting a new scheme.
5. When did they bring river bugging to the UK?
6. He threw a lifejacket to her.
7. They were discussing the journey plan.
8. The police were making enquires then.
9. They have postponed the trip to Egypt.
10. The architect has shown her the plans for the house.
11. The crew hadn’t checked the plane before we boarded.
12. Someone had warned her that she might be in danger.
13. The mayor will open the exhibition.
14. They won’t finish the work tonight.
15. They ought to warn the public about him.
16. You must take these tablets before meals.

II Rewrite the following sentences in the Passive:

(impersonal and personal passive constructions with reporting verbs)
1. Everyone expects that she will win an Oscar.
It ________________________________________________________
She _______________________________________________________
2. They thought that the actress had been wealthy.
It _________________________________________________________
The actress _________________________________________________
3. People say that the company is having problems.
It _________________________________________________________
The company _______________________________________________
4. People believed she was telling the truth.
It _________________________________________________________
She _______________________________________________________
5. They claim that this diamond is the largest in the world.
It __________________________________________________________
This diamond ________________________________________________
6. Journalists reported that the war was over.
It __________________________________________________________
The war _____________________________________________________
7. They think the President is dying
It ___________________________________________________________
The President _________________________________________________

(passive of gerund)
8. I love people giving me flowers.
9. They can’t stand people criticizing them.
10. She hates people keeping her waiting.
11. She likes people complimenting her on her work.

III Conditional sentences type 0, I, II, III:

1. If he _____________ (go) to the party, he will see Andrea there.

2. If I _____________ (be) you, I’d think twice before asking her.
3. If he hadn’t arrived late, he _____________________ (not miss) the professor’s lecture.
4. I ________________ (not go) to the dance unless you buy me a new outfit.
5. If he _________________ (do) his homework, he would have played with his friends.
6. If he had a car, he ___________________ (get) to work faster.
7. If you happen to need any help, ask Mr. Benson. SHOULD you
8. She isn’t careful. She often makes mistakes. WERE
9. He didn’t know about the meeting. That’s why he didn’t come. PROVIDED THAT
10. I might offer you the job. Would you accept it? SUPPOSING

IV Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets

(Wishes and regrets about present and past with WISH and IF ONLY)

1. If only they __________________ (pay) attention to what their teacher had to say.
2. I’m sure he feels it was a big mistake and he wishes he ____________________ (not leave) the band
3. He’s a nice guy but if only he __________________ (not smoke) all the time!
4. I wish I _____________________ (not be) so lonely! It’s true that I have enough money but I still
haven’t found my perfect partner.
5. He wishes he personally __________________ (know) somebody famous.
6. They’re looking for someone for their office in China. If only I _________________ (speak) Chinese.
7. I wish I __________________ (not have) an argument with my teacher last Friday.
8. If only she ____________________ (not do) badly in that test! I don’t think they’ll want her at Oxford
University now.
9. She regrets missing the concert. WISHES
10. I’m so sorry that I ate five pieces of chocolate cake. IF ONLY
11. I’m sorry I didn’t remember her birthday. WISH
12. What a pity there wasn’t any good music at the party! IF ONLY