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DB Meter India DB Level Meter India Noise DB Meter Noise Level measurement Sound pollution level meter High

DB measurement meter Japanese DB meter Japanese Sound Level Meter in India Sound Level meter with analog output DB Meter India Hioki Db meter HIOKI Sound level meter Hioki FT3432 India Best Quality DB Meter

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Environmental measuring instruments

Convenient measurement of sound levels

from electrical equipment and machinery


IEC 61672-1 Class 2

1 and CE Mark compliant

Simple operation—no
2 range switching needed
Compact, lightweight
3 design for easy one-
handed operation

4 Analog output

Measurement of sound levels 2 Measurement of lecture room noise FFT analysis when connected to a
1 generated by high-voltage electrical

Quiet office MEMORY HiCORDER 8847

Sound levels in everyday life

Applicable IEC 61672-1:2002 Class2, Electronic calibration using an internal electronic
standards JIS C 1509-1:2005 Class2 signal, sound calibration using NC-74
Sound level (Lp), Equivalent continuous Digital Sampling interval 30.3 s
sound level (Leq), Sound exposure level (LE), (Lp, Leq, Lmax, LE, LCpeak)
Maximum Sound level(Lmax), Cweighting peak Storing processing results (Storing capacity : 199
functions Functions
sound level (LCpeak) (measurement possible pieces of data), Warning indications, Bar graph
only when peak range is selected) DC output connector
Output connector
Measurement / AC monitor output connector
1/5/10minutes, or 1hour
times LR03 alkaline battery×2
Power supply
1/2-inch electret condenser microphone or R03 manganese battery×2
Model:UC-52 Continuous Approx.9 hours (using alkaline batteries)
Frequency usage Approx.3 hours (using manganese batteries)
weighting A and C Environmental
characteristics -10 to 50˚C (14˚F to 122˚F),
conditions for
10 to 90% RH (No condensation)
Measurement Wide range A weighting : 30 dB to 130 dB operation
level range C weighting : 36 dB to 130 dB Dimensions, 63W×120H×23.5Dmm (2.48" W×4.72"
Inherent noise Wide range A weighting : 24 dB or less mass H×0.93"D), 105g (3.7oz.) (including batteries)
level C weighting : 30 dB or less Wind screen WS-14, Hand strap VM-63-017,
Measurement Windscreen fall out prevention rubber NL-27-014,
20 Hz to 8000 Hz Accessories
Silicon cover NL-27-026, Carrying Case 9757,
frequency range
LR03 alkaline batteries×2, Instruction Manual
Time weighting
F (fast) and S (slow)

Options Accessories
AC monitor output cable CC-98A Tripod ST-80 Carrying Case
DC output cable CC-98D CC-98A / CC-98D Extension Rod ST-80-100 ST-80 9757

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