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Title Of The Minor Project:

500W Power UPS/Inverter

Submitted by:
Karan bhadu(081113050)

Wasim ansari(081113051)

Arpan Yaduvanshi(081113101)

Ugyen Tobgay(081113104)
Brief Description:

Power inverter is a very useful device which can convert Low

voltage from a DC source to high voltage AC. The most common power
inverter is 12V to 240V inverter. Perhaps that is because 12V batteries
are common. This type of power inverter usually draws current from a
DC battery. This battery should be able to provide a high flow of electric
current. Normally lead acid batteries can server this purpose well. This
current is then converted to 240V square wave alternative current so that
we may empower those electric appliances which work on 240V instead
of 12V. Inverter falls in the category of expensive devices so many
people don’t buy them even they need them. We want to mention that this
circuit involves 240V and 500W which can be fatal. You should take all
security precautions before building this circuit. Preferably use electricity
protective gloves and try not to play with the inverter circuit when it is

There is only one variable resistance in this circuit diagram which is

used to adjust frequency of 240V AC output current. You should have a
frequency meter to adjust this frequency of 50HZ to 60HZ as per your
requirement. Please do not power up any device with your inverter before
frequency adjustment because a wrong AC frequency can burn your
equipment as well as your inverter.

you can use a 240v / 12+12 / with a capacity of 40 Amp minimum.

Both capacitors should be 25V or above. You can make this inverter
automatic using a double relay. In first stage, The CD4047 acts are an
accelerator and outputs signal using 470OHM resistors to the D313
transistors, then in second stage these transistors amplify the frequency
signal to drive the main transistors and then transfer the signal on the
Bases of main transistors using 22OHM 2W resistors and then in the third
and last stage, the Main transistors starts to switch as per the given
frequency signal.
Apparatus Required:

• 2 Resisters 470 Ohm ¼ Watt

• 3 Resisters 22 Ohm 1 Watt
• 1 Variable resister 10K
• 1 Capacitor1uf(above 25V)
• 1 Capacitor 220uf(above 25V)
• 1 Zener diode 8.2V
• 1 IC CD4047
• 1 IC 7809
• 1 Transformer 12+12/240 (500W)
• 2 Transistors D313
• 12 Power Transistors TIP35C (make two pairs of 6 transistors each
connected in parallel)
• 2 Heat sinks to fit power transistors
• Some wiring wire (for connections)
• A wiro-board (To build circuit on)
• A 12V battery of 12V power supply for testing purposes

Estimated Cost:
The estimated cost of our minor project is about Rs.1500/-
Circuit Diagram: