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R o y a l S t . G e o r g e’ s C o l l e g e
Year II Issue III Summer 2010
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Daniel Davidson-Kalmar
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Table of Contents

Maximillian Kalmar" " " 14

Featured Columns
Daniel Davidson-Kalmar
From the Editor’s Desk! ! 3
Nick Medline Sports

It’s a Revolution Comrade! 5 A Problem of Prehistoric

Michael Lemanski Proportions " " " " 16
Andrew Savory
Arts and Culture
Student Activities
Grifter TV Series Review" " 5
Nick Medline What’s ‘New‘ in the Archives! 17
Greg McDonald
A Burger in Paradise" " 7
David Perl GSA"" " " " " 19
Andrew Mok
It’s Red Time! ! ! ! 10
Graham Muncaster DJ Club" " " " " 19
Kjell Pladsen
Creative Fiction
Captain’s Log Stardate: 2010!19
A Solitary Mind"" " " 10 Daniel Gold-Bersani
Jordan Yan
A Letter to the (Textbook)
Fire at the Gate" " " 12 Editors" " " " " 20
Sean Kim
Chris Comparey
Page 3 theGrifter
I!d like to begin by thanking everyone involved in this

From the year!s Grifter. I have been honoured to edit and

publish an abundance of phenomenal articles
touching on various subjects relevant to our lives and

Editor’s Desk interests. Thanks especially to Ms. Somerville, our

staff supervisor, who completes final edits and
supervises our every move. Also, Michael Lemanski
" Nick Medline should be commended for diligently working to
consistently create a sparkling and innovative

! “ I also hope to design. Overall, I!d like to thank everyone for their
continuing support, and will give it my all to build
collaborate with a number of greater editions next year.

experienced writers willing to

r dition
go on assignments and bring Cont

n 200


RSGC events to paper”


With a unique opportunity to develop The Grifter for a

second year, there are a number of changes and
improvements that I aim to accomplish. The main
objective is to bring focus back to school-related
articles, such as successful sports teams and
student initiatives. I also hope to collaborate with a
number of experienced writers willing to go on
assignments and bring RSGC events to paper. This
would allow for greater consistency, and these staff St Ge
Royal Issue
Year II
writers could provide opinions on daily functions and
structural alterations. Another focus will be improved
timeliness in all steps of editing, including more

stringent deadlines and quicker transition towards
the printer. With that being said, I encourage all
those who wish to improve The Grifter to submit er
articles, contribute ideas, and assist in any way
This issue has a particular focus on creative writing
from various grades. These range from David Perl-
whose superior articles will be missed as he
graduates- commenting on a delicious hamburger to
grade nine Sean Kim!s brilliantly written play. Also,
first time contributors Graham Muncaster and
Andrew Mok discuss the “Free the Children” trip and Roya
l St. G
Year eor
the Gay Straight Alliance, respectively, which are two II Iss
g e’ s C
II Wint
er 20
excellent student inspired initiatives. 10
Page 4 theGrifter

The U18 Rugby Team won the

School News Headlines

CISAA Championship defeating

Lakefield in a tough game.
The final score was 14 - 7.
RSGC hosted the Toronto
Student Film Festival at the
Regent Theater. The event was a
great success thanks to the very
dedicated student organizers.

Our school’s intermediate Reach for

the Top team placed second in the
Toronto West League. We also hosted
the R42T National Championships,
which was attended by successful
schools from all across the country.

Last but not least, the Class of

2010 surprised everybody with a
very creative grad prank.
Page 5 theGrifter
It is already clear that the group is having an effect

It’s a Revolution on American politics. Recently, Rand Paul defeated

Jim Bunning in the Kentucky Republican Senate
Primary by riding a wave of "Tea Party! support.

Comrade Despite his libertarian position with regards to parts

of the Civil Rights Act and the subsequent attempt by
Democrats to falsely label him as a racist, Paul!s
" Michael Lemanski support remains high.

! “Many expected the Tea

The "Tea Party! has also had subtle effects on
Democratic primaries, such as when Joe Sestak
defeated heavily favoured Senator Arlen Specter.
Party to fade away. It didn’t.” Sestak was given an advantage by the anti-
incumbent mood prevalent at the moment, and this
Here we go again. The elections in the United States indicates that the highly partisan nature of the
are beginning to heat up, as Canadian politicians primaries has provoked anti-establishment groups
become less and less talked about every day. from both sides of the political spectrum to go to the
Everything seems to be in place for another typical polls.
election year in the American bi-annual cycle. There
are however, two words that make this election Although the effect of the "Tea Party! vote in
unlike any in recent history—TEA PARTY. This once November remains to be seen, one thing is certain.
fringe movement was thrust into the national The movement has changed the choice of
spotlight by the 2009 bank bailout and the candidates voters now have. The mid-term elections
Obamacare reforms, when people of various political will be a real measure of how many independent
persuasions banded together to oppose high taxes voters subscribe to the "Tea Party! and its principles.
and big government. The movement was widely If they succeed, then we can truly say, “It!s a
reported on while Congress debated the healthcare revolution, comrade!”
bill, but when it was signed into law, many expected

TV Review
the "Tea Party! to fade away. It didn!t.

Despite being embraced by polarizing figures such

as Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, the movement!s
demographics are in line with those of the United
States as a whole. The only difference is that the
" Nick Medline
"Tea Party! members and supporters are slightly On April 11th, millions of viewers were on the edge of
more educated and wealthy than the general their seats for “Part Five” of HBO!s The Pacific, yet
population. This truth stands in stark contrast to the egregiously turned off their sets prior to the premiere
image of the movement that the Democrats have of Treme, David Simon and Eric Overmyer!s newest
attempted to create. Those mustered around the drama based on post-Katrina New Orleans.
ideals of small government and personal Beginning with the succinct caption, “New Orleans,
responsibility are not the misguided hillbillies that Louisiana/Three Months After,” viewers are
opponents portray them as. According to a recent immediately led to understand that the city is
Gallup poll, 28% of Americans associate with the struggling to return to its pre-hurricane state. While
"Tea Party,! and almost half are registered as refraining from becoming overly political and
independents—the group that swung the vote in sentimental, Simon (The Wire) has created a
favor of President Obama in 2008. potential masterpiece deep in character development
that brims with lush cinematography and catchy local
Page 6 theGrifter
jazz. Despite the sorrowful fact that many individuals every opportunity, even paying local musicians to join
have been unable to return to their destroyed homes him in a rendition of the anti-government tune:
due to the government!s failure to adequately right “Shame, shame, shame on you, now Dubya!”
the current state of the city, New Orleans! inhabitants Beneath his eccentric nature, Davis epitomizes the
are proud and persistent in restoring their lives, and optimism of many locals and never ceases to live his
Treme serves as a testament to the human spirit. life to the fullest. Another unique New Orleans
character is Albert Lambreaux (Clarke Peters), the
The show succeeds in using different perspectives
leader of a Mardi Gras Indian tribe. Lambreaux
from an ensemble cast to create a poignant and patiently waits for his congregation to return home,
realistic final product that delves into problems and works to restore his decimated bar and
unseen by the general public in the aftermath of the
organizes events to unite the decaying
Featured Columns

hurricane. John Goodman is on the mark in his neighbourhood. The most memorable scene of the
portrayal of Creighton Burnette, a professor at
show thus far arises when Lambreaux and his
Tulane currently out of work as the university has yet people sing traditional chants to pay homage to a
to re-open. One thing that never seems out of work is deceased tribe member. Suddenly, a tour bus titled
Burnette!s mouth, and he resorts to using an early
“Hurricane Katrina Tour” disrupts the proceedings as
style of YouTube in making pleas to the government. tourists take photos of the sight. Lambreaux
He quickly earns admiration from the general public,
approaches the bus driver, and as calmly as
and despite his rough exterior (it is the cantankerous possible, says, “Drive away from here, sir.” The
John Goodman, after all), is an excellent husband to episode concludes with the lasting image of
wife Toni (Melissa Leo). As a lawyer, Toni
Lambreaux and his tribe disdainfully watching the
encounters the shocking failure of the police bus pull away. Without making grand statements, the
department to maintain peace and order. Some of
show points out the unintentional disrespect of
the more revealing scenes find department heads clueless tourists who paid to watch others suffer in
explaining their situations to Toni, and she discovers the wake of a storm.
that many policemen suffer from many of the same
post-Katrina problems as the rest of the population, Treme without music would be an inaccurate
and have no motivation to do their jobs properly. representation of New Orleans culture; so many
Though several of these scenes invoke sympathy, no characters represent the scope of the jazz scene.
pity can be found in the powerful and high-strung bar The Wire-alum Wendell Pierce emerges in a main
owner LaDonna Williams (Khandi Alexander), who role with his striking portrayal of Antoine Batiste, a
uses Toni as a vehicle to search for her long lost local trombone player. Batiste is seemingly always
brother. Joining the cast of powerful women in broke, always cheating on his common-law spouse,
Treme, restaurant owner Janette Desautel (Kim yet despite these missteps, each character is
Dickens) appears to have the most passion and touched by his vulnerability and charm. Batiste!s
talent yet is victimized by the devastating economic passion for his city is unparalleled, and while waiting
climate. for treatment in the emergency room after being
unfairly beaten by the police, he sings, “I have
Perhaps the most entertaining and lovable character
roamed this whole wide world over, but New Orleans
in Treme is Davis McAlary (the irrepressible Steve is still my home.” On the other end of the musical
Zahn), a quintessential rebel. Over the course of just spectrum is the unlikely couple, comprised of
five episodes, he steals back his record collection,
scrappy keyboard player Sonny (Michiel Huisman)
condemns his neighbours! gentrifying tendencies, and phenomenal violinist Annie (Lucia Micarelli).
and proclaims his intention to run for city council.
They busk on the streets and live an uninterrupted
Davis never shies away from scribbling down lyrics life of music, but their relationship is not without
on his living room wall and performs offbeat songs at troubles. While their musical paths frequently
Page 7 theGrifter
diverge, their loyalty to one another is put to the test. On the menu, it appears as the J.W. Marriott Burger.
On one of Sonny!s trips to Houston, he resumes his As we were told, Mr. Marriott himself orders it upon
drug addiction, and with other men vying for Annie!s traveling to his Maui establishment. When I sunk my
heart, his patience and stability has waned in recent teeth into that first bite almost six years ago, I
episodes. Adding to the array of musical characters instantly gave it the title “God Among Burgers.” To
are many guest appearances. With Elvis Costello, call it simply "delicious! would be a gross
Kermit Ruffins, John Boutte, Tom McDermott, and understatement, for there are people who refer to Big
many others contributing to Treme!s musical depth, Macs as being so. Believe me when I say that no
the show is certain to promote home-grown music to quarter inch sloppy patty sitting under a heat lamp for
its viewers, many of whom are hearing the style for three hours, flipped by some acne-ridden seventeen-
the first time. year-old teenager can even compare to this burger.
We!re talking thick, sirloin beef, cooked to perfection,
It is rare that a show like Treme arrives on the scene
in my case well-done with a crunchy outer layer,
with a powerful message, brilliant cast, and all the topped with a layer of melted Swiss cheese, chunky
intangibles necessary to develop into the next small tomatoes, crisp lettuce, red onions, a dollop of
screen classic. Rich dramatic scenes are contrasted
ketchup, Dijon mustard and mayo, all perfectly
with a light and humourous musical undertone for a sandwiched between the fluffiest ciabatta buns you
stunning balance. Grifter faithful, you can wait five
can possibly imagine. Fries are a standard, and
years until Treme grows into a must-see, but anyone they!re just as heavenly as the burger itself. Real,
who is anybody should begin to catch up quickly or fresh cut fries towered like skyscrapers in their cup-
wait for its hotly anticipated DVD release.
like container, with a crispy, browned skin, none of
those soggy, over salted, stringy letdowns from

A Burger in The only thing that makes the journey to get to this
meal all the more worth while is the location and

scenery. First off it!s Maui, Hawaii, so right off the
bat, you can expect perfect weather and breathtaking
views, but the restaurant at the Marriott Ocean Club

" David Perl in Ka!anapali elevates this even further. It!s

completely open to the elements, save for the ceiling,
Take the best burger you!ve ever had, look at it for a and rests three stories up overlooking the hotel!s
moment and then throw it in the trash. Why? expansive, golf course-like lawn that stretches out to
Because chances are, it probably doesn!t even come a white sandy beach licked by the crystal clear,
close to the gourmet, mouth-watering patty that aquamarine waves of the Pacific. The first time I was
you!re about to be let in on. This is a burger that tips introduced to this tropical paradise was with my
the scales of deliciousness so vastly, that not only parents when I was thirteen, and I can guarantee
will you have to travel almost ten thousand miles to that the memories of the food and the views will not
simply arrive at the kitchen where it!s crafted, but be short lived, as they!re still as vivid as ever.
you!ll also have to spend around ten hours of your
So, if you ever find yourself on the island of Maui
life in an airplane to get there. It!s a burger from a
with a lei around your neck and a growling stomach,
place where the sun always shines, the faraway
make a trip to Ka!anapali and visit the Marriott Ocean
"Aloha State,! specifically located on the island of
Club to order a J.W.
Maui where it resides in the Marriott Ocean Club in
Page 8 theGrifter
The Grade 11
Outdoor Education
and Leadership Trip
School Trip
Page 9 theGrifter

Page 10 theGrifter
It’s Red Time
The last few days of the trip were packed with
traveling and visiting sites in Guilin and Hong Kong.
Guilin, which is renowned for its scenery and is

" Graham Muncaster situated on the west bank of the Li River, lived up to
reputation. Hong Kong was a great mix between

! Graham describes the urban life and beautiful scenery, and was the ideal
way to end our trip. We!d like to thank the school,
community service trip to especially the very devoted grade six class, for
making this possible. As a school we raised:
Sichuan Province, China.
• $20,000 for Free the Children
Visiting China, the largest country in the world, with • $3500 for YPI/Toskan
Arts and Culture

the largest group of students in our school!s history • $3500 for a new RSGC bursary
created a truly unique experience for those on this

A Solitary Mind
year!s service trip. Joining up with Free the Children,
one of the only foreign charities working in China, we
achieved great success both at the build site and

" Jordan Yan

throughout the country. Starting our trip in Beijing,
the northern capital of China, served as the perfect
culture shock to begin our two weeks. Visiting The The girl is the only one in the world. This world is an
Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Canadian island, green with an endless field of grass. There
International School in Beijing are the first few things are no animals. A castle is located in the center of a
that come to mind when recalling the remarkable city. large plain. Its origins are unknown; it has been here
Some of us have waited years to visit these sites, as long as the girl, and she has been here since the
and seeing them all within a couple of days was world!s creation. There is no known beginning or
something special. Our next stop was Chengdu, the end; it seems as if the world has always been here.
Capital of the Sichuan Province. This part of the trip
was remembered for its spicy cuisine, numerous She is not sad, because she has not felt happiness
markets and our visit to the Panda sanctuary. before. She is not lonely, because she has never
had company. She lives her life without emotion.
As our tourist oriented days in the big cities came to She is not upset, because she has never felt
an end for the time being, we prepared to visit one of anything else before. In the beginning, she was
the most rural locations in China. A small town hungry. She starved, until she learned that food in
named Aluo in the Sichuan Province affected by the the castle was edible. She learned that she needed
earthquake two years back was where our group to stay warm, eat food, and sleep. She learned her
prepared to dig the foundation for a much needed own survival.
new school. A staggering language barrier was in
place due to the village!s native language Yi, which There was a large library in the castle. The books
we learned a bit of, but was still difficult to contained knowledge about an infinite number of
understand. However, a large game of “octopus” subjects. It was almost as if the library contained the
broke the ice and a week full of pick axing, digging, knowledge of a whole other world. She read many
shoveling and playing with the kids ensued. The books about many different subjects, but all these
week finished with a closing ceremony where things seemed unreal. The books mentioned people
speeches were made, the school kits were given out of a society that she did not understand. She did
along with lollipops, and our group sang the farewell not think much about these things. Ultimately, these
song. were fantasies to her, something she had never
Page 11 theGrifter
experienced. this did not matter. What mattered was she felt it,
and she couldn!t dispel the feeling.
Every day was nearly identical; nothing seemed to
set a day apart from the rest. She thought nothing She decided to venture to the forest. The forest was
much of it. Eventually she lost track of time. She not far from the castle; it would only take a half-day!s
didn!t think it mattered. walk to arrive. The forest was clearly displayed on a
map in the castle, but she had never dared to visit
“After all,” she thought, “what makes a day worth before. She planned to set out early, but did not
remembering?” It was not uncommon for her to take
leave until it was almost noon. She packed a bag of
a walk on the beach. It was usually inconsequential. food for the day, and followed the path to the forest.
“Going outside is good for you,” she had read. By the time she reached the forest, the sun was
already low in the sky.
She didn!t question knowledge from books, as there
was no reason to suggest otherwise. This time, She ate the food that she packed, left the forest, and
however, things were different. A small, feathered started the lengthy journey home. Clouds had begun
creature could be seen flying in the cloudless sky. It to roll over. The temperature abruptly dropped, and
moved gracefully, soaring through the sky, free from sheets of white began to cover the ground. The
all bounds. She had read about these creatures green plains turned white, becoming a frozen
before. They were called birds. The bird became wasteland in minutes. The girl felt frozen daggers
larger and larger, until it jauntily landed in the wet, bite into her skin. By the time she reached the
ocean sand. The girl quietly observed the bird. castle, she was almost completely frozen. Icicles
Gathering courage, she walked up to the bird and hung from her hair, and a thin layer of ice covered
stroked its feathers. The bird chirped in delight. The her face. For the first time, she felt pain.
girl and the bird played. The bird sung for the girl After that day, the girl did not dare to venture out of
with its serene voice. The girl played tag with the
the castle. She spent her time in the library, reading
bird. The bird spread its wings, and so did the girl. of another world, one with many people and animals.
For the first time, the girl had fun. For the first time, She was immersed in this fantasy world, a world
the girl felt happiness. She brought the bird back to
spent with others. She yearned for company,
the castle. She returned to her room, opened the someone to spend time with. She felt sad. She felt
windows, and looked upon the heavens. She named
pain. And for the first time, she felt loneliness. And
out constellations to the bird, and the bird listened so she painted. There were many items in the
intently. Feeling tired, she laid down on her bed. castle, and eventually she found the items necessary
She wished the bird good night, and fell asleep.
for painting. She painted a world without loneliness.
The next morning was a typical one. She awoke at She painted a world without sadness. She painted a
her leisure, leaving the bed when the sun was high in world without pain. She painted her ideal world. A
the sky. She looked for the bird from the previous world where people lived happily with each other in
day. She searched, and searched, but the creature bliss.
was nowhere to be found. A feeling of melancholy
She painted and painted. She painted everything.
filled her mind. She did not know why, but the Cities, countrysides, oceans, and forests. She
absence of the bird was the cause of the feeling. For
created a home for herself. She created people and
the first time, the girl felt sadness. animals surrounding her. She painted her world.
Weeks passed. Every day, life continued, but the No matter how much she painted, she still felt lonely
sadness persisted. She did not know why. It was and sad. The world called out to her. It called her
only a bird, and it could not speak to her. However, name, which she had forgotten long ago. She
reached out, but could not enter the world of the
Page 12 theGrifter
paintings. The girl looked inside the paintings. She # seems to be going out, doesn!t it?
saw people happy. She saw people fulfilled. She
saw a world without pain. She realized that she EMMANUEL: Why, you!re certainly right. (Perplexed,
could never have these things. A strange feeling mumbling) But that can!t be right… Stoked it so well,
enveloped her. She could not describe what it was. last time…
She wondered why the people in the paintings lived
so happily. She felt raging jealousy, jealousy she # CYRIL: (Idly) Get up and throw some kindling
could not control. # on it, won!t you?

And so she burned them. All the paintings engulfed EMMANUEL: Well, you know very well I won!t do
in a fireball of hatred. Tears fell from her eyes. For
that, not after what happened last time.
the first time, she cried.
Creative Fiction

The fire spread. The castle burned, and her world # CYRIL: What happened last time? Refresh
crumbled. The entire world was set aflame. At the # my memory.
end of it all, she was still the only one. For the first
time, she realized what a terrible world this was. EMMANUEL: I think… I think they beat me.

# CYRIL: Oh, is that all?

The Fire EMMANUEL: (Vexed) What do you mean, is that all?

I!d like to see you go through that kind of treatment!

in the Gate #
CYRIL: Calm down, calm down. I meant
nothing by it. You!d do anything for me,

" Sean Kim # anyways.

A decadent drawing room, a fire smolders in a brick EMMANUEL: That!s beside the point. It still hurt.
mantle. The fire is small, almost dead, yet it seems to
provide an inordinate amount of light. Two men of # CYRIL: It hurt?
equal age recline in luxurious robes in large heavily
upholstered chairs. Emmanuel holds a decanter of EMMANUEL: Of course it hurt! And I even asked you
wine; Cyril is drinking carbonated spring water. for help in the end, and you utterly ignored me! They
were quite thorough.
# CYRIL: How!s your wine?
# CYRIL: (Defensively) Well, not utterly… And I
EMMANUEL: (Sips) Bitter. Like sacrifice. # was just the tiniest bit late, but you never let it
# go! And I even helped you up, in the end…
# CYRIL: What did you expect?
EMMANUEL: (Begrudgingly) Well… It!s not even
# # (Silence) really that, it!s just that I was really trying to help
EMMANUEL: The fire!s bright tonight. How nostalgic.
# CYRIL: I suppose I must shoulder some of
# CYRIL: Yes. It certainly stirs memories, # the blame for that. I sent you to them after all.
# doesn!t it? (Silence) But it…ah…it # (Pours Emmanuel more wine.)
Page 13 theGrifter
# CYRIL: Do you remember what happened to
EMMANUEL: Why did you do that? They clearly # him?
weren!t going to listen. Uncultured ruffians, all!
EMMANUEL: No, what happened? Did they kill him?
# CYRIL: (Shrugs) The house needed filling.
# You can do nothing with voids but fill # CYRIL: In a sort. They forgot him.
# them. And the fire burned brightly after that.
EMMANUEL: Ah, yes.
EMMANUEL: Fair, fair… (Silence) Do you…do you
remember Ruach? # # (Silence)

# CYRIL: (Contemplating) Ruach…Ruach…The EMMANUEL: It!s such a shame they killed him. Did
# name rings a bell, but I can!t seem to place it. they try to save him?

EMMANUEL: A consort of yours, wasn!t he? # CYRIL: No. They never realized their
# intransigence was fatal.
# CYRIL: Not a consort, more of a… a
# mediator, rather. EMMANUEL: And so the fire died.

EMMANUEL: He sat with us on nights like this. His # CYRIL: Yes.

company was pleasant.
EMMANUEL: What happened, when he died?
# CYRIL: Oh, yes, I remember, on the odd
# occasion. When he was here, the fire was # CYRIL: They lost their faith.
# bright. And he talked to those “ruffians.” Quite
# good at it, too, I might add. # # (Silence)

EMMANUEL: Good at what? Fires? Or talking to the EMMANUEL: Might he be revived?

# CYRIL: Perhaps. It will take a bit of effort.
# CYRIL: Both. # Might just take a bit of sacrifice.

EMMANUEL: (Silence) I miss him. # # (Silence.)

# CYRIL: There!s not much to be done about EMMANUEL: Very well. Shall we adjourn?
# that, then.
# CYRIL: If you wish.
EMMANUEL: Shall I fetch more wood? I!m feeling
chilled. They rise, Cyril begins to exit stage left. He pauses
when he notices Emmanuel is not with him.
Emmanuel is back at the grate, looking down at his
# CYRIL: There!s no wood to be had.
wine as he swirls it, thoughtfully. He hesitates, and
then throws the remainder of his glass, nearly full,
EMMANUEL: Ah, yes. (Silence) I miss him. into the fire. It flares up immediately.
Page 14 theGrifter
After the war, Czechoslovakia was founded as a

Maximillian country, and business was good for a while. But

eventually, anti-Semitic sentiment grew, and Max!s
bakery burned down in an incident that was never

Kalmar fully explained. In 1939, the Allies broke their alliance

with Czechoslovakia, the country fell apart, and
Slovakia allied itself with Nazi Germany.
" Daniel Davidson-Kalmar In 1941, Max!s business was taken over by an
“Aryan” named Recky. Luckily, Mr. Recky decided to
This piece was originally produced for a help, and attempted to obtain permits allowing Max
Grade 11 English family history assignment. and his family to stay and work for him instead of
Creative Fiction

My great grandfather Maximillian Bertalan Kalmar, being taken away to concentration camps. While this
like many other respectable Jews in Czechoslovakia, worked for some family members, Max!s three
would visit the German-speaking resort of Carlsbad daughters and eldest son were deported and never
every year for relaxation and a cure that consisted of heard of again. Their names appear on the list of
drinking the bitter mineral water from the local Auschwitz victims.
In 1944, a message was delivered to the bakery to
“Tell me,” he asked the chambermaid one day, “are announce that my great grandfather and
there any anti-Semites in this town?” grandmother were no longer needed for work. They,
along with all other Jews who remained in the area
“Oh no,” the woman replied, “not during the tourist were moved into a ghetto, where they were forced to
season!” live under terrible conditions. After this point, there
are few documents left, and the rest of the story is
Maximillian, or “Max”, was born in 1884 in the town
based mostly on conjecture. It must have been clear
of Zlaté Moravce, which is now in Slovakia but was
to Max and his wife that if something were not done
once Austria-Hungary. His father was a local baker.
they would most likely be killed. It is rumoured that
Many Jews living in Hungary wanted to become
Max took his wife to the forest to seek shelter with
more Hungarian, and it is likely that it was Max!s
rebels who were fighting the government.
father who changed the family name from Kohn to
Unfortunately, they were discovered, and around this
time there is an arrest record for Max filed by the
As Max grew up, he became an important member of Slovak police. They were put in jail until the Slovak
the town community. He owned a stone mine, a authorities gave them to a German special
printing business, a bakery and other businesses. He commando. The commando took them, along with a
was the first in the Republic of Czechoslovakia to number of other Jews, to a field near a small town
use machines in the production of matza, and his called Kremnicka. Once they arrived they were told
transportation business was the first in town to use that they could go free. As they walked away, Max,
trucks rather than horsepower. Max was a member along with everyone else there, was shot from
of a mostly Jewish liberal political party and was its behind by a Slovak unit hired by the Germans.
acting representative at the city council. A generous
After the war, my grandfather, who had escaped to
man, he would follow Jewish customs and allow a
Hungary, returned to Slovakia to identify the bodies
stranger to eat with his family every Shabbat on
of his parents. He was able to identify his father by
Friday night. He had served as a quartermaster
his ID, but the corpse he identified as his mother was
when World War One broke out in 1914, providing
too badly mutilated to be recognized with certainty.
the Austro-Hungarian forces with supplies.
Page 15 theGrifter
The Grifter congratulates all of those who
received the Sacrament of Confirmation this year.
Page 16 theGrifter
A Problem of
the 2008 Playoffs, and missing the playoffs in 2009,
questions began to arise regarding Bosh!s contract
and whether he would remain in Toronto after the

2010 season. On April 20, 2009, General Manager
Bryan Colangelo announced that he would offer
Bosh a contract extension during the off-season – a

proposal that Bosh would later reject. In an effort to
convince Bosh to stay, Colangelo assembled a team
that appeared to be destined for resurgence in the

" Andrew Savory

Eastern Conference standings. However, in typical
Toronto sports fashion, the team underachieved and
players were left in a state of disarray after dropping
“In recent weeks, [Bosh] several spots out of contention in the final weeks of

posted on his widely the regular season. Ultimately, it can be said that
whichever jersey Chris Bosh dons at the start of next
followed twitter account season, rest assured that it won!t be a Raptors

@chrisbosh, 'Should I stay or This summer, we can expect to see Chris Bosh run
should I go?’” out of town in a way similar to Vince Carter!s fall from
grace. In 2004, Vince Carter went public with his
Ever since their entry into the NBA back in 1995, the frustration regarding the management of the Toronto
Toronto Raptors have had two players who have Raptors. In a private meeting with Maple Leafs
been nicknamed as animals. Those two players are Sports and Entertainment President, Richard Peddie,
Jerome Williams, The Junkyard Dog and Chris Bosh, Carter claimed that Peddie told him the team would
The Brontosaurus. During the time in which Jerome make strong steps towards acquiring beneficial free
Williams was in Toronto, he was consistently praised agents such as Jamaal Magloire and Steve Nash,
by fans for his tenacity and commitment. It was clear and interview Julius Erving for a possible position as
that he loved Toronto and if it weren!t for a sudden General Manager of the team. To Carter!s dismay,
trade with the Chicago Bulls, he most likely would the team would ultimately select Rafael Araujo with
have stayed. Chris Bosh is a different story, as when the 8th pick in the NBA Entry Draft to reaffirm the
he arrived in Toronto he brought a sense of optimism Raptors! intentions of rebuilding. Eventually, Carter
with him. This seemed to glow from within his was impulsively dealt for a journeyman, a wash-up,
originally wiry 6!10”, 215 lb. frame. When Vince and a couple of throw-ins along with a bag of
Carter was practically run out of Toronto by a basketballs. The reason for this spur of the moment
notoriously sinister fan base, Chris Bosh was deal? Carter practically had a target on the back of
heralded as the “New Hope,” and we!re not talking his head. With that being said, Chris Bosh is
Star Wars here. His mid-range jump shot had currently in a very similar situation.
become a trademark and the once quiet, baby-faced
In recent weeks, he posted on his widely followed
and apprehensive power forward had turned into a
twitter account @chrisbosh, “Should I stay or should
glorified basketball saint in Toronto. Unfortunately,
I go?” Moreover, Bosh would proceed to change his
times of prosperity in sports come to an end.
location to “everywhere” and his employer to
After being brutally dispatched at the hands of an up “unknown.” Actions such as these lead us to believe
and coming Orlando Magic squad in five games in that although the fans may not have made up their
minds as to whether they want Bosh to remain a
Page 17 theGrifter

What’s ‘New’
Raptor, it is evident that Chris certainly has decided,
and in the long run, is this such a bad thing after all?

in the Archives?
It!s safe to say that Chris Bosh!s tenure with the
Raptors is essentially over, so allow me to use the
past tense. When put in focus, Vince Carter and
Chris Bosh!s careers with the Toronto Raptors are
actually very similar. Each player spent seven years " Greg McDonald
with the team; both were drafted in the top five, both
made the playoffs twice, but failed to advance past
the second around and both left Toronto in an
! “On the website, there is
apparent rush. Furthermore, both had once a digital version of every
proclaimed that they would bring good fortune and
success to the team, but this was simply a [yearbook] edition from the
proclamation that neither player could fulfill. inaugural copy in 1968/1969
With Bosh!s departure, the team will either pen a
to the most recent in
sign-and-trade deal to get some form of
compensation in return for a perennial all-star, or the 2008/2009”
Raptors can let Bosh leave on his own to test his It is with great pleasure that the Royal St. George!s
luck in free agency and hope for the best at the draft Archives introduces a new resource for Georgians
(with the 0.6 % chance they have of obtaining the past and present. In collaboration with the Internet
first overall pick). Maybe this will be the summer that Archive- a non-profit digital library dedicated to
a Toronto sports team actually does something right providing universal access to information- all of the
for once. You never know: accidents do happen. past editions of the school yearbook, The Georgian,
are now posted. On the website, there is a digital
When Bosh returns to Toronto, don!t be surprised if
he!s greeted with a symphony of “boos.” People say version of every edition from the inaugural copy in
1968/1969 to the most recent in 2008/2009. Every
that you!re only as good as your last game, and
archived book can be read online, downloaded in
Bosh!s last game was a 2 minute, 8 second effort in
PDF, or uploaded onto your Kindle. A format for the
which Toronto lost pitifully to a ineligible playoff team
blind is also available.
in the Golden State Warriors, as he suffered a
season ending injury. If five words could sum up Every scan has been done with a Canon 5D camera
Bosh!s career with the Raptors, it would most likely at the University of Toronto's Robarts Library, where
be, “A unfortunate return on investment.” the Internet Archive houses its Canadian facility. The
pages in the online yearbooks are in high quality
PDF form. You can zoom in to see pictures more
clearly and flip page by page through every book.
When on the new website, you can search by page
to find what you are looking for. You can also search
using a keyword and find 90% of the instances your
name appears in the book. To find your name in the
book, you choose a yearbook to 'read online' and
then type in your name in the search window and
click 'search'. Of course, the Archives will keep all of
Student Activties
Page 18 theGrifter
Page 19 theGrifter
the print editions of The Georgian, but I encourage
everyone to check out the new resource online. DJ Club
So far this year, the Royal St. George!s College
Archives has dug up many old ties worn at different
" Kjell Pladsen
points in the school's history, which many students in This year!s DJ Club ran off the success of a similar
the school have been donning recently. This year, a club last year, which was organized by Corey Trinetti
new tie has been designed for all of the alumni of the (!09). The members of this club were Mr. Kotecha,
school. The tie is blue with red, gold and white Kjell Pladsen, Ethan Singal, Francis Blair, Matt
stripes on diagonals up and down the tie. Although Lapinsky, and Donald Lau. We travelled to
still in production, this will take the place of the ScratchLab© and learned from DJ Craig many
current alumni tie and the outgoing grade 12!s will techniques that real DJs use in the field. We learned
receive at their graduation ceremony. http:// to beat match, pitch ride, scratch, mix, and transition, among other things. This was the beginner course of
the classes that we could have taken, and though

travelling all the way to Downsview was a trek, it was
definitely worth it. Learning to Mix and Scratch was
quite challenging at some points, and was worth all

" Andrew Mok the time we spent at the club. Bringing the culture of
hip-hop into the School was very fun and exciting,
Earlier this year, a club called the Gay Straight and having guest DJs and producers coming into the
Alliance (GSA) was started at RSGC for the first time school was intellectually stimulating. We hope this
in the history of our school. More significantly, this club has engaged the RSGC community in the ever-
particular GSA is open to all COSSOT schools as a growing hip-hop scene.
way to involve both male and female perspectives in

Captain’s Log
the intimate conversations that are held within the
meetings. So far, the schools that have attended
meetings include St. Clement!s School, Bishop

Stardate : 2010
Strachan School, and Branksome Hall. Each meeting
is filled with a variety of different voices and opinions
that allow the members to have authentic
conversations with one another.
" Daniel Gold Bersani
As a group that is only beginning to find its place in
its participating schools, the GSA has been
successful in bringing members to the meetings and
! “No one knows what the
keeping them engaged in the discussions that they future holds for the RSGC
have. This progress would not have been
accomplished without the perseverance of our Year- R42T Team but it will most
in-Focus prefect, Jack Keilty and our social worker
Ms. Kaye. Their continuous efforts to provide likely be great things”
interesting topics and activities at the meetings is
This year, the Reach for the Top team (more well
what makes our group so cohesive, despite the large
known as R42T) has made a splash in the RSGC
numbers that attend. The amount of trust and
community. It is our third and, by far, best year yet.
understanding that our group has gained from one
Our lunch time meetings have seen an all time-high
another continues to amaze us all.
Page 20 theGrifter
in participation and enthusiasm. Our first meeting of RSGC R42T team but it will most likely be great
the year was so full, that we had to schedule two things and hopefully domination of the
days to practice. However, the R42T team still seems KNOWLEDGE UNIVERSE! Until next season, Daniel
to be lacking a je ne sais quoi. I thought a little bit of out.
history might take the veil off the mysterious team.

The Team was established in the Winter Term of the

2007-2008 School year. Ms. Ghoreshy and an elite
squad of students seeking to enhance their vast
Letter to the
(Textbook) Editors
knowledge of the universe started meeting once a
week at lunch. Slowly, interest in the clandestine
Student Activities

group grew until we could no longer keep it a secret.

Royal St. George!s College was in the Toronto " Chris Comparey
School Reach League! We competed twice a week
at schools throughout the City. Our senior team Dear Knill, Collins, Conrad, Ferneyhough, Hamilton,
qualified for the city finals, which they would be Miller, Wardrop and Webb,
eliminated from in the first round. Our first year was a
success, but that would be nothing in comparison to Although this book was overwhelmingly informative,
it is the most boring book I have ever read. The only
the next year.
thing worse than the dullness of this book was how
The second year (or the Second Era) saw a change cheesy some sections were. If your goal is to break
in leadership with the departure of Ms. Ghoreshy. It students! backs, I commend you because this book
was a dark time for the Team. With no leadership, is filled with useless material.
the team was on the edge of revolt but Mme. DeBlois
There were several problems with this book.
would step up to the challenge to lead this squad.
Sometimes, the answers in the back of the book
Now, even more people joined and the team grew in
size. The competitions continued and our senior were wrong which throws off students, and this can
be really frustrating when they don!t want to do their
team once again qualified for the city finals (from
which they would be eliminated from once again in homework, but copy the back of the book instead.
the first round). The lamest parts of this book were the idiotic titles,
such as “Pattern Power,” “Modeling Math” and
The Third Era (or Episode Three: Revenge of the
Buzzer) would be the biggest year for the team. With “Achievement Check.” When I hear the word pattern,
I think back to my days of kindergarten when I would
no one to co-ordinate the Toronto League, Mme.
DeBlois was asked to join an inter-galactic look at simple diagrams of “triangle, triangle, circle,
triangle, triangle, circle, what comes next?”
symposium to decide on who should host the teams.
With Mars and Neptune out of the question (because Your book is terrible. Moreover, it!s cheesy, boring
of their dangerous atmospheres), it was determined and unappealing to teenagers. It was so poor that my
that all of the competitions be held at RSGC. Every school discontinued using it after my grade finished
week, hundreds of Knowledgeers poured through our with it. Unfortunately, the used text book sale would
doors to battle it out for supremacy. This year our not take it back. I was hoping that by pointing out
senior team once again qualified for the finals, but your mistakes, you would understand why I loathe
you know the ending. Our intermediate team finished your book.
in second out of six after defeating powerhouses,
such as UTS!s A Team. Sincerely,
Chris Comparey
No one knows what the future holds in place for the
Page 21 theGrifter

They came... and they went...

theGrifter wishes all of our graduates the best of
luck in their future endeavors, wherever they may go.
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