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1 Reorder the following words to make sentences using the Past Simple
and the Past Perfect Simple.
1 remembered she she that had very been sunburnt in that photo
2 because he he felt trekked had to tired the top of the back and
3 had eaten they something of ill because were they
4 before safari been a on had you?
5 situation misunderstood the had I realised I
6 had always I camp to wanted in the desert
7 like this one beach seen a never had we
8 independent travel always enjoyed had he

2 The following sentences describe a romantic short break in Venice.

2 Expand the sentence prompts to make full sentences using the Past
Simple and the Past Perfect Simple.
1 I be about to propose/when I realise/forget the ring
2 We be about board plane/when we realise/not lock the front door
3 My girlfriend really enjoy flight/because she buy book by favourite
4 We celebrate arrival right away/because I pack bottle of champagne
5 We enjoy a relaxed and unhurried aperitif in hotel/because I book
already an excellent restaurant
6 My girlfriend love all the vegetarian selection of food/because she be
vegetarian for ten years
7 We order our meal in Italian/as we have lessons at a school in the UK
8 We both feel fantastic/as we realise our dream by visiting Venice

3 Use the following prompts 1-8 to make complete sentences using like.

1 not/would like/go on a safari

2 church/look like/castle
3 house/smell like/apples
4 what/hotel/like
5 not like/package holidays
6 would like/go/cruise
7 feel like/royalty at hotel
8 looks like/might get/pay rise

4 Correct the mistakes in the following subject/object questions.

1 Why the teacher lose his temper in the lesson last week?
2 Who did the open-minded student in that tutorial?
3 Who fail their exam last week?
4 What you learnt on that course?
5 Who did get good marks in the exam?
6 What did happen when he made a wild guess?
7 Who did be the most patient student?
8 When did was the exam?

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5 Write complete subject/object questions in the 2nd person singular using
the prompts 1-8 below.

1 most strict teacher at your school?

2 subject like most at school?
3 favourite teacher?
4 like eating when you were a small child?
5 the person that asks you the most difficult questions?
6 you lose your temper?
7 the most frightening experience you’ve had?
8 you respect and why?

6 Write questions in the second conditional using the prompts below.

1 live on an exotic desert island?
2 eat only fish, fruit and vegetables?
3 change your job?
4 choose any type of holiday?
5 change one thing about your life?
6 go to university (again)
7 go out with a celebrity for an evening? Why?
8 provide substantial aid to a charity?
Now ask and answer the questions with your partner.

7 Complete the following sentences.

1 Smoking is now not allowed in a lot of public places. Therefore, …

2 More and more people are deciding to retire earlier, which means …
3 People choose to go to university, so …
4 Lots of women decide to have a baby later in life. As a result …
5 Houses/flats are becoming more expensive to buy. This leads to …
6 Traffic congestion and slow journey times are caused by …
7 Many people enjoy managing their own business because …
8 As a result of …, New York has become a very clean city.
Compare your answers with your partner.

8 Complete sentences 1-10 using the adverbs below.

well quietly quickly sadly unfortunately

usually rarely quite absolutely hard

1 She didn’t feel ________, so she didn’t go to the party.

2 I ________ adore those children - they’re fantastically well behaved!
3 He’s ________ a noisy person at work when he’s on the phone!
4 We ________ find time to visit them now we live so far away.
5 You ________ cycle to work, don’t you?
6 They worked ________ all day, so had a meal out in the evening.
7 I came into the room ________ so as not to disturb the class.
8 ________, we had to miss the party.
9 ________, there wasn’t enough room in the car for everyone to go to
the beach.
10 He spoke ________ and I couldn’t understand him at all.

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9 Use the following prompts 1-8 to make complete sentences using the
Third Conditional.

1 If I not/work at that company for so long, I pursue so many other

2 If she leave her job, maybe she be happier.
3 If we not/buy that flat, we have more exotic holidays.
4 If I not/go to university, I get a job.
5 If you take up running, you be fitter!
6 If they retire earlier, they not/have enough money to live on.
7 If I stay in France, I speak good French by now.
8 If you do an art course, you be brilliant and selling lots of paintings by

10 Read the following passage about Rob’s life, and his need for a change.
First of all add a prefix or a suffix to all the words in italics.
Rob is feeling quite down about his life. He (1) likes his job as his boss
(2) works him and Rob feels that he gets (3) paid. He (4) agrees with a
lot of the company’s new ideas and thinks that maybe it’s just time to
move on. After all there is plenty of (5) move in the job market that
Rob is in. He would actually love to move in a different (6) direct. All
his friends have told him that his (7) happy is the most important
thing. His friends are so important to him and offer him (8) inspire.
He also has problems with his rented (9) accommodate. The landlord
has just put the rent up, and it’s just too expensive to stay there. He
would love to be (10) dependent of rented accommodation and have
his own house very soon.

11 Reorder the sentences 1-8.

1 boss my finish me made presentation the I before went home .
2 allow we staff our have to tea break one day every .
3 Friday every jeans wear us lets teacher our .
4 redo the she him made design it because terrible was .
5 staff the only are allowed smoke to our office outside .
6 think do you she’d me let next take week holiday as ?
7 company make us our sales our present results team to the week
every .
8 we’re to use not company allowed cars for use social .

12 Read the following sentences in direct speech and rewrite them in

reported speech. Use the pronoun and the verb in brackets.
1 My boss is great most of the time, but when she’s tired she loses her
temper easily. (she/say)
2 I left my last job because I was bored. (he/tell)
3 When will he stop talking? I’m so confused! (she/ask)
4 Do you find that reading the papers at the moment is depressing?
5 You are a very wise person. (she/tell)
6 I’ve been working at this company for five years. (he/say)
7 Would you move to London for a better job? (she/ask)
8 Please don’t smoke in the office (she/tell)

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13 Complete the following sentence using a modal in the Simple Past and
the prompts.
1 In my old job we ________ send emails to friends. (not permitted)
2 In that particular type of job everyone ________ be on the trading
floor by 6:30am. (was necessary)
3 My manager ________ accompany our team on all our foreign trips.
(not necessary)
4 We were ________ take time out from our jobs to do courses that
would help us gain more knowledge in our field. (OK/were permitted)
5 One of the job requirements was that you ________ speak French,
German and English. (was necessary)
6 We were ________ speak about company figures outside the
company. (not permitted)
7 In my old job we ________ attend every Monday morning meeting.
(wasn’t necessary)
8 We ________ take one half-day off each month in the summer.

14 Write eight sentences using your own words and I wish/If only in
response to the scenarios 1-8.
1 I can’t believe that I’ve missed the bus to work again!
2 That new camera looks brilliant.
3 I love watching tennis on TV.
4 I’m exhausted after last night’s late night film.
5 She’s so good at art.
6 The water in the swimming pool was freezing!
7 You are such a talented cook!
8 We’ve forgotten our passports.

15 Read the following sentences and underline the correct tense in each one.
1 David Beckham had not played /didn’t play for a Spanish team before
he joined Real Madrid.
2 Ellen MacArthur had sailed/sailed round the world and had completed
/completed the voyage successfully.
3 She was missing/missed her family when she was going/went to
4 My father was reminding/had reminded us of how determined Jen
was, just as she was winning/won the race.
5 He travelled/was travelling in New Zealand when he had met/met
Millie. He had never felt/never felt like this before!
6 She didn’t intend/hadn’t intended to work at the pub, but she
needed/had needed to earn extra cash for her course.
7 He inspired/was inspiring many people during his short life.
8 We talked/were talking about how inspiring our coach was, when he
was walking/walked into the changing room.

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16 Reorder the sentences 1-8.
1 didn’t find I she leaving was yesterday until .
2 some with up came she ideas fantastic the for holiday .
3 think you do can on go you in that atmosphere working ?
4 up late turned he the for goodbye party .
5 was match the off called of because bad weather .
6 around play don’t those with gadgets .
7 to had I let go her the to party .
8 time what you did up wake ?

17 Answer the following quiz questions.

1 How do you spell colour in US English?
2 In England, we say toilet, in the US they say ______?
3 What is the US English word for shopping centre?
4 We have holidays, and in the US this is called a ______?
5 If we buy a return ticket, in the US it’s a ______?
6 How do you spell organise in US English?
7 What is the US English word for a flat?
8 In the UK, we have a mobile phone, and in the US this is called a
9 In US English, is it chips or fries?
10 In the UK, we say the underground, and in the US it’s ______.

18 Write suitable word or phrase

1 If you are without a job, you can be described as this.
2 Most people would love to have a pay _ _ _ _.
3 To make a formal, usually written request for something e.g. a job/place at university.
4 A system where you work set hours but you can change when you work.
5 Money added to your basic salary for selling a given amount of a product.
6 Someone who works for themselves.
7 Extra hours worked!
8 Exams or experience which make you suitable for a certain job.
9 Knowledge or skills gained whilst doing a job.
10 Additional things that come with a job e.g. meals/a car.

19 Complete sentences 1-6 using the verbs below in the correct tense.

lose remind us to remind me of forget remind remember

1 I think I might have __________ my purse when I was on the train.

2 He __________ her that she had to phone Jo about the tennis match.
3 That hat __________ the time you did a charity fashion show.
4 Oh dear! I __________ to lock the front door.
5 Can you __________ where we agreed to meet Sue and Mike?
6 Can someone __________ to send out the party invites tomorrow?

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20 Complete sentences 1-7 using verbs below in the correct tense.

see look at watch listen to hear touch hold

1 Every time I _______ that song, it reminds me of our Greek holiday.

2 Did you _______ that noise? It sounded like a songbird.
3 When she _______ the baby for the first time, she felt so very happy.
4 I _______ the most wonderful sunset last night.
5 It says that we shouldn’t _______ anything in this exhibition.
6 I _______ a brilliant film on TV last night.
7 When I _______ her she always reminds me of her mother.