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Case study

Laura / Chocolate from family’s heart

Visual Identity Package design Package design

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After the repositioning program implemented in 2007, Laura maintained a steady evolution and remained one
of the most successful chocolate brands in its price segment, continously keeping a notable brand loyalty level
among its consumers.

In 2010, Kandia’s management team saw the opportunity of an upgrade to the flowpack packaging technology
and the release of two new SKUs. In this respect, BrandTailors was challenged to rejuvenate the brand’s visual
identity and package design, in order to consolidate Laura’s position in plain and cream tablet subsegments
and insure a successful launch in ”ingredient chocolate” subsegment (whole peanuts inclusions).

A thorough analysis of the consumption habits in the confectionery industry, followed by an audit of the
brand, have pointed out the revelance of Laura’s positioning as ”the chocolate to share with your family” and
the appreciation the brand enjoys from its consumers.

As a result, the graphic solution for the brand’s rejuvenation consists in a visual identity facelift and a complete
package redesign aimed at refreshing the brand’s visual expression and at associating it with a both unique and
category-relevant brand colour.
“ The newly developed package solution was designed to highlight
the brand’s visual identity, reconfirmed over the years as Laura’s
distinctive symbol. The compact graphics, the organic shapes
and the photorealistic product representation are the the
main elements that lead to the brand’s contemporary visual
Janos Kurko
expression.  Creative Director

The creative concept has proved its flexibility when extended to a more restrictive and respectively more rigged
out package design solution prepared for chocolate bars or Christmas pralines offering, while first consumers’
reactions to the change offered a preliminary perspective on the effectiveness of the new brand design

Brand audit - Andreea Florea, Janos Kurko

Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko

Project management - Cristina Ionescu

Image retouching and printing preproduction - Mihai Părpălea

Brand audit

Visual identity

Package design

Project implementation started in February 2010.

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