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Accenture Embedded Software Services

Achieving High Performance through Innovation in Converging Markets

Accenture Embedded Software Services Achieving High Performance through Innovation in Converging Markets
Accenture Embedded Software Services Achieving High Performance through Innovation in Converging Markets
Accenture Embedded Software Services Achieving High Performance through Innovation in Converging Markets
Innovation inside From mobile devices to cars, we are already immersed in a world of

Innovation inside

From mobile devices to cars, we are already immersed in a world of embedded software. Yet while organizations take advantage of advances in embedded software technology, the demand for better, smarter products and services continues to grow. In such a climate, if necessity is the mother of invention, innovation is the patriarch of progress.

Accenture Embedded Software Services is the premier provider of embedded software engineering services through the entire product life cycle. Our capabilities include:

Leading-edge technology development, consultancy and turn-key solutions

End-to-end product software development, from conceptualization, architecture, design, coding, testing and market launch

Outsourced product support and maintenance.

In the race to scoop up a share of a fast-moving market, many organizations are finding their product innovation departments or research and development (R&D) facilities are challenged. Delivering the right product to market at the right time and within budget requires a new kind of flexibility and scope.

Accenture Embedded Software Services offers distinctive support to organizations by combining deep technology knowledge with the full breadth of Accenture’s global-scale and end-to-end capabilities, and a strong ecosystem of relationships. All this is underpinned by an unparalleled industrialized process discipline and excellence.

“Managing the rapidly increasing complexity of embedded software development is one of the most important challenges for increasing product quality, reducing time to market, and reducing development cost.”

Source: Peter Liggesmeyer, University of Kaiserslautern, Mario Trapp, Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, Trends in Embedded Software Engineering - IEEE Software © 2009 IEEE

We serve

Accenture serves a broad range of organizations and industries:

Aerospace and defense


Consumer electronics

Handset manufacturers

Independent software vendors

Industrial equipment infrastructure

Internet service providers

Media and entertainment

Medical equipment

Network equipment manufacturers

Operators/carriers (wireline, wireless and cable)


With the ubiquity and sophistication of embedded software comes the challenge of managing new complexities in already-overstretched R&D departments. What is more, underlying architectures are evolving from one generation of products to the next, often requiring new training and skills for developers. Technology talent is in hot demand. While many companies rely on a number of local small external providers to meet their needs, others are depending on high- cost resources, scenarios that place risk against timely, cost-effective delivery.

Accenture combines a broad breadth of capabilities in consulting, technology and outsourcing with deep industry knowledge to help organizations find business solutions that lead to high performance. We do this through:

Proven industrialization Our tried and tested processes, tools, assets and methodologies help reduce development costs and time-to- market, and have been successfully demonstrated to result in high quality,

low-cost software that is delivered on schedule (see Figure 1).

A global footprint Capabilities are available to help you achieve high performance wherever, whenever you need them — onshore, near-shore or offshore — enabling us to combine matching the demands of language, culture and scope of your project with attractive delivery options. For example, our ROSA Testing Framework (testing by Remote access, Offshore testing, Simulated network testing and Automation) that can help reduce costs, enhance quality and protect brand reputations via testing anywhere in the world.

Experience and scale Our technology heritage illustrates how we can deliver software across the full life cycle through investment in building and acquiring capabilities. Recognized as a leading systems integrator and backed by our own technology R&D group, Accenture Technology Labs, we have an

unparalleled track record in technology implementation and innovation.

In addition, Accenture is a global market leader in outsourcing services. 1 Our comprehensive portfolio of business process outsourcing (BPO) services includes industry-specific and cross-industry BPO solutions. By using Accenture to run the maintenance and customer support of mature products, organizations can focus their R&D efforts on new products and differentiating technologies.

1 Source: The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals™ (IAOP™).

Figure 1: Benefits of industrialized software Standard methodology Consistent processes Standardized tools Appropriate

Figure 1: Benefits of industrialized software

Standard methodology

Consistent processes

Standardized tools

Appropriate metrics

Architecture frameworks

With a keen understanding of the digital value chain, Accenture Embedded Software Services provides solutions to design, develop, engineer, test and maintain software across the entire digital ecosystem. We help organizations become agile to better address the conflicting demands of time-to-market, performance and quality for embedded software and services. This includes leading-edge engineering and technical consulting support, innovative device-tuning

• Reusability

• Consistency

• Collaboration

• Common terminology/language

• Quality culture

• Lower risk

• Improved productivity

• Clear governance and ownership

techniques (such as performance, memory, and power), advanced error diagnosis, cross-platform architectural consulting, hardware/OS porting and full turn-key software development services for critical components or complete programs.

development services for critical components or complete programs. Faster time to market Higher quality Lower costs

Faster time

to market

Higher quality

Lower costs

We support

Our extensive mobile industry experience and capability means we support all key platforms including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java, Linux, Meego, Symbian, WinMo and more. We can also provide for our customers full end-to-end management of the platform across the ecosystem.

We offer

Software development services

Development of specific software modules, complete products, or reference designs.

Systems integration and product hardening.

Cross-platform porting.

Product maintenance & management

Application management support for legacy applications.

Service level-based defect fixing and product enhancements.

Testing services

Testing strategy, planning and execution including market launch readiness, interoperability, field trials and certification, and standards conformance.

Usability/user experience design and testing.

ROSA 2 Testing Framework providing testing by remote access.

Offshore testing, simulated network testing and automation.

R&D transformation services

Software development process industrialization.

Product life cycle management.

Product innovation and technology consulting.

Program management.

Product engineering & consulting services

Technology roadmap creation.

Product/service conceptualization.

Architecture design.

Platform engineering.

Optimization of product performance and stability and power usage.

2 Remote access, Offshore testing, Simulated network testing and Automation.

Accenture helps you assess opportunities across the entire spectrum of product software development and engineering, whether you are seeking process efficiencies or technology consulting. We bring ideas and shape product specifications. We are pragmatic, with practical, usable designs that can improve architectures or platforms. If you need us, we stay with you to maintain and support those changes, making sure that certifications and requirements are met.

We deliver

Diverse examples of Accenture Embedded Software Services work include:

We have supported original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) construct and distribute more than 300 different mobile phones.

We work with chipset vendors to create robust adaptation software and other digital ecosystem companies to develop applications and differentiating products.

Our skilled professionals provide testing services that support compliance/ conformance with operator,

device manufacturer, standards and trade association specifications.

We speed up service launches to help organizations maintain a competitive edge. For example, Accenture has experience in taking over full platform responsibility for clients. By adopting a phased and collaborative approach, we are able to assume complete end-to-end support and responsibility of the platform across the digital value chain from the semiconductor company through to their customer interaction.

We have undertaken end- to-end management of the entire device qualification testing process including taking charge of the actual device testing. Outsourcing management of phone testing to Accenture has enabled SFR, a leading European mobile operator, not only to reduce unit costs by at least 15 percent, but also to industrialize the device qualification process. Accenture has helped SFR across the mobile value chain, encouraging take-up of new technologies and new uses by customers.

Accenture has helped SFR across the mobile value chain, encouraging take-up of new technologies and new

Business benefits

Accenture helps organizations to:

Improve return on investment

Reduce research and development spend

Increase revenue and margins

Implement faster and more predictable product launches of differentiated products

Accelerate global product development design efficiency and improved product development processes

Reduce testing time and costs

Focus efforts on the right products




Our commitment to providing embedded software services is reflected in the continued investment in and rapid growth of our dedicated practice. Backed by broad experience across the world, Accenture Embedded Software Services helps drive innovation and transform organizations’ R&D and product software engineering operations. Our capabilities encourage operational excellence by improving equipment through better and more efficient software in a multitude of industry sectors. Above all, Accenture helps organizations embrace innovation and excellence to achieve high performance.

Balance legacy product development with spearhead technologies

Introduce better quality control through the use of tried and tested Accenture tools and methodologies.

Contact us

For more information on achieving high performance through embedded software services, please contact:

Aidan Quilligan Managing Director Accenture Embedded Software Services E: T: +44 (0) 161 435 5108

Abhijit Kabra Senior Director — Sales Accenture Embedded Software Services E: T: +91 80 418 65725

Or visit:

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