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Interested in playing or singing in an orchestra or a band? Or need to prepare for an upcoming event?
Take your music instrument playing to the next level, or simply learn to play for the first time.

Naadham Institute of Fine Arts helps you achieve your music goals. Learn proven techniques for
improving your skills, learn a new lesson each week, and take advantage of our many performance

Naadham Institute of Fine Arts delivers high caliber, private music lessons via webcam, with highly
experienced instructors who love music and love to teach.

Courses Offered:
Violin Classes, Classical Vocal Classes, Mridangam Classes, Tabla Classes, Flute Classes, Ghatam
Classes, Ganjira Classes, Muharsang Classes

About NIFA:

Naadham Institute Of Fine Arts (Malaysia) offers education in Indian Classical Music aimed at obtaining
a 1 year Basic Course, 2 Year Pre-Diploma Course, 5 Year Professional Graduate Diploma and an
Eight-Year Professional Post Graduate degree awarded by Naadham Institute Of Fine Arts (India) the
Program facilitator and examining body:

Principal of Naadham Institute of Fine Arts:

NIFA K.LOGESWARAN is well known for his Weekly show in Astor Vaanavil -Raagam Arivom and of
course for his super hit Albums such as Tulasi, Tilak & Manjari.

Nevertheless, his Interview with Padmashree K.J.Jesudass and being Honorable Judge for Paadal
Tiran Potti Final 2005 for Astro Vaanavil has remarked his passion and Dedication towards Music in this
Country. Being the principal of NIFA, K.Logeswaran continues his long-standing passion and dedication
for music by passing on his knowledge to all his students.

We're open 7 days/nights a week!

Are you looking for music instruction that fits into your busy schedule?

While availability depends on the instructor that you want to work with, we'll work hard to find a
convenient lesson time for you. Some of our students prefer to come online around their lunch hour,
while others are here as late as 10pm! Weekends are also popular, and we get started early Saturday
mornings and finish late.

What times are best for your lifestyle?

You'll need to contact us to find out exact availability for the instructor of your choice. To schedule your
music lessons, contact NIFA at or via phone at +012 3600 946 with your scheduling

For example, be sure to specify your availability, both the day of the week as well as time of day.

Also, if you have a preference, feel free to mention any courses you would like to study. If you're not
sure, that's OK - we'll help with recommendations that match your interests.

Our Scheduling Guidelines:

1. Get started right away!! With our open enrollment, you can start right now. And you won't be
locked into a semester program that doesn't suit your lifestyle. We simply require payment
monthly in advance of the monthly lesson.

2. We recommend monthly 4 lessons (weekly once). Most students simply do best that way.
However, other arrangements are possible, and a lesson every week is not required. For
example, if you have a vacation coming up, we can schedule around it in advance, with no
penalty to you.

3. Most students keep the same time and day each week. You'll get into a groove, and make
quicker progress.

4. Once we establish a convenient regular time for you, you can keep it as long as you'd like.
Many students continue with us for years.

Contact NIFA today to schedule your lessons or to ask any scheduling questions you
may have.

"Wow! I didn't know I could do so much here."

– Sutha, voice student

Student Registration & Payment
It's easy to get started with your private online lessons. Look over the pricing options, and then simply
use the online ordering options below, email at or call +0123600946 to schedule
your lessons. You will be at your first lesson within a week, and there are no hidden fees.

Payment & Monthly Fee

Registration Fees and Online Course Material: RM 200.00 (e-learning materials and other resources
through out the course) – Only Once.

Online Course Fees: RM 150.00 (Monthly Payment)

Method of Payment
• Please bank in your respective payment to Logeswaran a/l Kaliyaperumal: Public Bank Acc No:
4507978634 (School Principal / Director). Please send a copy of your payment slip to

• Your class date and time will be changed according to our current class schedule and confirmed
with you prior to your first class.

• You will receive a confirmation of your application by email. If you have any problems with this
form please email to
Setup Webcam NIFA’s Online Music Lessons

Naadham Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) can bring Indian Classical best and brightest teaching stars
directly to you, whether you live across town or on the other side of the globe! With our webcam music
lesson system, you can learn a musical instrument or take your playing to the next level in the
convenience of your own home.

Simple Setup:

It's simple to get started! All you need is a computer, a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, and
a Skype account.

1. Computer (PC or Mac)

2. Webcam - Any model is fine, and some track better than others.

3. High-speed internet connection

4. Skype account - Skype is free, and easy to use. Set up your account

How It Works:

With the NIFA’s webcam lesson system, your music lessons are just like traditional lessons, except that
you and the instructor may be hundred or thousands of miles apart! You interact one-on-one with the
instructor, in real time, through your computer. You will see and hear each other as if you were in the
same room.

NIFA enhances the connection between student and teacher with real-time recordings, high-quality
scans, and chat. You'll be able to hear, see, and work with your instructor on examples right away.

"I should think that this is quite unique-- don't know of too many remote lessons across 5,000
miles! I mean, I have seen other things, such as meetings, take place remotely, but never a
music lesson like this. We really are pioneering this space! "

- Gopalakrishnan., father of a Violin student from Australia

Please note:

NIFA charges reasonable rates for webcam lessons with Master Teachers. These include: Violin
K.Logeswaran, Mridangam K.Gopikrishna and many more. Please contact us for more info at
Please Fill up this form and send to, together with your Receipt of your Payment.

Student Registration Form

Personal Details


Gender Male Female



Zip Code

IC Number

Classes Offered

Classical Vocal Mridangam Harmonium

Ghatam Veena Violin

Contact Details

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Phone No.
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