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The following activities were observed and done in line with the DepEd mission
and vision.

I. Student Development
A. Mean and MPS of Periodical tests

B. Mean and MPS of Pre/Post test

1. Checked students output in different lessons taken up.
2. Evaluated different projects in every grading period suited to different learning ca
pacity of each student.
3. Attended- Student’s symposium, forum, programs and other related activities which
will develope students learning.

D. Accomplished Students different forms and records such as;

1. Form 138-A (Report Card)
2. Form 137-A (Permanent Record)
3. Form 18-A (Report on Sec. Promotions)
4. Form 1 and 2 ( School Register for students attendance)
5. Grading Sheets
E. Follow-up and coordinated to parennts and guidance councilor for student’s at
tendance, back subjects and student’s projects.

II. Curriculum Development

A. Activities Observed:
1. Conducted and initiated the NAT Review (2nd year) for English classes.
2. Made and used LCIMS for different class instruction for effective and efficient
3. Updated and revised oplan lesson plan.
4. Implemented different teaching strategies suited for the leraners.
5. Conducted and initiated in giving homeworks/activities for students who have diffi
culty in comprehending the lesson.

III. Staff Development

1. Attended School conferences/meetings called by the principal and department
2. Attende and participated activities led by the different subject areas in connection
with the monthly celebration.
3. Attended flag ceremony every Monday in developing government patriotism.
4. Participated activities by the Municipal Government such as Alay Lakad, Independ
ence and Rizal Day.
5. Indulged activities during the town fiesta celebration.

IV. Physical/Facilities Development

1. Maintained cleanliness and orderliness of the classroom.
2. Repainted chairs, tables, flower pots and plant boxes to enhance conductive teach
ing learning structure.
3. Accomplished PTA project, ( plastic chairs and tables)
4. Re-planted ornamental plants in front of the classroom.
5. Provided brooms, dustpan and rugs.
6. Renovated classrooms board display for effective learning.

V. Priority Project
1. Conducted interview related to the lessons in English.
2. Collected fee for one gallon of paint from 3 sections only as their project.

VI. Community Extension/Networking

1. Attended activities led by the Municipal Government.
2. Indulged activities in town fiesta celebration.
3. Joined the BAMPTAF Federation.
4. Participated the school Christmas party with the parents.

Prepared by:

Eva H. Adona