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Antarang Sangini

Email: "Bom-Divya Jain Antarang Sangini" <>,

" Bom-Divya Jain" <>,

( Contact: Editor- Divya jain, B, Givind Nivas, Sarojini Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai-
400056. PHONE-022-26143617, Mobile- 09892508118)

One and only Women's Studies journal in Hindi. Each issue of Antarang Sangini is Theme
oriented and is available for Rs. 15/- each or Annual Subscription of Rs. 60/- per year.

Life and work of Divya Jain (60 years), a fearless woman writer (in Hindi)

Ms. Divya Jain, this year's receipient of Laadli-Life Time Achiemement Award, 2011, has been
promoting women's rights and women's empowerment thro' her pen for last 4 decades. Through
her journalism, she provided sensitive portrayal of women's survival struggles in various
fields. Her more than 300 articles have been published in various newspapers and magazines
including Dharmayug, Jansatta (weekly sabrang) Hindi and English Blitz, Do Baje Dopahar,
Varsha Magazine, Suraj, and many other prominent newspapers in Gujarati also. She covered
wide range of issues faced by women in modern India. She captured agonies and anger of child
sex workers in Kamatipura thro' her book Hawwa ki Beti. Manibhuvan, Mumbai and Gandhi
Smarak Nidhi honoured her for her book.

As there was no serious journal in Hindi articulating women's needs and demands, dreams and
challenges; in June 1994 she single handedly started editing and publishing Antarang Sangini. It
provides platform for activists of women's movement and women's studies to highlight
analytically sound, gender sensitive and inspiring articles on women. Antarang Sangini is the
only journal that has reflected on all aspects of 'woman question'. In course of time, she got
support for dedicated efforts women's rights activists, people interested in Hindi literature and
women's groups. List of issues of Antarang Sangini speaks volumes about Divya Jain's vision
and mission.

The following issues of Antarang Sangini are available, the rest are OUT OF
PRINT, only xeroxes available -
1. Aurat ki Kahani (Two special Numbers on women) July 1999 Rs. 15/-
2. Balalkar Ka Sach( Truth of Rape) April 2000 Rs. 15/-
3. Mahilaon Ke Kanoono Adhikar
(Legal Rights of women) September 2000 Rs. 15/-
4. Sanchar Madhyam aur Mahilaen
(Women & Media) March 2001 Rs. 15/-
5. Rajniti me Mahilaon ke liye Arakshan
(Reervation of Seats for women in Politics) September, 2001 Rs. 15/-
6. Samaj, Sahitya aur Mahilaen
(Society, Literature and Women) March, 2002 Rs. 15/-
7. Sampradayik Hinsa aur Mahilaen August, 2002 Rs. 15/
8. Vicharadhin Kaidi Mahilanon Ki Samasyaen
(Prblems of Ideologically Subjugated Women) December, 2002 Rs. 15/-
9. Sita se Savitribai Fule Tak- Kutch Padav
(From Sita to Savitribai Fule-Some Milestones) August 2003 Rs. 15/-
11. Sangharsh Ka Ek Dashak(A Decade of Struggle) January2004 Rs. 15/-
12. Media Me Badalti Stree Ki Chabi
(Changing Profile of Women in Media) April 2004 Rs. 15/-
13. Bal Kishri Samajik Stithi or Shodhparak Alekh
(Social Condition of Girl Child-A Research Based Profile)Sep, 04 Rs. 15/-
14. Hastashilp Ke Dayareme Mahilanye
(Womenin Handicraft Sector) January 2005 Rs. 15/-
15. Nari Bhrun Hatya (Female Foeticide) May 2005 Rs. 15/-
16. Sena ke Atank aur Kahar ki Shikar Utter Purva Ki Mahilanye
September 2005 Rs. 15/-
(State Terrorism & Traumatised Women of the North East)
17. Dance Bar Band- Ubhare Hue Saval
(Closure of Dance Bars- Emerging Issues) January 2006 Rs. 15/-
18. Adivasi Mahila Jeevan(Life of Tribal women) May 2006 Rs. 15/-
19. Bhumandalikaran ke Makadjal me Fansi Aurat
(Women Caught in the Web of Globalisation) September, 2006 Rs. 15/-
20 Bharat Me Mahiola andolan
(Women's Movement in India) April, 2007 Rs. 15/-
21. Mahilae aur Swasthya (Women and Health) August, 2007
22. Mahilaon ke Sampatti Adhikar (Women and Property Rights) Dec. 2007
23. Chalis Par ki Auraten (Women who have crossed 40 years) Jan-April, 2008
24. Maharashtra ki Samajik Karyakarta Mahilae I May-august 2008

25. Maharashtra ki Samajik Karyakarta Mahilae II Sept. -nov. 2008

26. Maharashtra ki Samajik Karyakarta Mahilae III Jan-March 2009
27. Survival Struggles of Differently Abled Women April-June 2009
28. Arthatantra Me mahilae (women in the Economy) July-Sept, 2009
29. Mahiane aur Shanti (Women and Peace) Oct. -Nov. 2010
30. Ekal Naari (Single Women-Struggle & Strength) I Jan-March, 2010
31. Ekal Naari (Single Women-Struggle & Strength) II April-June, 2010
32. Balkishori (Girl Child) July-Sept., 2010
33. Songs of Women's Movement in India -1 Oct. -Dec. 2010
34. Songs Emerging from women’s movement-2 Jan.-March 2011

So far 46 Issues of Antarang Sangini have come out. Women activists of all parts of India have
contributed articles that has long lasing values. Each issue of antarang Sangini is theme oriented.
The latest issue is 46 Balkishori (Girl Child)

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