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“A Letter to the Young Women

of University of San Carlos”

Our history tells us that women used to be crouching of discrimination,

biases, and neglect. Living in a society where women were voiceless, it seemed

mandatory – and not by choice – that we hide in our shells. Before, we sustain

ourselves with mediocrity. We do not rise to what we want and what we deserve.

We let them deprive us of education and learning. Taken away were our freedom

and the capabilities and possibilities that it comprised.

But then slowly, we rose upwards as we grew to gain strength, respect,

confidence, and trust in ourselves. We have then recognized our strengths and

capabilities and we managed to use these to our advantage.

As the women of Malolos fought for our right of education, let us pay worth to

their efforts. Now that we are in the age where education is within reach, let us not

waste that opportunity. We have the prime duty to continue that act against

ignorance and blind submission. Teachers are only there to open the doors for

knowledge, but is us who have to make the entrance. Let us grab the best quality of

knowledge being endowed to us. Henry Peter Broughan once said "Education makes

people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to

enslave." Indeed, Education is our best tool in life. The significance and function of

studies is infinite and priceless. Seek knowledge not just from your teachers, nor

from your friends. Learn from everything and everyone around you. The world is

your classroom and so it is your laboratory. Do bear in mind that the world is full of
tempting decoys which will all try to prey you to your downfall. Let us not be

deceived by superficiality and materialism. Because you, you are bigger than these.

Women, you yourselves are part of the answer to the Philippine crisis. That

crisis that stems from economic differentials to political chaos to religious stands

and to social stratum. Do something, for those who have the privilege to know and

those made aware have the duty to act. Step out of those shelled zones and

practice your freedom and intellect.

I have known young women who have tipped the scale and chose to use her

resources for the welfare of many. They dare prove that we have the capacity to

lead an effective change. Women are now emerging from darkness and called us to

make the same action. I may be a simple student who have yet to discover my own

story, but I want to share what I have to say. Read not to contradict and confute;

nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but do so to

weigh and consider. I say we have a lot to change, and it always starts within


First, change your perspective. Feminism does not entail weakness, but

rather sensitivity. Our gender is simply relative. What is more important is what we

can do with what we are. Use this sensitivity to judge, to discern, to weigh, to think,

to choose what is needed of you. Let us be conscious of our society and what it

dictates to us. We young women have a great power to create changes. We are

instilled with wisdom and intellect to drive through rightful and good decisions

intended for the welfare of the many. Our youthfulness provides us the luxury of

time to weigh the influences of the society. Let us use our wit and the goodness of

our hearts to arrive at decisions that are willed by God.

Second, do not make firm your economic classes. Aside from heightening the

divisions you have within your common people, you are stripping them of equality

and liberty. In the eyes of God, richness is not equated to wealth and abundance of

material, perishable goods but that to wealth of mind and heart and soul. Therefore,

classes are insignificant. Rather help each other with whatever one needs. Might as

well consider your similarities more than your differences. Be one united Filipino


Third, let us not as well be puppets of our government. The people are the

makers of their nation. No government shall exist without us, therefore we hold

more power than them. They can manipulate, deceive us only if we let them; if we

blind, deafen, and curb ourselves from what is right and good. If we become

politicians or leaders in any group, let humility and integrity prevail in us. Public

service is what is called for a government, not mere authority and leadership. Let us

build a future of assured justice and order.

Fourth, practice a good religion. Do not just worship for the sake of the eyes

that watch you, for the wellness of your failures and sickness, nor for the sake of the

forgiveness of your sin. Do not mistaken God for those large replica statues, well-

renovated churches, phony chain text messages, and those pious people who when

turns their back are not perfectly sinless after all. Understand that God is within

ourselves and not from superficial things. Practice your faith and not just religion

per say.

Fifth, when we become mothers, we in turn become teachers. On this note, I

say that we should mold children who will serve as hope for a good nation. Teach

them the values of a good Christian and the manners of a good citizen. Education at
home is the foundation of universities and colleges. It produces the raw ingredients

that makes up a perfect dish. Remember that just as filthy water cannot be washed,

and so will a rotten fruit never regain its freshness. What you make out of your sons

and daughters will foretell what they will likely become. Teach them good religion –

not one that discriminates, centers on authority, desires for wealth of church but

one that moves people to righteous deeds and not words alone. Teach them critical

and logical judgment of leaders and be not enslaved by a poor and corrupt

government. Teach them to be liberal in a right way. Let them use their freedom

and intellect, like you, for the betterment of our common people.

Young women, acknowledge that you can create changes. Start from

whatever scratch you have. Make good choices while you are in your youth. Do your

studies well so that you will grow knowledgeable, just, sincere, faithful to your God,

and compassionate to your common people.

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