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UNIT Human Resource Management Course HND in

HAND OUT 30/03/2011 SUBMISSION 21/06/2011
STUDENT TERM January 2011
1. During your Structured Individual Study (SIS), you are required to answer each
question (Outcomes Assessment Criteria) which has been covered separately
in respective Lessons.
2. In your answer, write about the key concepts highlighted by the Lesson
(underpinning knowledge).
3. Look for real-life examples to apply your key concepts (applied knowledge).
4. Make use of the SIS time to research books.
5. During your SIS time, use the computer to research recommended websites
and word process your Assignment.
It is important that the work you produce is carefully planned & written.
Your work should demonstrate;
(a) Your understanding of the theory you have learned (underpinning knowledge)
(b) Your ability to apply it to real life/contemporary situations/case study (applied
Please follow the instructions below:
1. Start each answer from a new page
2. Highlight each question clearly
3. Avoid bullet points and restrict the use of numberings; remember that you are
supposed to write an essay.
4. All work should be comprehensively referenced and all sources must be
acknowledged fully, this includes books & journals used as well websites
visited. Details such as page numbers, publishers and publication year should
also be stated, in addition to the name of the author(s) and publication.
Books, articles and journals should be the main sources; net sources are
allowed up to 25% max.
5. Follow Harvard Referencing system.
6. All work should be word-processed.
7. Pages should be numbered (bottom right hand corner)
8. Assignment sheet should be attached in the front.
9. Spell checks the document and read thoroughly for grammatical errors.
10. 1.5-line spacing is preferred.
11. Bibliography at the end of the assignment.
The correct format to answer each question (Task) is as follows:

1. Introduction (analyse the question – which theory is it trying to ask you to

2. Underpinning Knowledge (write about the relevant theory/points)
3. Applied Knowledge (apply the theory/points you have written about in your
underpinning knowledge to your case study/real life example)
4. Conclusion (summarise what you have written in 2 & 3 above).

Please refer to the HND Business student handbook given at the beginning of
your programme.
You are required to;

1. Define and evaluate the following terms and concepts:

(a) Personnel management;
(b) Human resource management;
(c) Human resource planning;
(d) Role, tasks and activities of human resource practitioner and line
(e) Redundancy
(f) Job evaluation

1. Describe and evaluate an organisation’s recruitment process? Also evaluate

the methods and media that can be used in the process?

Help: Assumptions can be made. Students are expected to show their

understanding on the recruitment process.

2. Examine all possible selection methods available for any organisation?

Evaluate “interviews” as an effective selection technique?

3. Taking one organisation as example or case study, evaluate and compare

their selection procedures and practices to the “best practices?

Note: it must be a real organisation

4. Look at an organisation or one that you are familiar with and evaluate its exit
procedures comparing it to the best practice? (Exit procedure include;
management of exit, termination of employment and tribunals).

Help: Assumptions can be made. Students are expected to show their

understanding on the exit procedures.

5. Employee reward strategies are intended to attract, retain and motivate

employees. Many organisations focus on remuneration to attract employees,
benefits to retain them and bonuses and incentives to motivate them. Some
organisations go further and operate a “total reward” system.

(a) What does Herzberg say about reward as a motivator?

(b) Identify the range of reward systems? Your answer to this question should
touch on particular types of reward system and show sound evaluation.

1. Examine the organisational approach to monitoring performance?

PASS L e arne r’ s Evid e nce Sho ws Tut o COM M EN TS/ FEEDB AC K
r to
Che c
All the criteria identified in the

assignment are met;

MERIT L e arne r’ s Evid e nce Sho ws COMMENTS/FEEDBACK

M1. Answer shows

understanding on the reward /
reward systems and its link to
motivation; Herzberg theory is
used to examine the link
between reward and motivation;
M2. Answer shows clear

understanding on recruitment
process and discusses an
organisation’s recruitment
processes with the evaluation on
the methods and media
selection; Answer shows well
founded arguments;
M3. Various selection methods

are clearly identified and
examined and particularly
interview as a selection method
analysed and evaluated; again
answer shows sound analysis;

DISTINCTION L e arne r’ s Evid e nce Sho ws COMMENTS/FEEDBACK

D1. Answer shows complete

understanding on the reward /
reward systems and its link to
motivation; Critical arguments
are evident, moreover Herzberg
theory is critically examined;

D2. Well structured answer,
contains wide range of
references, further the answer
critically evaluates an
organisation’s recruitment

D3. There is ample of evidence

shown on the understanding of
selection methods used and
answer shows originality and
critical analysis;

Grade Given by Tutor:

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Merit 
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