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1 What is excretion?

A The evaporation of sweat from the skin

B The removal of faeces from the colon
C the removal of excess water containing dissolved salts
D The removal of waste products of chemical reactions which occur in the cells of the body

A molecule of carbon dioxide is excreted from the lungs through the following parts, but
not in the correct sequence.

P : Alveolus

Q: Bronchus

R : Trachea

S : Bronchiole

Which one below is the correct sequence?

A R, Q, S, P
B R, Q, P, S
C P, S, R, Q
D P, S, Q, R

3 Where is urea made in the body?

A In the liver
B In the spleen
C In the kidneys
D In the lungs

What substances are present in the liquid which passes from the kidneys through the
ureter to the bladder of a healthy person?

I Urea
II Glucose
III Mineral salts

A I and II only
B I and III only
C II and III only
D I, II and III
5 Which part of the skin absorbs excess water from the body for excretion?

A Dermis
B Epidermis
C Blood capillaries
D Sweat glands

6 The signs of kidney damage include …

I blood in the urine.

II creatinine in the urine.
III reduce volume of urine.

A I and II only
B I and III only
C II and III only
D I, II and III

7 Which is the correct path of urine through the urinary system?

A kidney → urethra → kidney → ureter

B Ureter → kidney → bladder → urethra
C Kidney → ureter → urethra → bladder
D Kidney → ureter → bladder → urethra

8 What is the waste product released during photosynthesis?

A Glucose
B Water
C Oxygen
D Carbon dioxide

Plants produce water and carbon dioxide as waste products. W hich process produces

A Transpiration
B Photosynthesis
C Cell respiration
D Transportation of food

10 Which waste product of plants is used for making varnish, gum and paint?

A Caffeine
B Resin
C Latex
D Olive oil