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S+S Separation and

Sorting Technology GmbH

■ Separation of metals
and foreign bodies
■ Separation of

“out-of-spec” products
■ Sorting of materials

Product Purity.
Greater Security.
Added Value
Precision. Intelligence. Customer Focus

S+S systems are used by our

customers for quality assurance,
machine protection and to comply
with industry-specific standards.
In the food and pharmaceutical
industries, in particular, consumers
must be protected from the risks
associated with metal and other
contaminants found in consumer
and healthcare products. S+S helps
its customers avoid product recalls,
liability claims and the resulting
damage to their companies’ repu-
tation. In plastics the top priority
is the prevention of damage to
machinery; production downtime has
serious implications.

S+S systems add value for our

customers by rejecting poor quality
product and accurately sorting mixed
materials into highly pure fractions.

S+S detectors identify
contaminants, foreign bodies
and out-of-specification S+S separators remove
products in production lines and contaminants, foreign bodies and
recycling processes. out-of specification products
from production lines and recycling

S+S sorting systems sort

mixed material flows into
pure fractions.

S+S systems are used in process, packaging and pro-

duction lines throughout industry and in the specialized
preparation of materials for recycling. Our goal is to support
our customers in achieving their goals. We have developed
a range of products unequalled in versatility and quality.
We put the customer first; each project is given individual
attention to ensure the best practicable solution.

Precision, intelligence and customer focus: these three

guiding principles govern the quality of the services we
provide, and are key to the trust we have built up with our
customers over the years. Our commitment is guaranteed
for the long term. Our principle facility for design, develop-
ment and manufacture and our commercial headquarters
remain in Germany. This offers a level of consistency, which
continues through to our subsidiaries and encompasses all
our after-sales activities.

Areas of application






Wood and paper


and many others

S+S systems have gained respect worldwide, in companies of all
sizes and in a wide variety of business sectors. In the food industry
S+S systems play a major part in compliance with stringent Food
Safety and Hygiene standards. In plastics processing S+S metal
separators have helped reduce moulding machine nozzle blockages
by as much as 80%.

In the manufacture of chipboard using S+S systems has enabled

the level of recycled wood to increase from 10% to as much as
100%. In the glass industry S+S sorters help make the processing
of recycled glass commercially viable; the use of pure, single-
coloured fraction cuts energy costs by up to 30% and produces
a superior end-product.

Versatile. Economical

S+S separating and sorting systems

are used in a wide variety of appli-
cations: for loose and packaged goods,
for fibrous and granular materials
and for powders, pastes and liquids.
S+S systems identify and separate
metals of all kinds: ferro-magnetic,
aluminium, lead, brass, copper and
stainless steel.

They sort materials and products

according to type, colour or chemical
composition. S+S inspection systems
also identify and remove sub-standard
products from the production process.

S+S has a specific solution for

practically every type of conveying
system, including conveyor belts,
gravity or air feed, bulk material
columns and many others.

S+S systems are immensely versatile and flexible. There
are more than thirty product lines and over a thousand
standard versions in the range. If none of these meet the
customer’s needs then we will modify the standard or
develop a specialised solution. S+S detection, separation
and sorting systems are based on intelligent, standardised
modules that can be configured and combined to create
flexible, cost effective individual solutions.

High precision is a vital quality feature of all S+S systems,

solidly built for long-term use – an essential factor for the 24
hour operation demanded in today’s industrial environment.
Low servicing requirements and a high degree of customer
satisfaction prove their reliability.

The performance range.

A whole world of S+S systems

To detect contaminants S+S uses The control unit processes
a number of specific identification signals from the sensors digitally
characteristics: a material’s magnetic and, depending on the version, not
properties and electrical conducti- only controls the separating and
vity, its density, polymeric structure, sorting equipment but also maintains
chemical composition, colour- a full record of the entire process.
intensity and transparency. Evaluating S+S high specification systems are
these, often unique, parameters fully compliant with all relevant
enables us to identify, separate and quality assurance standards.
sort a very wide range of materials.
Data management capability
Our Separation and Sorting systems and the use of standard interfaces
which remove impurities and sort facilitate integration into the custo-
good material into highly pure frac- mer’s own EDP systems.
tions are characterized by extremely
short and precise response times.
Product feed systems ensure material
is continuously conveyed and we
guarantee maximum separating and
sorting accuracy even at high through-
put rates.

Detecting and separating Detecting and separating Sorting mixed materials

contaminants out-of-specification into segregated fractions
Contaminants removed: Qualitative defects: Types of material:
■ Metals ■ Colour ■ Glass
■ Plastics ■ Agglomerations ■ Plastics
■ Glass ■ Breakages/damage ■ Metals
■ Ceramics, porcelain, stones ■ Trapped air in product/packs ■ and many others
■ and many others ■ Incorrect placement /
Materials inspected: ■ Bulk materials
■ Bulk product Quantitative defects: ■ Individual units
■ Liquids and pastes ■ Incorrect weight
Sensors can be integrated into:
■ Packaged goods ■ Count errors (incorrect
■ Conveyor systems
■ Unpacked and loose product quantities)
■ Bulk material flows
■ Individual items
Products: ■ End-products (food, textiles,
■ End-products (food, plastics etc)
textiles, plastics etc) ■ Industrial raw materials
■ Industrial raw materials ■ Recycling materials
■ Process material
■ Recycling materials Sensors can be integrated into all
types of conveying systems
Sensors can be integrated into all
types of conveying systems

Typical projects:
Food industry: Inspection of packaged chocolate for
■ Foreign bodies (metal, glass, stones etc)
■ Incorrect positioning and missing items

Plastics industry: Recycling of PET flakes or PET bottles

■ Separating metal contaminants
■ Sorting by colour
■ Sorting by product
Glass recycling: Product and material handling
■ Separating contaminants (metal, ceramic, porcelain etc)
■ Sorting by glass types
■ Sorting by colour

For S+S customer focus
is a practical reality.
From the initial fact-
finding stage onwards
S+S offers continuing
support throughout
the entire life cycle of
the system.

Customer Focus. Effective solutions

Project consultation

Feasibility studies

Product tests at the S+S Technical Centre

Trial installations

Training and seminars

Maintenance and spares

24-hour hotline

Worldwide after-sales service

– worldwide
Whether detecting impurities, foreign bodies or out-of- Our customers have direct access the specific suitability of systems
specification products, separating or sorting materials, we to technical service staff based in and when required can make trial
over 50 sales offices and agencies systems available to simulate actual
always offer customers the most efficient solution for their throughout Europe and the Rest operating conditions.
needs. From our wide range of equipment we select the of the World. The customer can rely
most suitable detection, separation or sorting for product on support at every stage of his Before commissioning we make sure
project. Working closely with the customer’s staff are fully trained.
quality assurance or machine protection and locate it customer’s own production experts Follow-up seminars are held regularly
where it will be most effective: goods inwards inspection, we help identify the critical factors for users who wish to broaden their
prior to main processing, at final inspection or after packa- influencing the inspection or de- knowledge of the equipment and
tection process. Specific tests can processes.
ging. We supply complete, integrated quality assurance be undertaken at the S+S Technical
systems consisting of a number of separating and sorting Centre. Our experts will advise on Customers are supported throughout
stages, each creating a higher level of product quality. the entire life cycle of the system.
S+S systems are inherently reliable
Everything from a single source – a significant advantage but when a problem does occur
and a major benefit to our customers. customers have access to experienced
staff and service engineers via our 24-
hour hotline.
Whenever possible, we suggest the use of systems from our
standard range; they offer high performance, an excellent
price-performance ratio and are readily available.

However we are also happy to develop custom-made

solutions, using multi-disciplinary, highly qualified teams,
expert in the users’ particular industry, products and

Product development.
Essential for
precision products

To identify impurities, material types rators are used at the preliminary Innovation is fundamental to S+S’ success. S+S invests over
and their position in the material stage to reduce the load on down- 10% of its gross annual turnover in research and new product
flow, S+S uses high-frequency detec- stream metal separators or sorting
tor coils, line-scan cameras, laser systems. development. Innovative products have been developed
technology, X-ray scanners and close- throughout the company’s history. For example, the ‘Rapid’
range infra-red spectral analysis. For process control and monitoring range of equipment, first introduced in 1979, was instrumental
S+S uses the latest digital signal
The separation of contaminants processors (DSP), which are used to in establishing S+S’ position as a leading supplier to the
and sub-standard products and the provide not only fully-automatic, plastics industry. In 1987 S+S became the first manufacturer
sorting of mixed materials into single self-monitoring devices but also to adopt digital electronics for its industrial detectors and
fractions are carried out by means sophisticated self-calibration and
of precision mechanical and pneu- product effect compensation. separators. Again in 2003 S+S led the market by fitting DSP
matic devices, for instance reject technology on all of its control units as a standard feature.
flaps, pneumatic pushers, extraction The company has always cultivated close ties with many
systems and air blast units.
different industries and this has acted as a stimulus for
High-performance magnets are often innovation.
the most effective, low-cost solution
for the removal of ferrous metals.
In some applications, magnetic sepa- In the development of new systems and technologies S+S
ensures that current and projected industrial standards and
regulations are taken into account (IFS, CSA / UL, ATEX etc).
The wide variety of demands, including maximum precision
at high flow rates, hygiene and the prevention of explosions,
have led to the development of new, innovative and high-
quality solutions.

Customers’ individual projects are often the springboard for

new product development. S+S has, to date, developed and
implemented over 20,000 individual solutions and the resulting
expertise and skills gained from such projects is what has
enabled the company to secure its position as a market leader.

S+S areas of expertise:

Industrial metal detection

Absolute colour identification

Close-range infra-red

X-ray technology

Laser technology

Digital signal processing

Development projects at S+S

are geared to the demands of our customers
and their applications.
In-house experts work in close knit
multi-disciplinary teams
to achieve the best possible solutions
to the challenges of
New Product Design (NPD)

S+S manufacturing
has all the equipment
and facilities
needed for fast,
low-cost production of
Production. high-quality systems
specifically tailored to

Key to maximum flexibility customer’s individual


The internal S+S organisation is geared to versatility, from
purchasing through to production, and can respond quickly
and flexibly to meet customer requirements. Approximately
S+S internal 80% of the systems supplied by S+S are modified or specially
production capabilities:
developed to meet customers’ individual needs.
Development work All core mechanical and electronic
for customer orders assemblies are developed and
Special solutions are allocated to dedicated project teams.
manufactured in-house by S+S and
Laser cutting we have all the necessary equipment The technical sales representative for the customer is an
and facilities from laser cutting integral part of the project team to ensure that the solution is
CNC machine tools of critical mechanical components
engineered precisely in accordance with the customer’s
Mechanical assembly to our own surface finishing.
Surface treatment Specific high-technology components
and larger quantities of standard
Pre- and final assembly Design and production are closely linked with short lines of
elements are sourced from specialist,
high-quality suppliers who meet our communication; this ensures that even complex designs are
Electronic testing facilities quality and cost effectiveness objec- handled efficiently.
tives. This supplier network has been
Quality management
developed over many years, and our
Access to external close relationship with suppliers Over 80 technically qualified staff, highly experienced in
testing laboratories enables us to accommodate peaks in dealing with challenging projects, regardless of complexity,
order levels and urgent delivery
are directly involved in the production process.
requirements without the need for
All production stages are monitored by a complete quality
As a matter of principle, S+S carries
management system, using high-precision testing equipment.
out 100% final assembly and pro-
duct testing, key to absolute quality On the rare occasion that no suitable testing apparatus
assurance, within our own premises. is available on the market then S+S develops its own, for
example our opto-electronic test equipment was designed
and built in-house.

This all-embracing quality control process ensures that S+S

systems operate continuously to the high standards our
customers expect.

The S+S Corporate philosophy.
Skill, dedication and trust

Purity – in the sense of removing contaminants, We monitor technical progress care-

fully and work to bring our own inno-
foreign bodies or below spec products from vations to maturity as soon as the
production processes is a matter of economic technology has proved its reliability.
sense and a shared responsibility. S+S seeks to find effective, simple
yet often sophisticated methods of
satisfying complex demands. Techno-
It is a responsibility we accept and share with logy is used in the most appropriate
our customers by solving the tasks they set us way and not just for its own sake.
with skill, dedication and enthusiasm. We are Everything we do is inspired by our
committed to the task. From every project we collective enthusiasm and commit-
undertake we seek to further develop our core ment. We welcome the challenges
presented by difficult, seemingly
areas of expertise. insurmountable problems and the
motivation of finding a successful
solution – one that will produce
precision results, reliable operation
and requires minimal maintenance.

We expect our systems, once installed

and commissioned, to simply get on
with the job, operating quietly and
efficiently – confirmation that we
have solved another problem in the
best interests of our customer.

Company data:

Customers in over 60 countries

More than 50 agencies and

sales offices worldwide

Export rate: over 50%

130 employees

Company founded in 1976

General managers:
Dipl.-Bw. (FH) Karl Eibl,
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Helmuth Frisch

We would be delighted to
welcome you to our
head office in Schönberg



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Separation and
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