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First of all RUDYS”S: All In One shampoo has different concept to

satisfy their customer. It includes anti dandruff, hair-fall defender,
herbal protein, in a one container. RUDYS is also very famous in
different cosmetics sector. The price of RUDYS”S: All in One
shampoo is very reasonable; it considers all levels of customers. It
is examined by famous hair experts, and they proved that it can
be used in both MALE & FEMALE hair.

“RUDYS-All in One” has a clear & meaningful Mission Statement.

In which the promise is uttered without any hesitation to our

"Your Hair, We Care”

“RUDYS-All in One” shampoo has different objectives to establish

the mission. It all together completes all objectives to implement
the mission. Such as examine consumer’s assessment, explore
consumer reaction, and understand consumer perception.

“RUDYS-All in One” shampoo has also hopeful vision to ensure

consumer needs. Such as to gain the satisfaction of existing
customers , reducing the cost of buying, making sure the quality
of the existing product, using proper hygienic & most safer
element for hair.

To collect information “RUDYS-All in One” shampoo developed 3’C

s to understand the market. These 3C’s are:

 Consumers

 Competitors
 Company

To understand the market condition and to improve our product

and to make sure of better services, “RUDYS-All in One” has done
SWOT analysis of our product. And it is featured by Strength,
Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. In here, “RUDYS-All in One”
try to observers their condition in the market.

To understand the market strategy “RUDYS-All in One” segments

the market. It is segmented in to Geographically,
Demographically, and on Behavioral basis. We have also
developed 4P”S here. That is:

 Product

 Price

 Place

 Promotion

Different strategy has been taken to meet the consumer needs &
holding up the position in market. To attract new customers and
maximize the profit, we have expanded our target market such
as, new customer, More Users, Media, and Frequency.

In the part of promotion, we used different strategy to promote

our product to aware our customers. We used TV’s, internet,
newspaper, magazines, handbill, personal selling, free samples,
poster, and other stuff to advertise our product.

Finally we can say that very soon, our product is going to capture
the shampoos market in Bangladesh and it is going to become the
best shampoo has ever made.

From very beginning many famous company like Proctor &
Gamble, Lakme, Garnier, Unilever etc are producing many
qualities shampoos. Like Pantene Pro V, Head & Shoulders,
All Clear, Garnier Fructies, SunSilk, Dove. Each and every
shampoo has different qualities and they are known for their
specialty. For an example: Pantene Pro V prevents from hair
falling. Then Head & Shoulders and All Clear are well known
for anti dandruff. Garnier Fructies make hair long and strong.
SunSilk makes hair black and shiny, and Dove make hair

But we like to introduce a new shampoo in the market which has

all the above quality. That means it will make hair long and
strong, black and shiny, and smooth. It will be anti dandruff. It will
also prevent hair falling. The name of our shampoo is Rudys: All
in One.

Rudys: All in One has been developed by famous Rudys

Company. This company has been very well known for producing
various cosmetics. But now as they have come up with their new
product and we are going to launch this product in Bangladeshi

Rudys: All in One shampoo has been developed by well known

hair experts. They researched for a long time and after that they
introduce this new innovative shampoo. The hair experts

researched for both male and female persons and developed for
both male and female. As it has been developed by hair experts
so this is laboratory approved and certified. Experts make sure
that this shampoo is usable for every person and there are no
side effects. This shampoo has been developed for general
people and for those who wants to make their hair both long,
strong, shinny, smooth and prevention of hair falling.

In the market other shampoos are cost a high price to buy. But
Rudys: All in One will cost reasonable price to buy. So that
everyone can buy this shampoo.

Mission Statement:
Mission statement is very important. It emphasizes the company’s
strength in the market place. Our purposes is very clear in our
mission statement. Our “RUDYS-All in One” shampoo has a
mission statement. This is:

" Your Hair, We

Care ”

Neither our own nor our major competitors objective’s are simple
or obvious. There are many choices between short-term and long-
term profit, between growth and cash flow, between growth in
assets and growth in earnings, between proportions of earnings
paid to share holders as dividends.

It is responsible to assume that these different objectives of

different competitors predetermine some of their strategies and
tactical behavior.

 Access the concept of product acceptability credibility and

perceived benefits.

 Examine consumer’s assessment of the product in terms of
product performances and related benefits.

 Explore consumer’s reaction towards packaging.

 Understand consumer’s perception of quality advertisement

in terms of its impact.

RUDYS’s has some significant visions to meet the customers
need. By which, customer can fully satisfy with our product.

RUDYS’s first envision is to gain the satisfaction of existing

customers , reducing the cost of buying, making sure the quality
of the existing product, using proper hygienic & most safer
element for hair.

We are also promised to the quality of each element which is

being used here. Elements are properly examined and tested to
our laboratory for reducing the harmful effect as much as we can.
In the term of purchasing cost, we can assure you the chipset
rate, because we are using six elements in a one container. Any
kind of development of the product in future we can assure you
based on our customer’s feedback.

Your black & shiny hair, encourage us to do better in future.

Situation Analysis:
To understand what market we are going to compete, we have
collected information, and based on that we have done situation
analysis. We have developed 3C’s to understand the market, our
consumers and our company’s management system.

These 3C’s are:

 Consumers

 Competitors

 Company

The main target market of “RUDYS” is fashion oriented people
aged between 15-50 belonging to the lower or middle income
classes. “RUDYS” has targeted its market on the basis of
consumer buying behavior, income level and purchasing power of
people. For which quantity of the product can be changed
according to the income and purchasing power of the consumers
as in case of “RUDYS”. It has also goal to make a good criteria for
low income scale people.

The new “RUDYS” shampoo aims to fulfilling the need of its target
market by offering a high quality, assessment of concept in term
of acceptability, credibility, and perceived benefits, that it offers a
healthy choice shampoo alternative to target customer. By the
way, in the urban area “RUDYS” is acting as a market challenger
against “SUNSILK” or “Head & Shoulders” shampoo. But
“SUNSILK” and “Head & Shoulders” has captured a bigger share
of the market due to its intense promotional activities.

“RUDYS” has great impact in present market as a company. Our
industry is in Kalurghat, Chittagong. And head office is in
Dhnamondi, Dhaka. It is divided into different departments to
ensure proper care or impaction to existing market. Such as:
 Marketing Department

 Finance Department

 Human Resources Department

 Procurement Department

 Production Department

 Distribution Department

In the marketing department there are different sector is being

enclosed, as “RUDYES” uses some conditional distribution

It supplies the product to the wholesales fist, accordingly after

retailer it can successfully approach to customer hand. In the
terms of long distanced customer “RUDYES” usually use the
logistic system to distribute.

In finance department, the total currency of the company and the

yearly Journal is being kept by it. In another fact is that, it
maintains the whole financial regulator in the basis of situation.

In HRM department, employers are being motivated and they are

being assured of well behaved manner and proper good working
environment. This has the vigorous impaction on “RUDYES”

SWOT Analysis:

To understand the market condition and to improve our product
and to make sure of better services, we have done SWOT
analysis of our product. It’s given below.

-International Company

-Well-known brand

-High quality products

-Strong brand loyalty

-Consumer trust

-Different shampoo size is available

-Large network distribution

-Strong competition with different kinds of well-known shampoos

-Late product launch

-Popularity is not established yet

-Problems of distribution in urban areas

-Hair color is temporary

-Great opportunities in developing areas of Bangladesh
-Chance to gain brand loyalty

-Increase the shampoo consumption due to awareness

-Heavy investment in research shampoo

-Providing unique and best qualities

-High competition in the market

-Rapidly change of raw materials

-Problem for sensitive skin

-Threats from the customers

-New form new entrants

-Uncertain economic condition of the country

Market Segmenting, Targeting,


To make sure that our sales are effective and profitable, and to
understand the market we have done segmentation, we have
enlisted our target customers, and we developed 4P’s of our

Market segmentation is one of the key things for understanding
the market strategy. We have segmented our market through
Geographic, Demographic and on Behavioral variables.

Our primary target is to make our product available in the city
areas. When it is done, then we will go for rural and urban
peoples. And then gradually we will spread our product in all over
the Bangladesh. We have selected Bangladesh because
Bangladesh has perfect weather to use our shampoo.

Our shampoo is for both male and female. The perfect age for
using this shampoo is 15-56 years old people. The price of the
product will be very reasonable, so it almost everyone can buy
our shampoo. And from upper lower class to high class people,
everyone can use this shampoo.

We designed our shampoo in such a way that, it can also be use
on occasionally. Hair color is a unique feature of our shampoo. If
someone wants to go to a party, he/she can use our shampoo to
make their hair colored. They do not need to go to beauty parlor.
Though it’s coming for the first time in Bangladesh, so every
customers of our will be new-user for our shampoo. But we are
sure that that we can earn our customers loyalty.


After segment the market, we, then go for our target market. As
we have analyzed our market segment, so we decided that we
our target market is concentrated market. That means we shall
focus our on a small portion of the market. We shall try to capture
those people of age 15-56 who use shampoos. By targeting
concentrated market, we can gather knowledge about what is the
consumer’s needs and thus we can provide our product and
services. Another advantage of targeting concentrated market is,
by this we can attract less competitors, which is more beneficial
for our products. In contrast, in the concentrated market we can
modify and develop our products.

We have developed 4P’s in this section. These are

 Product

 Price

 Place

 Promotion

We describe about them below:

“RUDYS” will pack their shampoos in at least four different types
and sizes of packaging. The 4 size and types of packaging should
be as follows-

 Large (500 ml)

 Medium (200ml)

 Semi-medium (100ml)

 Mini Pack (5ml)

There will be also different category available. These are:

 For general people

 For men especial

 For women especial

 For hair color

 For sensitive skin.

In RUDYS shampoo bottles should get proper and due attention

because it plays an important role in promoting the shampoo. The
bottles of RUDYS shampoo will have beautiful structure. We also
use different color of bottles to identify of its 2color. There are 4
color of bottles we will have in RUDYS shampoo- green, pink, blue,

We sell RUDYS shampoo very cheap rate. So, everyone can buy it
and increasing their hair beauty. In market RUDYS will be finding
in 6types of prices. Prices are:

Types of Shampoos Price

Large 270/-
Medium 125/-
Mini Pack 3/-
Brown Silk 295/-
Black Shine 285/-

We want to spread our RUDYS shampoo all over in Bangladesh.
That’s why we distribute our product step by steps. When we will
enter the market, we focus 1st in the big cities and towns such as
Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna, Borisal, Sylhet, Chittagong etc. We
distributed our product to retailer, whole-seller and also in the
super-store. We supply our product by our own transportation.
Then we will increase our market in small cities and villages.

For the advertising RUDYS also will use its personal contacts and
maintain it with the dealers for better result and also provides
different types of incentives for promoting our products.

RUDYS will have their own 15 pickups in different cities so

company can use the same distribution channel for their new
products. And also have their own retail shops.

To promote RUDYS shampoo we follow different promotion plan.
We hear some bill-board which promoting our shampoo. We also
hear some door to door sales-man who going in different area in
cities and promoting our product to house-wives and to the
people who generally stay inside the home. We give
advertisement in radio, television and also in internet. In
newspaper we have give advertisement. We used magazines and
handbills also. Furthermore, the famous celebrity “TISA” and
“NOBEL” will represent our product. By this we have strong brand

loyalty, which will help to build strong relationship with our

The “RUDYS” shampoo aims at fulfilling the needs of its target
market by offering a high quality, assessment of the concept I
terms of its acceptability, creditability, and perceived benefits,
which offers a healthy choice shampoo attentive to the target
consumers. To maximize our profit, we have taken the following

Expanding the Total Market:

To attract new customers and maximize the profit, we have
expanded our target market. It is very challenging to expand the
whole market in the early stages, but in spite of that we would
like to take the risk.

New Customers:
“Rudys” is trying to attract buyers who are unaware of the
product or who are resisting it because lack of such features.
“RUDYS” is using market penetration strategy, new market
segment strategy and geographical expansion strategy for
searching new customers. Very attractive advertisement and
other propositional activities perform a vital role in this case.

More uses:
“Rudys” has increased its amount level and frequency of
consumption. It also imposes packaging and redesigns the
product. It also offers larger package size and makes the product
more available. “RUDYS” emphasize more on marketing
programs, which inform the consumer about the brand and it
frequently develops the product which also spurs new uses.

To attract more consumers we used media as a strategy. We used
both electronics media and printing media. We used TV, Internets,
Satellite Channels, and others electronics devices to aware our
consumers. We used magazines, newspapers, and handbills as a
printing media. It will play an important role to increase the sales
of the product.

We decided that after launching our product we shall advertise
our shampoo for six months. Every Friday we will give major ads
in the newspaper, and advertisement should be telecast three
days in a week.

According to data gathered, through investigation and analysis
made, and the steps we are going to take, we can safely conclude
that the “RUDYS” shampoo should surely be introduced into the
market. In the light of research, our product will be able to meet
the competition with the other brands. The addition of new
product will enhance the sales volume bringing lucrative profits
for the company.