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Development Report

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Manishankar Mandal


Sustainable development can be defined in many ways. But the most frequently quoted by the
International institute for Sustainable development. it is also known as Brundtand report.

According to this “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present
without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” it contain two
main key concepts. These are:

1. The concept of needs, in particular the essential needs of the world's poor, to which
overriding priority should be given.

2. The idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the
environment's ability to meet present and future needs.

For the part of sustainable development work that had been performed in India till now stand a
great at great height. Thanks to the hard working done by people of India and among that the
special thanks to former prime minister Late Indira Gandhi.

In 1972 she emphasized on the removal poverty and development of the environment. Poverty
and the environment are kind of inert linked to each other. They both affect each other on the
same way.

Sustainable development is important for every society, for every country. There is vast
inequality in the people of the society. Almost three-fourths of the world’s people living in less-
developed countries and one-fifth below the poverty line. The long-term impact of past
industrialization, exploitation and environmental damage cannot be wished away. Sustainable
development should be done by considering the large impact and impact that have a long effect
on the society.

Some work and perspective, approaches for sustainable development.

Poverty eradications
Poverty and degraded environment are closely related to each other .specially where the people
depend more on the natural resource. The survival needs of the poor force them to continue to
degrade an already degraded environment. Removal of poverty is therefore a prerequisite for
the protection of the environment. Poverty among the people also magnifies the problem of
hunger and malnutrition. It is due to the uneven distribution of the food in the people. Some
people have easy and good access to the food resource whereas some don’t have. Sustainable
development helps to create and generate new jobs. It also gives rise to the status of women in
the society. Women not only perform well their traditional roles but also new roles.
A major thrust at the policy level is necessary to ensure equity and justice for them. Literacy and
a basic education are essential for enabling the poor to access the benefits offered by
development initiatives and market opportunities. Basic education is therefore a precondition for
sustainable development. A sizeable proportion (about 60 per cent according to some estimates)
of the population is not integrated into the market economy. Ensuring thesecurity of their
livelihoods is an imperative for sustainable development.

Changing unsuitable pattern of consumption

With the technology is developing the wastefulness for the people are also increasing.
Developing decision regarding technology and infrastructure are the major determinant for the
consumption pattern. It very important factor to be considered; with the help of technology the
consumption is possible. New effort should be made identify, evaluate, introduce, and use of the
Technology helps in developing new technique and strategy for people who most depend on the
natural resource for their survival. With the technology pricing strategy of the product should be
undertaken carefully to reduce the consumption.

Protecting Natural Resource

Natural resource is very important to look for many people survive on them. Land is one of
them land and water are related to each other in great extent. Both are influenced and effect the
other. On land where agriculture is done, water is very important for them to produce that. For
any sustainable development, balance between water and land is very important. Conservation of
water and land is very important for the sustainable development and agriculture production.
Land is very important as it is the resource that fills the stomach of peoples. Not only the people
who are directly related to the land but also to those people that are not directly related to it.
Water is another source that has its own significance. It is life line.
Other than using the natural resource, new resource should be discovered with the help of
technology. Biomass is one best example of the innovation of the technology. It is a major source
of fuel energy in the rural areas especially for the poor peoples.

Health and Sustainable Development

Human health is categorized as the broadest sense of well being of physical, mental and spiritual.
For a healthy, satisfactory and good life person should have the access to balanced diet, safe
drinking water, clean air and proper sanitation facilities. In the mentioned, access to the safe
drinking water is most important and must for every citizen.
Problem in this is that, the people in developing country are more prone to disease than the
people of developed country. Citizen of developed country have better access to all the necessary
things required for the good living. Poor people are more affected by disease like cancer,aids. It
not that, the disease happens only to them, but the fact is that they don’t have enough resource to
take care of themselves. Many ailments are also related to the More efforts should be put on the
providing the resource to these people who are deprived of the resources.

Science and Education

Education has special place in development of the society. It is the things which have enabled the
mankind to develop and stand in different league from the rest of species. For every society
education is must. Basic education which promotes functional literacy, livelihood skills,
understanding of the immediate environment and values of responsible citizenship is a
precondition for sustainable development. Such education must be available to every child as a
fundamental right, without discrimination on the basis of economic class, geographical location
or cultural identity.
India’s human strength has crossed the billion in year 2000. After that, the top priority of
government official is to check this growing rate and with that, to also provide appropriate
facilities to the people who living and to those who might come in near future. Children should
be provided by the good and proper education. Providing them with the proper livelihood and
food is the main concern and should be the main aim of the top official.