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Chapter Nine of William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies is a major turning point
in the story. The chapter mostly concerns Simon. The chapter begins with Simon
sleeping in the forest. Although Simon's face is covered with dried blood from the
many times they have stung him, the flies which were buzzing around him have
returned to the stinking pig's head on the stake. Continuing up the mountain he alone
has the will to actually stop at the sight of the bulging body all the others had feared and
fled from he sees "the beast" for what it really is, not a beast at all but a "poor broken
thing," which, though the pilot's flesh rots, is still held together by a mass of rubber
cords and cloth.

Ralph and Piggy realize even the biguns loyal to Ralph has gone to Jack's party.
They go as well, out of curiosity and hunger. Jack allows them to eat but, when
everyone is finished eating, calls for all the boys to indicate whether they'd like to join
his group or remain with Ralph's. Ralph makes a pitch for the boys to stay with him,
reminding them of the first day's election. Jack has a strong hold on them, however,
playing up the role of tribal chief. As it starts to rain, Ralph asks Jack how he plans to
weather the storm considering he has not built any shelters. In response, Jack orders
his tribe to do its wild hunting dance. Chanting and dancing in several separate circles
along the beach, the boys are caught up in a kind of frenzy. Even Ralph and Piggy,
swept away by the excitement, dance on the fringes of the group. The boys again re-
enact the hunting of the pig and reach a high pitch of frenzied energy as they chant and
dance. Suddenly, the boys see a shadowy figure creep out of the forest it is Simon. In
their wild state, however, the boys do not recognize him. Shouting that he is the beast,
the boys descend upon Simon and start to tear him apart with their bare hands and
teeth. Simon tries desperately to explain what has happened and to remind them of who
he is, but he trips and plunges over the rocks onto the beach. The boys fall on him
violently and kill him. The wind and waves carry Simon¶s corpse into the ocean, where it
drifts away, surrounded by glowing fish. At the same time, the wind blows the body of
the parachutist off the side of the mountain and onto the beach, sending the boys into a
dark state on which they later realize they committed murder.

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This quote brings out the theme- absolute power corrupts. Now both Jack and
Ralph have held the position of authority, but the difference between the two boys is
that Ralph was given his power, where as Jack has taken and created power. Jack
authorises himself as chief, then uses this power for his own purposes such as
slaving the boys to fetch him drinks and more. Jack, the tribe leader begins to use
the beast as a form of control, since the boys need Jack for protection. He begins to
torture the boys and put them to work, as guards or hunters.
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At this moment of time Ralph and Piggy were eager to join in, as the felt warmth
and belonging within the created society after being pushed aside for so long. The
theme, loss on innocence arises during this scene, as the boys are no longer well-
behaved, orderly children longing to be rescued; but hunters who have no desire to
return to civilization. Also, all the boys are eager to participate in the act of savagery,
hunting and streaking the pig. c
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This short quote presents the themes, loss on innocence and savagery vs.
civilization. As Jack becomes chief of the tribe he creates this chant followed by
dancing and the act of hunting. These few words allow the reader to realize that the
boys no longer hold the innocence a child would. They are no longer children waiting
to be rescued, but are bloodthirsty hunters; ready to kill and steak the pig¶s bleeding
head as an offering; bringing us into the theme of savagery versus civilization.
Golding portrays evil and savagery that lies within the boys through this quote. The
author implies that evil exits within all humans, even these young boys as they
desire to cut the pig¶s throat. c
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8  c Ralph treats Jack ³ µGoing to be At first Jack and
differently now, storm,¶ said Ralph, Ralph some what
Ralph speaks to µand you¶ll have got along but now
Jack with anger rain like when we since Jack feels
and sarcasm. dropped here. like he has more
Who¶s clever authority he treats
now? Where are Ralph differently,
your shelters? getting into more
What are you arguments.
going to do about
that¶ ´

Page 167

 c Ralph is mature ³ µCome away. Ralph
unlike Jack, he There¶s going to comprehends the
tries to avoid any be trouble. And conflicts that may
brawls. we¶ve had our arise between
meat¶ ´ Jack and him so
he decides to
Page 167
leave before
anything happens.

- c Ralph at first was ³ µWho will join my Ralph has lost his
the one with tribe¶ reputation as
authority. chief. At first the
Everyone knew µI will¶ boys acknowledge
that he was in µMe¶ that Ralph was the
command but now one in command
there are two µI will¶ but now he has
chiefs lost his title to
µI¶ll blow the
conch¶, said
Ralph, µand call an
assembly¶ ´

Page 166-167

=" c The narrator lets ³Ralph examined The support that

c the reader now the ranks of the Ralph one had
that most of the boys. There was has faded
boys have no help in them because most of
changed their and he looked the boys support
opinion about away confused Jack¶s ideas and
Ralph being chief and sweating´ his commands.

Page 166

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 c Jack has lost his ³Before the party Jack and his tribe
c innocence; the had started great differ from the
paint on his face a great log had other tribe. Jack¶s
demonstrates been dragged into tribes show new
Jack is a new the center of the personalities, the
person lawn and Jack, boys have lost
painted and their innocence
garlanded, sat and are now
there like an idol. savages.
8  c Jack feels like he ³Jack spoke. Jack is different
over powers the from Ralph when
µGive me a drink
boys now that he giving orders
is chief Henry brought him because Jack
a shell and he takes advantage
drank, watching due to fact that he
Piggy and Ralph is chief.
over the jagged

Page 165¶

 c Jack uses the ³Jack stood up The spear shows
spear to get the and waved his who has authority,
attention of the spear´ its like the conch
boys, just like the but instead Jack
conch the spear Page165 uses the spear to
symbolizes give orders

- c Jack has more ³ µAll sit¶ Most of the boys
authority then believe Jack is a
before. The boys ranged
better chief; they
themselves in obey him and
rows on the grass follow his orders
before him but
Ralph and Piggy
stayed a foot
lower, standing on
the soft sand´.

Page 166

=" c There is more ³Power lay in the Jack seems to

c then one person in brown swell of his have over
command. Jack firearms; authority powered Ralph by
and Ralph have sat on his making a new
made two shoulder and tribe and having
separate tribes chattered in his most of the boys
and since most of ear like an ape´. obey him.
the boys obey Page 165
Jack it seems like
he has more