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Introducing Workday Wrap-Up

February 18, 2011 by Mary Hayes Weier

Every Friday, I put together a collection of links to some of the more interesting
news stories and blogs about Workday, SaaS and cloud computing, mobility, inline
analytics, HR software, the ERP market, and more. I then distribute this collection in
an email to a group of people here at Workday.

And they love it. In fact, a common initial response the first time I meet a colleague
goes something like this: "Oh, you send out that email on Fridays with all the links to stories—thank you!" As
the popularity of the email grew, we asked, why not share a version of our news wrap-up with the public?

So here it is, the inaugural edition of Workday Wrap-Up, a collection of links to recent industry news and
blogs. Is my choice of shared content selective? Of course—this is the news that interests us most at Workday,
and if you're reading this blog right now, chances are it'll interest you, too. (That said, it's important to note
that opinions and views represented in these articles do not necessarily represent the opinions and views of

I hope you find Workday Wrap-Up valuable, and as a way to stay connected with the analysts, journalists, and
thought leaders who consistently and expertly assess the state of our industry. Feel free to send content
suggestions and your thoughts on this feature my way to

Cloud News & Analysis

Michelle Price answers questions for businesses about cloud computing in a Wall Street Journal article.
Pinning Down the Cloud

Among the findings of this report: "By 2015, there will remain no business computing category that hasn't
moved to the Cloud with 65 percent or more of all NEW business application / solution decisions Cloud-based
or Hybrid by 2015."
Research and Markets: Key SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Trends Through 2015 Business Transformation via the Cloud

Brian Sommer gives reasons as to why some consultants might recommend an on-premise application over
The New Consulting Metrics (for SaaS)

In another post, Brian Sommer provides insights into SaaS companies' cash flow.
The Economics of SaaS

R "Ray" Wang defines "True SaaS” and fake SaaS.

Tuesday's Tip: Understanding The Many Flavors of Cloud Computing and SaaS
Dennis Howlett explains Appirio's "CloudSpokes."
Appirio Crowdsources the Cloud with CloudSpokes

HR News & Analysis

Naomi Bloom ponders the big questions in the HR world for 2011.
Carnac The Magnificent: Unseen Answers To 2011's Unknown Questions

Kevin Grossman points out the positives of social networking for HR.
Social Media is Just the New Networking

Jon Ingham argues against outsourcing of HR.

TRU London: How HR and Recruiting can be Strategic

Enterprise Mobility News & Analysis

Doug Henschen says it's time to take the next big step for mobilizing enterprise applications.
Mobilizing Enterprise Apps: The Next Big Leap

Workday News

Our co-Founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri blogs about a transformational year at Workday in 2010, and a fantastic
outlook for 2011.
Workday's Year of Transformation

Business Cloud 9, a U.K. publication, interviews Aneel.

No Fear of "In Denial" SAP for Workday CEO

Our three-part article series, "Three HR Technology Trends to Watch in 2011," was published on
Three HR Technology Trends to Watch in 2011 (Hayes Weier/

The San Ramon Fire Department's new iPhone application is designed to let bystanders help out if someone
nearby is having a heart attack. Workday will port the app to BlackBerry and Android for use by additional fire
departments. A sampling of articles:
New Initiative Harnesses Smartphones To Help Keep Heart Attack Victims Alive
This iPhone App Could Save Your Life
Fire dept. has an iPhone app for citizen CPR (podcast)
Apple's Life-Saving Potential

- Mary