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The Word of God (Sacred Geometry/Gnosis)

Is there really a single secret name of GOD? The Jewish mystics say there is an unspeakable
hidden name of God which has 42 letters in it. Based on all that we have seen here so far it is
surely possible that there is an alpha/numeric sequence that carries a particular frequency that is
the all powerful vibration, which can transform anything or reveal everything.

When we look to those who believe the Bible to be the full face value or absolute word of God,
what we find is a group of people who ultimately emphasize one word: FAITH (26/8). Given all
that is and will be presented shortly, it is difficult to comprehend such concepts as, “Pray for
forgiveness and Jesus died for our sins” – end of story.

The hidden word of God or perhaps better stated, the hidden words or messages that lie just
beneath the surface of the words and sentences say much more about the nature of existence and
God than any story in any modern or ancient text. Probably one of the best examples of this
universal truth can be seen in the Jewish mystery teaching called: Gemetria, essentially a form of
Numerology. It’s numbering system, however is different from Numerology, yet the concepts are
virtually the same. The numbers in Gemetria (based on the Hebrew letters) are increased by 10
and then by 100 for the last four characters, which results in much larger summations for single
words than the western form of Numerology.

Moreover, what is evident is that the same principles are existent in both systems (or at least with
the more expanded esoteric methods revealed here) reinforcing the proof of the existence of divine
intelligence and universal laws.

For example, Father equals 32 and Holy Spirit equals 12 for a total of 44, and Son also equals 44.
The implications of these types of examples will be very familiar to you by now. Additionally, let
us look at what is encoded within a key Genesis word and phrase.

Eden = 144 and Tree of Life = 233

Do these numbers look familiar to you? They are in Phi ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. What
other secrets await the aware eye of the truth seeker that has looked past the word or proverbial
apple. If the Garden of Eden was in fact paradise and filled with perfection, why was it necessary
to forbid the consumption of the fruit of Wisdom? Or did you simply have to earn it?

The next section of material may at first seem a little obscure or hard to follow, perhaps even a
reach in a few areas; however, it stands up to the test of being consistent and repeatable as
verification of its validity, if you bare it out in entirety the Gnosis will become self-evident.
Measure with Numbers (Sacred Geometry/Gnosis)

“And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise,
and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.” ~
Revelations Chapter 11 verse 1
The current and ancient Jewish Mystics spent a great deal of energy studying the
words of the Torah as numbers (Gematria) [Numerology/Geometry/Gematria as
Neo-Numerology]. They essentially said that the Wisdom of the scripture lies
beneath the garment of words. We will now discover what they where spending
hours upon hours measuring out.

Lets see what we find when we continue to measure the value of the temple of the Body,
the Pyramid and the Divine Matrix, as we shall see.

The numeric number set that has come down to use today in the modern English
language may have had some divine intervention in its creation. The following
evidence demonstrates the divine intelligence inherent within it.
THREE 56 11(2) 5 LETTERS
SEVEN 65 11(2) 5 LETTERS

Reorganized into groups of letter sets is as follows:

Threes = One + Two + Six = 9
Fours = Four + Five + Nine = 18/9
Five = Three + Seven + Eight = 18/9
The numbers are essentially perfectly balanced as a whole in 999. Viewing the detail of
this is most revealing indeed, as we shall now see.
There are 3 sets of each alpha-number type. (i.e. Set one is words with three letters)
M 126 144 18/9 9

The three letter word set’s numerological total the divine number 144 (34+58+52=144).

F/M 459 144 18/9 12/3

The four letter words numerologically total 144 (60+42+42=170) revealing the
controversial 666 in the vertical single digit values.

F THREE 56 11(2) 5 LETTERS

F SEVEN 65 11(2) 5 LETTERS

F 378 170 26 15/6

The five letter words numerologically total 170 (56+65+49=144).

(Note: The seal has definitely been cracked and the pages are beginning to be opened,
as several individuals have begun to access the wisdom of the number matrix behind
creation. I had played around with this type of table for several years never really
following through with it, until I caught a glimpse of the work that was being done by
Gary Van Turel on the web. I am sure he has presented much of the same information
in his book about NINE. When I showed my friend with whom I have been sharing
all this with she said that she created this same table several years ago, but did not take
it any further.)
After analyzing the table above several very interesting things start to stand out that
suggest divine intelligence at work with this number system, not to mention that
whoever laid out the language had a vast understanding of all the things put forth in
this book. First of all the first two groups (3 & 4) add up to 144! (144 + 144 = 288 this is
the numerological value of the phrase: “According to the Order of Melchezedek” and
“Set is the key to Eternal Life”) The first two groups also add up to nine (the
completion number) in each of the number columns. (e.g. 4 + 5 + 9 = 18/9 and 1 + 4 + 4 =

The gender values that are expressed by the alpha-numbers themselves appear to be in
perfect symmetry as well. Essentially, expressing emphasis on the central axis, that is
both male and female. If the table was tipped up on its side, by turning it clockwise we
would find the right side is predominately Male and the left predominately Female.

The entire table would add up to nine in every direction if the final value of 170 was
increased by just one more number (170 / 1 + 7 + 1 = 9). Perhaps there is a message here
in this single digit off -set, as I doubt that it is just a slight over-sight. Especially
considering that all the data in the appendix confirms that every thing always comes
back to NINE!

It is also relative to note that the number table introduced above matches the
conventional numerology table or alphabet number correlation used in the basic
level of numerology. It is the same in respect to the value of the single digit letter
totals, the difference being, the leaving of the double digit value through the
calculation, resulting in larger sums (i.e. three digit values, such as 170).

A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 [9 Letters]

J=10 K=11 L=12 M=13 N=14 O=15 P=16 Q=17 R=18 [9


S=19 T=20 U=21 V=22 W=23 X=24 Y=25 Z=26 [8 Letters]

This is seen in the correlation that occurs between the letter set groups and the rows
of the alphabet, with the first group of threes equaling 144 or 9, which matches the

Let us look at this more closely.

Referencing the alpha-number table on page 599, notice that the value of the third
group’s vertical single digit column is 26; this is also, of course, the number of the letters
in our alphabet. It has been shown (in the appendix) that the perfect numerical
expression of an alphabet is accomplished with 27 (2 + 7 = 9) letters, or three sets of 9.
There are only a few languages on the planet that have 27 letters, the ancient Egyptians
were keenly aware of this perfection. At first glance it would appear that a master
mind plot has stunted our Divine expression by just one digit.

The evidence of the Egyptians knowledge of the power of 9 x 3 is seen in the code
language that was created to essentially save the Hidden Wisdom that was only to be
transferred orally, never to be written down. When the Romans threatened to sack
the library of Alexandria and the sublime Sarapeium temple, a mystery script was
created to preserve the arcane gems. The Theban Mystery script was a coded letter for
letter alphabet (often used for magic practice today) that was 27 characters in length
(9x3 rows of letters). It had as a finally stroke, a seal, or cipher as the twenty-seventh
letter. This symbol was the signet for the Alpha and the Omega, the scared seal that
vibronically held the frequency integrity of what was being transmitted upon the page.
Each page was stamp with the Divine iconology of the Eternal Flame of All That IS.
The following is the representation of 27th symbol or character.

Again referencing the alpha-number table, hidden within the total numerical value (170) of the
third number set is a clue to the key for unlocking the magic square of manifested reality and the
divine matrix itself. For there within the total (170) is the code or number sequence that was
previously revealed in the chapters on the 7th Seal, (One = 7 and Spirit = 1 numerologically),
which has even a greater meaning that we will be delving more deeply into as we continue to
fortify our temple structure. The sacred compound that our building blocks are made of also
contain the secret code of 7/11 which is the very value of these two key code numbers (One=7 and
Seven=11 numerologically). (It is also inherent in the single digit values of the three’s number set as
747 / 7 + 4 = 11 + 7.)
What we see reinforced over and over again here is the need to complete the equation, the two
must become one or the many must become one. In this instance, we can see that the missing piece
to complete balance out the equation and finalize the formula is the realization that everything
must become aware of the singularity in consciousness, the totality of the expression called unity,
which does not work if one iota is not seen as a necessary component to the completion of the whole.
Here we are being shown that one is not really one until all the numbers perfectly equal the
expression of completion or nine, in every way, from all angles, throughout all levels, all the way
around, which is the gateway or doorway of the understanding, which enables the passing through
the veil of the mirrored illusion; the existence of the material plane.

When we look at the number 170, what we see is that the zero appears to be out of placed or
incorrect, based on what is needed to total nine. All though the zero is a key to the formula of
completion as well; it is a window to the true reality of the invisible realm of the Creator Beings.
The word ZERO numerologically adds up to 64, which is the same value as the words; Portal and
Last, namely the portal of the last digit. When we look at the numerological value of the word
MIRROR we find a clue to the entire master key ring to the Kingdom of the Immortal
Realm. The value is the reverse of zero/portal: MIRROR = 46. The projection of the essence of
ZOE (46) into this material plane to experience free will and still choose love and ASCEND
(46) is the grand Divine plan in action. Ascend is still only an illusion or mirror perception when
the awareness of everywhere and every-when is truly tapped in the eternal now moment through
LOVE (54/9).
Deciphering the energy of the number pattern of 170 also reveals a clue to the king lynch pin.

The “Left Eye of Horus” is incomplete without the Right. The way to unlocking the Divine
Matrix is to follow a “Spiritual Path” that will lead to the personal experience and discovery that
the Master Builder or the Grand Architect (22 – “Two Two”) as the “Master of the Mind” is
only one half of the equation. ALL THE ABOVE “EMPASIZED” PHRASES

Further emphasizing that the male is incomplete without the female, though it is the predominately
feminine alpha-number group that adds up to 170. The incomplete female? Wait a minute.
What is the message? Perhaps that she is the Mother, and incomplete because she is waiting for
the return of her children and their love, thus completing her. That is part of it, though she is
already everything, including complete, for her Spirit is everywhere. The design that will complete
everything is the message that she is carrying or reflecting that the masculine or Divine Mind must
be completely balanced with her Divine Heart. In other words, experience and express love,
which is the agent of her Spirit (91 or 1).

[Note: 91 is visually Completion (9) as the return to Source (1)]

Moreover, the total of the single digits (11+11+4 = 26 letter alphabet) in the last set of the alpha-
number table; the fives (the predominate female set - FFM), reveals that the imperfection or flaw
in the system (again, interestingly enough the female side) is intended to create a barrier or locked
doorway that requires a key to activate the entire system or the complete power of the Language of

So what is the design, it is perfection in the imperfection so to speak, as to the frequency fence that
is keeping us lock up in the Divine Matrix. The number table is near complete and yet not in
perfect balance.

This is most easily seen in that the entire perfected numerological value itself is off by just one,
which otherwise would depict a balanced triangle with all values returning to 9, as the number of
completion. This would hold unequivocally true if the entire value of all numbers in the number
table totaled (144 + 144 + 170 + 1 = ) 459 ( which is 18/9), which are the numbers that make up the
middle group (four five nine), yet the total is off by just one. Although I do believe that this flaw
is intended to send a message, showing the way to completion or the return to Source.

The message is: Matter (esoterically valued at 8) is incomplete without Spirit (numerologically
valued at 1). Revealing that Matter is the manifested or actualized portion of energy or the light
(intelligence) of Source (numerologically = 9) projected out as creation. So in this way, we can
view ourselves as a pyramid that is missing its capstone. This is the final piece that completes or
unites (which numerologically equals 7 / as to ‘Join with Spirit’ numerologically = 9) us with
Spirit. We need to be able to add one (which also numerologically = 7 thus adding Spirit -
“ONE” to the equation) in order to complete the number set’s total value (26/8 – to achieve 8 + 1
= 9). Thus bringing the “reduced value” of the last group (the fives) to 27 and setting ourselves free
from this divine matrix that we live in. (Remember 5 represents love/freedom and humans, this is
what is needed to be completed or freed.)

As we continue into this labyrinth of numbers we will discover that there are several profound
keys on the master key ring to the many mansions of the Father. Beginning now to sketch the
outline that will form a greater picture, again focus on the fact that the total number of the three
number groups equals 458 (144 + 144 + 170 = 458 / 459 - 1). Now what is so unique or interesting
about 458? Nothing? If that was the case, the Divine Blueprint wouldn’t hold water. The last
value does have relevance with relation to what is being learned or overcome, in that the value 4 + 5
+ 8 = 17 or 8, which is the value or meaning of MATTER, as well as bearing the same
numerological values as GOD (17). Though there is still something more that is missing. Where
did the zero go? (17-0 for the full value of 170) We actually need to acknowledge the value and
presence of zero as it also represents the un-manifested potential or source before or beyond the
Source, so to speak, the Void as ineffable and omnipresent, literally the unrealized potential of
everything and anything, yet nothing in its primordial state. Again, the numerological value of
ZERO is 64 or 1, as the source and unity of the pre-existent consciousness or the Forethought of
Creation, essentially ALL THAT IS (it simply just IS – IS = 28/1) just before it began to
manifest as ONE, when ZERO first became ONE, from nothing there came something and it
was ONE, long before it was two, which is the story of me and you!

What is seminal to the greater understanding being put forth here, is the need to reinforce the
entire concept, in other words, to see it in a slightly different light; the only real conceivable single
digit number that is missing in this table that we may look to for an answer, is the number ZERO.
(Z=8, E=5, R=9, O=6 / 8+5+9+6=28/10/1). Here, hidden within, we find the value needed to
become ONE (or the number to back into its place; 458 + 1 = 459 highlighting the MIDDLE!) or
better put transcending and transforming the creation of matter into complete perfection.

Could ZERO be seen as a circle? Further elucidating the statement; “Seek within the Circle”.
Perhaps even better stated, recognizing the perfect harmony (PERFECT = 1) with the ALL (= 7),
this reinforces the statement that it is ALL PERFECT and ONE SPIRIT already. Both
phrases equal ONE SEVEN or GOD, as the very nature of this genesis experiment, to
RELFECT (33) the image, and realize the reflection is the illusion, for everything already is

Recognizing the need to come back to the awareness of ONE or re-add meaning or value of one
into our reality creates a perfectly balanced expression (9x9=81), where everything always returns
to Source. Zero is the absolute ineffable un-manifested, omnipotent essence underlying all Spirit,
which existed and exists beyond the Source itself. It is literally the VOID (numerologically = 14/5
– Freedom and Love). Therefore, beneath it all is Zero, this is a back door or Master key to
completion and it is “all about nothing, isn’t that something”. It is all so simple and yet so

When we take the value of ZERO (64) and add it to the alpha-number table’s total (458) what
do we get?

+ 64

The vibration and number pattern of the Avataric frequency is 522, the direct
personification of Eternal Consciousness in its inviolate state precipitated into human
form. This truth is “hidden within”, two digits as one (64 as 1), just beneath the surface
and out of sight, for the actual divine blueprint of the human being is 522, the perfected
Higher Master Self before the split when the bifurcation projected the fragmented
representation of the ONE into the many. Additionally, it will be most revealing to
observe the number value of the soul after the split, which we will complement
everthing. This will reveal a final key that will be most astounding. Although, we
will need to gather a deeper understanding be this will make complete sense.

AVATAR (63) and ANTI-AVATAR (107) which are really one and the same
aspects of the reflected, polarized creation, expressed in the incomplete number
frequency key of 170 (mirrored by; 107 + 63 = 170) is yet another clue to Divine
Awareness. These archetypal energies that do indeed exist in all of us simply must re-
member and embrace one another as one and the same, thus becoming the number that
completes the unrealized state of 170, therefore alchemically transforming its vibration
into 171.
Hidden within this value is one of our Master codes, which can been seen by simply
flipping the central number to the outer position, revealing 711. This further
demonstrates the nature of this existence and reinforces the act of displacing, focusing
the inside on the outside, or the Divine Reversal, as the reason for creating the
appearance of the mirrored existence to begin with; to experience the Genesis

The process of reaching understanding around this truth is achieved by communicating

the feelings of the heart and sharing the love centered in the soul of each being. We
need only quite the mind and reach the awareness of its personal power and proper
place in creation as the Divine Intelligence, then and only then, may we access the Zero
Point where the two forces merge into one. This is when we will truly reverse the
mirror’s reflection and see our selves as we truly are; DIVINE BEINGS

We must learn to COMMUNICATE or express our inner feelings in order to and

REVERSE THE MIRROR, or remove the mirror and access the ZERO POINT
to the Way of the Eternals. (COMMUNICATE = 171, THE ZERO POINT =
171, REVERSE THE MIRROR = 171, Way of the Eternals = 171. 171 x 4 = 684 / 18 /

If that isn’t enough, notice the arrangement of the “LETTER SET” column in the
number table and the pattern it creates.

The key to the perfection of the human being is embedded within the fabric of the
matrix itself. The phi code is the measurement of the biggest and oldest surviving living
Temple and Alter to the Most High, as it is wrapped and denoted through and
through with a phi matrix algorithm. The Great Pyramid is literally a massive stone
time machine that measures and calibrates divine perfection upon this plane,
calculating the precious moment of the release of its greatest treasure; the scientific truth
and proof of our Divine heritage and birthright.

This means that the Great Pyramid (which is a message of both of Phi and Pi.) is
encoded directly into the base number system itself, correlating precisely to the
Pythagorean theories stating that the fabric of creation is numbers.
Did you know that when you observe the limestone material of the Great Pyramid
under a microscope you will see in the molecular structure a hologram of the whole? The
pattern of the compound is literally pyramids within pyramids. Understanding what
this could mean is mind blowing enough, let alone learning that when viewing the
molecular structure of the human bone the identical shape and phenomenon is found!

One may be inclined to ask, “So is the bone really bone and the stone really stone?”
After reading this portion of the 7th Seal a resounding “NO” will assert itself in the
assembling of a new, more appropriate belief system about the world we live in.

Evidence continues to surmount supporting the overall postulation being assembled

throughout this work that there is indeed a divine plan orchestrating everything
including the synchronistic expression of numbers and letters as a Language of Light
that we may learn to articulate the manifestation of our Self-Mastery with.
The Perfect Number (Neo-History / Gnosis)
At this point the substantiation for divine intervention will go way beyond
surmounting and fast approach indelible, as we continue to look at the startling
connections in correlating the relevance of numerology and geometry with the
heavenly bodies and energies. Here we will explore further evidence that may be
considered as conclusive proof to the great design of this entire reality and all of
creation as an out-picturing of the Divine Mind of highly intelligent creator

The references in the Bible and Moron scriptures to the Garden of Eden are most
interesting indeed when studied through the Gnosis type of approach. The
ambiguous descriptions in the first chapters of Genesis begin to take on new light,
when we look at the Rostau Matrix as the point of first contact or the zero point of
civilization. Regarding of which the Bible states: “there were four rivers and they
all came together at one place” What could this mean? The Garden of Eden had
four rivers going out from it. This is clearly the same inference found in the book
of Genesis. It states,, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and it was
so…Let it divide the waters from the waters. God made the firmament to divide
the waters, yea, the great waters under the firmament from the waters, which were
above the firmament. Let the waters under heaven be gathered together unto one
place, and so it was.”

The reference to waters is evidently more than just a river or an ocean, as we now
know that the great abyss is also deep space, although this is something more.
What we have depicted here is the creation or delineation of dimensions and
creational essences, i.e. waters. The reference to Eden having four rivers going out
in each direction is also a delineation of boundaries or the representation of
energy being divided, thorough the process of setting down the foundational
blueprint that stood for the demarcation of the fundamental tenets of geography
(i.e. east, west, north, south) and its correlation to the alchemy of the creational
elements (air, fire, water, earth), literally depicting the topography of creation.

In other words, in order to have an experience of being in the Divine Matrix, one
would need to have a point of reference, the x, y, z coordinates for mapping three
space (3D). The Pyramid is a fulcrum for the measuring of the precipitation of
energy into time and space. As a linear, material, progression of moments
experienced as tangible, yet, purely the expression of ordered energy out of the
chaos of no-time and no-space, literally the Void of IS-ness, manifest through
focused consciousness as the galvanization of the senses.

Giza is just such a place, created in the beginning (“Sept Tepi”) mirroring the
heavens above and reflecting them below. The message from the place of where
“the powers from above are transferred below” is replete throughout the ancient scriptures
when you know what you are looking for, as seen in Psalms 91: 1-7:

“He that dwelleth in the Secret Place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the

Aside from the visual correlations in what the words are attempting to
communicate there is even a deeper, more direct connection that presents itself
when being observed through the lens of Neo-Numerology.

Moreover, we will see demonstrated next, that the fabric of creation is nothing
more and nothing less than a lattice work of number patterns co-existing together
as an overall fragmentation of the number 9; the bifurcated male and female
monad or model of perfection; the Godhead (Monad) itself.

Another way of looking at the meta-mechanics of creation is that the fabric of our
divine matrix reality is constructed out of our very thoughts. (The ‘US’ on the
higher levels or dimensions.) This can also be seen as the power of the spoken
word. Our language (primarily seen in the English language) is the brush that
paints the canvas of creation. It is our thoughts and the intonation of that
articulation that precipitates the perception of substance. The human eye, which
can only see a fraction of the greater light spectrum, transmits organized
information or thoughts, as the energy of the atoms and molecules to our brain
where it is seen in the reverse and accepted as our subjective reality. Mostly we
do not question whether this is an absolute reality or not, we just accept what we
see, which is only a small part of the greater equation.

When our brain receives a projection, from the projector (eye), namely, the movie
as the reality that is playing, that is ultimately envisioned by the collective mind,
our perspective is vastly different than that of the totality of the movie directors’
point of view, i.e. pure energy and information. This is due to the transmission and
reception of the subtle language of Light that defines what we receive and
perceive as our reality.

To better describe this Divine matrix and its program Language of Light, let us
peel back another layer of the veil that has been setup as a fence to keep us from
our greater consciousness.

The power of the spoken word is further demonstrated in the underlying

alchemical elements of the 1 thru 9 number signatures, as well shall see in full light
very soon now.

These frequency packets form vibrational waveforms or energy that when

combined into certain patterns create a heightened synergistic effect. For
example the resonate tone that is achieved around the number nine is so fine,
vibrating at such a high rate that it entrains all other tones into the totality of its
entire frequency spectrum. This is due to its all-encompassing nature as the
ultimate sum of all other number frequencies.

We can see a simple form of this expressed in the following words:

True = 63/9
Divine = 63/9
Avatar = 63/9

999 or 63 x 3 = 189

What is revealed here and in the next paragraphs is that the number “Nine is the
Key” (= 144/9 numerologically).

The reference to the number 144 is in regards to the “Children of Light” (i.e. Sons
of Light = 144 also) as a very significant total number or subset of the Eternal
Cadre of the 12 of the 24, as it is the collective mind, that conveys the composite
number of the oversoul creators. This group is the full expression and extent of
the energy essences of the ONE (All that IS). This original family of light is
projected outwards into the gradient frequency spectrum. (Literally the entire
gradation of the fullest spectrum of all existent Light bifurcated down through
the dimensions. i.e. the Twin Ray frequencies.)

The language of Light is the subsequent soul signatures of the essence of these
prime frequencies organized and agreed upon ideas and thoughts, resulting in the
collective mind’s experiences.

This is the sum total of the expression “I am the Eternal, I am Ra, I am which created the
Word, I am the Word.” And, “In the Beginning was the Word, and the word was with God,
and the Word was God.”

The entire meaning of this is woven directly into the Adam and Eve story, as we
will see in the next chapter.

What is revealed is that there are higher expressions (other than the single or
double digit ones) that are the primordial essences, which literally are the
creational phrases that hold the keys to decoding the Gnosis of All That Is. The
understanding that will be formed and shown is that there are a finite number of 3
digit subsets that are all permutations of nine. These are the Master Keys to the

The number nine is the key code to the blueprint of absolute autonomy. Witness
this miraculous wonder in the following diagram.

The above sequence (162738495) is found repeating every nine times in the frequency
table on the left. This sequence automatically draws the ennead star shape by starting
at 1 and tracing the number pattern. Notice that this is nearly the same arrangement of
the alpha-number table’s sets. Except for the two Divine Reversals; in the first group
the number 6 and 2 are reversed and the last two sets are reversed all together. As well
as the displacement of the 7 and the 3 in 738, which is off by one, remedied by placing
the seven back inside, for the last set of 378. Again, we see the natural juxtaposition of

Now that is self-aware! Creating an inner underlying balance or equipoise, or is it that

this is simply Divine Intelligence in action, which was preprogrammed to behave this
way all along, reminding us that there are not any real opposites?

Now that we have prefaced the importance of such numbers as 144/9, let us see how
they show up and what they correlate to or communicate.
Two Trees in Paradise (Neo-History / Gnosis)
Beginning with the Sept Tepi (First + Egypt = 144/9), as the main terrestrial source
of Divine Wisdom, where the progenitors setup a record or monument of
perfection that was in the center of paradise. The Rostau Matrix has within it
several key parallel references to the Garden of Eden. These correlations are most
compelling and astonishing to ponder.

The most powerful is in regards to the following phrases in the Book of Genesis:

“The Lord God planted a garden in Eden away to the east, and there he put the man
who he had formed. The Lord God made trees spring from the ground, all trees pleasant
to look at and good for food, and in the middle of the garden he set the tree of life and
the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The Lord God said, “You may eat from every
tree in the garden, but from the tree of knowledge of good and evil; for on the day that
you eat from it, you will certainly die. The serpent said to the woman, ‘Is it true, that
God has forbidden you to eat any tree in the garden?’ She answered, ‘We may eat the
fruit of any tree in the garden, except for the tree in the middle of the garden. God has
forbidden us to either eat or touch the fruit of that tree or we will die.’ The Serpent said,
‘Of course you will not die. God knows that as soon as you eat it, your eyes will be
opened and you will be like gods, knowing both good and evil.”

When we look to Egypt with what we now know it is quite easy to see that there
could be further comparisons drawn regarding the Tree of Life. Namely that it is
connected to the Kabbalah and Moses.

Would it surprise you at this point to discover that there were in fact two
Sphinxes (Aker) in those ancient days in the land of Khem (Shem), one on either
side of the pyramids? Additionally, several psychic and channels have brought
this information forward. The Book of Enoch further reinforces that Eden was the
Rostau Complex, stating that the tree Adam ate from was there in the 7th heaven

The reference to the two trees is of significance and most striking indeed when
compared to the understanding of the left and the right as the male and the
female or the King and the Priest. Namely, that the right correlates to the
representation of knowledge or the Tree of Knowledge (Tree of Knowledge of
Good and Evil = 144/9). This actually makes perfect sense as this would be all the
understanding of who we truly are and the nature of our existence, and all the
knowledge concerning the body and mind.

As an opposite reflection we would then find the Tree of Life across from the now
existent Sphinx concealing the teachings of Wisdom or the higher mysteries of
the soul and eternal life. Besides the nice vision this creates there is very strong
numerological evidence supporting the full extent of what is being portrayed
here in the 7th Seal as my soul’s memory.

The Tree of Wisdom = 176

The Tree of Knowledge = 189


Given all that we now posses and the understanding of Enoch and the direct
correlations to the Great Pyramid, this is most revealing indeed.

It doesn’t stop there either.

We now know that the “Mother of Wisdom” is Pistis Sophia, which adds up
numerologically to 16/7. The word pyramid adds up to 14/5 (7+7), which has been
shown to be very significant in regards to ascension and mastery of the elements.
The most famous pyramid builder was Imhotep who also adds up to 14/5. If that
isn’t enough, both Christ and Caduceus both equal 77 numerologically, which is
14/5 if broken down (77/14/5).

The profound significance of seven has been conclusively proven to have several
meanings; namely wisdom, spirit and perfection. Would it surprise you to discover
that seven also has a hidden meaning or layer within its own symbol that is
concealed from the world at large?

If you take a seven and draw a straight line from the left edge of the top cross bar,
down to the bottom of the slanting side line what do you get? A 3-4-5 triangle or
half of the pyramid.

When you reverse the number you get a perfect pyramid.

The Essene Tree of Life is represented by a tree with seven roots and seven branches.
Stars = 77 = 14 Stars
Sheseta (Mystery) = 77
176 + 189 = 365
What do you suppose 365 adds up? 14/5!
The divine balance of as above, so below.
Egypt in its pristine wholeness and currently as an etheric blueprint is the Mother
of Light (= 189) or Divine Intelligence as the “Grand Hierophant” teaching the
Wisdom of the Heart (= 189). This is confirmed in the Apocrypha (Hidden Books),
which was removed from the Bible.

From the Book called “The Wisdom of Solomon” in the Apocrypha the following
reveals the nature of Wisdom.

“Here then you Kings, take this to heart; learn your lesson, lords of the wide world; lend
your ears, you rulers of the multitude, whose pride is in the myriads of your people. It is
the Lord who gave you your authority; your power comes from the Most High. He will
put your actions to test and scrutinize your intentions. Though you are viceroys of his
kingly power, you have not been upright Judges; you do not stand up for the law or
guide your steps by the will of God. Swiftly and terribly will he descend upon you, for
judgment falls relentlessly upon those in high places. The small man may find pity and
forgiveness, but the powerful will be called powerfully to account; for he who is all
men’s master is obsequious to none, and is not overawed by greatness. Small and great
alike are of his making, and all are under his providence equally, but it is the powerful
for whom he reserves the sternest inquisition. To you then who have absolute powers I
speak, in hope that you may learn wisdom and not go astray; those who in holiness have
kept a holy course, will be accounted holy, and those who have learnt that lesson will be
able to make their defense. Be eager then to hear me, and long for my teaching; so you
will learn.

Wisdom shines bright and never fades; she is easily discerned by those who love her,
and by those who seek her, she is found. She is quick to make herself know to those
who desire knowledge of her; the man who rises early in search of her will not grow
weary in the quest, for he will find her seated at his door. To set one’s thoughts on her
is prudence in its perfect shape, and to lie wakeful in her cause is the short way to peace
of mind. For she herself ranges in search of those who are worthy of her; on their daily
path she appears to them with kindly intent, and in all their purposes meets them
halfway. The true beginning of wisdom is the desire to learn, and a concern for learning
means love towards her; the love of her means the keeping of her laws; to keep her laws
is a warrant of immortality; and immortality brings a man near to God. Thus the desire
of wisdom leads to kingly stature. If, therefore, you value your thrones and your
scepters, you rulers of nations, you must honor wisdom, so that you may reign forever.
What wisdom is, and how she came into being, I will tell you, I will hide no secret from
you. From her first beginnings I will trace out her course, and bring knowledge of her
into the light of day. I will not leave the truth untold.

God grant me that I may speak according to his will, and that my own thoughts may be
worthy of his gifts; for even wisdom is under God’s direction and he corrects the wise;
we and our words, prudence and knowledge and craftsmanship, all are in his hand. He
himself game me true understanding of things as they are: a knowledge of the
structure of this world and the operation of the elements; the beginning and end of
epochs and their middle course; the alternating solstices and changing seasons; the
cycles of the years and constellations; the nature of living creatures and behavior of
wild beasts; the violent force of winds and the thoughts of men; the varieties of plants
and the virtue of roots (herbs). I have learned it all, hidden or manifest, for I was
taught by her whose skill made all things – wisdom.

For in wisdom there is Spirit intelligent and holy, unique in its kind yet made up of
many parts, subtle, free-moving, lucid, clear, and invulnerable, loving what is good,
eager, unhindered, beneficent, kindly towards men, steadfast, unerring, untouched by
care, all powerful, all surveying, and permeating all intelligence and purity.”

Well that is a most powerful passage indeed; I can see several reasons why it was
re-moved from the accepted canonical writings.

It is very important to realize that one who claims their divine right to be
sovereign only unto God is an individual who has laid claim to their natural
inheritance to dominion over this world. That is not to say that we are to be a liege
lord over anyone else, it is simply acknowledging the fact that surrendering to the
Divine will is accepting the path of your initiation into anointed Christ
consciousness. From this state you are the King or Queen of your experience and
will receive the grace and empowerments to stay your course in the ministry
(Administer = Add Ministry) of God’s will, which is serving ‘our’ children in their
immanent awakening.
Wheels within Wheels (Gnosis)
When we realize that we are in fact the Eternals themselves fragmented into
fractured aspects of the greater totality of the collective mind, we can better
begin to comprehend this grand design. The statement that the Sphinx is the
“Image of the Eternals” is most profound indeed, suggesting that perfection is not
only possible, but also what we already ARE. It is as if we only need to grasp the
key and turn it in the lock to completely disclose our full identity. It is literally as
if we are only one step away from the complete understanding and the conscious
awareness of our full perfection as the essence of the Creators.

It is a grand design, with the prize revelation as ourselves; the completing puzzle
piece is the fact that we are the designers of this game; we have placed the key to
self-realization within the code of the system itself. The answer is right before us
in the Divine mirror. The reflection that we see is minus just one part, the actual
awareness that we are only a projection or illusion in this form, and that when
viewed from within there is always the other half of our fullest self-image there
just waiting to be acknowledge.

The missing piece was programed to be the key to the fullest expression of an
Avatar. Within this material plane the answer to which key fits into the lock is
found in our own understanding of the design: that everything manifest is
incomplete; everything is only one half of the equation; everything is a reflection
of the opposite polarity. While the total equation also exists in the form of
Wisdom, to be gleaned only when sought. The number nine is this key and wisdom
as the fullest expression of completion that everything always adds up to or comes
back to.

The single most perfect thing that transmits this message, which has taken form
and represents absolute completion or perfection, is the Great Pyramid itself.
This is of course next to the physical human body, which is a form of a mirror
reflection of the pyramid, as we shall see.

The Great Pyramid has its counterpart connected to itself beneath the Earth as an
exact duplicate of its size and dimension projected energetically into the ground.
It then is already one or complete, as well as further mirroring the human/spirit
make up. The Sphinx is only a “Living Image of the Eternals” or mirror reflection, its
other half is across from it and not joined, unlike the Pyramid, Man is incomplete
and needs to be joined with all its inner and outer aspects in order to become Hu-

It is also most interesting to note that the word Zodiac comes from the Greek word
Zoidiak , which means belt of stars. The word for the constellations is Zioin, which
means the “living image” and animal symbol. This then also suggests that the
Sphinx is the mirror image of the Eternals or us as our Higher Master Selves.
Another appreciation of all this Gnosis can be seen in the numerology around the
symbols of the Sphinx.

The Parts of the Sphinx

Leo 32 (5)
Scorpio 95 (14/5)
Aquarius 107 (35/8)
Taurus 80 (17/8)

Four Fixed Signs = 176

Leo 5
Scorpio 5

Aquarius 8
Taurus 8



Here we find our 1/7 again, what is the message here? It is some how telling us that
we are incomplete. We are one off from the divine expression of 7/11, which is
nine (7+2).

Another way of looking at this is in the order of the fixed signs:

Aquarius 107 (8)

Leo 32 (5)
Taurus 80 (8)
Scorpio 95 (5)
___ _____
184 26
While thirteen is a divine number expressing the twelve becoming the one and
does represent perfection, it is still not joined with the total number of the divine
children (24) for the final completion on the highest level. Also 107 + 32 + 80 + 95
= 314! This is one half of our perfection equation 3.14 + 1.618 (PI + PHI =

By the way, would it surprise you to discover that Phi is carrying the frequency of
Ascension, as it also adds up to Thirty-Three? (Pi is also equal to SEVEN!)

Wheels within Wheels (or Merkaba) is definitely one of the keys for accessing
and aligning with the Divine Vibration of Thirty-Three, though it is also just one
step removed from being in perfect completion. Remember Merkaba is 15/6 or
Knowledge, one of the key elements of the ascension equation of 11/22/33.

Wheels (72) Within (83) Wheels (72) = 227

(Reverse the Number)

722 (7 divided 22 = 3.14)

We are very close to having all the teeth carved into our key that will match the
coded pattern of the locked door to ultimate Divine Wisdom. We can see from all
the clues that each divine number is apart of the greater puzzle, just awaiting our
full understanding to assemble the last pieces, revealing the entire picture.

We have seen that the God is incomplete without the Goddess. We now know the
significance of the number nine and the number zero (Portal equals 64 – as does

Here is yet another reinforcing example of the significance of 33 and the power of
the Trinity or the act of having three gathered while making an agreement and
affirming manifestations.
God = 26
Goddess = 73
99 (33x3)

Thirteen = 99

Ascension = 99

Thought = 99

Additionally, here is another example of how the truth is reinforced in the words.

(Note: There are several places in the ancient sacred scriptures where the phrase 7 x 7 is used. Specifically
by the Gnostic Jesus, stating that his Garment of Light was brighter than ever, that it was 7 x 7, which
equals 49 and 4 + 9 = 13. Though 13 doubled is still only 26 one off from 27 for completion.)

The divine child is both male and female, more specifically once the split
occurred the result was two beings that were the mirror opposite of one another
and in order to complete the experiment they would have to go through numerous
experiences, with each finding self in order to find each other and complete what
was originally designed. So these archetypal gods and goddess should
compliment one another, and indeed they do!

Mirror Reversals retain primary energy imprinting

Son 48
Daughter 84

Single Digit Arithmetic Double Digit Arithmetic

Mars 15 51
Venus 18 81
____ _____
33 132
It is truly amazing to see that the principal energy of the Male and Female archetypal celestial bodies
emphasize the perfection as well.

We will see how this is one of several important teeth on the master key shortly.
The Lock and the Key (Gnosis)

The number cube below can be arranged in any number of combinations, there
are only a few that reveal the sequence of the hexagon (i.e. Merkaba code 147

To unlock the key we have to find all the pieces in order to arrange them

In order to discover the evidence that supports and completes the full story that
is being revealed here we have to find all the key phrases that communicate the

This is found when one looks at all the various ways that the sacred phrase's
numerical totals can be reached. Again these are the three digit key codes that
when combined together, accomplish symmetry in summation. In other words,
they all add up and work, consistently, with the exception of the anomalies of the
divine reversals. That do however work, when the understanding that both
aspects or sides of the polarities are applied, knowing they are always present
and can easily change places. Just as a Man or Woman can embrace their shadow
sides, or all gradations of the emotional spectrum in spontaneity and still not
become an ax murdering killer.

Let us start by giving an example of the type of numerical symmetry that we are
talking about.

Jesus was talking with the multitudes for quite some time, when the people were
obviously tired and hunger Jesus said do we have fish to feed them. Well there
was only two fish caught by three fishermen and five loaves of bread. These few
fish where miraculously transformed into so many fish that everyone ate until
they were full, and there was still fish left over enough to fill twelve baskets.

Fish = 42

Bread = 30

42 X 3 = 126 THE FISHERMAN = 126

Five loaves 5 x 30 (Bread) = 150

Two fish 2 x 42 (Fish) = 84


360 feet up the Great Pyramid its 153rd course

(This is where the size of the blocks gets smaller,
and it is also level with the Kings Chamber)


Jesus walked with three Fishermen that became Apostles.

Three Fishermen = 153

So what is the significance of 153? We will see shortly after we set up a few more

The alpha-number table has as the first number ONE TWO SIX (126).



These are all the first of their type of experience or expression.

Now watch how the interplay of phrases and numbers tells a very revealing story.

The first shall become the last = 216

The last shall become the first = 216

Reverse the Number 234 (Mirror Reflection)

ELEVEN TWO TWO (1122) = 233

(hidden within) 234
SEVEN TWO TWO (722) = 235

The Wisdom of the Serpent = 234

The Great Pyramid of Giza = 234

(Flipping the numbers around)

The Way to Ascend = 216 261 = Enoch is the Keeper of the Key
Frequency is the key = 216 126 = The Beginning Number
___ ___
432 387 (the numbers in the last group / flipped)
THE WORD IS KEY = 126 Numbers in the 1st group

God is Geometry = 162 Moving the first to become the last

Frequency is the Key = 216 “ The last shall become the first”
378 First groups numbers becomes the last groups!
Check back and glean this deep wisdom!

Continuing …
432 The Mirror Reflection of the Great Pyramid
Reduce the value by - 144 Sons of Light Built the Pyramid
According to the
Order of Melchezedek = 288 To maintain balance and teach the WAY

Nine is the Key 144

x 2 Doubling the Divine Value of 144
= 288 the Mirror Reflected Family of Light

One half of the equation 144

- 72 Number of Males and Females
72 In the Family of Light

72 is Seven and Two or 65 + 58 = 123 when you have the Gnosis it is as easy as 123

42’ x 30’ is the perimeter in feet around the Queen’s Chamber inside the Great Pyramid
42 + 30 = 72 (Seventy Two adds up to 159, which is 15/6 or the MERKABA)

Multiple the result by the 72

number of points on the x 6
Merkaba (6 times) ____
432 Reverse/descending image of Great Pyramid

We must remember that we want to reach the Zero Point at the end of the Spiral,
where the two become one (i.e. Reversing the Mirror is returning to Spirit). So we
must discern the truth and speak it into our lives with the power of affirming or
communicating exactly what we want to manifest.


413 Reverse the number and it equals 3.14

And we know that the perfect number that we want to achieve for completion is
NINE (27 mirrored or expanded is 72 or 711 or 171). So, on we proceed with filing the
correct pattern of teeth into our key, for with the right keys or numbers everything
works out or is revealed.

171 171 171

- 27 - 72 + 72
____ ___ ___
198 99 243

Mirror Reversal - Mirror Reflection = 153

(watch this number come into play again soon)

(The following all valued at 198)

The Golden Mean Spiral 198
The Path of Ascension + 27 (the number of perfect completion)
The Resurrection ____

Reverse the Number

Avataric oversoul signature 522

The Wisdom of the Serpent - 234

Reverse the Mirror = 171 - 171
117 The Key is to return to the awareness of one.

Sept Tepi / Hept-Seph = 171

(Architect of Great Pyramid)

Millennium / Completion = 117

117 The first occurance

+ 117 The end / millennium is marked for completion
234 The Great Pyramid
Reverse the Number 117 / 711 (Seth = 7 & Noah = 11)

Again remember that this number is also built into the Great Pyramid!
(The distance of the side of the Pyramid, which is 7/11 its height.)
Before we can go any further we need to look at the alpha-number table again

1 34 7
2 58 4 First Set (three)
6 52 7

4 60 6
5 42 6 Second Set (four)
9 42 6

3 56 11
7 65 11 Third Set (Five)
8 49 4

There are several things to be noticed here.

First of all the continuing where we left off when this was first introduced, there is
a final number that can be established when we include the value of Zero (64).
The total of the alpha-numeric column is 144 + 144 + 170 = 458 plus 64 equals 522!

Second, the incomplete nature of this number matrix cube is also visible in the
Third Set’s single digit column (by stating 11 + 11 = 22 + 4…..hold on, shouldn’t this
be a 5 bringing everything back to NINE), which should represent the reverse
reflection of the Treasury of Light. ( ”Treasury of Light” and “Four Constellations”,
which both equal 224). Here we can see the remnant of the reflection of 225 in the
mirrored value of 522, as it is off by just one. Another blinder waiting to be
adjusted by the truth seekers.

The message of ONE keeps getting repeated, which clearly transmits the terse
message: the Two Become One.

Let us see where else this message is reinforced. The grouping of three distinct
sets also stand out, which reveals another clue to the final key or Achamoth
(/Wisdom) insight that reveals the door out of this Divine Matrix.

The first number is 126

The Second number is 459

The Third number is 378

When we do sacred numerology on the phrases that describe these number sets,
another set of values are revealed.

The Location The Value

The first number is 126 (9) = The Beginning Number = 187

The Second number is 459 (9) = The Middle Number = 153

The Third number is 378 (9) = The Final Number = 148

___ ___
963 (9) 488 (1)

Reflected here again is the number 91/ 10 / 1 , as a message pointing the way.
(Significantly : Nine One - 91 = Spirit / Stargate / Divine Reversal)
(Ninety = 33 and One = 7 totally 49/13/4 )
And there in the middle of the number garden is a tree that grows fish (numbers
that are keyed to 153, as we shall see), which is forbidden to eat because it will
reveal the whole truth about the matrix. Again, we clearly see NINE reinforced as
within the phrase; Nine is the Key (= 144). No one every said what combination or
version of nine. The number 153 is the key to the riddle of the reflection, as we
shall see now.

If the polarity spectrum is black to white and what we want to do is to become one
in the middle or say – gray, then perhaps there is another clue to or in the number
in the middle (153).

Now picking up where we left off with the arithmetic that will lead us back to the
understanding that we are all children of the “Beloved Mother” (=144) and the way

The Zero Point is what needs to be completed or established as the button or

portal to escape the matrix. Depressing the button or stepping into the portal
occurs directly within ourselves when we have the awareness or consciousness
that resonates at the appropriate frequency. Then, we can literally transcend this
dimension or frequency fence that keeps us bond to this dimension or reality.
Nine is Light (=144) and when we get this encoded transmission the full
communication is received in a flash of light, or at the speed of light (=144)
igniting us into our full Divine Consciousness.

For light is information – intelligence – the ability to communicate a message or

thought, which is masculine and the need to create or manifest the idea.

The Key to Immortality is Frequency = 387

(378 mirror reversal, inside to the outside)
(Three Seven Eight is the value of the last set)

All this brings us back to achieving 171. (Remember ‘Reverse the Mirror’ equals 171)

COMMUNICATE (with the) = 171

This is 234 (Great Pyramid) inside out. This is the manifestation of the 144 oversoul
Children of Light as inside out or projected outside of themselves into this dense
plane of existance.


This is 170 with the “inside out”, or the middle as seven, moved out to the beginning
for the number 107. This is the Mirrored Truth of our existence.

Again remaining focused on the main theme as the way to complete or reverse the
process of being turned inside out is to take up the “Spiritual Path” (=170) and go
through “the Eye of Horus” (=170), though it will not entirely work if you are only
passing through one eye, you must have both eyes open to ascend (meaning the
code of: right eye 11+ left eye 22 = third eye 33). (Eye = 17 or 26, which is what will
let the inside see out.) You will not be able to accomplish this with just the
intellect alone or even as the Master Builder/Architect 22 (two two = 170) without
Love (=54/9), only then will you become whole (=63/9).
The Daughter of Sophia is Key. ZOE = 1 is the First One and as Lilith (7) balanced
the Third Eye as the singled focused vision of the in osculated Self. (Third Eye =
84 and Daughter = 84)

HALF OF THE EQUATION, just as do the following:

Orion = 71, Osiris = 17, Thoth = 71, Pleiades = 71, Separate = 17, Apollo = 71, Science
= 71, El = 71, God = 17.

Now 324 mirror reversed is 423 and if we turn it inside out we get 432, which is the
mirror reversal reflection of 234. (432/234) Just as if we take “Reverse the Number”,
which equals 198 and add it to 234 we get 432!

This number actually carries the vibration of the Trinity; 144 x 3 = 432 or ”I am the
Alpha and I am the Omega” (=144) “according to the Order of Melchezedek’”(=288)

144 + 288 = 432

Speak these numbers and phrases out loud and create the frequency as your reality now.

The answer or sum reveals an even greater epiphany or revelation. This will
complete our key so that we may insert it into the lock and turn it.

When we become anointed into Christhood (Christ = 77) we receive revelation

(=121), and the divine reversal becomes true, as we shall see next. 77+121=198.
‘Reverse the Number’ for ‘the path to Ascension’ and ‘the Resurrection’ (=198).
Revelations 13:18 says, “Here is Wisdom, Let him that hath understanding count the
number of the Beast; for it is the number of man; and his number is Six hundred threescore

Well that is very interesting indeed for (13:18) 13 x 18 = 234 and ONE HUNDRED
FORTY FOUR = 234 and ‘The Mark of the Beast’ = 144! (234 + 144 = 378 Again
points to the last set of numbers and the lock or section of 170!)

It even gets better!

Inosculate or galvanize the following two expressions or reflections.

432 The Descending Reverse Image of the Pyramid

+ 234 The Ascending Upright Image of the Pyramid

What have we discovered?

Let us take one step back and see what else is revealed in the alpha-number table
that may provide an additional twist to the keys.

ONE TWO SIX 126 = The Beginning Number = 187 One Eight Seven = 148

FOUR FIVE NINE 459 = The Middle Number = 153 One Five Three = 132

THREE SEVEN EIGHT 378 = The Final Number = 148 One four Eight = 143
___ ___
999 432

Further number codes are revealed when we add up the alpha-numbers of the
new 3 digit numbers (i.e. Four Five Nine = 132) we see an additional clue pointing
to the middle number.

132 = Son + Daughter and Mars + Venus

This is just confirming what we already know, that the male and the female must
become one to free the soul from the manifest form as the human body.
Reverse the Mirror as the Number and what we get is:
321 = “The Key to Ascension is Balance”
Let us again take a little closer look at the numbers in the alpha-numeric table.
When we add zero (64) to the total number we get the perfect Divine Human
Being (522). Also when we add one (zero – 64/1) to the third column total of 170 it
symbolically reaches completion (171 / 1+7+1=9). This is the model of ascension,
the pathway to return to source as ONE; to become one centered in Self.

Then what is the message of the balanced M/F central axis bearing the vertical
single digit value of 666? Is it that this central – middle number (666) is equal to
the human being before it was split off from the original perfect divine human
being; the child of Sophia.

If this is true we would then see supporting evidence of this truth within the
divine phrases of the Gnostic mystery scrolls, other sacred scripture and their
corresponding encryption.

The first number set for example is loaded with significance regarding what is
being portrayed, aside from the obvious mirrored reflections.

Nine is Light = 126

The Light Number = 126
Speed of Light = 126
Kherp – Shetat = 126 (Master of the Secrets – Imhotep)

162 = No Beginning – No End

162 = God is Geometry
162 = The Word is Key
162 = The Throne of God
162 = The Time Portal
162 = The Perfect Light

162 is the length in meters of each of the (base) sides of the Great Pyramid.

Enoch is the Keeper of the Key = 261 (Great Pyramid Grand

The Speed of Light is the Key = 261 Gallery Angle 26◦189.7)
216 = Frequency is the Key
216 = The Way to Ascend

Very strong interesting correlations indeed, though not yet completely revealing
of all the keys needed to open the portal out of the 666 matrix. What exactly are
we talking about when relating to this reality as the 666 matrix. The next chapter
will enlighten you even more.
Divine Atomic Energy (Gnosis)

It becomes ever the more clear that 666 represents the number of man as we look
at the make up of the human on a subatomic level. Aside from the Book of
Revelations (13:18) where we are told it is the number of man, this is even more
fascinating when we realize that the human is composed of 6 protons, 6 neutrons
and 6 electrons, which are found within our single carbon atom. So we are in fact
carbon-based creatures that inhabit this material realm of Creation. There is
much more revealed by looking at the article below on the carbon atom.

The following is an excerpt from the magazine called Knowledge of Reality


Atomic theory is an ancient science. The earliest record of it can be found in

Vedic texts from India which are many thousands of years old.

Legend has it that the Vedic civilization was highly advanced. The sages that
oversaw its development, through their mystic insight and deep meditation,
discovered the ancient symbols of spirituality: Aumkara and Swastika. They also
discovered many scientific principles that they applied to develop a highly
advanced technology. They gave the atom its sanskrit name "Anu".

While the technical achievements of this ancient civilization have been forgotten
the archetypal symbols of spirituality have maintained their eminence in our
consciousness. Now, thanks to advances in modern atomic theory, the atomic
basis of these divine symbols can be appreciated.

Western theories of the atom took shape in the 18th and 19th century. At the
beginning of the 19th century, John Dalton theorized that an atom was an
indivisible particle of an element. However, after the electron was discovered in
1897, and then the proton several years later, the atom model was revised. In 1909,
Ernest Rutherford showed that atoms were mostly empty space, revising the
model of an atom to a tight positive nucleus containing the protons and neutrons
with electrons around it; by 1913, Danish physicist Neils Bohr envisioned a
planetary arrangement in which the electrons orbited the nucleus at different
energy levels.
The current way of describing an electron is a model called the charge cloud
model/quantum mechanical model/orbital model. This model based on the idea
of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which states that we do not know the
precise location or the velocity of any given electron. The model uses indistinct
and overlapping "probability clouds" to approximate the position of an electron.

Where a cloud is dense, the probability of finding an electron in that vicinity is

low. In this model, each electron energy level is denoted by numbers that take
concentric shells as suggested by the Bohr model because there are overlaps in
the ordering of the energy levels.

In the case of the carbon atom the electrons occupy four tear drop shaped
clouds in a tetrahedron-like arrangement. These clouds represent the areas in
which the electrons spend most of their time. They move so rapidly in this zone
that they form a cloud rather than a specific flight path

Recently a number of researchers have suggested that within these clouds exist
specific zones that the electrons favors. These zones form a spiral around the
surface of each of the tear drop shaped clouds.

This new development came into the attention of a great Indian saint and mystic.
Disciples were encouraged to develop the principle as it related to the carbon
atom. In deep meditation one of those disciples, who was a chemist,
spontaneously realized the true significance of this theory:

The electron's high probability zone formed spiral standing waves around the
carbon atom's nucleus. When this configuration was viewed from certain angles
the physicist was surprised to find that the spirals formed recognizable symbols.

In the first view a 3–dimensional Aumkara could be seen. From a different angle
that Aumkara became a flat, 2-dimensional Swastika. The Swastika, he
concluded, was actually 2-D representation of the 3-D aumkara. (See page 654
and 659 in the appendix for the energy signature of the Swastika in motion as a
symbol for the heart of creation.)

Aumkara is the symbol for Ganesha. It is said that Ganesha was born when the eternal couple
contemplated on AUM. If you view Lord Ganesha sideways, then you will see the symbol AUM in
sanskrit. That's why Ganesha is called Aumkara and worshipped first. AUM is Pranava. What is
meant by Pranava?(Pra is short for prakriti and navam means excellent boat) That is, AUM is the way
to cross the ocean of worldly existence. Here again is a phonetic similarity to the word AMEN.

Rotating the model to another angle shows those symbols change into the Greek
Alpha and Omega. At a cosmic level the symbols of Eastern spirituality (Aumkara
and Swastika) are literally and only different aspects of the same spiritual truth
that is also represented by the symbols of Western spirituality (Alpha and

All people, objects and even energy itself are expressions of the same divinity
that so many religions, cultures and philosophies have tried to claim exclusively
as their own.
The Carbon atom, by containing within it these universal symbols, demonstrates
that matter is a manifestation of the same Divine consciousness experienced by
the saints and sages of all history. Matter is innately spiritual.

The Universe does not exist separately from the Universal Consciousness; it is a
direct expression of it.

Living matter, which is carbon based, must have a unique role in this expression.
A saint is none other than one who lives in this eternal experience of this all
pervading divine purpose in full awareness.

All people, objects and even energy itself are expressions of the same divinity.
The Two Become One (Gnosis)
Let us now put it all together.

Significant Phrase Values

Morning Star I am the Alpha and

I am the Omega
Divine Thinker 187
= 148
Lord of the World
The Number Nine = Beginning =

Mirrored Truth

Son + Daughter Mirror Reflection

Mars + Venus Zarathustra

(True Divine Avatar)
Three Sixty
(Pharaoh 153 Three Fisherman
= 132
who found the
Sphinx and Hall of = Middle = ? the final keys
? to be revealed
Seven Veils
? below

? in a few pages

Grand Hierophant
Divine Twins
The King + = 143
= End = The Omega
Osiris + Isis

This all reveals that a mirror exists in the reality of this creation. As it begins to
become fairly clear to discern that the Revelation 13:18 statement is that Man is
the beast, the creation that came before the world of manifested form existed.
This would mean that Yaldabaoth is in fact the Father of man (physically
expressed) and that his son is Lucifer (Sabaoth).


(459 is the number of the middle group in the number table, and the central axis
where 666 stands as the central pillar.)

If each level of creation must return to its previous level in order to step back up
the ladder of creation one rung at a time to return home, then we must become all
that we are; Divine Intelligence and Divine Love united as one or inosculated!

If it is true that the True Divine Avatar is 522 and the Anti-Avatar (or the
Descension of Man) or the mark of the Anti-Avatar is 144 (Man outside of his
highest Self) then we should be able to take 666 – 144 and end up with 522, and we
indeed can 666 -144 = 522, because the mark (7) represents the fragmentation into
the Genesis Experiment. Then it would also stand true that the Avatar (63) plus
the Anti-Avatar (107) are really one and the same at source or in this case, twins
after the split, representing the duality reflection that must be realized as united
rather than divided or separated. (63+107=170 incomplete awareness. )

The Lock = 74 The Key = 74

Lucifer = 74 Jesus = 74
Ruler = 74 Messiah = 74

74 + 74 = 148

(148 is the first and the last number, as seen on page 640)

Divine Twins = 148

The Number Nine = 148

Lucifer is the Lock = 176 = Jesus is the Key

(176 = The Secret Number / The Tree of Wisdom

/ as “Tree of Life”)
Anti-Christ = 121
Christ = 77

Reverse the Number (198) and Mirror Reflection (153)

198 + 153 = 351

(Watch what happens to 351 on the next page)

Then if we reverse 74 to 47 and blend these energies together it equals 121.

Revelation = 121
God is Soul = 121
Serapis Bey = 121
Acrturus = 121
First Born = 121
Karttikeya = 121
(Sanat Kumara)

Mirror Reflect or Inside Out the number.

A New Heaven and a New Earth = 211

Buddha said, “follow the middle path.” It is most commonly accepted as the perfected
balance between good and bad, which we now fully know to mean Light and Dark,
meaning Male and Female, Positive and Negative. With what we are discovering
here it may have a deeper meaning also.

While working through all these numbers I had a dream that I was creating a
Mandala of all the phrase numbers and I woke up saying, “That is it! 153 is the
secret! That is the most important key!” I then looked for the meaning of that, and
this is what I found.





(351 is the mirror reflection of 153)

Reverse the Number and Mirror Reflection and Inside Out all equal 305 plus the
ONE and move the number over one position = 360.


(Number of days in the Lunar year (Wisdom Cycle) = 360)

The “Spiral Path” (= 135) leading to the Zero Point (= 171) of the Rostau Martix is the
ancient road map home. This is where the two become one 306!

135 + 171 = 306

198 (Reverse the Number) + 162 (God is Geometry) = 360

360 + 306 = 666


TWO BECOME ONE = 135 (mirror reflection as 153)
The MIDDLE Number 459 (153 x 3)

So would it surprise you that:


Whole Self or Divine Consciousness (as 522) subtracted from “The key to
Immortality is Frequency” (387). This is the whole essence subtracted from
the last or the lock itself, revealing the process or portion that must become

522 – 387 = 135

The Two Become One

Also pay close attention to the values and positions of the two 148’s in the table

148 187
132 153
143 148

The first shall become the last and the last shall be come the first.
148 + 148 = 296/27/9

Lord of the World (= 148) is MAN and MAN will become Lord.

Lord Man = 77

(Not to take anything away from WOMAN = 66 (66 + 77 = 143) who is the missing
key to it all! Just speaking in Biblical terms for the sake of the understanding.
Creatrix Woman + Lord Man = 143, same as Isis and Osiris = 143.) The number 77 is
the Mystery (Sheseta) of the Christ and the Power of the Word combined, forming
the Caduceus. (All equaling 77 and Seventy Seven equals 13.)

148 + 77 = 225!
TRUE 63 / 9
WHOLE 63 / 9
AVATAR 63 / 9
189 (999)
We can also see this truth reflected in the equation of 107 plus 63 = 170 the matrix
lock minus the one (1) key number, thus revealing 9 as the ultimate key number. If
we look at the number 666 as if it was reversed or in a mirror what do we get?
The Divine Matrix is a backwards reflection of the true essence of ALL THAT IS.

All THAT IS = 101

Tree of Life = 101
Melchizedek = 101
Abermentho = 101
(Secret name of Jesus)
Light + Dark = 101
Seven Sages = 101
Seven Seals = 101
Measures = 101
The two principal essences join together at the Zero Point and become ONE (Zero
– 64/1) and transcend all time and space through the mirror portal.

So what has to happen to us, the manifest human, the opposite reflection of our
true state of being (Backward=63 so we are united and perfect after all!) We need
to heal or make whole the Anti-Avatar in ourselves. This is reflected in the values
of 107. (Therapeut / Reflection / Eternal Life / Twenty –four / Yave + Eloim / First
Born) who are the original principal essences projected out into this great watery
abyss, creating the mirror, or the illusion of being minus (-1 / as in 117 - off by one -
107) or separated from source.

The Illusion = 144

Perhaps now things are being to become very clear!

The term Therapeut means “Physician of the Soul”, Physician of the Soul adds up
to 225. It is the number of the oversoul or Self, as it exists in the higher realms in a
state of perfection.

Eighteen Million Years (=225) is the amount of time that Sanat Kumara has been
participating in this portion of the Genesis Experiment.

522 is the Way

Place the focus of the 5 (senses) within

(Focus the outside on the inside)

252 = Christ Consciousness
The Father of Time (126) was the leader of the Shemsu Hor (126)

126 + 126 = 252

The “Sons of Shem” where the embodiment of the Elect; the 144,000 Children of
Light who lived in the Land of Shemite (Khemite = Builders of the Pyramids and
their followers). Shem = 46 (Son of Noah) and Portal = 46.

Mirror Reversal 252 back out to 522

522 + 144 = 666
Now let us take it up one more level.
If we take the following:

THE SECRET NUMBER (77/14) = 176




The Answer is = 477

Gary Von Tutel also discovered that the following Key from the “Keys of Enoch” is
built in to the value of 477.

“The key languages connecting mind-time warps to interconnecting civilizations and

manifestations of higher evolution in our time zone are Egyptian-Hebrew-Sanskrit-
The five ancient root languages:


This would represent the SIXTH KEY LANGUAGE = 189, (as in The Tree of
Knowledge = 189), which is essentially English; the bastard language that was
pulled together from all the others.

189 + 477 = 666

Reverse the Number 477, which gives the value of the first group of threes (126 –
One, Two, Six) in the single digit column, vertically as 747.

747 – 522 = 225

225 + 252 = 477

477 + 522 = 999 (/ 666 mirror flipped)

The Mirror Reversal is the Creator personified in MAN and that is why man is the
perfect reverse image of God.

This is one of the reasons why everything in the 7th Seal works the way it does.

By this system everything is this book is confirmed.



Again seen as

HIDDEN SET DOCTRINE = 176 = The Tree of Wisdom

1 + 7 + 6 = 14/5
The SECRET JEY = 176

Love is the Key to the Middle Way

The Middle Way is the KEY = 321!

(This phrase equals the mirrored – reversed image of the middle number 321/ 132)

Son + Daughter = 132

Much to my pleasant surprise I decided to check my name, and what do I

find? Everything I believe and live for is teaching the truth as my soul has

experienced it, as to who we are, as well as how we fully become it. Thus the

path that I tread is reflected in my name.

Mathues Imhotep = 153

Two Become One = 135


Teacher of the Way of the Eternals