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95 AUGUST 2021

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Summit Air’s Do228 C-FPSH [8071] operated from Turweston on 18 July 2021 in support of the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team’s performance
at the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at nearby Silverstone. (James Ronayne)

PA-18-150 Super Cub PH-TOK [18-3604] in recently restored colours at Midden Zeeland on 13 June 2021. (Henk Wadman)

Sikorsky HH-60L Blackhawk N605CK [70-2706] of Straight Up Leasing Inc/Capitol Helicopters Inc at Falcon Field (KFFZ), Mesa, Arizona on 11 June
2021 used as a helitanker on Telegraph & Mescal fires. (Jarrod Wilkening)

August 2021
ISSN 0950‑7442

United Kingdom Register … … … … … Alan Johnson … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1233
AHUK Register … … … … … … … … … Lloyd Robinson … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …NOT THIS ISSUE
Around & About … … … … … … … … Stuart McDiarmid … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1241
United States Register … … … … … … Barrie Towey … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1270
Overseas Registers … … … … … … … Ian Burnett … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1287
Display Diary … … … … … … … … … Trevor Warren … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1318
Hot Air Ballooning … … … … … … … Mel Kirby … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1325
Preservation Notes … … … … … … … Bob Ogden … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1329
Military Aviation … … … … … … … … Steven Wells and David Woods … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1332
Emergency Services … … … … … … … Bryn Elliott … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1355
Islander News … … … … … … … … … BN Historians … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOT THIS ISSUE
Biz‑Props … … … … … … … … … … Ton van Soest … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1359
Biz‑Jets … … … … … … … … … … … Steven Sowter … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1367
Commercial Airline News … … … … … Stephen Moon … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1381
Commercial Scene … … … … … … … Colin Frost, Mark Gould, David Garbett, Peter Hillman,
Stephen Jakeman and Charlie Stewart … … … … … … … … … … AUG.1403

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COVER: Eclipse 550 2-BILL [550-0275] of TAK Aviation at Guernsey on 16 July 2021. (Colin Smith)

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Alan Johnson, 249 Arncliffe Drive, Heelands, Milton Keynes MK13 7LQ

July was another fairly quiet month for new registrations with nothing As usual our thanks go to the UK CAA and IOM and Guernsey
requiring further comment. Noteable among the restorations are the registration authorities, and my thanks go to Richard Cawsey and
nine former Army Air Corps/RAF BN‑2T‑4S aircraft, all acquired by Bernard Martin for their input to the data appearing below.
Britten‑Norman for refurbishment and re‑sale.

G‑CMAA Aeropro EuroFOX 3K 61921 29.07.21 T Lowe (Mayfield)
G‑CMAR Cameron Sport‑90 12463 19.07.21 M S Jennings Corston, Malmesbury
G‑CMBJ Ultramagic H‑77 77/433 30.07.21 Nightingale House Hospice Wrexham
G‑CMBK Raj Hamsa X’Air Hawk LAA 340‑15758 05.07.21 G A J Salter Thurlbear
G‑CMBM MBB Bolkow BO.105CB‑4 S.269 D‑HLAC 22.07.21 V Heinz (Langenzen, Germany)
B‑69 R Netherlands AF, D‑HDIC
G‑CMBO Aeroprakt A‑32 Vixxen LAA 411‑15724 14.07.21 J P Mimnagh Ashcroft
G‑CMBP Airbus EC130 T2 8990 16.07.21 Airbus Helicopters Marseille, France
G‑CMBT Cameron Z‑90 12474 03.08.21 A M Holly Breadstone, Berkeley
G‑CMBV Wade DB‑6RS 2 30.07.21 D M Wade Shevington, Wigan
G‑CMCW Flylight Adam 70/A‑I‑R Atos VQ190 Race
21013472 13.07.21 M Dodd (Bala)
G‑CMDA Eurofly Snake/Grif 3DC 21002 04.08.21 W J Court (Hindhead)
G‑CMEA Robinson R66 Turbine 0029 ZS‑HHN 27.07.21 Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Brighton City
G‑CMEE Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 Charlie 2107‑7654 29.07.21 The Light Aircraft Company Ltd Little Snoring
G‑CMEF Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 Charlie 2107‑7655 29.07.21 The Light Aircraft Company Ltd Little Snoring
G‑CMPR Guimbal Cabri G2 1029 B‑KCB 21.07.21 M P Rowe Denham
G‑CNVH de Havilland DHC‑1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0096 WB657 23.07.21 Naval Aviation Ltd RNAS Yeovilton
G‑DKSK TL 2000UK Sting Carbon S4
LAA 347A‑15775 30.07.21 D J Brook Deanland
G‑EILA Airbus A330‑302 1106 EI‑ELA 05.07.21 Aer Lingus (UK) Ltd ‘St Patrick/Padraig’ Manchester
G‑FEMC Learjet Learjet 45 45‑097 LX‑LAR 07.07.21 Zenith Aviation Ltd Biggin Hill
D‑CMSC, N5017J
G‑FWRK Cameron Z‑105 12464 19.07.21 Illusion Fireworks Ltd Wallingford
G‑GWTF Van’s RV‑14 LAA 393‑15704 12.07.21 M W Harris (c/o LAA Turweston)
G‑HITJ Airbus AS.350B3 Ecureuil 8997 15.07.21 Airbus Helicopters UK Ltd Oxford
G‑ICET Robinson R44 Cadet 30078 02.08.21 Ice Aviation Leasing Ltd Elstree
G‑KRNO Agusta AW109SP Grand New 22298 N602SM 26.07.21 Castle Air Ltd Trebrown, Liskeard
G‑LAMU Diamond DA62 62.068 9H‑XYZ 08.07.21 R C Sharp Elstree

Air-Britain Annual General Meeting
at De Havilland Aircraft Museum, London Colney
Saturday 2nd October 2021
For full details see the leaflet at the end of this file.
Details are also available on our website.
Covid arrangements mean that you must prebook a place and
they are allocated on a first come – first served basis.
Email or call 01784 453710.

Diamond DA.50RG G-SORG [50.C.A.A.008] was on display at the Private Flyer show, Leeds East on 6 August 2021. (Derek Heley)

G-LEME Piper PA-28-181 Archer II 28-8690017 G-BSIM 21.07.21 A S Bamrah Biggin Hill
G-MCSP Airbus EC175 B 5052 F-WWOZ 29.07.21 Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd
Aberdeen International
G-ODLA Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 208B1032 N208TG 23.07.21 Dry Lease Aero Ltd (Onchan, IOM)
G-OMBE Beech A23-24 Musketeer Super MA-352 G-IBFF 26.07.21 Empreso Property Ventures Ltd (Dartford)
G-PHFR Druine D.31 Turbulent 201 G-BWID 22.07.21 The Tiger Club 1990 Ltd Damyns Hall, Upminster
G-RGTX Yakovlev Yak-18T 22202047817 HA-YAV 05.07.21 R Greatrex Brimpton
G-SHBH Ultramagic H-77 77/434 14.07.21 S W Herd Pantymwyn, Mold
G-SORG Diamond DA50C 50.C.A.A.008 29.07.21 Gemstone Aviation Ltd Retford Gamston
G-UASC Schiebel Camcopter S-100 000349 20.07.21 Bristow Helicopters Ltd Aberdeen International
G-VBMD Eurocopter AS.350B3 Ecureuil 3578 G-FAIT 27.07.21 T B McDermott (Ballygawley, Dungannon)
G-WWMF Robinson R66 Turbine 1001 OE-XXJ 13.07.21 WW Medical Facilities Ltd Bagby

G-BION Cameron V-77 706 02.07.21 Zebedee Balloon Service Ltd Newtown, Hungerford
(cld 27.10.95 by CAA)
G-BKJM Pilatus B-N BN-2B-21 Islander 2162 G-CIAS 29.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 28.07.87 as re-regd in Ecuador) HC-BNS, G-BKJM
G-BWCS BAC 145 Jet Provost T.5 EEP/JP/957 XW293 23.07.21 J H Aschcroft (Sheffield)
(cld 18.10.19 by CAA)
G-BWPO Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4009 ZH004 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 05.09.08 to MoD) G-BWPO, VH-YVH, 9M-TPS, G-BWPO
G-BWPR Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4010 ZG996 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 23.12.04 to MoD) G-BWPR
G-BWPV Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4012 ZG997 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 29.04.05 to MoD) G-BWPV
G-BWPX Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4014 ZG998 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 19.02.07 to MoD) G-BWPX
G-CBXM Mainair Blade 1335-0802-7-W1130 (EI- ) 05.07.21 T P Noonan (Clonmore, Co Limerick, RoI)
(cld 28.06.01 as re-regd in Ireland) G-CBXM
G-CEIO Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4015 ZH001 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 03.10.08 to MoD) G-CEIO
G-CEIP Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4016 ZH002 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 24.11.08 to MoD) G-CEIP
G-CEIR Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4017 ZH003 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 10.06.10 to MoD) G-CEIR
G-CGVB Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4018 ZH005 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 22.02.11 to MoD) G-CGVB
G-CKRI Schleicher ASK 21 21835 02.07.21 Zulu Glasstek Ltd Baileys Farm, Long Crendon
(cld 24.05.21 by CAA)
G-DGAJ Glaser-Dirks DG-300 Club Elan 3E385C56 (D- ) 28.07.21 Aeroclub Nimbus de Vuelo A Vela
(cld 19.07.21 as re-regd in Germany) G-DGAJ, BGA 3676/GAJ Santa Cilia, Huesca, Spain

G-MCSM Airbus EC175 B 5046 OY-HHU 19.07.21 Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd
(cld 22.12.20 as re-regd in Denmark) G-MCSM Aberdeen International
G-MTUA Solar Wing Pegasus XL-R SW-WA-1295 05.07.21 S P Cooper (Market Harborough)
(cld 26.04.21 by CAA)
G-SURV Pilatus B-N BN-2T-4S Islander 4005 ZG995 30.07.21 Britten-Norman Ltd Solent
(cld 01.10.04 to MoD) G-SURV, G-BVHZ
G-TAWH Boeing 737-8K5 38107 SE-RFN 15.07.21 TUI Airways Ltd t/a TUI Luton
(cld 29.12.20 as re-regd in Sweden) G-TAWH, C-GQWH, G-TAWH, C-GQWH, G-TAWH

The restorations above were first regd in the UK as follows:

G-BION/23.01.81; G-BKJM/11.10.82; G-BWCS/28.04.95; G-BWPO–G-BWPX/24.04.96; G-CBXM 19.08.92; G-CEIO–G-CEIR 20.12.06; G-CGVB/28.01.11;
G-CKRI/14.05.08; G-DGAJ/26.06.15; G-MCSM/20.01.20; G-MTUA/15.01.88; G-SURV/14.04.94; G-TAWH/12.04.12.

M-ABON Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 9603 N603GX 19.07.21 Ardagh Packaging UK Holdings Ltd (Knottingley)
M-ADDS British Aerospace BAe 125 Series 800A HB-VHV 02.08.21 Jets (Bournemouth) Ltd Bournemouth
258153 G-5-627
M-ATRJ Dassault Falcon 7X 199 N6188 13.07.21 Blackthorn Aviation Ltd Bournemouth
B-8216, F-WWUA
M-ELAN IAI Gulfstream 280 2049 M-ELAS 26.07.21 Aventurine Aviation Ltd Paphos, Cyprus
N249GA, 4X-CVJ
M-ELON(3) Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 50500623 23.07.21 Sleepwell Aviation Ltd London Stansted
M-MBLU Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 9776 M-ABLY 30.07.21 Asaj Holdings LLC Tel Aviv, Israel
M-SAGI Gulfstream V-SP 5250 B-LSM 06.07.21 Primevalue Trading Ltd (Tortola, BVI)
M-TYRL Beech B300 King Air FL-784 ZS-MPI 04.08.21 Tyrell Aviation Ltd (Douglas, IOM)
M-XJET Raytheon Hawker 800XP 258390 N736MB 15.07.21 Turbojet Global Ltd (Tortola, BVI)
N850HS, N800FD, (N800SG), N23509

2-ATRO Avions Transport ATR 42-500 1004 PK-JBA 13.07.21 Billund Mauritius IV Ltd Seletar, Singapore
2-BILL Eclipse EA550 550-0275 N118HX 15.07.21 TAK Aviation LLC Guernsey
2-BKJS Avions Transport ATR 72-212A 1087 VH-FVZ 26.07.21 Commuter Aircraft Leasing 2017 II Ltd
F-WWEX Exeter International
2-CODE Airbus A320-232 2663 TC-ODE 01.07.21 Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd
(cld 19.07.21 as re-regd in Malta) ZK-OJO, F-WWBM Amman, Jordan
2-COTI Airbus A330-243 625 TC-OCI 21.07.21 AerCap Ireland Capital Designated Activity
EI-FLB, 7O-ADP, F-WWYD Company Amman, Jordan
2-COTJ Airbus A330-243 632 TC-OCJ 21.07.21 AerCap Ireland Capital Designated Activity
EI-FLC, 7O-ADT, F-WWYH Company Amman, Jordan
2-GZTD Boeing 737-73V 32418 F-GZTD 27.07.21 ECAF I 32418 DAC Castellon-Costa Azahar, Spain
2-KISS Eclipse EA500 000028 N984CF 26.07.21 Hub Air Anstalt –
2-PASE Diamond DA42 42.033 9M-NRX 14.07.21 Tesla Solutions Ltd –
2-VIDZ Airbus A320-232 3264 VT-IDZ 28.07.21 Sundial Leasing LLC Alice Springs, Australia
2-VVOT Boeing 737-8FE 33801 VH-VOT 06.07.21 Jin Shan 29 Ireland Company Ltd Jinan Yaoqiang, PRC
2-VVOY Boeing 737-8FE 33996 VH-VOY 06.07.21 Jin Shan 29 Ireland Company Ltd Jinan Yaoqiang, PRC
2-WEBS Eclipse EA500 000033 N51GQ 14.07.21 TAK Aviation LLC Guernsey

With particular thanks to Bernard Martin:
G-ALBK Auster 5 1273 J S Allison Ventfield Farm,
Horton-cum-Studley 19.07.21
G-AOVW Auster 5 894 A N Hoar & C W Tattershall (Windsor/Maidenhead) 28.07.21
G-ARDD Scintex CP.301-C1 Emeraude 549 R N R Bellamy & B L R J Keeping Bodmin 08.07.21
G-ARVV Piper PA-28-160 Cherokee 28-451 C E Mason Shobdon 30.07.21
G-ATKT Cessna F172G F172-0206 D Sluman Lasham 02.07.21
G-ATOK Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 28-21612 M Bobe tr G-ATOK Flying Group Brasov, Romania 05.07.21
G-AVLJ Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 28-23393 D B le Peurian Jersey 30.07.21
G-AWWU Reims FR172F Rocket FR17200111 V A Aldea (Timisoara, Romania) 23.07.21
G-AYJY Isaacs Fury II PFA 1373 G E Croft & M J Sharp RAF Cranwell 09.07.21

G-BBLS Grumman American AA-5 AA5-0440 M D Mckay tr Bubbles Flying Group Perth 23.07.21
G-BDAM Noorduyn AT-16-ND Harvard 14-726 T W Harris Duxford 01.07.21
G-BDAO SIPA S91 2 S J Weiss (Midsomer Norton) 09.07.21
G-BDPA Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee
Warrior 28-7615033 Lance Assets Ltd t/a WF Aviation Birr, RoI 21.07.21
G-BGON Gulfstream American GA-7 GA7-0095 R Ellingworth, H Mackintosh & R E Tyers Spanhoe 06.07.21
G-BHZK Grumman American AA-5B AA5B-0743 S O Struth Earls Colne 06.07.21
G-BKBD Thunder Ax3 Maxi Sky Chariot 418 M Rate Walgrave, Northampton 26.07.21
G-BMHL Wittman W.8 Tailwind PFA 031-10503 J C Wood (Kington, Hereford) 05.07.21
G-BNRY Cessna 182Q Skylane II 18265629 D T Pangbourne Fowle Hall Farm, Laddingford 19.07.21
G-BNXU Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II 28-7916129 D P Bannister, J G Moore & A W Sloan
tr Friendly Warrior Group Newtownards 22.07.21
G-BONZ Beech V35B Bonanza D-10282 S L Morris Blackbushe 29.07.21
G-BPTL Cessna 172N Skyhawk II 17268652 VU JV23 Ltd (Reepham, Norwich) 28.07.21
G-BRBJ Cessna 172M Skyhawk II 17267492 Lance Assets Ltd t/a WF Aviation Birr, RoI 08.07.21
G-BRRU Colt 90A 1591 N J Bettin Greatham, Liss 13.07.21
G-BSAI Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair 3102 Just Plane Trading Ltd Top Farm, Croydon 06.07.21
G-BSOM Glaser-Dirks DG-400 4-126 P G Noonan Haverfordwest 09.07.21
G-BSYO Piper J-3C-65 Cub 12809 M J Coles & A Murcutt Sleap 01.07.21
G-BSYY Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II 2816009 White Waltham Airfield Ltd White Waltham 02.07.21
G-BSZM Montgomerie-Bensen B.8MR PFA G/01-1193 S H Broszek (Wrotham, Sevenoaks) 20.07.21
G-BTON Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee
Cruiser 28-7425343 J D C Lea Bournemouth 23.07.21
G-BVPD CASA 1-131E Jungmann 2086 M L Blaze Breighton 06.07.21
G-BWJH Europa Aviation Europa 007 R Stalker Perth 22.07.21
G-BWZY Hughes 269A 950378 P A Harvie Mount Airey Farm, South Cave 23.07.21
G-BXHU Campbell Cricket Mk.6 PFA G/16-1293 K Winder (Rugby) 08.07.21
G-BXKX Auster 5 803 A Hoskins (Storrington, Pulborough) 26.07.21
G-BYOO CFM Streak Shadow SA K 270 D A Crosbie Crosbie’s Field, Little Cornard 12.07.21
G-CBAL Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II 28-8116087 R E Hocking tr CBAL Flying Group Redhill 02.07.21
G-CBKA Westland SA.341D Gazelle 1746 A W J & B W Stuart & P J Whitaker
tr Falcon Flying Group Peasmore 06.07.21
G-CBNT Pegasus Quantum 15-912 7860 W P Seward Ley Farm, Chirk 08.07.21
G-CBWW Best Off Skyranger 912(2) UK/210 G E MacCuish Oban 27.07.21
G-CCAL Tecnam P92-EA Echo PFA 318-13842 K Flook (c/o LAA Turweston) 28.07.21
G-CCDK Pegasus Quantum 15-912 7947 G J P Skinner (Boscastle) 09.07.21
G-CCND Van’s RV-9A 90824 D Crozier Greenhills Farm, Wheatley Hill 02.07.21
G-CCOC Mainair Pegasus Quantum 15 7999 E R Termini Yatesbury 22.07.21
G-CCPS Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 VLA PFA 322-14138 M J Harrison (Brawby, Malton) 19.07.21
G-CCTO Evektor EV-97 Eurostar PFA 315-14136 T A Dobbins (Littleover, Derby) 22.07.21
G-CDBU Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 0411-6632 G A Evans Ince 01.07.21
G-CDGI Thruster T600N 450 1041-T600N-108 A P Sellars North Coates 22.07.21
G-CDHM Mainair Pegasus Quantum 15 8085 D L Mitchell Rossall Field, Cockerham 05.07.21
G-CEJY Aerospool Dynamic WT9 UK DY165/2007 R Maude (Silsden, Keighley) 09.07.21
G-CENO Aerospool Dynamic WT9 UK DY188/2007 M D S Williams Bagby 06.07.21
G-CETM P&M Quik GT450 8298 M Calvert tr G-CETM Flying Group East Fortune 29.07.21
G-CEWH P&M Quik GT450 8324 J Thomas tr G-CEWH Syndicate East Fortune 22.07.21
G-CEWU Ultramagic H-77 77/316 C E Aindow Horsmonden, Tonbridge 19.07.21
G-CEYK Europa Aviation Europa XS 616 R S Swift Finmere 27.07.21
G-CFCN Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus 131 M Jardine tr Charlie November Group Burnford Common, Brentor 19.07.21
G-CFDL P&M QuikR 8370 D P Wildman Moss Edge Farm, Cockerham 07.07.21
G-CFFE Evektor EV-97 teamEurostar 2008-3211 M J Buchanan Coldharbour Farm,
Willingham 26.07.21
G-CFHW Grob G102 Astir CS 1087 S P Rudge & D J Wedlock Long Mynd 13.07.21
G-CFIT Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 0804-6966 D Pettitt Bradley’s Lawn, Heathfield 02.07.21
G-CFKE Raj Hamsa X’Air Hawk 1120 W E Tinsley Westonzoyland 23.07.21
G-CFPD Rolladen-Schneider LS7 7033 A J Mugleston (Daventry) 14.07.21
G-CFPL Schempp-Hirth Ventus c 409 M W Black Easterton 05.07.21
G-CFRR Centrair 101A Pegase 101034 S B Marlor Camphill 06.07.21
G-CFSH Grob G102 Astir CS Jeans 2090 L Pike Saltby 05.07.21
G-CFUX Cameron C-80 11282 D J Lockhart Hilperton, Trowbridge 09.07.21
G-CGDM Sonex Sonex PFA 337-14761 D M Broom Hallin, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye 12.07.21
G-CGPE P&M Quik GT450 8542 H R J Spurr (Frampton on Severn) 27.07.21
G-CGXL Robin DR400/180 Regent 2119 Just Plane Trading Ltd Top Farm, Croydon 21.07.21
G-CGYC Aeropro EuroFOX 912(S) 35411 I M Archer Perth 23.07.21
G-CHBM Grob G102 Astir CS77 1633 Staffordshire Gliding Club Ltd Seighford 26.07.21
G-CHIW Raj Hamsa X’Air Hawk 1104 M M P Evans Dunkeswell 22.07.21
G-CIAX CZAW Sportcruiser OC700584-1 S Kelly (Streat, Hassocks) 01.07.21
G-CIBL AutoGyro Cavalon V00112 A J Tranter (Maryculter) 08.07.21
G-CILY Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 1410-7351 P Lister Ince 29.07.21
G-CJCS Kubicek BB60Z 1250 Creative Capital Group Ltd Hopton, Stafford 12.07.21
G-CJEP Rolladen-Schneider LS4-b 41021 S M Platt Long Mynd 26.07.21
G-CJEU Glasflugel Standard Libelle 55 M S R Broadway & A Davey Burnford Common, Brentor 06.07.21
G-CJGP Breezer Breezer M400 UL139 A R Pitcher Bagber Farm, Milbourne
St Andrew, Blandford Forum 14.07.21

G-CJJP Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus 180 M Greenwood tr 494 Syndicate Long Mynd 19.07.21
G-CJOV Schleicher ASW 27 27112 P J Stratten Shenington 05.07.21
G-CJTH Schleicher ASW 24 24218 M Rose Milfield 16.07.21
G-CJUK Grob G102 Astir CS 1430 Oxford Gliding Company Ltd RAF Weston-on-the Green 09.07.21
G-CJZH Schleicher ASW 20CL 20754 R A Robertson & J A Stillwagon Talgarth 20.07.21
G-CKLT Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-3/24.5 1 R A Lovegrove Lyveden 28.07.21
G-CKYD AutoGyro MTOsport 2017 RSUK/MTO2/008 Highland Aviation Training Ltd Inverness 05.07.21
G-CLTW HpH Glasflugel 304 eS Shark 069-MS S Murdoch tr G-CLTW Group Gransden Lodge 09.07.21
G-COLY Aeropro EuroFOX 912(S) 38512 C D Meek tr G-COLY EuroFOX Group Deanland 30.07.21
G-CORA Europa Aviation Europa XS 467 P J Tiller Little Gransden 08.07.21
G-DBIN Medway SLA 80 Executive 070707 P D J Purdy (Bournemouth) 05.07.21
G-DBWC Schleicher Ka 6CR 6449 A R Gate Upwood 06.07.21
G-DDWP Glasflugel Mosquito B 136 M Nicholls Rattlesden 19.07.21
G-DEFF Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-2C 208 C Roney Rattlesden 12.07.21
G-DEGJ Slingsby T65C Sport Vega 1944 S Purkiss tr Sport Vega Syndicate AD
Assets Aston Down 06.07.21
G-DEOT Grob G103A Twin II Acro 3787-K-65 East Sussex Gliding Club Ltd Ringmer 02.07.21
G-DGFD Robinson R44 Clipper II 13027 Hawkwind Helicopters Ltd tr G-DGFD
Flying Group Hawarden 02.07.21
G-DHCY Glaser-Dirks DG-300 Club Elan 3E413C67 M J Carter (Mosborough, Sheffield) 26.07.21
G-DIPI Cameron Tub-80 1745 M T Joyce Bristol BS16 08.07.21
G-DIPZ Colt 17A Cloudhopper 1245 M T Joyce Bristol BS16 08.07.21
G-DRSV Robin DR315X Petit Prince 624 & 01 M D Anstey Rushett Farm, Chessington 22.07.21
G-ECOA Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4180 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-ECOB Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4185 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-ECOE Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4212 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-EEBA Slingsby T65A Vega 1914 A M Griffiths tr EEBA Group Tibenham 30.07.21
G-EHLX Piper PA-28-181 Archer II 28-8090317 Synergy Aircraft Leasing Ltd Fairoaks 06.07.21
G-EINI Europa Aviation Europa XS 452 K J Burns & D G Parsons Husbands Bosworth 08.07.21
G-ERFC Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5A
replica MF-01 T W Harris Old Warden 01.07.21
G-ETPP Leonardo AW139 31768 QinetiQ Ltd MoD Boscombe Down 09.07.21
G-EVII Schempp-Hirth Ventus-2cT 10/41 M Lawrence-Jones Gransden Lodge 02.07.21
G-FLOR Europa Aviation Europa 171 P Shawe & J Wojciechowski Cotswold 19.07.21
G-FROM Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 0307-6554 R Webster (Loughton) 15.07.21
G-GRMN Aerospool Dynamic WT9 UK DY159/2007 G M Prowling Baxby Manor, Husthwaite 01.07.21
G-GULZ Christen Eagle II SEGLER 0001 A Burgess tr Screaming Eagle
Flying Group (Warrington) 30.07.21
G-IDII Dan Rihn DR.107 One Design 95-0342 G G Ferriman Jericho Farm, Lambley 09.07.21
G-INDX Robinson R44 Clipper II 10491 C Vaughan (Gerrards Cross) 07.07.21
G-IXXI Schleicher ASW 27-18E 29543 P J Coward & D J Langrick Husbands Bosworth 23.07.21
G-JASE Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II 28-8216056 T W Gilbert Enstone 09.07.21
G-JEDM Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4077 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-JEDP Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4085 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-JEDR Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4087 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-JEDT Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4088 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-JEDU Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4089 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-JEDV Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4090 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-JEDW Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4093 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-JHPC Cessna 182T Skylane 18282125 J M Grainger & A Smith tr G-JHPC Group (Cheltenham) 06.07.21
G-JOTC BAe 146 Series 300QT E3166 Fairfield Aviation Ltd Southend 15.07.21
G-JRBC Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 28-20693 VU JV22 Ltd (Reepham, Norwich) 27.07.21
G-KELZ Van’s RV-8 PFA 303-13665 Brown Dog Aviation Ltd (Langport) 06.07.21
G-KLAW Christen Eagle II 003-1 D A Gathercole Fenland 20.07.21
G-LAKE Lake LA-250 Renegade 70 Full Sutton Flying Centre Ltd Full Sutton 19.07.21
G-LEMI Van’s RV-8 LAA 303-15057 C R Robert (Bloxham, Banbury) 29.07.21
G-LSVI Rolladen-Schneider LS6-c18 6266 J B Marchant Lasham 20.07.21
G-MAKN Pilatus PC-12/47E 1744 Alliance Aviation Ltd Leeds East 06.07.21
G-MEGZ Comco Ikarus C42B FB100 1311-7286 Kemble Flying Centre Ltd Cotswold 05.07.21
G-MHAN Just SuperSTOL JA 448-03-15 P F Rothwell (Little Gaddesden,
Berkhamsted) 13.07.21
G-MHCM Enstrom 280FX Shark 2052 Sky Fly LP Inc (Douglas, IoM) 02.07.21
G-MIII Extra EA.300/L 013 Ujamaflip Ltd (Malmesbury) 19.07.21
G-MJUX Ultralight Flight Phantom PH00094 A R Garman (Sandhurst, Cranbrook) 21.07.21
G-MVMI Thruster TST Mk1 8128-TST-114 R H Burke Popham 06.07.21
G-MVZS Mainair Gemini Flash IIA 771-1089-7-W564 M A Thomas Manchester Barton 19.07.21
G-MWWB Mainair Gemini Flash IIA 864-1091-7-W659 D McAulay Ley Farm, Chirk 29.07.21
G-MYPR Cyclone AX3/503 C 3123190 R J Finlay Causeway 02.07.21
G-MYVP Rans S6-ESD Coyote II 0294.593 M van der Horn (Sonning Common, Reading) 05.07.21
G-MZBD Rans S6-ESD XL Coyote II 0795.85 S W Osborne Westonzoyland 20.07.21
G-MZCV Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 7235 T H Parr (Priest Hutton, Carnforth) 28.07.21
G-NOCK Reims/Cessna FR182 Skylane FR18200036 J W Clarke, H Dobson & A J G Whittles
RG II tr Shropshire Knockers Flying Group Sleap 15.07.21
G-OPPO Groppo Trail 00066/25 J F Graham Avon Farm, Saltford, Bath 02.07.21

G-PAWZ Skyranger Swift 912S(1) UK/758 D Connolly tr G-PAWZ Syndicate Red House Farm,
Preston Capes 19.07.21
G-PCMC P&M QuikR 8514 J Taylforth (Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay) 09.07.21
G-PECX Aeropro EuroFOX 912S(2) 48816 S Peck tr G-PECX Group Ludham 26.07.21
G-PGSI Robin R2160 Alpha Sport 309 P Spencer Brighton City 28.07.21
G-PKHA Pilatus PC-12/47E 1776 Ravenair Aircraft Ltd Liverpool John Lennon 16.07.21
G-PRPA Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4187 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPB Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4333 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPC Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4338 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPD Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4332 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPE Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4209 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPF Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4195 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPG Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4191 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPH Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4323 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPI Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4204 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PRPL Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4380 Wellington Leasing No 33 Ltd Saarbrucken, Germany 15.07.21
G-PSMS Aeropro EuroFOX 912(S) 41813 I W Harriman (Wetherby) 20.07.21
G-RDAS Reims/Cessna F172M F17200999 R A Das (Delfgauw, Netherlands) 14.07.21
G-RITT P&M Pegasus Quik 8488 N C Farley (Warminster) 19.07.21
G-RNDD Robin DR500/200i President 37 S Atherton tr G-RNDD Flying Group (Pitsford, Northampton) 19.07.21
G-ROMK Magni M16C Tandem Trainer 16192164 P G Folland Radley Farm, Hungerford 21.07.21
G-SNOZ Europa Aviation Europa 032 J D Amos (Ramsbury, Marlborough) 06.07.21
G-TEWS Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee B 28-25128 W R Sturgess (Shaftesbury) 07.07.21
G-TJAV Mainair Pegasus Quik 8070 S F Beardsell Great Oakley 27.07.21
G-TRUU Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III 3433020 D A Abel & M C Fox Morgansfield, Fishburn 30.07.21
G-ULUL AutoGyro Calidus 11 030 P J Tyler Shifnal 08.07.21
G-UZUP Evektor EV-97A Eurostar 2005-2629 P Ford tr G-UZUP Flying Group Netherthorpe 08.07.21
G-WADD Airbus EC120B Colibri 1695 G Riley (Tarporley) 01.07.21
G-WAYY Maule MX-7-180 Star Rocket 11028C J W C Jenner (Worcester) 16.07.21
G-WINN Stolp SA.300 Starduster Too 615 B M Gwynnett tr G-WINN Group (Swansea) 05.07.21
G-WIZZ A-B 206B-2 JetRanger II 8540 A P Sellars North Coates 02.07.21
G-WORM Thruster T600N 450 9109-T600N-039 S J Evans (Tewin, Welwyn) 29.07.21
G-XBLD MBB Bolkow BO.105DB S.381 Air & Ground Aviation Ltd (Shirleywich) 30.07.21
G-XXEC Agusta A109S Grand 22104 Harrier Services Inc (Tortola, BVI) 09.07.21
G-ZODY Zenair CH 601UL Zodiac 6-9531 Zodyfly Ltd Rochester 14.07.21
G-ZZEL Westland SA.341B Gazelle 1152 Hill House Helicopters Ltd (Kidderminster) 30.07.21


G-BPCI Cessna R172K Hawk XP R1722360 N A Bairsto tr Shacklewell Shacklewell Lodge,
Cessna XP Empingham 27.07.71
G-BWAH Montgomerie-Bensen B8MR PFA G/01-1208 S H Broszek (Wrotham, Sevenoaks) 20.07.21
G-CJPI HpH Glasflugel 304 S Shark 047-MS J M Whelan Saltby 05.07.21
G-DEHZ Schleicher ASW 20L 20388 I R Russell Challock 19.07.71

G-ARNL Piper PA-22-108 Colt (22-8625). Cld 23.07.21 by CAA. G-DGAJ Glaser-Dirks DG-300 Club Elan (3E385C56). Cld 19.07.21
G-ARNZ Druine D.31 Turbulent (PFA 579). Cld 13.07.21 by CAA. by CAA but restored again 28.07.21 – q.v.
G-AWTS Beech 19A Musketeer Sport (MB-412). CofA expired G-EUOD Airbus A319-131 (1558). To St Athan 11.03.20 for parting-
13.02.15. Cld 08.07.21 by CAA. out. Cld 09.07.21 as wfu.
G-BEBR Gardan GY-201 Minicab (PFA 1824). Cld 21.07.21 by CAA. G-MEPS Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000377). Returned to
G-BWGL Hawker Hunter T.Mk.8C (HABL-003086). PtoF expired RAF as ZM334. Cld 29.07.21 to MoD.
23.05.16; stored as ‘N-321’. Cld 12.07.21 as wfu. G-MTVC Solar Wings Pegasus XL-R/Se (SW-TB-1308). Cld 05.07.21
G-BYJB Mainair Blade 912 (1192-0499-7-W995). Cld 06.07.21 as wfu. by CAA.
G-BZKC Raj Hamsa X’Air 582(11) (502). PtoF expired 26.05.16. Cld G-MVAJ Thruster TST MK1 (8058-TST-077). PtoF expired 13.06.18.
06.07.21 by CAA. Cld 13.07.21 as wfu.
G-CHUA Schleicher ASW 19B (19091). CofA expired 14.02.18. Cld G-MWXX Cyclone Chaser S 447 (CH831). Cld 05.07.21 by CAA.
06.07.21 by CAA. G-MWYT Mainair Gemini Flash IIA (881-0392-7-W676). Cld 06.07.21
G-CIBB Cessna F172H (F172-0324). Cld 14.07.21 by CAA. as destroyed.
G-CJGX Schleicher K 8B (753). Cld 08.07.21 as wfu. G-MZLG Rans S-6-ESD XL Coyote II (0897.1143). Cld 08.07.21 as
G-CKDL Robinson R22 Beta II (3848). Cld 06.07.21 by CAA. destroyed.
G-CKYT AutoGyro Cavalon (RSUK/CVLN/027). Crashed near Avoch, G-OITV Enstrom 280C Shark (1038). CofA expired 25.04.08. Cld
Black Isle, Ross & Cromarty 12.11.20 – see page 2020/ 06.07.21 as wfu.
DEC.2038. Cld 29.07.21 by CAA. G-RIMB Lindstrand LBL 105A (827). Cld 16.07.21 by CAA.
G-CLTZ Textron 3000 Texan II (PM-137). Cld 23.07.21 to MoD for G-SKYN Aerospatiale AS.355F1 Ecureuil 2 (5185). CofA expired
RAF as ZM340. 23.04.17. Cld 19.07.21 as wfu.
G-CLUA Textron 3000 Texan II (PM-144). Cld 23.07.21 to MoD for
Transferred to other UK marks (including those returning to
RAF as ZM343.
former marks):
G-CLUC Textron 3000 Texan II (PM-138). Cld 23.07.21 to MoD for
RAF as ZM341.
G-CLUF Textron 3000 Texan II (PM-139). Cld 23.07.21 to MoD for
RAF as ZM342.

The following accidents include those most recently reported in the AAIB’s July 2021 Bulletin (on their website):

G-AREZ Druine D.31 Turbulent (PFA 561). Crashed at Easterton G-FULL Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II (28R-7435248). Went
08.07.21. The pilot sustained minor injuries but the off the runway onto the grass on landing at Southend
aircraft was extensively damaged (from a report on the 23.07.21 after a flight from Stapleford. The left main and website). nose landing gears collapsed (from a report on the bbc.
G-AYSY Reims/Cessna F177RG Cardinal RG (F177RG0024). The website).
nose gear collapsed after landing at Leicester 07.09.20 G-GTOM Alpi Pioneer 300 (NC245). The nose landing gear collapsed
after a flight from Cornwall Newquay. Additional damage at Wadswick Farm, Corsham 28.02.21 after a local flight.
to the engine and propeller. Additional damage to the engine cowling and propeller.
G-BAJE Cessna 177 Cardinal (17700812). Crashed on landing at G-HBEK Agusta A109C (7633). Crashed in a field at Holton Heath,
Hilversum, Netherlands (EHHV) 21.07.21 during a local Wareham St Martin 15.07.21. The helicopter rolled over
flight. Damage to the undercarriage and both wings. onto its left side and was substantially damaged (report
G-BXKM RAF 2000 GTX-SE (PFA G/13-1291). Collided with trees on the website).
after take-off at close to its maximum weight at Whitby G-JANT Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-8390075). Landed long and
02.04.21. The gyroplane came to rest on its side with collided with two fences attempting to overshoot the
substantial damage to the rotor blades, rotor head, grass strip at Bolt Head, Kingsbridge 30.04.21. The nose
control rods and undercarriage. and right main landing gear were detached and the
G-CDME Van’s RV-7 (PFA 323-14151). The wheels and spats dug fuselage and both wings were extensively damaged. Cld
into soft ground and the aircraft overturned on landing at 08.06.21 as destroyed – see page 2021/JUL.1058.
a farm strip near Goose Green, West Sussex 28.02.21 after G-MINS Nicollier HN 700 Menestrel II (PFA 217-12354). Tipped
a local flight. Damage to the engine and mounting, onto its nose in soft ground while taxying at Bedlands
propeller, canopy, spats, fin and rudder. Gate 30.03.21. The propeller was damaged when it struck
G-CGPY Boeing Stearman A75L300 Kaydet (75-5303). The engine the ground and the engine was shock-loaded.
lost power on a return flight from Chiltern Park to G-OJMP Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (208B0917). The nose
Dunkeswell 23.06.20. The aircraft made a forced landing landing gear collapsed on landing at Old Sarum 17.07.21
in a field near the disused Culmhead airfield. Damage to after a parachuting drop.
fuselage and wingtip. G-WHGA Robinson R44 Raven I (1357). Rolled over onto its left
G-CLIO Robinson R44 Clipper (0742). Made a hard landing at a side on take-off at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green
private landing site at Holmfirth, North Yorks 17.12.20. 16.07.21. Substantially damaged (from a report on the
Damage to the tail rotor, tail rotor shaft, skids and website).
fuselage underside. G-WINN Starduster SA.300 Starduster Too (615). Control was lost
G-CORS Noorduyn AT-16-ND Harvard IIB (14A-1884). The left after landing at Haverfordwest 26.11.20. The aircraft veered
main undercarriage collapsed on landing at East Midlands to the right, the right wingtip struck the ground, the right
15.07.21. The aircraft went off the runway onto the grass landing gear collapsed and the propeller struck the runway.
(report on the website).


G-ASXC SIPA 903 8 SP- 26.07.21 G-MYYY Mainair Blade (modified SS)
G-BACO Reims/Cessna FRA150L FRA1500163 D-E 14.07.21 1031-0495-7-W829 EI- 14.07.21
G-BAEY Reims/Cessna F172M F17200915 SX- 13.07.21 G-NISA Robinson R44 Clipper II 12881 I- 26.07.21
G-BIHD Robin DR400/160 Chevalier 1510 D-E 14.07.21 G-OICU Learjet Learjet 4 45-167 OO-DOC 23.07.21
G-BNSU Cessna 152 II 15281245 CS- 13.07.21 G-POWV Airbus A321-211 3749 9H-ZTA 29.07.21
G-BZEG Mainair Blade 912 G-PTOO Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV 52132 SE-JVN 12.07.21
1239-0200-7-W1032 YR- 01.07.21 G-SASN Airbus MBB BK117 D-2 20025 SE-JSM 30.07.21
G-BZTM Mainair Blade (modified SS) G-TBOK SOCATA TB-10 Tobago 1111 RA- 12.07.21
1273-0201-7-W1068 YR- 01.07.21 G-ZZSI Eurocopter EC225 LP 2736 F-HUAG 04.08.21
G-CCFU Diamond DA40D D4.035 SX- 08.07.21 M-CLHL Bombardier CL-600-2B16 6130 9H-CCH 23.07.21
G-CDRF Cameron Z-90 10763 SE-ZNP 08.07.21 M-ONTE Piaggio P180 Avanti II 1176 N288LA 07.07.21
G-CHMR Embraer EMB-145MP 145405 5N- 20.07.21 M-SFAM McDonnell Douglas MD-87 53042 P4- 26.07.21
G-CKCJ Schleicher ASW 28 28051 4X- 29.07.21 M-STRY BAe Avro 146-RJ70 E1267 A9C-BRF 15.07.21
G-CKWU Boeing 787-9 63321 OE-IVG 06.07.21 M-TBUC Dassault Falcon 2000LX 199 C-FTLH 30.07.21
G-CLGS Supermarine 361 Spitfire LF.IX Greece* 05.07.21 M-TFFS Dassault Falcon 900LX 276 N 20.07.21
CBAF IX 1285 2-ACSD Airbus A320-232 1663 ES-SAW 23.07.21
G-CLXS Airbus EC130 T2 8947 D-HVIP 21.07.21 2-CODE Airbus A320-232 2663 9H- 19.07.21
G-CLZJ Airbus AS.350B3 Ecureuil 8951 OE-XHJ 07.07.21 2-DOLS Piper PA-28-236 Dakota 2811046 G- 28.07.21
G-CXLS Cessna 560XL Citation XLS 560-5613 N5613 09.07.21 2-GECC Sikorsky S-76C 760693 N 07.07.21
G-ECOG Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4220 C- 22.07.21 2-HHLL Airbus A330-343 1779 9H-HFA 06.07.21
G-ECOM Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4233 C- 22.07.21 2-LOLA Beech A36 Bonanza E-2116 N77MS 16.07.21
G-ECOT Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4251 C-FFAQ 05.07.21 2-RBLE Hawker 800XP 258829 TC-ALT 07.07.21
G-FFEN Reims/Cessna F150M F15001204 EI-GWH 13.07.21 2-VJWR Airbus A330-302 1351 VP-BUH 26.07.21
G-FLBD Bombardier DHC-8-402Q 4259 C-FFQW 05.07.21 2-VYFG Boeing 737-8FE 40999 VH-YQG 08.07.21
G-GEMM Cirrus SR20 1138 D-E 23.07.21 2-VYFI Boeing 737-8FE 41000 VH-YQH 19.07.21
G-JKAY Robinson R44 Raven II 11093 HB-ZIO 05.07.21
G-LSKS Robinson R66 Turbine 0657 SX- 16.07.21 * Returned to Greek AF as MJ755.

G-BHED/SP-WLG Reims/Cessna FA152 G-BZSO/N665DL Ultramagic M-77C G-CERX/ES-ERX Hawker 850XP
G-BYEX/SE-ZKO* Sky 120-24 G-CBZK/F-HMZK Robin DR400/180 G-CIAC/F-HVAC HOAC DV20 Katana

G‑CJPD/SP‑BUM Cameron O‑56 G‑KLNW/OE‑FNV 2‑AERK/N323TZ Boeing 737‑83N
G‑CKDR/SP‑4053 PZL‑Bielsko SZD‑48‑3 Cessna 510 Citation Mustang 2‑BEST/OY‑EST Commander 114B
G‑CKFX/SP‑4065 Centrair 101AP Pegase G‑KLTB/SP‑BMN Lindstrand LTL Srs 1‑90 2‑GDDC/N98JB Cessna A185F Skywagon
G‑CLWS/ZK‑IJV Airbus EC130 T2 G‑LGNR/N201JA# Saab 2000 2‑META/5Y‑IZK Bombardier DHC‑8‑311
G‑CRSS/ZK‑ICN Guimbal Cabri G2 G‑OECM/S5‑DRM Commander 114B 2‑MIES/9S‑ABG Fokker F27‑050
G‑DIPM/T7‑TDL Piper PA‑46‑350P G‑OHZO/N119WP Aviat A‑1A Husky 2‑OLGA/9S‑ABK Fokker F27‑050
G‑DLAK/F‑HSLE Cessna 208 Caravan I G‑PRFX/9H‑AIS Embraer EMB‑135BJ
* cld 23.08.10 by CAA
G‑EDEN/RA‑07868 SOCATA TB‑10 Tobago G‑RIFO/SP‑4130
+ cld 12.08.20 to Sweden.
G‑ELWM/F‑HRNO Robin DR400/180 Schempp‑Hirth Standard Cirrus
# corrects page 2021/JUL.1059.
G‑GBHB/RA‑07869 SOCATA TB‑10 Tobago G‑ZZTT/SP‑ZZT Schweizer S.269C With thanks to Ian Burnett/Overseas
G‑GIFF/SP‑BDZ Kubicek BB26XR M‑AAKV/ES‑DAN Embraer EMB‑135BJ Registers, Barrie Towey/ US Register,
G‑HPDM/SX‑HGA Agusta A109E Power M‑ABNW/VN‑A269 Embraer ERJ 190‑100 LR Steven Sowter/Biz‑Jets, Mike Didsbury, Cyril
G‑IPSE/JU‑5555 Airbus EC130 T2 M‑NGNG+/T7‑NGNG Gulfstream VI Leeson, Graham Richards and Terry Smith.


NB the date shown is the date of amendment to the official record, not the date of modification, etc:

G‑CLVI Type to Glasair GlasStar Sportsman 16.07.21

G‑MYTN Type to Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 (modified) 15.07.21


G‑CLZL Van’s RV‑10. Pete Longley tells us that the c/n 40283 various software programme and should be 12‑33 (with
which we quoted on page 2021/MAY.677 conflicts with thanks to Cyril Leeson and Graham Richards).
that quoted for VH‑NDX(2) which was cancelled 20.07.21
An amendment to the June 2021 ABN from Phippe Jung:
as wfu. As we do not think that there is any connection
2‑EKUB Full p.i. is EC‑KUB, D‑AVXA, EC‑KUB, D‑AVYR (JUN.859).
between the two aircraft one of quoted c/ns appears to
be incorrect. G‑CLZL’s LAA project number (339‑15650) Two amendments from Mike Didsbury to the Isle of Man registrations
was issued about September 2019. Pete comments that on page 2021/JUL.1054:
no details have yet come to light for c/n 42083 which M‑IRAS The Airbus A320‑251N(CJ) is the 2nd user of these marks
woulddate to around that period in 2019. so it should read M‑IRAS(2). The first M‑IRAS was the
G‑GXII Supermarine 366 Spitfire F.XII (6S‑197706). The date of the BD700‑1A10 Global 6000 (9766), regd 20.09.17 and then
Contract No. B19713/39 should read 23.08.41 and not as re‑regd as M‑AATD 02.03.18.
given on page 2021/JUN.865 (with thanks to John Davis). M‑NINE(2) The immediate p.i. of this Dassault Falcon 900EX should
G‑OEZI Yakovlev Yak‑18T. The c/n on page 2020/JUL.1057 has read M‑DUBS(2).
been scrambled in the process of moving data between

G-BWGL HAWKER HUNTER T.Mk.8C (HABL 003086) SD‑2015/003 which required all operators of Hawker
Built by Hawker Aircraft (Blackpool) Ltd as a Hunter F.Mk.4 Hunter aircraft on the UK Civil Register to cease all flying
for the RAF with serial XF357. Delivered to 33 MU Lyneham operations. That Directive remained in force until 06.07.17.
01.03.56. Served with 130 Sqn. To Royal Navy 29.05.59 for In 2018 the CAA issued two Mandatory Permit
conversion to T.Mk.8C. Converted by Armstrong Whitworth Directives relating to the lower‑powered RR Avon 100
Aircraft Ltd. Served with 764 Sqn/’696’, 738 Sqn/’779’ and series engines which are fitted to Hunter F.Mk.4s/
/’634’ and FRADU/’740’, ‘870’, ‘877’ and ‘871’. Flown to T.Mk.7s/T.Mk.8s/GA.Mk.11s. The first MPD 2018‑004 was
Shawbury for storage 16.05.95. issued following the complete loss of thrust to an Avon
Offered for disposal 27.07.95. Sold to B J Pearson and B 100 as a result of compressor blade failure caused by
J Pover, Exeter (for £22,000) and regd as G‑BWGL 15.08.95. corrosion. The Directive required the inspection of the
Flown from Shawbury to Exeter 27.02.96. Change of compressor blades, involving removal and partial
ownership to B J Pover, Exeter 24.02.97. Change of disassembly of the engine. This inspection could only be
ownership to G R Lacey, Epsom 29.12.98. Change of carried out by a BCAR A8‑23 approved organisation.
ownership to Mach 2 Enterprises Ltd, Exeter 21.10.99. The second MPD 2018‑005‑E, effective 07.06.18, was
Sold to the Old Flying Machine Co., Duxford and flown issued following the discovery of extensive cracking
to Bournemouth for repainting as ‘XJ615’. Delivered to around the front compressor casing of several Avon 100
Duxford 29.05.00 and regd to Classic Aviation Ltd, Duxford engines. The MPD again required the removal and partial
21.06.00. Change of ownership to Elvington Park Ltd disassembly of the engine and this process had to be
15.08.02. Change of ownershipto Elvington Events Ltd repeated after every 25 flight hours or 2 years, which ever
28.08.02. Change of ownership to P C Shann, Fulford, York occurred first. Once again the inspection could only be
08.02.07. carried out by a BCAR A8‑23 approved organisation.
Change of ownership to the Stichting Dutch Hawker These problems have effectively grounded Hunters
Hunter Foundation, Leeuwarden, Netherlands 30.03.07. powered by the earlier RR Avon 100 series engines, but
Overhauled at Exeter by Hunter Flying Ltd and repainted those Hunters fitted with the later more powerful RR
in R. Netherlands AF colours as ‘N‑321’ (the original Dutch Avon 200 series engines are not affected. G‑BWGL’s PtoF
T.Mk.7s were N‑301 to N‑320). Together with the had expired 23.05.16 during the ban on Hunter flying and
Foundation’s other Hunter (F.Mk.6A G‑KAXF, painted as on 12.07.21 it was cld as wfu. As a replacement, earlier
‘N‑294’) it was a a regular participant at European air this year the Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation acquired
shows. the Avon 200‑powered Hunter T.Mk.68 HB‑RVP (ex J‑4205
Following the accident to Hunter T.Mk.7 G‑BXFI at of the Swiss Air Force) and it has now been repainted as
Shoreham 22.08.15, the CAA issued Safety Directive ‘N‑322’.

Stuart McDiarmid, c/o 10 Crosslands, Fringford, Oxon OX27 8DF

Well ‘Freedom Day’ finally arrived and not a lot changed. We are still Further to JUL.1061, Cessna TU206G G‑CCRC (ARC expired 24th
being advised to wear face masks in crowded locations and to practice September 2011) is now under slow restoration to flying condition.
social distancing, although not doing so is no longer against the law.
At the time of writing you still cannot travel abroad without significant BAKER RANCH, QUADRING, LINCS – Further to 2020/DEC.2051 &
extra cost to obtain the necessary ‘Negative’ tests and the ever‑ MAR.369, the Slingsby T.59F PH‑1203 [1786] is now laying on the
present threat of quarantine on both arrival abroad and on your ground, dismantled, and the house is up for sale.
return (always assuming your proposed destination will actually let
you in!), with rules changing almost daily. However, judging by the BAXBY MANOR, HUSTHWAITE, N. YORKS – Aerospool Dynamic
increasing number of reports of airfield visits being received, things G‑GRMN has been sold by Ian Worthington, but will remain based with
are beginning to improve on the home front. Let’s just hope there isn’t the new owner (CHOW 1st July 2021).
a massive increase in infections due to people being selfish and
ignoring whatever rules and suggestions are in place, leading to BENSON’S FARM, LAINDON, ESSEX – On 9th July the Hewing
another Lockdown! Demoiselle G‑CIGV was noted flying from here, confirming the base
In a recent interview the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshall Sir quoted in CARBI2021.
Michael Wigston said the following: “the “trajectory” of Russia over
the last 15 years is forcing military leaders to be innovative in the face BEVERLEY (LINLEY HILL), E. YORKS – Van’s RV‑6A G‑RVSA is believed
of an increasing threat. I’m not interested in paving over Lincolnshire to have moved out to Full Sutton. A flying visit on 21st July enabled a
again,” he said, “and there will be the challenge of having armed check of the hangar revealing Thruster T600N G‑ORUG as resident and
aircraft on civilian airfields. But instead of two bases, if all my that, although de‑registered 2nd April 2019 on the death of the owner,
Typhoons were on 12 bases, that’s a harder target. We should look at Jabiru UL G‑CCBY still remains here. Further to JUL.1078 under Fife,
this as a national challenge and look at the wealth of airstrips we have Pegasus Quik G‑WIZS is also now based here. Beech B55 2‑NOVA
in the UK. It sounds a bit Cold War, but we have a pressing requirement seems to be co‑based here and Sturgate.
to remember how to do it. … No civilian airfields have yet been
identified, and larger airports such as Heathrow and Glasgow would BICESTER, OXON – A flying visit into here on 11th July allowed an
be unlikely locations, but smaller sites such as Teesside, Southend and inspection of the old large hangar, which suggests unrecorded
Liverpool could be viable. The practice of landing jets on motorways, resident status for AT‑16 Harvard IIB G‑BTXI (marked as FE695/94,
such as Jaguar fighters used to do in the Cold War, could also be an recently sold by the Fighter Collection), AutoGyro MTOSport G‑KBOJ,
option,” the ACM said. “Upon receipt of the codeword, RAF jets will Scheibe SF25C G‑LAPL (local Kineton owner) and American Champion
scramble to civilian airports in small detachments called ‘fighting 8KCAB G‑TPSY (still showing as an Old Buckenham owner as we went
fours’”. So keep a look‑out for the construction of hardened aircraft to press). A few gliders remain here but they were locked away in
shelters at your local airport!
trailers on the other side of the airfield.
ALMONDSBURY, S. GLOS – On 16th June Hughes 369E G‑HUKA landed
BIDFORD, WARKS – A visit on 17th June found Van’s RV‑9A G‑VVRV
at a private site here at 15.27 and departed to Southend at 19.11.
under completion here, while reported the following day was Kitfox
G‑FOXI (Permit expired 21st August 2004).
ANDREWSFIELD, ESSEX – A visit on 11th July found Cessna F172M
The 2nd July was the first contest day of the Bidford Regionals due
G‑BAOB (cancelled by CAA 17th December 2010) still in external store
to the weather, but enabled a check of the Competition Codes worn.
here. Visiting from Blackbushe were three UK Flying Clubs aircraft,
Changes to CARBI2021 details noted were: GA2 for Schempp‑Hirth
namely Cessna F150L G‑BCBX, Piper PA‑28 G‑BOOF & Piper PA‑28R
Arcus T G‑CLTS (also recovered from the reported crash and ARC
Renewal 31st March 2021 by Southern Sailplanes at Membury) &
ASLACKBY DECOY FARM, ASLACKBY FEN, LINCS – Jabiru SK G‑BZWK OEL for Schempp‑Hirth Arcus M G‑MOEL German‑registered
now lives at a strip at the owner’s home here. competitors were Lange E1 Antares 18T D‑KAIB/W [56T04], Rolladen‑
Schneider LS8‑t D‑KKSX/K4 [8416] & Schempp‑Hirth Ventus‑2cxaj
AUDLEY END, ESSEX – A visit on 30th June found SE.5A G‑ECAE in for D‑KXTC/XTC [8J].
completion by Vintage Fabrics, along with another unidentified SE.5A
replica said to be destined to go to India. Also in for work were Beagle BIGGIN HILL, LONDON – New here with Castle Air is former Royal
Pups G‑AXIE & G‑AZDG plus Piper PA‑18 G‑BIJB. Also reported was Flight Agusta A109E G‑XXEC (CHOW to a finance company registered
Jodel DR105A G‑AXUE (cancelled as PWFU 23rd April 1990), in the British Virgin Islands on 9th July). On 7th June Falcon Flying
presumably for rebuild? Services Piper PA‑28 G‑OSAI was back from lease at Nottingham City
Further to MAY 698 under White Waltham, Nord 1002 G‑ETME has and it has subsequently moved to North Weald.
moved here for work and by 17th July was wearing Luftwaffe markings
F8+CA, for which no ANO Marks Exemption yet applies (still shows Unit BLACKBUSHE, HANTS – Updating CARBI2021, Commander 114
Code 14 as approved 19th April 2013). No doubt the owner will re‑ G‑BERI is back here from Thruxton. Also new is leased Piper PA‑28
apply once it is airworthy again (Permit expired 24th July 2019). G‑BPBM, previously at Nottingham City.

BAGBY, N. YORKS – New here is Jodel DR1050/M1 G‑AYZK, previously BLACKPOOL, LANCS – Cessna 150G G‑BRLR arrived on 4th June and
at Westmoor Farm, Thirsk. Piper PA‑32 G‑SIMY (ARC expired 17th April was resident in Hangar 2. However it has since had an accident at
2019) is reported as being stored. Crosland Moor, when it was pushed off the runway while back‑tracking
A visit on 13th July found a new resident in the shape of Cessna by a gust of wind and flipped over onto its back, resulting in a bent
182S G‑MRMA (Thirsk owner). Piper PA‑32 G‑TTEC had arrived from prop, shock‑loaded engine and damage to the wing tips. It was
Glasgow Prestwick for sale by Matthew Fox/Flying Fox Aviation, but it apparently taken away on a trailer and the insurance company has
departed to Elstree on 23rd July so may have been sold already? paid out on it. It will be interesting to see if it turns up anywhere for
(There was no CHOW or PCOO showing as we went to press.) Also with rebuild, considering its age?
Flying Fox at the moment is Rallye 150GT G‑BIAC. In for work with Fox Other resident news is the fact that Chipmunk G‑BCKN moved
Aircraft Engineering were Piper PA‑38 G‑BTFP & Cessna T303 G‑PUSI. from Hangar 2 to Hangar 8 on 22nd July.

Vista Aircraft Engineering has Piper PA‑28 G‑ERFS out 4th (in 17th 18 CEA DR315 G‑BXDK; Cessna 172R G‑BXOI n/s8
May); Robin HR200 G‑WAVA in 5th, out 17th; Robin HR200 G‑WAVV in 19 Cessna F152 G‑OVMC
5th, out 7th; Piper PA‑28 G‑AYPV in 7th, out 22nd & Piper PA‑28 20 Ikarus C42 G‑CJDA; Piper PA‑38 G‑RVNC
G‑VOAR in 7th out 11th. 21 Cessna 550 CS‑DVZ; Cessna F150G G‑AVER; Robinson R44 G‑ETKT;
Air Navigation & Trading had Piper PA‑28 G‑BPMF in 27th for its Eurocopter EC135 G‑POLC; Piper PA‑34 G‑RVRB o/s; Cessna 172N
annual renewal (still present at month end). G‑TALP
Westair had Cessna F182Q G‑BJVH out 3rd (in 27th March) & 22 Piper PA‑28s G‑BNOF & G‑BYHK; Sportcruiser G‑CFUZ (still
Cessna F172G G‑BGMP in 26th (still present at month end). present at month end); Ikarus C42 G‑CJDA; Diamond DA42
UK Aviation Services had Sikorsky S‑76C G‑ROON out 2nd (in 31st G‑LHXA
May), in 3rd, out 5th, in 7th, out 12th & in 15th, out 19th; Agusta A109S 23 Piper PA‑28 G‑AXSZ & G‑LCTS n/s; Cessna 182S G‑MRMA; Piper
M‑OGUL in 2nd, out 7th; Robinson R44 G‑CBZE in 4th (still present at PA‑38 G‑RVRB o/s; Beech 250 M‑DAWN; Piper PA‑28RT N20249;
month end); Sikorsky S‑76C M‑ONTY out 7th (in 27th May) & in 30th Cessna 525A OE‑FOA n/s
(still present at month end); Agusta AW109SP G‑DAYF out 14th (in 24 Diamond DA40 G‑CTST; Cessna 525A G‑ILBG
28th October 2020); Hughes OH‑6A G‑OHGA in 15th (still present at 25 Cessna 150E G‑ASZB
month end);Robinson R44 G‑CBFJ in 28th (still present at month end); 26 Piper PA‑28R G‑BFZH; Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGJ; Agusta AW189
Eurocopter AS350B3 G‑LBRR in 28th (still present at month end); G‑MCGR; Robin HR200 G‑WAVA
Robinson R44 N321SK out 28th (in 7th May) and Leonardo AW109SP 27 Piper PA‑28R G‑BFZH; Piper PA‑28s G‑LORR & G‑SBOY
in 30th (still present at month end). 28 Cessna F150G G‑AVER; Piper PA‑28 G‑BHFK; AA‑5A Cheetah
G‑RATE; Van’s RV‑7a G‑RVEM n/s; Diamond DA42 G‑ZDEA
June 2021 visitors:
29 Piper PA‑28 G‑AVRK; Diamond DA42 G‑CTCE; Robinson R66
1 Cessna F172s G‑BCYR out (in 31st May) & G‑BSPE; Starduster Too
G‑DIGA; Robinson R44 G‑LINZ; Cessna 182S G‑MRMA; Piper
G‑BOBT n/s; Piper PA‑28 G‑BTNV n/s; Flight Design CT G‑CTSL;
PA‑38s G‑RVRM & G‑RVRU; Robin HR200 G‑WAVV; Cirrus SR22T
Robinson R44s G‑DENY &, G‑KNYT & G‑NESH out (in 31st May);
N928SK o/s
Agusta A109S G‑RMBH; Van’s RV‑6 G‑RVCL; Piper PA‑38 G‑RVND;
30 Cessna F150F G‑ATMC; Robinson R44s G‑CCFC. G‑CGGG & G‑ROYM;
Diamond DA42 G‑ZDEA; Aviat Husky N60UK; Mooney M20 N822E;
Piper PA‑28 G‑CFMX; AA‑5A Cheetah G‑GDAC; Zenair CH601s
Piper PA‑31T2 PH‑SVX out (in 31st May)
G‑JAME & G‑XLNT; Cessna T303 G‑PUSI
2 Eurocopter AS355N G‑OFZY; Piper PA‑28RT G‑VFAS
3 Piper PA‑28s G‑BKCC, G‑BTNV & G‑EJRS; Piper PA‑27 G‑CALL; Regular visitors were Agusta Bell 206B G‑DATR on 4th ×2; 8th, 16th &
Cessna 182S G‑MRMA; Agusta AW109SP G‑SGRP; Robin HR200 27th; Diamond DA62 G‑JAAM on 1st, 3rd o/s, 4th & 6th; Piper PA‑28
G‑WAVA G‑LACB on 5th, 20th, 26th & 27th; Cirrus SR20 G‑TAAC on 13th, 21st,
4 Piper PA‑28s G‑AWBS, G‑BHJO, G‑DJJA & G‑TALH; Cessna F172M 25th & 28th and Piper PA‑28 G‑VOAR on 7th n/s4, 11th, 18th, 19th,
G‑BHYP; Cessna 150G G‑BRLR (new‑resident, see notes); Jet 24th ×2, 25th & 28th (still present at month end).
Provost T.5 G‑BWSG ×3; Evektor EV‑97 G‑CDOA; Phenom 300
G‑DCMT; Diamond DA40 G‑EMDM out (in 29th May); Robinson R44 BODMIN, CORNWALL – Maurice Kirk’s Taylorcraft BC‑12D G‑BIGK
G‑NICI ×2; Eurocopter EC135 G‑SENS; Piper PA‑30 G‑UAVA; (crashed at Durston, near Taunton on 26th May. although its Permit to
Cessna172S G‑UFCI; Piper PA‑32 N129SC Fly had expired 8th January 2021) has arrived here for possible
5 Cessna F2172s G‑AXBJ & G‑WACY; Piper PA‑28s G‑BGPJ, G‑BOIG & restoration. Also new is Piel CP301 G‑ARDD (Permit expired 12th
G‑ZEBY; Bulldog G‑BZDP; Piper PA‑32RT G‑FDDB; SOCATA TB10 December 2018), previously at Headcorn.
G‑IANC; Piper PA‑38s G‑RVRM & G‑RVRU; Diamond DA42 G‑SUEO; A visit on 10th June found Rand KR.2 G‑BRJX (Permit to Fly expired
Piper PA‑32Rs N101DW & N446SE 15th April 1997) ensconced in a corner of the maintenance hangar,
6 Piper PA‑38 G‑BYMD & G‑RVRK; Piper PA‑28s G‑RVRN & G‑ZOFG; while Piper PA‑28 G‑BTRY was on rebuild following its accident at
Daher TBM‑940 N940PS Enstone on 13th September 2020.
7 Piper PA‑28s G‑BGPJ, G‑BTGY & G‑BYHK; Cessna 172M G‑BZBF;
Bulldog G‑BZDP; Ikarus C42 G‑CLAI n/s; Agusta AW109SP G‑IPGL; BOURNEMOUTH, DORSET – European Aviation’s Airbus A340‑642
Piper PA‑34 G‑RVRB o/s; Robin HR200 G‑WAVV; Aerospatiale G‑ECLA was wearing its UK marks by 28th June. Sister‑ship G‑ECLC flew
SA342M HA‑HSG test flights on 6th & 23rd July as “URO340”, the new code for European
8 Cessna 150G G‑AVMD; Cessna 172s G‑BOIL t/g & G‑JMKE; Ikarus Cargo. A340‑600 G‑ECLB departed to Abu Dhabi on 2nd July, its first
C42 G‑CEAK; Beech B200 G‑IASA o/s; Piper PA‑28 G‑LFSW + t/g×3; flight since arriving as G‑VFIT back on 24th March 2020. Airbus
Piper PA‑38 G‑RVRK; Aerospatiale SA342M HA‑HSG; Beech 250 A340‑642 9H‑EAL departed to Abu Dhabi for maintenance work on
M‑CDMS ×2; AG‑5B Tiger M‑PHML o/s; Piper PA‑28RT N2943D 22nd July. Maleth‑Aero brought in some of its Airbus A330s for parking.
9 Learjet 31A D‑CGGG; Piper PA‑28s G‑BKCC & G‑OOMA; Airbus A330‑203 9H‑LFS was present from 25th June to 8th July, while sister‑
AS350B3 G‑CIWO; Hughes 369E G‑DNWH; Eurocopter EC135 ship 9H‑BFS arrived on 17th July from Pittsburgh and remained
G‑GLAA n/s; Cirrus SR22 G‑JOID n/s; Beech 400A SP‑ATT n/s parked late July. Boeing 737‑55S N2106A, with Nanhang Jincheng
10 Cessna 152 G‑BONW; Robinson R44 G‑BZGO; Diamond DA62 College titles and named “Golden City One”, departed to Samara,
G‑DPAI n/s5; Piper PA‑28 G‑TALH; Agusta A109S M‑OGUL; Piper Russia on 25th June on its way to Nanjing, China for instructional use
PA‑32R N83VK at the China Southern Jincheng College.
11 Piper PA‑28 G‑WARB Airtime Aviation Paint had Beech 200 G‑BVMA in since 15th June. It
12 Beagle Pup G‑AWWE; Commander 112B G‑BEPY; Piper PA‑28s was re‑registered G‑FLYD on 25th June & departed on 9th July, now in
G‑BMSD, G‑INAS o/s & G‑RISA; Cessna 172s G‑BSOG & G‑UFCI; a revised livery with a blue stripe instead of black & red.
Ikarus C42 G‑CIRZ; Cessna 182T G‑SHAR; Commander 114TC Fast Aviation had Beech 76 G‑DANL in from 8th to 16th July. Cessna
N115MD n/s; Eclipse EA500 2‑NAOM F177RG G‑CMCR was out for a compass swing on 26th July, before
13 Piper PA‑28s G‑BTNV & G‑ISHA; Europa G‑LDVO; Robinson R44 departing to Sandown later the same day with Cessna F172H G‑AYCT
G‑TWTR acting as crew ferry. Mooney M20 G‑JBRD was noted here on 5th July &
14 Cessna 172P G‑BPWS; Robinson R44s G‑NESH & G‑POET; Cessna departed on the 19th. Piper PA‑28 G‑BNZZ was active on 19th July
150L G‑OKED; Van’s RV‑7A G‑VANN; Robin HR200 G‑WAVV; Cirrus while PA‑28RT G‑LFSR attempted to depart on 19th July, but had
SR22 2‑SKYZ n/s technical issues. It tried again on the 20th & finally got away on the
15 Diamond DA62 G‑DPAI n/s; Cessna 172S G‑EGCD + t/g ×5; 21st July.
Robinson R44 G‑RBRI ×2; Piper PA‑38 G‑RVRM; Diamond DA40 Gama Aviation’s Gulfstream 650 VP‑BCT was in between 25th June
G‑SBSB n/s; Cirrus SR22T N258HP; Piper PA‑46 JetProp DLX and 2nd July, 3rd and 8th July & 22nd and 27th July. Global 5000 VP‑CYJ
N955SH; Beech 400A SP‑TTA n/s arrived on 25th June while Global Express XRS VP‑CYT was air‑tested
16 Fuji FA200 G‑BBRC; Sportcruiser G‑OCRZ; Varga Kachina G‑VARG on 27th June & departed on 14th July to London Luton. Cessna 208B
n/s; Eclipse EA500 2‑TABS N633EX arrived from Keflavik on delivery on 28th June, before
17 Cessna F150G G‑AVER; Airbus AS350B3 G‑CIWO; Eurocopter departing to Cambridge on 6th July. BAE Systems Beech 250 M‑CDJC
EC120B G‑EIZO; Robinson R44 G‑IAJJ ×2; Cessna 525A G‑ILBG; departed on 1st July with Beech 250 M‑LENR here from 1st to 27th
Robin HR200 G‑WAVA; Phenom 300 2‑EMBR n/s July, then swapping again with Beech 250 M‑CDBM which arrived on

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan N633EX [208B5633] at Bournemouth on 28 June 2021. (Martin Uzzell)

27th July. Challenger 604 VP‑BJE was out for engine runs on the 8th & now to a Swiss‑based company, but it remained outside in late July &
21st July. RAF Shadow ZZ504 was in from 13th to 27th July, before still hasn’t flown.
swapping with ZZ419, which arrived on 27th July. Gama’s own Hawker 850XP G‑CERX arrived at Jets Engineering on 11th June &
Challenger 604 G‑DAYA was out for engine runs on 20th July, before a was sold in Estonia on 24th June. A minimum repaint was required as
surprise departure on 26th July to Jersey, its first flight since an air‑ it became ES‑ERX & departed on delivery to Tallinn on 13th July. After
test on 30th March. Challenger 604 M‑LOOK arrived on 20th July, being stored for a few years, Hawker 800XP2 N850UX departed to
Challenger 601‑3A 9H‑ICY on the 21st & Gama’s Challenger 650 Keflavik on 26th June on delivery to the USA. Hawker 800XPi 9H‑WCF
G‑GCCM arrived on 25th July. Gama’s Boeing 737‑7V3 VQ‑BLX carried was here from 30th June to 10th July while Phenom 300 M‑NREN
out engine runs on 22nd July while Commander 980 G‑LEGZ has not departed on 8th July. Hawker 800XP EJ‑REVA departed on 9th July
returned and is now based at Duxford. Challenger 604 SX‑KMA was still after work but was back between the 4th and 15th July. HS.125‑800B
parked outside late July, one year after arriving. HB‑VHV arrived on 13th July while Hawker 750 ES‑PHR was present
Bournemouth Aviation Services had Pilatus PC‑12 OH‑JRJ in between 24th and 28th July.
between 29th June and 1st July & PC‑12 OH‑JFB was in from 5th to Piper PA‑32R 2‑JEFS has been at MCA Aviation for many months
11th July. PC‑12 OH‑BSL arrived on 20th July as ‘Rocky 200B’ but had and was for sale on the UKGA site recently with a note that it was
reverted to its old registration HB‑FVC a few days later, so may have overhauled by the Piper Service Centre at MCA. This could explain
been traded in. Piper PA‑46‑500TP 2‑JACK was a night‑stopper here while more light aircraft now visit the hangar with PA‑28 G‑BSXC
22nd to 23rd July. arriving 12th July probably for this reason. Beech B200 M‑SPOR
Falcon 900EX M‑ODKZ visited Thurston Aviation from 25th June to departed on 29th June, but was back from 16th to 18th July. Beech
17th July. Gulfstream 600 T7‑CAPE arrived on 29th June, and was out B200 G‑RAFK was outside for engine runs on 7th July and seems to
have been here since arriving back on 8th April 2020. Not here quite so
for engine runs on 8th July. Falcon 50EX M‑ODUS was in from 1st to
long has been Beech B200 G‑DXTR which arrived on 31st March and
16th July while Gulfstream 600 M‑AMBA departed on 4th July. Regular
was also out for engine runs on the 8th & 23rd July, before an air‑test
visitor Falcon 2000LX VQ‑BIJ arrived on 9th July while Falcon 50EX
on 28th July. CAP‑10B G‑CZCZ visited on 13th July while Cirrus SR22
M‑CICO departed on 10th July. Eclipse EA500 N533GT made its first
D‑EVAW [1453] visited on 23rd July.
visit on 13th July when it stayed a few hours. Newly‑registered Falcon
Alto Aerospace had two unusual visitors on the 12th July when
7X M‑ATRJ arrived on 14th July. Gulfstream 650 VP‑CER was here from
QinetiQ Grob G120TPs G‑ETPD & OE‑AGT [11108] both stayed a few
16th to 17th July while Falcon 7X M‑GGAL arrived on 22nd July. Eclipse
EA500 N27052 has been parked at the hangar all month, while
The “Sparks” & Dynamic hangars in the L3 CTS area had two known
numerous Channel Jets Eclipses have visited for maintenance.
visitors during the month. Cessna P210N N210BE arrived for Sparks
Cessna 550 G‑XJCJ has been stored with Technicair for many on 16th July while Diamond DA40 G‑ELKI visited Dynamic for a short
months. It was sold as N22JA on 24th June but was still in its UK marks while on 26th July.
on the 30th. It later had its US marks applied and was out for an Draken Aviation had Bell 412 G‑CBVP arrive from MoD Boscombe
engine run on 28th July. Saxonair’s new Cessna 525A G‑SOVD arrived Down on 27th July. Guimbal Cabris G‑ETWO & G‑UMBL have not
on 25th June. It is likely to be a regular visitor like its predecessor operated their training details during July. G‑ETWO has not been seen
Cessna 510 G‑KLNW. Cessna 550 G‑CMBC departed on 26th June while all month so may have left while G‑UMBL was active at Wycombe Air
Cessna 550 2‑WOOD departed on 28th June. Cessna 525C G‑SDRY was Park in late July.
in from 29th June to 2nd July, but returned later same day, departing AV8Jet had newly‑registered Eclipse EA550 2‑MUJJ in for its first
again on 9th July. Netjets UK no longer base anything here and only visit on 29th June. However very few Channel Jets have visited the
visit for maintenance work. Cessna 560XLS G‑NJAA diverted in with an hangar since, with some now parking with handling agent XLR, while
undercarriage problem on 30th June using call‑sign ‘Mayday 911D’. It others visit Thurston Aviation.
landed safely and departed on 6th July. Cessna 525C M‑ICRO departed Fly With Me Aviation used to have Cessna T182T G‑VONY based
on 2nd July while Cessna 525A G‑ILBG left the same day, Cessna 525A here. It left for Cannes, France in December 2020 & seems to be based
G‑SONE arrived on 7th July & Cessna 510 2‑MUST departed on 8th July. there. G-INFO seems to be confused as it gives the owners address as
Cessna 525C N22UB was in between 9th and 13th July, Cessna 525C Brockenhurst, Monaco! It arrived on 5th July from the Elbeuf area of
M‑KNOX was in from the 18th to 22nd July & Cessna 525 G‑LUBB was France & operated some local flights here over the following days,
here from 18th to 25th July. Cessna 560XLS G‑LXWD arrived on 21st with two visits to Gloucestershire.
July & Cessna 560XL 9H‑GPS arrived on 21st July then flew a local Bliss Aviation has re‑registered its newly‑based Robinson R44
demonstration flight later the same day. It was still present in late July G‑FCUM as G‑OLAJ and it arrived back from work at Wycombe Air Park
and may well be for sale. Cessna 550 G‑IKOS has changed owner again, as such on 14th July.

Van’s RV‑14A G‑XIVA has been under construction for a few years 9/7 Piper PA‑42‑720 D‑IOVP n/s (f/t Luxembourg); BN‑2A‑26
by the owner of resident Van’s RV‑9A G‑XCRJ. On 13th July it made its Islander F‑HSUR [0530] (f/t Rouen); Piper PA‑28s G‑BNRG,
first flight from here, then flew numerous flights over the following G‑BUJO & G‑LRNC; Cirrus SR20 G‑CIRI; Diamond DA40 G‑DZKY
days. So far it wears just a bare metal finish, while G‑XCRJ wears a very & G‑LDGB; Cirrus SR22s G‑EVIB & N787JD; Beech 200 G‑IMEA;
colourful orange & blue livery. Tecnam P2008 G‑JSFC; SOCATA TB20s G‑OALD & N575GM;
Handling agent XLR had Gama’s BN‑2T Islanders G‑BJEC & G‑BSAH Agusta A109E N32NG; Beech 58 N7223Y
in for fuel stops on 16th, 17th & 18th July, while they flew locally on 11/7 (quick visit circa 17.00) Piper PA‑28R G‑BGKV; Pilatus PC‑12
whatever missions they operate. They don’t show up on any flight OH‑JFC (f Saint Tropez‑La Mole, n/s t Palma)
trackers so they possibly fly military or surveillance type work. As they 14/7 (quick visit after 18.00) Piper PA‑28 G‑CIZO; Diamond DA40
did not visit the Gama hangar, it’s fair to say they are no longer based, G‑SBSB (in for maintenance); Beech 200 G‑VALK
operate from elsewhere & only return for maintenance. 19/7 (up to 16.00) Piper PA‑32R G‑BMJA; Piper PA‑28 G‑BSNX;
Cessna 172S G‑CFIO; Robinson R44 G‑CGNE; Sportcruiser
BREIGHTON, N. YORKS – Further to JUL.1063, Pioneer 300 G‑CEMY is G‑HMPS; Cessna 152 G‑HUXY; SOCATA TB10 G‑IGGL; Bristell
temporarily based for owner training and is intended to move to NG5 G‑NGII; Partenavia P68B G‑RVNG; Diamond DA42 G‑SAJM
Oxenhope at some point. Jodel D117 G‑AYGA and Sportcruiser G‑MESH (in for maintenance); Cessna F172P G‑WACY; Eurocopter
were indeed visiting from their Oxenhope base & CAP‑10B G‑BXFE was AS350B2 G‑WHST; Cirrus SR22 N508RA; Cessna 182Q N759AU
visiting en route back to Bicester from the Eshott Fly‑in. Cessna 120 o/s; Stearman N65200
G‑AJJS was also visiting but had a problem with its tail wheel and was 20/7 Fuji FA200 G‑HECB n/s
taken to engineering to fix. It is Temple Bruer‑based. 22/7 Piper PA‑28s G‑BCIR & G‑CDMX; Robin DR400 G‑BCXE; Piper
PA‑32R G‑BMJA; Cessna 150F G‑BSZV; RAF 2000 G‑CBIT;
BRIGHTON, W. SUSSEX – Noted displayed in Victoria Gardens in the Skyranger G‑CKIY; Cessna T206H G‑DVTA; AutoGyro Calidus
town on 14th July was engineless Piper PA‑30 N7976Y (Certificate G‑MARL; Cessna 172P G‑NWFS; Cessna F152 G‑OPAM; Guimbal
cancelled 18th May 2011). Whether it is a temporary or permanent Cabri G‑SHAZ; Magni M16 G‑VZED; Zenair CH601 G‑XLNT;
resident here is unknown. It was previously stored at Henstridge. Vulcanair P68C OY‑VNS [511/C]
23/7 SOCATA TBM‑850 F‑HHAB (f/t Le Touquet); Piper PA‑22
BRIGHTON CITY, W. SUSSEX – SOCATA TB10 G‑TBGO arrived from G‑ARNG; Piper PA‑28s G‑BEXW & G‑BFMG; Cessna 172N
Tatenhill on 30th June and is now resident with a Steyning owner. Also G‑BONR; Diamond DA42 G‑CTCE; Robinson R44 G‑EJTC; Piper
new is Yak‑52 G‑BXJB with a Marshfield, Uckfield owner, which arrived PA‑34 G‑RAML; Commander 114s G‑RJRC & N4874W; Guimbal
on 25th June. On 19th July Piper PA‑28 G‑BOTN was noted parked Cabri G‑SHAZ; Diamond DA40 G‑SPTT; Cessna F150M G‑TOML;
outside one of the hangars still marked as such, despite the fact it was Piper PA‑32 N419SW
officially re‑registered as G‑FTAG on 5th February 2021.
Partenavia P68C EC‑MFY [397] was a regular visitor on 23/6 (f Ostend
Further to MAY.686, the demise of the Sussex Flying Club hasn’t
t Newquay Cornwall), 30/6, 1/7 & 22/7 (t Humberside).
reduced the number of Falcon Flying Services Piper PA‑28s flying from
here by much, with other operators having taken up the slack. As at
30th June those present were G‑BJCA, G‑BNNY, G‑BNZB, G‑BSXA,
17th July were Cyclone AX2000 G‑MZIV, Mainair Blade G‑NOWW, Easy
Raider G‑OEZI and SkyRanger G‑WLSN.
Hughes 369 G‑OBAS has moved out to a private helipad at the
owner’s home at Oakley Manor, Oakley near Basingstoke, Hampshire
BURN, YORKS – New here on 8th July was Schleicher ASW‑20 G‑DEBX.
but it does still spend time here, possibly for pilot training?
Correcting JUN.1063, Cessna 210G N210AD did not return to
Guernsey on 13th June but went into KB Aviation for work, eventually
CARBI2021, Jodel D112 G‑BIYW is based at a strip here.
leaving on the 24th.
According to the USA Hovey Whing Ding Facebook page, UK
CAMBRIDGE, CAMBS – Further to JUN.869, Dyn’Aero MCR01 G‑PGAC is
registered example G‑MBTS (cancelled by CAA 6th September 1994)
actually still here but has not flown for some time (Permit to Fly
has been found in a barn not far from the airport here. This used to
expired 27th May 2020). Cirrus SR22 N56AH is a new resident, while
hang from the roof of the old hangar on the north side of the airfield.
Cessna 172S G‑UFCB (CHOW in Progress on G-INFO) & Cirrus SR22T
It looks like the finder is going to try to restore it to fly!
N258HP have both been sold and moved on.
Recent movements noted have been (there was small Beagle Pup/
Bulldog Club event on 23rd June): CHELSEA, GREATER LONDON – Lynx AH.9A ZG921 has been allocated
23/6 (Noted between 15.00 & 16.50) Piper PA‑28s G‑AVFZ & to the National Army Museum in Royal Hospital Road. Is it on display
G‑SHED; Beagle Pups G‑AVLN, G‑AXEV, G‑AXNN & G‑AZEV; yet?
Cessna 152s G‑BMTJ & G‑HUXY; SOCATA TB20s G‑BYTB &
G‑TRIN; Enstrom 280 G‑VVWW; Piper PA‑32R G‑FBFB; CLENCH COMMON, WILTS – A new resident is Escapade G‑ECKB,
Eurocopter EC135 G‑GLAA (to Royal Sovereign Light Tower); previously at the Coate strip near Devizes. Further to JUL.1064,
Cirrus SR20 G‑KIND; Diamond DA40s G‑LDGD (in for Pipistrel Alpha G‑MROS was only visiting from Brown Shutters Farm,
maintenance), G‑PLIP (in for maintenance) & OO‑STU Norton St Philip when noted here.
[D4.350]; Bulldog G‑SIJW; Robinson R44 G‑TSBY
24/6 (brief visit around 15.00) Cirrus SR20 G‑TTEA c/ts; Beech A36 COMPTON ABBAS, DORSET – Pegasus Quantum 15 G‑BZSS is new
2‑LOLA (crew ferry for N210AD, see notes) from the strip at Field Farm, Oakley (which has reportedly now
25/6 (14.45 to 15.30) Leonardo AW109SP G‑KLNH (f/t Hickstead closed?). Another newcomer noted hangared on 18th July was
Show Ground); Agusta AW189 G‑MCGO (low pass along Skyranger Nynja G‑NNJA (Poole & Dorchester owners).
runway); Robin DR500 G‑MOTI; Cessna 441 G‑USAR
30/6 (14.20 to 15.20) Diamond DA42 G‑DOSB (in for maintenance); CONINGTON, CAMBS – New here is Ikarus C42 G‑CIXY.
Agusta A109S G‑EMHN; Robinson R44 G‑JKAY (visiting A2B
Helicopters); Diamond DA40 G‑TAMI (in for maintenance) COPTHORNE, W. SUSSEX – Further to MAY.784/2020 under
1/7 (14.45 to 16.10) Cessna 510 F‑HLTV (f/t Paris‑Le Bourget); Roadrunners, Lynx AH.7 XZ205 has been found at the Driver Wood
Piper PA‑28s G‑BRXD & G‑LOGN; Cessna 152 G‑BTYT; Paintball Centre off Old Hollow here.
Sportcruiser G‑CGLT; Diamond DA42 (in for maintenance)
G‑DOSB; Robinson R44s G‑EJTC & G‑JKAY; Airbus AS350B COTSWOLD, GLOS – A visit on 1st July found the following newcomers
G‑HITL (to A2B Helicopters hangar); Partenavia P68B G‑RVRE; in residence: Piper PA‑28R G‑BMGB (Swindon & Black Bourton owners),
Diamond DA40 G‑TAMI (in for maintenance); Agusta Bell 206B Europa G‑FLOR (same owners as G‑BMGB), Ikarus C42 G‑MEGZ (new
N912GS(f/t Goodwood) with Kemble Flying Centre), Magni M24 G‑MSGI (South Cerney owner)
2/7 (quick visit circa 13.15) Beech B200 G‑JASS; Piper PA‑32R & Van’s RV‑7 G‑RVMM (Evesham owner, no Permit to Fly issued to
G‑RAMS; Beech G58 N256PT; Cessna 310Q N850KF date). Cessna 310Q G‑MGBG (ARC expired 12th May 2008) was in with

Cotswold Aero Maintenance ‑ presumably it was roaded in from the nose of Canberra B.2 WD956 is currently inaccessible in the
Bournemouth? Ambulance Garage due to Covid‑19 restrictions. Meteor NF.11 WD686
Airbus A330‑202 VP‑CNW (ex A7‑AEC) flew in from Ireland West is displayed outside next to the car park.
Airport Knock on 21st July for further parting out. Sister‑ship VP‑CNV
(ex A7‑AEA) also arrived from Knock on the 28th. CROWFIELD, SUFFOLK – Further to JUN.889 under Guernsey, EAA
Also new here is Zeroavia’s Hydrogen/Electric hybrid powered Acrosport G‑BPGH (Permit to Fly expired 11th September 2012)
Piper PA‑46 M350 N350VB [4636675]. arrived at a private residence in the area for restoration. However it
For the record, Piper PA‑30 G‑ATXD (ARC expired 1st March 2021) is was subsequently re‑registered to Condor Aviation International at
still here as a result of the damage it received to its right wing during Birchwood Lodge, North Duffield on 16th June, so has probably
the incident on 21st July 2020 when it was hit by landing Cirrus SR20 already moved on.
N8163P (which is also still here on the scrap line).
The British Phantom Aviation Group’s Phantom FGR.2 XT905/P DAIRY HOUSE FARM, WORLESTON, CHESHIRE – A visit on 21st June
arrived by road on 30th June from storage at Wymeswold, with FG.1 found Quik GT450 G‑CFFO & Rans S.6 G‑MWYE (Permit to Fly expired
XT597 also arriving from there on 21st July. They are both currently 28th April 2017) in residence. However by the 13th July the latter was
stored, dismantled, behind the hangars on C Site, near the Britannia, to be found dismantled in the driveway of the owner’s house in Crewe.
but will be re‑assembled in due course. Plans are in place to develop
workshops and visitor facilities on site and a major fundraiser to DAMYNS HALL, UPMINSTER, ESSEX – New here on 11th July were
support this, with a number of special rewards, will be launched in the Druine D31 G‑BWID (Permit to Fly expired 20th November 2013) (see
next few weeks. also under Dunkeswell) and Pipistrel Virus PH‑VSH [VSW1210022].
The Buccaneer Aviation Group’s Buccaneer S.2B XW544 made its
inaugural high speed run here on 3rd July. DEANLAND, EAST SUSSEX – Confirmed as based here are Skyranger
G‑CKUR & TL‑2000 Sting G‑SACM. Reportedly due soon is Globe Swift
COVENTRY, WARKS – Noted in the Heritage Air Services hangar on
N3856K [3556], which is currently based at Dinard in France.
17th July were Stearmen N801RD [75‑7688], N9039H [75‑6811] &
N65691 [75‑8321], all registered to an American film company.
DEENETHORPE, NORTHANTS – A flying visit on 22nd July suggests
some unrecorded residents including Pegasus Quantums G‑BYMI &
CRANFIELD, BEDS – Further to JUN.870, First Air Avro 146‑RJ85 C‑FERJ
G‑CCNW & AutoGyro MT03 G‑KEVG (although the owner changed
departed back to Edmonton, Canada (via Keflavik) on 1st July
address to Valley 22nd March 2021). Also noted, but perhaps just
following work by Avalon Aero. One we have missed so far was the
visiting were Flight Design CTSW G‑KVAN (Bakersfield Farm, Weldon)
arrival from Biggin Hill of BAe 146‑300QT G‑JOTD on 14th April for its
& Pegasus Quantum G‑MYNS (Mitchells Farm, Wilburton). Sadly there
annual renewal. It was still present as we went to press. Formula One’s
Avro 146‑RJ70 M‑STRY was noted carrying A9C‑BRF for the Bahraini Air were no photos permitted, due to some previous idiotic visitor
Force on 29th July and it undertook an air test as ‘BAH7’ during the ignoring the airfield owner’s request NOT to publish any on the
afternoon. internet and now no‑one is allowed to take any.
On 9th July SAAB 340B G‑NFLB finally arrived from Linkøping,
Sweden and now has a CofA valid to 4th March 2022. DENHAM, BUCKS – Denham‑based AutoGyro Cavalon G‑IDYL was
written off during an accident last month and was de‑registered by
CROFT FARM, DEFFORD, WORCS – Further to JUL.1064, the Cessna the CAA on 23rd June, having been first briefly re‑registered to a
F172M with Pure Aviation was G‑AVVC and Slingsby T67C G‑BLRF is Thruxton owner on 16th June. Cessna 152 G‑GFIG suffered a nose
actually now based. A visit on 10th July found that Denney Kitfox wheel collapse when landing on Runway 06 on 17th July and is under
G‑PPPP (Permit to Fly expired 22nd August 2020) also seems to be repair at London Denham Aviation. Piper PA‑28 G‑KEMI has become a
based. In for work with Pure Aviation Support were Cessna F172N ‘temporary’ resident.
G‑BEUX (ARC expired 29th September 2020, no tail); Robin R2160 As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations a formation of 10
G‑BLWY (no tail, ARC expired 18th January 2021); Piper PA‑28 G‑BSLU; Puma helicopters visited several RAF stations on 7th July and were
Van’s RV‑6 G‑BXRV (no engine or tail, Permit to Fly expired 22nd June noted near Denham air space that day heading from Northolt to RAF
2021); SOCATA TB10 G‑DAND and Robin 2112 G‑PLAY (dismantled, ARC High Wycombe. Their call‑sign was ‘Ambush Combine’.
expired 15th August 2019). At HQ Aviation Robinson R44 G‑CLJR returned from its re‑spray at
the beginning of July sporting a yellow/black paint scheme. At present
CROOME D’ABITOT, WORCS – If you are thinking of visiting the RAF it is still operating from here, despite being registered to The Elstree
Defford Museum in the grounds of Croome Court here, be aware that Aerodrome Club Ltd. Presumably it will move there at some point?

Phantom FGR.2 XT905 arriving at Kemble on 30 June 2021 to join the collection of jets there. (Rod Sayer)

Extra NG G-NGTC [NG021] at Denham on 8 July 2021. (Brian G Nichols)

Robinson R66 N166BZ [0873], which arrived from the USA on 13th 18 Eurocopter AS350B3 G‑GGGR
June, also remains temporarily based. 19 Pilatus PC‑12/s HB‑FVD (f Samedan t Amsterdam) & OH‑JFB n/s
Romanian‑registered Airbus AS350B3 YR‑MXV visited HQ, arriving (f Paris t Blackbushe)
on 7th July having departed Oradea on 6th July and transited Hungary, 20 Piper PA‑28R G‑JDPB; Eurocopter AS350B2 G‑SDII
Austria, Germany and France en route. 22 Zenair CH601 G‑CEZS; AutoGyro MTOSport G‑CIRT; Eurocopter
Resident Mooney M20R N1012P has been sold to the USA and EC120B G‑JBBB; Bell 429 G‑RIDB; Robinson R44 G‑TSBY; Cessna
departed on its delivery flight on 25th July routing via Inverness to 208B N424AG (f/t Gloucestershire); Pilatus PC‑12 OH‑JFC
Reykjavík. Based Mooney M20F OY‑DFD [670327] has been re‑ (f Antwerp t Düsseldorf)
registered as F‑HLPO and is due to resume residency as such shortly. 23 Piper PA‑28s G‑BNNT & G‑CEEU; Cessna T303 G‑CRUZ; Bell 505
In at HQ for maintenance this month were Robinson R44s G‑CGGG, G‑XXSF
G‑CLKL, G‑GSPY (on rebuild), G‑MENU & G‑RROB; R66s G‑DIGA, 25 Robinson R44 G‑MOLE & G‑PBEE n/s5; Pilatus PC‑12 M‑BELL
G‑HKHK, G‑MSPR, G‑SAPA, G‑SXSX & N166MG, Robinson R22 G‑KKRN (f Southampton t St. Tropez)
and Guimbal Cabri G‑CORY. 26 Robinson R44 G‑SWNS
27 Piper PA‑28 G‑BNNT; Pipistrel Virus PH‑VSH ( f/t Damyns Hall,
After the June ABN ‘s close‑out the following visitors were recorded:
Upminster for film work with HFS)
25 Cessna 182S G‑MRMA; Aerospatiale AS355F2 G‑NBPL n/s; Cirrus
29 Cessna F172N G‑LANE
SR20 G‑SNDS; Robinson R66 G‑SXSX (Majorca based – into HQ);
30 Eurocopter AS350B3 G‑GMCM; Bell 505 N505H f/v
Cirrus SR‑22T N53LG (f/t Church Fenton n/s2
26 Robinson R44 G‑JTSA; Bell 206L‑3 G‑LVDC; Cessna T206H G‑NIME);
DERBY, DERBYSHIRE – Steen Skybolt G‑BUXI was noted here on 27th
Pilatus PC‑12 OH‑JFC (f Jersey t La Rochelle)
June, possibly for its Permit renewal, due on 22nd July.
29 Piper PA‑28R G‑EGVA; Bell 206L‑1 G‑JRCR; Robinson R44 G‑JWRN;
Bell 505 G‑XXSF; MD Helicopters 369E N500SY (f Dunsfold
DONCASTER, S. YORKS – Updating CARBI2021, additions to the
t Wycombe Air Park)
South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum here are Lindstrand LBL 77A G‑BUUV
30 Eurocopter AS355N G‑LINE; Beech C90GTx N95VB ×2 (f Sleap
(cancelled as destroyed 7th June 1997) in a bag underneath Meteor T.7
t Glasgow t Denham t Sleap)
WA662; Wasp HAS.1 G‑BZPP stored outside (cabin in poor condition,
A selection of visitors for July are listed below: cancelled as PWFU 7th September 2012 after colliding with Starduster
1 Piper PA‑28s G‑AVSI & G‑JAVO; Piper PA‑32R G‑RIGH; Cirrus SR22T Too G‑STOO at RNAS Yeovilton 5th March 2011); Slingsby T.51 Dart
N3600X BGA1268/404 [1487, front fuselage] & Schleicher K8B BGA3157 (front
2 Pilatus PC‑12OH‑JFB (f Paris‑Le Bourget t Fairoaks) fuselage quoted as ‘GGA522’). Further to JUL.1065, Slingsby T59D
4 Eurocopter AS350B3 G‑GMCM G‑DDEA was still in its trailer at the end of July.
5 Cessna F152 G‑BVTM (into London Denham Aviation (LDA));
Tecnam P2008 G‑OLIC; Agusta A109A N109TF n/s2 DUNKESWELL, DEVON – Rans S.6 G‑CBAZ arrived on 26th June and is
6 Pilatus PC‑12 G‑MAKN now resident, Jabiru UL G‑IKEV arrived on the 29th June and Skyranger
7 Piper PA‑38 G‑OTFT (into LDA); Cirrus SR20 G‑SNDS; Magni M24C G‑CCCR on the 15th July. New in Hangar 3 is Pietenpol Air Camper
G‑YROG; Airbus AS350B3 YR‑MXV f/v n/s6 [8740, f Le Touquet G‑SILS, which is, unsurprisingly, with Dave Silsbury. Druine D31
t Redhill] G‑BWID (Permit to Fly expired 20th November 2013) departed to
8 Piper PA‑28 G‑BPAF; Eurocopter EC120B G‑LTZY; Extra EA300NG Damyns Hall, Upminster on a trailer on the 11th. Updating CARBI2021,
G‑NGTC; Agusta A109E G‑TXTV; Aerospatiale AS350B N330MG (f/t former resident Schweizer 269C G‑OSLO (ARC expired 25th July 2020)
Belfast) is away for restoration. However sister‑ship G‑EMOL is currently on
9 Eurocopter AS350B3 G‑GMCM; Beech C90GTx N95VB (f Carlisle lease to replace it.
Lake District t Enstone) Although SIAI Marchetti S.205‑18/R ZS‑ESG arrived back in 2018, it
10 Pilatus PC‑12 OO‑PCJ (f Charleroi t Feldkirchen) will apparently be used as a spares source in the repair of G‑BFAP (ARC
11 Robin DR400 G‑BXRT expired 8th March 2019), which arrived from Leicester by road during
12 Piper PA‑28 G‑BCGJ March.
13 Piper PA32R G‑RIGH Tiger Moth G‑AOIM departed from AT Aviation Sales on the 1st.
14 Piper PA‑30 G‑ATEW (French owned, f Le Touquet, into LDA); Piper Piper J3L G‑CIIW departed on the 11th and Cessna F177RG G‑AYSY left
PA‑28 G‑OCTU; Robinson R66 N4480W on the 14th. AT Aviation are advertising Cessna T182T Skylane TC
15 Cessna 210M G‑TOTN N6078T [T18208621] for sale. It is a 2006 model with factory oxygen
17 Jodel D117 G‑BFGK; Eurocopter AS355N G‑LINE fitted, a heated propeller and best of all long‑range fuel tanks which

make this already very capable grand tourer even more flexible. She 12 AG‑5B Tiger F‑GITZ; Cessna FR172G G‑BFSS; Piper PA‑28s
has less than 1,000 hours total time and 75 hours on the propeller. It G‑BHWZ, G‑BUJO & G‑RVRA; Luscombe 8 G‑BRJA; Cessna 150H
is a two‑owners‑from‑new aircraft with the last owner flying over 750 G‑BTES; Bell 206Bs G‑BYBI (pleasure flights) & G‑TGRZ; Evektor
hours in the last 14 years, including the 14° East Around The World EV‑97s G‑CIDZ, G‑GLSA & G‑XBJT; Cessna 172M G‑EGLA; Skyranger
event, and many other world tours including South America, Australia G‑HULK; Agusta A109S G‑LUGS; Aerospatiale AS355F2 G‑NTWK;
and Africa. The last owner gave it the name My Fair Lady. AT are Robinson R44 G‑RBRI; Piper PA‑28R G‑SHUG; EuroFOX G‑UFOX
reportedly closing their facility here and are moving to Solent. 13 Robin DR400 G‑BAEN; Piper PA‑28Rs G‑BAIH & G‑OKEN; Piper
Beech A36 N8220M arrived for work by FlyMoore’s on the 7th, PA‑28s G‑BORL & G‑OJWS; Grob G109B G‑CBLY; Bristell NG5
along with Cessna 340A N340YP. Then on the 9th Piper PA‑28RT G‑CIPG; Van’s RV‑7A G‑DPRV; Van’s RV‑6 G‑EYOR; Hughes 369HS
G‑GSYL also arrived for work. G‑HEWZ; Aviat A‑1B G‑OGGY; Magni M24 G‑PWEF; Robinson R44
June 2021 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates): 14 Cessna FA150L G‑AYRO; Robin DR400 G‑BEUP; Van’s RV‑7 G‑RVAB;
1 Cessna U206A G‑ATLT; Piper PA‑28s G‑AVFZ, G‑BCGI, G‑HRYZ & Robinson R44s G‑SWNS & OK‑LTM; Leonardo AW109SP G‑THDR;
G‑LVRS; Luscombe 8 G‑BPPO; Van’s RV‑9As G‑CCGU & G‑RUVY; Eurocopter EC135 G‑WPDE; Piper PA‑28R G‑WWAL; Cirrus SR22
Cessna F182Q G‑CCYS; Scheibe SF25C G‑CDSC; Evektor EV‑97 N696PG
G‑CJTX; Jodel D140B G‑EHIC; Piper PA‑32 G‑ELDR; Robin DR400s 15 Aeronca 15AC G‑AREX; Rollason D62 G‑BADM; AA‑5 Traveler
G‑ELUN & G‑GDKJ (crew ferry for G‑AOIM, see notes); Beech G‑BASH; Piper PA‑28s G‑BJBW, G‑BNYP, G‑BTSJ & G‑EDGI; SOCATA
G‑TEDB; Beech 250 2‑FIFI M16 G‑CDJW; Pioneer 300s G‑CIEX & G‑CETX; Van’s RV‑6s G‑CFDI,
2 Commander 114A G‑NATT G‑DFUN & G‑JSRV; Pioneer 400 G‑CPPG; Sonex G‑EEHA; Cessna
3 Piper PA‑28 G‑ASVZ; Piper PA‑28R G‑BMIV;Cessna 152 G‑BNSM; 182R G‑ESSL; Cessna F182Q G‑GCYC; Vans RV‑9A G‑IINI; Maule
Ikarus C42 G‑CDOK; Eurocopter AS355N G‑DCAM; Eurocopter MX7 G‑MLHI; Bristell NG5 G‑NTPS; Van’s RV‑7 G‑RISY; Robin
EC135 G‑WPDD; Cirrus SR20 G‑ZZDG; Eclipse EA550 N118HX n/s4; DR500 G‑RNDD; Cessna A185F G‑SAUO; Ikarus C42 G‑SFLB;
Hughes OH‑6A N239MY; Cirrus SR22 N774MW Commander 114 G‑TECH; Robinson R44 G‑TSBY; Robinson R66
4 Piper PA‑28 G‑BABG; Robinson R44 G‑DENY; Robin DR400s N4480W; Maule M5 N56643
G‑ELUN & G‑JEDH; Cessna 182T G‑KTWO; Agusta A109S G‑LUGS; 16 Jodel D120A G‑AVLY; Bölkow Bö209 G‑AYPE; Beech C23 G‑BASN;
Van’s RV‑9A G‑RUVY; Piper PA‑28RT G‑VOID; Cessna F150M Piper PA‑28s G‑BOTI & N499MS; Robin R3000 G‑BZOL; Cessna
G‑TOML; Eurocopter EC135 G‑WPDD T206H G‑CHJK; Agusta A109S G‑OPOT; Cirrus SR22 N224RC;
5 Robin DR400 G‑BAEN; Europas G‑BZTN & G‑RIKS; AA‑5B Tiger Cessna 182S N369AN
G‑BIPV; SOCATA TB10 G‑BKBW; Piper PA‑28s G‑BORK, G‑BPAF, 17 Piper PA‑28s G‑BFNI & G‑BFNK; Cessna T206H G‑CHJK; Piper
Zenair CH601 G‑CECZ; Guimbal G‑ETWO & G‑UMBL; SOCATA TB9 18 Piper PA‑28 G‑BNXE; Eurocopter AS355N G‑DCAM; Bell 505
G‑JUFS; Ikarus C42s G‑SARM & G‑SFLB; Bell 206B G‑TGRZ G‑IIBB; Eurocopter EC135 G‑WPDA; Cessna T210N N30VG
6 Cessna F150L G‑AZZR; Piper PA‑28 G‑RVRA; Cirrus SR22 N42KB [210‑63856]
7 Cessna U206A G‑ATLT; Piper PA‑28s G‑BCGI & N2273Q (crew ferry 19 Piper PA‑28 G‑ATTV; Piper PA‑28R G‑AYPU; Eurocopter EC155B
for N8220M, see notes); Beech C90A G‑GULY; Skyranger G‑OCDC; G‑HOTB; Cessna 177RG N8225Y
Aerospatiale AS355F2 G‑PDGP; Bellanca 17‑30A N28141 20 Agusta AW109SP G‑IPGL
8 Piper PA‑28s G‑BJCA, G‑BMSD & G‑BUFH; Mooney M20 G‑BYEE; 22 Cessna 172E G‑ASSS; Piper PA‑28s G‑BOHA & G‑BSEU; Agusta
Skyranger G‑CDKX; Commander 112B G‑CRIL; CAP‑10B G‑CZCZ; AW109SP G‑GPOT; Van’s RV‑9A G‑IINI; Beech 350 G‑SRBM; AA‑5B
Hughes 369E G‑HUKA; Robinson R44 G‑LINZ; Robin R2160 Tiger G‑WMTM; Murphy Rebel G‑YELL; SOCATA TBM‑700 N356F (f/t
G‑PSFG Caen); Cirrus SR22s N938AC & 2‑SKYZ
9 Ikarus C42 G‑CICG; Eurocopter AS355s G‑DCAM & G‑NTWK; 23 Beagle Pup G‑AZCL; Piper PA‑28R G‑BGOL; SOCATA TB10 G‑BKBW;
Agusta A109S G‑ETPO; Cessna FR172J G‑HSVI (crew ferry for Dyn’Aero MCR01 G‑CBZX; Tecnam P92 G‑CCAL; Robin DR400
G‑GSYL, see notes); Aviat A‑1B G‑OGGY; Cessna F150K G‑OKLY G‑CEKO; Pulsar G‑CISE; Piper PA‑28s G‑CIZO n/s2, G‑SACO &
10 Piper PA‑28 G‑BRBD; Agusta A109s G‑DGUN, G‑TCUK & G‑THDR; G‑YULL; Ikarus C42 G‑HNGE; Westland SA341C G‑IBNH; Van’s
Pilatus PC‑12 G‑MAKN n/s3; Aerospatiale AS355F2 G‑NTWK; Cirrus RV‑9A G‑IINI; Robinson R44 G‑LINZ; Cessna 172S G‑LLCH; Robin
SR22 N224RC DR500 G‑RNDD; Van’s RV‑10 G‑TENN
11 Piper PA‑28s G‑BPCK & G‑BRBD; Leonardo AW169 G‑CMCL; Van’s 24 Cessna F150L G‑AZZR; Piper PA‑28s G‑BFNI, G‑BPCK & G‑BPPK;
RV‑9A G‑IINI; Agusta A109S G‑LUGS; Piper PA‑31‑310 N5LL Agusta A109S G‑JMBS; Piper PA‑31‑310 N5LL

Cessna T210N N30VG [21063856] at Dunkeswell on 18 June 2021, visiting from Ireland. (Rod Sayer)

AT-6C Harvard IIA G-TSIX [88-9725] at Duxford on 7 July 2021. (Colin Johnson)

25 Piper PA‑28s G‑BTGY & G‑CLFY; Scheibe SF25C G‑KWAK; Beech poly‑tunnel hangar. Another new resident is Slingsby T67M G‑BLVI,
350 G‑SRBM which arrived from North Weald on 23rd July. Diamond DA62 9H‑XYZ
26 Piper J3C G‑AKIB; Piper PA‑28R G‑BAWG; Pegasus Quik G‑CERW; was officially re‑registered as G‑LAMU on the 7th June and arrived
Cessna 172M G‑CISX; Robin DR400 G‑EUSO; Agusta A109E back from St Tropez on 24th July wearing its new UK marks. Robinson
G‑IOOK; Cessna 182T G‑NRST; Cessna F172N G‑NWFT; Piper PA‑39 R44 G‑TIMC, which arrived on 14th April, has gone back to Little
G‑OAJS; EuroFOX G‑VIDA; Cessna T310Q N302MC Gransden at the end of its lease. Piper PA‑28 G‑AVBG was damaged
27 Piper PA‑28R G‑AYPU recently and returned to Enstone for repair – it returned on 22nd July
29 Piper PA‑28 G‑CLFY; Commander 114B G‑EMCA; SOCATA TB20 following repairs and is now resident with Stars Fly. Robin DR401
G‑SCIP G‑SJBB has been engineless for some time but was noted engine‑
30 Fairtravel Linnet G‑ASZR; AA‑5B Tiger G‑BHLX; Piper PA‑28s running on 12th July. Sister‑ship G‑DCDI arrived from Lydeaway Field,
G‑BOMU & G‑BOYH; Van’s RV‑6 G‑BXJY; Piper PA‑28R G‑CBEE; Van’s Etcilhampton with a similar problem. Apparently some of the diesel
RV‑9As G‑CCGU & G‑RUVY; SOCATA TB10 G‑PCAT; Van’s RV‑7 engines used in the DR401s (& some Diamond DA42s) are faulty.
G‑RVRP; Flight Design CT G‑SLNT; EuroFOX G‑UFOX; Cirrus SR22 New arrivals at the beginning of July are Piper PA‑28 G‑BFDI for Fly
N982CD Elstree, Piper PA‑28 G‑BODR for Flyers Flying School, Piper PA‑28R
G‑KIAN with Flight Training London and Robinson R66 G‑ICEL with Ice
A couple of regular visitors were Cessna 172N G‑CLKB on 7th, 8th, 10th Helicopters. Piper PA‑32R N525RJ [32R‑7780278] arrived from
&11th and Piper PA‑28 G‑LOTE on 1st, 8th, 14th, 19th & 22nd. Southend on 13th July and is now resident. It was previously based in
France. Diamond DA42 D‑GIFT [42.N105] arrived on 29th July,
DUXFORD, CAMBS – British Antarctic Survey DHC‑6‑300 VP‑FAZ reportedly for use by Flight Training London. AA‑5B Tiger G‑BHZK has
arrived on 7th June for its usual summer stay. Fox Moth G‑CIPJ (marked been sold to a new owner at Earls Colne, Mooney M20 G‑BWJG has
as ZK‑AGM) arrived on 16th June, also for a summer stay. Commander been sold in the Czech Republic and Robinson R44 G‑INDX has moved
980 G‑LEGZ (the aircraft’s data plate confirms conversion from a to Denham following sale to a Gerrards Cross owner.
Commander 840, although it is still officially registered as a Resumption of airside access for photographers etc is not now
Commander 695) arrived on 21st June and has been parked ever since. going to happen due ongoing Covid infections, increased movements
AT‑16 Harvard IIB G‑BDAM (marked as FE992/ER‑992) was sold to a and recent rebuilding work. This is a decision taken by the Airfield
local owner on 1st July and will remain based. Former Fighter Manager, so should be respected. You can still go to the Café, which
Collection AT‑16 Harvard IIB G‑BTXI departed to its new home at changed hands at the end of July and will apparently be renamed The
Bicester on 24th June following sale to a new owner in Henley‑on‑ Aerodrome Cafe, open 08.00 to 19.00. The north side of the airfield is
Thames on 28th April. possibly going to be developed. A new access gate is already available
Classic Wings used Biggin Hill‑based Spitfire LF.XVIe G‑PBIX/WZ‑ on Aldenham Road, near the Battle Axes public house. There is a
RR for ‘Wing to Wing’ flights on 26th June, while AT‑6C Harvard IIA Public Footpath which crosses the 08 end of the runway which is used
G‑TSIX (marked as 111836/JZ-6) is also now flying for Classic Wings by many locals.
and will share bases with Earls Colne. It was first noted here on 14th
June. ENSTONE, OXON – A visit on 30th June found yet another newly
The Hawker Typhoon project G‑TIFY/RB396 arrived on 24th June imported Stearman N63555 [75‑8014, coded 555] and a couple more
for rebuild by the Aircraft Restoration Company. Cessna 152s, N472TC [15279752] & N25990 [15280900, Certificate
cancelled on expiry 7th August 2020], which apparently all arrived in
EARLS COLNE, ESSEX – New here on 1st July following a recent CHOW the same container. Europa G‑BWIV (Permit to Fly expired 9th
to a West Mersea owner was AA‑5A Cheetah G‑BHZK. A further visit on September 1999) was also reported as a new resident. Noted in with
the 23rd found Commander 112TC G‑ERIC present. It was based here Enstone Airlines for work were Piper PA‑28 G‑AYJR & G‑BSCY, SOCATA
before moving to Kings Farm, Thurrock for work last year, so is TB10 G‑BGXC, CAP‑10B G‑BXRC, Cessna 182 G‑OHAC, Stearman
probably back in residence again? G‑PTBA (coded 466), SOCATA TB20 G‑SAPM and Cessna 310Q N25XL
(cancelled to the UK 11th May 2021).
EASTFIELD FARM, MANBY, LINCS – Jabiru SK G‑HINZ has arrived from Further to JUL.1066, the second unmarked Cessna 152 has now
Manchester Barton. been identified as the former N47346 [15283218], which was cancelled
on sale to Japan on 24th March 2004, but seemingly never took up
ELSTREE, HERTS – Piper PA‑34 G‑SENE departed (to Wolverhampton Japanese marks.
Halfpenny Green?) on 19th June, having been re‑possessed. It has A further visit on 15th July found the fuselage of Tom Gilbert’s
been replaced by Piper PA‑28 G‑BHNO. Skyranger G‑FURZ lives in the Jodel DR250 G‑BUVM (crashed at Crosland Moor 11th August 2020)

hidden behind the fuselage of Jodel DR221 G‑BHRW (cancelled as Flying Centre on 19th July, so hopefully will eventually regain a CofA
PWFU 7th June 2017). Cessna F152 G‑PFTA (ex G‑BHIN) was being last expired 20th November 2013 when with Shipping & Airlines at
repainted in one of the lock‑ups. Biggin Hill. The other was a recently re‑registered Beech V35B N545GM
Updating CARBI2021, based Pegasus Quantum 15 G‑BZUI is now [D‑9318].
fitted with a wing formerly in use on sister‑ship G‑DINO (replacing the
previously fitted wing from G‑MWZP), which obviously also has a new GLOUCESTERSHIRE, GLOS – Cirrus SR22 G‑PHAB arrived from
wing. Fairoaks back on 20th October last year, and seems to have settled
with RGV Aviation here.
ESHOTT, NORTHUMBERLAND – Morane‑Saulnier MS315 G‑BZNK Noted on 1st July were a couple of Aerodynamics Cessna 208Bs:
departed to Wickenby under a special Permit to Fly on 1st July for a N208AD (previously based at Sibson) & N208TG, which had arrived via
longer‑term restoration. Apparently an assessment at Eshott found Keflavik & Wick on 10th June and has subsequently departed to IAE at
the presence of woodworm, so it must have been an interesting flight! Little Staughton for work. Also noted was former Babcock Eurocopter
Cessna F152 G‑MFLM arrived from Rougham on 9th July and is now EC135 SE‑JTO [0745, ex G‑WASS], which was recently sold to HeliAir
resident here. Cessna 150M G‑BSEJ acted as crew ferry for the delivery Sweden. It was delivered to Västerås, via Hoeven, Netherlands on 5th
flight. July.

FAIROAKS, SURREY – Piper PA‑28 G‑BXWO was first noted with GOODWOOD, SUSSEX – A visit at the end of May found several newly‑
Fairoaks Flight Centre on 19th May, replacing G‑BIUY which moved to reported residents in the shape of Bellanca 7ECA G‑BSLW, Zlin Z326
Jersey on 15th June. Robinson R22 G‑DLDL was first noted here on G‑CIXE, Fuji FA200 G‑FUJE, EuroFOX G‑VIDA & AutoGyro MT‑03 G‑YROV.
23rd April and Cirrus SR22 N122DR arrived on 15th June. CAP‑10B
G‑LORN departed to Blackbushe on 7th May but did not stay there GREAT AYTON, N. YORKS – The wings of Fairtravel Linnet G‑ASMT
long, returning here on the 19th. A departure we have missed so far (Permit to Fly expired 17th July 2008) have arrived at a private
was Cirrus SR22 G‑PHAB going to Gloucestershire in October last year workshop in this area for restoration. The fuselage is expected shortly.
(changed to an Amersham owner on 2nd February 2021). Beech B36TC It was previously at Swanborough Farm, Lewes but now has an owner
M‑YTAF has moved to Brighton City, Piper PA‑31T N187CP has in Kent after the death of the previous registered owner.
departed to Blackbushe, Pilatus PC‑12 N412MD departed to Spain on
17th December 2020 and Piper PA‑46‑350P N464LB is now based in GREAT FRIARS’ THORNES FARM, SWAFFHAM, NORFOLK – Nord 3400
Italy. G‑ZARA (cancelled by CAA 30th June 1997, no CofA or Permit to Fly
Updating CARBI2021, Beech F33A G‑GRYZ is based here, not issued) is stored here, never having flown in the UK. Sister‑ship
Bournemouth. G‑BOSJ (CofA expired 1st November 1994) is thought to be in a
workshop in the Marham area, whilst also based are Nord 3202
FARNBOROUGH, HANTS – The Spaceflight Activities (Investigation of G‑BIZK, Cessna 120 G‑BTEW & Thrusters G‑MWWS & G‑MZKT (wreck,
Spaceflight Accidents) Regulations 2021, which came into force on Permit to Fly expired 5th December 2014). Thruster G‑MVZA was also
29th July, set out that the AAIB, acting as the SAIA (Space Accident here but is thought to have moved to the strip at Grove Farm,
Investigation Authority), now has the authority to conduct safety Needham.
investigations when there are spaceflight accidents in or over the UK.
Spaceflight launches from the UK are anticipated to commence in GREAT OAKLEY, ESSEX – A visit on 23rd July found Sud Aviation
2022. As is the case with aviation, the SAIA will operate independently SE3130 2‑ALOU in residence. Also present was CASA Jungmann
of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the UK Space Agency. The G‑EMJA, which was last noted on rebuild at Rayne Hall Farm, Rayne
purpose of having an independent authority is to avoid any conflicts and has presumably now been completed.
of interest or external influence in the conduct of an accident
investigation. Like the aviation investigations conducted by the AAIB, HADDON HALL, BAKEWELL, DERBYSHIRE – Cessna 180K N2530K
spaceflight accident investigations will seek to improve spaceflight lives on a strip on the Tudor estate here.
safety by promoting action to prevent recurrence. They will not
apportion blame or liability. HADFOLD FARM, ADVERSANE, W. SUSSEX – A visit on 12th June
found Quicksilver G‑MMBU (cancelled as PWFU 29th July 2019)
FERN FARM, MARTON, CHESHIRE – Flylight Foxcub G‑CLER is based present, possibly for spares for airworthy sister‑ship G‑MJVU?
HAMPTON COURT, GTR LONDON – The forward fuselage of CRJ‑900
FISHBURN, DURHAM – Further to JUN.874, the unidentified Sling has PH‑ADO was transported here from Cotswold Airport for use as part of
now been registered as G‑KEVJ and still resides in Hangar 9. SOKO an garden designed by a former pilot at the RHS Hampton Court
Kraguj G‑BSXD (Permit to Fly expired 5th September 2005, marked as Garden Festival between 6th to 11th July. It was repainted with large
30146) departed to Eshott during the week preceding 12th June and ‘Homo Sapiens’ titles. It seems to have returned to Cotswold on 14th
has reportedly been sold, along with its sister‑ship G‑RADA (Permit July.
expired the same day, marked as 30140), which is currently still here.
HARDWICK, NORFOLK – Van’s RV‑8 G‑RVOM has moved back in here
FORWOOD FARM, TRESWELL, NOTTS – Tiger Moth N3549 has moved following its recent sojourn at Rougham.
in here from Retford Gamston.
HEADCORN, KENT – Two newcomers here with Aero Legends are T‑6G
FOWLMERE, CAMBS – Yak‑55 G‑CIIK is confirmed as being based here Texan G‑BGHU (marked as 115042/TA‑042) and Spitfire HF.IX G‑CGYJ
now, having arrived from Glasgow Prestwick on 1st June. Other (marked as TD314/FX‑P).
confirmed residents are Bellanca 7GCBC G‑BKBP, Varga Kachina Piper PA‑20 G‑BFMR (Permit to Fly expired 6th March 2006 after its
G‑BLHW, Robin HR200 G‑BXVK, Pipistrel Virus G‑PTPA, EuroFOX undercarriage collapsed on landing here on 15th July 2003) has been
G‑RBFX and Extra EA200 G‑WVEN. Cessna T303 G‑IKAP (cancelled by inactive for a number of years, but the dismantled fuselage frame
CAA 7th May 2013) is stored outside and the tail section of Cessna with wings stashed separately had reappeared in the main hangar by
310R G‑SOUL (cancelled as PWFU 14th January 2019) is also here, 20th July, so a rebuild might be on the cards?
presumably for spares following the acquisition of Cessna 310Rs
G‑BODY & G‑EGLT. A further visit on 17th July found all of the above HEATH FARM, ACTON, SUFFOLK – Aeroprakt A22 G‑NSKB is based at
still present, along with CAP‑232 G‑XCAP, which seems to have moved the owner’s home strip.
in from Turweston as was originally expected.
FULL SUTTON, E. YORKSHIRE – SOCATA TB10 G‑GOLF from Boon Hill 2020/AUG.1273 & 2020/SEP.1485, the two Belgian Sea King Mk.48s
Farm, Fadmoor is expected to be moving here soon. Worthy of RS‑02 [WA832] & RS‑04 [WA834] have now been allocated civil
mention during a visit on 25th July were two of the inmates of the registrations as OO‑SEE & OO‑KNG respectively and should move here
hangar by the clubhouse. Lake LA‑250 G‑LAKE was re‑registered to the from Koksijde soon.

Cirrus SR22 G-EVIB [2467] at Leeds East on 24th July 2021. (David Nixon)

HUSBANDS BOSWORTH, LEICS – New here is Schleicher ASW‑19 Cirrus SR22T N1724D [2322] arrived from Wick at the end of its
G‑DHER. Parked outside on 22nd July was Grob G109B G‑OSPX (ARC trans‑Atlantic delivery flight on 27th June and is now based.
expired 23th July 2016) minus its propeller & surrounded by long A recent list of current residents reveals MD‑902 Explorer G‑HDBV
grass. (ARC expired 20th June 2018) is currently stored with Multiflight and
is up for sale. The company also has Aerospatiale SA365N1 G‑OLNT
JERICHO FARM, LAMBLEY, NOTTS – Visiting from Netherthorpe on (ARC expired 25th September 2019) in store. Piper PA‑46‑500TP
17th July were Cessna FRA150L G‑AZUZ, Extra EA260 G‑EXTR & Titan N60JM is now based here, as is Cirrus SR22T N347DC. Pilatus PC‑12
T‑51 G‑FION (marked as 441968/VF-E) and Extra EA300/L G‑IIDI was in G‑NBCA has moved to Bagby, although possibly only for the summer.
from Goodwood. Cirrus SR22 N89NB is apparently no longer based, last being noted at
Dublin Weston on 14th July.
KEEVIL, WILTS – Competition Code comments arising from noting
those here on 26th July for the Interservices Gliding Competition LEEDS EAST, W. YORKS – Pilatus PC‑24 2‑RIST arrived here on 18th
were: JJ now adorns ASW20L G‑DENV; Jonker Sailplanes JS1‑C ZS‑GEH, May and is now based. Also currently based is Cirrus SR22T N53LG.
previously E1 has been minimally amended to EI; E1 was transferred A check on inmates during the Charity Fly‑In on 24th July
to JS‑MD 3 G‑CLYC (as already noted in our CARBI2021). confirmed most of our CARBI2021 entries (not all hangars were
accessible on the day) although Cessna 172B G‑ARMR was hangared
KIRKBRIDE, CUMBRIA – A flying visit on 21st July found Jodel D119 and with a York owner seems resident. Also hangared was Cirrus SR22
G‑AZVL an addition to the residents at this predominantly autogyro‑ G‑EVIB (Elvington owner). Seeker G‑SEKR was also in a static display in
equipped location. In the latter category Campbell Cricket G‑AYCC and front of hangar, despite being last reported trailered out after a
AutoGyro MT‑03s G‑CDZZ & G‑CFLO seem to be resident. Others wheels‑up landing on 11th October 2020, although its condition was
not reported and it has yet to aspire to a full Permit.
including MT‑03s G‑CEHN, G‑CERF & G‑CFIE and MTOSport G‑CKYB are
On 31st July Mooney M20V N242KT [33‑0006] arrived from Zurich
more likely temporary detachments for their owners’ training. One
and night‑stopped before proceeding to Wick the following day.
oddity reported based is Magni M24C G‑CIZB whose owner is from
Sutton, Surrey. Initially at Popham for pilot training, it was then
LEICESTER, LEICS – Agusta A109S M‑OGUL is here with Helicentre
reported (in 2017) to have moved with the owner to Bellarena,
temporarily while G‑HRDB is away for work. A second Agusta A109 is to
Northern Ireland! However, the home address has not changed on
be acquired and the company hangar is to be extended.
LITTLE STAUGHTON, CAMBS – Cessna 172N G‑MSOF has moved in
KNAPTHORPE LODGE, CAUNTON, NOTTS – A visit on 17th July found here from Denham.
the following previously unreported residents: Pegasus Quantum 15
G‑MZFD. arrived from Exeter on 17th July and has been doing local flights since
then. It is showing as a PCOO on G‑INFO. Cessna F172G G‑BGMP
LANGAR, NOTTS – A visit on 17th July confirmed the continued arrived from Blackpool (where it was on maintenance) on 15th July
presence of Cessna 208Bs D‑FLOH & G‑FBPS. and is also operating local flights. Ravenair’s Piper PA‑28 G‑RVNX
arrived back from Hawarden on 29th July following re‑spray into an
LASHAM, HANTS – A visit on 26th May found a number of previously overall white scheme.
unreported gliders reported as resident, namely Duo Discus D‑4218
[169]. Arcus G‑DIIO, Schleicher ASW‑27 G‑OASW & Jonker JS‑1B ZS‑ LOFSHAW PARK FARM, TROUTBECK, CUMBRIA – A flying visit to the
GBL. Also present was Cessna F172G G‑ATKT (recent CHOW to a strip on 22nd July found one hangar containing Flight Design CT
Chilworth, Hants owner). G‑CBVZ, AutoGyro MT‑03 G‑CFAK & Calidus G‑PBAL. The strip’s owner,
Roger Savage, did a flypast with his Magni M16C G‑CGLK, operating
LAUREL FARM, WEYBREAD, SUFFOLK – Currently based here are out of his other nearby strip at Croft House, Berrier.
Hornet Moth G‑ADKM and Aeronca 11AC G‑BTSR.
LONDON COLNEY, HERTS – Privately‑owned DH.53 Hummingbird
LEEDS BRADFORD, W. YORKS – Despite being re‑registered to G‑EBQP (marked as J7326) has been on display at the De Havilland
Liverpool‑based Ravenair Aircraft Ltd on 16th July, Pilatus PC‑12 Aircraft Museum here for many years. It recently departed, bound for
G‑PKHA is to remain based here, operating on the Ravenair AOC. Old Warden (q.v.), where it is to be restored to flying condition.

Agusta A109S Grand M-OGUL [22026] was based at Leicester until at least 29 July 2021. (Nigel Bailey-Underwood)

LONDON GATWICK, W. SUSSEX – Business jets were still few and far Turks & Caicos Islands on the 30th), Smart Aviation Gulfstream 450
between this month, the first being Redstar Aviation Learjet 45 SU‑SMM from Cairo on the 7th and Avcon Jet Gulfstream 200 OE‑HOP
TC‑RSD from Sarajevo to Istanbul and SOS Aviation Hawker 400XP from Farnborough on the 11th. After a blank week Airlec Air Espace
TC‑KJA f/t Bratislava on the 1st, followed by Aerowest Flugcharter Falcon 900EX F‑HREG arrived from Doha on the 18th along with TVPX
Cessna 560XLS D‑CAPB from Hannover on the 14th, Luxaviation UK A/c Solutions Global 5000 N373GG from Cairo. Next was SMB LLC
Global 6000 G‑FOMO on the 19th and Business Aviation Asia Gulfstream IV N685MF from Luton on the 21st, Dassault Aviation
Gulfstream 550 VP‑CDF from Nanjing on the 19th. The next day two Falcon 8X F‑WWQA from Marseilles on the 22nd, Libyan Government
FAI Rent‑a‑Jet Learjet 60s, D‑CFAQ and D‑CLUZ, visited from Marseilles Airbus A340‑200 5A‑ONE from Berlin on the 24th, NetJets Global 6000
followed by Flying Services NV Falcon 8X OO‑SBO on the 23rd and on CS‑GLE from Ibiza on the 28th and finally, Saudi Aramco Gulfstream
the 24th, Channel Jets Eclipse EA550 2‑RAYS from Jersey, the first visit 650 N650XA from Le Bourget on the 29th.
of the type. Final executive jet visitors of the month were Jetbee Czech
Beech 400A OK‑BII from Madrid on the 27th and Sirius Aero Hawker June 2021 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
850XP VP‑BNW from Moscow on the 28th. 1 Falcon 2000EX CS‑DLK n/s
Other non‑airline visitors were Nimbus Air Beech 200 G‑FSEU from 2 Airbus A319‑115CJ D‑ALEX; Phenom 300 G‑CKAZ f/v n/s
Glasgow on the 2nd, Police Eurocopter EC135 G‑POLH on the 8th and 4 Airbus A319‑115CJ D‑APGS n/s3
Piper PA‑46‑500TP N5347V from Angers on the 20th. Noteworthy 5 Airbus A340‑211 A7‑HHK
airline first visits were made by TUI Boeing 787 PH‑TFL on the 1st for 6 Airbus A319‑115CJ D‑ALEX n/s
maintenance, Wizz Air Airbus A321NX G‑WUKN on the 17th and TUI 7 Gulfstream 450 SU‑SMM f/v n/s
Boeing 737‑8MAXs G‑TUMR, G‑TUMU and G‑TUMV delivered in from 10 Airbus A319‑115CJ D‑APGS n/s
Seattle on the 8th, 29th and 12th respectively. 11 Gulfstream 200 OE‑HOP
18 Falcon 900EX F‑HREG f/v; Global 5000 N373GG
June 2021 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
21 Gulfstream IV N685MF f/v
1 Boeing 787‑8 PH‑TFL f/v n/s2; Hawker 400XP TC‑KJA f/v; Learjet
22 Falcon 8X F‑WWQA
45 TC‑RSD f/v
24 Airbus A340‑213 5A‑ONE n/s3
2 Beech 200 G‑FSEU n/s
25 Airbus A319‑115CJ D‑APGS
8 Airbus A320‑251N CS‑TVH f/v; Eurocopter EC135 G‑POLH f/v;
28 Global 6000 CS‑GLE
Boeing 737‑8MAX G‑TUMR f/v
29 Gulfstream 650 N650XA f/v n/s
12 Boeing 737‑8MAX G‑TUMV f/v
30 Airbus A340‑211 A7‑HHK n/s
14 Cessna 560XLS D‑CAPB
17 Airbus A321‑271NX G‑WUKN f/v
LONDON STANSTED, ESSEX – Ryanair’s new Boeing 737‑8200s are
18 Global 6000 G‑FOMO f/v
19 Gulfstream 550 VP‑CDF f/v slowly arriving with EI‑HEN (23rd June), ’HEZ (25th June), ’HGO (12th
20 Learjet 60s D‑CFAQ f/v n/s2 & D‑CLUZ; Piper PA‑46‑500TP N5347V July), ’HGP (13th July), ’HGR (15th July) all moving in. New Icelandic
[4697126] (Fairoaks div) operator PLAY commenced a new service on 11th July with both new
23 Falcon 8X OO‑SBO f/v A321Ns TF‑AEW (24th June) and TF‑PLA (11th July), making first
24 Eclipse EA550 2‑RAYS f/v appearances. THY/Andolou resumed services on 14th July, with its
27 Beech 400A OK‑BII familiar B737s. Alba Wings also recommenced services on the 18th,
28 Hawker 850XP VP‑BNW with Boeing 737‑46J ZA‑ALB operating all flights to date. New Pegasus
29 Boeing 737‑8MAX G‑TUMU f/v A320Ns TC‑NCT, NCU and NCV made their first visits on the 9th, 14th &
18th respectively. The British Airways B777 on 20th June diverted in as
LONDON HEATHROW, MIDDLESEX – Business jet traffic recovered it was post curfew arrival time at Heathrow. The two Wizz Air UK A321s
somewhat in June compared with May, with more than a dozen G‑WUKK & G‑WUKI on the 5th & 15th July went to Diamond hangar for
different aircraft visiting, starting with NetJets Falcon 2000EX CS‑DLK some checks. The Emirates A380 on 20th July was due to take the
from Luton on the 1st and Trustflight (Jersey) Phenom 300 G‑CKAZ Arsenal football team to Florida for a pre‑season competition, but the
from Jersey on the 3rd. K5 Aviation Airbus A319‑115CJs D‑ALEX and trip was cancelled whilst the aircraft was on the ground at Stansted
D‑APGS both visited on multiple occasions, the former from Santorini, due to a number of the party testing positive for Covid‑19, so the A380
Greece on the 2nd and Athens on the 6th and the latter from Athens departed back to Dubai. On the 20th & 21st Air Tanker A330 G‑VYGL
on the 4th, 10th and 25th and Munich also on the 10th. Next to visit was operating trooping flights to Cyprus. Air Moldova started using
was Qatar Emiri Airbus A340 A7‑HHK from Doha on the 5th (and from A321 YR‑ADI from the 20th.

Boeing 747-400F N445MC operated FDX1/2 from 17th June until 2 Challenger 605 A6-MVD; Praetor 600 D-BOLT f/v; Global 5000
replaced by N412MC between the 26th & 28th and then by N450PA G-LAMO; Global Express N18TM; Gulfstream IV-SP N1904W;
from 14th July, the latter making its first visit. (in full Atlas colours). Phenom 300 2-EMBR
Two new Qatar Boeing 777-Fs A7-BFY and A7-BFZ put in appearances 3 Global Expresses N551SW & N610CX; Boeing 737-7CJ N737ER;
in the early hours of the 8th and 6th July respectively. Maleth-Aero’s Pilatus PC-12 OE-EPH; MD-87 VP-CAA; Global 6000 VP-CFO; Legacy
Airbus A330 9H-LFS also undertook a series of cargo flights. UPS sent 650 5N-KAS
in another of their new Boeing 747-8Fs, N625UP, on 20th July. 4 Boeing 777-F A7-BFZ f/v; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFY; Global 7500
Two long term “residents” departed, Legacy 600 G-ERFX on 21st M-LWCW; Boeing 737-7JU N301SR; Gulfstream 650 TR-KGM &
June (having arrived on 30th December 2020) and Challenger 850 9K-GGC; MD-87 VP-CAA
9H-CLG on 14th July (which had arrived on 1st March 2021). As the 5 Airbus A321-231 G-WUKK (to Diamond hangar); Falcon 900LX
volume of executive jet movements increases, so have the first time M-CPAY; Global 7500 M-LWCW; Gulfstream 450s HZ-MS48 &
visitors, namely Praetor 600 G-FTFX (which is a new resident) on 17th N450BT
June, Legacy 450 D-BOLD (17th June), Challenger 604 T7-KBI (29th 6 Global 7500 M-LWCW; Boeing 737-75V N737LE
June), Phenom 300 N88EJ (1st July), Praetor 600 D-BOLT (2nd July), 7 Beech B200C G-NIAB; Cessna 550 G-SKAL; Learjet 75 G-ZNTH;
Pilatus PC-12 OY-GSB (7th July), Cessna 525As D-IDWC & Gulfstream Global 5000 N373GG; Pilatus PC-12 OY-GSB f/v
450 T7-BRG (both 10th July), Global Express XRS VH-IQR (13th July), 8 Boeing 777-F A7-BFY f/v; Pilatus PC-12 HB-FVT; Gulfstream 650
Gulfstream 650 N93M & Cessna 510 OO-MST (both 16th July), Phenom N1TF; Challenger 604 N777FF; Falcon 900 PH-EBR; Boeing
300 D-CUVH (17th July), Cessna 525A OE-FKF (17th July), Global 6500 737-74Q P4-ACC; Cessna 680 SE-RFL
CS-GLI (19th July), Gulfstream 280 SP-GEC (20th July) & Phenom 300 9 Legacy 600 EJ-CORE; Pilatus PC-24 LX-PCE; Cessna 550 G-SKAL;
F-HJFL (21th July). Other notable visitors included the increasing rare Cessna 525C N347CZ; Cessna 525B N635CJ; Cessna 680 OE-GLS;
MD87, VP-CAA (4th July), and A319 VH-VCJ (21th July). Lineage 1000 Boeing 737-400(F)s OE-IBI & OO-TNN; Nextant 400XT OK-EAS;
N727EE arrived on 17th June and departed on delivery to Air Hamburg Falcon 900B P4-HEI; Airbus A320-251N TC-NCT f/v; Global 7500
as D-AWOW on the 22nd. VP-CTO
As usual the Embraer demonstrators, Phenom 300 N311EE and 10 Cessna 525B D-IDWC f/v; Airbus A330s G-VYGK & 9H-LFS;
Praetor 600 N641EE, are not listed below as they are frequent Gulfstream 450s HZ-A22 & T7-BRG f/v; Gulfstream III N193PA;
movements. Residents and the more regular visitors from Sonas Boeing 737-7CJ N737ER; Cessna 510 OE-FOG; Gulfstream 500
Aviation, Netjets, Vistajet, Flairjet, Air Hamburg, Air-X Charter, Saxonair OY-WLD; Gulfstream 280 SP-NVN; Gulfstream IV-SP 7Q-MAG
& Air Scotland are also not listed below. 11 Lineage 1000 A6-KAH; Challenger 605 C-FNVT; Cessna 525B
Continuing with the June 2021 visitors: D-CEMS f/v; Gulfstream 650 D-AWWW; Phenom 300 G-CKAZ;
17 Legacy 450 D-BOLD f/v; Praetor 600 G-FTFX f/v (new resident); Learjet 75 G-USHA; Falcon 7Xs HB-JSS & N9997X; Global Express
Global 6000s HB-JLC & M-YSKY; Boeing 747-4B5ERF N445MC (see XRS N94FX; Global 5000 N244BC; Gulfstream IV N619A; Global
notes); Gulfstream 550 N585DW; Lineage 1000 N727EE (see 6000 N1886S; Airbus A321-251N TF-PLA f/v; Falcon 100 9H-FRM
notes); Ilyushin IL-76 RA-76503; Hawker 750 VQ-BBS 12 Gulfstream 650s A7-CGA & N711AL; Boeing 737-8200 EI-HGO f/v
18 Gulfstream IV-SP HB-ILS; Airbus A319-133CJ HB-JJJ; Global (see notes); Cessna 750 N92RX
Expresses N28ZD & N926PN; Boeing 737-7CJ N737ER; Challenger 13 Challenger 605 A6-MVD; Cessna 525B D-CEMS; Gulfstream 550s
604 N777FF; Legacy 600s OE-IRN & OK-SLN; Gulfstream 650 N159SD & OE-ICQ; Cessna 510 OE-FZD; Falcon 900 PH-EBR;
T7-NAP; Global 6000 VT-CDP Global Express XRS VH-IQR f/v
19 Hawker 800XP N993JR 14 Boeing 737-8200 EI-HGP f/v (see notes); Legacy 500 G-HARG;
20 Boeing 737-4Y0(SF) EC-MNM; Cessna 680A F-HFSJ; Boeing Beech B200C G-NIAB; Boeing 747-46NF N450PA (see notes);
777-336ER G-STBK (see notes); Gulfstream 600 G-ULFX f/v; Global Challenger 604 N999PX; Airbus A320-251N TC-NCU f/v; Challenger
Express XRS HB-JGP; Gulfstream 550 I-DELO; Gulfstream V 850 9H-CLG (out, see notes)
N188ES; Nextant 400XT OK-DJB; Cessna 560XLS YU-PNK; 15 Boeing 737-8200 EI-HGR f/v (see notes); Beech 250 G-NICB;
Challenger 605 9H-IAR; Airbus A321-214 9H-LOI (out from Airbus A321-231 G-WUKI (to Diamond hangar); Hawker 800XP
storage) N84UP; Boeing 737-86N TC-SBR f/v
21 Legacy 600 G-ERFX (out, see notes); Airbus A330-243 G-VYGK; 16 Cessna 550s F-HBMR & YU-BTB; Learjet 75 G-USHA; Legacy 650
Cessna 510 OE-FAT; Hawker 400XP SP-TTA LX-TRO; Gulfstream 650 N93M f/v; Cessna 525B N635CJ; Pilatus
22 Gulfstream 550 N517DW; Phenom 300 2-EMBR PC-12 OE-EPH; Cessna 510s OE-FWF & OO-MST f/v; Gulfstream
23 Boeing 737-8200 EI-HEN f/v (see notes); Global 6500 N2019C f/v; 550 OE-ICQ
Cessna 560XLS S5-BBC; Challenger 300 TC-SPL; Challenger 850 17 Legacy 650 A6-SSV; Gulfstream 650 A7-VGD; Challenger 604
9H-BGK D-ANGB; Phenom 300 D-CUVH f/v; Global Express N9103J; Cessna
24 Gulfstream 650 A7-CGB; Legacy 500 G-HARG; Gulfstream 550 525A OE-FKF f/v
OE-ICQ; Airbus A321-251N TF-AEW f/v 18 Global 6000 N1812C; Nextant 400XT OK-ESC; Airbus A320-251N
25 Cessna 680 EC-MLV; Boeing 737-8200 EI-HEZ f/v (see notes); TC-NCV f/v; Gulfstream IV-SP 7Q-MAG; Falcon 8X VQ-BXH; Falcon
Beech B200 G-FLYK; Hawker 800XP N240V; Boeing 747-47UF 100 9H-FRM
N412MC; Global 6000 N1955M 19 Global 6500 CS-GLI f/v; Global 6000 9H-AMF
26 Learjet 75 G-ZENJ; Airbus A319-133CJ HB-JJJ; Gulfstream 550 20 Airbus A380-842 A6-EVN f/v (see notes); Global 6000 C-GOAB;
N551VL; Falcon 7X N685AB; Airbus A319-115CJ OE-LJG Cessna 525As D-IJOA & OO-MOR; Airbus A330-243 G-VYGL; Learjet
27 Falcon 7X D-AGBE; Boeing 737-4Y0(SF) EC-MAD; Beech B200 45 I-AVND; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFR; Boeing 747-8F N625UP f/v
G-FLYK; Beech 250 G-NICB; Cessna 680 OK-UGJ Gulfstream 280 SP-GEC f/v; Global Express XRS T7-MCB; Airbus
28 Challenger 650 D-ABEY; Global 7500 G-LOBX; Gulfstream 600 A321-231 YR-ADI f/v as such; Global 5000 3B-PGT;
G-ULFX; Beech B200 G-MEGN; Falcon 7X M-RTFS; Global 5000 21 Phenom 300 F-HJFL f/v; Airbus A330-243 G-VYGL; Learjet 45
N373GG; Pilatus PC-12 OH-JFB LN-AWC; Gulfstream 550 N343AR; Cessna 650 OE-GMG; Airbus
29 Gulfstream 550 G-LSCW & VP-BMP; Gulfstream IV N55PJ; Boeing A319-132LR VH-VCJ; Hawker 800XP 5N-JEF
737-7AV P4-BBJ; Global Express XRSs P4-GMS & T7-JAT Challenger
Regular visitors were Beech B200 G-NIAA on 21.6, 23.6, 1.7 & 2.7;
300 TC-SPL; Airbus A310-308 T7-FTH; Challenger 605 T7-KBI f/v;
Challenger 300 M-CLAB on 18.6, 30.6, 1.7 & 12.7 and Challenger 604
Honda HA420 9H-JCE
SX-KFA on 21.6, 1.7, 3.7, 6.7, 9.7, 12.7, 15.7 & 18.7.
30 Global Express XRS C-FIPX; Legacy 500 G-HARG; Cessna 750
N92RX; Global 5000 N375WB; Global 6000 9H-IRC
LOW COTEHILL, CUMBRIA – David Price has unveiled his Spitfire full-
Moving on to the July 2021 visitors: scale model BAPC.581 (marked as PV144/4D-A) which he has built in
1 Falcon 900EX C-GWFM; Diamond DA62 G-IRJE; Phenom 300 N88EJ the back garden of his house in Front Street here. He is now reportedly
f/v; Challenger 604 N777FF; Cessna 510 OE-FZB; Falcon 2000EX looking to sell it for around £25,000. Ideally he would like to new
OE-IEN; Legacy 600 VP-BGV; Airbus A320-214 9H-LAJ (out from owner to allow it to remain at the Solway Aviation Museum (of which
storage) Mr Price is a director) at Carlisle Lake District Airport.

MALTING FARM, WHEPSTEAD, SUFFOLK – George Haye operates his NORTH WEALD, ESSEX – New residents in July are Piper PA‑28 G‑OSAI
Isaacs Fury G‑EHMF from his home strip here. His CAP‑232 G‑HAYE is and Cessna F152 G‑BIJW with North Weald Flight Training. A
based at another strip at Illington House, Wretham. temporary resident at the Squadron from 7th July is Yak‑3UTI‑PW
F‑AZIM [9/04623] (marked as 27 white), which will, after further pilot
MANCHESTER, CITY OF MANCHESTER – It has finally been announced familiarisation, be based at White Waltham. On 4th July Cirrus SF50
that the Air & Space Hall at the Museum of Science & Industry in 2‑DRDR returned to be based after its sojourn at London Stansted
Liverpool Road, which was closed ‘temporarily’ in December 2018, is where the owner completed 50 hours on type with an instructor.
now closed permanently and the aircraft collection is being dispersed. Resident Jet Provost T.5 G‑VIVM had a landing incident at the
Known proposed fates so far are: beginning of July and may not be repaired. Cessna 150M G‑GLED also
• Avro 504K G‑ABAA to Stow Maries, Essex had an off‑airfield forced landing, which resulted in it being
• Yokosuka Ohka 11 BAPC.98 (marked as 997) to the Pima Air & dismantled and returned by road to North Weald.
Space Museum, Tucson USA Noted at the Wings & Wheels radio control model show on 26th
• English Electric P.1A WG963 to the Boscombe Down Aviation June was a scale RC balloon marked as “G-BPSH” along with three
Collection at Old Sarum other RC hot air balloons. The original Cameron V‑77 G‑BPSH was
• Shackleton AEW.2 WR960 to the Avro Heritage Museum at cancelled as PWFU 26th January 2016. In the static display were SAH‑1
Woodford G‑SAHI and resident Gnat T.1 G‑MOUR, both alongside scale models of
• Avro 707A WZ736 also to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection the aircraft.
at Old Sarum A visit on 11th July found Aero Legends Spitfire Tr.9 G‑CICK
• Belvedere HC.1 XG454 was allocated to the Helicopter Museum at (marked as NH341/DB‑E), T‑6G Texan G‑DDMV (marked as 493209) &
Weston‑Super‑Mare some time ago Tiger Moth G‑PWBE all present giving rides. ARCo Spitfire Tr.9 G‑CCCA
(marked PV202/5R‑H) was also present, probably to provided extra
It is assumed that the aircraft belonging to the Aeroplane Collection
capacity for Aero Legends.
(Avro Avian G‑EBZM, Dragon Rapide G‑ADAH, Mignet HM.14 BAPC.12
(marked as G-ADYO), Wallis Bensen B.7 G‑APUD, Mainair Tri‑Flyer NORWICH INTERNATIONAL, NORFOLK – Slingsby T67M G‑BYOD,
G‑MJXE & Roe Triplane replica BAPC.6), will initially move to Hooton which actually arrived on 28th April, departed to Gloucestershire on
Park and probably then move on elsewhere. 10th June, although there is no CHOW showing at this time.
The various helicopter operators had the usual interchange of
MANSTON, KENT – Further to MAY.693, Hunter F.6 XF509 arrived at
machines between here & Aberdeen, Blackpool, Den Helder and
the RAF Manston History Museum from Fort Paull, East Yorkshire by
road on 18th June. It is on temporary loan from Lyndon Davies, chief The four former Air Europa Express Embraer 190s that are stored
executive of Hornby Hobbies. here have been re‑registered again. They initially arrived as EC‑KRJ,
EC‑KXD, EC‑KYP & EC‑KYP. They then became 9H‑AIA to 9H‑AID
respectively and are now ES‑MEV, ES‑MES, ES‑MET & ES‑MEU.
G‑IBMS lives an a private helipad at the owner’s home here, clearly
visible on Google Maps. June 2021 visitors:
1 Eurocopter EC130B4 F‑GXPG; Piper PA‑28s G‑BNZB; Piper PA‑28R
has moved in here from White Waltham. Aerospatiale AS355F2 G‑GOXL; Eurocopter EC135 G‑POLF; SOCATA
TB10 G‑SONA out (in 31st May); Piper PA‑31‑310 N95TA; Cirrus
MEPPERSHALL, BEDS – Noted in for work with Brinkley Aircraft SR22 N663CD; Aerospatiale SA341G YU‑HHH
Services on 4th July were: AA‑5B Tiger G‑BFVS, Rallye 115 G‑BIIK (ARC 2 Piper PA‑28R G‑BBZH; Cessna 152 G‑BNKP; Cessna A152 G‑BRCD;
expired 18th August 2020), Beech V35B G‑BONZ, Piper PA‑32 G‑IFFR & Piper PA‑28 G‑LCTS o/s; Cessna 560XL G‑SIRS; SOCATA TB20
Cessna F172M HB‑CYT [1192]. G‑TRIN; Robinson R22 G‑WAGG; Dornier 328JET OY‑NCO; Vulcanair
A further visit on 22nd July found a couple more recently imported P68C OY‑VNS [511/C]
Cessna 152s with Brinkley Aircraft Services, namely G‑CMAH (partially 3 Robinson R22 G‑WAGG; Metro 23 OY‑NPE
dismantled) & N2486Q [15280418]. G‑BONZ, G‑IFFR & HB‑CYT were all 4 Eurocopter EC135 G‑HOLM n/s2; Piper PA‑31‑310 N95TA
still in for work and had been joined by Cessna F172M G‑BBNZ, 5 Piper PA‑28 G‑CEEN; Agusta AW139 G‑SNSI
Bellanca 7GCBC G‑HUNI & Beech A36 N715BC. 6 Piper PA‑28s G‑BFMG & G‑SEXX; Cessna FA152 G‑BHMG; Robin
HR200 G‑ECAF; Cessna 152 G‑LOMN
MILL FARM, RAVENSWORTH, N. YORKS – Following the sole resident, 7 Cessna R172K G‑BPCI o/s ×3; Robin DR400 G‑CBMT o/s; Diamond
Murphy Rebel G‑BWLL, moving to Fishburn, this strip has now closed DA40 G‑CTSE o/s; Robin HR200 G‑ECAR; Robinson R44 G‑LINJ n/s;
and been ploughed up. Cirrus SR20 N781CD
8 Diamond DA40s G‑CTSM o/s & G‑LDGB o/s; Agusta AW139
is the location of the base of Piper PA‑31‑325 N3544M. 9 Partenavia P68s EC‑MFY [397] & G‑RVRE; Cessna 152 G‑BNKP;
Diamond DA40 G‑CTSR o/s; Piper PA‑28s G‑LCTO o/s & G‑NOTE;
Evans VP.1 G‑EVPI (Permit expired 16th April 2020) is actually here 10 Piper PA‑27 G‑BBHF; Cessna A152 G‑BRCD; Piper PA‑28 G‑GFCA ×2
rather than Condor Aviation’s main site at Birchwood Lodge, North n/s; Cessna 525 PH‑WMM
Duffield. 11 Cessna 152s G‑BNFR, G‑BNKP & G‑BZHE; Cessna 172N G‑CWFT
n/s; Piper PA‑28 G‑GFCA n/s; Robin DR400 G‑GOSL o/s ×2; Airbus
NETHERTHORPE, NOTTS – A new resident is Pioneer 300 G‑JDRD. On H145 G‑HEMC; Cessna 525A G‑NOCM n/s2; Cessna F152 G‑PTTA;
17th July Dukeries Aviation had Cessna F172K G‑AYRT, Cessna F150M Metro 23 OY‑NPE ×2;
G‑CDTX, Piper PA‑28 G‑BNTD & Robin DR401 G‑CDAI in for work. 12 Piper PA‑28R G‑BIKE; Piper PA‑28s G‑BSVB, G‑CDMY & G‑FTAC;
Europa G‑MFHI
NEWQUAY CORNWALL, CORNWALL – Former SAS Boeing 737‑86N 13 Robin DR400 G‑BRNU; Cessna 152 G‑BZHE; Piper PA‑28 G‑LCTR;
VP‑CGH (ex LN‑RGF) arrived from Montpelier on 30th June, initially for Cirrus SR22 N56AH
storage. 14 Diamond DA40 G‑CTSM; Cessna 152 G‑LOMN; Robin DR400 G‑ZIPI
NORTH COATES, LINCS – Pitts S‑1T G‑OSIT has been sold to an Isle of 15 Cessna F172M G‑BKIJ; Piper PA‑28s G‑BSKW, G‑CCBH & G‑LCTS
Wight owner and its replacement is said to be Van’s RV‑8 G‑KELZ from o/s; Robin HR200 G‑ECAG; Piper PA‑46‑600TP G‑ETET o/s ×3;
Turweston (although this was registered to a Langport, Somerset Cessna 152 G‑LOMN; Agusta AW139 G‑NHVA n/s3; Cirrus SR22T
owner on 6th July). N123VP; Cessna 510 OE‑FZB; Hawker 4000 OY‑JJJ

Embraer ERJ190-200 LR ES-MEU [19000281] of Air Europa at Norwich on 11 July 2021. (Colin Johnson)

16 Cessna 172L G‑BSTM o/s; Cessna 152 G‑BYMJ; Piper PA‑28s G‑BJWI & Cessna F150M G‑BTHE. Piper PA‑28 G‑BOMY was registered
G‑ELZN o/s ×2 & G‑LCTR o/s; Cessna 182Ts G‑MPLC & G‑MPLE; to the Sherwood Flying Club on the 29th June.
Robinson R44 G‑RBRI A further visit on 13th July found Cessna F150F G‑ATNE & Slingsby
17 Robinson R44 G‑RBRI T67M G‑BKAM in with Swiftair & Piper PA‑28R G‑AVWU with CFS
18 Cessna 560 D‑CAPB; Pilatus PC‑12 M‑YBLS Maintenance and Robinson R22 G‑HANC on detachment from
19 Beech 200 G‑IASM; Diamond DA40 G‑SBSB n/s; Cirrus SR22T Nottingham Heliport at Widmerpool. Moving on to 17th July and Grob
N986JT; Cessna 510 OE‑FZE G115D2 G‑BVHC, Commander 112 G‑DASH & Piper PA‑24 G‑KSVB (ARC
20 Hawker 800XP M‑ARIE expired 24th March 2018) were all in with Swiftair.
21 Robinson R44 G‑GOES ×2 n/s; Cessna 560XLS G‑NJAA n/s; Piper
PA‑31‑310 G‑SCMR NYMPSFIELD, GLOS – New here on 14th July was Glaser‑Dirks DG‑300
22 Piper PA‑28R G‑TOLL G‑CHME, coded LKA.
23 Challenger 350 CS‑CHA; Piper PA‑28s G‑CCBH c/ts & G‑RADI;
Cessna 172N G‑CWFT; Beech 200 G‑FSEU OLD SARUM, WILTS – Cessna 208B G‑SYLV arrived from Swansea (via
24 Cessna 182J G‑ATPT; Cessna A152 G‑BRCD; Cessna 152 G‑BXVY Exeter) on 16th July. Ttime will tell if this is a stop‑gap or the rumoured
25 Pilatus PC‑12 G‑FLXI; Agusta AW139 G‑NHVP; Cirrus SR20 G‑TTEA additional mount for the sky‑diving operation.
26 Cessna T210M G‑BEYV n/s; Beech B200 G‑CIFE; Partenavia P68B Its arrival may well have been fortuitous as the following day
G‑KIMK n/s; Agusta AW139 G‑NHVP; Piper PA‑31‑310 N95TA based Cessna 208B G‑OJMP landed short of Runway 06 and ended up
27 Pilatus PC‑12 G‑FLXI with its nose in a ditch just outside the airfield boundary, but it seems
28 Phenom 100 D‑IAAT; Cessna 510 EC‑NGX; Diamond DA42 G‑CTCH damage may not be as serious as first thought. It had just emptied
29 Piper PA‑28 G‑CCBH o/s; Cessna 182T G‑CWDW c/ts; Diamond out a load on tandem skydivers and just the pilot was onboard. The
DA42s G‑FCAC & G‑LHXA; Robinson R44 G‑RBRI field in which it landed is normally home to pigs (although none were
30 Diamond DA42 G‑XDEA; Metro 23 OY‑NPE there at the time) and can best be described as ‘undulating’.
Further to APR.527 under Usworth, Sycamore 3 WA577 was
Regular visitors were Airbus H145 G‑HEMC on 11th, 21st n/s, 24th ×2
delivered in from the North East Land Sea & Air Museum at Usworth
& 28th ×3; Piper PA‑28 G‑ROWS on 14th, 15th, 16th, & 22nd and
on 3rd June, the final part of the three‑way moved described there.
Partenavia P68B G‑RVNK on 11th, 12th n/s, 13th ×2 & 14th.
Satys Air Livery had Airbus A320‑214 EC‑NPC in 1st, out 15th; Airbus OLD WARDEN, BEDS – The Shuttleworth Collection’s DH53
A319‑115CJ M‑YULI in 7th (still present at month end); Airbus Hummingbird G‑EBHX is back on display following completion of
A320‑214 EC‑NPB out 8th (in 28th May); Sikorsky S‑92A G‑EMEE out repairs (following its fatal crash here on 1st July 2012) in one of the
9th (in as G‑CHHF 14th May); CRJ‑900 ES‑ACB in 13th, out 22nd; Airbus far‑side private hangars. Its place in that hangar has been taken by
A321‑231 YR‑ADI in 18th (still present at month end) & Airbus sister‑ship G‑EBQP, previously on display at the De Havilland Aircraft
A320‑214 EC‑NQN in 19th (still present at month end). Museum at London Colney. It will also be returned to flying condition.
KLM Engineering UK had Boeing 737‑8K2 PH‑BCA in 4th, out 14th; Things have changed here recently. The Shuttleworth Collection
Boeing 737‑9K2 PH‑BXP out 4th (in 11th May); Embraer 190 G‑LCAD now refers to itself as a ‘Visitor Attraction’ and even if you just want a
out 4th (in 16th October 2020); Embraer 170 G‑LCYG out 6th to coffee in the café you have to pay the £15.00 admission charge! The
Keflavik (in 20th May); Boeing 737‑783 LN‑RPJ in 7th (still present at old Hill Lane entrance by the engineering hangar has been
month end); Boeing 737‑9K2 PH‑BXR in 13th (still present at month permanently closed and there is a new entrance off the B658 from
end); Boeing 737‑883 LN‑RRH in 14th (still present at month end); Shefford. There is then a long drive, crossing the end of the runway, to
Embraer 170 G‑LCYH out 16th to Keflavik (in 14th December 2020); the admission kiosk, about 1½ miles! If you are travelling on public
Embraer 190 G‑LCYO in 21st, out 23rd; Embraer 190 G‑LCAC out 22nd transport it is even more difficult. They suggest the best way to arrive
(in 29th August 2020) and Embraer 170 G‑LCYI out 27th to Keflavik (in by public transport is “to get the bus to Ickwell, join the sheep walk
19th January 2021). and then the permissive foot path. This will bring you out at the Hill
Lane entrance by the café. You are then able to call the number on the
NOTTINGHAM CITY, NOTTS – A visit on 30th May found Piper PA‑24 gate and someone will let you in (and take your money). This is only
G‑ARLK (no CHOW from Harpenden owner as yet), Cessna 150A available for people arriving by foot or bicycle”.
G‑ASMS (local Loscoe, Derbyshire owners) & Piper PA‑28 G‑CKIO
(presumably on lease?) are currently in residence. Grob G115A G‑UFOE PARK HALL FARM, MAPPERLEY, DERBYSHIRE – Previously
was in for work with Swiftair Maintenance. UK Flying Clubs have unreported residents noted on 17th July were Pegasus Quantum 15
opened an outstation here and are currently using Cessna F172P G‑BZRR, Evektor EV‑97 G‑CDNG & Ikarus C42 G‑EDZZ. Also reported

Mooney M20E N822E [990] at Redhill on 8 June 2021. (Rod Simpson)

was Pegasus Quantum 15 G‑CBSP (cancelled as Destroyed 11th July RNAS YEOVILTON, SOMERSET – Grob G115E G‑BYWM was noted
2017 after crashing at Eshott 18th June 2017). Has it been rebuilt or flying from here on 21st July, the first of the type noted flying since
was it a wreck? 22nd February when the fleet was grounded due to problems with
their with flying control hinges.
PENZANCE HELIPORT, CORNWALL – Noted here on 7th July was Navy Wings has decided to sell the the wreck of Sea Fury T.20
Agusta AW139 G‑LAWA operating the Isles of Scilly shuttle and Agusta G‑RNHF/VX281 following its off‑airfield crash on 28th April, which the
A109S G‑ORCD. insurance underwriters have assessed to be a write‑off and they will
use the proceeds to acquire a new aircraft. As Navy Wings already has
PERRANPORTH, CORNWALL – A visit on 2nd June found a number of a second Sea Fury, FB.11 VR930, it is considering the possibility of
new residents in the shape of Skyranger G‑CIIT, Ikarus C42s G‑CLYA & adding Kennet Aviation’s Seafire F.XVII G‑KASX/SX336 to the
G‑CLYP and EuroFOX G‑EFOX. collection. The charity was awarded a Permit to Fly for Chipmunk
G‑CLNI/WK608 on 9th June and has also begun restoration of its other
PLAISTOWS FARM, ST ALBANS, HERTS – New here on 11th July were Chipmunk, WB657, which was registered as G‑CNVH on 23rd July.
Quik GT450 G‑CDWZ and Apollo Delta Jet 500/Aeros Stingray XS12
G‑A5‑1, which is the UK demonstrator of this Hungarian weight‑shift ROADRUNNERS – The forward fuselage of CRJ‑900 PH‑ADO (the
machine for Exodus Airsports. former S5‑AAL) was seen on a lorry heading south on the A419 at
Swindon on 22nd June, en route to Hampton Court Gardens (q.v.) for
PLYMOUTH, DEVON – Planning permission has been granted for a
use as part of an exhibit at the Garden Festival there. It was
commercial heliport to be built at Victoria House in Castledown Road.
subsequently noted travelling westbound on the M4 at around 13.00
The site currently has permission for use as a private helipad.
on the 14th, presumably returning to Cotswold.
At 09.40 on the 15th July the fuselage of Tornado GR.4 ZA560 was
POPHAM, HANTS – New here following a recent CHOW is Yak‑52
noted on a low‑loader heading southbound on the A1, just before the
G‑YAKF, previously based at Shipdham.
A1M at Peterborough. This Tornado was previously in use by 71
PRIORY FARM, TIBENHAM, NORFOLK – Further JUN.880, Sherwood (Inspection & Repair) Squadron as an instructional airframe at RAF
Ranger G‑SWAB arrived from Jersey on 12th June. Stearman N75TQ Wittering.
departed to new owners at Arcachon‑La Teste, France on 7th July and
Groppo Trail G‑OPPO has been sold & departed to the strip at Avon ROCHESTER, KENT – Zenair CH601 G‑ZODY was noted as resident
Farm, Saltford near Bath in late June. Another project emerging from here on 10th June.
here is Piel CP328 Super Emeraude LAA 216‑12061, first listed on 13th
December 1994! ROSSALL FIELD, COCKERHAM, LANCS – Correcting JUL.1072, the
former Brook Farm, Pilling Skyranger is G‑CCYM, not G‑CCYL.
RAF BRIZE NORTON, OXON – New here is Cessna 175A N6881E,
previously based at Rochester. RUFFORTH EAST, N. YORKSHIRE – Further to JUN.881, Zenair CH750
G‑DAZW has been here since at least last December.
RAF SPADEADAM, CUMBRIA – Harrier GR.3s XW768/N & XZ966/G
arrived at the ranges here during June. They were previously at the SACKVILLE LODGE FARM, RISELEY, BEDS – Newcomers noted
now closed Defence Fire Training & Development Centre at Manston. hangared on 17th July were Taylor Monoplane G‑BMET (Bedford
owner, Permit to Fly expired 18th September 2017), X’Air G‑BYOJ
REDHILL, SURREY – Dismantled BN‑2A‑26 Islander G‑NOIL (ARC (Kettering owner) & Thruster T600T G‑DIDY (PCOO showing on
expired 16th January 2016) arrived by road on 29th June and the G-INFO).
fuselage is now stored in the Hub hangar, with the wings elsewhere.
SALISBURY, WILTS – Pole‑mounted Spitfire full‑scale model BAPC.
RETFORD GAMSTON, NOTTS – New here is Van’s RV‑7 G‑RVTB from 580 (marked as EN398/JE-J) was unveiled at a site by Salisbury Rugby
Netherthorpe. Club on 9th July. The site was at one time one of the ‘secret’ Spitfire
A visit on 8th July found Diamond DA62s G‑DPAI & 2‑DOGZ, factories that made components for the fighter. The replica was built
Diamond DA42s G‑HAKA & N108NG and DA40s G‑OCCH & OO‑STU in Norfolk and has been stored at Old Sarum for the last 12 months
[D4.350] in with DEA Aviation. due to the Covid pandemic.

Slingsby T61F Venture T.2 G-BUHA/ZA634 [1970[ at Saltby on 27 May 2021. (John Francis)

SANDOWN, ISLE OF WIGHT – Piper PA‑18 N45507 has moved in from departed to Compton Abbas on the 30th. It is reported that AT are
Goodwood. moving all their operations here from Dunkeswell & Sandown –
New with AT Aviation Sales on 28th May was Piper PA‑28RT D‑EUAP presumably better facilities and more central?
[28R‑8131166]. See under Solent for further information about AT. The 651 Squadron Defenders ZG997. ZH002 & ZG998 arrived from
Belfast International in that order from 11.08Hrs onwards (via
SANDSCALE, CUMBRIA – Babcock MCS Onshore has lost the contract overshoots at Middle Wallop en route) on 8th July. They join other
to operate support flights to the Walney Wind Farm off Barrow‑in‑ stored airframes ZG995, ZG996, ZH003, ZH004, ZH005 at Solent, plus
Furness on behalf of Danish company Ørsted from a dedicated ZH001 which has recently been active with Britten‑Norman.
heliport here, on the northern outskirts of Barrow. The contract ended Correcting JUL.1075, the second Sportcruiser on the 31st was
on 4th May and the two Eurocopter EC135s concerned, G‑DORS & G‑XARA, not G‑ZARA.
G‑ORST have been flown to Gloucestershire to await their fate.
June 2021 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
SANDTOFT, LINCS – A visit on 26th June found Piper PA‑28R G‑AZSF & 1 Cessna F172G G‑ATKT (for AT Aviation Sales); Commander 112
Cessna F150L G‑BGBI new with the Yorkshire Aero Club and Cessna G‑BEDG; Piper PA‑28s G‑BOTF, G‑BXTZ & G‑KCIN; Gardan GY80
172N G‑BPTL, Aircoupe G‑HARY & Cessna F172N G‑MICK were present G‑BYBL; Ikarus C42 G‑CICG; Piper PA‑32R G‑CPMW; Cirrus SR20
for work by E‑Plane. G‑CZOS; Piper PA‑28R G‑ECJM; Van’s RV‑10 G‑MCLK; Fuji FA200
G‑MDAM; Robin DR500 G‑MOTI; Tecnam P2002 G‑NFLY; Europa
SCARBOROUGH, N. YORKS – Correcting 2019/JUN.991 under Slovakia, G‑RIKS; Evektor EV‑97 G‑TMAX
Sea King HAR.3 XZ589 is apparently still here, stored adjacent to the 2 Fournier RF‑5 G‑AZRM; Commander 112 G‑BDAK; Cessna 152
local Rugby Club (currently a Covid vaccination site) in the town after G‑BNYL; Cessna 172R G‑BXSE; Sportcruiser G‑OCRZ
the proposed Sea King Café failed to happen. The one in Slovakia is 3 Piper PA‑28s G‑AWEX, G‑BOMU & G‑BXWO; Tiger Moth G‑AXBW;
reported to be XZ598. Cessna F152 G‑BIJV; Scout AH.1 G‑CRUM; Cessna F150G G‑DENC;
Piper PA‑46‑350P G‑DNOP; Cirrus SR22 G‑JONT; Van’s RV‑10
SHENINGTON, OXON – Was visited on 18th July and the following new G‑TOPP; SIAI SF260C N61FD
residents were noted: Schleicher ASW‑27 G‑CJOV (Brackley owner), 4 Piper PA‑28R G‑BHWY; Robinson R66 G‑ICEL; Diamond DA42
Rolladen‑Schneider LS4 G‑DESC (Oxford & Banbury owners) & HpH G‑PCJS; Guimbal Cabri G‑SANJ; Piper PA‑28 2‑KOOL
304 Shark G‑GOXC (Banbury owner). 5 Piper PA‑28s G‑AYJR, G‑BTGO, G‑BUFY, G‑CBKR, G‑CLAC, G‑JAVO,
G‑JJAN & N216GC; Commander 112s G‑BENJ & N4698W; Piper
SHERBURN-IN-ELMET, N. YORKS – Newly‑completed Van’s RV‑4 PA‑28R G‑BOBA; SOCATA TB20 G‑BZPI; Zenair CH601 G‑CEZS;
G‑CMAE was here on 8th July, while SOCATA TB10 G‑CONL & Cessna Piper PA‑32s G‑DIGI & G‑NEON; Cessna R182 G‑ESME; Cirrus SR22
FR172K G‑EFBP were in for work with Sherburn Engineering. G‑GCVV; Cessna 172S G‑JKPF; Fuji FA200 G‑MDAM; Piper PA‑46s
G‑TFAM & N955SH; Sportcruisers G‑XARA & G‑YORE; Cessna
SHIPMEADOW, BECCLES, SUFFOLK – Updating CARBI2021, Hughes T206H M‑AXIM; Cirrus SR22T N179JD; Cessna 182S N369AN
269C G‑USCO seems to prefer living here rather than the previously 6 SOCATA TB10 G‑BHDE; Tecnam P92 G‑CBDM; Diamond DA40
reported Tibenham Farm, Tibenham. G‑CTSX; Piper PA‑18 G‑FUZZ; Van’s RV‑8 G‑GORV; Leonardo AW169
G‑MCGU; Piper PA‑28 G‑SEXX; Cirrus SR22 N151CG
SHOBDON, HEREFORD – BA Swallow G‑AFGD (Permit to Fly expired 7 AA‑5B Tiger G‑BGPH; Piper PA‑28 G‑BJBW; Cessna F150G G‑DENC;
10th July 2014) is currently stored in one of the small hangars here. Cessna 182S G‑MRMA; Cirrus SR22T N225RB; Cirrus SR22 N916CD
Brantley B‑2B G‑AWDU (CofA expired 3rd January 2014) is with Tiger 8 Cessna FR172J G‑BCTK; Cessna F172N G‑BGHJ; Piper PA‑28R
Helicopters for restoration. G‑BHWY; Turner TSW.2 G‑BLPB; Cessna 172N G‑BOIY; Piper PA‑28s
SLEAP, SHROPSHIRE – A recent visit confirmed Beagle Pup G‑AWEA & G‑BZPI; Robin DR500 G‑CDMD; Piper PA‑32s G‑CEYE & N199MW;
Jodel D117 G‑BHCE are now living here. Tecnam P2002 G‑CWFS; Cessna T206H G‑DVTA; Guimbal Cabri
G‑ETWO; Aerospatiale AS350B G‑FEST; Tecnam P2010 G‑JACL;
SOLENT, HANTS – Aircraft noted with AT Aviation Sales as at 30th June Evektor EV‑97 G‑LBAC; Maule MX‑7 G‑LOFM; CFM Shadow G‑MYTY;
were Cessna F172s G‑ATKT & G‑AYCT, Robin DR400 G‑BALH, Piper Tecnam P2006T G‑TECT; Piper PA‑31‑310 N5LL
PA‑28 G‑BNZZ, Cessna 340A G‑HAFG; Tecnam P2006T G‑OGOL; Pitts 9 Beagle Pup G‑BAKW; Cessna F172N G‑BEWR; Cessna F152 G‑BIJV;
S‑1Ts G‑OSIT & N697RB, Cessna 172S G‑UFCB and Beech B55 N55BN. Piper PA‑28s G‑CCYY & G‑MDAC; Cessna 172s G‑CLKB & G‑MCLY;
Piper PA‑28 G‑JRBC departed on the 8th & AA‑5A Cheetah G‑BGVV EuroFOX G‑GTWL; Sonaca S200 G‑LKSM; Pitts S‑1T G‑OSIT (for AT

Agusta AW109SP Grand New G-OATL [22283] at Solent on 15 June 2021. (Terry Coombes)

Aviation Sales); Evektor EV-97s G-PWEF & G-UMMS; Robin DR400 14 AA-5 Traveler G-BCEP; Piper PA-28s G-BPOT, G-BRDG, G-CLAC &
G-XLXL G-GASP; Piper PA-28R G-BZKL; Robinson R44 G-CJLL; Diamond
10 Commander 112 G-BEDG; Bulldogs G-BHXA, G-GGRR & G-SIJW; DA40 G-CTSG; Europa G-ITST; SOCATA TB9 G-JUFS; Partenavia
Chipmunk G-BXDH n/s15; Piper PA-28 G-GBEB; Beech 76 P68B G-KIMK; Agusta A109C N109TK
G-GDMW; Agusta AW189 G-MCGP; Magni M24 G-MSGI; Ikarus C42 15 Cessna F150H G-AWUJ; Jodel DR1051 G-AXSM; Piper PA-28Rs
G-SAMC; Cessna 172S G-UFCB (for AT Aviation Sales); Pitts S-1T G-AYPU & G-BHWY; Fournier RF-5 G-AZRM; Cessna 150L G-BAYP;
N697RB (for AT Aviation Sales) Bulldog G-BCUS; Commander 112 G-BEDG; Slingsby T67M
11 Cessna F150M G-BDOD; SOCATA TB10 G-CBHA; Ikarus C42 G-BONT; Piper PA-28s G-BUJO, G-CKVV & G-JJAN; Robin DR400
G-CKGS; Cessna F152 G-ENTT; Guimbal Cabri G-DGRE; Piper G-CBEZ; Europa G-CGVX; Diamond DA42 G-CTCC; Cessna F172N
PA-28s G-FLAV, G-GASP & G-VICC; Leonardo AW189 G-MCGW; G-LANE; Sonaca S200 G-LKSM; Agusta AW109SP G-OATL; Tecnam
Robinson R44 G-OBHE; Gippsland Airvan G-SCOL; Van’s RV-7 P2006T G-OTAY; Van’s RV-9A G-RVJO; SOCATA TB-10 G-SONA;
12 Piper PA-28R G-AYPU; Cessna 172N G-BHVR; Piper PA-32R 16 Piper PA-22 G-AREL; Piper PA-28s G-BCRL, G-BSXA, G-BXWO,
G-BJCW; Robin DR400 G-BNGV; Piper PA-28s G-BUIJ, G-CEIZ, G-CBAL & G-EOLD; Maule M.6 G-BKGC; Ikarus C42s G-CKGS &
G-CKVV & G-JAKS; Cessna FR172H G-BZVB; Tecnam P92 G-CBDM; G-OSPH; SOCATA TB20 G-CTIO; AutoGyro MT-0 G-JBRE; SIAI SF260
Evektor EV-97 G-CBMZ; Van’s RV-8 G-GORV; Tecnam P2002 G-MACH; Piper PA-32 N199MW; Piper PA-46 JetProp DLX N955SH
G-TESR; Beech F33A N78GG; Robinson R66 N166MG 19 Piper PA-28 G-BNSZ; Piper PA-32R N101DW; Cirrus SR20 N147VC;
13 Cessna F172E G-ASNW; Piper PA-28s G-BCIR, G-CBWD, G-CCHL, Piper PA-28RT N2943D; Cirrus SR22T N3600X
G-NUKA, G-RECW, G-SHED & 2-KOOL; Mooney M20 G-BKMA; 20 Cirrus SR20 N147VC
Skyranger G-CFRM; Cessna F150G G-DENC; Aeroprakt A32 21 Piper PA-31-310 G-UKCS n/s4
G-DREW; Sportcruiser G-EDDS; Rans S.6 G-MIKI; Van’s RV-7 22 Cessna FA150L G-AYRO; Diamond DA40s G-CTSH & G-CTSK; Van’s
G-OVEY; SOCATA TB10 G-PCAT; Bristell NG5 G-STUU; T-6G Texan RV-7 G-MACI; Piper PA-31-310 G-ONAV
G-TEXN; Van’s RV-6A G-TJDM; Cirrus SR22s N151CG & N677CD; 23 Bölkow Bö209 G-AYPE; Cessna 182s G-BCWB & N369AN; Cessna
Cirrus SR20 N907MM F172M G-BEMB; AA-5B Tiger G-BGPH; Piper PA-28Rs G-BHWY &

Embraer Phenom 300 M-BIBE [50500606] at Southampton on 1 July 2021. (M Roblett)

G‑OARU; Piper PA‑31‑310 G‑BPYR; Cessna 150H G‑BTES; Jodel 737‑48E(SF) EI‑STS on the 12th & 13th and Boeing 737‑4M0(SF)
D150 G‑BVSS; Jodel D14 G‑BWAB, Bulldog G‑BZMH; Sportcruiser EI‑STU on the 3rd‑5th inclusive & 7th‑11th inclusive.
G‑CGLT; Beech 76 G‑DANL; Van’s RV‑12 G‑DOUZ; Cessna 172R To operate the twice‑daily freight service from Southend to
G‑EGEG; Evektor EV‑97 G‑GLSA; Cirrus SR20 G‑KIND; Piper PA‑46‑ Leipzig, leased Titan Airways Boeing 737‑436(SF)s were again based at
600TP G‑KIMI; SOCATA TB20 G‑OALD; Bristell NG5 G‑STUU; Southend in June, G‑POWP from the 1st to 4th and G‑POWS from the
Robinson R22 G‑ULZE; Grob G109B G‑WAVY; Robin DR400 G‑XLXL; 4th to month end. Some of the Southend‑based ASL services were
Cirrus SR22T N179JD; Diamond DA40 N520DS operated by other aircraft during the month, as follows: EI‑STU on the
24 Fournier RF‑5 G‑AZRM; AA‑5A Cheetah G‑BGVV; Robin DR400s 5th, 6th & 7th, EI‑STL on the 6th & 7th (all from & to Leipzig). EI‑STN
G‑BHAJ & G‑BNFV; Piper PA‑28R G‑BIZO; Hoffmann H36 G‑CIMC; positioned in from Milan‑Malpensa on the 18th to operate to Leipzig
Diamond DA40s G‑CTSA, G‑CTSO & G‑CTSS; Cessna 172S G‑JKPF; that day and from & to Leipzig on the 19th. G‑POWP operated from &
Piper PA‑46‑600TP G‑KCMI; Maule MX.7 G‑LOFM; Luscombe 8 to Leipzig on the 19th, 20th & 21st, departing to Stansted on the 21st.
G‑LUSC; Piper PA‑28 2‑KOOL Supplementary services from & to Leipzig were flown by EI‑STO &
25 SOCATA TB10 G‑BGXC; Luscombe 8 G‑BNIP; Diamond DA40 EI‑STS on the 23rd.
G‑CTSO; Piper PA‑34 G‑RSHI; Piper PA‑39 N39CR Three aircraft that remained parked here the entire month were
26 Jodel D120 G‑AYGG; Airtourer G‑AYWM; Jodel D117s G‑BAKR & Airbus A321‑211 G‑POWW of Titan Airways, still with no port engine,
G‑BFGK; Fuji FA200 G‑BBRC; Piper PA‑28s G‑BHZE, G‑BTRT, BAe.146‑300QT G‑JOTC with no engines, and BAe Avro 146‑RJ70 FAB‑
G‑BWOH & G‑SHED; Luscombe 8 G‑BNIP; SOCATA TB10 G‑CBHA; 108, also with no engines and which had not been noted carrying out
Cessna 172M G‑CISX; Gardan GY80 G‑GYAT; Cessna 182T G‑NRST; engine running in June.
Jabiru J400 G‑SAZY; Beech 58 G‑VCML; Cirrus SR22 M89GH; Cessna 550 G‑MERR, which had been on maintenance with
Avionicare, flew an air‑test on 17th June and was cancelled from the
Mooney M20 N321KL; Commander 114B N928HW
UK Register on the 23rd. The next day it was registered as N23JA to Jet
27 Agusta A109E G‑DVIP; Gippsland Airvan G‑SCOL
Air Inc and was noted as such on the 28th. It was still here at the
29 Cessna F172G G‑ATLM; Cessna 172N G‑GZDO; Spitfire Tr.9 G‑ILDA
month end.
A resident departing was Piaggio P180 M‑ETAL, which left for
30 Cirrus SR22T D‑EAKA [0015] & N95GT; Chipmunk G‑BWNK (crew
Mönchengladbach on 11th June.
ferry for G‑BGVV, see notes); Piper PA‑28s G‑BXWO & G‑OLSF;
In the Seawing Flying Club fleet, Cessna 152 G‑MASS departed to
Diamond DA40 G‑CTSS; Piper PA‑28R G‑ECJM; Piper PA‑32s
Andrewsfield on the 20th, being replaced by Cessna 152 G‑BMXC,
G‑FRAG, G‑RIGH & N199MW; Piper PA‑31‑310 N250MD
which arrived here from Andrewsfield on the 25th.
Regular visitors were Cessna F177RG G‑AYSY on 18th, 19th, 22nd & A prospective new Southend resident is Piper PA‑28‑180E G‑OTTK,
23rd; Enstrom 480B G‑ENHP on 2nd, 5th. 9th, 14th & 16th and which is being prepared at Enstone and is thought to be the likely
Robinson R44 OK‑LTM on 1st, 5th, 7th, 12th & 25th. replacement for PA‑28‑140 G‑ATTK.
Work continues on the fuselage of PA‑12 Super Cruiser G‑BCAZ in
SOUTHAMPTON, HANTS – Piper PA‑46‑350P N10522 moved in here the restoration workshop and it was still here at end of June.
from Gloucestershire at the beginning of May. Also new is Phenom 300 On the North side of the airfield, the old Routair hangar has been
M‑BIBE. demolished, as has the Avionicare hangar, the latter to be replaced by
a larger new hangar.
SOUTHEND, ESSEX – At the beginning of June Ryanair had Boeing On 26th June the Vulcan Restoration Trust’s Vulcan B.2 G‑VJET/
737‑800s EI‑GXG & EI‑GXI based here. Of these, EI‑GXG was replaced XL426 undertook two fast taxi‑runs down the runway.
in Palma on 5th June by EI‑GSG, which itself was replaced by EI‑GJT in June 2021 visitors (nothing additional reported on missing dates):
Alicante the next day. EI‑GJT was switched in Alicante on 9th June with 1 Cessna 525 G‑KION; Phenom 300 G‑KRBN n/s
EI‑GXK, it being replaced in Malaga on 28th June by EI‑GJT, which 2 Legacy 500 G‑HARG; Phenom 300s G‑HNPN & G‑KRBN n/s;
remained here until the month end. EI‑GXI was replaced in Alicante on Eurocopter EC155B M‑XHEC; Cirrus SR22 N866C
the 13th by EI‑GXG, which also was still based here at the end of June. 3 Piper PA‑46‑350P F‑HAKE [4636309] n/s; Beech 200 G‑HMGB;
ASL Airlines (Ireland) again used a Leipzig‑based aircraft to Piper PA‑31‑310 N95TA
operate the scheduled freight service into Southend from Leipzig in 4 Beech 200 G‑HMGB; Cessna 525B N525L n/s2 (Biggin Hill div)
June, as follows: Boeing 737‑448(SF) EI‑STK on the 14th‑18th inclusive 5 Embraer 190 G‑LCYX n/s
& 30th, Boeing 737‑42C(SF) EI‑STL on the 6th, Boeing 737‑43Q(SF) 6 Cessna 525M2 G‑CMTO; Learjet 45 M‑RBIG n/s11; Cessna FR182
EI‑STO on the 19th ‑22nd inclusive & 24th‑26th inclusive, Boeing N656JM
737‑4Q8(SF) EI‑STP on the 1st, 2nd & 27th‑29th inclusive, Boeing 7 Piper PA‑46 JetProp DLX N955SH

Bell 429 M-YMCM [57107] at Southend on 11 June 2021. (Mike Cain)

Beech 400A Beechjet OK-BII [RK-318] at Southend on 16 June 2021. (John Coleman)

8 Cessna 560XLS G-LXWD n/s; Piper PA-28R N200GK; Beech G58 In the barn were the following Rotorway Executives: G-BNZO
N256PT (Permit current to 27th August 2021), G-BUJZ (cancelled by CAA 21st
9 Piper PA-28R N200GK; Mooney M20 N305SE February 2019), G-BWUJ (Permit expired 19th October 2019), G-BZES
10 Cessna 525A G-ILBG; Cessna 525 N498YY n/s (cancelled by CAA 8th April 2019), G-CBWO (Permit expired 13th
11 Cessna 525 G-CJDB; Bell 429 M-YMCM ×2 February 2021), G-CCFY (Permit expired 19th July 2017), G-CDRS
12 Cessna 525 G-KION; Cirrus SR22T N322JR n/s (Permit expired 6th May 2021), G-KEVL (Permit expired 22nd June
13 Cessna 525 G-KION; Cessna 560XLS G-LXWD; Piaggio P180 2015) & G-RAWS (Permit expired 10th June 2021).
N165SL; Piper PA-32R 2-FUNN; Diamond DA42 2-NGUS
14 Beech G58 N256PT; Hawker 400XP SP-ATT n/s STRUBBY NORTH, LINCS – The Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance have set
15 Diamond DA40 D-ESCS [D4.194]; Bellanca 8KCAB EI-BIV n/s; Piper up a second base here to deal with incidents on the coast during the
PA-34 N459PA n/s6; Beech 400A OK-BII n/s; Aerospatiale summer. By 23rd June Agusta A109E G-RSCU was on duty.
AS350BA SP-HPA [1669]
17 Bell 429 M-YMCM; Beech 400A SP-TAT STURGATE, LINCS – Cessna 208B N610MR [208B5545] arrived from
18 Beech 250 G-REXA; Beech C90GTx M-TSRI Dundee (q.v.) on 24th July, night stopped and then departed to
19 Cessna 525A OK-PBT Avignon en route to Cairo.
20 Cessna 525A G-ILBG; Beech 250 G-REXA; Cirrus SR22T N57DG
21 Cirrus SR22 N787JD; Pilatus PC-12s PH-CYP & 2-DARE n/s; Beech ST. MICHAELS, LANCS – A visit on 20th July found a number of
400A SP-TAT previously unreported residents; namely Kitfox G-BSDD, Mainair
22 Beech 200 G-HMGB; Piper PA-34 N459PA n/s8; Aerospatiale Blades G-BZWB & G-CBHJ, Ikarus C42 G-CEJW, Flylight Dragonfly
SA341G YU-HVZ [1295] G-CHRD, Gemini Flashes G-MMOB (stored, cancelled by CAA 4th
23 Beech 400A OK-BII n/s December 2020), G-MNCG (stored, cancelled as PWFU 7th October
24 Diamond DA42 F-HCVA [42.MN007]; SOCATA TBM-900 G-WMRN; 2019) & G-MVRA (stored, cancelled by CAA 23rd September 2015),
Piper PA-31-310 N95TA Pegasus XL-Q G-MVRW, Mainair Mercury G-MYNF & Skyranger G-RSKY.
25 Learjet 31A D-CGGG; Beech 400A SP-TAT n/s
27 Embraer 135 G-CGMC SULBY, NORTHANTS – Updating CARBI2021, Ikarus C42 G-NORA lives
28 Beech B200 G-CIFE (Biggin Hill div); Gulfstream 550 HZ-ARK here, not Stoke Golding. A visit on 22nd July found the following in
29 Eurocopter EC155B A7-HMD; DHC-6-300 VP-FAZ with Airmasters (UK): Flight Design CTs G-CONA & G-OASA and
30 DHC-6-300 VP-FAZ Pipistrel Alpha G-UNJA.

A regular visitor was Cirrus SR22T N123VP on 1st, 7th, 14th & 21st. SYWELL, NORTHANTS – Noted on a pallet in the Brooklands
Satys Air Livery had Airbus A319-115CJ A7-MHH in 10th, out 30th. Engineering hangar here on 22nd July was the frame of Extra EA200
Avionicare had Cessna 550 G-SPRE out 9th (in 31st May) and Beech G-TWOO.
B200 G-WNCH out 11th (in 19th May), returned 29th (still present at
month end).
arrived for Eden Flight Training on 18th June.
SPANHOE, NORTHANTS – A visit on 3rd July found Piper PA-22 IAS Medical operated Diamond DA62 G-JAAM for a few days at the
beginning of the month, then departing to Blackpool on the 7th. On
G-ARBS, Beagle Airedale G-ARNP in for work with Windmill Aviation,
the 4th Beech 200 G-CEGP was leased in and was still operating with
who have acquired Replica Plans SE.5A G-BUWE (marked as C9533)
IAS at the end of the month. Beech 250 G-IASB is now being operated
and renewed its expired Permit to Fly. Also new are Jodel D120
by new subsidiary Prestige Skyhawk on the IAS AOC for charter &
G-BMDS (previously at Deenethorpe) and new Van’s RV-6 G-JPBA for
private work.
completion & test flying. A further visit on 22nd July found new Van’s
The Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS EI-DHY on the 1st was operating the
RV-7 G-CMAP present, presumably for completion?
first Ryanair service for about 11 years, f/t Palma. The assorted easyJet
A319s during the month were all undertaking training sorties.
STREET FARM, TAKELEY, ESSEX – A visit on 8th July found Rotorway
Executive G-DAMO (ex G-CCMU. Permit to Fly expired 8th May 2018) on June 2021 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
rebuild in Southern Helicopters hangar, along with G-NJBA (Permit 1 Boeing 737-8AS EI-DHY (see notes); Cessna F172M G-BAEO;
expired 25th May 2021) & Rotorway Talon G-TALN (Permit expired Airbus A319-111 G-EZDH + c/ts; Diamond DA62 G-JAAM out (in
20th July 2019). 31st Mau) & return n/s (see notes); Cessna 525 G-KION n/s;

Agusta A109E G‑TXTV; Piper PA‑31‑310 G‑UKCS; Gulfstream 200 relocation of the owner to Bampton on 8th April 2021. Also noted were
M‑GZOO; Airbus A321‑211 OY‑TCH n/s2 Starlite G‑BUZH (Permit expired 8th September 2000, under repair) &
2 Piper PA‑23 G‑APFV n/s2; Piper PA‑34 G‑BOCU c/ts; Airbus Fokker DVI replica G‑CLHK under construction.
A319‑111 G‑EZAO + c/ts; Beech C90A G‑GULY; Diamond DA62
3 Beagle Pup G‑AVZP; Piper PA‑28R G‑AZSF o/s; Piper PA‑28s G‑BPDM was noted in an assembled state, nearing completion, at this
G‑BGBG & G‑BHJO; Cirrus SR22T G‑KOKO now closed strip on 16th June. We await news of its move elsewhere
4 Legacy 650 D‑AIRV; Piper PA‑28s G‑BNOF & G‑BZLH; Beech 200 for its return to flight?
G‑CEGP (see notes); Airbus A318‑111 YR‑ASA n/s2 f/v of type
5 Cessna F150F G‑ATRM; Piper PA‑28s G‑BODB ×2 & G‑BODE; WELLCROSS FARM, SLINFOLD, W. SUSSEX – Newly‑registered
Legacy 500 G‑MSFX n/s; Europa G‑OGAN; Airbus H145 G‑WOBR Bölkow Bö208 G‑JUNR (ex D‑EAMB) would appear to be based here
6 Cessna 525 G‑KION n/s; Legacy 500 G‑MSFX ×2; Boeing 737‑8Q8 now, having visited Brighton City f/t here on 16th July.
SP‑ENX n/s; Eclipse EA500 2‑TABS
7 Diamond DA42 G‑FFMV n/s; Slingsby T67M G‑ZEIN c/ts; Eclipse WELLESBOURNE MOUNTFORD, WARKS – A visit on 30th May
EA500 2‑NAOM confirmed that Bulldog G‑CBDK (marked as XX611/7, Permit to Fly
8 Piper PA‑28 G‑BTGY n/s; CEA DR221 G‑CPCD; Van’s RV‑6A G‑CSPR expired 29th August 2018) has moved in from Coventry along
n/s; Diamond DA42 G‑FFMV ×2 n/s; Beech 200 G‑FLYW; Cessna
with Piper PA‑28 G‑CDDG and Europa G‑KITS (Permit to Fly expired
182S G‑MICI n/s; Cirrus SR22T N3600X
4th June 2020) which is now here for rebuild. A further visit on
9 Piper PA‑28s G‑AWBS o/s & G‑SACT; Airbus A319‑111 G‑EZAT +
27th June found the above still present and Robin R2160 G‑MATT
c/ts; Diamond DA42 G‑FFMV ×2 n/s; Beech B200 M‑SPOR
and based Beech B55 G‑UROP in for work with with Warwickshire
10 Airbus A319‑111 G‑EZDN + c/ts; Cirrus SR22T G‑KOKO; Piper
PA‑31‑310 G‑SCMR Vulcanair P68Cs OY‑TNS [510/C] & OY‑VNS
11 Beech B200 D‑IVIP; Van’s RV‑8 G‑HPWA n/s2; Falcon 2000LX WEST RAYNHAM, NORFOLK – Hunter F.1 WT660 is currently stored
PH‑JWL n/s; Eclipse EA500 2‑NAOM n/s next to the old control tower here. The old airfield itself is now covered
12 Cessna F150H G‑AWOT; Leonardo AW109SP G‑FRRN; Cessna by a massive solar farm.
560XLS G‑GAAL; Europa G‑OGAN c/ts; Leonardo AW169 G‑PICU;
Cessna 525A OE‑FSP WESTON-SUPER-MARE, SOMERSET – Visitors to The Helicopter
13 Phenom 300 D‑CROG n/s; Cessna F172M G‑BAEO; Leonardo Museum’s helipad during June were:
AW109SP G‑FRRN; Cessna 172S G‑OWST c/ts 12 Robinson R44 G‑IBMS (f/t Wellesbourne Mountford)
14 Piper PA‑28R G‑GGRN c/ts 15 Robinson R44 G‑IBMS (f/t Elstree)
15 Bell 505 2‑BELL 16 Hughes 369E G‑HUKA (f Cotswold t private site in Bristol)
16 Piper PA‑28 G‑BNOH; Airbus A319‑111 G‑EZAS + c/ts; Beech 200 25 Airbus AS350B3 G‑ETPE (f/t MoD Boscombe Down)
17 Beech 200 G‑JASS & G‑WVIP; Cessna 550 G‑SPRE; Diamond DA42 WHEEL PARK FARM, WESTFIELD, E. SUSSEX – Hamish Monro
2‑NGUS c/ts operates his Tiger Moth G‑AMTF from a grass strip here, although it is
18 Cessna F150F G‑ATRM; Piper PA‑28 G‑BODE; Diamond DA42 currently away at Spanhoe for work (see JUN.884).
G‑DMPP n/s3; Airbus H145 G‑WENU; Beech C90GTx N95VB
19 Cirrus SR20 N781CD c/ts WHITE WALTHAM, BERKS – A couple of additions with Shoot Aviation
20 Beech B200 G‑PCOP; Boeing 737‑8AS SP‑ESC n/s as movie props are Agusta A109E G‑BZEI (cancelled as PWFU 7th April
21 Piper PA‑28R G‑AVYT o/s; Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGH; Eurocopter 2021) & Aerospatiale AS355F1 G‑CPOL (ARC expired 17th June 2020).
EC135 G‑POLA; Boeing 757‑256 G‑POWH n/s; Cirrus SR22T Updating both JUN.1078 & CARBI2021, Sukhoi Su‑29 N88SU
N258HP [90‑03] has been resident here for over six months. Yak‑12M SP‑AAB is
22 Cessna F150H G‑AWOT o/s; Piper PA‑28 G‑BNOH o/s; Cessna 182T indeed in for work by Richard Goode. It is also intended to re‑register
G‑SEHK; Piper PA‑18 G‑SUPA; Extra EA230 G‑VOCA it in the UK, but paperwork issues are holding up any progress on this
23 Cessna F150F G‑ATRM; Piper PA‑28R N200GK n/s front.
24 Piper PA‑28RT G‑OMHC o/s; Cessna 182S N2445V c/ts; Challenger
650 2‑TRVL n/s WICKENBY, LINCS – Thruster T600 G‑CCRN is now based here.
25 SOCATA TB‑20 G‑FIFI; Cessna 182S G‑MRMA; Piper PA‑32R
N101DW WINTHORPE, NOTTS – Volunteers at the Newark Air Museum have
26 Aerospatiale AS355F2 G‑NLSE n/s repainted their Lockheed T‑33A 51‑9036 into the colours of the 36th
28 Piper PA‑28 G‑BODB o/s; Eurocopter AS365N3 G‑NHAD c/ts; Robin Fighter Bomber Squadron that it wore during its time at
HR200 G‑WAVV c/ts; Piper PA‑30 N8818Y n/s
Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. It is apparently part of the loan
29 Piper PA‑28s G‑BODE & G‑BPHI n/s; Diamond DA42 G‑DJET n/s;
agreement with the National Museum of the United States Air Force
Airbus A319‑111 G‑EZDN + c/ts; Cirrus SR22T N949SC
that it is being returned to a scheme representing the type’s service
30 Phenom 300 CS‑PHH; Cessna F150H G‑AWOT; Diamond DA42
with the US in Europe.
G‑DJET n/s; Diamond DA62s G‑GNSS n/s & 2‑NGUT; Cirrus SR22T
WOLD LODGE, FINEDON, NORTHANTS – A visit on 12th June found
Aeronca 11AC G‑IIAC is now resident here.
currently based here, just a few fields east of Sywell.
TOP FARM, CROYDON, CAMBS – Despite being registered to the G‑BSYU is apparently based here, notwithstanding its owner’s
Graveley Flying Group Maule MXT‑7 G‑BVIK is actually based here. Turweston address.

TURWESTON, BUCKS – A visit on 27th July found Tiger Moth G‑ANEN, WYCOMBE AIR PARK, BUCKS – Gamebird G‑GAMB was noted here on
Chipmunk G‑ATHD (marked as WP971) & CASA Jungmann G‑BUCK in 19th May and is thought to be based at present.
for work with Chiltern Classics and Robin DR400 G‑TUGY and Cessna A flying visit on 29th June allowed access with the following being
T210N G‑WYLD in with AKKI Aviation. noted: Guimbal Cabri G‑ETWO, the Gamebird and Pitts S‑2s G‑ISZA &
G‑SJBI were in with ATS Aero and Piper PA‑28 G‑RRED was in for work
WATCHFORD FARM, YARCOMBE, DEVON – A visit on 17th July found with Airways Aero Association.
two unrecorded residents. Piper PA‑18 G‑BJFE actually remained here
after the death of the earlier owner before re‑registration to a family YEATSALL FARM, ABBOTS BROMLEY, STAFFS – Updating CARBI2021,
member on 21st June 2019 although the Permit expired 22nd August Evektor EV‑97 G‑MKEV lives here and not at Streethay Farm,
2017. Van’s RV‑12 G‑DOUZ has also moved here following the Streethay.

SCOTLAND G‑CBNJ is based on this hitherto unknown airstrip about a mile to the
west of Falgunzeon, which is clearly visible on Google Maps.

Airbus EC175B G‑MCSM, which went to Denmark as OY‑HHU in which was built in Irvine and moved here for final assembly, made
December, returned to Aberdeen on 28th June and has reverted to UK what is believed to be its first flight on 28th June.
marks. Later in July, new build c/n 5052 is scheduled for delivery as
G‑MCSP. BROADFORD, ISLE OF SKYE – Sonex G‑CGDM has been registered to
Bristow Sikorsky S‑92A G‑CIGZ has become LN‑OIH and sister‑ship DM Broom at an address in Dunvegan on Skye and this is the most
G‑CHYG departed Aberdeen on 11th June and is now LN‑OII. Following likely base for it to operate from.
a period on maintenance to 16th July, and with the Apache Oil Field
contract coming to an end on 23rd July, Agusta AW189 G‑OENC will CALGARY BEACH HOUSE, ISLE OF MULL, ARGYLL & BUTE – Further
remain at Aberdeen in the short term to see if work can be found for it to JUL.1079, a new airstrip with a hangar has been laid out here on the
but it may then depart or go into storage until the lease period is western edge of the island and is home to AutoGyro MTOSports
complete. G‑CGNC and G‑CIFT, which are not roaded to Glenforsa to fly as
Over at CHC Scotia Leonardo AW189 G‑ERBA, which was withdrawn previously stated.
from service 18 months ago, finally departed Aberdeen on 16th July to
Den Helder ,where it is to go onto the Dutch register. Sikorsky S‑92A CULTER HELIPAD, PETERCULTER, ABERDEEN – It appears that HJS
G‑WNSR is returning to Aberdeen in September having been in Brazil Helicopters may have ceased trading so presumably operations at
as PR‑CGH since 2018. The next EC175 due for delivery to Aberdeen Culter Helipad have ceased and Robinson R22 G‑CDBG returned off
around 29th July will be G‑EMEF [0194]. lease to Jepar at Blackpool.
NHV Helicopters EC175B G‑NHVE last flew from Aberdeen on 22nd
May and on 16th July it was all wrapped up in white film for transport CUMBERNAULD, N. LANARK – Aviat Husky amphibian G‑OHZO was
south by road for shipment to Brazil where it is to become PR‑OTQ. cancelled from the UK Register to Southern Aircraft Consultancy Trust
Inc as N119WP again on 18th June and we aren’t sure if it has now left
ABOYNE, ABERDEEN – Noted here on 17th July were Schempp‑Hirth after its long rebuild here. Islander R.1 ZG848 arrived from Belfast
Arcus M D‑KEJB [204] and Diamond DA40 G‑CKEI. The latter’s owner International on 8th July for Islander Aircraft Ltd and will presumably
apparently keeps his glider here and commutes over from his home be restored to the UK Register as G‑BLNY, although there is no
on the Isle of Man to glide. Based Piper PA‑25 G‑BCBJ is currently out indication on G-INFO as yet for such a restoration.
on loan to another club. Very long term resident Volmer Sportsman
G‑BAHP (Permit to Fly expired 18th October 1993) still resides DUNDEE, TAYSIDE – Piper PA‑34 G‑BCVY, which had been on lease to
dismantled in a shed but work has recommenced on its restoration, Tayside Aviation, returned to Shobdon earlier in the year. Piper PA‑28
with the engine now overhauled and the fuselage currently being G‑BSYZ from Longside has joined the ever‑expanding Tayside Aviation
worked on. The wreck of SZD‑50 Puchacz G‑CFWE (cancelled as Warrior fleet and Piper PA‑28R G‑BMOE is also new, another one
Destroyed 10th March 2014, badly damaged in a field landing near the leased from SC Airlease and active with Tayside out of Glenrothes by
airfield 8th September 2013) is dismantled and used for spares. 12th July.
On 24th July Cessna 208B N610MR [208B5545] arrived from
BALADO, PERTH – Bell B206L G‑PTOO, operated by Helicentre on Keflavik and subsequently departed to Sturgate.
pleasure flights from various points in Central Scotland using a base
at a private site on the edge of the old airfield here (now mostly a vast EASTERTON, MORAY – Druine Turbulent G‑AREZ came to grief here
poultry farm), was sold in Sweden on 12th July. It was replaced from on 8th July when it was completely wrecked in an emergency landing.
early June by Bell B206 G‑DOFY operating on Northumbria Helicopter’s The pilot was taken to hospital but miraculously didn’t suffer life
AOC. threatening injuries. Ventus G‑CFPL has been registered to MW Black
in Muir of Ord and is a new resident here. This owner has Schleicher
BALONE CASTLE, PORTMAHOMACK, HIGHLAND – Europa G‑CROY is ASW‑15 G‑DCKP (ARC expired 25th August 2019), so this is presumably
actually as based at a strip here in preference to Lamb Holm. a replacement. It’s possible that ’KP is back at his address?

Schempp-Hirth Arcus M D-KEJB [204] at Aboyne on 17 July 2021. (Phil Kemp)

Alphajet C-FHTO [0104] of Top Aces arriving at Prestwick on 15 July 2021 on its way to Germany. (Robert Kelly)

ERROL, PERTH & KINROSS – A visit on 8th July found Gannet T5 2016), which was under restoration in Prestwick town, has been sold to
XG882/LM‑771 still parked on the old airfield in deteriorating a new owner and departed to Sherborne in Dorset.
condition. On the other side of the field in a battered shelter were For the record Chipmunk G‑ARMD (cancelled by CAA 26th June
dismantled Vampire T.11 XD403 (marked as XE897) & Buccaneer S.2B 2015) is still stored in a container here, along with the wreck of sister‑
XN981. ship G‑BDEU (cancelled as Destroyed 8th May 2014), which was blown
FALGUNZEON, DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY – A visit on 19th June found over in gale on 3rd January 2012, which is stored outside.
the following as expected: Slingsby T.41 BGA763; Slingsby T.43s Deliveries noted have been:
BGA793, BGA813, BGA957, BGA996, BGA1013 & BGA1023 plus G‑CHPE 1 Pilatus PC‑12 N536HC [1702] (westbound f Altenrhein,
and G‑DHAL both Schleicher ASK‑13s. The first two Slingsbys were Switzerland to Reykjavik en route to Renton Seattle, WA)
fuselages in storage and 1013 (serial unconfirmed) was said to be a 2 Bombardier CRJ‑200 C‑GIXT [7393] (westbound f Brussels n/s,
travelling exhibit. There was no sign of T.41 BGA826 (seen here Sep t Keflavik en route to North Bay, Canada)
2012), T.50 BGA1102 (never confirmed here), EoN AP.5 BGA1177 (for 5 Pilatus PC‑12 HB‑FQC [2106] (westbound f Stans‑Buochs
the Museum of Flight?), Schempp‑Hirth SHK‑1 G‑DDTG SHK‑1 (ARC t Reykjavik en route to Denver‑Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, CO)
expired 6th April 2020) or Schleicher Ka.6CR G‑DFGJ (ARC expired 5th 9 Cirrus SR22T N804BE [2286] (eastbound f Reykjavik n/s, t Erfut,
November 2016, never confirmed here and possibly on rebuild in Germany en route to Pribram, Czech Republic)
Dalbeattie). However, only the main hangar was accessed so some or 12 Piper PA‑46 JetProp DLX N4190W [4636287] (eastbound f Keflavik
all of these could be in the other smaller buildings or stored in trailers n/s, t Hawarden en route to Fairoaks).
on site, or possibly back at the owner’s addresses. 14 SOCATA TBM‑700B N356F [207] (westbound f Toussus‑le‑Noble
X’Air G‑CBNJ doesn’t live at the gliding airfield but has its own strip
t Reykjavik en route to St Petersburg‑Albert Whitted, FL)
lower down the hill at Bargrug Farm, about a mile to the west nearer
15 Alpha Jet C‑FHTO [0104] (eastbound f Keflavik t Wittmundhafen,
to Dalbeattie. Pulsar G‑LWNG carries a name “The Gnat”. There was no
Germany, with Learjet 35A C‑GTXS acting as support ship)
sign of Aviat Husky N60UK during a visit on 19th June but it is often
19 A‑29 Super Tucanos 19‑2033, 19‑2034, 19‑2036, 19‑2038, 19‑2039
flying elsewhere.
& 19‑2040 (eastbound f Keflavik, n/s t Zaragoza, Spain en route to
Kabul for Afghan Air Force, Dornier 228 D‑CAAN acting as support
FIFE, GLENROTHES, FIFE – Although still to be confirmed Jodel
G‑BAKR is a potential new resident, first noted on 16th July.
20 Pilatus PC‑12s HB‑FQE [2108] & HB‑FQG [2110] (westbound
GLASGOW, RENFREWSHIRE – Although technically not a resident, f Stans‑Buochs t Reykjavik en route to Denver‑Rocky Mountain
Falcon 2000 N215RE arrived for its usual lengthy summer stay on 7th Metropolitan, CO)
July and is living in the Gama hangar. Loganair Embraer 145 G‑SAJS 26 Pilatus PC‑12 HB‑FQH [2111] (westbound f Stans‑Buochs
hasn’t flown for at least three months (ARC expired 19th February t Reykjavik en route to Denver‑Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, CO)
2021) and is stored without engines (at Aberdeen?) but it will be
returned to service in August. Updating JUL.1078, Embraer 135 G‑SAJU HOLY LOCH, ARGYLL & BUTE – Flylight Seadragon/Aeros Fox 13
has not been broken up as yet but will be once G‑SAJS returns to amphibian G‑CMDL is a replacement for Flylight Dragonfly amphibian
service. Former Stobart Air ATR‑42 OY‑YCC (ex EI‑GEV) is due to join G‑CEOL (cancelled as 2nd June 2021), which was damaged beyond
the fleet on 12th August as G‑LMSA, while the delivery of sister‑ship repair on the Holy Loch on 27th February 2019, when the pilot forgot
G‑LMRE has slipped to 27th August. to retract the wheels when making a water landing (see 2019/
On 19th July Eclipse EA500 N352BB arrived from Keflavik and SEP.1538).
departed after refuelling. However it returned with a technical fault
and did not finally depart to Guernsey until the 31st. INSCH, ABERDEEN – Cessna 177B G‑BFMH is a new resident here,
arriving from Derby where it was on maintenance with Airspeed
GLASGOW PRESTWICK, S. AYRSHIRE – Stearman G‑OBEE from Aviation. A visit on 8th July found just the wings of based Tiger Moth
Easterton was here for maintenance from 25th June until late July. G‑ANJI present; the fuselage is apparently away at Barton Ashes on
Further to JUL.1073, Piper PA‑38 G‑RVND didn’t stay long after arriving rebuild. A further visit on the 18th confirmed the presence of Rans S7
on 31st May, departing on 22nd June and Cessna A150K G‑BMEX was Courier G‑CBNF, dismantled Cyclone Ax2000 G‑JONY (Permit to Fly
flying again by 2nd June, although G-INFO has still to be updated with expired 18th June 2017) & dismantled CFM Shadow G‑MWVH (Permit
the new CofA. Kitfox G‑BPII (Permit to Fly expired 21st December to Fly expired 25th August 2007).

INVERNESS, HIGHLAND – AutoGyro Calidus G‑LISS arrived on 13th RAF LEUCHARS, FIFE – Grob G115E G‑BYUS went south as ‘CWL24’ on
June and as at of the end of July was still present, flying locally with 8th July, probably for attention to the flying control hinges.
Highland Aviation Training. There’s no change of owner showing on
G-INFO, still showing as Gyronauts Flying Club at a London address, so ROTHESAY, ARGYLL & BUTE – Kingfisher amphibian G‑BUTE
perhaps it’s leased in or detached for the summer. Piper PA‑38 G‑NCFC, (cancelled by CAA 23rd January 2014), long stored with Tom Crawford
present since September last year, departed again on 27th June, in Rothesay and recently advertised for sale, is said to have moved to
destination unknown as yet. Orkney. Nothing further is known but at a guess might this involve a
rebuild using parts from substantially complete but never flown
KINLOSS, MORAY – Yet more additions to the Morayvia collection G‑BXBC (cancelled as PWFU 29th January 2010) built by the late Sid
here are Wessex HC.2 XV725/C, another Manston escapee and Bichan? Or perhaps ’TE is to be sacrificed to allow ’BC to be finished?
currently in the care of Spey Bay Salvage Company, and an as yet With Sid’s demise we wonder what is happening with George
unknown Sea King is also said to be there. A Tornado F.3 EMU is inside Cormack’s Piper J3C Cub G‑CCUB (no Permit to Fly issued to date)
and a Tornado SIM outside, with an F‑35 Lightning cockpit replica which Sid was looking after for him. It is almost certain to have left
being built in the restoration hangar. Rothesay, perhaps taken to Thornhill or south for storage/rebuild?
Further to JAN.26, it turns out that Lynx AH.7 ZD215 (with boom
from XZ607) did not come here and when seen road running north SOUTH BARNBETH FARM, BRIDGE OF WEIR, RENFREWSHIRE –
from Manston it was actually on its way to Spadeadam as a range Further to 2020/SEP.1423 under Potential Sales we can bring the
target. Taylor JT1 Monoplane G‑PFAE (cancelled by CAA 2nd September 1991)
story up to date. The aircraft is here with Neil Geddes, who is storing it
KIRKNEWTON, W. LOTHIAN – Sportcruiser G‑PBAT is once again on behalf of the current vendor. It came from Errol so the report that
based here having arrived from Nottingham City on 2nd May. It has the one seen there in 2008 was JT2 Titch G‑BGCX (cancelled as PWFU
made several local flights plus one to Exeter and back between 16th 27th March 1999) is almost certainly wrong. A second fuselage is being
and 19th July. advertised along with it as “unusable but a source of material” and
could well be JT2 PFA 060‑13097, which was being built by GG Simpson
KIRKWALL, ORKNEY – From a company Tweet it is noted that Cessna in Monifieth but has never been registered.
337 N337EE [337‑01600], converted as a hybrid‑electric technology
demonstrator by Ampaire, has arrived in Rotterdam by sea from the STRATHALLAN, PERTH & KINROSS – After spending the last couple
USA and is expected here for SATE trials by the time this appears in of years off‑line parked at Cumbernauld awaiting maintenance,
Cessna U206C G‑DROP returned to the Scottish Parachute Club here
with a new CofA on 14th July.
KYLE OF LOCHALSH, HIGHLANDS – Further to MAR.368, Airbus H145
STRATHAVEN, S. LANARK – MXP‑740 Savannah G‑MSAV was noted
G‑RNGS is confirmed as based at the helipad at the British Underwater
flying on the evening on 27th June, possibly its first flight? It is not
Test & Evaluation Centre (BUTEC) here but it often visits nearby
known when or if this will move back to the airstrip at Kirkmuirhill but
Plockton for fuel.
the owner’s similar type G‑CDSH is currently being advertised for sale.
Further to MAY.701, Rans S.6 G‑MWIF did not come here from
LONGSIDE, ABERDEEN – Piper PA‑28 G‑BSYZ has been sold and has
Newtownards but went to the Henlow area instead.
departed to Dundee. A new resident is Van’s RV‑12 G‑CKZH which
A further visit on 19th July confirmed that Evektor EV‑97 G‑CCCO is
arrived on 20th July.
now based here (see JUL.1079). The Savannah G‑MSAV was also still
PERTH, PERTH & KINROSS – Given the increasing number of
enthusiasts visiting and asking for access, the Aero Club has asked
WESTMUIR, KIRRIEMUIR, ANGUS – Further to MAY.700/701, this strip
that if access the main hangar is being sought, you should contact
once again has no residents as Cassutt Racer G‑BOMB, which was
them at in advance. Every effort will
stored here, has gone back to live at Perth.
be made to enable access but that may not be possible for casual
callers. WICK JOHN O’GROATS, CAITHNESS – With the recent good weather
Pegasus Quik G‑TJAV has been sold to CJ Gordon with an address in there have been a lot of aircraft undertaking trans‑Atlantic ferry
Inverbervie but it remains based. Pitts S‑1S G‑TAYL (Permit to Fly flights. Noted during July have been:
expired 26th June 2015), which has been away for a few years under 3 Cirrus SR22T N117R [2321] (eastbound f Reykjavik t Blackpool en
repair, firstly at a workshop in Tranent and then at the owner’s home route to Palma‑San Bonet)
in Forgandenny, arrived back for completion of the restoration in early 7 Diamond DA42 OE‑UDP [‑?‑] (westbound f Sonderborg, Denmark
July. A new resident is Magni M16C G‑CGSD with The Gyro Company t Reykjavik en route to London, ON, Canada); Diamond DA50
Ltd. It has been registered to this Arbroath‑based company since 2010 OE‑UDX [‑?‑] (westbound f Cambridge t Reykjavik also en route to
but has actually been based at Rufforth East. With the training London, ON)
organisation there recently closing it’s good to see that it has now 9 Eclipse EA500 N125DE [000193] (eastbound f Reykjavik
rediscovered itself at Perth. Europa G‑BWJH, which was registered to a t Lelystad); Cirrus SR22 N140BV [3780] (eastbound f Reykjavík
London address in June last year but remained here has been sold to t Inverness, n/s t Pskov, Russia en route to Novosibirsk)
R Stalker who is renewing the Permit (expired 3rd August 2016) and 11 Cessna 208B 7T‑VNS [208B5568] (f Keflavik t Birmingham, n/s3
will most likely sell it on quite quickly. Cassutt Racer G‑BOMB returned t Avignon en route to Algiers)
from its temporary hangarage at Kirriemuir on 21st July. 12 Beech F33A N1556Y [CE‑1415] (eastbound f Reykjavik t Kortrijk‑
Further to JUN.887, unmarked former SAS Agusta A109A ZE413 is Wevelgem en route to Zwartberg, Belgium)
also still here with AST Perth College. 13 Douglas DC‑3 N18121 [1997] (westbound f Dole‑Tavaux, France
t Reykjavik en route to Aurora, OR, had remained in France
PETERHEAD, ABERDEENSHIRE – A visit to the Score Energy Training following ‘Daks Over Duxford’ celebrations in June 2019)
Centre here on 8th July confirmed that Lightning F.3 XR749/DA is still 15 Beech B200C N53W [BL‑33] (westbound f Dubendorf, went tech &
displayed some distance inside the gate. returned to Birmingham n/s2, back to Dubendorf)
16 Daher TBM‑940 N105TM [1383] (westbound f Tarbes‑Lourdes
PITTRICHIE FARM, WHITERASHES, ABERDEEN – Further to JUN.887, t Keflavik en route to Camarillo, CA ); Cessna 208B N409MS
having only recently sent Jabiru 450 G‑BZST off to the owners’ home in [208B5578] (eastbound f Keflavik t Nantes en route to
Westhill for some TLC, it was back here again by 28th June. Nouakchott, Mauritania); Cirrus SR22 N506Y [5061] (eastbound
f Reykjavik t Groningen‑Eelde)
PORTMOAK, FIFE – Rolladen‑Schneider LS7 G‑TWAZ has changed 18 Basler BT‑67 C‑GAWI [19227] (westbound f Bremen t Reykjavik,
registered owner to PG Clayton t/a WA2 Syndicate but remains based had returned f Canada via Reykjavik on 20th/21st June)
at Portmoak. 21 Cirrus SF50 N578BA (eastbound f Keflavik t Poznan)

22 Cessna 208B D‑FUNG [208B5635] (eastbound f Reykjavik Douglas DC‑6A G‑APSA arrived from Coventry on 28th April, with the
t Ascheffenburg, Germany) forward section arriving on the 29th July.
24 Cirrus SR22T N191AH (eastbound f Reykjavik to Gloucestershire)
26 Cessna P210N N210RD [P21000772] (eastbound f Reykjavik OLD PARK FARM, MARGAM, NEATH PORT TALBOT – A rather confused
t North Weald) report (types and c/ns obviously added to noted registrations later)
30 Bell 407 UR‑RAH [54929] (eastbound f Vágar, Faroe Islands, n/s for a visit on 24th July, nonetheless seems to indicate a base for Streak
t Powfoulis Hotel, Larbert, n/s t Leeds East) Shadow G‑BVFR, Skyrangers G‑CCBJ & G‑LDAH & Jabiru UL G‑ODGS.

TALGARTH, POWYS – Piper PA‑25 G‑BDDS (ARC expired 4th June

WALES 2020) is currently in store here.


model marked as PT462/SW-A has been found parked alongside the
farmhouse at this rarely used strip. At one time the real PT462 (now
G‑CTIX) lived at the strip. AUGHRIM, KILKEEL, CO. DOWN – A flying visit on 22th July found
Piper J3C G‑BFHI had joined expected residents Luscombe 8A G‑AKTI
CARDIFF, S. GLAMORGAN – As from 12th August Cardiff Approach & Jodel DR1050M G‑BIOI.
changed frequency from 119.150 to 119.155 and Cardiff Tower from
133.100 to 133.105. BELFAST INTERNATIONAL, CO. ANTRIM – The 8th of July was the last
day for the Islander/Defenders of 651 Squadron, with ZG997, ZH002 &
HAWARDEN, FLINTSHIRE – New here is Pilatus PC‑12 G‑WJMI, which ZG998 departing to Solent from 11.08Hrs onwards (via overshoots at
arrived from the factory at Stans Buochs (via the Isle of Man) on 9th Middle Wallop en route). They join other stored airframes ZG995,
July. ZG996, ZH003, ZH004, ZH005 plus ZH001 which has recently been
It is reported that Beech 350CERs G‑DAYP & G‑RTNA are being active with Britten‑Norman. ZG848 also left Belfast, but went direct to
converted to Shadow R1+s for the RAF as ZZ505 & ZZ508 respectively. Cumbernauld (no indication on G-INFO as yet for a restoration as
G‑BLNY). They seem to have been replaced by a detachment of a
ST. ATHAN, S. GLAMORGAN – British Airways Airbus A319‑131 G‑EUPB couple of 14 Squadron Shadow R.1+s from RAF Waddington.
flew in from London Heathrow on the 11th as ‘BAW9274’ and sister‑
Recent deliveries noted have been:
ship G‑EUPH arrived on the 21st using the same call‑sign. Also on the
11 Pilatus PC‑12 VP‑CPX (eastbound f Keflavik t Islay en route to
21st former Avianca (and still in their full colours) Airbus A321‑231
Fairoaks for the summer)
D‑AAAU arrived from Nordholz, Germany. It was re‑registered as
21 Basler BT67 C‑GGSU [13439] (westbound f Leon, Spain, n/s
OE‑IZR on 28th July. Then on the 22nd former Air France A319‑111
t Reykjavik en route to Ottawa, Canada)
F‑GRHG arrived from Paris‑Orly as ‘AFR363V’. Moving on to the 26th
23 Phenom 100 G‑MEPS (eastbound f Keflavik t RAF Cranfield, RAF
and Cathay Dragon Airbus A320‑232 B‑HSK arrived from Hong Kong
ZM334 back from maintenance with Embraer at Fort Lauderdale,
(via Bangkok, Dubai World Central & Amsterdam) as ‘CPA3497’. Airbus
A319‑131 G‑EUPF flew in from London Heathrow on 30th July as
27 Cessna T182T N900NF [T18208494] (westbound f Lille‑Lesquin
‘BAW9901’ & former Brussels Airlines A319‑112 OO‑SSK arrived from
t Reykjavik en route to Appleton, WI)
Brussels as ‘BEL9901’. A couple of escapees have been Boeing 737‑8AS
29 SOCATA TBM‑700 N275LH (eastbound f Reykjavik t Charleroi) en
OM‑GEX which departed to Budapest on 24th June after storage and is
route to Toussus‑le‑Noble); SOCATA TBM‑700 N8800 (eastbound
currently on lease to Corendon Europe, and Airbus A320 YL‑LCT which
f Keflavik, n/s & still present at the end of the month).
flew out to Eindhoven on the 9th July as ‘TFL77P’ for lease to TUI Fly
CARRICKMORE, OMAGH, CO. TYRONE – New here is Van’s RV‑12
For the record the following machines have now been broken up:
• Airbus A319s 2‑ACSG (ex OK‑NEM broken up by early 06.21);
CAUSEWAY, CO. LONDONDERRY – A flying visit on 22nd July found
2‑ACSH (ex OK‑NEO, b/u by late 05.21); 2‑GGEZ (ex G‑EZII b/u by
unrecorded residents Murphy Renegade C‑IERB [537P, dismantled],
early 06.21); G‑EUOC (b/u early 06.21); G‑EUPE (b/u by 04.21);
Jodel D120A G‑BKPX, Skyranger G‑CDLK & Cyclone Ax3 G‑MYPR.
LY‑BHF (ex B‑MAO, b/u by 05.21); LY‑BHI (ex OO‑SSG, b/u by
Cyclone Ax3 G‑BVRY, de‑registered by the CAA 21st November 2002
12.01.21); LY‑BHP (ex CS‑TTC, b/u by 03.21); LY‑BHR (ex EC‑MFO,
and noted here since at least 2012, remains suspended from the
b/u early 06.21); LY‑BHT (ex EC‑MFP, b/u early 06.21); VP‑BHF (b/u
hangar roof. Also still stored is CGS Hawk I Arrow G‑MWYP, still wearing
by 01.03.21); VP‑BTQ (b/u by 01.03.21).
N216HK as first imported, but officially de‑registered to France 9th
• Airbus A320s 2‑ACSN (ex 9H‑SLA b/u by 4.06.21); D‑ALAC (b/u by
February 2003. Currently being worked on is Lake LA4 G‑BOLL (ARC
12.01.21); LY‑BHS (ex B‑HSD, b/u 04.21); YL‑ACL (b/u 04.21).
expired 29th August 2018), while sister‑ship G‑BASO (CofA expired
• Airbus A321s LY‑BHJ (ex VQ‑BKH, b/u early 06.21); SX‑BGS (b/u
19th June 2006) is stored in the rear of a hangar, along with Aventura
II PH‑VBA. The wreck of Evektor EV‑97 G‑JBAV was also present, having
• Boeing 737s 2‑HLBB (ex HL7557, b/u by early 03.21); LY‑BHB (ex
come to grief on landing on 18th July.
HL7559, b/u 19.04.21); LY‑BHQ (ex D‑ABKA, b/u by 03.21); YR‑BMI
A few recent movements have been Ikarus C42 G‑CDUK (Strathaven
(b/u early 06.21).
to Carrickmore) on 27th June, Van’s RV‑7 EI‑FEW (f/t Birr) on 17th July &
• Boeing 747s G‑CIVC (b/u by 13.03.21); G‑CIVU (b/u 14‑16.04.21);
EuroFOX G‑OASK (f Glasgow Prestwick t Newtownards) on the 19th.
G‑VAST (b/u by 11.0121)
• Boeing 757s EI‑GTW (ex P4‑GAS, b/u by early 03.21).
And the following had been moved to the scrapping compound by 9th currently based here.
June 2021 & may well have gone by the time you read this:
Some recent movements have been:
• A319 2‑ACSF (ex OK‑NEP); Boeing 747 G‑BYGG; A319 G‑EUOB;
22/6 Piper PA‑28 G‑HAMR (f/t Perth); Airbus EC130 T2 G‑HOGC n/s
A319 VP‑BHI & A320 VP‑CPW (ex VT‑IHU).
(f Enniskillen t Newcastle, Co. Down)
All the other machines reported here are either still basically intact or 23/6 Airbus AS350B2 G‑KLLY ×2 (f Enniskillen t Golf View, Co.
have departed. Donegal & f Moylaw, Co. Mayo t Enniskillen)
The South Wales Aviation Museum has acquired Whittaker MW.7 28/6 Hawker 900XP G‑RCFC (f Farnborough t RAF Northolt)
G‑BTUS (Permit to Fly expired 20th June 2006), which was roaded in on 30/6 Robin HR200 EI‑YLG (f/t Dublin Weston)
10th June. Further to MAY.701, Tornado GR.4 ZA612 arrived by road 1/7 Beech B200 G‑NIAA (f Belfast International t Birmingham);
from Porton Down the same day. It has been fitted with the ‘RAF 100th Bell 429 M‑YMCM (f/t Knowsley, Merseyside)
Anniversary’ fin previously fitted to ZG772. The rear fuselage of 9/7 Piper PA‑32 G‑PECK n/s2 (f/t Perranporth)

10/7 Legacy 650 D‑ARMY (f Paderborn t Biggin Hill) aircraft is one of very few folding wing variants of Mike Whittaker’s
16/7 Beech B200 PH‑SLE n/s (f Glasgow Prestwick t Cork, survey popular single‑seat design. The type offers open cockpit three‑axis
flights over NW Ireland) flying on a budget, especially when registered as SSDR (as this one
17/7 Cessna F406 G‑FIND (f East Midlands t Belfast International was from June 2014). The folding wing offers easier rigging and
(survey flight over Antrim coast) storage. The construction of this particular example was begun by
18/7 Europa G‑NHRJ n/s (f Enniskillen t Retford Gamston) apprentices under supervision and has been virtually finished to a
19/7 Beech 200 G‑IASM (f/t Glasgow Prestwick); Cessna 172P high standard by the current owner. It is fitted with a brand new Rotax
G‑JONZ (f Dublin Weston t Benbecula); Piper PA‑28 G‑LAZL 532, which does require finished wiring and ‘running in’. The sale is
(f/t Inverness); Piper PA‑32 G‑PECK n/s (f/t Perranporth); due to the owner (who also has a Gemini Flash, Chaser & Foxtug), who
Cessna F172H G‑ZEVS (f Newtownards t Letterkenny) was going to undertake differences training, now having had a change
21/7 Cessna 560XL G‑IPAX n/s2 (f Glasgow Prestwick t London of plan. Coincidentally, the owner of MW5B Sorcerer G‑MTBP is seeking
Luton) a set of wings. The current set is repairable, but will take a lot of time
22/7 Falcon 2000EX G‑NJAD (f RAF Northolt t Newquay Cornwall and expense to repair and re‑cover so the owner thought that if
anyone had any in good condition available, it would immensely
DERRYOGUE, KILKEEL, CO. DOWN – A flying visit on 21st July enabled speed up his restoration project.
an update to the Irish residents in CARBI2021 with Evektor EV‑97s Denney Kitfox Model 2 G‑BSVK is for sale from Hal Colliver. It was
EI‑DFM & EI‑EOU and Roko NG4 EI‑MIR all noted. Aviat Husky G‑USKY mothballed most of its life in the back of an engineering workshop,
was also an addition and while Agusta Bell 206B 2‑PDPD was also but while returning it to service it has undergone a transformation
noted, it may just have been visiting? from Group A to Microlight status. A short video of it flying was
provided with the advert, but it was not clear if it was from the strip
Recent movements noted have been:
that the owner normally uses at Landmead Farm, Garford or
12/7 Piper PA‑28RT G‑MERL n/s3 (f/t Fairoaks)
elsewhere. With a long‑expired Permit at 2nd January 2015, Kitfox 2
13/7 Ikarus C42 G‑CEHG c/ts (f/t Tandragee)
G‑BTVC is offered as a project for completion to Permit status, but
21/7 Evektor EV‑97s G‑CEVS, G‑CFEL & G‑VORN; Pioneer 300
needs a new replacement six US gallon port wing fuel tank. Last noted
G‑OWBA (all from Kirkbride, n/s to Tandragee on a tour round
with Sandy owner at Longacre Farm.
a number of Northern Irish airfields)
Barry Walker imported a number of Robin ATLs some years ago
and they retained their French marks for some time, before adopting
UK marks. One of those remaining, F‑GFOR, is now for sale from the
reported have been:
Haverfordwest owner since, post‑Brexit, non‑EU Nationals can no
23/6 Piper PA‑34 G‑CDPV (f Welshpool t Shobdon); Beech 200
longer use the French Register. When last seen at a LAA Rally in 2018,
G‑FLYW (f/t Edinburgh)
it was powered by a Limbach 70.
2/7 Beech 200s G‑FLYK (f/t London Luton) & G‑FLYW (f/t
Another Classic design on offer is Gardan GY201 Minicab G‑BCER
(Permit to Fly expired 24th July 2019) from the Monifieth, Fife owner,
16/7 Aeroprakt A32 G‑ENVV (f/t Newtownards); Cessna 182S
who has already performed some work. The wing has been separated
G‑ZBLT (t/t Abbeyshrule)
from the fuselage and stands on a rack ready for stripping and
17/7 Europa G‑NHRJ n/s (f Newtownards t City of Derry)
evaluation. The undercarriage legs have been removed, stripped,
18/7 Piper PA‑28 G‑ISAX (f/t Belfast International); Cirrus SF50
cleaned, etch primed and new rubber blocks sourced for the
N707SN (f/t Biggin Hill)
suspension. The fuselage has been fully stripped and is ready for
19/7 Cessna F172H G‑ZEVS n/s3 (f Letterkenny t Lasham)
repair work to begin. All metal work for the fuselage has been bead
21/7 Piper PA‑32 G‑FRAG n/s (f/t Newtownards); Piper PA‑28RT
blasted and etch primed except for the canopy frame. The engine, an
N2CL n/s (f/t Newtownards)
A65, has been de‑corroded and sprayed with matt silver ‘Simonize’
22/7 Beech B200 M‑SPOR n/s (f Southend t Knock)
VHT paint. Prior to Permit renewal in 2018, the two Eisemann AM‑4
Magnetos were overhauled by Orchard Engineering Ltd and the
KILLINCHY, CO. DOWN – There is a small 100 metre strip here and Just
Marvel‑Schebler carburettor was overhauled by Nicholson McLaren
SuperSTOL G‑JWNI visited for a demo on 22nd June, f Newtownards,
Aviation. It is estimated that the engine has run for a total of seven
t Portmoak.
hours since these overhauls, including its last flight from Lincolnshire
to Fife. The fuselage repair work is largely centred at the cockpit/
McMASTER’S FARM, MOVENIS, CO. DERRY – The only addition to the
firewall/floor and parcel shelf and the fin needs recovering with the
residents noted on 22nd July was Thruster T600N G‑CCCH , which
2mm ply (supplied). A change in personal circumstances prompts the
received a Permit renewal on 7th July.
sale of this project, but he would like it to go to someone who will
complete the renovation, see it in the air again and enjoy it. We echo
NEWTOWNARDS, CO. DOWN – Chevvron G‑MWNP (Permit to Fly
that sentiment, hence the inclusion of the seller’s detailed review of
expired 1st June 2011) is now resident here and Rans S.6 G‑MWIF has
progress above.
been sold to new owners at Lower Stondon, Bedfordshire and
We have mentioned the sale of the distinctive Turbulent G‑APWP
(cancelled by CAA 20th June 2018) following the death of Colin Rogers
A flying visit on 22nd July found unrecorded potential residents
last year, and this is now joined by his Bölkow Bö208 G‑AVZI (also
including Rollason D62 G‑AWSN, Luton Minor G‑BANF (Permit expired
cancelled by CAA 20th June 2018). The sale of the Turbulent was via
9th June 1992), Jodel D112 G‑BIWN, Thruster T600N G‑CBDC, Gemini
Mark Gorlov (who used to have Nipper G‑NIPS at North Weald/Elstree
Flash G‑MYSJ & Chaser G‑MWXZ a long way from the Petham,
until sale to a Welshpool owner), but the Bölkow is advertised via a
Canterbury registered owner. Van’s RV‑8 G‑GGRV was still under
Chris or Justin with a phone contact that is Kestrel Caravans in
construction & PZL‑104 Wilga LY‑AWV is still in residence.
Kettering (proprietor Mrs S Butler) – the seller’s eBay tag of kestrel625
adds further confirmation. It is described as “95% complete with
SLEMISH, BUCKNA, CO. ANTRIM – Pilatus PC‑12 G‑FLXI was noted
paperwork, but for static display, ground instructional aircraft, gate
visiting here on 7th July, f/t Fairoaks.
guardian, garden art, paint ball target or educational play house – just
the pleasure of owning a distinctive almost complete 53‑year‑old
TANDRAGEE, CRAIGAVON, CO. ARMAGH – A flying visit on 22nd July
aircraft. Can be de‑rigged for transport in under an hour”.
revealed unrecorded residents in the shape of Skyrangers G‑CCWC,
Sherwood Ranger ST LAA 237B‑15241 (Kit No: ST53) was registered
G‑CDWM & G‑UPHI and Ikarus C42 G‑CLIN.
with the LAA by Chris Rouse on 20th November 2013. The wings are
the fast‑build option, spar and ribs build done at the factory and are
about now 80% built. The fuselage is probably about 75% complete as
POTENTIAL SALES photos show. He now offers the project for completion as he
unfortunately now has some health problems. Location is Eastleigh.
At White House Farm, Southery, Jeremy Winder had ARV Super 2
Whittaker MW5‑D Sorcerer G‑RMPI has had a very long gestation G‑BOGK (Permit expired 22nd March 2013) ready for a test flight, but
period, but is now for sale from Dick Twamley at Coventry. This MW5 due to a runway incident involving a large deer and a ditch, it has

suffered a nose leg collapse resulting in damage to the Hewland AE75 (except for the fibreglass tip work which is generally left to the very
engine and fuselage, which he considers beyond his capabilities to end) and signed off by well‑known LAA inspector Neil France. The wing
repair. It is offered as a repair project or for spares use. structure is assembled and riveted, skins match drilled ready for de‑
AvBuyer featured Beech A36 N536K [E‑3220] at Oxford with Zaher burring and dimpling. One tank is partially assembled (using standard
Deir and Cirrus SR20 G‑SNDS for sale via CK Aviation Services Ltd/ resistive float fuel senders and flush‑fitting Newton SPRL fuel caps in
Charles Kimbell – last reported at Leeds East. place of the standard Van’s ones). It comes in a castoring wing trolley
Thought to have been based in France on loan from the Biggin Hill with all parts required to finish the wings. Also included are the
lessors at the time of CARBI2021, Cessna F152 G‑CKAT appears on fuselage longerons and centre section, plus a SafeAir1 anodised pitot
PlaneCheck from JMT – Serviços Aéreos, Lda/João Fernandes Lisbon, mast suitable for a heated or unheated Dynon pitot. An estimated
Portugal at Aeródromo Municipal de Évora by June. 300‑400 hours of work has been done in total.
Bob Allen is returning to radio‑control model flying, so his Quad Andy Hawes makes his usual appearance with an X’Air 582 blue top
City Challenger II G‑MZKW (Permit expired 16th October 2017) & in need of TLC. Last Permit in 2018, but just about every steel bolt
Pegasus XL‑Q G‑MVUG (Permit expired 1st July 2017) have appeared needs replacing due to corrosion although the alloy looks OK. Total of
on AFORS. Presumably both are stored at his Midgham home. 210 hours from new, electric start and Ivoprop worth the price alone.
Parts of Pegasus Quik G‑CBVN are offered for sale comprising a Naturally, he has another in bits if other parts are required. Of still
bare pod plus seat pod, pylon covers, instrument panel, a plate on currently registered examples, G‑RAJA would fit the 2018 Permit
latter which bears the registration. However, a partially‑covered Quik expiry and Ivoprop, but that was last with an owner at Ince.
behind these parts appears to be in the original pod colours (yellow) A Pegasus XL with Rotax 462 engine is offered free to a good
and with the Permit renewal as recent as 9th July, the sale items may home. No other clues other than a phone contact that relates to the
be left over from the renewal activity. sale of a Rotax 503 from a Gemini Flash IIA from a Co. Tyrone location.
Mainair Gemini Flash II G‑MTAG was Cancelled 17th December
2014 as PWFU with its Permit to Fly expired 28th May 2004. It arrived
North Coates by road 16th June 2018. It was previously in store in
Cleethorpes and then put up for sale. It has now reappeared with a
seller in Ashford having been acquired some two years ago, but never
flown due to the pandemic, which has prevented the owner from
ISLE OF MAN – Resident Diamond DA62 G‑JAAM is available for
taking flying lessons as planned and probably now for spares use. The
charter and has made a few flights for IAS Medical using a “Medops”
seller is Stephen Izaguirre an Aircraft Structural Maintenance Manager
call‑sign – presumably on crew‑ferries rather than ambulance flights?
with a former background of involvement as an NDT Manager at
IAS has leased in Beech 200 G‑CEGP (still resident at the month end),
Mildenhall on KC‑135, CV‑22 & C‑130J.
which was used in addition to G‑IASC. Global 7500 9H‑IBI paid its
Offered by a seller identified only as “edthx1138” from Bodmin is
second visit and appears to be connected with the Private Jet
a classic weight‑shift Ultrasports Tri‑Pacer 330/Southdown Puma
Company FBO, whose Global 5000 9H‑IBD is also now also using a
(Lightning 195) G‑MJBF (cancelled by CAA 6th September 1994). No
“EAU” call‑sign. EuroFOX G‑CGYC has been sold to a new owner in
sail wing shown or mentioned. Photos included a sales receipt from
Perth and departed on 22nd June, with GA‑7 Cougar G‑GOTC acting a
Essex Airsports Grays/Thurrock dated 14th June 1984 and signed by
crew ferry.
D Lewin, although neither of these feature in the registered owners on
Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGK unusually stayed overnight on the 14th
the Certificates of Registration – initially David John Godwin, Brighton
until the following evening when it departed in company with G‑MCGJ
and at that time the owner from 3rd February 1984 was Raymond
(possibly it went u/s?).
Almond, Chedburgh, Bury St Edmunds and it was sold on 17th June
Loganair swapped Embraer 145 G‑RJXH with sister‑ship G‑SAJL at
1985 to Colin Jacobs, Dartford.
Heathrow on the 2nd, then to G‑SAJF at Manchester on the 9th and
Mainair Blade G‑MZAF is for sale from the owner at Pound Green,
finally to G‑SAJI at Heathrow on the 23rd. ATR‑42 G‑LMRA continues to
where it has been hangared for a couple of years (Permit expired 5th
be used elsewhere on many days – mainly Glasgow to Sumburgh then
July 2019). The seller describes the sail‑wing as tatty, but ideal for a
returning direct to IOM, but on the 14th it flew to Southampton, then
first aircraft project or to cannibalise for all spares. It has had five
Glasgow‑Islay‑Glasgow‑Sumburgh‑IOM. Meanwhile the Embraer is
owners and flown some 400 Hrs since new.
being used on the Manchester‑Newquay‑Manchester service on some
Pegasus Quantum 15 G‑MZOG is offered for sale via AFORS from
days. A second daily service to Heathrow started on the 28th June
Athey’s Moor, Longframlington, although only the trike is mentioned
when the border restrictions were relaxed and the first of a series of
and featured in the photos.
Saturday flights to Jersey took place on the 26th (using G‑LMRA).
Heading into the “unknown” category (this month quite a few
Services to Birmingham are due to start in July. easyJet returned with
examples follow) is a completely brand new and unused set of plans
Gatwick and Liverpool flights on the 28th, their first flights here since
and a licence to build one Menestrel II aircraft, purchased directly
the 23rd May 2020.
from Henri Nicollier in 2019. With no name or location, none of the
current 10 unregistered LAA Projects can be linked. June 2021 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
A Luton Minor project (presumably a rebuild rather than 1 Phenom 300 G‑HNPN
completion of old project judging from photos) is for sale with no 2 Piper PA‑31‑350 G‑MAPY (f/v as such)
identity clue other than having a white rudder with the PFA logo and 4 Cessna 525B CS‑DOL
a Kent seller, who says that old age forces a reluctant sale. It requires 5 Cessna 525 D‑IHKW
repairs to fuselage plywood and one undercarriage leg and comes 6 Cessna A185A N185RH (f/t St Marks strip)
complete with wings, tailplane wing struts, fuel tank, most metal 8 Beech 200s G‑CEGP (see notes) & G‑OLIV ×2; Piper PA‑32 G‑CSIX;
fittings, together with a set of unused plans. Diamond DA62 G‑GNSS; Cessna 525A G‑TWOP
A Rans Coyote II is offered for spares. It has no engine or 13 SAAB 340B G‑LGNI; Eurocopter EC155B M‑HELI; Global 7500
instruments and fuselage reported damaged following a heavy 9H‑IBI
landing. Fabric is in good condition, wings, tail and seats, tanks, cables 14 Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGK n/s; Cessna 560XLS G‑NJAB; Global 5000
etc all in sound condition and would suit for spares/project. Total time 9H‑IBD
on the airframe is 745 hours. The seller is Owain Graham Johns, who 15 Cessna F150H G‑AWFF; Beech 76 G‑BIMZ; Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGJ
also is involved with QuikR G‑CGGC and Chaser G‑MVTM at Field Farm, 16 Cessna 560XLS D‑CSUN; Piper PA‑32 G‑CSIX
Oakley, but no Coyote II can be found in his name. Of the 65 de‑ 19 Phenom 300 CS‑PHD
registered Coyotes on the UKR, only one, G‑MYOI, has anything near 21 Beech B200 G‑CDZT
the TT quoted – 746 as at 31.12.08. However, that was the subject of a 22 GA‑7 Cougar G‑GOTC; Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGJ; Hawker 850XP
hangar fire at Strathaven and went to a loss adjuster at Thirsk, being LY‑BGD
cancelled 16th September 2011 as Destroyed, so seems unlikely – 23 Falcon 2000EX G‑NJAD
especially with the heavy landing damage quoted. 24 Agusta AW109SP G‑DAYF; Cessna 525A G‑SONE; Diamond DA62
Identified only by the name Matt from Rotherham, an Van’s RV‑9 G‑TACN
kit is offered. In his own words this consists of “slow build” empennage 25 Beech B200 G‑CDZT
and wings. The empennage has electric elevator trim, is complete 28 Beech B200 G‑CIFE; Cessna 525A G‑SONE

29 Cessna 560XLS G‑NJAB; Cirrus SR22 N663CD o/s Comings and goings this month include Piper PA‑28 G‑BIUY delivered
30 Agusta A109S G‑RMBH in on the 15th for Synergy Flight Training, Cessna 182T G‑LUEK
returning from Gloucestershire on the 16th, Mooney M20J N201YK
returning from Coventry on the 8th after long absence, Piper PA‑28s
CHANNEL ISLANDS G‑BCGI departing back to UK on the 8th after local lease and G‑OODW
departing back to Fairoaks on the 15th and Sherwood Ranger G‑SWAB
departing to UK on the 13th via Alderney‑Sandown‑Booker‑Duxford
GUERNSEY – Activity this month continues the slow return to ‘normal’. to Tibenham. Aircraft in for maintenance were Commander 114
Pilatus PC‑24 2‑RIST has moved to Leeds East. Eclipse EA550 N98PD N6039X on the 21st and Cirrus SR22 N224RC on the 23rd; SOCATA
has been re‑registered as 2‑CAMP and yet another Eclipse EA500, TBM‑850 N850BL is going to be roaded back to Tarbes for repair by
N533GT, was delivered in to Channel Jets on the 3rd and has since Daher. Finally, Blue Island ATR‑72 G‑ISLM left for Mönchengladbach
become 2‑CAZZ. Two locals returned from maintenance: Robinson R44 on the 17th for maintenance, the same day as sister‑ship G‑ISLN
G‑PBEE on the 8th and SOCATA TBM‑700C 2‑PLAY on the 9th. Finally, returned.
Commander 114B 2‑BEST was delivered out to Billund, Denmark (via June 2021 visitors:
Groningen‑Eelde) on the 5th. 1 Cessna 560XLS CS‑DXP; Cessna 680A CS‑LTB; Diamond DA40
Visitors to ASG for maintenance included Piper PA‑28RT G‑OPJD on F‑HDSR [D4.317]; Piper PA‑28R G‑BIZO; Cessna T206H G‑NIME;
the 5th (departed 11th), Piper PA‑46‑500TP 2‑MARS on the 14th and Phenom 300 G‑JAGA; SOCATA TBM‑700C2 G‑PTXC;Nextant 400XT
Cirrus SR22T 2‑MCLN on the 26th. Aircraft leaving after attention were OK‑ESC
Eclipse EA500 N36FD on the 16th, Cirrus SR22 N89NB on the 18th and 2 Eclipse EA500 2‑CLRK
Cirrus SR22 2‑YULL on the 26th. 3 SOCATA TBM‑700C F‑HAMJ; Beech B200s G‑CIFE & G‑OLIV;
June 2021 visitors (nothing of note reported on missing days): Phenom 300 G‑CKAZ; Cessna 182S G‑VIPA; Pilatus PC‑12 M‑DRIL
1 Phenom 300 CS‑PHC; Cessna U206A G‑ATLT; Diamond DA42 4 Cessna 680A CS‑LTC; Phenom 300 G‑DCMT; Beech 200 G‑GHSV;
Piper PA‑28 G‑GOTH; Piper PA‑46‑350P G‑JTBP; SOCATA TB20
G‑CTCE g/a; Robinson R44 G‑MEEP f/v; Beech 200 G‑VALK; Lancair
G‑PEKT; Cessna 525C M‑ICRO; Pilatus PC‑12 M‑SAXY; Daher
LC‑41 N209DW
TBM‑940 N940PK; Eclipse EA500 2‑CLRK
2 Cessna F182Q G‑BGAJ
5 Cessna 560XLS CS‑DQB; Phenom 300 CS‑PHH; Beech B200 G‑CIFE;
3 Eclipse EA550 N533GT f/v (see notes)
Commander114B G‑HPSF; Embraer 190 G‑LCYX f/v; Pilatus PC‑12
4 Falcon 2000EX CS‑DLF; Cessna 680A CS‑LTD; Beech 200 G‑VALK;
G‑PKHA; Falcon 7X N685AB; Nextant 400XTi OK‑PPP
Piper PA‑32 2‑WINS
6 Cessna 680A CS‑LTP; Pilatus PC‑12 G‑KARE; Phenom 300 OK‑PHM
5 Beech 200 G‑VALK
7 Phenom 300 D‑CHGN; Beech B200s G‑CIFE & G‑OLIV; Piper PA‑32
6 Phenom 300 CS‑PHB
G‑CSIX; Piper PA‑46‑600TP G‑ETET; Piper PA‑34 G‑JMOS; Piper
8 Robinson R44 G‑PBEE see notes); Beech 200 G‑VALK
PA‑46‑350P G‑JTBP; Agusta AW109SPs G‑MUZZ & G‑OATL; Pilatus
9 Diamond DA40 F‑HDSR [D4.317] g/a; Piper PA‑34 G‑OOON n/s2;
PC‑12 M‑DRIL; Cessna 414 N44NE
SOCATA TBM‑700C 2‑PLAY (see notes)
8 Cessna 680A CS‑LTP; Beech 200 G‑GHSV; Phenom 300 G‑HNPN;
10 Agusta AW109SP G‑IPGL g/a; Lancair LC‑41 N209DW; Cirrus SR22
Piper PA‑28 G‑LFSI; Pilatus PC‑12 G‑SAXY; Beech 300 N127QR;
N221CL [2298] f/v
Cirrus SR.22T N179JD; Mooney M20 N201YK; Piper PA‑32R 2‑FUNN
11 Diamond DA42 G‑CTCH g/a;
9 Falcon.2000EX CS‑DLB; Diamond DA40 F‑HDSR [D4.317]; Piper
12 Phenom 300 CS‑PHG; Piper PA‑28 G‑BEBZ g/a; Cessna 550 G‑IPLY;
PA‑28 G‑GFTA; Piper PA‑28R G‑OARA; Pilatus PC‑12 G‑KARE;
Beech B200 G‑YVIP; Bell 505 N505H n/s2
Cessna 560XLSs G‑NJAC & G‑SKAL
13 Diamond DA42 G‑CTCH g/a; Agusta A109C 2‑HELO
10 Piper PA‑28R G‑BIZO; Piper PA‑46‑600TP G‑ETET; Pilatus PC‑12
14 Jodel DR340 F‑BRTL [413]; Tecnam P2008 G‑JACN; Piper
G‑FLXI; Cessna 525A G‑ILBG; Cessna 680A G‑LATO; Eurocopter
PA‑46‑500TP 2‑MARS
EC155B G‑TBUC; Nextant 400XT OK‑NTD; Eclipse EA500 N117EA
15 Beech 76 G‑GDMW g/s; Tecnam P2008 G‑JACN; Learjet 45A
11 Phenom 300 CS‑PHE; Cessna 525 D‑IWIR; Pilatus PC‑12 G‑PKHA;
G‑OSRL; Hawker 400XP SP‑ATT
Cirrus SR20s G‑TAAB & N369AL; Cirrus SR22T N622RC
16 Phenom 300 CS‑PHQ f/v; Diamond DA42 F‑HCAC [42.261] f/v;
12 Piper PA‑28s G‑AXTA & G‑EOLD; Cessna 525A G‑LFBD; Pilatus
Cessna 560XLS G‑OJER; Beech B200 G‑YVIP; Eclipse EA500 N36FD
PC‑12 G‑NBCA; Piper PA‑46‑500TP HB‑PSH; Piper PA‑39 N39CR;
(see notes)
Cirrus SF50 N707SN; Global Express N926PN; Global 6000 9H‑VJO
18 Cessna T210N N30VG [21063856] f/v g/a; Cirrus SR22 N89NB
13 Phenom 300 CS‑PHF; Cirrus SR22s G‑GCVV & N122ZT [4882]; Piper
19 Cirrus SR22 N147VC g/a
PA‑28R G‑OARU; Eurocopter EC155B G‑TBUC; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFY;
20 Global Express XRS CS‑GLB; Cessna F182Q G‑BGAJ; Diamond
Hawker 400XP SP‑OOK; BN‑2B‑26 Islander 2‑CIAS
DA42 G‑CTCE g/a; Cirrus SR22 N147VC g/a
14 Challenger.350 CS‑CHF; Phenom 300 CS‑PHE; Piper PA‑32 G‑CSIX;
21 Diamond DA42 G‑CTCE g/a
Piper PA‑28RT G‑OPJD
22 Piper PA‑46‑600TP G‑KCMI; Cessna 441 G‑USAR
15 Piper PA‑28s G‑BIUY & G‑TALE; Cessna 510 G‑FFFC; Beech 76
23 Bell 505 N505H n/s
G‑GDMW; Phenom 300 G‑HNPN; Piper PA‑46‑500TP G‑MFAB;
24 Pipistrel Virus F‑HFMU [VSW1210058] g/a; Challenger 601 9H‑ART
Partenavia P68B G‑PNGB; Eurocopter EC155B G‑TBUC;
Commander 1000 M‑BETS; Piper PA‑46R‑350T N195AM; Eclipse
25 Beech C90GTx G‑MOSJ; Cessna 510 G‑SCCA; Beech A90 N812AC;
EA500 2‑TABS
Daher TBM‑940 N940DM f/v
16 Cessna 172R F‑HGPF [17281197]; Robinson R44 G‑EEZR; Cessna
26 Cirrus SR22T 2‑MCLN; Cirrus SR22 2‑YULL
510 G‑FFFC; Cessna 525A G‑HCSA; Cessna 525 G‑KION; Cessna
27 Global Express XRS G‑VTLY f/v
182T G‑LUEK; Cessna T206H N219CS [T20609599]; Daher TBM‑930
28 Legacy 500 G‑WLKR; Eclipse EA500 2‑CAMP (see notes); Pilatus
N930SA; Legacy 500 2‑JRSY
PC‑24 2‑RIST
17 Legacy 500 G‑HARG; Beech 200s G‑GMAF & G‑KVIP; Commander
29 Cessna 510 OK‑FTR
1000 M‑BETS; Eclipse EA500 2‑TABS
30 Aerospatiale ATR‑72 G‑CLXT f/v; Lancair LC‑41 N209DW; Bell 505
18 Cessna 560XLS CS‑DQA; Cessna 510 F‑HASJ; Beech 200s G‑GMAF &
G‑KVIP; Pilatus PC‑12s M‑SAXY & T7‑SLXP; Daher TBM‑940
Frequent visitors this month were Beech B200 G‑GMAF on 3rd, 4th, N940SA; Eclipse EA500s 2‑JSEG & 2‑NAOM
7th, 9th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 26th, 27th & 29th g/a; Piper 19 Falcon 2000EXs CS‑DFK & CS‑DLD; Phenom 300 CS‑PHN; Legacy
PA‑28 G‑JACH on 8th, 14th, 16th n/s, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 28th; 650 D‑AZUR; Flight Design CT G‑CTDW; Beech B200 G‑JASS;
Piper PA‑28RT G‑OPJD on 3rd n/s, 5th n/s6, 13th n/s, 15th n/s3, 22nd Eclipse EA500 2‑NAOM
n/s3 & 28th; Beech 250 G‑REXA on 6th, 8th, 19th & 24th and Piper 20 Phenom 300s CS‑PHC & CS‑PHD; Cessna 560XLS D‑CDCM; Phenom
PA‑28 2‑KOOL on 4th, 13th, 19th & 24th. 100 D‑IAAT; Cessna 525As D‑ISJA, G‑ILBG & G‑LFBD; Beech B200
G‑JASS; Nextant 400XT OK‑DJB; Eclipse EA500 2‑TABS
JERSEY – Activity here seems to be slowly returning to ‘normal’ with 21 Pilatus PC12s LX‑JFY & T7‑SLXP; Commander 114Bs N116SB &
plenty of private aircraft movements along with the business traffic. N6039X; Legacy 500 2‑JRSY; Global 6000 9H‑VJH

22 Challenger 350 CS‑CHA; Cessna 680A G‑LATO; Hawker 900XP NAVAN, CO. MEATH – Robin HR200 D‑EIIL [34] is now based here,
G‑RCFC; Hawker 750 G‑STWB; Cessna 510 N747KS; Daher TBM‑900 having arrived from Sywell on 17th July.
23 Challenger.350 CS‑CHE; Phenom 100 D‑IAAY; Cessna 510 F‑HAHA; RATHCOOLE, CO. CORK – Further to JUL.1083, Agusta A109S G‑HEMZ
Legacy 500 G‑FXFX; Cessna 550 G‑IPLY; Cirrus SR22 N224RC; was delivered here on 23rd June for operation for the Irish Community
Cessna 172N N75822; Eclipse EA550 2‑RAYS Air Ambulance alongside sister‑ship G‑SHLS. It is expected that both
24 Cessna 560XLS CS‑DXT; Phenom 300s CS‑PHE & G‑DCMT; Diamond helicopters will transfer to the Irish register soon under Sloane’s Irish
DA40 F‑HASP [40.281]; Pipistrel Virus F‑HFMU [VSW1210058]; subsidiary.
Cirrus SR20 F‑HKCX [2215]; Legacy 500 G‑CKAZ; Agusta AW189
G‑MCGO; Beech 250 G‑NICB; Beech B200 G‑WNCH; Sikorsky S‑76C SHANNON, CO. CLARE – A consortium has proposed building a
G‑XXED; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFY; Cirrus SR.22T N819X Vertiport for cargo & passenger flights adjacent to the main airport,
25 Phenom 300 CS‑PHN; Beech 200s G‑CIFE & G‑VALK; Cessna 680A using electric VTOL UAVs and possibly manned eVTOL air taxis. It is
G‑LATO; Challenger 350 G‑OOEG; Cessna 525A G‑TWOP; Pilatus hoped to be operational in 2022.
26 Cessna 560XLS CS‑DXV; Phenom 300 CS‑PHK; Cessna 680A SLIGO, CO. SLIGO – Recent visitors reported are:
G‑LATO; Cessna 550 G‑SPRE; Falcon 2000LX N562TP; Daher 22/6 Ikarus C42 G‑CEHG (f/t Tandragee); Cessna 172S G‑CLPK
TBM‑930 N930SA; Pilatus PC‑12 OH‑JFC (f Donegal t Cork); Airbus EC130 T2 G‑HOGC (f Galway
27 Phenom 300 CS‑PHF; Piper PA‑24 G‑BWNI; Beech 200s G‑CIFE & t Londonderry)
G‑VALK; Beech 250 G‑NICB; Embraer 145s G‑SAJC f/v & G‑SAJD f/v; 25/6 Airbus EC130 T2 G‑HIOGC (f Newcastle, Co. Down, t/f Slieve
Cessna 525A G‑SONE; Global Express XRS VP‑CYT Donard Hotel & t Galway)
28 Cessna 560XLS D‑CSMC; Cessna 510 G‑FFFC; Leonardo AW109SP 27/6 Piper PA‑32 G‑CCFI (f/t Ballyboy); Sportcruiser G‑OFSP
G‑FRRN; Beech A36 G‑KSHI; Cessna 525A G‑SONE; Learjet 75 (f/t Abbeyshrule)
G‑ZENJ; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFY; Hawker 400XP N497XP; Falcon 30/6 Robin HR200 EI‑GTC (f/t Navan)
2000LX N542TP 4/7 Piper PA‑28R EI‑EDR (f Donegal t Kilrush)
29 Cessna 680A CS‑LTO; Phenom 300 CS‑PHE 5/7 Maule M7 SP‑MSO [25108C] f/t Ballyboughal)
30 Piper PA‑28s G‑BRBA & G‑GOTH; Aerospatiale ATR‑72 G‑CLXT f/v; 15/7 Chipmunk EI‑HFC (f/t Ballyboy)
Cessna 560XLS G‑NJAC; Learjet 75 G‑ZENJ 16/7 Piper PA‑28R EI‑EDR (f Donegal t Kilrush); Robin HR200
Frequent visitors during the month were Raytheon RB390 G‑OEWD on EI‑GTC (f/t Navan); Partenavia P68 F‑HIRD [14] n/s (f/t Cork,
11th, 15th, 18th, 21st & 24th; Beech 250 G‑REXA on 1st, 4th‑ 8th, 11th, survey flight)
12th, 13th, 15th, 17th‑20th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th‑28th & 30th; Beech 200 17/7 Piper PA‑28R EI‑EDR (f Donegal t Kilrush); Cessna 172P
G‑YVIP on 1st‑30th; Beech B200 M‑SPOR on 1st, 6th, 9th,12th, 21st & G‑JONZ (f/t Dublin Weston); Cessna 182S G‑ZBLT ×2 (f Donegal
29th; Daher TBM‑940 N940PS on 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th and SOCATA t Abbeyshrule & f/t Abbeyshrule); Cessna 414A N414RN
TBM‑700C 2‑PLAY on 11th, 115th, 17th, 22nd, 28th & 29th. (eastbound delivery flight f Akuryri, Iceland t A. Coruna, Spain
en route to Portimao, Portugal)
19/7 Piper PA‑28 G‑ISAX (f/t Belfast International)
20/7 Commander 112 EI‑GVG (f/t Navan); Cessna 172s EI‑GWY
IRELAND (f/t Waterford) & G‑JONZ (f/t Dublin Weston)
22/7 Cessna 172Rs EI‑EAM (f/t Cork) & G‑LAVE (f/t Dublin Weston);
Ikarus C42 EI‑FLS (f/t Kilrush)
BALLYBOUGHAL, CO. DUBLIN – Currently based here is Maule M7 SP‑
MSO [25108C].

CORK, CO. CORK – Cessna 172S G‑EICK is now based here with Atlantic AUSTRALIA
Flight Training.

DONEGAL, CO. DONEGAL – Recently reported movements have been: TEMORA, NEW SOUTH WALES – The Temora Aviation Museum’s
25/6 Cessna 172Ss EI‑GRX (f/t Waterford & G‑CLBJ (f/t Cork) Canberra TT.18 VH‑ZSQ [painted as A84-234, the former G‑BURM/
26/6 Cessna 172P EI‑SAC (f/t Sligo) WJ680] returned to the sky on 28th June after being grounded for just
30/6 Beech B200 LN‑NAA (f Sumburgh t Fair Isle) over 11 years.
3/7 Beech 200 G‑VALK n/s (f Dublin t Liverpool John Lennon)
4/7 Piper PA‑28R EI‑EDR (f Kilrush t Sligo)
6/7 Cessna 172R N5010 [17281009] n/s (f Barra t Cork, on a Round BELGIUM
The World Flight)
10/7 Beech 250 G‑NICB (f Cardiff t Liverpool John Lennon)
15/7 Cessna 172R EI‑EAM (f/t Cork) LEOPOLDSBURG-BEVERLO, LIMBURG – A new resident at the airfield,
17/7 Piper PA‑28R EI‑EDR (f Kilrush t Sligo); Cessna 172P EI‑SAC also known as Sanicole, by the time you read this should be Beech
(f/t Sligo); Ikarus C42 G‑CHOO (f Tandragee t Enniskillen); UC‑43 N18V [6869, marked as PB1], which was previously resident at
Cessna 182S G‑ZBLT (f Abbeyshrule t Sligo) North Weald & Duxford. It is currently with Transal Aero Services at
18/7 AA‑5 Traveler EI‑FFV (f/t Kilrush) Midden Zeeland being brought back to airworthiness.
21/7 Cessna 172P G‑JONZ (f/t Dublin Weston)
22/7 Commander 690B N690CC n/s (f Benbecula, survey flight over
Northern Ireland)
please note the correct county. Aer Lingus Airbus A330‑202 EI‑LAX
ARCACHON-LA TESTE, GIRONDE, 33 – A recent visit confirmed that
flew in from Shannon as ‘EIN990’ for parting out. See under Cotswold
Robin DR400s G‑BAGR & G‑ZIGI are still based here with the Aeroclub
for a couple of other Airbus A330s which escaped here only to fly
Du Bassin d’Arcachon.
elsewhere for breaking up!
A few recent visitors noted were Piper PA‑34 EI‑BSL on 30/6 n/s2 (f
Kerry t Belfast International), Phenom 300 D‑CTOR f/t Kassel on 5th
July and Beech B200 M‑SPOR f Enniskillen t Southend on 23rd July. GERMANY
A new fire services training facility is to be developed at Knock
Airport after being approved by Mayo County Council. The facility will
be accessed via the existing internal airport road network, and the site BREMGARTEN, BADEN-WURTTEMBERG – Former Biggin Hill & North
adjoins an existing established training area. Weald based FM‑2 Wildcat N909WJ [16203] arrived at Meier Motors in

mid‑June after shipment from Sonoma, California for new owners B & Gratton, Malcolm Greenbaum, Mike Greenway, Les Hall, Steve Hall, Al
B Old Aviation. Henderson, Doug Hepburn, Clive Hindmarch, Les Hitchings, Nigel
Hitchman, Mike Holford, Lee Howard, Peter Hulme, Alan Jackson, Paul
DAHLEMER-BINZ, NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN – Piper PA‑28 G‑CSBD is Jackson, Alan Johnson, Phil Kemp, Chris Lane, Ken Ledward, Tony
based here and should be going D‑ in due course. Livingstone, John Lythgoe, Andy Mac, Steve Martin, Brian Matthews,
Alan McKnight, John Mellor, Ian Metson, Stuart Miller, Alistair Ness,
Brian Nichols, Justin Palmer, Jeremy Parkin, Dave Partington, Grant
Robinson, Ben Sadler, Bob Sage, Steve Saint, Robin Sauvary, Rod
ITALY Sayer, Trevor Sexton, Rod Simpson, Steve Slew, Colin Smith, Martin
Smith, Tony Smith, Martyn Steggalls, Nick Stone, Martin Stovey, Matt
Sudol, John Taylor, Guy Thomas, David Thompson, Ken Tilley, Barry
MILAN-LINATE, LOMBARDY – Falcon 8X G‑XION is based here.
Tippett, John Tomlinson, Tony Twinn, Michael Vickers, Ian Walker,
Gareth Whitehead, David Whitworth, Graham Wickens, Alec Wilson,
Martin Wilson, Jamie Winstanley, John Wiseman, Andy Wood, James
LITHUANIA Wright, Aeroplane, Air Yorkshire, Aviation for All Forum, Aviation News,
Blackpool Aviation Society, Civilian Aviation Forum, www., EGHH Google group, FlyPast, Freebird Aviation
PALUKYNS AIRPARK, TRAKU – Former White Waltham‑based Cessna Database, LAAS, Light Aviation, Military Aviation Review, NI Aviation
172S G‑SKKY is now based here. Enthusiasts Forum; NWAN Forum, Prestwick Airport Movements
Group, South Wales Aviation Group and all those who have contributed
CREDITS: David Apps, Chris Armstrong, Nigel Bailey‑Underwood, Neil to the Airfields, Civil Spotters, Cranfield, MSF & FLYER e‑mail Lists
Baker, Del Barrow, Steven Bowler, Keith Bowron, Jim Brazier, Graham which are monitored by myself and Bernard Martin for items relevant
Bright, Peter Budden, Mike Burdett, Benjamin Burt, Mike Cain, Richard to Around & About and names are included where they are identifiable
Cawsey, Martin Chell, Glyn Coney, Terry Coombes, Keith Cruttenden, (some are truncated by the system or are pseudonyms) and John
Howard J. Curtis, Terry Dann, Trev Davies, Martin Degg, Paul Dopson, Phillips for his assistance in the background helping put the larger
Les Duncan, Tom Dunstall, Kevin Dupuy, John Dyer, Martin Fenn, Ian reports into the format you see above.

Air‑Britain has a thriving network of local branches spread throughout the UK and Europe. Full details and contact information can be found
in Aviation World magazine and on our website; abbreviated details can be found at the front of this issue.

CHILTERN BRANCH (Chiltern Aviation Society)

Our meetings are cancelled until further notice. We hope to resume in September.
VENUE: We meet at Ruislip Methodist Church, Ickenham Road, Ruislip, Middlesex.
Branch Contact: Keith Hayward Tel 01895 637872 for further details (Keith is not IT enabled) Full details can be found on the branch

Thursday 9 September 2021. Commence 13.30 hrs.
TBA – We plan to be back ‘in person’ at Woodford for this meeting!
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VENUE: We meet at the Avro Heritage Museum, Woodford Aerodrome, Chester Road, Woodford, Stockport, SK7 1QS.
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Our meeting for Tuesday 14 September 2021, commencing at 7.15pm: Memories of Concorde
MKAS are proud to present a special evening celebrating the Concorde. Joining us to deliver their own unique perspectives of this iconic
aircraft are John Hutchinson (Concorde Caption), Les Evans (Concorde First Officer) and David MacDonald (Concorde Flight Engineer).
Doors open 6.15pm, lecture commences at 7.15pm. Tickets must be booked in advance – visitors £10.00, no charge for MKAS members but
you must register with Chris Bosworth on 07860 629494 or More details on
This is a live lecture and there are important Covid precautions to be taken: Anyone attending must show proof of double vaccination and
wear a face covering.
VENUE: The Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation, The Hunt House, Paulerspury, Towcester NN12 7NA
For more details contact our Lectures Organiser Ian Carr E‑mail: or Tel (Home): 01234 742057 or see our website:

Tuesday 3 August 2021: commence at 20.00hrs
A Virtual Meeting including a presentation on “A Few Days in Indonesia”. Please join us on,
which is fully accessible to non-Facebook users. We hope we will ‘see’ you! (We plan to be back in person next month!)
Our virtual meetings are also available to view on the branch website
Branch Contact: Brian Richards, 12 Sylvan Tryst, Billericay, CM12 0AX. E‑mail:

Barrie Towey, 62 Chapeltown Road, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1YF

Among the restorations this month are an Airship 600 cancelled to Airbus MBB‑BK117 D‑3: (21058)+N161AH [2] (21063)+N162AH [2]
Switzerland but never registered and an Auster Arrow J2. (21068)+N163AH [2]
This month there are two batches of aircraft removed by the FAA Airship Industries Airship 600: (1215/05)+N605SK rest canx 10Dec12
– those that expired on 31st March were handled on 3rd August and to HB‑ … but never registered Southern Acft Consultancy [20]
those from 30th April on 31st August, totalling over 950 machines. As Auster of England Arrow J2: (2373)+N322MV rest canx 06Mar21 [20]
the FAA are still only dealing with mail from 18May21 there will be Aviat A‑1A Husky: (1402)+N32HU rest canx 06Mar21 [27]
plenty to restore again. (1425)+N119WP ex G‑OHZO restored [14]
In the latter three Bell 412s have finally been cancelled, having Aviat A‑1B Husky: (2051)+N715SB rest canx 07Feb18 [21]
gone to Thai Police some time ago. Aviat A‑1C‑200 Husky: (3379)+N315CF [7] (3381)+N430LL [13]
In the accidents an Amazon drone is listed … Thrush S2R‑T660: (T660‑166)+N660EM [14]
Balloon Works Firefly 7: (7951)–N4051Y [2]
Firefly Balloons Galaxy 8B: (GLX‑1138B)+N1645L rest canx 02Jan18
Extracts to 31 July 2021 [29]
Balloon Works Firefly 8B‑15: (F8B‑436)+N2575P restored canx
(+ = addition to register; – = cancelled from register) 02Jun21 [15]
[8] means 8 July Firefly Balloons Firefly 12B: (F12B‑014)+N3013Q [23]

Aeronca 7AC: (7AC‑1561)+N82911 rest canx 19Nov14 [13] BEECH/RAYTHEON/HAWKER/TEXTRON

(7AC‑3413)+N84701 restored canx 06Sep12 [13]
(7AC‑5280)+N1715E rest canx 09Jan21 [28] 95‑C55 Baron: (TE‑365)+N161R rest canx 02Aug20 [27]
Champion 7AC: (7AC‑1520)+N82870 rest canx 23Mar19 [27] D55 Baron: (TE‑486) N810WA to N552WT [9]
Champion Aeronca 7CCM: (7CCM‑130)+N4564E rest canx 08Dec20 [29] E‑55 Baron: (TE‑1149) N2053A to N95DP [23]
Champion 7ECA: (163)+N5174T rest canx 10Jly20 [23] (612)+N1892G 58 Baron: (TH‑1807)–N1107D to Russia [26] (TH‑1967) N58TG to
rest canx 02Aug20 [30] (806‑71)+N9131L restored canx 05Dec20 N3177W [19]
[12] G58 Baron: (TH‑2172)+N58NZ ex VH‑PWP [29] (TH‑2466)–N38BY to
Champion 7FC: (7FC‑245)+N7537E rest canx 24Jan20 [28] LV‑ … [6]
Champion 7GCAA: (217‑70)+N9047L rest canx 02Aug20 [24] 35‑B33 Debonair: (CD‑500)+N882EC ex C‑FNZT [19]
Champion 7GCB: (25)+N7432P rest canx 06Sep19 [24] F33A Bonanza: (CE‑420)+N99AW ex YV1965 [27] (CE‑1174) N928LB
American Champion 7GCBC: (1213‑96) N461BG was c/n 1213‑95 to N51PV [21]
(1480‑2021)+N4177A [9] 35 Bonanza: (D‑569)+N3140V rest canx 13Feb18 [13]
American Champion 8GCBC: (615‑2021)+N615DD [9] F35 Bonanza: (D‑4237)+N4260B rest canx 02Apr18 [29]
American Champion 8KCAB: (1193‑2021)+N16DV [21] J35 Bonanza: (D‑5400)+N8282D rest canx 08May21 [30]
Aeronca 11AC: (11AC‑295)+N85887 rest canx 05May15 [21] (D‑5490)–N8359D acc 17May20 Cascade Locks canx at owner’s
(11AC‑S‑68)+N3868E rest canx 13Feb18 [29] request [22]
Bellanca 17‑30A: (30445)+N8239R rest canx 30Jan21 [19] N35 Bonanza: (D‑6644)+N490T restored canx 12Mar21 [14]
Aeronca 0‑58B: (058B‑1562)+N48954 rest canx 30Aug12 [19] S35 Bonanza: (D‑7682)+N8668Q rest canx 10Jly20 [26] (D‑7857)
Aeronca 65‑CA: (C16831)+N36580 rest canx 15Jan19 now rp [10] N5827K to N354J [15]
Agusta A109E: (11057)–N30TV to RP‑..... [9] (11615)–N505EF to TI‑ … V35A Bonanza: (D‑8963)+N816N rest canx 11Jan21 [27]
[9] V35B Bonanza: (D‑9765)+N4187S restored; canx 09Jan21 [31]
Agusta AW109SP: (22298)–N602SM to G‑KRNO [23] A36 Bonanza 36: (E‑1325)–N2021T w/o 17Jan19 Fredericksburg TX
Agusta A119: (14501)+N72SL ex HP‑1593IA Southern Acft [10] (E‑2116)+N77MS ex 2‑LOLA [16]
Consultancy [26] (14505)–N119AA w/o 23Apr21 Nuevo Laredo NM G36 Bonanza: (E‑3698) N6198Z to N33CW [28] (E‑3975) N29MH to
[20] N57PL [20] (E‑4143) N515HS to N15HS [20]
Agusta AW119 MkII: (14760)–N9379K to PS‑IBB [27] A23‑19 Musketeer Sport III: (MB‑123)+N7911L rest canx 15Jun17 [29]
Agusta AW139: (31232)–N139DR to RP‑. …. [13] (41574)–N871PA to B19 Sport 150: (MB‑817)+N2218L rest canx 31Oct20 [2]
PR‑OTH [23] B23 Custom: (M‑1324)+N9705L rest canx 13Mar18 resd 10Jly20 canx
Leonardo AW139: (31712)–N199RR to China [12] 08Jan21 not rest [29]
Air Tractor AT‑502: (502‑0167)–N1532B to VH‑ … [22] C23 Sundowner 180: (M‑1419)+N24598 rest canx 11Apr13 [10]
Air Tractor AT‑602: (602‑1323)+N605MG [21] (M‑2033)+N5101M rest canx 13May21 [16]
Air Tractor AT‑802: (802‑0401) N710BA to N892BM [13] 95 Travel Air: (TD‑45)+N2710Y restored canx 06May19 [1]
(802‑0494)–N812CE to PK‑ … [29] Beech D17S: (6767)+N26GM rest canx 07Feb18 Texas Barnstorming
Air Tractor AT‑802A: (802A‑0919)+N804CT [30] (802A‑0920)+N782FA Museum [29]
[30] Bell 47G: (1017)+N6597D rest canx 20Feb21 [12] (1144)+N22AP rest
Aerospatiale SA315B: (2621)+N315BR ex F‑HCRB [7] canx 12Mar18 [10]
Aerospatiale AS350B: (1089)+N963ES ex F‑HEST [8] Bell 206B: (773)+N43681 rest canx 26Jun18 [13]
Eurocopter AS 350 B3: (7850)+N14NS ex XA‑UZL [1] Bell 206B‑III: (3462) N97TV to N844AD [27]
Airbus AS350B3: (7823)+N350PW rest canx 05Jun21 [27] Bell 206L‑3: (51065) N7867B to N616AK [19]
(8981)+N244JM [14] (8886)+N487HB [22] (9107)+N824TX [14] Bell 212: (31265)+N217EE restored; canx 07Jan16 [31]
Eurocopter Dauphin 365 N3: (6868)–N520SH to XU‑ … [27] Bell 214ST: (28140)+N59806 rest canx 07Feb20 [20]
Eurocopter EC120B: (1391)+N82PV ex C‑GYDS [26] Bell 407: (53174) N615AC to N407SK [13] (53189)–N667AT to VH‑ …
Eurocopter EC 130 B4: (7481) N132HN to N130HN [8] [19] (53482) N410AL to N694PA [13] (54949)+N909NH [6]
Airbus EC 130 T2: (7883)–N132TD to C‑ …. [28] (8537)–N169SE to (54961)+N908ZB ex C‑GHES [28] (54965)+N501MT ex C‑GSQK [12]
T7‑ … [30] (8649) N549AH to N130SB [15] (54969)+N985MC ex C‑GSQB [1] (54971)+N910EB ex C‑GLZA [21]
Airbus EC135T3: (2150)+N822PP ex D‑HCBH [9] Bell 412EP: (36382)–N911AR registered N230LC 19Jly21 and canx to
Airbus MBB‑BK 117 C‑2: (9871)+N159AH [2] Australia same day [19]

Cessna 172N N8007Q [17272818], seen at Victoria, British Columbia on 26 June 2021, has been sold to Canada and was cancelled from the US
register on 6 July 2021. [Tim Martin]
Bell 429: (57039)+N429RT ex PK-JTQ [30] (57135)+N529LE ex HL1030 152: (15281787)–N67370 exp 31Mar21 [3] then (15281787)+N67370
[26] but changed to c/n 57435 ex C-FZGL 27Jly21 rest [23]
(57433)+N908KB ex C-GIQL [8] 170A: (19602)+N5498C rest canx 05Jan18 [27]
Bell 505: (65313)+N504X ex C-GAJH canx 13Oct20 resd as N501NR 170B: (25102)+N8250A restored canx 06Mar21 [28] (26868)+N60660
not registered [20] (65344)+N508MC ex C-FZFX [21] rest canx 05Mar18 [27] (27065)+N3522D rest canx 04Jan18 [7]
(65351)+N607BH ex C-GLZE [22] (65355)+N505ET ex C-GHFP [23] 172: (28857)–N6757A exp rp 07Apr20 [12] then (28857)+N6757A
(65356)+N255JM [27] (65359)+N181R ex C-GFNP [26] rest [23] (36076)+N8276B restored; canx 08May21 [31]
Boeing A75L300: (75-1492)–N60562 to C-…. [14] (46201)+N6101E restored canx 25Apr12 [13] (46471)+N6371E
Boeing A75N1(PT17): (752016)+N66RW rest canx 08May21 [9] rest canx 31Oct20 [13]
Boeing E75: (75-5874)–N5085N to LV-… [21] 172A: (47322)+N7722T rest canx 16Sep20 [23]
Boeing N2S-1: (75-1161)+N6201 restored; canx 03Apr21 [31] 172C: (17249103)+N1403Y restored canx 05Sep14 [28]
BAC Jet Provost MK5A: (XW368)+N600LT rest canx 13Sep18 [9] 172D: (17249548)+N2048Y rest canx 12Feb18 [1]
Britten-Norman BN-2A-7: (C205)+N346DC ex PT-DYL [9] (17249969)+N2369U restored canx 01Nov19 [28]
Bushby Mustang M II: (474)–N52CM [10] 172E: (17250833)+N44RP rest canx 13Mar21 [22]
(17251419)+N5519T rest canx 05Jan18 [20]
Cameron A-160: (6934)+N693TM [30] 172F: (17253087)+N5513R rest canx 27Oct14 [21]
Cameron A-225: (6937)+N282GM [20] 172H: (17256022)+N2822L rest canx 02Aug20 [2]
Cameron A-275: (6935)+N277RR [20] (6938)+N921WB [14] 172K: (17258996)+N7296G rest canx 11Jly13 [28]
Cameron A-375: (6931)+N376RR [20] R172K: (R1722413)–N736CD to CP-... [12] (R1722476)–N736EU to
Cameron C-80: (6419)+N377CW rest canx 30May18 [22] Mexico [8] (R1723038)+N758EN rest canx 04Nov19 [28]
Cameron Z-77: (6942)+N310CU [30] 172L: (17259836)–N2836Q to Russia [12] (17260152)+N1141M rest
Cameron Z-90: (6933)+N321NM [30] canx 08Mar21 [7]
Cameron ZL-77: (6928)+N77UD [20] 172M: (17263480)+N214ER was N5266R canx 03Apr20 [23]
Canadair CL-215-6B11(CL-215T): (1089)+N419BT ex C-GDHN [22] (17264195)+N912YA was N50187 canx 14Oct14 [20]
(17264951)–N64003 damaged 23May19 Stafford VA hard landing
CESSNA [31] (17266564)+N348CH rest canx 15May15 [8]
172N: (172-72818)–N8007Q to C-…. [6] (17268028)+N75904 rest
120: (10686)+N76278 rest canx 11Jan21 [22] (12722)+N2469N rest canx 26Jan18 [22] (17268233) N111MN to N382DF [23]
canx 04Sep20 [28] (17269027)+N734QH restored canx 27Jly20 [26]
140: (13037)+N2776N restored canx 21Mar18 [6] (14997)+N3720V (17270035)+N738KJ rest canx 15May15 [10] (17272961)+N1135F
rest canx 04Oct19 [28] rest canx 26Jly19 [28] (17273164)–N6203F w/o 19Nov20
140A: (15668)+N1108D rest canx 13Sep18 now rp [15] Cynthiana KY struck trees [21] (17273435)+N4888G rest canx
150E: (15061228)+N3528J rest canx 09Jan21 [27] 11Mar19 [19] (17273904) N7315J to N4865D [16]
150F: (15062842)+N8742G rest canx 04Sep20 [29] 172S: (172S9280)–N289TA to LV-… [14] (172S11428) N626SC to
150G: (15065208)+N3908J rest canx 31Oct20 [29] N719LA [15] (172S12045) N806PA to N550LA [21]
(15065714)+N2914J restored; canx 05Dec20 [31] (172S12633)–N896EA to JU-... [15]
(15065878)+N3178J rest canx 19Apr18 [7] 175B: (17556794)+N8094T rest canx 11Jan21 [1] (17556970)+N8270T
150H: (15067641)+N6914S was N6941S canx 02Mar18 [26] rest canx 30Jan21 [7]
(15068629)–N22937 owner’s request [14] 177: (17700320)–N2920X owner’s request? exp 30Jun21 [23]
150J: (15069724)+N51044 restored canx 19Jan21 [19] 177A: (17701316)+N30544 rest canx 09Mar19 [13]
(15070858)+N61172 rest canx 06Mar21 [30] 177B: (17701913)–N34633 w/o 11Nov20 Langley WA [27] (17701995)
150L: (150-73615)+N17065 rest canx 02Jan18 [22] (15072736) N34771 to N514TC [23]
N1436Q to N1436Q rest canx 03Apr21 [19] (15072736)+N295TH 180: (32144)+N180JD rest canx 04Sep20 [19] (32597)+N9125T ex
[20] (15073863)+N18208 rest canx 03Jan20 [20] C-GUTS [28]
(15074902)+N10524 rest canx 12Jly18 [22] (15075359)+N11369 180B: (50374)+N5074E rest canx 19Jan21 [10]
restored canx 19Mar18 [2] 180H: (18051549)+N145JK ex C-FSLB canx 19Jun86 [16]
150M: (15076824)+N45285 restored; canx 05Oct19 [31] (18052093)–N21MC to C-GLKA [1]
(15077328)+N63455 rest canx 31Oct20 [29] (15077332)–N150ER 180J: (18052451) N52031 to N180JE [7]
owner’s request exp 31May21 [21] (15078201)+N9251U rest canx 182: (33233)+N6433A rest canx 06Mar21 [21]
06Mar21 [19] (15078831)+N704SE rest canx 03May13 [8] 182A: (34354)+N9954B rest canx 24Apr21 [10] (34828)+N4728D rest
(15079241)+N714KU restored canx 30Nov20 [24] canx 02Mar19 [20]

182B: (51586)–N2286G was for sale [21] (51674)+N2374G rest canx (2384)+N238MS [28] (2415)+N896RT [6]
24Apr21 [29] (2386)+N322AJ [2] (2439)+N711DE [15]
182C: (52819)+N8919T rest canx 19Mar18 [7] (2389)+N232KA [1] (2440)+N1127G [13]
182F: (18254685)–N3285U to Russia [15] (2390)+N765SV [2] (2443)+N313ME [27]
182J: (18256797) N2697F to N79BB [13] (2394)+N344GJ [1] (2460)+N907TJ [16]
182K: (18257905)+N2705Q restored canx 01May20 [13] (2396)+N5PR [2]
182M: (18259378)+N70816 rest canx 14Jun21 [27] Commonwealth 185: (1778)+N90683 rest canx 31Oct20 [29]
(18259772)+N71833 rest canx 23Feb18 [20] Convair 440: (346)–N41527 was stored Opa Locka FL [20]
182P: (18262489)+N52256 rest canx 17Jan18 [22] (18263132)
de Havilland DHC-2: (512)+N725FH ex C-FOOX [7] (1018)+N67692
N7348N to N1978T [14] (18264954)+N47UP restored; canx
rest canx 02Aug20 [22]
04Sep20 but crashed 31May21 Carlsbad CA [31]
de Havilland DHC-2 Mk.I: (780)–N457RM to C-…. [16] (1168)–N57576
182R: (18268174)+N1323E rest canx 10Jly20 [19]
to SE-… [2] (1259)+N2415Z ex VH-NTZ [8]
(18268494)+N9331X rest canx 05Oct19 [9]
de Havilland Beaver U-6A: (1680)+N57XL ex RA-67258 [16]
182Q: (18266110)+N759MU rest canx 11Jan21 [9]
de Havilland DHC-3: (159)–N959PA w/o 13May19 Ketchikan AK mid
(18266637)+N95807 rest canx 23Oct19 [22]
air collision [10]
R182: (R18200330)+N4153C rest canx 11May21 [13]
Diamond DA20-C1: (C0065)+N965CT rest canx 30Jan21 [6]
(R18201306)–N2132S to PR-JOT [14]
Diamond DA 40: (40.671)+N971DS rest canx 14Nov12 [13] (40.920)
182S: (18280144)+N9255A ex C-FJGR [6]
N920PA to N904AZ [20]
182T: (18283128)+N949CP [19] (18283146)+N62JL [21]
Diamond DA 40 NG: (40.NC142)+N261DA [9] (40.NC144)+N254DA [21]
(18283147)+N331GW [2]
Diamond DA42 NG: (42.363)+N63HQ ex A6-FTX [27] (42.364)+N64HQ
A185E: (185-1154)+N22JG ex PK-SDK address is in Thailand [15]
ex A6-FTY [26] (42.N042)+N42HQ ex A6-HIA [8] (42.N043)+N43HQ
(185 1523)+N69NR ex C-FYSE [16] (18501619)+N912AA ex
ex A6-HIB [8] (42.N045)+N45HQ ex A6-HIC [8] (42.N428)+N790ER
C-FWMD [15] (18501879)+N1694M rest canx 13Sep18 now rp [23]
[8] (42.N429)+N791ER [9] (42.N431)+N792ER [16]
A185F: (18503800)+N185JB rest canx 03Oct20 [27]
Diamond DA62: (62.032)–N969DA to PS-STR [28]
(18504330)+N54EJ restored canx 08May20 [23]
U206C: (U2061213)–N888MR to CP-…. [15] Enstrom 280C: (1201)+N5695A rest canx 08May21 [12]
P206D: (P206-0551)–N8751Z to CP-…. [20] Enstrom 280FX: (2059) N531TJ to N761DA [8]
TU206F: (U20602743)–N357RP to TG-… [9] Epic Aircraft E1000: (K018)+N250BP [21] (K020)+N26BC [21]
U206G: (U20605207)+N275F rest canx 02Jun20 [14] (K021)+N912GE [20]
T206H: (T20608046)+N7268Y rest canx 03Feb20 [26] Ercoupe 415-C: (534)+N87361 rest canx 24Apr18 [8] (1621)+N94398
(T20608093)+N908MA rest canx 08May21 [9] restored canx 15Mar18 [20]
(T20609626)–N2057D to ZS-TRP [1] (T20609632)+N417PD rp [10] Ercoupe 415-D: (815)+N93492 rest canx 08Mar18 [21]
210A: (21057693)+N6700X rest canx 29May20 resd 11Aug20 canx Ercoupe E: (4981)+N94857 restored; canx 30Jan21 [31]
16Feb21 not rest [19] Forney E: (4987)–N94863 [30]
T210K: (21059251)–N8251M to Mexico [30] (21059298)+N122RC rest Extra EA 300/L: (1178)+N373MB ex C-GYWF [16]
canx 17Aug20 [8] Extra EA 300/LT: (LT053)–N248TX to 4X-… [21]
210L: (21060882)–N5258V to Mexico [21] Extra NG: (NG025)+N812MJ [28]
T210M: (21062717)–N300JS to Mexico [30]
Funk B85C: (293)+N332TS restored; canx 30Jan21 now rp [31]
T210N: (21063708)+N5132C rest canx 08May21 [23]
(21064218)–N5473Y to Mexico [29] Game Composites GB1 Gamebird: (0030) N161GC to N786AE [16]
207: (207-00093)+N92NA restored canx 07Feb18 [30] (0035)+N235GC [26] (0036)+N336GB [26] (0037)+N237GC [26]
(20700352)–N888EU to HH-… [30] (0038)+N321XT [20]
T240: (T24002137)+N2400G restored canx 15Jun21 [7] American AA-1B: (AA1B-0047)+N847X rest canx 06Oct17 [24]
310A: (38110)+N75SU rest canx 02Aug20 [30] (AA1B-0201)+N9901L rest canx 21Mar17 [29]
310Q: (310Q0107)+N71WD restored canx 03Oct20 [8] American AA-5: (AA5-0073) N5873L to N1613W [16]
(310Q0667)+N7935Q rest canx 24Oct20 [19] Grumman American AA-5: (AA5-0743)+N141AC rest canx 08May21 [26]
(310Q1048)+N589DM rest canx 24Oct20 [20] Grumman American AA-5A: (AA5A0434)+N26115 rest canx 01May21
T310Q: (310Q0027)–N7527Q dam 03Nov17 Gainesville FL gear [24]
collapse landing [24] Grumman American AA-5B: (AA5B-0028) N1528R to N59GT [20]
320D: (320D0054)+N4154T rest canx 31Oct20 [1] (AA5B0792)+N28752 restored canx 22Feb13 [26]
T337C: (337-0783)+N8437G rest canx 31Oct20 [20] Gulfstream American AA-5B: (AA5B0959)+N28241 rest canx 31Oct13
337F: (33701418)+N337TL restored canx 08Feb19 to Ukraine [14] [14]
T337G: (P3370048) N823ZP to N56DS [20] Grumman G-44A: (1388)+N404Q restored canx 21Feb20 [9]
340A: (340A1028)+N314GR ex C-FLKS [27] Grumman Schweizer G-164B: (489B)+N6795K rest canx 26Dec19 [15]
Cirrus SR20: (1617) N514TJ to N730HB [23] (2051)–N590PU to D-.… Head Balloons AX8-88: (140)+N913JH was N1985J canx 17Dec14 [30]
[8] (2264)+N975TK rest canx 31Oct20 [13] (2459)–N828HG to Head Balloons AX8-105: (493)+N5004R [8]
C-.… [29] Helio H-295: (1282)+N2267Z rest canx 16Apr21 [7]
(2729)+N464MG [6] (2745)+N124RR [27] Hughes 269C: (350400)–N7491F [20] (650410)–N7411F [20]
(2732)+N327KB [7] (2746)+N718TA [7] (650416)–N9298F [20]
(2738)+N57PX [21] (2779)+N25XT [9] Schweizer 269C: (S1883)–N890MW to HK-…. [13]
Cirrus SR22: (0329) N948AH to N5MK [19] (0924) N513CD to N611VR Hughes 369D: (270080D)–N8387F to ZK-… [30]
[7] (2185)+N233SR rest canx 02Aug20 resd 24Sep20 canx Hughes 369E: (0150E)+N165H ex UP-MD003 [30]
27Mar21 not regd [16] (2283)+N811GT rest canx 08May21 [28] MD Helicopters 369F: (0334FF)+N40048 [6]
(3803)–N731WB to LV-... [15] (3852) N621BB to N32AJ [8] McDonnell Douglas Heli 369FF: (0103FF) N975BW to N530MP [13]
(5061)–N506Y to OK-MIM [19] MD Helicopters 369FF: (0321FF) N4000V to N531VB [29]
(5073)+N6CA [2] (5109)+N331AP [13] (0335FF)+N40032 [6] (0336FF)+N4004H [6]
(5095)+N272D [12]
Kaman K-1200: (A94-0057)+N12001 [27]
Cirrus SR22T: (0805) N511MC to N550GK [9] (1642) N769BL to
Balony Kubicek BB20GP: (1835)+N324RC [1]
N828MP [21] (2074) N792SD to N95H [6] (2111) N553KG to N4KR
Balony Kubicek BB30Z: (1830)+N7877Y [28] (1831)+N105CP [6]
[8] (2132) N877TK to N789VS [8] (2361)–N361BJ to D-…. [7]
Balony Kubicek BB37Z: (1852)+N1851B [19]
(2362)+N644HL [6] (2400)+N922MP [1]
(2367)+N524EC [20] (2401)+N701GM [2] Lindstrand 90A: (5468)+N476LB rest canx 30Jan21 [23]
(2369)+N311XX [21] (2409)+N317SR [2] (5750)+N3102S [20]
(2382)+N565PW [2] (2412)+N1108C [6] Lindstrand 77X: (5748)+N3084K [22]

Luscombe 8A: (1136)+N25231 rest canx 03Jan20 [20] (4121)+N1394K PA-28-180 Cherokee C: (28-861)+N7148W rest canx 01May20 [8]
rest canx 27Feb21 [1] (28-2407)+N8256W rest canx 05Apr21 [26] (28-2588)+N8385W
Silvaire Luscombe 8A: (4821)+N2094K rest canx 07Aug13 [31] restored canx 04Sep20 [14] (28-3691)+N9560J rest canx 05Oct19
Luscombe T-8F: (6551)+N2124B rest canx 06Sep19 [12] [9]
PA-28-181 Archer II: (28-7990137)+N3055B rest canx 05Dec20 [28]
Mooney M20C: (2134)+N6295U rest canx 13Mar19 [30]
(28-8190043)+N8268H rest canx 03Feb20 resd 15Oct20 canx
(3286)+N9414B was N2601W canx 08Aug13 [27]
17Apr21 not rest [22]
Mooney M20E: (224)+N1336W restored canx 03Apr20 [6] PA-28-181 Archer III: (2843221)–N521MA to VH-… [15]
Mooney M20J: (24-0135)–N201RF exp 31Mar21 [3] then PA-28-181 Archer TX:
(24-0135)+N201RF rest [22] (2881482)+N482PN [13] (2881487)+N80260 [27]
Mooney M20M: (27-0324)–N1030G to C-…. [22] (2881483)+N8022L [27] (2881488)+N726ND [29]
Moravan Z242L: (0678)+N242AB rest canx 02Aug20 [6] (2881484)+N80201 [27] (2881489)+N746ND [29]
North American Navion: (NAV-4-182)+N91715 restored canx 18Mar13 (2881485)+N8024L [30] (2881499)+N8027S [27]
as scrapped [9] (2881486)+N80258 [30]
North American AT-6C: (42-44090)–N895XA to OO-… [7] PA-28-181 Pilot 100i: (28020025)+N887KJ [12]
North American Nomad NA-260: (51-3678)+N14122 rest canx PA-28-235 Cherokee Pathfinder: (28-7410018)+N56649 rest canx
03Jan20 c/n 174-216 [20] 29Nov19 [22]
North American T-28B: (137745)+N745PJ ex ZU-VNM c/n 200-108 [16] PA-28-236 Dakota: (28-7911142)+N2142Y rest canx 03Apr21 [7]
North American T-28C: (140653)–N653MM to OO-TTT [12] PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II: (28R-7335298)+N55837 rest canx
03Apr20 [9]
Pilatus Britten-Norman LTD. BN2B-20: (2289)+N768NB ex 6Y-JNS [22] PA-28R-201 Arrow: (2844146)–N751LU to VH-… [20]
Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4: (1013)–N66LJ to C-…. [16] PA-30 Twin Comanche: (30-530)–N4767Y to LV-… [14]
PA-31 Turbo Navajo: (31-70)+N999AW ex VT-ERX [1]
PIPER PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain: (31-7952198)–N333DF to C6-… [9]
J3C-65 Cub: (3906)+N25960 restored; canx 13Sep18 [31] PA-31-350 Chieftain: (31-8152164)–N746RG to C-GKSP [13]
(15704)+N8808M rest canx 29Jly13 [7] (15803)+N88186 rest canx PA-32-300 Cherokee Six: (32-40330)+N4034R rest canx 06Sep19 [21]
31Oct20 [29] (17085)+N70111 restored canx 05Oct19 [21] PA-32-300 Cherokee Six D: (32-7140049)+N3249R rest canx 09Jan21
(17339)+N70355 restored canx 04Sep19 but as expired dealer? [1]
back 20Jly20 [20] (22373)+N3682K rest canx 31Oct20 [9] PA-32R-300 Cherokee Lance: (32R-7680238)+N9652K rest canx
PA-11 Cub Special: (11-124)+N4620M restored; canx 06Jan20 resd 29May20 [8] (32R-7780057)–N461SC to HH-… [27] (32R-7780076)
18Aug20 canx 20Feb21 not regd [31] N4692F to N499FC [13]
PA-12 Super Cruiser: (12-1252)+N2794M rest canx 21May21 [27] PA-32R-301T Turbo Saratoga SP: (32R-8029059)+N8159S restored
(12-2153)+N3297M rest canx 03Apr21 [1] canx 22Mar18 now rp [23]
PA-14 Family Cruiser: (14-4)+N4201H rest canx 06Sep19 [27] PA-32R-301T Saratoga II TC: (3257267)–N770W to LV-… [8]
PA-15 Vagabond: (15-24)+N4141H restored canx 16Jan19 [1] PA-34-200T Seneca II: (34-7970260)–N2822F w/o 11Dec19 Phoenix
(15-301)+N4528H rest canx 05Oct19 [20] AZ crashed short hit parked cars [6] (34-8070117)+N8147F rest
PA-16 Clipper: (16-189)+N5382H rest canx 13Jun18 [27] canx 16Mar12 to Brazil but never registered [16]
(16-676)–N676SC w/o 31Mar19 Afton WY flipped landing exp PA-34-220T Seneca III: (34-8133044)+N343ZS ex ZS-KWP [8]
31Jly21 [29] (16630)+N6803K rest canx 29May20 [20] PA-34-220T Seneca V: (3449296)+N621LG ex XA-GTA [9]
PA-38-112 Tomahawk: (38-78A0289)–N9241T to S5-… [27]
PA-18 Super Cub: (18-7857)+N3967Z rest canx 02Aug20 [14]
PA-44-180 Seminole: (4496112)–N177CA to VH-… [12]
PA-18-135 Super Cub: (18-3851)–N83GR to PH-… [28]
(4496118)–N164CA to VH-… [12] (4496524)+N221FL [15]
PA-18-150 Super Cub: (18-8293) N5697Y to N168D [13]
PA-46-310P Malibu: (46-8408049)+N461VF rest canx 02Aug20 [22]
(18-8827)+N4476Z rest canx 10Apr21 [21] (18-8009030)+N63964
(46-8508011) N46WX to N52WX [7]
rest canx 30Jan21 [6]
PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage: (4622033)–N304LA exp rp 06Apr20 [12]
PA-22 Tripacer: (22-43)+N639A rest canx 24Apr18 [7]
then (4622033)+N304LA rest [28] (4636520)+N276JK rest canx
PA-22-150 Caribbean: (22-6668)+N9754D rest canx 09Apr18 [24]
08May21 [21]
PA-22-160 Tripacer: (22-6468)+N9551D rest canx 03May18 [28]
PA 46-350P M350: (4636783)+N383WA [12] (4636784)+N8027U [27]
PA-23-150 Apache: (23-556)+N1487P rest canx 11Jan18 now rp [20]
PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian: (4697041)+N460CM restored canx
PA-23-160 Apache: (23-1790) N4290P to N627AW [8]
17Apr20 [28] (4697241) N45FF to N411R [15]
PA-23-160 Apache H: (23-2036)+N4312Y rest canx 16Jan19 [27] PA-46-600TP M600: (4698069)–N325GS to PS-FBA [13]
PA-23-250 Aztec C: (27-3096) N6932Y to N6868A [21] (4698167)–N46NH to PS-TLC [15] (4698175)+N8025Q [2]
PA-23-250 Aztec E: (27-7554003)+N619BL ex VH-RJR [23] (4698177)+N656PD [13] (4698178)+N646U [13]
PA-23-250 Aztec F: (27-7854136)+N464PD ex VH-YUA [7] (4698180)+N8026J [27]
PA-24 Comanche: (24-2634)+N7445P rest canx 28Jan21 [27] Pitts S2-E: (K2232-1)+N9KZ rest canx 24Apr18 now rp [26]
PA-24-250 Comanche: (24-1614)+N6494P rest canx 13Sep18 [19] Pitts SC-1: (NN-1)+N1766 rest canx 28Feb18 [13]
(24-3276)+N456P rest canx 04May15 resd 04Jun20 canx 02Feb21 WSK-PZL-Mielec TS-11 Iskra: (1H0307)+N307J rest canx 30Apr15 [24]
not rest [28] (24-3640)+N8381P rest canx 06Mar21 [9]
PA-28-140 Cherokee: (28-20143)+N6127W rest canx 27Mar18 [8] Quest Kodiak 100: (100-0124)–N124KQ to C-GVDY [15]
(28-20841)+N28L rest canx 10Feb21 [30] (28-21222)+N4520R rest (100-0198)–N998ET to Mexico [19] (100-0249)+N893AP ex
canx 26Jly19 [26] (28-22163)+N7595R rest canx 23Oct18 [26] C-FFHW [22] (100-0297)+N297KD [16] (100-0298)+N331HB [22]
(28-22489)+N4160J rest canx 18Apr18 [29] (28-23280)+N9788W (100-0299)+N321 [15]
restored canx 09Apr18 now rp [26] (28-24260)+N1828J rest canx Aerostar International Raven S49A: (S49A-3172)+N9102U rest canx
08May21 [23] 03Feb20 [20]
PA-28-140 Cherokee C: (28-26458)+N5661U restored canx 03Oct20 Robinson R22 Beta: (3293)–N83738 to JA01AK [27] (4126)–N108NA
[20] (28-26537)+N5608U restored canx 26Jly19 [2] to Japan [8]
PA-28-140 Cherokee D: (28-7125332) N510FL to N217AW [8] Robinson R44: (1618)–N3112T to LV-… [15] (2055)+N120AF ex
PA-28-140 Cherokee F: (28-7325260) N624KW to N6868K [21] C-FXZS [28] (2573)–N319AT to PS-XXI [20] (2667)+N277LC [29]
(28-7525026)+N86EC restored canx 11Sep20 [20] Robinson R44 II: (10502) N580RB to N72HH [28] (11303)–N703CC to
(28-7525165)+N33161 rest canx 23May17 [1] RP-.…. [9] (12424)–N41407 to TI-… [22] (14489)+N1273 [2]
(28-7525207)+N33560 rest canx 21Mar18 [21] (14493)+N44PA [1] (14496)+N441JP [1] (14499)+N509MM [29]
PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior: (28-7515092)+N32191 rest canx (14500)+N441BA [29]
16Apr13 [15] Robinson R66: (0073)+N285K rest canx 05Jun21 [6] (0112)+N827CC
PA-28-161 Warrior II: (28-7816060)+N47349 rest canx 30Aug12 [1] ex JA02RH [29] (1082)+N301SX [29] (1083)+N66BP [1]
(28-8216112)+N8220H rest canx 19Jan21 [7] (1089)+N992HP [1] (1093)+N4060Z [29]

Aero Commander 100-180: (5043)+N3735X restored canx 30Jan21 Hanger 9 Carbon Cub FX3: (05061)+N9097H [13]
now rp [28] Hylio AG-122: (010221)+N909WC [21]
Rockwell 112A: (270)–N112RX to HI-… [26] Insitu Integrator: (3-21-1237)+N237NT [15] (3-21-1239)+N239NT [15]
Rockwell 112TCA: (13155)+N4624W rest canx 05Jun21 [20] Matternet M2: (M2-0022-X4)–N322MN owner’s request – destroyed?
Commander 114-B: (14605)–N6024N exp 31Mar21 [3] then [26] (M2-0023-X4)–N625MN destroyed ? [31] (M2-0028)–N186MN
(14605)+N6024N rest [14] owner’s request – destroyed? [26] (M2-0035)–N590MN destroyed
Aero Commander 200D: (363)+N2990T rest canx 08Jan21 [12] ? [31] (M2-0042)–N35MN owner’s request – destroyed? [26] (M2-
0043)–N37MN destroyed ? [31] (M2-0045)–N39MN owner’s
Schempp-Hirth Discus B: (251)+N7958C rest canx 30Jan21 [16]
request – destroyed? [26] (M2-0046)–N42MN destroyed ? [31]
Schempp-Hirth Ventus C: (355)–N571RD [27]
(M2-0047)–N45MN destroyed ? [31] (M2-0049)–N52MN destroyed
Schweizer SGM2-37: (12)+N764AF rest canx 29Apr21 [28]
? [31] (M2-0051)–N22MN destroyed? [16]
Sikorsky UH-60A: (78-22990)+N356AA c/n 70056 [28]
Navmar Applied Sciences Tiger Shark XP: (XP-010)+N660XT [28]
(82-23761)–N360AU to VH-… [26]
(XP-011)+N659XT [1]
Sikorsky HH-60L: (04-27020)+N233AA c/n 702865 [28]
Skydio 2: (S2.OF.B.0063C2)+N912XU [29] (S2.OF.B.00F4AX)+N9121U
Sikorsky S-76C: (760489)–N85PS to C-…. [30]
Spartan 7W: (22)+N17659 rest canx 08May21 [28]
TTA America M8A Pro 20L: (008834)+N275BE [19]
Stinson 108-2: (108-2572)+N9572K restored canx 24Nov14 [19]
Yuneec H520: (YU17440129B11A01)+N368MC [29]
(108-3433)+N433C restored canx 04Jan18 [31]
Universal Stinson 108-3: (108-4564)+N6564M rest canx 03Oct20 [27]
Stits Playboy SA3A: (HS-1)+N219H rest canx 04Sep20 [21]
Stolp Starduster Too: (1697)–N53GJ to C-…. [8]
Swearingen SA226-T(B): (T321) N1014V to N731TF [15]
Grunau Baby IIB: (6)+N65GB rest canx 29May20 [1]
PDPS PZL-Bielsko SZD-55-1: (551192032)+N171DM rest canx
Pipistrel Sinus912: (1047 SFM 912 LSA)+N912FV [9]
05Dec20 [8]
Stemme S 12: (12-038)+N425PM [8]
Taylorcraft BC12-D: (8569)+N96269 rest canx 28Feb20 [22]
(9562)+N95162 rest canx 06Jan20 [14]
Bodenbender TET-14: (001)+N1125W [22]
Taylorcraft BL-65: (1237)+N22287 restored canx 13Jly09 [7]
Handcock 8B: (3613)+N80039 [12]
Taylorcraft F19: (F003)–N3543T exp 31Mar21 [3] then
Star Balloons World Record 4: (41)+N41DT rest canx 30Jan21 [23]
(F003)+N3543T restored canx 05Jly21 [19]
Tecnam P2006T: (335/US)+N53TW [13] Single
Tecnam P2010: (012)+N339BE ex C-FWSH really c/n 012/US [23] Aero Adventure Aventura 2: (AA2A00192)+N523JJ [15]
(145/US)+N210TD [21] Airborne Edge X: (582-521)+N759CP rest canx 23Nov20 resd
Tecnam P2012 Traveller: (028/US)–N212PL to Argentina [13] 20Feb28 canx 29May21 not rest [7]
(034/US)+N135CA [30] Airborne Edge XT-912S-L: (XT-912-0602)+N929VM [15]
WACO ZQC-6: (4392)–N4003 canx resd 16APr21 then (4392)+N15718 Aeromarine LSA Electrolite/Zigolo: (48)+N16UW [14]
[8] Aeroprakt A22LS: (413)+N786RZ [6] (419)+N383BS [8] (420)+N9999K
Nanchang China CJ-6A: (4532014)+N33ZY rest canx 06Mar21 [2] Aeropro A240: (62021)+N415H [16] (62121)+N816T [16]
Nanchang China YAK-18A: (3051202)+N56YK restored canx 03Apr21 Airplane Factory Chinook DR: (02327AM)+N4988T [26]
[13] Airplane Factory Sling TSI: (202SK)+N5764G [7]
Yakovlev YAK-50: (801610)+N92GG ex SP-YYK [15] American Legend AL11C-100: (AL-1011) N23587 to N428PT [9]
American Legend AL18: (TX-346)+N318HM [9]
UAV Arion Lightning: (1)+N432JH [2] (190)+N956DK [19]
Amazon Logistics MK27: (000373)–N109PA destroyed ? [19] Avipro Bearhawk Patrol: (57P-123P/124P-P377)+N357MB [29]
Archer Aviation Maker: (001)+N301AX [28] A-1 Adventures Hawk: (TPCA-F30)+N77713 restored canx 29Mar18 [22]
Arcturus UAV Inc T-20: (T20-1111-129)+N9122A [21] Backcountry Boss: (BC40617B001)+N829PW rest canx 03Oct20 [13]
Bell APT70: (001)–N314PC destroyed? [10] (006)–N314AQ destroyed? Barndoor 1: (1)+N6162 rest canx 08Apr21 Air Power Museum
[10] (007)+N314AR [15] (A72-002)+N314BK [29] Ottumwa IA [26]
(A72-004)+N314BQ [27] Barton Sylkie 1: (B-1)+N711WB restored canx 05Jun21 [29]
DJI AGras T16: (1PKDH8A001C4K5)+N610VT [20] Beckett S1-11: (4094)+N9070G [15]
(3DADGBR001K38P)+N659SR [24] Bede BD-4: (737)+N424WG restored canx 26Feb21 [13]
DJI Inspire 2: (09YDE580041526)–N8512P dest? [2] Bristol MK.IIA(R): (006)+N624BS [1]
DJI Matrice 210 V2: (1DADG4J001004W)+N895GX [27] BRM Aero Bristell LSA: (564/2021)+N564BL [13] (568/2021)+N568BL
DJI Matrice 210RTK: (17UDG5N0123S6J)+N853UM [1] [13]
(17UDG5N012NX8)+N909XM [1] Buttercup Trigear: (2021-01)+N953JL [8]
DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise: (298CJ1QR0A10NE)+N938EM [13] Campbell TC-J3: (1)+N7780T [15]
DJI Matrice 300 RTK: (1ZNDH9N00CHJCJ)+N912UM [29] Canadian Ultralite Chinook Plus 2: (02275XS)+N186HW rest canx
DJI Mavic 2 Enterp Dual: (298CH1KR0A00SL)+N937EM [12] 28Feb18 [15]
(298CHAVR0A0R98)+N939EM [10] (298CHCBR0A0WPQ)+N933EM Challenger II: (CH21193R1057)+N926P restored canx 17Oct20 [27]
[10] (CH2-0101-W-2043)–N135J [22]
DJI Mavic 2 Enterp Zoom: (276CH5LR0A0950)+N779UM [27] Challenger II LSS: (CH2 1209 LSS 0165)+N140MR rest canx 04May19
DJI Mavic 2 PRO L1P: (183CGBVR0A64SF)+N1247Z [22] [14]
DJI Mavic 2 Zoom: (0M6CH4AR0A0PAB)+N445EP [12] Corben Baby Ace D: (QD-1)+N68686 rest canx 05Oct19 [1]
DJI Mavic Air 2: (3N3BHA6012028V)+N9101 [6] Cubcrafters CC11-160: (CC11-00121)+N383RA rest canx 27Feb18 [13]
DJI Mavic Mini 2: (3Q4SJ1E00357LX)+N945EM [10] Cub Crafters CCK-1865: (CCK-1865-1073)+N73WZ [19]
(3Q4SJ1F00359JQ)+N946EM [10] (3Q4SJ1F00359ZB)+N947EM [12] Cub Crafters CCK-2000: (CCK-2000-0018) N79PG to N92PG [16] (CCK-
DJI Mavic Pro: (08QCEAS0228CY6)+N632MC [29] 2000-0059)+N257ST [8] (CCK-2000-0064)+N916JT [12]
DJI Mini 2: (3Q4CJ1J3A3K532)+N910EW [27] Cub Crafters CCX-1865: (CCX-1865-0033)+N369CC [26]
DJI Phantom 2 Vision +: (PH645515014)–N723AM destroyed? [12] Cub Crafters CCX-2000: (CCX-2000-0126)+N300JV [20]
DJI Mavic 2 Zoom: (0M6CG95R0A0CSJ)+N638DW [31] Cub Crafters CCX-2300: (CCX-2300-0032)+N54DH [8]
DJI Phantom 4: (189CEBLBA20817)+N903PT [9] Czech Sport Aircraft Sportcruiser: (C0610)–N204BF w/o 23Oct19
DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0: (11UCF7G0A50614)+N218MC [21] Fillmore UT chute crash landing [22]
DJI Phantom 4 Pro+: (0AXDDAH0B20175)+N904SB [31] Deglinnocenti P-40C: (001)+N7PJ [1]
DJI Phantom Pro Plus: (11UCF770A50089)+N804UM [27] Fisher Celebrity: (AV1062)+N40271 rest canx 11Sep20 [27]
(11UCF770A50877)+N716UM [6] Flight Design CTSW: (07-05-01) N535CT to N199CT [13]

Flightstar: (0743)+N6329Z rest canx 10Jly20 [1] Van’s RV-6: (003)+N866BZ [14] (20148)+N112BT rest canx 30Jan21 [29]
Flying K Sky Raider: (152)–N6541H [24] (20846)+N42TY [8] (21159)–N711KJ w/o 15Dec18 Watkins CO [27]
Fokker D VII Replica: (1978 001)+N918JH restored canx 22May13 [22] Van’s RV-6A: (20985)+N691KW rest canx 17Dec18 [14]
FPNA A-22 Valor: (192) N500MC to N22LV [8] (24133)+N25223 rest canx 02Aug20 [10] (24739)+N225PS rest
Glasair: (146)+N146S rest canx 09Jan21 [19] canx 31May17 [9] (60573)+N468AC rest canx 23Mar18 [13]
Glasair GS-2 Sportsman: (7228)+N755TX ex ZU-FCJ [23] (7466) Van’s RV-7: (70800)+N516SB rest canx 01May20 now rp [30]
N24EP to N29KA [14] (72965)+N58CZ [19] (74355)+N188A [27]
Glasair III: (3272)+N482KM [27] Van’s RV-7A: (71112)+N913CS [27] (71876)+N527K [27]
Glasair S2-RG: (2158)+N66HU [1] Van’s RV-8: (80169) N232RV to N861J [21] (80504)+N284CM [12]
Glastar: (5570)+N245TW rest canx 20Jly17 [26] (5589)+N589RP rest (82144)+N18KB [13] (82827)+N880JG [16] (82984)+N611BZ [15]
canx 26Jun18 [23] (5769)+N599BW restored canx 08Apr21 [26] (83360)+N895RM [13]
Glastar GS-1: (5406)+N236GS was N41TJ canx 06Aug13 [21] Van’s RV-8A: (83183)+N696RV [20]
Harmon Rockett: (002)+N771BD rest canx 23Feb18 [12] Van’s RV-9A: (001)+N486EM rest canx 27Nov20 [7] (90281)+N233DL
Hatz CB-1: (495)–N46BG to S Africa [14] rest canx 06Mar21 [7] (91756)+N111CT [13] (92071)+N322RV [13]
Hatz Classic: (085)+N285SH [26] Van’s RV-10: (1)+N71EC [1] (40634)+N157HS rest canx 02Aug20 [22]
Icon Aircraft A5: (00047)–N520BA to Russia [15] (00131)+N746BA (42098)+N253MM [20] (42128)+N2276W [19]
rest canx 13Apr21 to Ukraine not dd? [13] (00132)+N534BA Van’s RV-12: (120522) N914EN to N214Z [16] (120713)+N218VC rest
restored canx 22Apr21 to UR-… not regd? address Germany [6] canx 02Aug20 [6]
Javron PA-18 Replica: (JA1207069)+N360CM [20] (JA1810124)+N25BP Van’s RV-12IS: (121125)+N282AZ [23] (121144)+N580MS [26]
[30] (121278)+N912ZV [20]
Johnston S Cub: (1)+N113L [31] Van’s RV-14: (140546)+N39JT [20]
Just Aircraft: (JA279-10-12) N566JM to N63TS [28] Van’s RV-14A: (140078)+N120W [6] (140204)+N73KW [26]
Just Acft Highlander: (JA226-1-11)+N965RJ restored canx 30Jan21 (140550)+N12YY [19]
[21] (JA557-6-19)+N162MM [20] (JAESC0142)+N409JD rest canx Velocity SE: (067)+N902SC [21]
10Apr21 [27] Volmer Jensen Amphib: (5544)+N9333 ex C-GHJO [13]
Just Acft JA30 Superstol: (JA415-09-14)–N767KB to ZK-... [7] WAG Aero Sport Trainer: (4980)+N9119C [14] (RH2)+N9096L restored
(JA512-11-17)+N45TW [14] canx 03Feb20 [1]
Kitfox S7 Speedster: (KA18059363)+N469JR rest canx 31Jan20 [30] WAG Aero Wag-a-bond: (147)+N47AT restored canx 12Oct18 [27]
WAR Corsair F4U: (75)+to N39198 rest canx 11Oct12 [30]
Kolb Firestar: (KKFS-438)+N104KK restored canx 11Aug16 [23]
Wolf WJB-47D: (WJB-001)+N367JH [28]
Kolb Twinstar Mark III: (M3-231)+N11XS restored canx 01May20 [6]
Wooliver Fossil Hunter: (FH-1958)+N4384C [14]
Lancair Legacy: (120)+N95ZG [7]
Zenith 601: (6-3491)+N221MW rest canx 16Apr13 [30]
Lancair LX7-20A: (LIV-248)+N77VY rest canx 05Jun21 [13]
Zenith 750: (75-8067)+N864AJ [1] (75-8482)+N910PE [7]
Larkin Miglet: (003)+N369ML [27]
Zenith 601HDS: (6-3904)–N6402X w/o 10Jun20 Maricopa AZ exp
Lockwood Aircam: (AC240)+N813PH rest canx 05Dec20 [26]
30Apr21 [29]
Macdonald Mac Cub: (002)–N18YY exp 31Mar21 [3] then
Zenith CH 701: (7-7412)+N727JP ex HL-C061 [2]
(002)+N18YY rest [15]
Zenith CH701SP: (7-9627)–N701G to HC-... [7]
Monnett Sonerai II: (1123)+N898WR was N1010B canx 16Sep13 [9]
Zenith STOL CH750: (75-8985)+N8985B [20] (75-10761)+N333SD
Murphy Rebel: (426-REB)+N97MR rest canx 26Sep20 [1]
[23] (75-11066)+N111RH [8]
Murphy Renegade 11: (0028)+N490DJ rest canx 20Mar21 [29]
Zenith 750 Superduty: (SD75-10918)+N835GR [7]
M-Squared Sport 1000: (000702)+N629CB rest canx 05Jan18 [19]
North Wing Navajo Sport 582: (M0001)+N897MG [1] Rotor/Gyro
North Wing Scout XC: (LS9026)+N810CN rest canx 29May20 [22] Air Command: (SP001)+N205GS rest canx 27Feb18 [28]
Patriot Aircraft PA-18R: (2021-0701)+N691AC [7] Autogyro Cavalon: (V 00296)+N2217V ex C-GYRC [15]
Paul Davids Renaissa: (001)+N26DA rest canx 09Jan21 [20] Autogyro MTO Classic: (M01906)+N504BC [14]
Pietenpol Aircamper 1932: (RMN01)+N2RN rest canx 02Aug20 [19] Bensen B8MR: (PFA G/01-1202)+N17610 was N94AW (ex G-REBE)
Pioneer Dualstar: (001)+N43332 rest canx 05Mar18 [20] canx 07Nov13 [20]
Pitman Air Dragonfly Rnchr 912S: (PAR-912S-201)+N650AR [14] Eagle R+D Helicycle: (3-9B)–N754UM [20]
Poore Mk II B: (BP-01)+N415JP rest canx 10Jly20 [1] Innovator Mosquito XET: (MXE1018A07)+N133FX restored canx
Progressive Searey: (1DK417C)+N9455R rest canx 14Apr21 [13] 11Sep20 resd 05Oct20 canx 15Mar21 not rest [22]
Progressive Searey LSX: (1LK484C)+N314ML rest canx 05Dec20 [7] N Karolides Sesigns G1SB Genesis: (AA0035)+N546LW [19]
Pterodactyl Ascender II: (7/82)+N187S rest canx 02Aug20 [30] Rotorway Exec 162F: (6306)+N99TE rest canx 21Dec18 [23]
Quickie: (164)+N4251F rest canx 13Mar18 [19] Rotorway Scorpion II: (86E3412)+N9032F [14]
Quicksilver Sport II: (443)+N3554A rest canx 03Jan18 [13] Rotorway Jetexec: (5172)+N162ES [16]
Rand-Kar X-Air Hanuman: (1104)+N977BT rest canx 06Jan20 [28] Powered Parachute
Rand-Robinson KR2S: (131)–N813ST acc 03Jun18 Decatur TX nose Blue Heron Express: (4835)+N335CD restored canx 05Jun21 [13]
strike [19] Powrachute Airwolf 912ULS: (A369ULS)+N910QP [6]
Rans S-7LS: (0404370)+N8977S rest canx 03Oct20 [26] Powrachute Pegasus: (A443PEG)+N2498T resd 03Nov20 canx
Rans S-21: (02200084)+N46JH [8] (05190045)+N104RR [27] 08May21 as not registered now regd [27]
(05200105)+N116ME [7] (06200111)+N52DC [16]
(08200127)+N73KA [7] Hybrid Lift
Rutan Long Ez: (544)+N21K restored; canx 23Oct18 [31] Always Blue Skies Inc Blackfly V3: (SN103-2118)+N9087B [8]
Rutan Varieze: (953)+N98EJ rest canx 16Jly13 [23] Electric vertical lift
(PJ0222366)+N4341P rest canx 05Dec20 [28] Beta Air ALIA-250: (002)+N251UT [16]
Seamax M-22: (164)+N814RP [22]
Sonex: (1006)+N966DP [9]
Sonex B: (0026)+N5784N [16] RESERVATIONS
Sport Acft Tango II: (10)–N620T to C-…. [13]
TEAM V-Max: (MK621)+N7251S restored canx 26Jun20 [7]
Tecnam P92 Echo MKII: (1645)+N1645T [16] American Champion 7GCBC: (1361-2004)+N269MA to be rest canx
Titan Tornado II 912: (D98912C0HK0297)+N2840N rest canx 31Oct20 [29]
04Sep20 [12] Bellanca 8GCBC: (303-79)+N5043S to be rest canx 13Apr20 [24]
Titan Tornado S: (S04912SOHK0481)N430WA c/n was Aeronca 11AC: (11AC-1639)+N3264E to be rest canx 04Nov19 [9]
SO4912SOHK0481 Bellanca 17-31ATC: (76-31130)+N9578E to be restored; canx
Van’s RV-3: (142)–N81902 to HI-… [8] 23May13 [31]

Beech 35-C33A Debonair: (CE-177)+N300RR to be rest canx 04Sep20 Murphy Rebel: (230R)+N5845Z ex C-FXWI canx 16Jan20 [27]
[30] (MAM-198)+N79ZT [28]
Beech D35 Bonanza: (D-3621)+N2981B to be rest canx 26Jun18 [14] Pegazair SP100: (000234-020)+N113JM [8]
Beech V35B Bonanza: (D-10342)+N86TE to be rest canx 04Sep20 [16] Pelegrin Tarragon (Tarr): (T202107028)+N35RR [19]
Bell 407: (54953)+N912DB ex C-GBUH [15] (54973)+N792BP ex Perdue ULA1-M: (0001)+N13948 to be rest canx 02Jun20 [22]
C-FOFE [13] Quicksilver MXLII: (000538)+N6156M to be rest canx 13Sep18 [28]
Bell 429: (57435)+N529LE ex C-FZGL [27] (57437)+N913FB [27] Van’s RV-7: (72523)+N499JD [8]
Cessna 150F: (15062135)+N8835S to be rest canx 06Mar21 [21] Van’s RV-7A: (72292)+N908PM [7]
Cessna 170B: (26243)+N2599C to be rest canx 06Mar21 [27] Van’s RV-8: (80-298)+N298DM to be rest canx 13Feb18 [20]
Cessna 172: (28998)+N6898A to be rest canx 28Jan19 [21] Van’s RV-10: (41857)+N82CH [7]
Cessna 172H: (17255113)+N1718F to be rest canx 06Aug13 [12] Van’s RV-12IS: (121115)+N923EN [26] (121135)+N912CH [27]
Cessna 177: (17700220)+N2820X to be rest canx 07Jly17 [29] (121169)+N925EN [26]
Cessna 180: (30078)+N42966 to be rest canx 04May19 [29] Whittman W-10: (96-1042)+N1042W [26]
Cessna 182A: (34393)+N9993B to be rest canx 03Oct20 [12] Zenith STOL CH 701: (7-10503)+N3663C [7]
Cessna 182G: (18255649)+N218W to be rest canx 18Apr18 [6] Rotor/Gyro
Cessna 210: (57396)+N9596T to be rest canx 06Sep19 [29] Degraw KT-1: (RDX121)+N66DG [15]
Cessna 210L: (21060597)+N7874J to be rest canx 29Mar18 [6]
Cirrus SR22T: (1594)+N288WT to be rest canx 03Oct20 [6] Powered Parachute
Diamond DA 40: (40.746)+N746DS to be rest canx 08May21 [15] Buckeye 582 Dream Machine: (4298)+N360RX [16]
Diamond DA42 NG: (42.427)+N27HQ ex A6-FTZ [6]
Ercoupe 415-C: (3255)+N2630H to be rest canx 06Mar21 [13]
Fairchild 24W-40: (W-40-168)+N28685 to be rest canx 08May21 [29] RESERVATIONS II
American AA-1: (AA1-0231)+N5931L to be rest canx 24Apr13 [7]
Gulfstream American AA-5A: (AA5A0783)+N882F to be rest canx N-Number to N-Number reservations to 31 July 2021 are:
05Dec20 [16]
Hiller UH-12A: (224)+N162DL to be rest canx 13May13 [9] Resd Current c/n Type
Hughes 269B: (1240148)+N9416F to be rest canx 04Sep20 [26] N188BC N89WG 598-2019 American Champion 8GCBC
Mooney M20A: (1623)+N5787D ex CF-LCV [21] [21]
Mooney M20E: (656)+N5600Q to be rest canx 15Feb18 [12] N911AR N217LC 41567 Agusta AW139 [21]
Mooney M20F: (690054)+N9205V to be rest canx 16Mar18 [19] N384AK N111AK 3092 Eurocopter AS 350 B2 [13]
Piper J-3C Cub: (20490)+N7226H to be rest canx 04May19 [29] N6MV N116MV 7055 Airbus EC 155B1 [20]
N58TG N789TM TH-2387 Beechcraft G58 [20]
Piper PA-15 Vagabond: (15-103)+N4321H to be rest canx 14Feb18 [21]
N554TM N8260W E-2688 Beech A36 [23]
Piper PA-22-135 Tripacer: (22-837)+N2540A to be rest canx 03Apr20
N59BT N47WJ CC1-463 Bell-Continental Copters 47G2
Piper PA-22-150: (22-2688)+N1937P to be restored; canx 03Jan18 [31]
N451VK N60DK 80-23455 Bell/Ace Aeronautics UH-60A
Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C: (27-3019)+N9004V to be rest canx 29Sep15
N570JH N275GB 45428 Bell 206L-1 [19]
Piper PA-24-250 Comanche: (24-2803)+N7592P to be rest canx
N631EH N6761F 15063361 Cessna 150F [20]
08May13 [8]
N714JP N969WB 15065030 Cessna 150G [13]
Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee: (28-23211)+N5110G to be rest canx
N634EH N115AS A1500315 Cessna A150L [20]
24Apr19 [29]
N632EH N711KS A1500467 Cessna A150L [13]
Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee F: (28-7325503)+N55844 to be rest canx
N487MT N4140F 46040 Cessna 172 [19]
13Nov20 [28]
N871MT N7164T 46764 Cessna 172A [29]
Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Flight Liner: (28-7325503)+N55844 to be N984FA N3828Q 17259928 Cessna 172L [19]
rest canx 13Nov20 [28] N974CA N9679V 17264459 Cessna 172M [15]
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C: (28-5624)+N2448R to be rest canx N293CA N9605H 17266259 Cessna 172M [01]
04Feb19 [26] N43FA N739UC 17270808 Cessna 172N [26]
Piper PA-28-181 Pilot 100i: (28020028)+N249JA [20] N905AZ N9935L 17276651 Cessna 172P [14]
Piper PA-34-200 Seneca: (34-7450185)+N34201 ex PH-LLU [19] N93LJ N47AF 17281041 Cessna 172R [29]
Pitts Special SRIC: (2500)+N3391 to be rest canx 01May21 [29] N290U N293ME 172S8551 Cessna 172S [21]
Stinson 108-2: (108-2808)+N9808K to be rest canx 28Feb20 [29] N21LF N348RM 172S8936 Cessna 172S [14]
(108-3316)+N316C to be rest canx 17Jan19 [22] N270U N2151F 172S9520 Cessna 172S [21]
Taylorcraft BC12-D: (9784)+N95384 to be rest canx 05Apr21 [13] N177JK N34474 17701828 Cessna 177B [21]
Ultramagic M-77C: (77/190)+N665DL ex G-BZSO [14] N747WG N42778 18259186 Cessna 182L [21]
Glider N4563W N123E 18262363 Cessna 182P [21]
Pipistrel Apis Bee: (052 AB F33)+N812DS [28] N71KF N735VR 18265723 Cessna 182Q [29]
N2433D N97078 18266967 Cessna 182Q [06]
Single N777BK N9371Y T18209061 Cessna T182T [02]
Aeromarine Consulting Tech Pro Avn Merlin: (HV-41)+N99BM [28] N185JR N474DE 185-02963 Cessna A185F [13]
Airborne Windsports Edge XT-912-L: (XT-912-0311)+N68BS to be N822TM N2660S 18502262 Cessna A185F [09]
rest canx 20Mar20 [30] N8812 N93311 18503217 Cessna A185F [23]
Airplane Factory Sling TSI: (221SK)+N91AM [28] N1029T N5841L T20608067 Cessna T206H [13]
Avid Catalina: (153AB)+N913HG [29] N102RS N627CB T20609551 Textron T206H [19]
Avid Mark IV: (1109D)–N3591B exp resd 22Jan21 not regd [24] then N429DL N319MM 21060649 Cessna 210L [15]
(1109D)+N3591B reserved again [28] N133MC N595PU 2054 Cirrus SR20 [19]
Challenger II: (CH20793CW0988)+N985ER to be rest canx 17Apr21 N651XC N801KR 0475 Cirrus SR22 [14]
[28] N820CS N101TQ 1985 Cirrus SR22 [21]
Damazio Panther: (105)+N105XP [19] N881XP N330SR 2077 Cirrus SR22 [23]
Fasking Delta Fox: (1911)+N312DF [28] N787PL N922WM 2190 Cirrus SR22 [21]
Flightstar Inc Flightstar II: (099)+N610RP to be rest canx 08Mar18 N408WG N225H 3565 Cirrus SR22 [21]
[22] N327AP N238WP 4060 Cirrus SR22 [06]
Glasair SH-2: (629)+N118RP to be rest canx 10Jan18 [19] N711KR N711KW 4173 Cirrus SR22 [19]
Glasair Sportsman GS-2: (7461)+N345KS to be rest canx 08May21 [16] N926WG N741DG 4911 Cirrus SR22 [07]
Just Aircraft ST-XL: (JA463-0615)+N9959 [13] N948PA N893CT C0123 Diamond DA20-C1 [28]

N92AS N344PS C0331 Diamond DA20-C1 [21] 12 U N891JH D-4101 Beech F35 Yakutat AK
N91AS N443AM C0443 Diamond DA20-C1 [20] 17 U N961SF D-7541 Beech S35 St Augustine FL
N657AS N7355L AA1B-0055 American AA-1B [28] 16 S N112TW D-9523 Beech V35B Angwin CA
N433BB N40196 5740 Lindstrand 60X [02] 10 S N222HC EA-259 Beech A36TC Chandler AZ
N9505Q N907RR 5382 Lindstrand 90A [01] 03 D N36JJ E-3785 Hawker Beech G36
Aspen CO
N1225B N1225L 5852 Luscombe 8A [06] 10 U N5696S MA-98 Beech A23-24 Frederick OK
N242WT N411GG 31-0105 Mooney M20TN [09] 24 S N61603 75-1016 Boeing A75N1 Oshkosh WI
N866MA N121PW 28-7415455 Piper PA-28-151 [09] 28 U N1720B 75 6017 Boeing B75N1 Lexington KY
N838MA N20863 28-7916019 Piper PA-28-161 [09] 23 S N51CF 75-5604 Boeing E75 Baraboo WI
N869MA N4299L 28-8316060 Piper PA-28-161 [09] 16 U N2925L 5050 Cameron 0-105 Piermont NH
N2MZ N154PA 28020012 Piper PA-28-181 [30] 26 U N72129 9296 Cessna 140 Murfreesboro TN
N222ZM N9195F 4622115 Piper PA-46-350P [16] 22 S N84BC 10255 Cessna 140 Caddo Mills TX
N678AB N460CM 4697041 Piper PA-46-500TP [28] 30 D N8520G 15062620 Cessna 150 Banning CA
N12XS N15BZ 002 Pitts 12 [15] 11 U N8172S 15061772 Cessna 150F Elba AL
N253DP N157HP 11057 Robinson R44 II [02] 24 U N7893F 15063993 Cessna 150F Sterling IL
N15PK N36JV 13256 Robinson R44 II [09] 23 U N3059X 15064459 Cessna 150F Asheville NC
N266TB N3HZ 0659 Robinson R66 [20] 13 U N8412M A1500112 Cessna A150K Brooksville FL
N92ZF N17MY 0674 Robinson R66 [13] 02 U N19271 15074292 Cessna 150L Tupelo MS
N628CK N950SB 152707 Sikorsky SH-3H [23] 02 S N2746D 25288 Cessna 170B Fairbanks AK
N478DF N78FH 704110 Sikorsky S-70I [26] 11 S N2583C 26227 Cessna 170B Fairbanks AK
N79AD N78AD 11-021 Stemme S10-VT [01] 06 U N7160A 29260 Cessna 172 Ocala Nat
N52DW N524JS 0312410 YAK-52TW [08] Forest FL
16 S N7137T 46737 Cessna 172 Skwentna AK
N1ZD N64HX CCX-1865-0027 Cubcrafters CCX-1865 [20]
11 S N5340R 17252868 Cessna 172F Eagle Butte SD
N92LJ N971GF 890-320-688 Lancair 320 [21]
07 U N35779 17256961 Cessna 172I Syracuse NY
N451EE N69TK 10 MXR Technologies MX2 [20]
20 S N46287 17257157 Cessna 172I Renton WA
N2462W N590EP A235ULS Powrachute Airwolf 912ULS [13]
17 U N172SS 17260696 Cessna 172L Lake Geneva WI
N252PG N106DT 60225 Van’s RV-6A [14]
13 S N9666V 17264446 Cessna 172M Minden NV
N416DM N2551V 80541 Van’s RV-8 [23]
28 U N1415U 17267083 Cessna 172M Miami FL
N31DC N821AL 83697 Van’s RV-8 [28]
27 U N73334 17267382 Cessna 172M Farmingdale NY
N907PK N907SH 91168 Hood JS9NW (RV-9?) [09]
25 U N73524 17267527 Cessna 172M Darby MT
N934SK N924SK 75-8991 Zenith CH750 STOL [19]
25 U N728KG 17272662 Cessna 172N Kernville CA
27 S N65698 17275822 Cessna 172P Anchorage AK
13 U N98354 17276282 Cessna 172P Anchorage AK
ACCIDENTS 10 S N996RA 17280404 Cessna 172R Petaluma CA
19 U N489MA 17280489 Cessna 172R Rochester NY
01 S N2388L 17280723 Cessna 172R Missoula MT
A few from late June 2021
03 U N2102P 172S9594 Cessna 172S Gila bend AZ
D=destroyed S=Substantial damage U=Unknown 22 U N472SP 172S8017 Cessna 172S Brooksville FL
31 U N805CP 172S12625 Textron 172S Martinsburg WV
25 S N9038N 3050 Aero Commander 500S
18 U N636CM 172S12657 Textron 172S Prospect Hts IL
Jennings LA
18 U N45677 177RG1126 Cessna 177RG Wooster OH
25 S N5185U 172S9059 Cessna 172S Mount Pocono PA
19 U N9024M 18052124 Cessna 180H Brenham TX
28 U N8216J 18502864 Cessna A185F Nushagak AK
01 U N42084 18052309 Cessna 180J Tyler TX
30 U N1715Y 27-7654096 Piper PA-23-250 Kailua HI
04 S N7802K 18052736 Cessna 180J Lander WY
July 2021 23 S N8884 18053039 Cessna 180K Mount Hood OR
04 U N9007T 52907 Cessna 182C Coeur d’Alene ID
D=destroyed S=Substantial damage U=Unknown
31 U N3186Y 18254186 Cessna 182E Eugene OR
15 U N84318 7AC-3018 Aeronca 7AC Rhinelander WI 31 S N287TC 18260183 Cessna 182N Ennis TX
19 U N3036E 7AC-6622 Aeronca 7AC Buchanan VA 10 U N1822C 18262981 Cessna 182P Hendersonville NC
29 U N9111L 2-71 Bellanca 7ACA Roberts WI 27 U N148LP 18281148 Cessna 182T Patterson LA
04 S N5213X 177 Champion 7GCBC Palmer AK 06 S N185YT 185-0145 Cessna 185 Kenny Lake AK
05 U N9149E 11AC-783 Aeronca 11AC Wapakoneta OH 03 U N1199Q 18503469 Cessna A185F Hoonah AK
01 U N4702V 30053 Bellanca 17-30 Grand Canyon AZ 05 U N1393F 18502840 Cessna A185F Blanco TX
23 U N39893 73-30560 Bellanca 17-30A Arbor Vitae WI 07 U N6163U U20605357 Cessna U206G Red Devil AK
13 U N7315P 401-0672 Air Tractor AT-401 Carroll IA 06 U N302WD T20609241 Textron T206H Statesville NC
15 S N334LA 502B-3187 Air Tractor AT-502B Edcouch TX 18 U N7366E 57066 Cessna 210 Flint MI
07 S N602RE 602-1200 Air Tractor AT-602 Nappanee IN 05 U N210E 21058365 Cessna 210D Silver City NM
25 U N363BG 802-0478 Air Tractor AT-802 Benoit MS 27 S N6162R T210-0062 Cessna T210F Colorado
30 U N9197F 802A-0009 Air Tractor AT-802A Fort Sumner NM Springs CO
11 S N949TM 802A-0888 Air Tractor AT-802A Newell IA 09 U N6856R T210-0256 Cessna T210G Missoula MT
30 U N932ME 0922 Eurocopter EC135T2+ New Bremen NY 26 U N666ES 21062120 Cessna 210M Manville NJ
18 U N3PD 9094 Eurocopter 27 U N761WH 21062573 Cessna T210M Kellogg ID
MBB-BK117 Hampton Bays NY 16 S N174R P21000095 Cessna P210N Refugio TX
01 S N9609H 1167 Christen Ind A-1 Twin Falls ID 01 D N123RE 1051 Cirrus SR22 Lamoni IA
18 S N161AM 2161 Aviat A-1B Carefree AZ 23 U N274SR 2732 Cirrus SR22 Knoxville TN
23 U N252Y 3309 Aviat A-1C-180 Franklin PA 01 S N100ZW 4086 Cirrus SR22 Fort Myers FL
18 U N40JB TH-338 Beech 58 Macon GA 11 U N773GP 0971 Cirrus SR22T Fort Collins CO
21 U N728HS TH-2215 Hawker Beech G58 Birmingham AL 15 U N47YC 147X de Havilland DHC-1 Lebanon TN
02 U N181JR TJ-363 Beech 58P New Smyrna 11 U N970WP C1/0836 de Havilland DHC-1 Ormond Beach FL
Beach FL 09 U N9279Z 345 de Havilland DHC-2 Coffman Cove AK
02 S N302Z CD-201 Beech 35-33 Roff OK 19 S N68080 694 de Havilland DHC-2 King Salmon AK
23 U N5ML CD-225 Beech 35-A33 Mineral Wells TX 30 U N36DK 2003 Enstrom 280FX Burlington VT
18 U N18AR CD-959 Beech 35-C33 Longmont CO 28 U N46MU 253 Enstrom F-28A Mountain
25 U N75BK CE-1524 Beech F33A Glasgow MO Home ID

18 U N3044H 3669 Ercoupe 415-C Frostproof FL 09 U N444DH 34-7670109 Piper PA-34-200T Monongahela PA
04 D N9145 167 Focke-Wulf FWP149D Killeen TX 31 S N977LB 34-7670243 Piper PA-34-200T Fort Worth TX
11 S N17VP JA433-01-15 Just Acft JA30 May ID 24 S N315JT 34-7870045 Piper PA-34-200T Chelan WA
25 S N4446Y 3825 Grob G 103 Twin II Richfield UT 06 U N31062 4697208 Piper PA46-500TP Manteo NC
05 U N28643 AA5B0720 Gr American AA-5B Wells NV 12 U N9310R 1Z018-01 PZL Mielec M-18A Seiling O
25 U N48491 1653 Gr Schweizer G-164A Milton FL 19 U N7194U 0975 Robinson R44 St Augustine FL
19 S N8422K 80B Gr Schweizer G-164B Amana IA 20 U N44XB 1215 Robinson R44 Mineral Point WI
30 S N3629F 745B Schweizer G-164B Tracy CA 30 S N857TL 0601 Robinson R66 Pender NE
30 U N304AB 004-S HPH Glasflugel 304S Briggs TX 20 U N983HA 10464 Robinson R44 II West Liberty IA
18 S N2054B 6481 Luscombe 8F Del Rio TX 31 U N285RG 11323 Robinson R44 II Randolph WI
07 U N349X 6161C Maule M-5-210C Willow AK 16 U N512RT 11465 Robinson R44 II Lewisburg KY
25 U N56587 11004C Maule MX-7-180 Peachtree City GA 19 D N44BJ 11795 Robinson R44 II Elgin MN
03 U N118RC 670036 Mooney M20F Lander WY 19 D N4529J 12683 Robinson R44 II Manteo NC
22 U N6474Q 680016 Mooney M20F New Albany MS 16 U N4LY 14594 Commander 114-B Fort Myers FL
11 U N231AS 25-0106 Mooney M20K Manti UT 29 D N114ST NAV-4-2021 Ryan Navion A Pensacola FL
27 U N110CG 25-0383 Mooney M20K Block Island RI 31 U N5790S 117 Schweizer SGS 2-33A Wildomar CA
05 S N222DK 25-0721 Mooney M20K Mount Airy NC 24 S N28U 06502002 SIAI-March SM-1019B Lewiston ID
10 U N2164X 25-2015 Mooney M20K San Jose CA 20 U N32YX 0095 Sonex Waiex Romeo MI
15 S N4474H 24-0744 Mooney M20J Dinsmore CA 25 U N8844K 108-1844 Stinson 108-1 Bozeman MT
28 S N6601C 121-42479 N American AT-6F Adrian MI 29 U N81Y 8729 Stinson Jr. SR Ripon WI
17 U N90BM 20248 Eiriavion Pik 20E Idaho Falls ID 21 U N61545 77-37 Stinson Vultee V-77 Pueblo CO
31 S N42522 14795 Piper J3C-65 Hartford WI
19 U N88610 16238 Piper J3C-65 Ocean City NJ 07 S N2205T RXW-5 Bushby Mustang II Bonners Ferry ID
24 S N946PD 22698 Piper J3C-65 Sandpoint ID 10 U N346FL 034 Moyes Dragonfly Charlestown NH
24 U N2964M 12-1358 Piper PA-12 Monroe LA 30 S N725DW CA3-323 Carlson Sparrow II Oshkosh WI
30 U N3484M 12-2080 Piper PA-12 Prineville OR 07 S N8277S 02 Cassutt Pryor OK
24 S N4206H 14-9 Piper PA-14 Anchorage AK 17 U N31RR R-0001 Christen Eagle II Des Moines IA
16 S N99640 54-2642 Piper PA-18-135 Chelatna Lake AK 27 U N161BS CCX-2000-00118
01 U N8996Y 18-7409138 Piper PA-18-150 Petersville AK Cubcrafters CCX-2000 Roseburg OR
24 S N83411 18-7609122 Piper PA-18-150 Larimore ND 07 U N536SJ CCX-2000-0071
04 S N82547 18-7909003 Piper PA-18-150 Talkeetna AK Cubcrafters CCX-2000 Independence OR
18 U N2712A 20-898 Piper PA-20 Cascade ID 20 U N7DY 1079 Dyke Delta JD-2 Springfield IL
15 U N776MC 23-1078 Piper PA-23 Easton MD 24 U N66HU 2158 Glasair S2-RG Pleasanton TX
03 U N6286P 24-1396 Piper PA-24-250 Caldwell ID 27 U N852SK JA430-01-15 Just Acft Superstol New Albany IN
07 U N8220P 24-3473 Piper PA-24-250 Morristown TN 19 U N4406K FS KXP 5543 Kolb Firestar KXP Wisconsin
29 U N6250W 28-20296 Piper PA-28-140 Longview TX Rapids WI
07 U N1592J 28-24002 Piper PA-28-140 Bishopville SC 28 S N26PD 067 Lancair IV Indian Sprgs NV
03 U N41216 28-7415138 Piper PA-28-151 Lake Geneva WI 16 U N907JA JA001 LC-Kemrjr JA18 Anchorage AK
03 S N181BW 28-7615334 Piper PA-28-151 Pottsboro TX 04 U N8UU 118 Prog Seawind 3000 Charlevoix MI
21 U N4746L 28-4074 Piper PA-28-180 Dallas TX 24 S N832VS KPS 001 Rand-Robinson KR 1 Electric City WA
17 U N3676R 28-5779 Piper PA-28-180 Lubbock TX 27 S N966EZ 966 Rutan Long-ez Tucson AZ
14 U N2801T 28-7205222 Piper PA-28-180 Muscatine IA 10 S N454RS RE00/0012 Slipstream Douglas AZ
06 U N724R 2843543 Piper PA-28-181 Farmingdale NY 22 U N1QQ 1974-77 Steen Skybolt Northampton MA
14 U N563SC 2881400 Piper PA-28-181 Tulsa OK 28 S N910V 000006 TEAM Tango 2 Childress TX
20 U N2911P 28R-7918216 Piper PA-28RT-201 Erie PA 23 U N4445T 273/US Tecnam P2006T Clearwater FL
11 U N1100L 30-12 Piper PA-30 Syracuse NY 06 S N15180 M12HV6COHK0180
20 U N4043M 31-8152001 Piper PA-31-350 New York NY Titan Acft T-51D Ashtabula OH
08 U N4174A 3246174 Piper PA-32R-301 Huron SD 18 U N151CM M18XXXCOHK0218
02 S N8694N 32-7200009 Piper PA-32-260 Port-au-Prince Titan Acft T-51D Eagle Lake TX
Haiti 28 U N327TT 17092 Tucker Twin Unionville TN

Focke-Wulf FWP.149D N9145 [167] owned by Bradley G. Marzari is seen here at the Beaumont Fly-in, Texas on 12 June 2021. It was destroyed in
an accident near Killeen, Texas on 4 July 2021. (Javier Vera)

21 S N3S 292 Van’s RV-3 Jacksonville IL Balloon Works Firefly 7-B: (F7B-119)–N37048 exp 30Apr21 [31]
25 U N464DM 60329 Van’s RV-6A Ocracoke NC Bede BD-4: (316)–N455AD exp 30Apr21 [31]
15 S N468AC 60573 Van’s RV-6A Riverside CA
04 S N654C 71046 Van’s RV-7A Pottstown PA
09 S N526KP 81648 Van’s RV-8 Portland OR 95-55: (TC-138)–N1338Z exp 30Apr21 [31]
21 U N750RS 75-8221 Zenith STOL CH 750 Rockwell NC 95-B55: (TC-832)–N5824S exp 30Apr21 [31] (TC-1051)–N93T exp
20 U N210WP 75-8690 Zenith CH 750 Joplin MO 31Mar21 [3] (TC-1072)–N4440R exp 30Apr21 [31]
17 S N9667Z C75-10349 Zenith CH 750 Blossom TX (TC-1113)–N8494N exp 31Mar21 [3] (TC-1548)–N802T exp
31Mar21 [3] (TC-1914)–N6082S exp 31Mar21 [3]
And a UAV
(TC-2133)–N4647M exp 30Apr21 [31]
21 U N139PA 000378 Amazon Logist MK27 Pendleton OR
58: (TH-121)–N31T exp 30Apr21 [31] (TH-565)–N7239R exp 31Mar21
58TC: (TK-101)–N200RT exp 31Mar21 [3] (TK-136)–N112GM exp
EXPIRED – Cancelled by FAA 30Apr21 acc 03Mar20 Dothan AL gear up landing [31]
35-C33A: (CE-158)–N567Z rp 24Jan20 [19]
F33A: (CE-811)–N2031R exp dealer 25Sep18 [17]
sr: “Sale Reported” with date A35: (D-1782)–N772B exp 30Apr21 [31] (D-1849)–N8412A exp
rp: “Registration Pending” with date 31Mar21 [3] (D-2165)–N8743A exp 30Apr21 cr 24Apr20 Currie NV
rev: revoked (with date where known) [31]
exp plus date: date (owner’ship) certificate expired
B35: (D-2671)–N5277C sr 09Feb21 acc 24Sep19 Gresham OR [30]
back: cancellation backdated to (date)
C35: (D-2688)–N8933A exp 31Mar21 [3] (D-2892)–N630D exp
Aerovodochody L-29 Delfin: (892949)–N886ZK exp resd 23Apr20 31Mar21 [3] (D-3128)–N35EW exp 31Mar21 [3]
again resd 08Jan21 ex 33 Romanian not reg [12] H35: (D-5136)–N5574D rp 10Apr20 [17]
Aeronca 7AC: (7AC-2009)–N83342 exp 30Apr21 [31] Beech K35: (D-5990)–N321X exp 30Apr21 [31]
(7AC-2265)–N83589 exp 30Apr21 [31] (7AC-2661)–N83975 exp Beech V35: (D-8355)–N435RB exp 30Apr21 acc 22Sep18 Georgetown
30Apr21 [31] (7AC-3385)–N84674 exp 30Apr21 [31] SC [31] (D-8451)–N2729T exp 30Apr21 [31]
(7AC-4210)–N85470 exp 31Mar21 [3] (7AC-6374)–N2791E exp V35A: (D-8868)–N4321E exp 31Mar21 [3]
30Apr21 [31] V35B: (D-10285)–N713MG exp 31Mar21 [3] (D-10327)–N66916 exp
Bellanca 7ACA: (20-71)–N9159L exp 30Apr21 [31] 31Mar21 [3] (D-9410)–N1762W exp 31Mar21 [3]
Champion 7BCM: (7AC-5621)–N2051E exp 31Mar21 [3] (D-9452)–N1030W exp 31Jan21 flying 2 days before canx [27]
Aeronca 7CCM: (7AC391)–N81768 exp 30Apr21 acc 07Jly18 Palmer AK A36: (E-665)–N710JT exp 31Mar21 acc 06Jun18 Gilliam LA [3]
[31] (E-2313)–N2646P exp 31Mar21 [3] (E-2554)–N67CD exp 30Apr21
Aeronca 7DC: (7DC-139)–N4533E exp 30Apr21 [31] acc 29Jun18 Spencer IA [31] (E-2692)–N801NH exp 30Apr21 [31]
Bellanca 7ECA: (1132-76)–N53866 exp 30Apr21 [31] (E-2922)–N3216Z exp 30Apr21 [31]
(1231-78)–N2725Z exp 31Mar21 [3] A36TC: (EA-159)–N36TR exp 31Mar21 [3]
Champion 7FC: (7FC-113)–N9019B exp canx 17May13 resd 05Jan21 G36: (E-3651)–N364MW exp 31Mar21 [3]
not restored [12] Beech-Parks D-45: (BG-128)–N2179R rp 03Apr20 [12]
Champion 7GCAA: (172)–N2737G exp 31Mar21 [3] B-60: (P-392)–N131MC exp 30Apr21 dam 30Jly16 Rockford IL [31]
Bellanca 7GCAA: (336-77)–N4153Y exp 31Mar21 [3] 23: (M-242)–N2397L exp 31Mar21 [3]
Champion 7GCB: (7GCB-119)–N9884Y exp 30Apr21 [31] A23: (M-779)–N3598R exp 31Mar21 acc 01Jly19 Fort Smith AR [3]
Champion 7GCBC: (276-70)–N9071L exp 31Mar21 [3] C23: (M-1659)–N9360S exp 30Apr21 [31]
Bellanca 7GCBC: (873-75)–N53753 exp 30Apr21 [31] C24R: (MC-492)–N24055 exp 30Apr21 [31] (MC-498)–N18770 exp
American Champion 7GCBC: (1358-2004)–N117SG exp 30Apr21 [31] 30Apr21 [31]
Champion 7KCAB: (117)–N1641G exp 31Mar21 [3] (257-70)–N281J 76: (ME-221)–N6630D exp 31Jan21 acc 16Jan20 St Charles FL [9]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (281-70)–N7542F sr 28Sep20 to Wentworths [3] (ME-82)–N20131 exp 31Mar21 w/o 02Jly20 Crystal River FL [3]
Aeronca 11AC: (11AC29)–N86225 exp 31Mar21 [3] 65-88: (LP-20)–N117AG exp 30Apr21 [31]
(11AC-236)–N85818 exp 30Apr21 [31] (11AC-943)–N9305E exp 77: (WA-284)–N1815S exp 30Apr21 [31]
canx 24Nov14 resd 30Dec20 not restored [3] Beech D17S: (1020)–N79091 exp 30Apr21 w/o 25May18 Santa Fe NM
(11AC-1358)–N9715E exp 31Mar21 [3] [31]
Aeronca 15AC: (15AC-42)–N1039H exp 31Mar21 [3] Beech C18S: (7779)–N52722 exp 30Apr21 [31]
Bellanca 14-19: (2060)–N507A exp 30Apr21 [31] Beech E18S: (BA-192)–N125X exp 30Apr21 [31]
Bellanca 17-30A: (75-30728)–N4026B exp 30Apr21 [31] Bell H-13E: (333)–N82853 exp 30Apr21was at Kirtland AF base
Aeronca 65-LA: (L-6709)–N24206 exp canx 30Oct20 resd 04Nov20 Albuquerque [31]
not rest [27] Bell Kitz Kopters 47D1: (T-122)–N3087G exp 30Apr21 [31]
Agusta A109E: (11091)–N2EN exp 30Apr21 [31] Bell 47G-2: (681)–N96195 exp 31Mar21 w/o 06Jly18 Arlington IN [3]
Agusta A109S: (22078)–N621SC exp 31Mar21 [3] (1966)–N2880B exp 30Apr21 [31] (2182)–N6145C exp 30Apr21 [31]
Air Tractor AT-402A: (402A-1071)–N5019Y exp dealer 23May12 [12] Bell 47G-3B-2: (6823)–N2919W exp 31Mar21 [3]
Air Tractor AT-502B: (502B-0273)–N60642 exp 30Apr21 acc 07Jun19 Bell Continental Copters 47G: (CCI-69-1)–N7153 exp 30Apr21 [31]
Monument KS [31] Bell UH-1H: (6510034)–N65NH exp 30Apr21 [31]
Air Tractor AT-602: (602-0544)–N5202X exp 31Mar21 [3] Bell OH-58A: (70-15564)–N904SP exp 30Apr21 [31]
(602-0629)–N629LA exp 30Apr21 acc 13Jly18 Bismark IL [31] (72-21346)–N503MC sr 20Aug20 c/n 42012 [27]
(602-0671)–N8516J exp 31Mar21 [22] (602-1290)–N290GJ exp Bell OH-58C: (70-15258)–N58WR exp 28Feb21 Tomorrow’s
Aeronautical Museum c/n 40809 [16] (71-20622)–N910SL exp
30Apr21 acc 02Aug20 Hugoton KS [31]
30Apr21 [31]
Eurocopter EC120B: (1291)–N52EC exp 30Apr21 [31]
Bell 206B: (678)–N607RA exp 30Apr21 w/o 07Aug18 Basin City WA
Antonov AN-2: (1G10855)–N747FB exp 31Mar21 [3]
[7] (825)–N192PB exp 30Apr21 [31] (3261)–N39080 exp 30Apr21
Aviat A-1: (1390)–N3XJ sr 23Oct20 [24]
Aviat A-1A: (1408)–N451GR exp 31Mar21 [3]
Bell 206L-1: (45469)–N305CH exp 30Apr21 [31] (45753)–N2249Z exp
Aviat A-1B: (2155)–N397MA exp 30Apr21 [31]
31Mar21 [3]
Aero Commander S2R: (1574R)–N8904Q rp 21Apr20 [24]
Bell 222: (47031)–N22ZW exp 31Mar21 [3]
Ballonbau Worner K-1000/3-STU: (1032)–N1636S exp 31Mar21 [3] Bell 412EP: (37046)–N875ZB sr 29Oct20 went to Thailand Police
Balloon Works Firefly 7: (10093)–N40538 exp 30Apr21 [31] 2614 [31] (37048)–N8750T sr 29Oct20 went to Thailand Police
(F7-379)–N7105R exp 30Apr21 [31] 2616 [31] (37049)–N875XT sr 29Oct20 went to Thailand Police
Firefly Balloons 7-15: (F7-2041)–N21800 exp 30Apr21 [31] 2617 [31]

Bell 427: (56063)–N427V exp 30Apr21 [31] 170: (18295)–N3976V exp 30Apr21 [31] (18344)–N4025V exp
Bell 505: (65066)–N68EG exp 30Apr21 [31] 30Apr21 [31] (18465)–N4133V exp 31Mar21 acc 08Apr18 Big Lake
Bell 525: (62002)–N525BK exp 30Apr21 [31] AK [3]
Bensen B-8M: (111450)–N4562B exp 30Apr21 [31] 170A: (18877)–N75875 exp 30Apr21 [31] (19786)–N1232D exp
Boeing PT-13D: (43443)–N622SR exp 31Mar21 [3] dealer 25Sep19 [17] (20029)–N170DJ exp 31Mar21 [12]
Boeing A75N1: (75-1942)–N53157 exp 30Apr21 [31] (25524)–N4580C sr 16Jun21 Dawsons Clinton AR acc 22Dec20
(75-1949)–N782L exp 30Apr21 [31] (75-2243)–N5159V sr 24Oct20 MadisonvilleTN [31]
[24] (75-2757)–N60885 exp 31Mar21 [3] 170B: (20833)–N2681D exp 30Apr21 acc 09Jun20 Aitkin MN [31]
Boeing E75: (75-5080)–N645K exp dealer 18Feb09 [17] (25285)–N2743D exp canx 10Aug18 resd 05Jan21 not regd [12]
Brantly B-2: (146)–N2100U exp 30Apr21 [31] (26297)–N170BB exp 31Mar21 [3]
Bushby Mustang MII: (M-11-32)–N4854Y sr 07Oct20 after acc 172: (29150)–N7050A exp 31Mar21 [3] (29175)–N7075A exp 31Mar21
29Jun19 Woodland WA [12] [3] (29307)–N7207A exp 30Apr21 acc 227Nov18 Whittier AK [31]
(29348)–N7248A exp 30Apr21 [31] (36030)–N8230B exp 31Mar21
Cameron A-140: (5255)–N1988U exp 30Apr21 [31]
[3] (36831)–N3931F exp 31Mar21 [3] (36901)–N4001F exp
Cameron C-80: (5976)–N6052D exp 31Mar21 [3]
30Apr21 acc 30Sep18 Somerset PA [31] (46387)–N6287E exp
Cameron V-77: (6205)–N50UL exp 30Apr21 [31] 30Apr21 [31] (46651)–N7051T rp 06Apr20 [12]
Cameron Z-90: (6745)–N6951X exp 31Mar21 [3] 172A: (47525)–N9725T exp 30Apr21 [31]
Cameron Z-120: (6396)–N518CG exp 31Mar21 [3] 172B: (17247747)–N6847X sr 19Oct20 [24] (17247874)–N6974X exp
Canadian Car & Foundry-Benner Harvard Mk IV: (CCF4-47)–N1387N 30Apr21 [31] (17248508)–N8008X exp 30Apr21 [31]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (17248561)–N8061X sr 08Oct20 [12]
CASA C-212-CC-15 Aviocar: (162)–N603AR exp 30Apr21 [31] 172C: (17249160)–N432AG exp 30Apr21 [31] (17249243)–N1543Y
exp 30Apr21 acc 15Aug18 Silver City NM [31]
CESSNA R172E: (R172-0219)–N9274Z exp 31Mar21 [3]
172F: (17252998)–N65172 rp 20Apr20 flew 2 days before canx [24]
120: (8690)–N89643 exp 31Mar21 [3] (11662)–N77200 sr 05Oct20 172G: (17254194)–N4125L exp 30Apr21 [31]
after acc 23Oct19 Marion AL nosed over [12] (12161)–N1917N exp 172H: (17255328)–N3828R exp 30Apr21 [31] (17255361)–N3861R
31Mar21 [3] (13747)–N4276N exp 31Mar21 [3] (14356)–N2131V sr exp 30Apr21 [31] (17255380)–N3880R exp 30Apr21 [31]
23Jan21 [24] (17255401)–N3901R exp 31Mar21 [3] (17255748)–N2548L exp
140: (11584)–N77126 exp 31Mar21 [3] (13220)–N2962N exp 30Apr21 30Apr21 [31]
[31] (13759)–N4288N exp 31Mar21 [3] R172H: (R1720553)–N172GP exp resd again 13Jan21 ex 4X-CER canx
140A: (15700)–N1137D exp 31Mar21 [3] to USA 2005 [17]
150: (17060)–N5560E exp 31Mar21 [3] (17580)–N7780E sr 14Oct20 172I: (17256823)–N35542 exp 31Mar21 [3]
[17] 172K: (17257246)–N46407 exp 31Mar21 [3] (17257555)–N78294 exp
150B: (15059619)–N1219Y exp 31Mar21 [3] 30Apr21 [31] (17258001)–N172MF sr 27Oct20 currently flying
150C: (15059750)–N1950Z exp 30Apr21 [31] [31] (17258244)–N79915 exp 30Apr21 [31] (17258307)–N84034
150D: (15060106)–N4106U exp 31Mar21 [3] (15060467)–N4467Q exp 31Mar21 Sutton Salvage [3]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (15060488)–N4488U exp 30Apr21 [31] 172L: (17260371)–N7071Q exp 31Mar21 [3] (17260396)–N7096Q sr
(15060652)–N5952T sr 19Oct20 [24] 19Oct20 Wentworths [24]
150F: (15062071)–N8771S exp 28Feb21 [6] (15062328)–N3528L rp 172M: (17260813)–N19861 exp 31Mar21 [3] (17260929)–N20012 exp
02Apr20 [3] (15062675)–N8575G exp 31Mar21 [3] 30Apr21 was at George T Baker Miami FL [31] (17262845)–N51PM
(15063007)–N6407F exp 31Mar21 [3] (15063202)–N6602F exp exp 31Mar21 [3] (17265552)–N514RB exp was N6713H canx
30Apr21 [31] (15063218)–N6618F exp 30Apr21 [31] 13Feb13 resd 13Jan21 not regd [17] (17266439)–N868SA exp
(15064066)–N7966F exp 31Mar21 [3] (15064090)–N7990F exp 30Apr21 [31] (17266755)–N80807 exp 30Apr21 [31]
31Mar21 w/o 29Aug18 Redding CA [3] (15064101)–N8001F sr 172N: (17267625)–N73720 exp 30Apr21 [31] (17267865)–N75634
17Oct20 [17] (15064431)–N3031X exp 30Apr21 [31] exp 31Mar21 acc 29Sep20 Houston TX [3] (17268016)–N75880
150G: (15064708)–N4658X exp 30Apr21 w/o 23Sep19 Prairie Grove exp 31Mar21 [3] (17268597)–N733WB exp 31Mar21 [3]
AR [31] (15065065)–N3765J exp 31Mar21 [3] (15065359)–N4059J (17269699)–N737VB exp 30Apr21 [31] (17270149)–N738QF sr
exp 30Apr21 [31] (15066327)–N8427J exp 30Apr21 [31] 20Oct20 [24] (17270258)–N317BB sr 13Oct20 [17] (17272718)
150H: (15067625)–N6925S exp 30Apr21 [31] (15067904)–N7204S rp –N6328D exp 28Feb21 w/o 07Jly20 South Lake Tahoe CA [6]
08Apr20 [10] (15068568)–N22859 exp 31Mar21 [3] 172P: (17275352)–N62891 exp 30Apr21 [31] (17275589)–N64599
(15068944)–N23435 exp canx 18Jly13 resd 06Jan21 not restored exp 30Apr21 [31] (17275763)–N65490 exp 31Mar21 [3]
[12] 172R: (17280026)–N722SA exp 31Mar21 acc 09Jly20 Auburn ME [3]
150J: (15069843)–N51217 exp 31Mar21 [3] (15070207)–N60297 rp 172RG: (172RG0341)–N4623V exp 31Mar21 [3]
23Apr20 [24] (15070469)–N60640 exp 31Mar21 [3] (172RG0873)–N9551B exp 30Apr21 [31]
(15070836)–N61145 rp 14Apr20 was Skagit Aero Education 172S: (172S8151)–N951SP exp 30Apr21 [31] (172S10221)–N447ER
Museum [17] exp 31Mar21 acc 14Oct20 JW Corbett Wildlife area FL [3]
150K: (15071147)–N855JW exp 30Apr21 [31] (172S11504)–N92275 exp 31Mar21 [3]
150L: (15072946)–N1646Q exp 30Apr21 [31] (15073568)–N16245 sr 175: (55313)–N7013M exp 30Apr21 acc 20Jly19 Kilgore TX [31]
19Oct20 sold as salvage cr in trees [24] (15074028)–N18668 exp (55440)–N175BB exp 31Mar21 [3] (55634)–N7334M exp dealer
30Apr21 [31] (15074647)–N7322G exp 30Apr21 [31] 20Dec05 [17] (56083)–N6583E exp 30Apr21 [31]
(15074697)–N7544G exp 30Apr21 [31] 175A: (56346)–N6846E exp 31Mar21 [3] (56408)–N6908E exp
150M: (15076530)–N3513V exp 31Mar21 [3] (15076913)–N831BJ exp 31Mar21 [3]
30Apr21 [31] (15077174)–N63206 exp 31Mar21 [3] 175C: (17557035)–N8335T exp 30Apr21 [31]
152: (15279978)–N757SX exp 31Mar21 prob salvaged [3] 177: (17700181)–N811HA exp 30Apr21 [31] (17700442)–N3142T sr
(15280122)–N757YZ exp 31Mar21 [3] (15280258)–N24441 exp 18Aug20 [29] (17700670)–N3370T exp dealer 20Apr18 [17]
30Apr21 [31] (15280363)–N24765 exp 30Apr21 [31] (17700777)–N3477T exp 30Apr21 acc 28Jly18 San Diego/El Cajon
(15280464)–N24947 exp 30Apr21 [31] (15281220)–N49280 exp CA [31] (17700896)–N29451 exp dealer 20Dec05 [17]
31Mar21 [3] (15281404)–N152SK exp 31Mar21 [26] (15281580) 177B: (17702069)–N34893 exp 30Apr21 [31] (17702149)–N99PX exp
–N65483 exp 30Apr21 [31] (15282857)–N89764 sr 24Oct20 [24] 30Apr21 [31]
(15283042)–N46393 exp canx 28Mar18 resd 13Jan21 not rest [17] 177RG: (177RG0781)–N177TK exp 31Mar21 [3]
(15283712)–N4930B exp 31Mar21 [3] 180B: (50413)–N485KC exp 31Mar21 acc 09Apr18 Phoenix AZ [3]
(15284569)–N5370M exp 30Apr21 [31] (15285297)–N67404 exp (50421)–N5121E exp 31Mar21 [3]
30Apr21 acc 14Jun18 Denison TX [31] (15285788)–N94790 exp 180G: (18051443)–N4743U exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] (15285804)–N94876 exp 31Mar21 [3] 180H: (18051846)–N7069U exp 31Mar21 [3] (18052187)–N180AG
(15285906)–N95496 exp 30Apr21 [31] exp 31Mar21 [3]

180J: (18052419)–N180BA exp 31Mar21 [3] (18052550)–N5101Y exp de Havilland DHC-3: (128)–N5322G exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] Diamond DA 40: (40.748)–N858DT exp 30Apr21 Tomorrow’s
182A: (51118)–N5018D exp 30Apr21 [31] (51348)–N2048G exp Aeronautical Museum [31]
30Apr21 [31] Douglas A4D-2N: (12695)–N203AT exp dealer 11May04 was stored
182C: (52533)–N999DH exp 30Apr21 [31] Avra Valley 2011 [17]
182D: (18253566)–N9166X exp 30Apr21 [31] Douglas B-26B: (44-35439)–N74833 exp 30Apr21 c/n 28718
182F: (18254465)–N3565Y exp 31Mar21 [14] (18254542)–N771EE Evergreen Avn Museum [31]
exp 31Mar21 [3] (18255049)–N3649U exp 30Apr21 [31]
Eagle Balloons C-7: (E82738)–N60726 exp 30Apr21 [31]
182K: (18257730)–N2530Q exp 31Mar21 [3] (18257990)–N2790Q
Enstrom F-28A: (191)–N31HW exp 30Apr21 [31]
exp 31Mar21 [3]
Enstrom F-28F: (732)–N8011Q exp 31Dec20 acc 06May15 Argyle TX
182L: (18258916)–N42234 exp 30Apr21 [31]
182P: (18261130)–N182LS exp 30Apr21 [31] (18263936)–N9875E
Enstrom 280C: (1111)–N51688 exp 31Mar21 [3]
exp 31Mar21 [3] (18264256)–N1242M exp 31Mar21 [3]
Eclipse EA500: (550-1014)–N840NE exp dealer 17Oct17 [17]
(18264346)–N91MR exp 30Apr21 [31] (18264864)–N1297S exp
31Mar21 [3] Ercoupe 415-C: (382)–N87209 exp 31Mar21 [3] (2563)–N99940 exp
182Q: (18265778)–N735XY exp 31Mar21 [3] 30Apr21 acc 01Nov20 Sherman TX dam nose gear landing [31]
R182: (R18200511)–N1679R exp 31Mar21 [3] (R18201021)–N739ZR (2655)–N2032H exp 30Apr21 [31]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (R18201853)–N5300T sr 17Oct20 [17] Ercoupe 415-D: (1548)–N94325 exp 31Mar21 [3] (2674)–N2051H exp
TR182: (R18200792)–N736YU exp 31Mar21 w/o 11Jan20 Billings MT 30Apr21 [31]
[3] Ercoupe 415-E: (5009)–N94439 exp 31Mar21 [3]
182S: (18280864)–N864TC exp 31Mar21 [3] EAA Biplane P2: (JM-1)–N26JM exp 30Apr21 [31]
182T: (18281130)–N213GG exp 30Apr21 [31] Fairchild 24R-46: (R46-121)–N81220 exp 31Mar21 [3]
T182T: (T18208835)–N836MC exp 30Apr21 [31] (R46156)–N81256 rp 31Mar20 [3]
T182: (18268435)–N9672E exp 31Mar21 [3] Fairchild M-62A: (10734AE)–N50952 exp 30Apr21 [31]
A185F: (18502815)–N185HR exp dealer 27Jly11 [12] Fouga CM 170 Magister: (422)–N422FM exp 30Apr21 [31]
A188B: (18801267T)–N8251G exp 31Mar21 [3] (18801501T)–N9496G
exp 30Apr21 [31] Galaxy Balloons Galaxy 7: (GLX-1067)–N53584 exp 30Apr21 [31]
195: (7278)–N4363V exp 30Apr21 [31] (GLX-1077)–N53574 exp 30Apr21 [31]
P206: (P2060131)–N131DV exp 30Apr21 acc 14Jly19 Cascade IA [31] Glasflugel 604: (3)–N165D exp 31Mar21 [3]
U206A: (U206-0446)–N8046Z exp 31Mar21 [3] Globe GC-1B: (2118)–N78118 exp 30Apr21 [31]
TU206B: (U206-0857)–*N3857G exp canx 31Oct20 resd 29Jan21 not Burkhart Grob G109: (6141)–N3876M exp 31Mar21 [3]
restored [31] American AA-5: (AA5-0217)–N5800L exp 31Mar21 [3]
TU206F: (U20602070)–N629SP exp 30Apr21 [31] Grumman AA-5: (AA5-0067)–N5867L exp 30Apr21 [31]
U206G: (U20604662)–N732DF exp 31Mar21 w/o 10Dec17 Maunaloa (AA5-0247)–N9297L exp 30Apr21 [31] (AA5-0778)–N1378R exp
HI [3] (U20604735)–N732XR exp 30Apr21 w/o 26Aug18 Montague canx 24Oct17 resd 19Jan21 canx 24Jly21 not rest [24]
Island AK plunged to water [31] (U20606253)–N206FM exp Gulfstream American AA-5A: (AA5A0762)–N26847 exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] Grumman American AA-5B: (AA5B0699)–N28597 exp 30Apr21 [31]
T206H: (T20608260)–N579TT exp 30Apr21 [31] (AA5B0865)–N28858 exp 30Apr21 [31]
T207: (20700247)–N29877 exp dealer 09May08 [17] Grumman Schweizer G-164B: (194B)–N6672Q exp 30Apr21 acc
210: (57391)–N9591T exp 30Apr21 Atlanta Tech College [31] 15Jun18 Arrey NM [31] (635B)–N8252K exp 30Apr21 [31]
210B: (21057878)–N9578X exp 31Mar21 [3] Grumman S2F-1: (136619)–N31972 exp 31Mar21 [3]
210D: (21058336)–N3836Y exp 28Feb21 [29] Head Balloons AX8-88: (390)–N24233 exp 31Mar21 [3]
210H: (21058954)–N2MV exp 31Mar21 [3] (21058967)–N122F exp Hiller UH-12D: (1172)–N94515 exp canx 06Jan20 resd 29Jan21 not
31Mar21 [3] restored [31]
T210L: (21061479)–N732FK sr 17Oct20 [17] Hiller UH-12E: (2011)–N7173F exp 30Apr21 [31] (2367)–N90476 exp
T210M: (21062202)–N761ER exp 30Apr21 [31] 30Apr21 [31]
P210N: (P21000075)–N3959P exp 30Apr21 [31] Hughes 269C: (440301)–N87898 exp 31Mar21 [3] (560504)–N7446F
310: (35193)–N489N exp 31Mar21 [3] exp dealer 07Jun11 [12] (S1171)–N9294R exp 30Apr21 [31]
310B: (35666)–N5466A exp 30Apr21 [31] Hughes 369A: (1080811)–N911TQ exp 30Apr21 [31]
310C: (35911)–N1811H exp 31Mar21 [3] Hughes 369D: (1280420D)–N58268 exp 30Apr21 [31]
310J: (310J0170)–N144SF exp 30Apr21 [31] (1280421D)–N58269 exp 30Apr21 [31]
310Q: (310Q0208)–N15PW exp 30Apr21 [31] (310Q0426)–N7WK exp Hughes OH-6A: (67-16117)–N6252S exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [9] (310Q0931)–N146RJ exp 30Apr21 [31]
310R: (310R0049)–N447D exp 31Mar21 [3] Lake LA-4: (395)–N7622L exp 30Apr21 [31]
320D: (320D0129)–N999LP exp 30Apr21 [31] Lancair LC41-550FG: (41047)–N872Y exp 30Apr21 [31]
337: (337-0032)–N337TT exp 30Apr21 [31] (337-0069)–N337Q exp Columbia LC41-550FG: (41628)–N86WT exp 30Apr21 [31]
31Mar21 [3] (337-0173)–N2273X exp 31Mar21 [3] Lindstrand Balloons 120A: (5380)–N209SM exp 31Mar21 [3]
337A: (337-0284)–N6284F rp 27Apr20 [31] (337-0352)–N6352F exp Lockheed P2V-5: (131424)–N807NA exp 30Apr21 c/n 526-5305 [31]
30Apr21 [31] Lockheed P2V-5F: (128346)–N96264 exp 30Apr21 c/n 526-5192 [31]
M337B: (337M0079)–N373AZ exp 30Apr21 [31] (131445)–N9855F exp 30Apr21 c/n 526-5326 retired disp Klamath
337C: (337-0927)–N575N exp 31Mar21 [3] Falls OR [31] (131459)–N96278 exp 30Apr21 [31]
T337G: (P3370035)–N937DY exp 31Mar21 [3] (P3370145)–N20C exp Lockheed TF-104G: (665926)–N104TF exp 30Apr21 reg Classic Acft
30Apr21 [31] Museum Portland OR [31]
340: (340-0550)–N5160J exp 30Apr21 [31] Luscombe 8A: (1099)–N25175 exp 30Apr21 [31] (3164)–N71737 sr
340A: (340A0902)–N986MS exp 30Apr21 [31] 17Aug20 [24] (3618)–N7789K sr 27Oct20 [31] (4066)–N1339K exp
30Apr21 [31] (4161)–N1434K exp 30Apr21 [31]
Cirrus SR20: (1264)–N468BB exp 30Apr21 [31] (1874)–N750SR exp
Luscombe 8E: (4495)–N1768K exp 30Apr21 [31] (5472)–N2745K exp
30Apr21 [31]
30Apr21 [31]
Cirrus SR22: (0693)–N415GE exp 30Apr21 [31] (0900)–N231WM exp
Luscombe 8F: (6459)–N2032B exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] (1109)–N423CD exp 30Apr21 [31] (1206)–N824P exp
Silvaire Luscombe T-8F: (6629)–N2202B exp 31Mar21 [3]
30Apr21 [31] (1937)–N506MR exp 31Mar21 [3] (1993)–N595WP
exp 31Jan21 flew 14Jly21 [27] (3654)–N501FT exp 31Mar21 [3] Maule M-4-210C: (1115C)–N51460 sr 08Oct20 [12]
Cirrus SR22T: (0894)–N325DK sr 28Sep20 to Wentworths acc Maule M-6-235: (7454C)–N56520 exp 30Apr21 cr 06Sep14 Klawock
08Mar17 struck parked acft [3] AK [31]
Cirrus VK-30: (147)–N47VK exp 30Apr21 [31] Maule M-7-260C: (30023C)–N5515V exp 30Apr21 [31]

Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm BO 105 P: (6063)–N6063G exp resd (18-8983)–N4343 exp 30Apr21 [31] (18-7609131)–N432ME exp
06Jan20 as ex C-FVOQ not regd [12] (6073)–N6073G exp resd 30Apr21 [31] (18-7809048)–N4041E exp 31Mar21 [3]
05Jan21 as ex C-FVON but not regd [12] (1809013)–N1313 exp 30Apr21 [31]
Meyers MAC-145: (211)–N424L exp 30Apr21 [31] PA-18A 150: (18-5105)–N6983B exp 31Mar21 acc 14Jly19 Osceola WI
Mooney M20B: (1722)–N74722 exp 30Apr21 [31] [3]
Mooney M20C: (2576)–N6872U exp 31Mar21 [3] (2581)–N6877U exp PA-20: (20-30)–N6928K exp 30Apr21 [31] (20-532)–N7711K exp
30Apr21 [31] (3190)–N5948Q exp 31Mar21 [3] (690063)–N9246V 30Apr21 [31] (20-856)–N1711A exp 30Apr21 [31]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (700012)–N9355V exp 31Mar21 [3] PA-22: (22-135)–N833A exp 31Mar21 [3] (22-1943)–N3701A exp
Mooney M20D: (253)–N78861 rp 28Apr20 flew 31May21 [31] 31Mar21 [3]
Mooney M20E: (483)–N79819 exp 30Apr21 [31] (21-1171)–N6837V PA-22-108: (22-8087)–N4578Z exp 31Mar21 [3] (22-8131)–N4617Z
exp 30Apr21 [31] (670006)–N3213F exp 30Apr21 acc 21Jun18 exp 31Mar21 [3] (22-8349)–N4785Z exp 31Jan21 [27]
Mesa AZ gear collapse landing [31] (690030)–N5186Y exp (22-8372)–N4805Z exp 31Mar21 acc 18Dec17 Yentna AK [3]
30Apr21 [31] (700027)–N9428V exp 31Mar21 [26] (22-8506)–N4917Z sr 29Sep20 [3] (22-8807)–N5156Z exp
Mooney M20F: (670295)–N197AW exp 30Apr21 [31] 31Mar21 [3] (22-9438)–N5626Z exp 30Apr21 [31]
(670521)–N6442Q exp 31Mar21 [3] (700034)–N9441V exp PA-22-135: (22-1901)–N3643A exp 30Apr21 [31] (22-1906)–N3646A
31Mar21 [3] (700050)–N9496V exp 30Apr21 [31] exp 30Apr21 [31] (22-1914)–N3654A exp 30Apr21 [31]
Mooney M20G: (680021)–N3640N exp 30Apr21 [31] (22-2057)–N3228B exp 30Apr21 [31]
Mooney M20J: (24-0684)–N555ED exp 31Mar21 [3] PA-22-150: (22-3576)–N3907P exp 30Apr21 [31] (22-3983)–N4830A
(24-1129)–N1084K exp 31Mar21 [3] (24-1278)–N611PS exp exp 30Apr21 [31] (22-4069)–N6736B exp 31Mar21 [3]
30Apr21 [31] (24-3086)–N52759 exp 30Apr21 [31] (22-4185)–N6910B exp 30Apr21 [31] (22-4508)–N5832D exp
(24-3271)–N155W exp 31Mar21 [3] 31Mar21 [3] g(22-6119)–N8956D exp 31Mar21 [3]
Mooney M20K: (25-0198)–N916BL sr 30Oct20 but currently flying [31] (22-6791)–N9998D sr 20Jly20 [9] (22-7332)–N3419Z exp 30Apr21
Mooney M20R: (29-0090)–N9915D exp 31Mar21 [3] [31]
PA-22-160: (22-5922)–N8740D sr 21Oct20 [24] (22-6261)–N9202D
Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3: (1940)–N45068 exp 31Mar21 [3]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (22-6467)–N9550D exp 30Apr21 [31]
Navion A: (NAV-4-1189)–N9124 sr 23Oct20 [24]
(22-7214)–N3265Z exp 31Mar21 [3] (22-7584)–N3713Z exp
(NAV-4-2018)–N5118K exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3]
North American Navion: (NAV-4-678)–N8678H exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-23: (23-733)–N2140P exp 31Mar21 [3] (23-842)–N2233P exp
(NAV-4-684)–N8684H exp 30Apr21 [31] (NAV-4-795)–N8795H exp
31Mar21 Aeroplanes over Idaho Museum [3]
31Mar21 [3]
PA-23-250: (27-2330)–N257F exp 30Apr21 [31] (27-3497)–N6257Y
Ryan Navion: (NAV-4-1606)–N4606K exp 31Mar21 [3]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (27-3984)–N8887Y exp 30Apr21 [31]
(NAV-4-1866)–N4866K sr 19Oct20 [24]
(27-7954120)–N302PR exp 30Apr21 [31] (27-8054036)–N144CN
Ryan Navion A: (NAV-4-1982)–N4982K exp 30Apr21 [31]
exp 31Mar21 [3]
(NAV-4-2069)–N5169K exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-24: (24-267)–N5237P exp 31Mar21 [3] (24-482)–N70GV exp
Ryan Navion B: (NAV-4-2187B)–N5287K exp 30Apr21 [31]
31Mar21 [3] (24-2250)–N7095P exp 30Apr21 acc 05May20
Noorduyn UC-64A: (542)–N225BL exp 31Mar21 [3]
Stillwater OK gear up landing [31] (24-2874)–N7661P exp
North American-Medore SNJ-5: (88-19133-1)–N6526D exp 31Mar21
30Apr21 [31]
PA-24-180: (24-737)–N5665P exp 30Apr21 [31] (24-1944)–N6811P
North American P-51C-5NT: (42103740)–N309PV exp 30Apr21 c/n
exp 30Apr21 [31] (24-2000)–N2414C exp 31Mar21 [3]
103-26294 OK Museum of Flying [31]
(24-2379)–N7209P exp dealer 20Dec05 [17]
North American T-28A: (944)–N129DR exp 31Mar21 stored Fairbanks
PA-24-250: (24-289)–N5257P exp 31Mar21 [20] (24-363)–N5320P
AK [3] (49-1676)–N6851D exp 31Mar21 c/n 159-188 Cactus AF [3]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (24-2047)–N6913P exp 30Apr21 [31]
(49-1700)–N28AM exp 30Apr21 c/n 159-212 [31]
(24-3450)–N8194P exp 30Apr21 [31]
Piaggio P.136-L1: (194)–N222A exp 30Apr21 [31] PA-24-260: (24-4136)–N8688P exp canx 01Jun18 resd 19Jan21 canx
Pietenpol Aircamper: (002)–N321LR exp 31Mar21 [3] 24Jly21 not rest [24] (24-4701)–N9206P exp dealer 23Jan18 [17]
(403-56-6288)–N9030D exp 31Mar21 [3] PA-28-140: (28-20102)–N6088W exp 30Apr21 [31]
Grega Aircamper: (892)–N77MK exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-20632)–N6552W exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-21105)–N6930W rp
09Apr20 [12] (28-21245)–N4540R exp 30Apr21 [31]
PIPER (28-21524)–N6354R exp 30Apr21 [31] (28-22493)–N4163J exp
31Mar21 [3] (28-22548)–N4203J sr 22Oct20 [24]
J-2: (821)–N16955 exp 30Apr21 [31] (28-22764)–N4378J exp 30Apr21 [31] (28-22884)–N4468J exp
J-3: (18868)–N98644 exp 31Mar21 [3] 30Apr21 [31] (28-23245)–N9761W exp 30Apr21 [31]
J-3C: (15654)–N88037 exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-24127)–N1715J exp 30Apr21 acc 14Nov18 Presidio TX [31]
J3C-65: (3880)–N22994 exp 31Mar21 really c/n 2880 [3] (28-24791)–N5988W rp 08Apr20 [12] (28-25061)–N5758F exp
(17834)–N70817 sr 24Oct20 [24] (20658)–N7398H exp dealer 31Mar21 [3] (28-25520)–N8700N exp 30Apr21 [31]
03Jan20 [17] (22534)–N3336N exp 31Mar21 [3] (22555)–N3356N (28-25825)–N95154 exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-25946)–N95428 exp
exp 30Apr21 [31] (23147)–N78406 exp 30Apr21 [31] 28Feb21 [9] (28-26720)–N5918U exp 31Mar21 [3]
(3754)–N25803 exp 30Apr21 [31] (7637)–N47312 exp 30Apr21 (28-25888)–N95321 exp 30Apr21 [31] (28-7125452)–N590FL exp
acc 19May19 Greer SC [31] dealer 23Jun20 [31] (28-7225388)–N719FL exp 30Apr21 [31]
J3C-65S: (16699)–N92167 exp 30Apr21 [31] (18957)–N98729 exp (28-7225482)–N1364T exp dealer 21Oct13 [17]
31Mar21 [3] (28-7325078)–N15488 exp 30Apr21 [31] (28-7325447)–N55633
J3F-65: (5481)–N32603 exp dereg 16Feb71 back 12Feb71 [12.02] exp 30Apr21 acc 31Aug19 Conroe TX [31] (28-7325510)–N55866
J5A: (5-117)–N28144 exp 31Mar21 [3] (5-958)–N38407 exp 30Apr21 exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-7325529)–N55920 exp 30Apr21 [31]
[31] (28-7625055)–N4561X exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-11: (11-1478)–N78726 exp 31Mar21 [3] PA-28-151: (28-7415130)–N41178 exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-12: (12-1988)–N78477 exp 31Mar21 [3] (12-2693)–N3761M exp (28-7415239)–N41499 exp 28Feb21 [2] (28-7715159)–N5924F rp
31Mar21 [3] (12-2953)–N7167J exp 30Apr21 [31] 10Apr20 [17]
PA-16: (16-205)–N624BL exp 31Mar21 [3] PA-28-160: (28-803)–N5646W exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-17: (17-175)–N4876H exp 30Apr21 [31] PA-28-161: (28-7716178)–N615DC exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-18: (18-219)–N7503K exp 30Apr21 [31] (18-7310)–N23943 exp (28-7816028)–N44855 exp 28Feb21 [15] (28-7816178)–N705RA
30Apr21 [31] exp 30Apr21 acc 21Jan16 Everglades FL [31]
PA-18-125: (18-1102)–N1298A exp 31Mar21 [3] (18-1175)–N1348A (28-7816190)–N9746K exp 30Apr21 [31] (28-8016115)–N121DL
exp 30Apr21 [31] exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-8116198)–N8369A exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-18-150: (18-7614)–N3854Z exp 30Apr21 [31] (18-7934)–N3999Z PA-28-180: (28-1191)–N5710W exp 31Mar21 acc 01Feb19
exp 31Mar21 [3] (18-8558)–N4299Z exp 31Mar21 [23] Portsmouth NH [3] (28-1858)–N7841W exp 30Apr21 [31]

(28-2077)–N8014W exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-3552)–N9440J exp Aerostar S-66A: (S66A-3058)–N7131J exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] (28-4062)–N4736L exp 30Apr21 [31] Rearwin 175: (1528)–N32402 exp 31Mar21 Mid America Air Museum
(28-4448)–N5163L exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-5643)–N2524R exp [3]
30Apr21 [31] (28-7105058)–N5199S exp 31Mar21 [3] Commonwealth Rearwin 185: (1781)–N90686 exp 31Mar21 [3]
(28-7305347)–N55747 exp 30Apr21 [31] Commonwealth Rearwin 9000-L: (573D)–N18772 exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-28-181: (28-7690009)–N4433X exp 30Apr21 [31] Republic RC-3: (490)–N6280K exp dealer 20Dec05 [17] (789)–N6523K
(28-7890292)–N3054M exp 31Mar21 [3] (2843126)–N4175V exp exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] Robinson R22: (0174)–N90700 exp 30Apr21 [31] (0283)–N9078N exp
PA-28-235: (28-10146)–N8631W exp canx 20Nov14 resd 07Oct20 not 30Apr21 [31]
restored back 12Apr21 [12] (28-10217)–N14RW exp 31Mar21 [3] Robinson R22 Beta: (1525)–N911LC exp 30Apr21 [31]
(28-10624)–N9032W exp 31Mar21 [3] (28-11335)–N8536N exp (3864)–N923SH exp 30Apr21 w/o 17Oct18 Fulton MO [31]
31Mar21 [3] (28-7510029)–N32681 exp 30Apr21 [31] Robinson R44: (1145)–N7509L exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-28-236: (28-8111034)–N8309X exp 30Apr21 [31] Robinson R44 II: (10007)–N439LL rp 14Apr20 [17] (10294)–N755KT
PA-28R-180: (28R-30090)–N3778T exp 30Apr21 [31] exp 30Apr21 acc 07Jun18 Fort Morgan AL [31] (10668)–N825VJ
(28R-30379)–N4522J exp 30Apr21 acc 31Jan18 Monroe LA gear up exp 31Mar21 [3] (11478)–N544MA exp 30Apr21 [31]
landing [31] (28R-30417)–N4557J exp 30Apr21 [31] (13747)–N755DA exp 30Apr21 [31]
(28R-30573)–N4672J exp 30Apr21 [31] Robinson R66: (0423)–N6QH exp 31Mar21 [3] (0814)–N92MR exp
PA-28R-200: (28R-35751)–N5019S exp 30Apr21 [31] 31Mar21 [3]
(28R-7235087)–N4555T rp 22Apr20 flying day after canx [24] Aero Commander 100: (104)–N5542M exp 31Mar21 acc 22Jly15 San
(28R-7435119)–N40746 exp 30Apr21 [31] Antonio TX but renewed 2018 [3]
PA-28R-201: (2837003)–N803ND exp 30Apr21 [31] Rockwell 112TC: (13061)–N4571W exp 30Apr21 [31]
(2844063)–N448PA exp 30Apr21 [31] (28R-7837176)–N6899C exp Aero Commander 200D: (333)–N427VV exp 30Apr21 [31]
30Apr21 acc 27Oct18 Hobbs NM [31]
PA-28RT-201: (28R-8218024)–N550FT sr 27Oct20 [31] Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus T: (21)–N22KG exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-28RT-201T: (28R-8231039)–N81765 exp 31Mar21 [3] Schempp-Hirth Janus C: (96)–N5579L exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-30: (30-177)–N7159Y exp 30Apr21 [31] Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 3T: (3)–N141V exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-31: (31-7401261)–N777TN exp 31Mar21 [3] Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus: (338)–N4RF exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-31-325: (31-7612074)–N99TB exp 30Apr21 [31] Schempp-Hirth Ventus 3F: (017FS)–N753R exp 31Mar21 w/o 10Jly18
PA-32-260: (32-1)–N321FG sr 19Oct20 [24] Moriarty NM [3]
PA-32-301: (32-8006064)–N82242 exp 31Mar21 [3] Schempp-Hirth Ventus-B: (59)–N77AE exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-32-301T: (32-8024028)–N82300 exp 31Mar21 [3] Schweizer SGS 1-26D: (410)–N7709S exp 30Apr21 [31]
(328024038)–N1963J exp 31Jan21 [28] Schweizer SGU 2-22E: (186)–N2728Z exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-32-300: (32-40393)–N4079R exp 31May21 w/o 05Jly20 Eveleth Semco Balloon T: (SEM176)–N2045J exp 30Apr21 [31]
MN [15] (32-7840137)–N31606 exp 31Mar21 [3] Stearman Aircraft 4E: (4019)–N779H exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-32R-300: (32R-7680064)–N7838C exp 31Mar21 [3] Stinson 108: (108-2020)–N9020K exp 31Mar21 [3]
(32R-7680510)–N5363F exp 31Mar21 [3] (32R-7780299)–N3227Q Stinson 108-1: (108-1473)–N8473K exp 30Apr21 [31]
exp 31Mar21 [3] (32R-7780530)–N9SA exp 31Jan21 flew 2 days (108-1685)–N8685K exp 31Mar21 [3] (108-2249)–N9249K exp
before canx [27] (32R-7880041)–N9894K exp 30Apr21 acc 30Apr21 [31]
12Aug18 South Beloit IL [31] Stinson 108-2: (108-2642)–N97713 exp 31Mar21 was Alaska Avn
PA-32R-301: (3213093)–N2464W exp 30Apr21 [31] Heritage Museum [3]
(3246127)–N4135J exp 31Mar21 [3] Stinson 108-3: (108-4113)–N6113M exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-32R-301T: (3257383)–N599ST exp 31Mar21 acc 11Mar20 (108-4115)–N6115M exp 31Mar21 [3] (108-4849)–N3965C exp
Rensselaer IN [3] 30Apr21 [31] (108-4964)–N6964M exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-32RT-300: (32R-7885184)–N144EZ exp 31Mar21 [3] Stinson L-5G: (4625)–N63370 exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-32RT-300T: (32R-7887184)–N688A exp 31Mar21 [3] Stinson 10A: (7821)–N31572 exp 31Mar21 [3]
(32R-7987002)–N2100A exp 30Apr21 [31] Stits Playboy: (RBF-1)–N68638 exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-34-200: (34-7350170)–N55075 exp 30Apr21 [31] Stolp Starduster Too SA300: (869)–N714ST exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-34-200T: (34-7570061)–N328RG exp 31Mar21 acc 11Sep19 (1758)–N91FA exp 30Apr21 [31]
Kingman KS [3] (34-7570140)–N33646 exp 30Apr21 acc 24Apr15 Stolp Acroduster II: (SA750-083176JC)–N787WM exp 31Mar21 w/o
Indianapolis INgear collapse landing [31] (34-7670007)–N3962X 20Aug18 Phoenix AZ [3]
exp 30Apr21 [31] (34-7670266)–N6181J exp 30Apr21 [31] Swearingen SA-226T: (T284)–N154L exp 30Apr21 [31]
(34-7770348)–N38844 exp 30Apr21 [31] (34-7970406)–N2958U (T317)–N22DW exp 30Apr21 w/o 31May05 Teterboro NJ [31]
exp 30Apr21 [31] Taylorcraft BC12-D: (6730)–N43071 exp 31Mar21 [3] (7224)–N43565
PA-36-300: (36-7760032)–N57865 exp 31Mar21 [3] exp 31Mar21 [3] (7952)–N95652 exp 31Mar21 [3] (8424)–N96124
PA-38-112: (38-78A0144)–N9611T exp 30Apr21 [31] rp 20Apr20 [24] (8694)–N96394 exp 30Apr21 [31] (8778)–N96478
(38-79A0433)–N2420F exp 31Mar21 w/o 02Dec20 Pembroke sr 22Oct20 [24] (9002)–N96702 exp 31Mar21 [3] (9132)–N179J
Pines FL [3] (38-79A0444)–N2442F exp 31Mar21 [3] exp 30Apr21 [31] (9153)–N96853 exp 30Apr21 [31]
PA-44-180: (44-7995025)–N39693 exp 31Mar21 acc 15May19 (9646)–N95246 exp 30Apr21 [31] (10354)–N5054M exp 30Apr21
Centralia IL [3] (44-7995068)–N41B exp 30Apr21 [31] [31]
(44-7995314)–N721CK exp 30Apr21 [31] Taylorcraft BL-65: (2211)–N27570 exp 30Apr21 [31] (2477)–N29635
PA-44-180T: (44-8107048)–N83628 exp 28Feb21 [16]
exp 31Mar21 [3]
PA-46-500TP: (4697347)–N215PA sr 22Oct20 address in Malaysia [24]
Taylorcraft DCO-65: (5102)–N11AJ exp 31Mar21 [27]
Pitts Special S-1D: (7-0270)–N94RV exp 30Apr21 [31] Taylorcraft F19: (F-039)–N13HS exp 31Mar21 [3]
Pitts S1S: (COBB 001)–N101HR exp 30Apr21 [31] Temco GC-1B: (2328)–N78328 sr 05Oct20 [12]
Porterfield CP-65: (704)–N27207 exp 31Mar21 [3]
Ultramagic S A N-250: (250/33)–N94VB exp 31Mar21 [3]
WSK-PZL PZL-104 WILGA 80: (CF20890879)–N2245T exp 30Apr21 [31]
WACO CUC-2: (4249)–N14625 rp 07Apr20 [12]
Aerostar RX-7: (RX7-3045)–N6422C sr 29Oct20 [31]
WACO YMF: (F5C-077)–N63WC exp 31Mar21 acc 22Jun19 Bar Harbor
Raven Rally RX7: (RX7-3204)–N3574P exp 30Apr21 [31]
ME [3]
Aerostar RX-9: (RX9-3020)–N52929 exp 30Apr21 [31]
Weatherly 620A: (1530)–N4628U exp dealer 19Jan90 [17]
Aerostar S-53A: (S53A-3003)–N7085H exp 31Mar21 [3]
(1531)–N4640D exp dealer 15May90 [17]
Aerostar Raven S57-A: (S57A-3076)–N35997 exp 30Apr21 [31]
Weatherly 620TP: (1502)–N9259W exp dealer 20Jun06 [17]
Raven S-60A: (S60A-346)–N4402M exp 30Apr21 [31]
Whittman Tailwind: (JNC-1)–N44PX exp 31Jan21 [27]
Aerostar S-60A: (S60A-3150)–N6315Q exp 31Mar21 [3]
(S60A-3288)–N52339 exp 30Apr21 [31] Nanchang China CJ-6: (3832023)–N62KB exp 30Apr21 [31]

Yakovlev YAK-18A: (1161706)–N5918A exp 31Mar21 [3] Gadrim Jasgad M6: (LRCJASM6A0001S)–N542XG exp 31Mar21 [3]
Yakovlev YAK 52: (9311704)–N81FS exp 30Apr21 acc 05May18 Bayou Griffon Aerospace Outlawer: (0150281)–N602GT exp 30Apr21 [31]
La Batre AL [31] Hexacrafter HO-1250: (FC-0003)–N773FC exp 30Apr21 [31]
Yakovlev YAK-55: (890802)–N42CL exp 30Apr21 [31] L3 Latitude HQ-90C: (024)–N524HQ exp resd 29Jan20 not registered
UAV Latitude Engineering HQ-40D: (015)–N401VN exp 30Apr21 [31]
Precision Drone Pacesetter: (DB000212)–N552YG exp 30Apr21 [31]
3D Robotics 3DR RTF X8: (MC1904)–N543JX exp 30Apr21 [31] Sensefly Ebee: (EB-03-24170)–N552KA exp 30Apr21 [31]
3D Robotics Iris+: (3DR#021ID#240)–N552MG exp 30Apr21 [31] Straight Up Imaging Endurance: (E22P334C11N006)–N493SK exp
3D Robotics Spektre: (S-101)–N108BN exp 30Apr21 [31] 31Mar21 [3]
3D Robotics Y6 Multi-Copter: (U434454)–N106NM exp 31Mar21 [3] Tory Foster Roboflight Hex 2.0: (K02793)–N537VC exp 28Feb21 [10]
3D Robotics X8 RTF: (UASTSVC001)–N525GG exp 31Mar21 [3] Tyler Lerner Custom Design: (09-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41)
Aerial Imaging Solutions APH-22: (014APH)–N553GL exp 30Apr21 [31] –N1984G exp 31Mar21 [3] (24153319581254312065344)–N1729R
Aerial Mob Heavy Lifter: (AMSUAV 1004)–N994AM exp 31Mar21 [3] exp 31Mar21 [3] (29A)–N666HL exp 31Mar21 [3]
Aerial Technology Droidworks AD-8: (0033932400)–N310NU exp UAS USA Tempest: (0814141)–N110NU exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] (1129121)–N210NU exp 31Mar21 [3]
Aeronautics Orbiter: (808)–N808NM exp 31Mar21 [3] UAV Pro Fox Car: (316)–N316FC exp 30Apr21 [31]
Aeryon Labs Sky Ranger: (SKU-100001-00 SR2023487)–N231VS exp Univ Of Iowa F550: (0140027023)–N541WU exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] (SKU-100001-00 SR4021325)–N230VS exp 31Mar21 [3]
Airrobot AR180: (00420)–N103BN exp 30Apr21 [31] HOMEBUILT etc
Airrobot AR200: (AR00483)–N259LS exp 31Mar21 [3]
Buffalo County Sheriffs Office AR Drone 2.0: (PS721000AG2)–N539SB Glider
exp 31Mar21 [3] Hallam Quickli: (1)–N22QE exp 31Mar21 [3]
CGL Systems FS-Scout-1: (FS002)–N602FS exp 31Mar21 [3] Laister LP-49: (5)–N549R rp 10Apr20 [17]
(FS010)–N610FS exp 31Mar21 [3] (FS011)–N611FS exp 31Mar21 [3] Monnett Monerai-S: (4979101)–N42289 exp 30Apr21 [31]
DJI Inspire 1: (W13DCA23020251)–N869SP exp 30Apr21 [31] Zoegling: (AC-711)–N12864 exp 31Mar21 [3]
(W13DCB08020138)–N6447F exp 31Mar21 [3]
(W13DEB17060851)–N887AK exp 31Mar21 [3]
Born Hofnar: (001)–N450BH exp 31Mar21 [3]
DJI Inspire 2: (09YDDC10FR0892)–N840XM exp 31Mar21 [3]
(09YDE1C0040108)–N514AA exp 30Apr21 [31] Single Engine
(09YDE1C0040168)–N776RC exp 30Apr21 [31] Acey Deucy P-70: (24)–N3365 rp 07Apr20 [12]
DJI Mavic Air: (0K1DF192BD3345)–N843UM exp 31Mar21 [3] Advanced Aviation Buccaneer XA650: (B2A-018)–N788DW exp
(0K1DF1X2BD1U77)–N844HS exp 30Apr21 [31] 30Apr21 [31]
DJI Matrice 200: (0FZDEAH0P20284)–N845CR exp 30Apr21 [31] Acro Sport: (GED-1)–N75GD exp 30Apr21 [31]
DJI Mavic 2 Pro: (163DFAG001SJXY)–N897YD exp resd 29Dec20 not Aerolab Locamp: (007)–N64EP rp 17Apr20 [24]
regd [3] Aerosport Scamp: (CU-2)–N3968R exp 30Apr21 [31]
DJI Mavic Pro: (08QCEAC0226Y25)–N926MG exp 31Mar21 [3] Air Creation ARV Tanarg: (T06113)–N912TJ exp 31Mar21 acc 20Mar19
(08QUE8Q10101T0)–N841JK exp 30Apr21 [31] Kailua-Kona HI [3] (T11056)–N573AC exp 31Mar21 [3]
(08QDD9MA1200PV)–N97NG exp 31Mar21 [3] Air Creation 582 Twin: (M10213205)–N7584A exp 30Apr21 [31]
(08QDE2401201BQ)–N282KK exp 31Mar21 [3] Airborne Edge X Classic: (582-705)–N43YR exp 30Apr21 [31]
(553-M1P1607)–N832MS exp 30Apr21 [31] Aircamper: (6F43)–N6107B exp 31Mar21 [3]
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum: (08QCECDP020G6V)–N391AM exp 30Apr21 [31] American Aircraft Falcon XP-B: (600043)–N5950 exp 31Mar21 [3]
DJI MM1A Spark: (0ASDEBN0B100G7)–N995TL exp 31Mar21 [3] Anderson Grand 51: (2002)–N2650N rp 26Aug20 [3]
DJI Phantom 2: (PH645194390)–N542YM exp 31Mar21 [3] Antares MA32: (9701)–N108AA exp 31Mar21 [3]
(PH645230035)–N547QC exp 30Apr21 [31] Avid Flyer: (238)–N1PY exp 30Apr21 [31] (1276D)–N40815 exp
(PH645424549)–N901UV exp 31Mar21 [3] 31Mar21 [3]
(PH645424550)–N902UV exp 31Mar21 [3] Avid Flyer Mk IV: (PS700)–N7566L exp 31Mar21 [3] (1076D)–N776C
(PH645424551)–N903UV exp 31Mar21 [3] exp 30Apr21 [31]
(PH646015600)–N545EC exp 30Apr21 [31] Bede BD-4: (01)–N157JS exp 30Apr21 [31]
(PH646025729)–N544WC exp 30Apr21 [31] Benham Hayfield Harrier: (312500756)–N84DB exp 30Apr21 [31]
(PH646025788)–N544YC exp 30Apr21 [31] (UA1S)–N550FA exp Burroughs Brush 1: (001)–N138BS exp 30Apr21 [31]
30Apr21 [31] (UA2S)–N551BM exp 30Apr21 [31] CGS Aviation Hawk Arrow II: (HA11-318-R582-TR1)–N61216 exp
DJI Phantom 2 Vision +: (PH645420433)–N541UH exp 31Mar21 [3] 31Mar21 [3]
(PH645439941)–N541JF exp 31Mar21 [3] CGS Hawk: (HAII-410-582 TRI)–N410HK rp 09Apr20 [12]
DJI Phantom 2 Vision +: (PH645440039)–N117MH exp 31Mar21 [3] Challenger I: (0798-0692)–N708UJ sr 24Oct20 [24]
(PH 645 483 783)–N548HS exp 30Apr21 [31] Challenger 1 Clip Wing: (99CWS0717)–N5034F exp 30Apr21 [31]
(PH645180129 V2.0)–N552LS exp 30Apr21 [31] Challenger 2 Place LW: (CH2-0503-2323)–N157JD exp 31Mar21 [3]
(PH645243568 V2.0)–N552RF exp 30Apr21 [31] Challenger II: (CH20891B0725)–N94449 exp 31Mar21 [3]
(PH645370518)–N539NC exp 30Apr21 [31] (CH20694-1173)–N512J exp 30Apr21 [31]
(PH645494421)–N510JU exp 30Apr21 [31] (CH2-0401-2070)–N644R exp 31Mar21 [3]
DJI Phantom 3 Profession: (P76DCE14010886)–N895AA exp 30Apr21 (CH2-0502-2213)–N251BK exp 30Apr21 [31]
[31] (CH2-0607-LSS-LW-0135)–N217BR exp 30Apr21 [31]
DJI Phantom 4 Pro: (OAXCE6M0A30721)–N837DE exp 30Apr21 [31] Challenger II Special: (00001-2010)–N774DD exp 31Mar21 [3]
(0AXDE1C0A30684)–N880JK exp 31Mar21 [3] Colliver Goose: (1)–N521G exp 30Apr21 [31]
(0AXDE1L0A30862)–N234SK exp 31Mar21 [3] Corbin Jr Ace - E: (002)–N13KX exp 31Mar21 [3]
DJI S1000: (02Q0021222)–N542FC exp 31Mar21 [3] Cozy 3 Place: (446)–N342RM exp 28Feb21 [2]
Draganfly Innovations X4ES: (0013A20040A8C3F3)–N207GF exp Cozy Mark III: (349)–N413RA exp 31Mar21 [3]
31Mar21 [3] Cozy Mark IV: (001)–N573EX exp 30Apr21 [31] (0529)–N2075V exp
Draganfly Innovations X6: (FDD2A22CDA529B57)–N206GF exp 30Apr21 [31]
31Mar21 [3] Davidson F-232: (91F232-01)–N95KD exp 31Mar21 [3]
DSLR Pros P23AXIS: (PH645221144)–N5334G exp 30Apr21 [31] Deacon CJ4: (CJ4-001)–N43CD exp 31Mar21 [3]
Event38 E386: (BK101)–N267SP exp 31Mar21 [3] Dragonfly 102: (1021)–N11312 exp 31Mar21 [3]
Georgia Institute Of Tech Skywalker X-8: (001)–N609GT exp 31Mar21 Earl Populair 1-A: (103)–N138W exp 31Mar21 [3]
[3] (002)–N610GT exp 31Mar21 [3] Earlybird Jenny: (096)–N67834 exp 30Apr21 [31]
Gadrim H6 Hornet: (LRCH6HA0001S)–N544ZJ exp 31Mar21 [3] Esqual VM-1: (E180070)–N31BZ exp 30Apr21 [31]

Europa XS: (A284)–N284A exp 30Apr21 [31] Rutan Long-ez: (571)–N81465 exp 31Mar21 [3] (1547)–N944SJ exp
Excalibur: (06032017)–N900KC exp 31Mar21 [3] 31Mar21 [3] (825)–N681DH exp 30Apr21 [31]
Farmer RB5: (1408)–N534ZF exp 31Mar21 [3] Rutan Varieze: (001)–N394WW exp 31Mar21 [3] (362)–N79BR exp
Fessler Ultimate: (44)–N988SF exp 31Mar21 [3] 31Mar21 [3] (792)–N82RG exp 30Apr21 [31]
Fisher FP202 Koala: (001)–N7078U exp 31Mar21 [3] Sabre Aircraft Sabre 503: (4504-9593-R.B.)–N9282K exp 30Apr21 [31]
Fisher Horizon 1: (H0-96)–N842LH exp 31Mar21 [3] Sabre Ultra-Light Aircraft: (M5171915)–N6111Z exp 31Mar21 [3]
Flight Design CTLS: (F-14-06-06)–N390CT exp 31Mar21 [3] Sequoia Falco F8: (572SF)–N572AB exp 30Apr21 [31]
(08-04-09)–N840KN exp 30Apr21 [31] Sky Cycle Gypsy SS: (SC-001-SS)–N91498 exp 31Mar21 [3]
Flightstar Spyder: (751)–N117ZZ exp 31Mar21 [3] Skystar 4-1200: (LBS086)–N9003C rp 27Feb20 [12]
Flying K Sky Raider: (26)–N2663R exp 31Mar21 [3] (62266)–N503SR Skystar 4S: (001)–N869Y exp 30Apr21 [31]
exp 31Mar21 [3] Skystar Outback: (S9910-0226)–N56P exp 30Apr21 [31]
Glastar: (5098)–N165PG exp 30Apr21 [31] (5359)–N645GS exp Sonex: (0637)–N637CT exp 31Mar21 [3] (1107)–N47SX exp 31Mar21
30Apr21 [31] [3]
Goodwin Bueto 1: (4102018)–N848MG exp 30Apr21 [31] Spartan: (101)–N7064V exp 30Apr21 [31]
Green Sky Micro Mong: (001)–N913RE exp 30Apr21 [31] Spezio DAL-1: (309)–N25131 exp 30Apr21 [31]
Harmon Rockett II: (83)–N398DB exp 31Mar21 [3] Standerfer Headwind 17: (2098V1A)–N17VS exp 30Apr21 [31]
Homrich R1: (01)–N304N exp 31Mar21 [3] Steen Skybolt: (FAY-1)–N14BF sr 11Aug20 [20]
Hummel Bird: (3411-P)–N9042E exp 31Mar21 [3] Stolp Acroduster II SA750: (302)–N529FM exp 30Apr21 acc 07Mar20
Hy-Tek Hurricane Hauler: (123)–N60523 exp 31Mar21 [3] Senoia GA [31]
III Sky Arrow 600 Sport: (LSA009)–N446SA exp 30Apr21 [31] Stolp Starduster II: (100)–N102E exp 30Apr21 [31]
Interplane Skyboy UL: (36/2001)–N741RB exp 30Apr21 [31] Super Acro Sport I: (P S AIRCRAFT 1)–N20FB exp 30Apr21 acc
Interplane Skyboy: (602002)–N106LG exp 30Apr21 [31] 25Apr19 Elberton GA [31]
Jabiru J250-SP: (415)–N595J exp 31Mar21 [3] TEAM Hi-Max: (398P)–N398RL exp 31Mar21 [3]
Just Acft JA35 Superstol Stret: (JA498-11-16)–N357TX sr 23Oct20 [24] TEAM Hi Max 1400Z: (1569P)–N7211H exp 31Mar21 [3]
Just Acft JA 320 Superstol: (JA320-10-13)–N87TX exp 28Feb21 [10] TEAM Mini Max 1500R: (MK387)–N727LP rp 17Apr20 [24]
K & S Jungster 1YJ01: (001)–N4437Z exp 30Apr21 [31] TEAM V-Max: (MK-788)–N364CS sr 17Oct20 [17]
Kitfox III: (1137)–N92PP exp 31Mar21 [3] Tepolt HC 150: (1)–N313HT exp 30Apr21 [31]
Kitfox IV: (1405)–N106WM exp 30Apr21 [31] Titan Tornado: (175)–N50F exp 30Apr21 acc 29Nov17 Mechanicsville
Kitfox IV 1200: (BDU153)–N1530T exp 31Mar21 [3] VA [31] (D93XXXC0HK0058)–N426J exp 30Apr21 [31]
Kitfox 5: (S-94100055)–N763RB exp 30Apr21 [31] (T9958250HK0354)–N3053M exp 31Mar21 [3]
Kitfox S7 Supersport: (KA14187293)–N161TW exp 30Apr21 [31] Titan Tornado S: (SO4XXXSOHKO477)–N610VB exp 31Mar21 [3]
Kitfox Series 7: (S60111-074)–N1852N exp 30Apr21 [31] Turbine Cub SP A 18: (TC0705014)–N181TJ rp 08Apr20 [12]
Kolb Mark III: (M3-176)–N112KC exp 31Mar21 [3] (M3-273)–N357RK Van’s RV-4: (554)–N160HB exp 30Apr21 [31] (842)–N48BD exp
exp 31Mar21 [3] 30Apr21 [31] (3890)–N7765X exp 30Apr21 acc 07Jun18 Butler PA
Kolb Twinstar: (001)–N503KT exp 31Mar21 [3] [31]
Kolb Twinstar Mark IIIXT: (M3X-01-04-00026)–N898QA exp resd Van’s RV-6: (1)–N37WL exp 31Mar21 [3] (60376)–N46WP exp
14Jan21 [17] (M3X03 4000 47)–N46520 exp 30Apr21 [31] 31Mar21 [3] (DR2A)–N822L sr 24Oct20 [24]
Lancair 235: (283)–N71SK exp 30Apr21 [31] Van’s RV-6A: (23266)–N62XS exp 31Mar21 [3] (23646)–N827GS exp
Lancair 360: (257)–N528RC exp 31Mar21 [3] 31Mar21 [3]
Lancair IV-P: (LIV-491)–N39DV exp dealer 12Mar21 [17] Van’s RV-7: (70600)–N68WL exp 31Jan21 [27]
Lanham Super Raven: (101)–N885TL exp 30Apr21 [31] Van’s RV-8: (81012)–N836JC exp 31Mar21 w/o 13Jun20 Mandan ND
Legal Eagle XL: (SN-XL-A-21)–N507YS exp 30Apr21 [31] crashed & burned [3] (81289)–N108RW exp 30Apr21 [31]
Lehmann Kina Bug 1: (001)–N29PT exp 30Apr21 [31] (82384)–N665HM sr 28Sep20 w/o 21May20 Hampton GA [3]
McCourtie H.B.-1: (001)–N13794 exp 31Mar21 [3] Van’s RV-9A: (91228)–N351SM exp 31Mar21 [3]
Medve No 3: (GM03)–N2396N exp 30Apr21 [31] Van’s RV-10: (40227)–N730WL sr 01Oct20 [3]
Mitchell Wing T-10Y410: (00119T10)–N56113 exp 30Apr21 [31] Velocity Elite RG: (DMO339)–N78BM exp 30Apr21 acc 14Jan20 St
Murphy Moose SR 3500: (292SR)–N292MM exp sr 26Oct20 [31] Petersburg FL [31]
Moyes-Bailey Microlites Dragonfly C: (53C)–N914CS exp 31Mar21 [3] Velocity Inc Velocity: (SFD 001)–N101VA exp 31Mar21 [3]
M-Squared Breese 2: (03-2011-000789)–N439XA exp 31Mar21 [3] Velocity RG: (DM104)–N70ED exp 31Mar21 PA College of Technology
Nieuport II: (1106)–N2396 exp sr 27Oct20 [31] [8]
North Wing Proton II: (01212)–N80008 exp 30Apr21 [31] Volksplane VP-1: (1)–N2050 exp 30Apr21 [31] (1)–N99VP exp sr
Pazmany PL-4A: (PL-4A-00-001-MD)–N99GG sr 15Oct20 [17] 29Oct20 [31]
Pereyra Aventura: (AP2A0009)–N1317L exp 30Apr21 [31] WAG-Aero L-4 Cuby Flitfire: (1993)–N1775 exp 30Apr21 was in Skagit
Performance Air PA 18-225 DD: (PA0204)–N727WW exp 30Apr21 acc Aero Education Museum [31]
22Apr19 McCall ID [31] WAG-Aero Sportsman 2+2: (73)–N200DM exp 30Apr21 [31]
Phantom Aeronautics X1: (192-114)–N4614F exp 30Apr21 [31] Wheeler Express: (1131)–N622PJ exp 30Apr21 [31]
Pietenpol Aircamper: (1)–N10003 exp 31Mar21 [3] Wheeler EX2K: (200002)–N220NX sr 01Oct20 [3]
Powell Mini: (FP-001)–N45FP exp 30Apr21 [31] Williams Suite I: (W-1)–N3788G exp 31Mar21 [3]
Pro Sport Freebird: (FB001)–N4012R exp 30Apr21 [31] X-Air XA85: (XA850006)–N20XA exp 30Apr21 fatal acc 23Dec17
Progressive Searey: (1RC001)–N301YF exp 30Apr21 [31] Oskaloosa IA sold 06Apr18 [31]
Protech Prostar: (4896)–N80313 exp 31Mar21 [3] Zenith Zodiac 601 XL: (6-5154)–N777NU exp 28Feb21 [23]
Quicksilver MX Super: (1007)–N5534J exp 31Mar21 [3] (6-5231)–N20RB exp 30Apr21 [31] (6-5731)–N232A exp 30Apr21
Ragwing Special: (001)–N6163 sr 28Sep20 [3] [31]
Rainbow Sky Reach Bushcat: (CH154B)–N179AW exp 31Mar21 [3] Zenith CH650: (65-7500)–N650LM exp canx 06Jan20 resd 28Dec20
Rand-Robinson KR-2: (1)–N5821B exp 30Apr21 [31] not restored [3]
Rand-Robinson KR-2S: (8464)–N209JC exp 30Apr21 [31] Zenith CH 701: (5319)–N3784A exp 30Apr21 acc 19Oct19 Sanford FL
Rans S-5: (98202)–N81072 exp 31Mar21 [3] [31]
Rans S6ES: (01071792)–N929TT exp 30Apr21 [31] Zenith Z701: (75203)–N128CF exp 31Mar21 [3]
(03021440ES)–N503FB exp 31Mar21 [3] Zenair STOL CH 750: (75-7737)–N127LW exp 31Mar21 [3]
Rans S-7: (0309527)–N4186J sr 13Oct20 [17]
Rans S-9: (0708211)–N333ZA exp 31Mar21 [3]
Rutan Defiant: (7007)–N17DR exp 31Jan21 cr 12Jly18 Plainville CT [27]
Rans S12: (493-407)–N7152V sr 24Oct20 [9]
Rans S-12XL: (04970798)–N710LV exp 30Apr21 [31] Rotor/Gyro
Roloff Breezy: (SSVTS-001)–N78LL sr 16Aug20 [1] Air Command AC 503: (112282)–N44AM exp 30Apr21 [31]
Roloff Breezy RUL-1: (FTE1)–N4RD exp rp 29Apr20 [31] Air Command Elite 582: (072203)–N8032E exp 31Mar21 [3]

Autogyro Calidus: (C00360)–N221YT exp 31Mar21 w/o 05Mar18 Schweizer TG3A: (56)–N67587 exp deregistered 24Nov71 [27]
Beaufort SC [3] Stinson 108: (1084753)–N6753M exp deregistered 14Dec70 [27]
Autogyro Cavalon: (V00202)–N422AG exp 31Mar21 [3] Universal Stinson 108-3: (108-4730)–N6730M exp deregistered
Eagle R & D Helicycle: (26)–N3375C exp 30Apr21 [31] (1-23)–N135HS 17May71 became CF-QWM/C-FQWM [19]
exp 30Apr21 was in Aeroplanes over Idaho Museum [31]
Henderson RH170: (3-170)–N214RH exp 30Apr21 [31]
Little Wing Gyrocopter: (1)–N964Y exp 30Apr21 [31]
(R0001)–N311AR exp 30Apr21 [31]
Pagotto Brako GT: (9580313)–N134BG exp 31Mar21 [3]
(9580314)–N133BG exp 31Mar21 [3] 2013
Palmer Eric: (101001)–N103EP exp 31Mar21 [3] JUL.1084 Aerofab Lake LA-4-250: (4)–N1400T became C-FRAQ exp
RAF 2000 GTX SE: (H2-97-8-333)–N25FF exp canx 20May15 resd
03Nov20 not restored [27] 2017
Rotorway Jet Exec: (6847)–N469DL exp 30Apr21 [31] JUL.1176 Cessna 170: (18679)–N3821V became RA-67313
Rotorway Exec 162F: (6482)–N80686 rp 27Mar20 [3] (6610)–N23TE
exp 31Mar21 [3] 2019
Powered Parachute FEB.233 Eurocopter AS 350B3: (3608)–N357PJ became C-GSSK exp
Buckeye Dream Machine: (4112)–N70SN rp 13Apr20 [17] APR.637 Quest Kodiak 100: (100-0232)–N232KQ became B-107U
(6005)–N6145Z exp 30Apr21 [31] MAY.707 Piper PA-28-181: (2881100)–N8051D became 9M-ITL
Cassidy PC: (001)–N5184C exp 30Apr21 [31] MAY.707 Piper PA-28-181: (2881103)–N8051S became 9M-ITO
Destiny 2000: (1 B0 150)–N26113 exp 30Apr21 [31] JUL.1191 Quest Kodiak 100: (100-0241)–N241KQ became B-107V
Destiny 2002: (3C0518)–N5502L exp 30Apr21 [31] AUG.1368 Piper PA-28-236: (287911324)–N236FD became F-HFDL
Heldeberg Designs Marathon: (HD 05142M)–N2526H exp 31Mar21 [3] exp
Phoenix X-treme: (05-01-10-2003)–N51001 exp 30Apr21 [31] SEP.1508 Aero AT-4 LSA: (AT4-006)–N706GB became SP-YSH
Powrachute Airwolf 912ULS: (A087ULS)–N163PC exp 31Mar21 [3] OCT.1763 Cessna 152: (15282530)–N69177 became SP-IKS
(A206ULS)–N517BP exp 31Mar21 [3] DEC.2154 Piper PA-46-350P: (4636747)–N250FL became SP-HTX
Powrachute Pegasus: (A068PEG)–N160TF exp 31Mar21 [3]
(A099PEG)–N369DB sr 22Oct20 [24] (A189PEG)–N5612H exp 2020
30Apr21 [31] JAN.33 Cessna 182T: (18283083)–N874GJ became SP-UTC
Six Chuter Legend XL: (LEGEND XL-2994)–N3543D exp 30Apr21 [31] JAN.33 Cirrus SR22T: (2032)–N203PK became SP-AMD
Six Chuter Skye Ryder: (97 1587-2)–N26JP to NY FEB.230 Rolladen-Schneider LS 4A: (4321)–N274W became
Six Chuter 2000 XLT: (2C0357)–N1788C exp 31Mar21 [3] SP-4107
Six Chuter SR7: (SR7X1-2402)–N75718 exp 30Apr21 [31] APR.535 Piper PA-28-181: (2881269)–N8016C became 9M-ITW
APR.535 Piper PA-28-181: (2881270)–N8016J became 9M-ITX
Finally, a few more of the long dead have been removed: APR.535 Piper PA-28-181: (2881271)–N8016L became 9M-ITY
Beech D17S: (1024)–N67445 exp deregistered 21Jun71 [27] JUN.940 Am.Champion 8KCAB: (1017-2006)–N551SB became
(4816)–N67783 exp deregistered 14Jan71 [19] (4822)–N67430 SP-ACR
exp deregistered 14Jan71 [27] (4841)–N67717 exp deregistered JUL.1115 Cessna 152: (15284652)–N6284M became SP-WLI
06Sep71 [19] JUL.1115 Cessna 152: (15285632)–N94268 became SP-WLH
Beech C-45G: (51-11737)–N811F exp revoked 21May82 c/n AF-294 JUL.1115 Cessna 172N: (17271966)–N100QA became SP-WLK
[9] AUG.1297 Cirrus SR22T: (2124)–N237MM became SP-MTM
Bowlus BA-100: (181)–N67400 exp deregistered 24Nov71 [19] SEP.1505 Cessna 152: (15281946)–N67612 became SP-KMA
Cessna T-50: (4281)–N67462 exp deregistered 14Jan71 [27] SEP.1506 Cirrus SR22T: (2124)–N237MM became SP-ODA
(5481)–N67466 exp deregistered 14Jan71 [27] (5587)–N67406 OCT.1683 Firefly 8: (F8-2021)–N1647L became SP-BML
exp deregistered 14Jan71 [19] OCT.1684 Cirrus SR22: (4930)–N930GS became SP-CIR
Cessna 175A: (56245)–N6745E exp deregistered 24Nov71 w/o OCT.1686 Piper PA-28R-201: (2844108)–N514MS became SP-TUZ
22Aug69 White Side TN [19] NOV.1864 Cirrus SR22: (1819)–N223SS became RA-07888
Cessna 185E: (3100076)–N6776X exp deregistered 24Nov71 really a NOV.1866 Robinson R44: (2581)–N737RK became SP-MRR (cx D-)
Cessna 310F [07] NOV.1866 Robinson R44 II: (10430)–N34BK became C-GLBI exp
Consolidated Vultee BT-13: (362)–N67584 exp deregistered 24Nov71 DEC.2066 Cessna 152: (15282538)–N69188 became SP-KMF
[27] DEC.2056 Cessna 172RG: (172RG1169)–N9453D became RA-67314
Consolidated Vultee BT-13A: (5042)–N67372 exp deregistered
14Jan71 [19] 2021
Consolidated Vultee BT-13B (SNV-2): (79-616)–N67325 exp MAR.372 Beech G58: (TH-2516)–N628KR became RA-07865
deregistered 24Nov71 [19] MAR.372 Cessna 172M: (17261798)–N12083 became RA-67324
Douglas DC-3: (19656)–N67589 exp deregistered 14Jan71 [27] MAR.373 Cessna 172P: (17276457)–N99510 became RA-67323
Fairchild M-62A: (FT777)–N67546 exp deregistered 14Jan71 [27] APR.534 Cessna 182T: (18283003)–N35TA became RA-67319
(FV159)–N67531 exp deregistered 21Jun71 [27] (FW908)–N67723 APR.534 Cessna TU206G: (U20606109)–N5411Z became RA-67318
exp deregistered 14Jan71 [19] (T424182)–N67782 exp MAY.705 Eurocopter AS 350 B2: (3877)–N3819 became ZK-IAI
deregistered 14Jan71 [19] (T424205)–N67299 exp deregistered MAY.706 Cessna 182S: (18280187)–N187PA became RA-67321
14Jan71 [19] MAY.706 Diamond DA20-C1: (C0091)–N991CT became C-GTDO exp
Fairchild M-62A-3: (FT-684)–N67560 exp deregistered 21Jun71 [27] MAY.707 Piper PA-23-250: (27-7554099)–N159R became RA-07872
Fairchild M-62A-4: (T42-4252)–N67619 exp deregistered 21Jun71 [19] JUN.893 Eurocopter AS 350 B3: (4012)–N3866 became ZK-ILT
Fairchild(Howard) M-62C(PT-23A): (223SL)–N67625 exp deregistered JUN.895 Cirrus SR22T: (1774)–N197JR became RA-07871
21Jun71 [19] JUN.897 Robinson R22 Beta: (3527)–N887KH became RA-7973
Mooney M20D: (164)–N6738U exp deregistered 24Nov71 w/o JUL.1084 Eurocop MBB-BK 117 C-2: (9339)–N145SR became
04Apr64 Mt Olive NC [19] JU-6666
Piper J3C-65: (5533)–N32674 exp deregistered 07Jan71 last JUL.1086 Cessna P210N: (P21000728)–N6197W became C-FZTF
inspection Jun53 [31] JUL.1088 Piper PA-46R-350T: (4692182)–N915C became OY-IMC
Piper J3L-65: (5483)–N32605 exp deregistered 07Jan71 last JUL.1088 Slingsby T67M-260: (2274)–N834BT became C-FLTL
inspection Apr60 [31] JUL.1088 HPH Glasflugel 304CZ-17: (42-17)–N641DM became C-FBPK
Piper PA-18A 150: (18-5036)–N6761B exp deregistered 15Jly71 last JUL.1089 Spitfire Mk 26B: (077)–N7612 became PH-PSF
inspection Aug57 [19]
Piper PA-22-150: (22-4077)–N6743B exp deregistered 14Dec70 last With thanks to Ian Burnett, Barry Collman, Alan Johnson, Steve Ozel,
inspection May56 [27] Colin Smith.

Ian Burnett, “Briarwood”, Swallowfield Street, Swallowfield, Berks RG7 1QX

IRELAND EI‑ETD Raj Hamsa X’Air Hawk (949) To P.Devereux,
M.Devereux – Wexford 16.7.21
EI‑FDS B737‑86N (28595) To Incline IIB Shannon Ltd 14.7.21
Thanks once again to Geraldine Hickey of the IAA and Irish Air Letter EI‑FVR B737‑800 (42279) To Sky High LXXI Leasing
we can update the register to the end of July. Most are the inevitable Company Ltd 12.7.21
airliner changes, but also featured are a few light aircraft and EI‑FVT B737‑800 (42280) To Sky High LXXII Leasing
paramotors. The Citation EI‑GXP spent only one day on the register Company Ltd 12.7.21
before going on to Serbia, while EI‑UMA is a remotely‑piloted UAV that EI‑GEO ICP MXP‑740 Savannah S (15‑08‑54‑0413)
forms part of a large project to harness airborne wind energy. To B.Reilly, S.Reilly – Aughnacliffe,Co.Longford 16.7.21
In addition, following the demise of Stobart Air the following
NEW REGISTRATIONS ATR‑72s were re‑regd to Propius Ltd on 15.7.21:
EI‑GVY A320‑214 (3880) Whitney Island Leasing Ltd EI‑FAS/FAT/FAU/FAV/FAW/FAX/FCY/FCZ.
[VQ‑BDF,F‑WWIL] – Shannon 9.7.21
EI‑GWB B777‑212ER (30872) Wilmington Trust SP
Services (Dublin) Ltd 21.7.21
EI‑GWH F150M (F15001204) J.Nugent,M.E.White
[G‑FFEN,PH‑VGL] – Newcastle 22.7.21 Another large update is extracted as usual from DGAC sources. A
EI‑GWP B737‑8CX (32363) Macquarie Aircraft Leasing Ltd 23.7.21 varied selection includes three Airbus 220s for Air Austral in Réunion,
[TC‑SEE,N363MQ,PK‑GEF,N236GX,TC‑IEB] as well as the first of a large forthcoming batch for Air France. We also
EI‑GWX B737‑8CX (32361) Macquarie Aircraft Leasing Ltd 23.7.21 have another glider update with several retrospective allocations, and
[TC‑SED,N361MQ,PK‑GEE,TC‑IEA]1 a large ULM section intended for this issue will now be included next
EI‑GXP Ce.560XLS+ (560‑6044) Cocholato Consulting Ltd month.
[I‑GGEA,G‑GGLA,I‑GGLA,N221AM] – Dublin 12.7.21
EI‑GZR UltraMagic H‑77 (77/156) M.E.White – Trim 14.7.21 NEW REGISTRATIONS
[EC‑GZR] F‑AYAQ Yak‑50 (791602) P.Ney – Villefranche‑Tarare 26.7.21
EI‑HGP B737‑8200 (62330) Ryanair DAC – Dublin 6.7.21 [SP‑YDI,RA‑347K,SE‑LBR,DOSAAF]
EI‑HGR B737‑8200 (65881) Ryanair DAC – Dublin 8.7.21 F‑AYEM SE.313B (1635) E.Monnier – Mortagne‑au‑Perche 15.7.21
EI‑HGT B737‑8200 (65083) Ryanair DAC – Dublin 15.7.21 [F‑GPBC,ALAT]
EI‑JRD B737‑4YO (24917) ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd F‑GPML PA‑24‑250 (24‑3498) Vourn’Fout’s
– Dublin R22.7.21 [HB‑OVW,N8296P,N10F] – Toussus‑Le Noble 8.4.21
[HA‑KAD,N284AL,ZS‑JRD,EI‑JRD,ZS‑JRD, F‑HASV Cameron Z‑90 (10420) S.Vasseur – Arras 13.7.21
EI‑PHA Dudek Hadron XX (P‑169673) J.R.Killian F‑HBOU Fire Balloons G (1831) La Boulangère & Co
– Maynooth,Co.Kildare 8.7.21 – Fontenay Le Compte 15.7.21
EI‑PHB Dudek Snake 1.2 (P‑185051) J.R.Killian F‑HBRA BK.117D‑3 (21020) BPCE Lease (SAF Helicoptéres)
– Maynooth,Co.Kildare 8.7.21 [D‑HBTB(2)] – Bra Heliport,Belgium 2.7.21
EI‑PHC Ozone Roadster 3 (RD324‑U‑22A‑019) F‑HFDL PA‑28‑236 (28‑7911324) F.Delabrière – St‑Cyr 12.7.21
P.J.Holthues, M.E.White – (Dublin) 23.7.21 [(N236FD),D‑EPNK,D‑ENPU,CS‑AUY,N80904]
EI‑STI B737‑476 (24435) ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd F‑HGBL TB‑20 (1916) F.Jominet – Nancy‑Essey 25.6.21
[EI‑FAW,EI‑STI,N938NZ,VH‑TJJ] – Dublin R1.7.21
F‑HGCH Guimbal Cabri G2 (1286) Arkea Credit Bail (FPPS
EI‑UMA Ampyx Power AP‑3 (AP‑3A01) Ampyx Power
Holding – Ajaccio 20.7.21
Ireland Ltd – (Dublin) 21.7.21
F‑HHUG A330‑941 (1993) Avolon Leasing Ireland 3 Ltd
[F‑WWKD] (Corsair) – Orly 28.6.21
F‑HLED Evektor EV‑97 SportStar RTC (20212143)
EI‑ELA A330‑302 (1106) Canx 5.7.21 to G‑EILA.
D.Loeber – Hagenau 12.7.21
EI‑FHP B737‑8JP (40865) Canx 14.7.21 to N841SY.
F‑HMAF Kubicek BB30Z (1856) Département de
EI‑FHT B737‑8JP (40867) Canx 2.7.21 to SE‑RRT(2).
La Mayenne – Laval 17.6.21
EI‑FJH B737‑8JP (42071) Canx 8.7.21 to LN‑ENM. F‑HMQA Cameron S‑90 (12449) Les Montgolfiéres
EI‑FMG Solar Wings Pegasus XL‑R (SW‑WA‑1076) Canx 27.7.21 as Champenoises – Reims‑Prunay 21.6.21
WFU. F‑HMRK Cameron A‑250 (4890) Raache Karim
EI‑FSK ATR‑72‑600 (1326) Canx 8.7.21 to OY‑YDT. [G‑BZIK] – Jouy Le Potier 10.6.21
EI‑FSL ATR‑72‑600 (1339) Canx 8.7.21 to OY‑YDU. F‑HMTG Tecnam P.2002‑JF (368) Aero‑Club Montalbanais
EI‑GEV ATR‑42‑500 (1213) Canx 6.7.21 to OY‑YCC. – Montauban 2.6.21
EI‑GHK ERJ‑190‑100IGW (19000218) Canx 30.7.21 to South F‑HMZK DR.400/180 (2543) SARL Unipersonnelle
Africa. [G‑CBZK] H.M.Mat’Import – Bar‑Le‑Duc 12.7.21
EI‑GSP A321‑231 (1438) Canx 30.7.21 to USA. F‑HOCL Ce.182P (18262660) Objectif‑Chutelibre – Rodez 9.7.21
EI‑GTO A320‑232 (6200) Canx 7.7.21 to 4X‑ABT. [D‑EGJK,N52535]
EI‑GTV B737‑800 (63406) Canx 9.7.21 to N807XA. F‑HPML Cameron TR‑77 (12444) G.Lafarge – Dôle‑Tavaux 12.7.21
EI‑GVY A320‑214 (3880) Canx 22.7.21 to 9H‑SLJ. F‑HPRR Bell 212 (30718) Heli‑Europe SA
EI‑GXP Ce.560XLS+ (560‑6044) Canx 13.7.21 to YU‑PDD. – Le Luc Le Canet 15.6.21
EI‑ITN BD‑700‑1A10 (9159) Canx 29.7.21 to San Marino. [LX‑HRR,C‑FNMC,9M‑ATC(2)]

F-HRNO DR.400/180 (2515) Aero-Club Renault – Chavenay 5.7.21 F-GZTS B737-73V (32414) Canx 2.6.21 to 2-GZTS.
[G-ELWM,D-ELWM(2)] F-HBAO A320-214 (4589) Canx 9.7.21 to EC-NQM.
F-HSLE Ce.208 (20800340) Skydive Center – Gap 9.7.21 F-HCRB SA.315B (2621) Canx 5.7.21 to N315BR.
[G-DLAK,A6-TDA,N985SC] F-HDLK Evektor EV-97 SportStar RTC (20151723) Canx 29.3.21 to
F-HSOC BK.117C-2 (9300) Babcock Mission Critical SP-SKW.
Services Fleet Management SA – Muchamiel 19.7.21 F-HEST AS.350B (1089) Canc 5.7.21 to N963ES.
[EC-LKN,D-HADF(3)] F-HIMA Piaggio P.180 Avanti II (1138) Canx 26.3.21 to
F-HTYJ A350-941 (500) Avolon Leasing Ireland 4 Ltd (Air RA-01551.
[F-WZGF] France) – Charles de Gaulle 7.7.21 F-HLFR Ce.182F (18254812) Canx 21.7.21.
F-HUFZ AS.365N3 (6884) Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd F-HPDG Diamond DA62 (62.110) Canx 15.7.21.
(Heli-Union) – Toussus-Le Noble 12.7.21 F-CCNR Wassmer WA.30 (68) Canx 10.3.21.
[G-REDF,D-HAVU(3),G-REDF] F-CFBT Grob G.103 Twin Astir (3125) Canx 15.7.21.
F-HUMA Fire Balloons G34/24 (881) FlyDoo SARL – Gap 12.7.21 F-CFQP Centrair 101A Pégase (101A053) Canx 11.6.21.
[D-OQIF,HB-QIF] F-CGTB Centrair 201B (201B062) Canx 26.5.21.
F-HVAC DV-20 Katana (20156) LOC Aircraft SPRL 3A-MCG Agusta AW.109SP (22403) Canx to OM-TRV 6.21.
[G-CIAC,D-ELWN] – Gosselies 19.7.21
The following accidents are also known:
F-HYGA PA-46-350P (4636483) Opium Events
F-BXIB F172M (F17201307) DBR in f/l after t/o from Pont-sur-
– Toussus-Le Noble 16.7.21
Yonne airfield on 7.7.21.
F-HAEB Ce.182R (18268316) Ditched in the sea 30 nms NW of
F-HYOG EMB-145LR (145526) Regourd Aviation (Aero 4M)
Corsica following engine failure en-route Avignon to
[RBAF CE-03,PT-STR] – Rodez 5.7.21
Ajaccio on 19.7.21.
F-OLAV BD-500-1A11 (55106) Air Austral A220
F-PDFC Pennec Gaz’Aile 2 (243) w/o on landing at Mortagne-au-
[C-FOVH] (Air Austral) – St.Denis-Gillot 29.7.21
Perche airfield on 1.8.21.
F-OMER BD-500-1A11 (55116) Air Austral A220
[C-FOVP] (Air Austral) – St.Denis-Gillot 29.7.21
F-OTEA Ce.208B (208B5625) Tahiti Air Charter
F-HLXA Elixir Elixir – La Rochelle 7.21P
[N562TL] – Hiva Oa-Atuona 28.6.21
F-HMKM Beech B55 (TC-1616) .21
F-OTER BD-500-1A11 (55125) Air Austral A220
[C-FOUY] (Air Austral) – St.Denis-Gillot 30.7.21
F-HTYL A350-941 (510) Air France 7.21
F-PLBR Oceanair TC-160 (320 Air Campus Troyes
F-HZUA BD-500-1A11 (55134) Air France 7.21R
– Troyes-Barberey 22.6.21
F-PVCB Van’s RV-7 (74031) C.Blin – Valenciennes 28.6.21
F-HZUB BD-500-1A11 (55139) Air France 7.21R
F-CAFI(3) LS4-a (4570) Federation Française de Vol en
F-HZUC BD-500-1A11 (55140) Air France 7.21R
[D-3541] Planeur – St.Auban 10.6.21
F-HZUD BD-500-1A11 (55141) Air France 7.21R
F-CAJO ASW-17 (17017) E.Boccearelli – Pont-St-Vincent 12.7.21
F-HZUE BD-500-1A11 (55146) Air France 7.21R
F-HZUF BD-500-1A11 (55149) Air France 7.21R
F-CATH Discus bT (44/358) L.Fourment – St-Gaudens 19.3.21
F-HZUG BD-500-1A11 (55155) Air France 7.21R
F-HZUH BD-500-1A11 (55157) Air France 7.21R
F-CBAR ASK-13 (13218) Centre Savoyard de Vol a Voile
F-HZUI BD-500-1A11 (55159) Air France 7.21R
[D-0422] Alpin (C.S.V.V.A.) – Challes-Les Eaux 10.6.21
F-…. AS.350B3 (3488) 7.21
F-CBAU DG-808C (8-405B304X66) O.and S.Caudrelier
[HB-2608] – Abbéville 17.6.21
F-…. AS.365N2 (6417) 6.21
F-CBCV(2) SZD-50-3 Puchacz (B-1391) Association Vol à
Voile Leonard da Vinci (Touraine Planeur)
F-…. Agusta AW.109SP (22241) 7.21
[SP-3284] – Le Louroux 16.4.21
F-CBRF(2) Sportavia RF-5 (5021) S.Maret [I-AMGZ,(PH-SID),5N-BQH]
– Niort-Marais Poitevin 23.6.21 F-…. CAP.232 (04) 6.21
F-CBXA(2) DG-200/17C (2-141/CL11) X.Barbera F-…. Honda HA-420 (42000018) 7.21
[D-1085] – Troyes-Barberey 15.1.21 [N420EU,LX-WJA,N420EU,M-HNDA,N420EU]
F-CFOG Neukom Elfe S4A (74) O.Gadaix – Montluçon 16.6.21
F-CINE Ka.6CR (6612) Association Aeronautique F-AYGL Great Lakes 2T-1A (91) Full PI now confirmed as N844K,
[D-4125] Provence Côte d’Azur – Fayence 28.6.21 N830K,NC830K.
F-CURE Stemme S-12 (12-039) A.Dahmani F-GERF Sportavia RF-5 (5021) Canx 3.6.19. Restored as F-CBRF(2)
– St.Affrique-Belmont 22.7.21 23.6.21 as above.
F-CVJF LAK-17B FES Mini (030) J-F.Violette F-GHVI PA-28-161 (2841165) Canx 17.11.17. Now used as a
– Bourg-St.Bernard 28.6.21 ground instructional airframe at St.Yan.
F-GOOK AS.350B3 (3090) This was regd to G.Mogica – Gap-Tallard
CANCELLATIONS on 29.5.20 indicating it was restored ex OB-1977,
F-GCSV Ce.P210N (P21000528) Canx 21.5.21 to RA-67327. F-GOOK,I-HOOK,and is now current.
F-GDRH PA-28-161 (28-7916003) Canx 12.5.21 to PH-VHK. F-GPXR SA.226T (T-267) ex PH-PIX,LX-PIX,CF-06,N5382M. Regd to
F-GFDP Bell 47G (06) Canx 29.1.21. Pixair Survey – Rouen 24.10.19 and current.
F-GFGH Rallye 235E (13337) Canx 26.1.21 to SP-ACZ. F-PLUG Giles G202 (29) Listed as still current with W.Bloch at
F-GGNJ TB-10 (1172) Canx 17.3.21. Oehna, Germany this is also reported as becoming
F-GGNK TB-10 (1173) Canx 17.3.21. RA-2805G.
F-GPBC SE.313B (1635) Re-regd F-AYEM 15.7.21. Canx. F-PVBT Jodel DR.1051 (873) Confirmed tested as F-WVBT.
F-GPDA Durondeau L300 (22) Canx 20.4.21. F-WJMK Aura Aero Integral R (001) Aerobatic a/c made its F/F at
F-GPMD A319-113 (618) WFU 3.20. Last known stored at Tarbes. Francazal on 22.6.20. Presumed still under test.
Canx 27.1.21.
F-GRPK ATR-72-212A (727) Canx 28.7.21 to N929AZ. MODEL AND UAV REGISTER
F-GRZM CL-600-2C10 (10263) Canx 30.7.21 to N689SK. NEW REGISTRATIONS
F-GTAO A321-2311 (3098) Canx 2.7.21 to UR-WRX. F-DAHL Bücker 133 Jungmeister (01) C.Bocage 16.6.21
F-GZFM UltraMagic M-77C (77/290) Canx 7.6.21 to PH-GZF. F-DAHU Cmelak Z37 (UAS-FR-6396) P.Bambagini 13.7.21
F-GZTD B737-73V (32418) WFU at Castellon. Canx 23.6.21. F-DAHV Morane-Saulnier H (UAS-FR-95212) M.Lasserre 9.6.21

F‑DAHX Sopwith Pup (UAS‑FR‑44804) M.Lasserre 9.6.21 Vintage Fighter Aircraft BVBA (the company controlled by the owner
F‑DAII Morane Saulnier H (UAS‑FR‑97765) C.Brand 13.7.21 of Spitfire OO‑XVI and Hawker Fury OO‑ISS). Also featured are the
F‑DAIQ Siren C30 Edelweiss (UAS‑FR‑119557) N.Bloch 18.6.21 T‑28C now OO‑TTT which has been in Belgium for some time, plus two
F‑DAJZ Decathlon (01) D.Demonpion 16.6.21 ex military Sea Kings which appear appropriately as OO‑SEE and OO‑
F‑DAKC BF1 (UAS‑FR‑3659) E.Bahier 15.7.21 KNG! As always Bob Rongé of the ASA brings us much extra news.
F‑DAKE Discus 2 (UAS‑FR‑3649) E.Bahier 15.7.21 Finally we present June changes from the Netherlands from
F‑DAKG ASK‑21 (01) C.Bocage 16.6.21 official ILT sources thanks again to Airnieuws. We will have much more
F‑DAKJ BAe Hawk (UAS‑FR‑119610) A.Clement 22.7.21 background data from here next month with your editor’s time being
F‑DAKP Rafale (UAS‑FR‑192043) C.Gutzwiller 15.7.21 short this month.
F‑DAKU Piper Pawnee (UAS‑FR‑143655) P.J.Pou 15.7.21
F‑DAMC DG‑1000 (UAS‑FR‑217222) A.Lambert 16.6.21 NEW REGISTRATIONS
F‑DAME Mirage 2000C (UAS‑FR‑154150) F.Schroeder 22.7.21 LX‑RHC CL‑600‑2B16 (5784) Luxembourg Air Rescue
F‑DAMF Pilatus PC‑6 (UAS‑FR‑236312) A.Nadal 16.6.21 [A7‑CEB,C‑FVOZ] – Luxembourg 7.21
F‑DAMG MDM‑1 Fox (UAS‑FR‑15623) A.Germain 19.7.21 OO‑BCT(2) Kubicek BB‑S Thijs (1717) Confiserie Thijs
F‑DAMH ASW‑27 (UAS‑FR‑41556) C.Mathieu 13.7.21 [OK‑0717] – St‑Niklaas 5.7.21
F‑DAMI Viper Jet (01) N.Renner 16.6.21 OO‑BXX(2) Ultramagic S‑90 (90/45) LA3 – Sint‑Niklaas 2.7.21
F‑DAMJ F‑86 Sabre (01) N.Renner 16.6.21 [HB‑QJE]
F‑DAMK Sopwith Pup (UAS‑FR‑234251) B.Happe 16.6.21 OO‑KNG Westland Sea King Mk.48 (WA/834)
F‑DAMO HM.8 Avionette (UAS‑FR‑67241) E.Lopez 16.6.21
B.Vandecasteele 13.7.21
F‑DAMP F‑15C (UAS‑FR‑248013) F.Pellerin 16.6.21
[RS04 (Blu),G‑17‑4,G‑BDNK]
F‑DAMQ Stearman PT‑17 (UAS‑FR‑25964) C.Brand 16.6.21
OO‑SEE(2) Westland Sea King Mk.48 (WA/832)
F‑DAMR Duo Discus (UAS‑FR‑6385) P.Bambagini 27.7.21
B.Vandecasteele 12.7.21
F‑DAMS Viper Jet (UAS‑FR‑174471) C.Hérit 16.6.21
[RS02 (Blu),G‑17‑2,G‑BDNI]
F‑DAMT Yak 130 (UAS‑FR‑31132) C.Hérit 16.6.21
OO‑TTT(2) North American T‑28C Trojan (226‑230)
F‑DAMV Waco CG‑4A Hadrian (UAS‑FR‑114068) P.Bach 15.7.21
A.Van Den Broeck – St‑Truiden 22.7.21
F‑DAMX Rafale (UAS‑FR‑128832) L.Lacaze 16.6.21
F‑DAMY Christen Eagle (UAS‑FR‑141227) L.Lacaze 16.6.21
F‑DAMZ North American SNJ‑5 (UAS‑FR‑16764) OO‑XIV Supermarine Spitfire F.(R)XIVe – Flying Aces
E.Kwiatkowski 19.7.21 Services and Training (F.A.S.T.) BVBA
F‑DANA Jeandule 170 (UAS‑FR‑17680) E.Kwiatkowski 15.7.21 [SG‑38/MN‑M (Blu),RM764] – Brasschaat 5.7.21
F‑DANB Gee Bee R3 (UAS‑FR‑113497) L.Lahourcade 19.7.21 OO‑XTA Sonaca S201 Trainer Pro (041) Sonaca Aircraft
F‑DANC Dakota C47 (UAS‑FR‑107239) L.Lahourcade 15.7.21 SA – Temploux 1.7.21
F‑DAND Airco DH.2 (UAS‑FR‑113500) L.Lahourcade 15.7.21 PH‑AAI AS.350B3 (8755) MetTweeS BV 15.6.21
F‑DANE Caproni CA 3 (UAS‑FR‑127735) J.C.Mazziotti 18.6.21 [F‑HJSC]
F‑DANG Canadair CL‑415 (UAS‑FR‑119808) P.Peultier 28.6.21 PH‑BEK Cameron Head SS‑120 (12420) J.H.Van Manen 4.6.21
F‑DANJ SNJ‑5 Texan (UAS‑FR‑95997) R.Robert 9.7.21 PH‑BNG UltraMagic N‑250 (250/107) 3.6.21
F‑DANM ASG‑29 (UAS‑FR‑252084) P.Arnold 13.7.21 PH‑COB Tecnam P.2010 (134) Cobbler ICT Services BV 3.6.21
F‑DANQ GeeBee R2 (UAS‑FR‑86078) C.Thibault 27.7.21 PH‑EAT Kubicek BB85Z (1798) N.A.J.Kon 3.6.21
PH‑GLD Tecnam P.2010 (135) Partners in Property BV 15.6.21
ULM REGISTER PH‑GZF UltraMagic M‑77C (77/290) H.P.C.Broeders 23.6.21
08PY B&F Technik FK9 Utility Club (09‑03‑213) PH‑HGE Glasair GS‑2 (7397) Friesland Aviation BV 23.6.21
C.D. Coddens – Baisy‑Thy .21 PH‑KDL F152 (F15201489) Jesterhoudt Holding BV R3.6.21
[OO‑H76,D‑MLBM] [PH‑AXH(1)]
59DYA/F‑JILL B & F Technik FK.14B2 Polaris – P.Vandergeeten PH‑NBR Cameron Z‑120 (12451) P.H.A.Smits 28.6.21
[D‑MZPF] – Goetsenhoven .21 PH‑NEO R44 II (14170) Top Motion Works BV 15.6.21
62(A)RC Rans S.6ES Coyote II – Base Buzet . [OO‑ICE]
83AON/F‑JVEA Tecnam P.92 Echo – . PH‑OEN Just Aircraft SuperSTOL XL (JA546‑3‑19)
. …. Campbell Cricket Replica (PFA G/03‑1189) 7.21 Tempus Investments S.F.L. 16.6.21
[G‑BVDJ] PH‑PBV Lindstrand LBL‑105A (145) Parkstad Ballooning 23.6.21
. …. Dyn’Aero MCR‑01 (188) [OO‑D67] 6.21 [D‑OEVN]
PH‑PSF Supermarine Spitfire Mk 26B (077)
CANCELLATIONS [N7612,19‑2610] J.Van den Berg 16.6.21
59DOH/F‑JUTP Zlin Savage Classic (0246) Canx to ZU‑IPZ 1.20. PH‑PWS Van’s RV‑3B (11485) A.J.Brie 16.6.21
PH‑TFT B737‑8 (44610) TUI Airlines Nederland BV
REGISTER NOTES – Schiphol 15.6.21
06AAM/F‑JIPF B&F Technik FK9 Mark 3 (09‑142) Noted dismantled PH‑TFU B737‑8 (44652) TUI Airlines Nederland BV
at Baisy Thy on 19.6.21. – Schiphol 18.6.21
59DIZ/F‑JUQG Aveko VL‑3 Evolution – Note correct callsign. PH‑VDH Diamond DA62 (62.158) Van Der Helm Logistiek 24.6.21
59CNS/F‑JEHO B & F Technik FK9 Mk.IV Utility – now noted with new PH‑VHK PA‑28‑161 (28‑7916003) Cantonair Holland BV 15.6.21
callsign (formerly F‑JFQF). [F‑GDRH,PH‑SBV,N39735]
PH‑ZEZ Beech B200 (BB‑952) Zeusch Aviation BV 14.6.21
ABN 5/21 F‑HAPV Tecnam P.2010 (006) Canx 26.3.21 to RA‑07876 PH‑4U9 TL‑3000 Sirius (21SI206) A.G.Harte Holding BV 30.6.21
7.21. PH‑9WO Per Il Volo Miniplane TOP 80 ABM (801603032)
ABN 6/21 F‑HNPL AS.350B3 (8544) Canx 12.5.21 to RA07505. J.J.Wicherson 4.6.21
F‑CEDS Ventus b/16.6 (44) Canx 24.3.21 to SP‑4131. PH‑OA2 Urban Air UFM‑10 Samba (40/10) 15.6.21
PH‑OA3 Urban Air UFM‑10 Samba (33/10) 15.6.21
PH‑OA6 ATEC Faeta 321 (F720711A) M.Paone 16.6.21
A large section this month covering all three countries. In Belgium the PH‑1497 K.8B (8028) M.D.Zorge R4.6.21
Spitfire OO‑XIV is a long‑term restoration project by F.A.S.T. BVBA and [D‑5191,D‑KEBT,D‑5191]

Luxembourg (LX) D-EIKC(2) Ce.P.210N (P21000554) D.De Smul – Wevelgem. Sold in
D-ELZA DV-20 Katana (20159) ex SE-FVT,G-BWTA,OE-UDV To
LX-BVE Cameron Z-90 (10420) Canx to F-HASV 7.21.
Royal Verviers Aviation ASBL – Verviers/Theux. Flown as
LX-GVI Gulfstream VI (6095) Canx to N656FX 7.21.
LX-HRR Bell 212 (30718) Canx to F-HPRR 6.21. SE-FVT for some time at Verviers before cancellation
LX-LAR Learjet 45 (45-097) Canx to G-FEMC 7.21. 3.5.21 to D-ELZA.
D-ESLT Extra EA.330LT (LT024) Based at Sint Truiden.
Belgium (OO) D-ETPM PA-28-161 (2841363) Based at Antwerp and Midden
Zeeland for several years – ferried form Antwerp to
CANCELLATIONS Schwäbish Hall on sale 27.6.21.
OO-BOD(2) Kubicek BB100Z (1141) Canx 1.6.21 to Spain. D-HEOY EC.135T1 (0035) Heliventure NV – Nijlen. To 9H-RSQ for
OO-BRN(2) Kubicek BB34Z (1497) Canx 18.6.21 to Ukraine.
the same owner.
OO-BZZ Thunder AX7-77 (010) Canx 28.6.21 as WFU.
D-KEKK H-36 Dimona (36248) Based at Zoersel for a Belgian
OO-ICE R44 Raven II (14170) Canx 15.6.21 to PH-NEO.
OO-TUJ F177RG (F177RG006) Canx 15.6.21 to Lithuania, and
D-OHSS(2) Fire Balloons G.34/24 (1331) FLYbird BV – Hulte. Used for
ferried Grimbergen to Riga on 14-15.6.21. Reserved as
training and checkflights only.
F-HBRA BK.117D-3 (21020) ex D-HBTB(2) – SAF Helicopteres
OO-VLS F.27-050 (20109) Canx 21.6.21 to SE-MFY.
Belgique. Operates from the heliport at Bra on medevac
OO-D67 Dyn’Aero MCR-01 (188) Canx 15.6.21 to France.
OO-1QO Nervures Albatros 45 – Canx 22.6.21.
OO-2VD Powerplay Sting 140 – Canx 15.6.21. G-CIAC DV-20 Katana (20156) LOC Aircraft SPRL – Saint Ghislain.
OO-2WX Apco Lift Ez – Canx 29.6.21,but restored on 30.6.21 for Canx 29.4.21 to France. Ferried to Merville. To F-HVAC
new owner. 19.7.21.
G-KSSH MD.902 Explorer (900-00062) ex G-WMID,N3063T – To
PARAMOTOR REGISTER European Support Center BVBA (trading as Specialist
Aviation Services Belgium) – Zwartberg. Resident there
OO-2PW Ozone Spyder (SD26-Q-426-033) R8.6.21 since 8.5.20.
OO-2SN ITV Boxer 2M (2K19-M-020) R7.6.21
LN-LOB Sequoia F.8L Falco (1487) L Audoore – Moorsele. Arrived
OO-2WX Apco Lift Ez (16/4 341 230) R30.6.21
there on 5.7.21 from Bødo via Lelystad.
OO-3AU Fresh Breeze X-Wing Evo 28 (XW-DHQ-00270) 1.6.21
LX-KAY Beech B200GT (BY-382) LXA Flyer I SA (Luxaviation NV –
OO-3AV ITV Bulldog (ZO-38-055) 2.6.21
Wevelgem. One of five aircraft of this type that
OO-3AW Dudek Cabrio 42 (P-225483) 11.6.21
Luxaviation will operate in Europe.
OO-3AX Ozone Roadster 2.20 (RD220-R-52E-134) 16.6.21
N23HJ Diamond DA62 (62.021) – Schuybroek Aviation Inc –
OO-3AY Air Design Eazy 2L (XA11L2P182670A) 17.6.21
Ferried Locarno – Antwerp on 2.6.21.
OO-3AZ Apco Lift Ez (2/5 342012 BA) 17.6.21
N352CM PA-46-350P/JetProp DLX (4636019) ex G-DODI. Used
OO-3BA Ozone Triox 38 (TRI38-V-31A-021) 23.6.21
by JMB Aviation for flights between Wevelgem and
OO-3BB Apco Cruiser 500 (112102BII) 23.6.21
OO-3BC Dudek Nucleon (P-225541) 25.6.21 Vysoke Myto in the Czech Republic where JMB VL.3s
OO-3BD Ozone Speedster (SP320-V-27B-065) 30.6.21 are built.
N3286 North American AT-6D Harvard (model SNJ-5) (88-15356)
RESERVATIONS ex (N25CE),N3286,N35CE,41-34154 – bought by two
OO-ABF(3) A330-941 (1844) Air Belgium (AB) – Gosselies .21R Belgian pilots to be based at Sint-Truiden.
[(9XR-WS),(D-A...),F-WWCJ] N9912H Boeing Stearman B75N1 (75-7213) H.Nordsiek – arrived
OO-DOC(3) Learjet 45 (45-167) Air Service Liège (A.S.L.) NV at R.A.R. 28.6.21. Dismantled and put in a container on
[G-OICU,G-GMAA,N5012V] – Liège 1.2.21R 6.7.21 for shipment to Savannah,Georgia.
OO-ELK Falcon 8X – Abelag Aviation 28.6.21R SP-FIX Antonov AN-2TPS (1G185-05) ex SP-FIW,SP-UXC – arrived
OO-MED Learjet 45 (45-311) Air Service Liège (A.S.L.) NV by road in a garden at Eigenbilzen. Now assembled with
[G-XJET,G-IZAP,G-OLDK] – Liège 1.2.21R no external marks – offered as a B&B cottage!
OO-MGM(2) Sonaca Aircraft S200/S201 (Trainer) Pro T7-HGW Cirrus SF-50 (0106) Siemag Verwaltung GmbH – arrived
– Sonaca Aircraft sa – Temploux 7.6.21R at Antwerp 30.6.21. Now based and operated by Blue Sky
OO-VOL Sonaca Aircraft S200/S201 (Trainer) Pro (039) Aviation – the shared ownership company of A.S.L.
[(D-EDTX)] – Sonaca Aircraft SA – Temploux 4.6.21R ZS-JSV DR.400/180 (1110) Arrived at the R.A.R. workshop in a
container on 17.6.21 – although the Belgian owner had
REGISTER NOTES initially the intention to register it in Germany as
OO-BPO(2) Cameron Z-105 (11822) Owner is D.Di Rio – (St-Niklaas). D-EJSV,it may now be OO-regd.
OO-COR(3) F182Q (F182-0129) Ferried St-Truiden – Ostend – Elstree
on 9.6.21 on sale to UK. Netherlands (PH)
OO-EGM Bell 206B (1097) Ferried Wevelgem to Reichelsheim on CANCELLATIONS
2.6.21 on sale to Germany. PH-AQQ Cameron N-120 (3562) Canx 15.6.21 to G-CMBF.
OO-MLD Tipsy T.66 Nipper Mk.III (73) Sold in Holland to R. van
PH-RKO Cameron N-145 (4259) Canx 30.6.21 to Estonia.
Steijn and reserved as PH-NPR.
PH-TDR Tecnam P.92J (012) Canx 7.6.21 to Poland.
OO-RNY Tecnam P.2010 Mk II (141) Owner is R.Lauwers –
PH-4S1 TL-3000 Sirius (18SI170) Canx 29.6.21 as w/o.
PH-9X2 Fresh Breeze 122 AL 2F (931) CofA exp more than 1 year
OO-SCT(2) Ce.525C (525C-0282) Ferried from Wevelgem to the USA
ago. Canx 21.6.21.
on 3.7.21 for onward sale.
PH-1559 Phoebus C (912) Canx 28.6.21 to Germany.
OO-XSV Sonaca S201 Trainer Pro (035) Canx 1.6.21 to F-HCYR.
OO-I26 Airdrome Aeroplanes Nieuport 11-Danneel (001) Owner
is J.Danneel – Zuienkerke.
G-02 SA.330L Puma (1237) ex OL-G02/OT-GIB – bought by a GERMANY
Belgian citizen in Sweden where it was stored. Will be
transformed into a foodtruck!
D-EFEM Stampe SV-4A (44) ex N10701,F-BFZL,Fr.Navy 44. We are pleased to present the first batch of data covering the months
Damaged aircraft arrived at Antwerp from Mannheim by of April to June this year. Included this time are the larger weight
road on 26.6.21. Having been w/o in f/l at Mannheim it is categories of D-A/B/C/F/H and I,with the remaining sections to
likely to be used for spares or display purposes. appear next month.

NEW REGISTRATIONS D-ALAH B737-8K2 (28374) Lufthansa Technik 9.4.21P
D-AAAU(2) A321-231 (6009) Lufthansa Technik – Nordholz [ZS-ZWQ,PH-HZB,ZS-ZWQ,PH-HZB]
[N805AV,B-22608,D-AVZE] 18.4.21P D-ALBC ATR-72-212A (822) Holstenair – Lübeck 12.5.21
D-AAAV(2) A330-343 (1378) Lufthansa Technik – Nordholz [SE-MDB,EI-RER,F-WWEL]
[N804AV,B-22102,F-WWYH] 18.4.21P D-ALDO CL-600-2B16 (5764) 3.6.21R
D-AAEP A321-231 (1199) Lufthansa Technik Singapore/ [G-DAYR,D-AFAC(2),OE-ISU,C-FTQZ]
ST Aerospace Resources D-ALFK B777F (67146) Lufthansa Cargo – Frankfurt 2.6.21R
(For freighter conversion) 28.5.21P [(D-AAFK)]
[D-AAST(2),VQ-BOC,EI-ERS,AP-BJA,D-ARFB, D-AMAX(4) B737-8 (44601) TUIfly – Hannover (See notes) 17.6.21
D-ALAM(2),D-AVZM] D-AUTO(2) Gulfstream VII (73075) BMW 22.6.21R
D-AAES(2) A320-232 (2737) Lufthansa Technik 11.5.21P [N675GA]
[VT-IHM,M-IBAL,PR-MBB,F-WWBH] D-AVOS EMB-135BJ (14501165) Air Hamburg Private Jets
D-AAEU A350-941 (243) 27.5.21R – Hamburg (Permit 12.4.21P) 17.5.21
D-AAGB B737-8 (42277) 30.6.21P PT-TFP]
D-AALR B777F (66814) AeroLogic Leipzig (DHL Express) D-AWOW ERJ-190-100ECJ (19000732) Air Hamburg
(Permit 17.3.21P) – Leipzig 16.4.21 [N727EE,PR-LKJ] Private Jets – Hamburg 22.6.21P
D-AALS B777F (66862) AeroLogic Leipzig (DHL Express) D-AXEO A330-343 (1907) 21.6.21R
(Permit 19.5.21P) – Leipzig 25.6.21 [B-LHJ,F-WWYH,B-005G,F-WWKA]
D-AAND Falcon 8X (472) [F-WWQK] 7.4.21R D-BDCA Falcon 2000LX (320) 6.21
D-AASH DHC-8-402 (4204) 1.7.21R [F-HRFL,YU-FSS,F-WWME]
[G-PRPI,G-CJFN,N204WQ,C-FPEF] D-BEER(3) EMB-550 Legacy 500 (55000056) Air Hamburg
D-ABPA(2) B787-9 (62730) Lufthansa 2.6.21R Private Jets – Hamburg (Permit 22.2.21P) 8.4.21
[(VT-DSB),(B-20D.),N1006F] [M-ORIS,PR-LNK]
D-ABPB(2) B787-9 (62734) Lufthansa 2.6.21R D-BHDC EMB-550 Praetor 600 (55020158) 17.5.21R
[(VT-DSC),(B-20DF),N1008S] D-BOLT EMB-550 Praetor 600 (55020144) Black Horse
D-ABPC B787-9 (62733) Lufthansa 2.6.21R Aviation GmbH – Düsseldorf 19.5.21
[(VT-DSF),(B-20CW),N1005S] [PR-LFJ] (Permit 26.3.21P)
D-ABPD B787-9 (62729) Lufthansa 2.6.21R D-CAAE(4) Learjet 45 (45-372) Air Alliance – Siegerland 8.6.21
D-ABPE B787-9 (62143) Lufthansa 2.6.21R 4O-BBE,N5009V]
[(B-20DC)] D-CAEO Dornier 228-212NG (8322) 28.4.21R
D-ACCC(2) BD-700-1A10 (9348) Base Karlsruhe 23.6.21 [(D-CUTS),(D-CABU(3))](Under construction
[D-ARKO,9H-BGL,C-FWGH] by RUAG at Oberpfaffenhofen)
D-ACLX(2) B737-45D (28752) Cargo Logic Germany – Leipzig 25.5.21 D-CAEP Dornier 228-212NG (8327) 28.4.21R
[9H-AHC,SP-LLF] [(D-CUTZ)] (Under construction
D-ACTE(2) B737-5L9 (28996) 24.6.21R by RUAG at Oberpfaffenhofen)
[T7-CTA,PK-TVZ,N737RH,OY-APL,SP-LKK, D-CAWP Ce.560XLS+ (560-6309) 3.6.21R
OY-APL] D-CBOS Ce.680 (680-0183) 1.7.21R
D-ACVG(2) A330-343E (1107) EAT – Leipzig 20.5.21 [(D-CFSH),LN-SOV]
[M-PVGK,D-AAEE,B-LNT,9V-STM,F-WWKP] D-CCHH EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500554) Base Hamburg 4.5.21
D-AENA A320-251N (10758) 24.6.21R [OE-GET]
D-AENB A320-251N (10798) 24.6.21R D-CEMO Hawker 750 (HB-4) Düsseldorf Citation Service
D-AENC A320-251N (10826) 24.6.21R Center GmbH – Düsseldorf 10.5.21R
D-AFAH CL-600-2B16 (5350) 13.4.21R [2-FLIP,(D-CHAA),CS-DUA,N804HB]
[VQ-BRZ,N331TP] D-CENT(4) Ce.525B (525B-0200) 28.4.21R
D-AFAO BD-700-1A10 (9092) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG [OE-GMF,CS-DVJ,OO-EDV,N5073G]
– Nürnberg 8.4.21 D-CFGT Pilatus PC-24 (267) 14.6.21R
[M-LWSA,(D-ALWS),M-LWSA,N899WW,N799WW, D-CFRT Ce.525C (525C-0140) Ohl Air Charterflug
N15FX,C-GIOK] – Memmingen (Permit 4.5.21P) 21.6.21
D-AFYR A330-343E (1711) Eurowings Discover 7.21 [C-FLBS,N5166U]
[HB-JHR,F-WWYV] D-CGAT Dornier 228-212 (8200) 16.6.21R
D-AIBK A319-112 (2131) 14.4.21R [TN-AJH,D-CUTT(1),D-CBDC(4)]
[OE-LDA,D-AVWS] D-CHAT(2) Ce.525B (525B-0640) Eisele Flugdienst GmbH21.6.21
D-AIBL A319-112 (2174) 14.4.21R [N5262X] (Permit 19.5.21P)
[OE-LDB,D-AVYP] D-CHEB Beech B200GT (BY-390) Base Egelsbach 28.6.21
D-AIBM A319-112 (2262) 14.4.21R [N390BY,(PS-VIP)] (Permit 31.5.21P)
[OE-LDC,D-AVWE] D-CHJD EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500662) 4.5.21R
D-AIBN A319-112 (2416) 14.4.21R D-CHMS(2) Pilatus PC-24 (221) H.Müller-Spree
[OE-LDD,D-AVWN] [HB-VUB(2)] – Braunschweig 1.6.21
D-AIBO A319-112 (2494) 14.4.21R D-CHOW Learjet 60 (60-186) [N294DD,N58ST,N1865T] 6.21
[OE-LDE,D-AVYL] D-CJMR Ce.525C (525C-0360) 28.4.21R
D-AIBP A319-112 (2547) 14.4.21R Jets – Augsburg 20.5.21
[OE-LDF,D-AVYA] D-CLHC Ce.560XLS+ (560-6206) Challengeline LS GmbH
D-AIBQ A319-112 (2652) 14.4.21R Business Jets – Augsburg 20.5.21
[OE-LDG,D-AVYF] [D-CJUG(2),D-CJUH,N7148J,N5257V]
D-AIEH A321-271NX (10318) Lufthansa 5.5.21 D-CLHM Pilatus PC-24 (226) 1.7.21R
D-AIEI A321-271NX (10304) Lufthansa 5.5.21 D-CLIK Ce.525C (525C-0355) [N5066U] 16.6.21P
[D-AVXZ] D-CLUB(7) EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500647) 5.5.21R
D-AIEM A321-271NX (10817) Lufthansa 10.6.21R D-CMSL Pilatus PC-24 (123) 24.6.21R
D-AIEN A321-271NX (10859) Lufthansa 10.6.21R [T7-RAY,HB-VSX]
D-AKAY A350-941ACJ (443) K5 Aviation – München 7.21 D-CNMO Pilatus PC-24 (218) Fly Mohr GmbH – Hamburg 27.4.21

Pilatus PC-24 D-CHMS [221] at Isle of Man on 1 July 2021. (Barrie Tippett)

D-CNOW EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500611) 11.6.21R D-HAFI(6) Bell 412EP (36107) Agrarflug Helilift GmbH
[N311EE] – Ahlen-Nord Heliport 26.4.21
D-COKE(2) Ce.525B (525B-0219) 10.6.21R [VH-JUF(2),D-HAFI(6),JA6768,N82627,C-GLZW]
[OE-GBC,OE-GRZ,N5243K] D-HAIT(3) R44 I (2650) [D-HSOF] 14.6.21P
D-COPI Pilatus PC-24 (263) 24.6.21R D-HAIV EC.130B4 (4861) 1.7.21R
D-CSRM Ce.525C (525C-0362) 22.4.21R [SX-HVJ,F-WCDT]
D-CTPN Pilatus PC-24 (262) 24.6.21R D-HBOH R44 Raven II (11283) Base Friedrichshafen 17.5.21
D-CUTY Beech B300 (FL-1157) 3.5.21R [HB-ZHK,N31424]
[N1157F] D-HCPI R44 Clipper (1263) 17.6.21R
D-CUVH EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500617) Haacke LTIF [3A-MAR]
GmbH – Egelsbach (Permit 4.6.21P) 24.6.21 D-HDLH(6) EC.120B (1395) Base Hamburg 11.6.21
D-CVMS Pilatus PC-24 (224) Platoon Aviation [SE-JUT,OM-JOP(2),F-HAFH,F-WQDG(22)]
[HB-VUE(2)] – Braunschweig 8.6.21 D-HEDL EC.135P2+ (0265) 27.5.21R
D-C… Beech B300 (FL-1157) [N1157F] 6.21 [OY-HNP,D-HTMK,SE-HPY,D-HECF(10)]
D-E… FRA150L (FRA1500163) [G-BACO] 7.21 D-HEVY(2) AS.350B (1174) Base Schönhagen 16.6.21
D-E… Ce.182T (18281630) 7.21 [(D-HAIT(2)),D-HSOF,F-GJAB,N3599U]
[G-CKCL,SP-FYI,EC-JQR,N17578] D-HFUA AS.350B (1684) 17.6.21P
D-E… Cirrus SR20 (1138) [G-GEMM,N241CD] 7.21 [D-HEVY(1),SE-JBN,JA9352]
D-E… Cirrus SR22T (1410) [N213CL] 6.21 D-HGDE Guimbal G2 Cabri (1265) 15.6.21R
D-E… Cirrus SR22T (2317) [N317RS] 6.21
D-HHLJ Agusta AW.169 (69116) Heli Service International
D-E… Cirrus SR22T (2327) [N327GR] 6.21
[I-EASX] GmbH – Emden 7.6.21
D-E… DR.400/160 (1510) [G-BIHD] 7.21
D-HKRH EC.130B4 (4561) 16.4.21R
D-FALO Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 (904) 19.4.21R
D-HMSA Sikorsky S-76C-2 (760792) 1.6.21R
D-FFFF Pilatus PC-12/47E (2107) 31.5.21R
D-HMXV Bell 206B (3948) 28.5.21R
D-FFUM Pilatus PC-12/47E (2118) 25.5.21R
D-HRTI EC.135T3H (2161) 13.4.21R
D-FJED Pilatus PC-12/47E (2112) 15.2.21R D-HTAB(3) R44 I (2640) Heli Transair European Air Services
[HB-FQI(23)] GmbH – Egelsbach 30.6.21P
D-FLAX Quest Kodiak 100 (100-219) 7.4.21R D-HUBC BK.117D-3 (21039) 26.5.21R
[D-FBHI,N219KQ] D-HUGO(4) AS.350B3e (8938) Base Augsburg 21.4.21
D-FLYC Ce.208 (20800309) Base Siegerland 7.5.21 [F-WWPN]
[N309SA] D-HVIP(6) EC.130T2 (8947) VHM Schul-und Charterflug
D-FNGX Pilatus PC-12/47E (2088) Base Egelsbach 26.5.21 – Essen 17.6.21P
[HB-FSK(22)] [G-CLXS] (ACH130 Aston Martin edition)
D-FRAY Daher TBM700N (1370) Base Münster-Osnabrück 3.6.21 D-HXAM EC.120B (1229) Base Landshut 5.5.21
(Permit 17.5.21P) [OE-XAM(2),HB-ZGQ,D-HHSN,F-WQDS(10)]
D-FUNG Ce.208B (208B5635) 14.5.21R D-HXFB BK.117D-3 (21030) DRF Luftrettung “Christoph
D-FUNQ Ce.208 (20800402) IAS Itzhoe AirService – Itzhoe [D-HBKA(3)] Niedersachsen” – Hannover 17.5.21
[N887ME,N719MZ,N719MS,N745MS,ZP-TGK, D-HXFD BK.117D-3 (21066) DRF Luftrettung 13.4.21R
N13170]19.4.21 D-HXFE BK.117D-3 (21073) DRF Luftrettung 13.4.21R
D-HABR(2) EC.135T3 (1261) ADAC Luftfahrt Technik GmbH D-H… EC.135.T3 (1241) 6.21
(Leased to military) – Bückeburg 28.4.21 [N241MR,(D-HABP(2)),B-70UK,D-HECO(26)]
[VH-BYI(3),VH-XUU,(VT-…),D-HCBD(9)] D-IAAL(3) Tecnam P2012 Traveller (30) Air Alliance
D-HACB R44 Raven II (14292) Base Neuhausen 14.4.21 – Siegerland 7.5.21
[SP-IRS] (Permit 14.4.21P for ferry Capua-Siegerland)

D-IAFG(2) Ce.525 (525-1080) Glinicke Aviation GmbH D-ASEF A320-214 (4974) CofA for export to Brazil issued 16.2.21.
– Erfurt (Permit 22.4.21P – See notes) 7.5.21 Canx 27.4.21 to PR-MYO.
D-IAFL(2) Ce.525 (525-1082) Base Zweibrücken 24.6.21 D-ASXA B737-8Z9 (28178) Canx to TC-SOT 6.21.
(Permit 28.5.21P) D-ATUE B737-8K5 (34686) Canx 17.4.21 to EI-GWE.
D-IDSG Claudius Dornier Seastar CD2 (1004) 17.6.21R D-ATYI B737-8K5 (37254) Canx 16.4.21 to OE-IWR.
D-IEGO(3) Ce.525A (525A-0313) 7.6.21R D-AUTO(1) Gulfstream V (5171) CofA for export to USA issued
[D-IBBS,N5157E] 22.6.21. Canx same day to N699KR.
D-IFCB Beech 390 (RB-41) 11.5.21R D-BOLD EMB-545 Legacy 450 (55010035) Canx to N808PD 7.21.
[(D-IFCA),N882AA,OE-FMC,N43HJ,N142HH] D-BTLT(2) BD-100-1A10 (20042) Canx 17.3.21 to C-FGCV.
D-IFCR Ce.525A (525A-0158) 31.5.21R D-CAAY(2) Learjet 55 (55-087) WFU at Köln-Bonn. Canx 7.6.21.
[SP-KCK,N158CJ] (Marks NTU – To D-IRAT) D-CEEE Ce.560XLS (560-5630) CofA for export to USA issued
D-IGEA Ce.525 (525-0628) 11.6.21R 15.3.21. Canx 13.4.21 to N560DC.
[N628AM,G-TFRA,T7-FRA,N52433] D-CJUG(2) Ce.560XLS+ (560-6206) Re-regd D-CLHC. Canx 6.5.21.
D-IJET(5) Piaggio P.180 Avanti II (1176) 3.5.21R D-COBI Ce.560XLS (560-5645) CofA for export to USA issued
[N288LA,M-ONTE,LX-JFP] 11.6.21. Canx on same day to N560PG.
D-ILAB(2) Reims F406 (F406-0075) Base Braunschweig 14.5.21 D-CQQQ Ce.560XLS+ (560-6134) Canx 1.6.21 to OE-GLI.
[F-ZBCH] D-CSMB Ce.550 (550-1130) CofA for export to Austria issued
D-ILST Ce.525A (525A-0390) Bensenair GmbH – Dresden 5.5.21 25.5.21. Canx on same day,but reserved again 7.6.21R
[OE-FKO,N52639] D-CXNL Hawker 800XP (258544) WFU at München. Canx 30.6.21.
D-ILIA(3) Ce.525C (525C-0044) 10.5.21R D-EGJK Ce.182P (18262660) Canx to F-HOCL 7.21.
D-EMJC(2) TB-20 (1916) Canx to F-HGBL 6.21.
(Still current as D-COLO(2) 1.7.21)
D-EYAL Ce.T182T (T18208095) Canx to PH-TIO 5.21.
D-ILUT(2) Piaggio P.180 Avanti II (1201) 23.4.21R
D-FBVB Pilatus PC-12/47E (1555) Canx 26.4.21 to HB-FZZ.
D-FEEL Pilatus PC-12/47E (1780) Canx 10.6.21 to OH-GOD.
D-IMFE Ce.525A (525A-0454) 14.5.21R
D-FHRG Pilatus PC-12/47E (1669) Canx 8.6.21 to LN-FOX.
D-FLBW PA-46-600TP (4698051) Canx 10.5.21 to LN-ECM.
D-INEO Beech E18S (BA-668) 9.4.21R
D-FNAH Pilatus PC-12/47E (1160) Canx 10.6.21 as exported.
D-FSID TBM-700C1 (288) Canx 3.6.21 as exported.
D-IORE(2) Beech C90GT (LJ-1325) 20.4.21R
D-HAOS BK.117C-1 (7553) WFU at Emden. Canx 4.5.21.
D-IPAG Beech B200GT (BY-273) 29.4.21 D-HFCE(2) AS.350BA (1669) Canx to SP-HPA(2) 5.21.
[D-IJRC,TC-OZK,N273KF] D-HITE EC.120B (1276) Canx 19.5.21 to HB-ZUL.
D-IPIT(2) Diamond DA62 (62.151) Base Stuttgart 18.5.21 D-HLAC BO.105CB-4 (S-269) Canx 7.21 to G-CMBM.
D-IRAT Ce.525A (525A-0158) 15.6.21R D-HLRG(2) BK.117C-2 (9029) CofA for export to USA 26.4.21. Canx on
[(D-IFCR),SP-KCK,N158CJ] same day.
D-IRJO Piaggio P.180 Avanti EVO (3004) 14.6.21R D-HNAS R44 Raven (1028) Canx 6.4.21,but restored 17.6.21.
[(D-IEVO),F-HTRY] (Marks NTU – To D-IRRE) D-HNOW EC.130B4 (3974) Canx 26.6.21 as exported.
D-IRRE Piaggio P.180 Avanti EVO (3004) 29.6.21R D-HSOF R44 I (2650) Canx 19.4.21. Re-regd D-HAIT(2)6.21.
[(D-IRJO),(D-IEVO),F-HTRY] D-HTMR BK.117D-2 (20355) Canx 20.5.21 to OY-HNL.
D-ISIR(2) Ce.525 (525-0690) 20.5.21R D-HVIP(5) EC.120B (1513) Canx 21.5.21 as exported.
[HB-VWM,N52627] D-HWVS BK.117C-1 (9027) CofA for export to Australia 9.5.21.
D-ITLS Beech B200 (BB-1921) 25.5.21R Canx same day.
[N630P,C-GPNB,C-FSQD,(N225LM),N224LM, D-IAAE(3) PA-42-720 (42-5501047) WFU at Köln-Bonn. Canx 26.4.21.
N716GS] D-IJET(4) Piaggio P.180 Avanti (1056) Canx 28.4.21 to N234VV.
D-IXMA Beech C90GTI (LJ-2123) Base Donaueschingen 29.6.21 D-IKIM Beech C90A (LJ-1324) Canx 28.5.21 to N215SA.
[VH-KQQ(3),N128GS] D-IUVH Ce.510 (510-0462) CofA issued 11.5.21 for export to
D-IXYY Ce.525 (525-0044) 1.4.21R Australia. Canx 26.5.21 to VH-IEQ(2).
\[HB-VPF,EC-KKE,D-IDBW,B55DG,XA-SKW, D-IWIL Ce.525 (525-0221) CofA for export to Russia issued
N2617K] 26.5.21. Canx on same day.
D-K… DG-1000M (10-249M30) [G-OSOR] 7.21 D-KLAQ LAK-17AT (177) Canx to LY-JES 6.21.
D-0422 ASK-13 (13218) Canx to F-CBAR 6.21.
CANCELLATIONS D-1825 Standard Cirrus (217) Canx to OK-1825 6.21.
D-AAGB B737-800 (42277) Canx to B-KJA 8.21. D-2323 L-23 Super Blanik (938101) Canx to OM-1919 .21.
D-ACKA(2) CL-600-2D24 (15072) CofA for export to USA issued D-4125 Ka.6CR (6612) Canx to F-CINE 6.21.
28.5.21. Canx 17.6.21 to N903EA. D-5185 LS4-a (4747) Canx to PH-1647 5.21.
D-ACKL CL-600-2D24 (15095) Canx 21.5.21 to N305AW. D-5574 Duo Discus c (468CS) Canx to F-CYMB 6.21.
D-AICJ A320-212 (1402) WFU at Frankfurt 5.5.21 and ferried to D-6714 ASW-19B (19045) Canx to OK-6714 6.21.
Minsk on 6.5.21. Canx 12.5.21. D-8162 Nimbus 2b (98) Canx to OM-8162 .21.
D-AICK(2) A320-212 (1416) WFU at Düsseldorf and ferried to Minsk D-9529 ASW-27-18E (29723) Canx to LY-VAR 5.21.
on 20.4.21. Canx 26.4.21.
D-AIPF A320-211 (083) Stored at Teruel and broken up there. The following accidents are also known:
Canx 11.5.21. D-ECAA(2) Tecnam P.2002-JF (266) Badly damaged following a
D-AIPM A320-211 (104) Stored at Teruel since 5.20. Canx 29.6.21. touch-and-go at Leutkirch on 20.7.21.
D-AKNG A319-112 (654) Last known stored at Sofia. Canx 19.4.21 D-EFTJ Fokker DR.1 Replica (003) Badly damaged on landing at
as exported. Burg Feuerstein airfield on 16.6.21.
D-ALAH(2) B737-8K2 (28374) Canx to N374AV 7.21. D-EILB PZL-104 Wilga 35A (62177) w/o and DBF after t/o at
D-ALCD MD-11F (48784) CofA for export to USA 21.5.21. Canx Renneritz airfield on 18.7.21.
11.6.21 to N784SN. D-EKFB(2) PA-28RT-201T (28R-8131062) w/o NW of Steinenbronn,
D-ANTR CL-600-2B16 (5616) Canx 21.6.21 to 2-NITE. Baden-Württemberg on 17.7.21.
D-AOLH(3) F.28-0100 (11505) CofA for export to Australia issued D-EMPE(3) M.20J (24-3186) w/o in CFIT accident at 2700m in the
6.4.21. Canx same day to VH-NQZ. Gotthard Massif, Switzerland on 18.7.21.
D-ARKO BD-700-1A10 (9348) Canx 22.6.21. Re-regd D-ACCC(2) D-EWTF Aquila AT-01 (AT01-225) w/o and DBF on t/o from
23.6.21. Nordholz airfield on 8.7.21.
D-ASEE(2) A320-214 (4953) CofA for export to Brazil issued 16.2.21. D-FLEC Ce.208 (20800388) Ditched in the sea off Norderney
Canx 27.4.21 to PR-MYN. airfield following a paradrop on 26.7.21.

D-KIBT Discus bT (142/520) w/o after colliding with agricultural D-HCBN(9) EC.135.3H (2156) Current test marks (7.21).
equipment while landing near Apostag, Hungary on D-HCBS(9) BK.117D-2m (20259) Current test marks (6.21). Recently
3.7.21. converted to BK.117D-3M and is being used as
D-KPLG Ventus 2cxM (163/382) w/o at Schlanstedt on 16.6.21. demonstrator.
D-KSWM ASH-31Mi (31058) w/o in a wooded area at D-HCBT(15) BK.117D-2m (20360) To Luftwaffe as 77+08 on 8.3.21.
Neualbenreuth, Tirschenreuth on 17.6.21. D-HCBX(6) EC.135P3H (2124) Current test marks (3.21). For
D-KXLW Duo Discus xLT (236) DBR after over-running on landing Romania.
at Wasserkuppe on 30.5.21. D-HMBF(30) BK.117D-3 (21022) Current test marks. To be D-HJLB.
D-1656 SZD-50-3 Puchacz (B-1541) w/o on t/o at Friedersdorf
airfield on 5.6.21. ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS
D-2691 Discus 2a (196) w/o in mid-air collision with another ABN 6/21 D-0389 Cirrus (85) Canx 22.2.21 to OM-0389.
glider near Merkinèé,Lithuania on 15.7.21.
D-4022 Ka.6CR (6409) w/o at Lofer, Pinzgau, Austria on 10.7.21.
D-9077 Ventus c (432) w/o near Mönchsheide glider field on

Our Nordic update starts with a large welcome look at Norwegian
D-AAAM(9) A321-231 (6294) Lufthansa Technik. Permit to fly
changes for May and June 2021, thanks as always to Kay Hagby and
reissued 18.4.21R.
Dave Partington. Most of the entries reflect the major changes in the
D-ACKB(2) CL-600-2D24 (15073) CofA for export to USA issued
Norwegian Air fleet. In Denmark we have July changes thanks again to
Lars Finken, while we complete our survey with a Swedish update and
D-AMAX(4) B737-8 (44601) Permit 26.2.19P. Renewed 7.5.19P, then
grounded in the USA. New permit 5.2.21P, and renewed snippets from Finland and Iceland. The DH.60T Moth Trainer SE-BFH is
22.3.21P,28.5.21P. Fully regd 17.6.21. the undoubted star entry this month. Supplied to the Swedish AF in
D-ATUC B737-8K5 (34684) Canx 3.5.21 to EI-GVN. 1931 it was civilianised in 1947, cancelled on 18.6.54, and has been on
D-ATUD B737-8K5 (34685) Canx 3.5.21 to EI-GVO. extended rebuild for some time.
D-ATYB B737-8K5 (37257) CofA for export to UK issued 5.3.21,
but still on register on 1.7.21. NEW REGISTRATIONS
D-CSKY Beech B300 (FL-130) Canx 27.4.21 to N76TT. LN-DYJ B737-8JP (39045) UMB Bank NA (Norwegian Air
D-HDST(2) BK.117D-2 (20224) Converted to BK.117D-3 4.21 and Shuttle AOC AS) – Gardermoen R29.6.21
went into DRF Luftrettung service at Villingen hospital as [EI-FHR,LN-DYJ]
“Christoph 11” on 23.5.21. LN-DYK B737-8JP (39046) UMB Bank NA (Norwegian Air
D-HZSS EC.135T3 (1278) ex D-HECF(34). Confirmed active with Shuttle AOC AS) – Gardermoen R9.6.21
Bundespolizei, but no dates yet known. [EI-FHN,LN-DYK,N1786B]
D-IADS EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000147) NTU – remained LN-DYR(2) B737-8JP (40870) Hanshin Juken Co Ltd
D-ISTP. (Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS) – Gardermoen R23.6.21
D-ILFA(2) BN-2B-26 (2243) CofA for export to UK issued 9.6.21. [EI-FHV,(SE-RPO),EI-FHV,LN-DYR,(LN-DYS)]
Restored as G-BSWO again. LN-DYX(2) B737-8JP (39011) KDAC Aircraft Trading 2 Ltd
D-IAFG(1) Ce.525 (525-1075) Marks NTU. Became N783DL instead. (Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS)
[EI-FHD,LN-DYX] – Gardermoen R21.6.21
AIRBUS HELICOPTER PRODUCTION (Donauwörth) LN-DYY(2) B737-8JP (39012) KDAC Aircraft Trading 2 Ltd
(Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS)
D-HADA(28) BK.117D-3 (21003) To N148AH 21.6.21.
[EI-FHA,LN-DYY] – Gardermoen R24.6.21
D-HADA(29) BK.117D-3 (21…) Current test marks (6.21). For Norway.
LN-ECM(2) PA-46-600TP M600 (4698051) Sola M600 AS
D-HADE(20) BK.117D-2m (20357) To Ecuador as FAE1255.
[D-FLBW,N71195,N9549N] – Sola 20.5.21
D-HADJ(14) BK.117D-3 (21004) To N145AH 17.6.21.
LN-ELB(2) Pipistrel Virus Electro SW128 (VSW1280030)
D-HADK(18) BK.117D-3 (21006) To C-GWRC 24.6.21.
D-HADK(19) BK.117D-3 (21…) Current test marks (6.21). Norges Luftsportforbund – (Oslo) 28.5.21
D-HADM(15) BK.117D-2m (20…) To German military early 2021. LN-ENO B737-8JP (42088) Wilmington Trust SP Services
D-HADM(16) BK.117D-2 (20…) Current test marks (6.21). (Dublin) Ltd (Norwegian
D-HADN(7) BK.117D-2m (20355) For Ecuador as FAE1253. [EI-FVU] Air Shuttle AOC AS) 16.6.21
D-HADP(15) BK.117D-2m (20356) Current test marks (4.21). For LN-ENP B737-8JP (42090) Chishima Real Estate Co Ltd
Ecuador as FAE1254. (Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS)
D-HADQ(9) BK.117D-3 (21019) To N250DV 25.6.21. – Gardermoen 8.6.21
D-HADY(13) BK.117D-3 (21017) Current test marks (6.21). [EI-FVX,(SE-RRK),EI-FVX,N1786B]
D-HBKH(2) BK.117D-3 (21...) Current test marks (6.21). LN-ENQ B737-8JP (42096) Nippon Plastic Pallet Corp
D-HBKN(2) BK.117D-3 (21041) Current test marks. To be D-HYAR. (Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS)
(Dld to Bonn-Hangelar 28.7.21). – Gardermoen 2.6.21
D-HBTA(14) BK.117D-2 (20…) Current test marks (7.21). [EI-FVY,(SE-RRM),EI-FVY,N1795B]
D-HBTB(2) BK.117D-3 (21020) To F-HBRA 6.21. LN-ENR B737-8JP (42090) Chishima Real Estate Co Ltd
D-HBTC BK.117D-3 (21026) To LN-OTH 6.21. (Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS)
D-HBTD BK.117D-3 (21021) Current test marks (6.21) To be [EI-FVZ,N1796B] – Gardermoen 11.6.21
D-HJLA (NOTE: originally D-HJUH(2 was earmarked). LN-ENS B737-8JP (42281) Otra Aviation Leasing Ltd
D-HBTE BK.117D-3 (21…) Current test marks (4.21) For Canada. (Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS)
D-HBTF BK.117D-3 (21…) Current test marks (6.21) For Canada. [EI-FVV] – Gardermoen 10.6.21
D-HBTG BK.117D-3 (21…) Current test marks (4.21) For Canada. LN-ENT B737-8JP (42282) Shinwa Inc (Norwegian Air
D-HBTH BK.117D-3 (21007) Current test marks (5.21) For [EI-FVW] Shuttle AOC AS) – Gardermoen 3.6.21
Ukraine as “03”. LN-ENV B737-8JP (41140) Doric NAS Ltd (Norwegian Air
D-HBTI BK.117D-3 (21055) Current test marks (6.21). For Brazil Shuttle AOC AS – Gardermoen 30.6.21
D-HCBA(15) EC.135.3H (2…) Current test marks (5.21). For Russia. LN-FGA B737-82R (40014) Pembroke Aircraft Leasing
D-HCBC(17) EC.135.3H (2147) Current test marks (5.21). For Japan. [EI-GUK,TC-CPI,N5573K] 11 Ltd (Fyr AS) 10.6.21
D-HCBG(13) EC.135.3H (21..) Current test marks (6.21). For Japan. LN-FGB B737-82R (40881) Pembroke Aircraft Leasing
D-HCBH(14) EC.135T3H (2150) To N822PP 9.7.21. [EI-GVP, TC-CPJ] 11 Ltd 18.6.21
D-HCBI(13) EC.135.3H (2152) Current test marks (6.21). For Japan. LN-GFJ(2) Arcus M (237) Fjord Gliding AS – Os 21.5.21

LN-HAF(3) PA-22-150 (22-7359) P.S.Semeleng – Fagernes R10.5.21 SE-RRT(2) B737-8JP (40867) SMBC Aviation Capital Ltd
[SE-CSY,N10F] (Norwegian Air Sweden AB) – Arlanda R2.7.21
LN-NOD(2) B737-8Q8 (35280) Peregrine Aviation Charlie Ltd [EI-FHT,SE-RRT(2),EI-FHT,LN-DYL]
(Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS) – Gardermoen 4.5.21 SE-RVA Pilatus PC-24 (186) Kommunalförbundet Svenskt
[EI-FHE,LN-NOD(2),(LN-NOF)] [HB-VVB] Ambulansflyg – Umeå 14.7.21
LN-OCF(2) Bell 206B (2949) Skyward AS – Fredrikstad 8.6.21 SE-RVB Pilatus PC-24 (189) Kommunalförbundet Svenskt
[SE-HVE,G-OFAB,N22AB,N5734X] [HB-VVC] Ambulansflyg – Umeå 14.7.21
LN-ODE(2) SA.342M Gazelle (4032) Aeroservice AS – Hamar 11.6.21 SE-VUS Jodel D.18UL (234-3-1099) M.C.Pekkala
[Fr.Mil] – Örnsköldsvik 21.7.21
LN-OGW(2) AS.350B3 (8988) Kjell A.Østnes AS (Helitrans AS) 24.6.21 SE-VXK AutoGyro MTOsport (M01908) 16.7.21
LN-OII Sikorsky S-92A (920224) Wells Fargo Trust [D-MVXD]
Co NA (Bristow Norway AS) – Sola 30.6.21 SE-VZK Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY-204/2007)
[G-CIGZ,N224XK] [LN-YXP] Köpings Flygklubb – Köping 30.7.21
LN-OTH(2) BK.117D-3 (21026) Skandinaviska Enskilda SE-VZO BRM Aero Bristell UL RG (092/2014) 1.7.21
Banken AB (Norsk Luftambulanse) 10.5.21 [YL-IOO]
[D-HBTC] SE-V16 Blackwing BW600RG (016) Blackwing
LN-OVR(2) AS.350B3e (8966) Kjell A. Østnes AS (Fonnafly) 5.5.21 Sweden AB – Eslöv 6.7.21
[F-WWXK] SE-ZAO Cameron Z-315 (12442) 29.7.21
LN-TBN Christen Eagle II (S308) O.N.Strande – Raufoss 18.6.21 SE-ZNP Cameron Z-90 (10763) Chalmers Ballong Corps
[OK-EGL,G-EGEL,N388AG,G-EGEL] [G-CDRF] – (Göteborg) 9.7.21
LN-TOB PA-46-350P (4636780) LTOB Leasing AS TF-LLV B757-236 (25808) WWTAI AirOpCo II DAC
[N9538N] – Ålesund 28.6.21 (Icelandair ehf) – Keflavik 7.21
LN-YTA(3) Aeroprakt A32 (176) N.G.Selliseth – Ålesund 27.5.21P [D4-CCF,F-GPEK,G-BPEK]
TF-PLA A321-251N (7939) Wilmington Trust SP Services
OH-MRK Maule M-4-220C (2122C) 6.21
(Dublin) Ltd (Fly Pay ehf) – Keflavik 7.21
OH-SGI Gulfstream VII (72074) Stradian Consultants Ltd
TF-PLB A321-251N (7945) Rhodium Funding Ltd (Fly Pay
[N574GD] (Polar Aviation Oy) – Vantaa 22.7.21
[N7945,XA-NEO,D-AVZL] ehf) – Keflavik 7.21
OY-EST Commander 114B (14636) 14.7.21
Norway (LN)
OY-IMC PA-46R-350T (4692182) 7.7.21T
OY-JZD ATR-72-600 (1131) R14.7.21 LN-DYT B737-8JP (39048) Returned to owner for registration in
[ES-ATF,OY-JZD,(OY-CRV),F-WKVI,JA02LK, Bermuda. Canx 25.5.21.
F-WWET] LN-DYU B737-8JP (39008) As LN-DYT. Canx 25.5.21.
OY-JZH ATR-72-600 (1177) R7.7.21T LN-LNA B787-8 (35304) Returned to owner. Canx 29.6.21.
[PK-TNH,OY-JZH,FWWER] LN-LNB B787-8 (35305) Returned to owner. Canx 29.6.21.
OY-TLA Ce.172R (17281159) 30.7.21 LN-LNP B787-9 (63310) Returned to owner. Canx 8.6.21 to
OY-TNA Ce.525B (525B-0638) 6.7.21T LN-LNS B787-9 (63311) Returned to owner. Canx 1.6.21 to
OY-XII(2)-“I” Ventus 3T (139TS) 2.7.21 9H-LNS.
OY-XXK(3)-“KE” LS8-18 (8103) 30.7.21 LN-NGD(2) B737-8JP (39049) As LN-DYT. Canx 25.5.21.
LN-NGP B737-8JP (39028) Returned to owner. Canx 16.6.21.
LN-NHC B737-8JP (41128) As LN-DYT. Canx 27.5.21.
OY-YBV ATR-42-500 (689) 5.7.21T
LN-NHD B737-8JP (41131) As LN-DYT. Canx 27.5.21.
LN-NPZ PA-31 (31-7512047) Canx 12.5.21 to HL2048.
LN-OMF(4) AS.332L (2139) Canx 7.21 to C-GLFG(4).
OY-YCC ATR-42-500 (1213) 15.7.21T
LN-OVI AS.350B3 (8214) Canx 11.6.21 to Japan.
LN-OWC AS.350B3 (7003) Canx 20.5.21 to SE-JTP.
OY-YDK ATR-72-600 (1108) 5.7.21T
LN-RGF B737-86N (38038) Returned to owner. Stored at
Newquay. Canx 10.6.21 to VP-CGH.
OY-YDM ATR-72-600 (1286) 6.7.21T
LN-TEZ Fuji FA-200-160 (295) CofA exp 18.5.12 and last known
stored at Odense, Denmark. Canx 4.6.21. Sold to Ukraine
OY-YDN ATR-72-600 (1324) 6.7.21T 15.6.21.
[PK-TNE,F-WWEG] LN-TRN PA-31-310 (31-8012035) BU and scrapped at Bardufoss
OY-YDT ATR-72-600 (1326) 7.21R 12.20. Canx 28.6.21.
[EI-FSK,F-WWEI] LN-TRO PA-31-310 (31-8212018) As LN-TRN. Canx 28.6.21.
OY-YDU ATR-72-600 (1339) 7.21R LN-TRP PA-31-310 (31-8012048) As LN-TRN. Canx 28.6.21.
[EI-FSL,F-WWEW] LN-WFU(2) DHC-8-314 (592) Returned to owner as OY-CJY. Canx
OY-… Pilatus PC-12/47E (1824) 7.21 3.6.21.
SE-BFH DH.60T Moth Trainer (1718) Westh Flyg AB RESERVATIONS
– (Stockholm) R29.7.21 LN-ENM B737-8JP (42071) Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS
[Fv560,Fv5560,Fv4560,(Sk 9),Fv5110] [EI-FJH] – Gardermoen 7.21R
SE-JVN(2) Bell 206L-4 (52132) Fjällflyggarna I Arjeplog AB LN-ENU B737-8JP (42069) Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS
– Arjeplog 12.7.21 [EI-FHJ,(LN-NHH)] – Gardermoen 25.5.21R
[G-PTOO,N340AJ,5Y-BKR,C-FVSU,(N98867)] LN-SIA Interstate S-1A Cadet (220) SE Interstate
SE-JXD BK.117D-3 (21037) Svensk Luftambulanz [N37377,NC37377] Cadet – Kjeller 25.5.21R
[D-HBKJ(2)] – Karlstad 9.7.21 (Did not become LN-AIS as intended
SE-MFY(2) F.27-050 (20109) Largus Aviation AB (Amapola (See JUN919)
Flyg AB) – Arlanda R1.7.21 LN-YEP(3) ATEC Faeta 600NG – Lista Flyklubb – Vanse 26.5.21R
SE-MMD Blackwing BW 635 RG (007) Blackwing LN-ECM(1) PA-46-600TP M600 (4698028) Reserved 17.1.21R for Sola
[SE-VVM,(SE-V07)] Sweden AB – Eslöv 18.6.21 M600 AS but became N24RJ in 2.21. Replaced as above.

Denmark (OY) ES‑ESP Sonaca Aircraft S201 Trainer Pro (028) Pakker
[OO‑XSP] Avio AS 5.21
ES‑ESR Sonaca Aircraft S201 Trainer Pro (029) Pakker
OY‑GWK Falcon 2000S (715). Canx 28.7.21 to HB‑JTC.
[OO‑XSQ] Avio AS 5.21
OY‑HHU EC.175B (5046) Canx 16.7.21 to G‑MCSM.
ES‑FLG PA‑46R‑350T (4692140) Flygi OÜ 6.21
OY‑LAF PA‑34‑220T (3449183) Canx 30.7.21 to Slovakia.
OY‑VKH A330‑343 (356) Canx 8.7.21 to N356UK, then T7‑SRS.
ES‑JKV EC.130T2 (8969) Giga AS (Diamond Sky OÜ) 7.21
ES‑NTB ATR‑42‑500 (651) EPL Finance Oy (Nyxair OÜ) 5.21
OY‑BFX Rehberg/Schneider/Hoffmann SG38 (5) Fully regd 2.7.21.
ES‑SAZ A320‑214 (1725) Celestial Aviation Trading 23 Ltd
OY‑DHP Polyt 5 (70‑1) Retired after 51 years service towing (SmartLynx Airlines Estonia UÜ – Tallinn 6.21
gliders. Donated to Danmarks Flymuseum, Stauning and [9H‑SLK,ES‑SAS,HK‑4817,HK‑4817‑X,N262AV,
last flight 24.7.21 Arnborg‑Stauning on delivery. F‑WWBP]
OY‑IPA Van’s RV‑6A (08052‑2353) Fully regd 21.7.21. HA‑BFQ F172M (F17201172) Fly‑Coop KfT 10.6.21
OY‑MUX Akaflieg München Mü.23D (108) Fully regd 2.7.21. [YU‑CCW]
HA‑JEQ EMB‑500 Phenom 100 (50000055) Color Help KfT
NEW REGISTRATIONS HA‑LVQ A321‑271NX (10295) Wizz Air – Budapest 8.21
OY‑9727 Dyn’Aero MCR‑01 (406) . [D‑AVXT]
HA‑LVT A321‑271NX (10424) Wizz Air – Budapest 7.21
Sweden (SE) [D‑AVWU]
HA‑LVY A321‑271NX (10370) Wizz Air – Budapest 8.21
SE‑GMA(3) F172M (F17201463) CofA exp 16.4.14 following accident
HA‑LVZ A321‑271NX (10417) Wizz Air – Budapest 7.21
at Byxelkrok/Ölanda 25.7.13. Canx 20.7.21 to Germany.
SE‑JMN S.269C (S‑1573) Canx 6.7.21 to LN‑OMN.
HA‑LZA A321‑271NX (10440) Wizz Air – Budapest 8.21
SE‑RFN B737‑8K5 (38107) Canx 15.7.21 to G‑TAWH.
SE‑RKM Ce.525A (525A‑0435) Canx 26.7.21 to OE‑FLO(2).
HA‑LZB A321‑271NX (10460) Wizz Air – Budapest 8.21
SE‑RMR Ce.560XLS (560‑5727) Canx 2.7.21 to Bulgaria.
[D‑A …]
SE‑RRC(2) B737‑8JP (39164) Canx 14.7.21 to XA‑OCA.
HA‑RDM T‑28A Trojan (174‑185) .21
SE‑RTA B737‑8 (42835) Canx 12.7.21 to OE‑IZM.
The following accidents are also known: Arg Navy 0562,51‑3647]
SE‑KKD DHC‑2 Turbo Beaver III (1629/TB17) w/o on t/o on a LY‑BHU Mainair Gemini/Flash IIA – .21
paradropping sortie at Örebro‑Bofors airport on 8.7.21. LY‑BIE Solar Wings Pegasus XL‑Q – .21
SE‑KYD SAAB S‑91D Safir (91280) Badly damaged in f/l on a road LY‑BIT UltraMagic M‑120 – .21
near Västra Vedåkra, S of Hörby on 16.7.21. LY‑FBA B737‑8F2F (29788) Avia AM Leasing 7.21
Iceland (TF) LY‑ILS Diamond DA42NG (42.N012) 6.21
LZ‑MDF A321‑211 (1451) Fly2Sky 7.21
TF‑AAL B747‑428 (32871) Canx to 9H‑AZA .21.
OK‑BRM BRM Bristell B‑23 (021/2021) BRM Aero s.r.o. 20.7.21
OK‑MIM Cirrus SR22 (5061) Atlanic s.r.o. (Cirrus Aircraft
ABN 10/20 LN‑ALH(2) Ce.172N (17270475) Canx 27.8.20 to D‑EELK.
[N506Y] Management s.r.o.) 22.7.21
ABN 6/21 LN‑ENL B737‑8JP (41148) ex EI‑FJJ,(SE‑RPV),EI‑FJJ,
OK‑1109 Kubicek BB.. (1689) Promo Air s.r.o. 8.7.21
(LN‑NHO). OK‑2243 Nimbus 4 (22) V.Borovik (Ing Petr Krejcirik)
LN‑ENM B737‑8JP (42071) ex EI‑FJH,(SE‑RPX),EI‑FJH, (See notes) 30.7.21
(LN‑NHN),N1786B. OK‑3042 HpH Glasflügel 304TS (008‑TS) HpH Spol s.r.o. 7.7.21
LN‑ENP B737‑8JP (42090) ex EI‑FVX,(SE‑RRK),EI‑FVX, OK‑7376 Kubicek BB.. (1886) Balony Kubicek Spol s.r.o. 19.7.21
N1786B. OK‑7782 Kubicek BB.. (1446) Balony Kubicek Spol s.r.o.
LN‑ENQ B737‑8JP (42096) ex EI‑FVY,(SE‑RRM),EI‑FVY, (Balonovy Zamek s.r.o.) 19.7.21
N1795B. OK‑8281 Kubicek BB.. (1828) Balony Kubicek Spol s.r.o.
LN‑EUJ Ce.680A (680A‑0272) ex N272CK. (Balonovy Zamek s.r.o.) 19.7.21
LN‑LNU B787‑9 (63313) Canx 29.4.21 to 9H‑LNU. OM‑JOY Aerospool WT‑10 Advantic (AD‑012/2021)
ABN 7/21 SE‑DSV Avro 146‑RJ100 (E3250) Canx 28.6.21 to OK Aviation Sales s.r.o.(OMJOY s.r.o.) 6.21
C‑FNWT. OM‑KIK Antonov AN‑2R (1G190‑06) Peter Silvovsky 6.21
SE‑FUV(2) Maule M4‑220C (2122C) Canx 2.6.21 to [OK‑KIK]
OH‑MRK. OM‑TRV Agusta AW.109SP (22403) Tatra Leasing s.r.o.
SE‑JVG EC.130T2 (8398) Canx 31.5.21 to RA‑07499. [3A‑MCG,I‑EASO] (Tatra JET s.r.o.) 6.21
OM‑UFO(2) PA‑28‑140 (28‑7225427) Ing Rastislav,MVDr Juraj
[OE‑DPX,N11C] Marcin R6.21
EASTERN EUROPE OM‑ … PA‑34‑220T (3449183) 7.21
OM‑0103 Grob G.103 Twin Astir (3174‑T‑17) Aeroklub
With Poland enjoying its own “in‑depth” survey this month we again [OK‑OOOO] Trnava o.z. 6.21
present a large collection of entries from most of the states in the YR‑SIL A321‑231 (424) FlyLili 7.21
region. We have additions from Estonia from a recent official listing, [LZ‑EAA,ER‑AXU,RP‑C5323,C5‑AAR,F‑WTDF,
as well as our customary welcome ultralights from the Czech Republic G‑CRPH,F‑WQBB,F‑WWIV]
and Slovakia thanks to Bob Sage, and Romanian notes thanks to Steve
Ozel. Estonia (ES)
NEW REGISTRATIONS ES‑ATF ATR‑72‑600 (1131) Canx to OY‑JZD 7.21.
ES‑ERX Hawker 850XP (258810) Cambourne Ltd ES‑ECH Ce.172P (17276046) Canx to RA‑67328 6.21.
[G‑CERX,OE‑GJA,N71010] (Fort Aero AS) 7.21 ES‑NSA SAAB 340B (340B‑219) Canx to N219JA 7.21.

ES-NTA ATR-42-500 (655) Canx .21. OK-0000 Grob G.103 Twin Astir Trainer (3174-T-17) Canx 1.4.21 to
ES-TOP R44 II (14071) Canx .21. OM-0103 6.21.
ES-VSD Tomark Viper SD-4 (0034) Canx .21.
REGISTER NOTES OK-2243 Exact type/identity not clear – possibly Nimbus 4M
ES-DAN EMB-135BJ (14501183) Regd to Second Sky Management (6/22) ex D-KBAA,or 4DM (13/22) ex D-KSHA.
SIA (Panaviatic AS).
ES-SNK Falcon 2000 (223) Regd to San Wing Aviation Ltd (Fort ULTRALIGHT REGISTER
OK-ZUL 60 Wolfsberg Sparrow ML – .
Hungary (HA) OK-ZWD 05 Magni M24 Orion – .
CANCELLATIONS OK-AUA 39 JMB VL-3 Evolution 915iS – .
HA-FAW B737-476 (24435) Canx to EI-STI 7.21. OK-AUL 14 Aeropilot Legend 600 – .
HA-KAD B737-4YO (24917) Canx to EI-JRD 7.21.
HA-LWC A320-232 (4323) Canx 7.21 to OE-ISW. REGISTER NOTES
HA-YAV Yak-18T (22202047817) Canx to G-RGTX 7.21. OK-XUA 66 Correct type is Urban Air Samba (not XXL).
HA-1238 SF-25C (4218) Canx to YU-6013 7.21. OK-ZUA 29 JMB Aircraft VL-3T-1 Evolution (VL3-176) ex OK-ZUG 04,
OK SUU 44,YR-5888. M.Sioen – Moorsele, Belgium. The
REGISTER NOTES marks OK-ZUG 04 are reportedly used for test and
HA-LVL A321-271NX (10260) Regd to Aptree Aviation Trading 4 delivery flights.
Ltd (Wizz Air Hungary) 10.6.21.
Slovakia (OM)
NEW REGISTRATIONS OM-PDB AerospoolWT-9 Dynamic (DY-177/2007) Canx 6.21.
HA-UDJ(2) Fly Synthesis Storch CL (152) L.Fiel 10.5.21 OM-5304 L-13SDM Vivat (050616) Canx 6.21.
HA-UDP(2) Apollo Fox (220816) T.Farkas 8.6.21 OM-8428 VT-116 Orlik II (151928) Canx 6.21.


The following accident is known: OM-M139 B&F Funk FK9 Mk.4 – Base Poland .
LY-GRO LAK-17B Mini FES (025) w/o near Serres-La Batie airfield, OM-M790 Halley Apollo Fox – .
France on 2.8.21. [HA-UAO(2),27-01,10-01]
OM-M831 ICP MXP-740 Savannah VG (02-04-51-145) .
Bulgaria (LZ) [25-33,I-6938]
OM-M835 Halley Apollo Fox (210600) .
LZ-EAA A321-231 (424) Canx to YR-SIL 7.21.
OM-M838(2) AutoGyro Calidus – Base Hungary .
LZ-KLS Zenair CH-601XL Zodiac – Canx to I-D602. OM-M988 Apollo AG-1 (030714) .
OM-M990 Halley Apollo Fox TD (K021006) .
Czech Republic (OK) [27-42]
OK-JNI LET L-410UVP-E20 (R3319) Canx 17.4.21 to RA-67083 CANCELLATIONS
6.21. OM-M667 Celier Aviation Artur Trendak Xenon (CAJ12674S)
OK-KIK Antonov AN-2 (1G190-06) Re-regd OM-KIK 6.21. Canx. Canx to 5B-HBT 5.21.
OK-KLM(3) PA-46R-350T (4692140) Canx 16.6.21 to ES-FLG. OM-M838(1) Tomark SD-4 Viper – Presumed Canx. Reallotted as
OK-SAS LET L-410UVP (831040) Canx 30.6.21 to 7Q-YAE. above.

JMB Aircraft VL-3T-1 Evolution OK-ZUA 29 [VL3-176] at Brasschaat on 6 June 2021. (Bob Rongé)

Aerospatiale AS350B3 YR-MXV [8740] at Denham on 8 July 2021. (Brian G Nichols)

OM‑M990 Tomark SD‑4 Viper – Presumed Canx. Reallootted as SP‑ADF Tecnam P.2006T (173) 23.1.20
above. [MM55208,I‑AMIF]
SP‑AER Cirrus SF50 (0014) 26.11.20
Romania (YR) [2‑AUER]
SP‑AKS Diamond DA40D (D4.084) 17.4.20
YR‑MIS F172H (F172‑490) Canx to 9A‑MIS 6.21.
SP‑ALS Yak‑12M (169655) 7.1.20
SP‑AMD Cirrus SR22T (2032) 19.12.19
YR‑ADI A321‑231 (1366) Regd to Aerro Direkt SRL. CofA 14.6.21.
YR‑CRV(2) Pipistrel Virus SW121 (VSW1210014) Regd to Cruiser
SP‑ASC(5) CSA Sportcruiser (P1991099) 25.2.21
Aviation SRL. CofA 8.20. (C/n VSW1210011 quoted
SP‑ATA Beech 400A (RK‑84) (See cancellations) 31.1.20
officially seems to be in error.)
YR‑DAW Antonov AN‑2R (1G208‑12) Ownership change to S.C. SP‑ATV Zlin Z.142 (333) 8.8.19
Aero West SRL – Buzias 6.21. SP‑AZG R66 (1030) 12.4.21
YR‑3799‑“Y1” Discus 2a (33) ex D‑3799 Aeroclubul României. CofA SP‑BAD Cameron Z‑120 (11339) 7.5.21
30.10.20. [OE‑ZHI]
SP‑BAK(2) Kubicek BB37 (81) 3.3.20
YR‑5064 EPA Duetto – . SP‑BAU Cameron C‑90 (10891) 3.9.20
YR‑5644 BRM Citius Sport – . [HB‑QMZ]
YR‑.... Mainair Blade 912 (1239‑0200‑7‑W1032) 7.21 SP‑BAV(2) Thunder AX9‑120SII (4886) 16.9.20
YR‑.... Mainair Blade (1273‑0201‑7‑W1068) 7.21 SP‑BCT(2) Kubicek BB45Z (1701) “Re/Max” 22.9.20
[G‑BZTM] SP‑BDZ(2) Kubicek BB26XR (978) 12.5.20
ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS SP‑BGR Cameron N‑90 (10239) 28.4.21
ABN 5/21 OK‑JNH LET L‑410UVP‑E20 (3318) Canx 7.4.21 to [D‑OMAC(2)]
RA‑67082 7.21 SP‑BIL Cameron A‑315 (12372) “Electrum” 27.3.20
ABN 7/21 LY‑BID Yak‑18T (4200207) Last PI was RA–1979K. SP‑BIN Aerotechnik AB2 (910545) e 28.10.20
LY‑KOS Yak‑52 (878101) Also ex Ukraine TSOU. [SP‑BTA,OK‑1023]
SP‑BKL Kubicek BB30Z (1651) 23.10.20
SP‑BME Thunder AX8‑90SI (4625) 21.9.20
SP‑BML Firefly 8 (F8‑2021) 4.2.21
We are very pleased to present a large section which deals with most SP‑BMN Lindstrand LTL 1‑90 (009) 26.11.20
register changes over the past two years. Data is taken from official [G‑KLTB]
sources and while no ownership data is listed we do have identities SP‑BMR(3) Kubicek BB17XR (1720) “Firma Poleski” 2.7.20
and registration dates. We are extremely grateful to Graham Drabble SP‑BMT Kubicek BB20GP (564) 21.4.21
for making this available to us, and further installments will appear in [PH‑ANN,CS‑BBS]
due course – notably including Polish ultralights. Meanwhile those SP‑BNM Lindstrand LTL Series Racer (114) 28.9.20
below include Balloons and Gliders expertly checked over by Ken SP‑BOK Cameron Z‑160 (12393) 1.10.20
Parfitt and Richard Cawsey. SP‑BOM Fire Balloons G34/42 (1233) 17.3.21
SP‑BRC Kubicek BB22XR (1748) “Bryza” 28.10.20
NEW REGISTRATIONS SP‑BRU Cameron Z‑180 (10706) 15.7.20
SP‑ACR American Champion 8KCAB (1017‑2006) 29.5.20 [D‑OARW(2)]
[N551SB] SP‑BTB(2) Kubick BB30XR (1036) 13.9.19

SP-BUM Cameron O-56 (12001) 1.4.21 SP-IZI EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000329) 11.2.21
SP-BVA(2) Thunder AX7-77SI (2386) 20.1.21 SP-KAR Tecnam P.2008-JC Mk II (1191) 28.10.20
[OE-ZAF] SP-KAS Tecnam P.2008-JC Mk II (1190) 19.8.20
SP-BWA(2) Kubicek BB51Z (488) 17.3.21 SP-KKW(3) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1922) 8.1.20
[HB-QMI] [HB-FRA(20)]
SP-BWE(2) Aerophile 5500 (072) 11.8.20 SP-KMA Ce.152 (15289146) 7.8.20
SP-BZZ(2) Cameron A-180 (4163) 25.3.21 [N67612]
[D-ODUD(2)] SP-KMF Ce.152 (15282538) 29.1.21
SP-CIR Cirrus SR22 (4930) 15.9.20 [N69188]
[N930GS] SP-KMH Ce.152 (15280189) 29.1.21
SP-CLD(2) Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-102) PWSZ – Chelm 3.10.19 [N184AK]
SP-CLE(2) Tecnam P.2006T (306) 4.12.19 SP-KMP PZL M-20 Mewa (1AH002-12) 6.4.21
SP-CLF(2) Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-103) PWSZ – Chelm 29.11.19 [SP-MXB]
SP-CLG Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-104) PWSZ – Chelm 13.12.19 SP-LFL Tecnam P.2006T (322) 26.2.21
SP-CPR Evektor EV-97 SportStar RTC (20121412) 11.10.19 SP-LSG B787-9 (62144) LOT – Warsaw 30.10.19
[OK-DNA] SP-MKG R44 II (14360) 18.11.19
SP-CUD Learjet 75 (45-590) 27.8.20 SP-MKH Diamond DA40NG (40.N440) Polish Air Force
SP-DAR Diamond DA40NG (40.N513) Polish Air Force Academy 18.10.19
Academy 9.10.20 SP-MKL Diamond DA40NG (40.N448) Polish Air Force
SP-DMK Extra EA.300/L (1283) 2.10.20 Academy 18.10.19
SP-DMT Tomark SD-4 Viper (30047) HelenAir 19.5.20 SP-MRR R44 Raven I (2581) 8.11.19
SP-DVW FR172H (FR17200342) 12.2.21 [N737RK]
[PH-DVW] SP-MTM Cirrus SR22T (2124) 28.7.20
SP-EAR CAP.10C (319) 2.4.21 [N237MM]
SP-EME PA-46-600TP (4698149) 9.3.21 SP-MZA PA-28-161 (28-8316072) 15.4.21
[N8061T,N9546N] [OY-NHF,N4306W]
SP-EVA PA-46-500TP (4697621) 3.12.20 SP-NAT(2) Diamond DA42NG (42.N376) 22.8.19
[N7110J] SP-NCC Pilatus PC-12/47E (2084) 5.21
SP-EVK Diamond DA40D (D4.042) 9.4.21 [HB-FSG(22)]
[OM-CVK,OK-IMC(1),D-EEAW(2)] SP-NTB Diamond DA20C-1 (C0699) Polish Air Force
SP-FCS Tecnam P.2002-JF (053) 7.8.20 [C-GKAI] Academy 23.11.20
SP-FEX F150L (F1500683) 17.3.20 SP-NTC Diamond DA20C-1 (C0700) Polish Air Force
[OY-AZC,PH-EHD] [C-FDVK] Academy 23.11.20
SP-FKY Yak-12A (30127) 4.10.19 SP-NTD Diamond DA20C-1 (C0701) Polish Air Force
SP-FLB Ce.150M (15076686) 14.4.20 [C-GDMY] Academy 3.12.20
[PH-CAN,C-GDQX,N4053V] SP-NTF Diamond DA20C-1 (C0702) Polish Air Force
SP-FNA F172N (F17201942) 19.6.20 [C-FBDP] Academy 3.12.20
[YL-CAA,OE-KCC,D-EKCC] SP-NTG Diamond DA20C-1 (C0703) Polish Air Force
SP-FNB Ce.172P (17274510) 19.6.20 [C-FBCE] Academy 3.12.20
[PH-AWC,HA-TUT,D-EFZQ,N52414] SP-NTH Diamond DA20C-1 (C0704) Polish Air Force
SP-FNC F172M (F17201458) 21.8.20 [C-FBDF] Academy 3.12.20
[D-EBZK] SP-ODA Cirrus SR22T (2162) 28.8.20
SP-FPG P.68B (183) 2.6.20 [N318SS]
[I-AGAE,I-GYAN] SP-ORO TB-20 (2024) 4.6.20
SP-FRB PZL-110 Koliber (19004) 18.11.20 [EC-HRK,F-OILP]
SP-GBM CSA PS-28 Cruiser (C0672) 10.11.20 SP-PBC Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-101) 15.11.19
SP-GIK Maule MX-7-235 (18074C) 25.9.20 SP-PIA F150M (F15001401) 28.4.20
SP-GLD Diamond DA20-A1 (10149) Golden Wings Flight SP-PIC MS.893A (11821) 2.7.20
[D-EJNW] Academy 17.4.20 [EC-IXM,D-EOBI]
SP-GRZ Evektor EV-97 SportStar RTC (20192124) 15.10.19 SP-POL Tecnam P.2006T (308) 5.3.20
SP-GWA Diamond DA20-A1 (10146) Golden Wings Flight SP-POR Ce.172RG (172RG0780) 17.11.20
[D-ECAN(5),C-FDVK] Academy 15.4.20 [EC-HOO,D-EMRK,N6610V]
SP-HAD R44 Raven I (2624) 22.9.20 SP-PSE R66 (1003) 8.9.20
SP-HBA R44 Raven I (2628) (See notes) 19.10.20 SP-PSK R66 (1004) 8.9.20
SP-HDE R44 Raven I (2642) 19.4.21 SP-PSP R66 (1005) 8.9.20
SP-HPB R44 Raven I (2589) 23.10.19 SP-PZL PZL-104 Wilga 35A (118378) 6.8.20
SP-HPP F172H (F1720725) 2.3.20 [YU-DEK]
[D-ECFB] SP-RMR Bell 206L – 7.21
SP-HTX PA-46-350P (4636747) 27.11.19 SP-RWF Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-105) 21.1.20
[N250FL,N9534N] SP-RWG Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-106) 7.2.20
SP-IKS Ce.152 (15282530) 17.9.19 SP-RWH Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-107) 2.3.20
[N69177] SP-SCC PA-46-500TP (4697125) 8.7.20
SP-ION Beech B33 (CD-552) 29.8.19 [HB-PJG,SE-MIC,D-EICO,N5361C,(G-DIPM)]
[D-EABO(2),I-VISI,HB-EIW] SP-SCS Tecnam P.2008-JC (1038) 6.8.20
SP-IVE Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-003) 4.3.20 [OK-ILS]
[SP-TPE,D-EZAT] SP-SDM TL-2000 Sting S4 (18ST471) 24.11.20
SP-IVV Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-063) 6.21 [SP-PTZ]
[HB-SRE,SP-GDK] SP-SET PA-28RT-201T (2831036) 2.12.19
SP-IVY Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-051) 20.4.21 [PH-STY,D-ELCL,N9135Z]
[HB-SRA,SP-GOA] SP-SIC Tecnam P.2002-JR (015) 25.9.19
SP-IYN Ce.172N (17273424) 6.10.20 SP-SKR TB-10 (1077) 29.1.20

SP-SKW Evektor EV-97 SportStar RTC (20151723) 6.4.21 SP-ZNA Tecnam P.2006T (328) 22.3.21
[F-HDLK] SP-ZOD(2) Tecnam P.2008-JC Mk II (1208) 22.3.21
SP-SLL Diamond DA40NG (40.N512) 23.11.20 SP-ZOS R44 Raven I (2603) 17.1.20
SP-SOL Cirrus SR22 (4888) 13.3.20 SP-ZPI Tomark SD-4 Viper RTC (31613) 2.9.20
[N488ZL] SP-ZTT PA-28-161 (2816062) 2.11.20
SP-SPK Flight Design MC (A-12-04-33) 22.1.20 [D-ELKE,N9138N]
SP-SPL ATR-72-212A (575) SprintAir 5.5.21 SP-ZZT S.269C (S-1884) 29.10.19
SP-SPO Tecnam P.2006T (219) 12.12.19 SP-... PZL-110 Koliber 150 (03900040) 6.21
SP-SYL Ce.T182T (T18208903) 27.4.20 SP-... J-3C-65 Cub (15890) 6.21
[HA-CIZ,(D-EPES(2),HA-CIZ, SP-GRP,N62042] [N88272,NC88272]
SP-SZR R44 Raven I (2639) 12.4.21 SP-... PZL M2601 (1AP002-01) [N2601M] 6.21
SP-TAI TB-9 (203) 27.11.20 SP-0015 SZD-45 Ogar (B-646) R17.6.20
[EI-BMI,F-GCOV] SP-0017 SZD-45 Ogar (B-651) 3.9.20
SP-TMX R44 Raven I (2609) Sky Poland Sp.z o.o. – Babice 26.3.21 SP-0078 H-36 Dimona II (36262) Aeroklub Bialostocki 27.1.20
SP-TOK Tecnam P.2008-JC Mk II (1212) 22.4.21 SP-0081 SF-25C Falke 2000 (44312) 15.10.20
SP-TOP Gulfstream VI (6113) 28.4.20 [D-KOOB]
[M-PLUS,N613GD] SP-0090 Grob G.109 (6043) 3.12.20
SP-TPE(2) Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-108) 24.3.20 [D-KEBE]
SP-TPF Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-109) 15.4.20 SP-0093 Grob G.109 (6112) 23.4.21
SP-TUZ PA-28R-201 (2844108) 9.3.21 [D-KACZ,OH-921,D-KIWO,OE-9203]
[N514MS,N30898] SP-0097 Brditschka HB-23 (23034) 14.4.21
SP-UTC Ce.182T (18283083) 5.12.19 [D-KFAE,OE-9348,HB-2143]
[N874GJ] SP-0099 H-36 Dimona II (36228) 11.5.20
SP-VDH BD-100-1A10 (20335) 16.3.20 [D-KSTD,F-CGAR,F-WGAR]
[N1BC,N866BA,OE-HGL,C-GLLJ] SP-0101 H-36 Dimona (3665) 3.9.20
SP-VDM Antonov AN-2TP (1G238-11) 17.11.20 [D-KIMS]
[LY-ABK(2),(SE-LCG),SP-FBG] SP-4009-“GSS” Avionic Diana 3 – (new use of marks) .21
SP-VER Ce.T206H (T20609507) 10.7.20 SP-4039-“CH” Mini Nimbus B (76) 7.1.20
[OK-OKR,N594PH] [D-4991]
SP-VST LET L-410UVP-E (3301) 7.12.20 SP-4043-”EMI” ASG-29E (29587) 20.11.19
[OK-JRY] [D-KATV,OM-2929]
SP-VSU LET L-410UVP-E (3302) 7.12.20 SP-4046 Nimbus 2 (92) 28.1.20
SP-WAY R44 Raven I (2600) 12.3.20 SP-4047-“ZI” DG-100 Elan (E-4) 5.12.19
SP-WBW Pilatus PC-12/47E (1896) 28.10.19 [LY-BFL,OE-5200]
[HB-FQA(21)] SP-4052-“EP” SZD-48-3 Jantar Standard 3 (B-1651) 23.8.19
SP-WEM PZL-104 Wilga 35A (18840776) 11.3.20 [ES-2021,DOSAAF]
SP-WLG FA152 (FA1520359) 24.2.20 SP-4053-“GH” SZD-48-3 Jantar-Standard 3 (B-1642) 4.11.19
SP-WLH Ce.152 (15285632) 2.7.20 SP-4054 Centrair 101B Pegase (101B0283) 16.12.19
[N94268] [F-CHMZ,HB-1956]
SP-WLI Ce.152 (15284652) 2.7.20 SP-4055-“Sz2” Grob G.103A Twin II Acro (34059-K-289)
[N6284M] [D-6412] – Szybowcowy Szczecin .
SP-WLK Ce.172N (17271966) 2.7.20 SP-4056-“ASI” Centrair 101 Pégase (101A0483) 5.12.19
[N100QA] [F-CHFN]
SP-WMP R44 Raven II (14352) 25.9.19 SP-4057-“AE” LS3 (3006) 18.10.19
[OE-XXP] [D-5451,PH-545]
SP-YGA Carbon Cub EX (CCK-2000-0004) 12.5.20 SP-4058-“D3” Discus b (342) 13.1.20
SP-YOY BO.105-P1M (6036) 15.10.19 [D-2028]
[OY-HBO,G-CKCG,86+36] SP-4059 SZD-9bis Bocian 1E (P-506) 3.1.20
SP-YRX Fieseler Fi.156C-2 (2027) 15.3.21 [D-9225,DDR-3224,DM-3224]
[L.16-23] SP-4062-“OK” DG-100 Elan (E-28) 17.12.19
SP-YRY Morane MS.505 Criquet (605) 15.3.21 [HB-1515]
[F-BCMI,Fr.Mil] SP-4063 Centrair 101A Pegase (101A0101) 31.7.20
SP-YRZ Morane MS.505 Criquet (633) 15.3.21 [F-CFXP]
[F-BAVB,Fr.Mil] SP-4065-“IP” Centrair 101AP Pegase (101A0029) 1.4.19
SP-YSH Aero AT-4 LSA (AT4-006) 29.8.19 [G-CKFX,BGA5067,HB-1664]
[N706GB] SP-4066 Grob G.102 Astir CS Jeans (2221) 4.11.19
SP-YSW T-131PA Jungmann (PA203) 21.10.19 [D-7766]
SP-YTH PZL TS11 Iskra (3H-1402) 13.7.20 SP-4068-“AG” DG-600/18 (6-36) 10.12.19
SP-YVB PZL S-70i (704108) 12.3.21 [OY-XPB]
SP-YVC PZL S-70i (704109) 7.4.21 SP-4072-“DJ” SZD-51-1 Junior (B-1843) 20.3.20
SP-YVH PZL S-70i (704103) 3.11.20 [PH-1226,HB-1997]
SP-YVI PZL S-70i (704104) 3.11.20 SP-4073-“WF” Grob G.104 Speed Astir II (4007) 20.3.20
SP-YVK PZL S-70i (704102) 30.9.20 [D-3835]
SP-YVK PZL S-70i (704105) 14.1.21 SP-4075 Centrair 101A Pegase (101A0308) 23.5.19
SP-YVL PZL S-70i (704106) 14.1.21 [F-CGSS]
SP-YVM PZL S-70i (704107) 22.2.21 SP-4076 Allstar PZL SZD-55-1 (551.A.19.012) 18.12.19
SP-YVN PZL S-70i (704090) 7.2.20 SP-4078 SZD-48 Jantar Standard 3 (B-1463) 27.1.20
SP-YZP Van’s RV-10 (41965) 8.10.20 [HA-4532,HB-1807]
SP-Y.. SIPA 903 (8) 7.21 SP-4079 H205 Club Libelle (109) 3.6.20

SP-4082 SZD-9bis Bocian 1E (P-610) 22.2.21 SP-4125-“T3” Grob G.103C Twin III Acro (34120)
[D-5393,DDR-3393,DM-3393] [OH-815] Szybowcowy Szczecin 15.1.21
SP-4083 Grob G.102 Astir CS (1191) 16.3.20 SP-4126 LS4-a (4798) 21.4.21
[OY-XYO,D-7308] [D-0570]
SP-4084 Allstar SZD-51-1 Junior (511.A.04.007) 3.4.20 SP-4127-“ZAR” Arcus T (34) Górska Szkola Szybowcowa AP
[(SP-3853),D-7732] [D-KMEE] “Zar” 22.2.21
SP-4085-“B8” DG-100 (98G14) 15.4.20 SP-4128 SZD-51-1 Junior (B-1814) 19.3.21
[D-3802] [OH-773]
SP-4086 Ka.6BR (527) 21.4.20 SP-4129 ASW-19B (19331) 22.4.21
[OO-ZYE,D-8130] [EC-GTP,HB-1562]
SP-4088 SZD-30 Pirat (B-367) 9.4.21 SP-4130-“MU” Standard Cirrus 75-VTC (294) 2.3.21
[D-1768,DDR-1764,DM-1764] [G-RIFO,G-CKGT,BGA5087,HA-4283]
SP-4089 ASW-24 (24127) 11.2.21 SP-4131 Ventus b/16.6 (44) 19.4.21
SP-4091-“TT” Ventus a (24) 13.5.20 SP-4133 Grob G.102 Astir CS Jeans (2124) 20.10.20
[SE-UOL,D-6766] [D-2533,HA-4526,D-2533]
SP-4092 Centrair 101A Pegase (101A0488) 8.10.20 SP-4135 SZD-48 Jantar Standard 2 (B-1015) 16.3.21
[F-CHKA] [SE-UKS,OH-633]
SP-4093 SZD-9bis Bocian 1E (P-563) 12.8.20 SP-4193 DG-300 Elan (3E-173) 18.1.21
[D-8818,DDR-3373,DM-3373] [D-0993,HB-1869]
SP-4094 Grob G.103A Twin II Acro (3679-K-30) 8.1.21 SP-4229 SZD-32A Foka 5 (W-445) 20.4.21
[EC-DPA] [D-2229,DDR-2206,DM-2206]
SP-4095 Grob G.103A Twin II Acro (33918K-153) SP-4262 LS4 (4540) 16.4.21
[EC-DVV] 26.11.20 [D-2262]
SP-4096-“5K” DG-100G Elan (E113G82) 4.12.20 SP-4297 SZD-32A Foka 5 (W-486) 26.8.20
[D-3139] [D-2297,DDR-2247,DM-2247]
SP-4097 DG-100 (9) 16.6.20 SP-4317 Discus CS (142CS) 15.5.20
[OK-3727,D-3727] [D-4317]
SP-4098 Phoebus C (886) 16.12.20
SP-4099 Grob G.102 Astir CS77 (1826) Aeroklub SP-ATA Beech 400A (RK-84) Canx to T7-ATA.
SP-AVP EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000055) Canx to HA-JEQ 4.21.
[OE-5212] Gdanski 6.11.19
SP-ELI FR172J (FR17200485) Canx to RA-67230 6.21.
SP-4101 DG-100 (15) 10.3.20
SP-KKW(2) Extra EA.300/LC (1310) Presumed Canx. Marks re-regd as
SP-4102 Grob G.104 Speed Astir II (4057) 21.1.21
SP-NAZ PA-46-350P (4636483) Canx to F-HYGA 7.21.
SP-PTZ TL-2000 Sting S4 (18ST471) Re-regd SP-SDM 11.20.
SP-4103 SZD-42 Jantar 2B (B-947) 22.4.20
SP-YDI Yak-50 (791602) Canx to F-AYAQ 7.21.
SP-4104-“GS” DG-300 (3E-358) 26.11.20
SP-YYK Yak-50 (801610) Canx to N92GG 7.21.
SP-4105-“Y” Discus 2a (242) 6.4.20 The following accidents are also known:
[D-4215] SP-CCC R44 Raven I (2557) Ditched in Lake Talty, Mikotajki on
SP-4106-“I” Discus 2a (211) 11.5.20 6.7.21.
[D-2479] SP-CLC Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-091) DBR on the ground at Nowy
SP-4107 LS4-a (4321) 6.4.20 Sacz airfield when hit by the taxying Yak-12 SP-AWD on
[N274W] 24.7.21.
SP-4109 DG-101G Elan (E129G97) 3.2.21 SP-YRZ MS.505 Criquet (263) Badly damaged during f/l near
[D-1038,S5-3051,SL-3051,YU-4344] Bajdy, Podkarpackie on 18.7.21.
SP-4110 SZD-50-3 Puchacz (B-1083) 24.3.21
SP-4111 SZD-50-3 Puchacz (B-1608) 11.8.20 SP-HBA R44 Raven I (2628) c/n also quoted elsewhere as
[OH-745] HC-CVS.
SP-4112 SZD-51-1 Junior (B-1816) 27.1.21 The following full registration dates are now known:
[OH-842,SE-UGO] SP-ACZ Rallye 235E (13337) 16.2.21.
SP-4113-“AKM” DG-101G Elan (E78G53) 2.3.21 SP-ALA Ce.172S (172S8152) 6.5.21.
[D-5999] SP-ALE(4) Ce.150L (15070974) 15.10.20.
SP-4114-“HE” DG-600/17 (6-7) 26.5.20 SP-AVA Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-110) 9.6.20.
[D-8600] SP-CIT Ce.525 (525-0494) 28.12.20.
SP-4115 SZD-32A Foka 5 (W-527) 2.3.21 SP-CMR Pilatus PC-12/47E (2045) 11.12.20.
[D-8264,DDR-2264,DM-2264] SP-EGR(2) Tecnam P.2008-JC Mk II (1105) 27.11.20.
SP-4116 Grob G.102 Astir CS (1247) 31.3.21 SP-EKS Extra EA/300/L (1241) 26.1.21.
[SE-THX] SP-ELC Bell 407GXi (54889) 27.7.20.
SP-4117 LS1-c (130) 5.2.21 SP-ESH B737-81N (35287) 31.3.20.
[D-1798] SP-FAB Diamond DA40NG (40.NC017) 24.2.21.
SP-4118-“ZR” Ventus b/16.6 (117) 28.1.21 SP-FBA PA-46-350P (4636729) 16.11.20.
[D-3152] SP-FHN PA-28-140 (28-26721) 16.1.20.
SP-4119 DG-500/20 Elan (5E-8S2) 8.2.21 SP-GEC Gulfstream G280 (2042) 4.3.20.
[D-0282] SP-HAV(2) Ce.T206H (T20608855) 14.1.21.
SP-4120 Grob G.103 Twin Astir (3233) 4.5.21 SP-HIP SD.3 Skyvan 3M400 (SH.1962) 7.10.19.
[D-6464,PH-689,PH-659] SP-HIZ EC.130T2 (8747) 15.10.19.
SP-4121 Ventus b/16.6 (122) 22.2.21 SP-HPA(2) AS.350BA (1669) 18.2.20.
[D-1451,I-IILY,D-3153] SP-HPC R44 Raven I (2605) 28.2.20.
SP-4124 Grob G.102 Standard Astir II (5007S) 15.3.21 SP-HPD R44 Raven II (14405) 15.9.20.
[OO-ZQN,D-4884] SP-HWT R44 Raven II (14389) 28.4.20.

SP‑IAF Tecnam P.2006T (316) 24.9.20.
SP‑IIN Extra EA.330SC (SC090) 7.5.20. RUSSIA
SP‑INS Pipistrel Virus SW121 (VSW1210077) 29.6.20. (Note
correct c/n).
SP‑IZA Extra EA.300/L (172) 20.4.21. Thanks again to Jos Stevens the online Russian aircraft register has
SP‑KKS Bell 429 (57412) 5.1.21. been updated with the latest version being dated 20.7.21. A large
SP‑KWI Diamond DA20C‑1 (C0674) 9.3.21. number of mainly Western‑built aircraft are included in the three‑
SP‑LFB(2) Tecnam P.2008‑JC Mk II (1174) 15.7.20. month period with a corresponding decline in the former Soviet‑
SP‑LFG(3) Tecnam P.2006T (301) 14.11.19. types. We also finish with some welcome notes thanks to Pete Longley.
SP‑LFH Tecnam P.2008‑JC Mk II (1171) 9.7.20.
SP‑LFI Tecnam P.2008‑JC Mk II (1172) 9.7.20. NEW REGISTRATIONS
SP‑LFK(3) Tecnam P.2008‑JC Mk II (1173) 15.7.20. RA‑01551 Piaggio P.180 Avanti II (1138) 29.4.21
SP‑LWF B737‑86N (36825) 21.10.19. [F‑HIMA,I‑PREE]
SP‑LWG B737‑86N (36827) 16.9.19. RA‑01555 Pilatus PC‑12/47E (1934) 13.5.21
SP‑MGT Tecnam P.2008‑JC Mk II (1168) 3.6.20. [HB‑FUV,HB‑FRM(21)]
SP‑MIX(2) Pilatus PC‑24 (147) 10.10.19. RA‑01647 Bell 407GXi (54862) 10.6.21
SP‑MRW Bell 505 (65253) 8.10.19. [C‑FEDV]
SP‑MTL Ce.T206H (T20609125) 27.1.21. RA‑01650 Bell 505 (65338) 15.6.21
SP‑NAA PA‑46‑350P (4636772) 4.12.20. [C‑FZEX]
SP‑NAR Beech 1900D (UE‑25) 30.4.21. RA‑02552 BO.105CBS‑4 (S‑841) 9.7.21
SP‑NAS F172H (F172‑0437) 5.1.21. [ZK‑HCV(4),ZK‑IAI,N6607K,D‑HFCY]
SP‑NKH PA‑38‑112 (38‑81A0078) 9.9.20. RA‑02553 BO.105CBS‑4 (S‑901) 12.7.21
SP‑OOK Hawker 400XP (RK‑512) 9.12.20. [ZK‑HZL(2),JA6752]
SP‑PNB R44 Raven I (2608) 7.8.20. RA‑02705 Diamond DA40D (D4.265) 27.5.21
SP‑PRO P.68 Observer 2 (512‑51/OB2) 23.10.19. [LZ‑ASI]
SP‑PVG Cirrus SR22 (2993) 17.3.21. RA‑02735 Beech 390 (RB‑278) 30.3.21
SP‑RDL Gippsaero GA8‑TC 320 (GA8‑TC 320‑18–245) 8.2.21. [OY‑FLW,N278AP,N6248J]
SP‑RKB B737‑8AS (44729) 26.11.19. RA‑07348 AS.350B3 (4970) 27.5.21
SP‑RKC B737‑8AS (44738) 13.11.19. [D‑IAMA,N52485
SE‑RKD B737‑8AS (44736) 20.11.19. RA‑07349 AS.350B3 (7330) 27.5.21
SE‑RKE B737‑8AS (44743) 20.11.19. [VT‑UTB]
SP‑RKF B737‑8AS (44749) 29.11.19. RA‑07405 R44 (2632) 19.5.21
SP‑RKG B737‑8AS (44826) 19.11.19. RA‑07406 R66 (1024) 21.5.21
SP‑RKH B737‑8AS (44746) 16.3.20. RA‑07408 R44 II (14454) 31.5.21
SP‑RKI B737‑8AS (44783) 20.2.20. RA‑07409 R66 (1050) 24.5.21
SP‑RKK B737‑8AS (44785) 25.2.20. RA‑07410 R66 (1028) 12.5.21
SP‑RKL B737‑8AS (44786) 24.3.20. RA‑07411 R44 (2645) 27.5.21
SP‑RKM B737‑8AS (44787) 19.3.20. RA‑07491 EC.130T2 (8976) 15.7.21
SP‑RKN B737‑8AS (44695) 21.2.20. RA‑07494 BK.117D‑2 (20275) 20.4.21
SP‑RKO B737‑8AS (44702) 13.2.20. [TC‑HBZ,D‑HADA(25)]
SP‑RKP B737‑8AS (44701) 14.2.20. RA‑07495 AS.350B3 (8953) 21.6.21
SP‑RKR B737‑8AS (61578) 18.2.20. RA‑07496 AS.350B3 (8940) 24.5.21
SP‑RKS B737‑8AS (44704) 13.2.20. RA‑07498 AS.350B3 (8962) 1.6.21
SP‑RKT B737‑8AS (44805) 22.4.20. RA‑07499 EC.130T2 (8398) 18.6.21
SP‑RKU B737‑8AS (44806) 6.5.20. [SE‑JVG,F‑WWXS]
SP‑RKV B737‑8AS (44810) 30.4.20. RA‑07501 AS.350B3 (8908) 12.5.21
SP‑RKW B737‑8AS (44807) 2.4.20. RA‑07502 EC.130T2 (8961) 2.6.21
SP‑RMK Bell 505 (65297) 4.2.20. RA‑07503 EC.130T2 (8963) 11.6.21
SP‑RSZ B737‑8AS (44688) 15.11.19. RA‑07504 AS.350B3 (8952) 1.7.21
SP‑SAT(2) Agusta AW.169 (69057) 21.10.20. RA‑07505 AS.350B3 (8544) 4.6.21
SP‑SID Tecnam P.2006T (286) 14.5.19. [F‑HNPL]
SP‑SIE(2) Tecnam P.2008‑JC (1063) ex D‑EPML. 12.6.20. RA‑07507 AS.350B3 (4383) 2.7.21
SP‑SIO(2) Tecnam P.2008‑JC (1008) 19.5.20. [CC‑AIK,EC‑MGP,ZS‑HIK,EC‑KQI,F‑WQAB]
SP‑SIS Tecnam P.2008‑JC (1009) 15.5.20. RA‑07515 AS.350B3 (8999) 16.7.21
SP‑SMM Diamond DA62 (62.097) 25.9.20. RA‑07517 AS.350B3 (8984) 16.6.21
SP‑SMR Tecnam P.2006T (329) 12.4.21. [F‑WWXB]
SP‑SPF ATR‑72‑212A (717) 18.1.21. RA‑07702 Agusta AW.139 (61002) 24.6.21
SP‑SPI ATR‑72‑212A (686) 4.9.20. RA‑07726 Agusta AW.109SP (22344) 12.5.21
SP‑SPN ATR‑72‑212A (704) 1.4.21. [RA‑01678,I‑EASV]
SP‑TCB Bell 407GXi (54888) 27.7.20. RA‑07861 PA‑23‑250E (27‑7305204) 30.3.21
SP‑THD Ce.182T (18283093) 27.3.20. [D‑IAMA,N52485]
SP‑TIK Tecnam P.2008‑JC Mk II (1165) 5.5.20. RA‑07865 Beech G58 (TH‑2516) 4.6.21
SP‑TPB(2) Aero AT‑3 R100 (AT3‑020) 2.10.19. [N628KR]
SP‑TZM PA‑46‑500TP (4697450) 4.6.20. RA‑07866 Piper J‑3L‑65 Cub (“4340”) 23.4.21
SP‑UTD Ce.172S (172S12571) 9.12.20. [N27073,NC27073]
SP‑VIS Cirrus SF50 (0132) 26.11.19. RA‑07867 TB‑9 (227) 26.4.21
SP‑WAA BD‑100‑1A10 (20829) 9.12.19. [EC‑JAJ,G‑BJDT]
SP‑WCB Ce.182M (18259376) 27.1.21 (Note corrected marks from RA‑07868 TB‑10 (66) 29.4.21
MAY.728). [G‑EDEN]
SP‑WSZ(2) EC.130B4 (3954) 6.5.21. RA‑07869 TB‑10 (6) 24.6.21
SP‑YTR(2) Van’s RV‑8 (83601) 28.10.19. [G‑GBHB,F‑GBHB,F‑WBHB]
SP‑ZEN BD‑100‑1A10 (20873) 23.3.21. RA‑07871 Cirrus SR22T (1774) 1.6.21
SP‑ZIW Pilatus PC‑12/47E (1904) 19.11.20. [N197JR]

RA-07872 PA-23-250E (27-7554099) 31.5.21 RA-67601 ATR 42-500 (641) 2.7.21
RA-07876 Tecnam P.2010 (006) 13.7.21 RA-67604 ATR 42-500 (823) 4.6.21
RA-07881 PA-28-140 (28-21121) 7.7.21 RA-67605 ATR 42-500 (827) 20.5.21
RA-07888 Cirrus SR22 (1819) 25.6.21 RA-67607 ATR 42-500 (835) 2.7.21
RA-.…. AC.560A (309) 6.21 RA-67608 ATR 42-500 (839) 16.6.21
[N4700] [VQ-BKQ,F-WWLF]
RA-.…. Beech 58 (TH-1807) 7.21 RA-73029 B757-2K2 (26330) 20.5.21
RA-.…. TB-10 (1111) 7.21 PH-TKD,XA-TMU,PH-TKD,C-GTSR,PH-TKD]
[G-TBOK,SX-ABF,F-GKUA] RA-89141 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95201) 14.4.21
RA-20003 Ansat (33027) 16.7.21 RA-89143 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95203) 14.4.21
[327 black] RA-89144 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95204) 14.4.21
RA-20059 Ansat (33122) 1.7.21 RA-89160 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95102) 21.6.21
RA-20103 Ansat (33126) 15.7.21 RA-89166 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95111) 21.4.21
RA-22150 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (97484) 1.7.21 RA-89179 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95182) 7.6.21
RA-22160 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (97499) 31.3.21 RA-89180 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95184) 7.6.21
RA-22162 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (97500) 31.3.21
RA-22163 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (97501) 31.3.21 A-SUFFIX REGISTER
RA-22273 Mil Mi-8AMT (8AMT00643207954U) 9.7.21
RA-0796A R-20M Ptenec-3 (20071912) 31.5.21
RA-22274 Mil Mi-8AMT (8AMT00643207953U) 1.7.21
RA-0797A Gyro Classic NORDMANsky – 1.6.21
RA-22397 Mil Mi-8AMT (8AMT00643207784U) 1.4.21
RA-22539 Mil Mi-8AMT (8AMT00643207794U) 1.4.21
RA-26191 Antonov AN-24B (19902309) 25.5.21
RA-67082 LET L-410UVP-E20 (R3318) 1.7.21 RA-3096G SkyJeep-701 (???.12.0001) 20.5.21
[OK-JNH] RA-3122G RusBal AT104 Model 70TA (121) 7.4.21
RA-67083 LET L-410UVP-E20 (R3319) 29.6.21 RA-3123G RusBal AT104 Model X70TA (221) 24.5.21
[OK-JNI] RA-3124G RusBal AT104 Model 90TA (321) 1.7.21
RA-67130 BD-100-1A10 (20881) 1.7.21 RA-3149G RusBal AT104 Model 902TA (521) 17.5.21
[C-GVJQ,C-GOYD] RA-3150G RusBal AT104 Model 80TA (421) 16.4.21
RA-67137 BD-100-1A10 (20876) 22.6.21 RA-3153G RusBal AT104 Model X59TA (7221) 7.7.21
[C-GUVW,C-GOXR] RA-3154G RusBal AT104 Model 80TA (7021) 6.7.21
RA-67189 F172H (F17200663) 2.7.21 RA-3155G RusBal AT104 Model 902TA (6821) 26.5.21
[EW-384LL,D-EBLL] RA-3156G RusBal AT104 Model 902TA (7121) 24.5.21
RA-67313 Ce.170 (18679) 6.4.21 RA-3158G IS-28B2 (271) 25.5.21
[N3821V] RA-3159G L-145 (33) 7.7.21
RA-67314 Ce.172RG (172RG1169) 6.4.21 RA-5000G L-142M (29) 28.5.21
RA-67315 F177RG (F177RG0081) 14.4.21 CANCELLATIONS
[F-BVIJ,(G-BAOR)] The following were cancelled during the period 30.3.21 and 20.7.21:
RA-67316 F172G (F172-0197) 15.4.21 RA-01441 Antonov AN-2 (1G231-22) Canx.
[D-EBOR(3)] RA-01893 Bell 407 (53645) w/o attempting an emergency landing
RA-67318 Ce.TU206G (U20606109) 17.5.21 on the frozen Kuibyshev Reservoir, Tatarstan on 7.2.20.
[N5411Z] Canx.
RA-67319 Ce.182T (18283003) 26.4.21 RA-04204 R44 (1219) Canx.
[N35TA] RA-04346 R44 (1725) Canx.
RA-67320 FR172J (FR17200485) 2.6.21 RA-06114 Mil Mi-8T (7692) Canx.
[SP-ELI,EC-GOZ,F-GLMH,F-BVBS] RA-15622 Mil Mi-2 (5210037126) Canx.
RA-67321 Ce.182S (18280187) 28.4.21 RA-15755 Mil Mi-2 (5410317077) Canx.
[N187PA] RA-15762 Mil Mi-2 (545423117) Canx.
RA-67323 Ce.172P (17276457) 21.5.21 RA-15763 Mil Mi-2 (548315083) Canx.
[N99510] RA-20928 Mil Mi-2 (548610034) Canx as WFU.
RA-67324 Ce.172M (17261798) 21.5.21 RA-22243 Mil Mi-8P (6369) Canx.
[N12083] RA-22659 Mil Mi-8AMT (171P00643137360U) Canx.
RA-67325 Ce.402B (402B1222) 24.5.21 RA-23485 Mil Mi-2 (526244089) Canx.
[HA-ACG,N4421Z,C-GYJQ,N4176G] RA-23746 Mil Mi-2 (5410735108) Canx.
RA-67326 Ce.500 (500-0146) 26.5.21 RA-24353 Kamov Ka-26 (7605617) Canx.
[N111ME,N194AT] RA-31481 Antonov AN-2 (1G198-46) Canx.
RA-67327 Ce.P210N (P21000528) 4.6.21 RA-31603 Kamov Ka-32A (9102/015) Canx to HL9672.
[F-GCSV,N731QL] RA-32741 Antonov AN-2 (1G212-46) Canx.
RA-67328 Ce.172P (17276046) 4.6.21 RA-33547 Antonov AN-2 (1G229-39) Canx.
[ES-ECH,N96229] RA-40389 Antonov AN-2 (1G223-13) Canx.
RA-67432 Ce.172S (172S10048) 27.5.21 RA-40490 Antonov AN-2 (1G225-07) Canx.
[N227BZ] RA-42368 Yak-42D (4520422914166) Canx.
RA-67557 Ce.172R (17281050) 7.4.21 RA-42437 Yak-42D (6018) Canx.
[N71AF] RA-42439 Yak-42D (4019) Canx.
RA-.…. Ce.150L (15075643) [N11810] 5.21 RA-65726 Tupolev TU-134A-3 (63720) Canx.
RA-.…. Ce.172L (17259836) [N2836Q] 7.21 RA-67231 CL-600-2B19 (7464) Canx.
RA-.…. Ce.177RG (177RG0894) [N26WG] 5.21 RA-67258 DHC-2 Beaver (1680) Canx to N57XL 7.21.
RA-.…. Ce.182F (18254685) [N3285U] 7.21 RA-68139 Antonov AN-2 (1G195-44) Canx.
RA-.…. Ce.182T (18283132) [N619JT] 6.21 RA-76489 Ilyushin Il-76TD (83485554) Canx.
RA-.…. Icon A5 (00047) [N520BA] 7.21 RA-0456A Kazachok 15 Gyro – Canx.

RA-0630A Veter 3.3 (Trike) – Canx.
RA-0543G Ilyushin IL-14 – Canx.
RA-0605G FR172K – Canx.
RA-07860 L-42 – Canx. Another comprehensive look at the two registers takes in June and
RA-0832G Novik-KPS (Trike)- Canx. July this year. In Switzerland the PC-6 HB-FBA is due to become PK-
RA-1735G Goos – Canx. SNB in due course. Meanwhile the Austrian register continues to
RA-1854G Aerokopter AK1-3 – Canx. expand, and thanks to Michael Riedel we present the latest from
RA-1868G AutoGyro MTOsport 912 – Canx. Austro Control and the Austrian Aero Club.
RA-2243G Nimbus 4M – Canx.
RA-2539G LA-4-200 – Canx. HB-AZK ERJ-190-400 (19020058) Helvetic Airways AG
RA-2542G CSS-150 – Canx. [PR-EDE] – Zürich 23.7.21
RA-2553G Viking-150 – Canx. HB-FBA(3) Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 (1015) Pilatus
RA-2570G NG 5 Delta – Canx. Flugzeugwerke AG – Stans 21.6.21
RA-2723G Mercury – Canx. HB-FQH(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2111) ⎫ 28.6.21
RA-2827G SP 250 – Canx. HB-FQI(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2112) ⎪ 28.6.21
RA-2992G Ce.172 – Canx. HB-FQJ(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2113) ⎪ 28.6.21
HB-FQK(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2114) ⎪ 30.6.21
The following accidents are also known: HB-FQL(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2115) ⎪ 30.6.21
RA-01865 Tecnam P.2002-JF (181) w/o at Tolka, Yamal on 8.7.21. HB-FQM(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2116) ⎪ Pilatus Flug- 1.7.21
RA-02303 Antonov AN-2 (1G240-05) Badly damaged in runway HB-FQN(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2117) ⎪ zeugwerke AG 14.7.21
excursion landing at Laitamak on 29.6.21. HB-FQO(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2118) ⎪ (For delivery) 19.7.21
RA-28728 Antonov AN-28 (1AJ007-13) DBR after overturning HB-FQP(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2119) ⎪ 19.7.21
during f/l 52 kms SE of Kedrovo on 16.7.21. HB-FQQ(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2120) ⎪ 21.7.21
RA-2086G Evektor EV-97 Eurostar – w/o in a forest near Lytkarino, HB-FQR(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2121) ⎪ 29.7.21
Moskovskaya Oblast on 30.6.21. HB-FQT(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2122) ⎪ 29.7.21
RA-2329G Tecnam P.2002 Sierra – w/o after t/o from Kalinka Airfield HB-FQU(23) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2123) ⎭ 29.7.21
on 24.7.21. HB-JTC Falcon 2000S (715) Apricum Air AG (Nomad
[OY-GWK,F-WWMD] Aviation AG – Zürich 28.7.21
REGISTER NOTES HB-KGI Sonaca S201 Trainer Pro (042) UBS Switzerland
RA-0104A Regd as a Moskit SE, this is confirmed as an Innovator AG (Aero Locarno SA) – Locarno 20.7.21
Mosquito XE. HB-QQL UltraMagic M-77 (77/430) G.A.T.Schaad
RA-1474G Maule M-7-235B (23079C) ex N4276C. Identity confirmed. (Ballonpilot AG) – Riken AG 11.6.21
RA-2258G Regd as an RV-10. Online photos show these marks on an HB-QZU Kubicek BB60Z (1803) A&B Promotion Arnold
RV-10 in 6.15, and in 8.16 on a Cessna 172 but with und Partner (Hampi’s Ballonfahrten) 13.7.21
‘RV-10’ on the doors! HB-SDS Diamond DA40NG (40.N547) A.B.Thomsen 21.6.21
RA-2805G Giles G202 (29) ex F-PLUG. Confirmed although F-PLUG HB-STU TAF Sling TSi (253Sk) Liveyourdream
is still current based at Oehna, Germany. Foundation (Verein Symplifly) – Zürich 2.7.21
RA-2809G Regd as a Zlin Z.42M, online photo evidence shows this HB-VUO(2) Pilatus PC-24 (235) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
regn on a PA-28-180C at Lappeenranta, Finland in 8.16. – Stans 14.7.21
RA-2814G Regd as a Ruslan, this is a Piper J-3 Cub. HB-VUR(2) Pilatus PC-24 (238) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
RA-2861G Regd as a ‘Mir’, this is an Aviatech L-42. – Stans 1.7.21
RA-2914G Regd as a ‘Strizh’, this is a Yak-52. HB-VUS(2) Pilatus PC-24 (239) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
RA-2921G Regd as a Polikarpov Po-2, online photos show a WT-9 – Stans 21.7.21
Dynamic wearing these marks in 8.16, and the Po-2 with HB-VUT(2) Pilatus PC-24 (240) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
these marks in 7.19. – Stans 29.7.21
HB-VVH Pilatus PC-24 (233) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
RA-2932G PA-28RT-201T (28R-8031002)ex D-ESBV,I-EJVA,D-EJVA(2),
– Stans 1.7.21
HB-ZIO R44 Raven II (11093) Sikornir SA (Partn’Air
RA-2987G Regd as a ‘Sura’, this is an amphibian, probably Aerotech
[G-JKAY] Management SA) – Sion 22.7.21
HB-ZUL EC.120B (1276) IG Leasing IG (Linth Air
RA-3009G Regd as an ‘L-4MD’, this is an Aviatech L-42M amphibian.
Service AG) – Mollis 2.7.21
RA-3012G Regd as an A-22L2, there is online photo evidence of this
regn on a PA-46-310P (46-8508064) although this is still
HB-ZUZ AS.350B3e (8992) Europavia (Suisse) SA
currently registered as N6908X.
– Locarno 21.7.21
RA-3020G Sukhoi Su-26M (06-10) ex N226PS,RA-0610. OE-AAR(3) F152 (F15201705) F.T.O.Padova SRL – Padova 16.7.21
RA-3049G Regd as a ‘Kolibri-33’, this is a Cessna P210N. [(I-….),SP-OLA(2),D-EALK]
RA-3058G Aero L-39C (132116) This is ex RF-01174,Soviet AF. OE-FAB(5) Diamond DA42NG (42.N430) AERIS Gestion SL
RA-3068G Regd as a ‘TVS-01’, this is a TB-9 or TB-10. – Cuatro Vientos 12.7.21
RA-3071G Regd as a ‘Kardinal’, this is confirmed as a Cessna 177B OE-FHT(3) Diamond DA62 (62.125) WeFly GmbH
Cardinal II. [OE-VDO,OE-VDR] – Hanau,Germany 8.7.21
RA-3077G Regd as a ‘Flamingo’, this is an Su-26M (03-03) OE-FNV Ce.510 (510-0157) GlobeAir AG – Hörsching 18.6.21
ex EW-354LL, N214YA, DOSAAF 23 black. [G-KLNW]
RA-3078G Regd as an ‘AIR-52’, predictably this is a Yak-52, also OE-FXX(2) Diamond DA62 (62.145) Diamond Aircraft
carries ’06’ white Industries GmbH – Wiener Neustadt 21.7.21
RA-3082G Regd as an ‘L-65’, this is confirmed as a SeaBear L-65 OE-FZZ Diamond DA42M-NG (42.MN109) Diamond
amphibian. Aircraft Industries GmbH – Wiener Neustadt 1.7.21
RA-3085G Regd as a ‘Russkaya Arktika’, this is a high-wing only OE-INX(2) A320-214 (3767) Lunar Aircraft Trading
An-2 with large ‘Tundra’ tyres. [RP-C3250,F-WWDP] Company Ltd 26.7.21
RA-3087G An online photo of this shows it to be a hot-air balloon, OE-ISW A320-232 (4323) JLPS Leasing Stella Ltd 16.7.21
however another website claims it is an L-29 of the [HA-LWC,F-WWDT]
‘Reaktors’ aerobatic team. OE-ITI A320-232 (4609) Avolon Aerospace AOE 15 Ltd 6.7.21
RA-3112G Beech B35 (D-2366) ex N8821A. Identity confirmed. [VT-IEB,D-AXAT]

OE‑ITR A320‑232 (2334) Sapphire Leasing I (AOE 3) Ltd 8.7.21 OE‑IFY(2) A321‑251N (8085) Canx 6.21 to VQ‑BJD.
[VT‑IDN,M‑ABIL,5B‑DCL,M‑ABDB,B‑2407, OE‑IGH(2) A320‑232 (3409) Canx 7.21 to 9H‑AMI.
F‑WWIM] OE‑IHZ A320‑232 (3308) Canx 6.21 to ES‑SAZ.
OE‑IVG(2) B787‑9 (63321) AAA Max 2 Malta Ltd 8.7.21 OE‑IKI A320‑214 (7238) Canx 7.21 to LZ‑FBH.
[G‑CKWU,N1003M] OE‑ILB(5) A321‑211 (1451) Canx 7.21 to LZ‑MDF.
OE‑IWF B737‑8AS (35553) ASL Aircraft Investment OE‑ILV(2) A320‑232 (2395) Canx 6.21 to (EC‑NHO),PS‑ITA.
[EI‑DPX] (No.5) Ltd – Dublin 22.6.21 OE‑INC(2) A330‑343X (954) Canx 20.6.21 to 9H‑SME.
OE‑IWG(2) B737‑86J (37743) SMBC Aviation Capital Ltd 16.7.21 OE‑INJ(2) A330‑343X (937) Canx 6.21 to 9H‑SMC.
[PR‑GZE,D‑AAAN,VT‑JTE,M‑IRIC,TC‑IZB, OE‑INV A320‑214 (7264) Canx 6.21 to LZ‑FBI.
D‑ABKE,N1787B] OE‑IPN(2) A320‑214 (5310) Canx 6.21 to TS‑INE(2).
OE‑IWH B737‑86J (37745) SMBC Aviation Capital Ltd 15.6.21 OE‑IPS B737‑8KN (40242) Last known stored at Prague. Canx
D‑ABKF,N1787B] OE‑IRS BD‑700‑1A10 (9507) Canx 6.21 to M‑LLJB.
OE‑IWK A320‑232 (4965) Avolon Aerospace AOE 17 Ltd 16.6.21 OE‑IWZ A320‑216 (3576) Canx 1.7.21 to EC‑NON.
[VT‑IEO,F‑WWBC] OE‑LCF A321‑211 (1966) Canx 7.21. Reserved as EC‑NLZ but
OE‑IZA(2) B737‑8 (42832) AAA Max 2 Malta Ltd 13.7.21 NTU.
[LN‑BKA,N1786B] OE‑MZX(b) Schön Neptun 2500 (S065/5/2003) Canx 15.6.21.
OE‑IZM(2) B737‑8 (42835) AAA Max 2 Malta Ltd 13.7.21 OE‑SLX Kubicek BB60Z (344) Canx 2.6.21.
[SE‑RTA,N1786B] OE‑XDF EC.130T2 (8596) Canx 6.21.
OE‑IZZ(2) ERJ‑170‑200STD (17000330) Blackbird Capital I OE‑XHD(2) AS.350B3 (8931) Canx 6.21.
[EI‑RDA,PT‑TPD] Leasing Ltd – Shannon 29.6.21 OE‑XLS AS.350B3e (7378) Canx 6.21.
OE‑LNM(2) B787‑9 (63345) BOC Aviation (Ireland) Ltd 29.6.21 OE‑XXJ R66 (1001) Canx 7.21 to G‑WWMF.
[SE‑RXM] OE‑XXL(4) R44 Raven (1418) Canx 6.21.
OE‑LNN(2) B787‑9 (63317) BOC Aviation (Ireland) Ltd 28.6.21 OE‑ZEH Schön Neptun 3000 (S 053/5/00) Canx 15.6.21.
[G‑CKWN] OE‑6191 RX2 18 TR/Truster Mini 2 Plus (8953/TR‑D 110203) Canx
OE‑LNP(2) B787‑9 (63318) BOC Aviation (Ireland) Ltd 28.6.21 2.6.21.
[G‑CKWP] OE‑6737 Lift S/Top 80 (375036BA/801394017) Canx 2.6.21.
OE‑LNT(2) B787‑9 (63320) BOC Aviation (Ireland) Ltd 28.6.21 OE‑9380 Valentin Kiwi (K3016) Canx 7.21.
[G‑CKWT] The following accident is also known:
OE‑LNY B787‑9 (63346) BOC Aviation (Ireland) Ltd 28.6.21 OE‑7109(2) Aerospool WT‑9 Dynamic (DY‑098/2005) DBR during a
[SE‑RXY] violent storm at Locarno airport on 13.7.21.
OE‑LUK BD‑700‑1A11 (9334) MS Aviation GmbH
– Schwechat 6.7.21 REGISTER NOTES
[P4‑AVA,9H‑PVL,G‑PVEL,C‑FUSR] OE‑APX Extra EA 300/LC (LC083) To Flugplatz Karlshöfen Kreis
OE‑SBB Kubicek BB34Z (1836) Union Sportfliegerclub Bremervörde GmbH – Bremen, Germany 6.21.
Krems/Donau – Krems 18.6.21 OE‑ARM T‑131PA Jungmann (T‑131.126) To J.Schubert – Hagen,
OE‑XHJ(2) AS.350B3 (8951) Wucher Helicopter GmbH Germany 6.21.
[G‑CLZJ] – Ludesch 8.7.21 OE‑IMU DHC‑8‑402 (4256) To KA1 P/S – Vejle, Denmark 6.21.
OE‑XXM R22 Beta II (4419) Startrade Heli GmbH OE‑KKK TB‑9 (927) To M.Tomschi – Rheinböllen, Germany 6.21.
[LN‑OZL] – Burbach,Germany 21.7.21 OE‑XDE AS.350B3 (8403) Heli Austria GmbH – St.Johann im
OE‑XXN R22 Beta II (4451) Startrade Heli GmbH Pongau 6.21. New co‑owner Helitrans Pyrinees SL Adrall
[LN‑OZN] – Burbach,Germany 21.7.21 (Lleida), Aeroport d’Andorra, Spain.
OE‑XYJ(2) R44 Raven I (2648) P&B Helitrade GmbH – Kilb 17.6.21 OE‑XJO Bell 412EP (36355) Heli Austria GmbH – St.Johann im
Pongau. New co‑owner Rotorsun SL, Aguilas, Spain.
Switzerland (HB) OE‑ZCS(b) Fire Balloons G30/24(1098) To Ballooning4YOU Kft –
CANCELLATIONS Budapest, Hungary 2.6.21.
HB‑FQB(23) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2105) Canx 26.7.21. OE‑9485 Arcus M (96) To R.Dank – Kirchheim/Teck, Germany 6.21.
HB‑FQC(22) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2106) Canx 8.7.21 to N313GX.
HB‑FQD(23) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2107) Canx 27.7.21. ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS
HB‑FQE(23) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2108) Canx 23.7.21 to N98GX. ABN 4/21 HB‑ZHK R44 Raven II (11283) Canx 18.3.21 to D‑HBOH.
HB‑FQF(23) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2109) Canx 22.7.21 to ZS‑NMZ. HB‑2608 DG‑808C (8‑405B304X66) Canx 2.2.21 to
HB‑FQH(23) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2111) Canx 29.7.21 to N500MW. F‑CBAU 6.21.
HB‑FQJ(23) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2113) Canx 30.7.21. ABN 7/21 HB‑RDM T‑28A Trojan (174‑185) Canx 5.5.21 to HA‑RDM.
HB‑JHR A330‑343E (1711) Canx 30.7.21 to D‑AFYR. HB‑SRE Aero AT‑3 R100 (AT3‑063) Canx 27.5.21 to
HB‑VHV BAe.125‑800A (258153) Canx 2.8.21 to M‑ADDS. SP‑IVV.
HB‑VUJ(2) Pilatus PC‑24 (230) Canx 8.7.21 to N230PL. HB‑TLA Ce.172R (17281159) Canx 26.5.21 to OY‑TLA
HB‑VUK(2) Pilatus PC‑24 (231) Canx 23.7.21 to N231SV. 7.21.
HB‑VUL(2) Pilatus PC‑24 (232) Canx 29.7.21 to N956WM.
HB‑VUN(2) Pilatus PC‑24 (234) Canx 29.7.21 to N7AG.
HB‑VWM Ce.525 (525‑0690) Canx 11.6.21 to D‑ISIR(2). SPAIN AND PORTUGAL
The following accident is also known:
HB‑UVC Bü.131 Jungmann (53) w/o near Subingen,Solothurn
The usual modest number of Portuguese changes is once again
while on a local flight from Lagenthal on 20.7.21.
counter‑balanced by a truly huge number of Spanish cancellations. As
before most of these are removal of aircraft which have not been
Austria (OE) airworthy for some time. Once again grateful thanks are due to David
CANCELLATIONS Garbett for his input as well as another up to date report from John
OE‑CRB Extra EA 300/L (1281) Canx 6.21. Porter.
OE‑DWS Diamond DA40NG (40.N269) Canx 7.21.
OE‑FDA(2) Diamond DA42D (42.005) Canx 6.21. NEW REGISTRATIONS
OE‑GBA(2) Gulfstream G150 (261) Canx 7.21 to N375AB. CS‑E.. Ce.152 (15281245) 7.21
OE‑GXL Ce.560XL (560‑5154) Canx 7.21 to N1316D. [G‑BNSU,N4670J]
OE‑IEL BD‑700‑1A10 (9099) Canx 6.21 to P4‑BFW. CS‑TXH A321‑251NXLR (10311) TAP Air Portugal – Lisbon 7.21
OE‑IEY(2) A320‑232 (4757) Canx 7.21 to ER‑00007. [D‑AZAB]

CS-UVE BRM Land Africa (03079-12-UL-20LA) EC-CDM Thrush S.2R (1729R) w/o at Ardales, Malaga on 19.7.87.
Aerodream Flight School .21 Canx 6.21.
EC-KNH Agusta A.109E (11713) Babcock Mission Critical EC-CEJ L-13 Blaník (025510) Canx 6.21.
Services (MCS) España S.A. R3.6.21 EC-CFO Dornier Do.27B-1 (27-1204-149) To FPAC Fundació Parc
[CS-HIK,EC-KNH] Aeronàutic de Catalunya. Canx 6.21.
EC-NQR ATR-72-600 (1692) Binter Canarias – Las Palmas 6.21 EC-CFU Dornier Do.27B-1 (27-1204-359) WFU at Corral de Ayllón
[F-WW..] in 2002. Canx 6.21.
EC-NQS Ce.525C (525C-0081) 6.21 EC-CHO Dornier Do.27A-5 (27-1003-428) WFU at Corral de Ayllón
[N81CF,N511AC,N851AC] in 2002. Canx 6.21.
EC-NQT Ce.305C (305M-0001) 6.21 EC-CIO SZD-30 Pirat (B-549) Canx 6.21.
[I-EIAU,EI-39,MM612955,61-2955] EC-CIR L-13 Blaník (025602) Canx 6.21.
EC-NQU Kubicek BB100Z (1141) 6.21 EC-CIS L-13 Blaník (025601) Canx 6.21.
EC-CNE J-3C-65 Cub (11680) Canx 6.21.
Portugal (CS) EC-CNL SZD-30 Pirat (S-02.39) Canx 6.21.
EC-CNQ SZD-30 Pirat (S-01.18) Canx 6.21.
EC-CNS SZD-30 Pirat (S-01.38) Canx 6.21.
CS-DPA Hawker 900XP (HA-0069) Canx to N922XP 7.21.
EC-CNY SZD-30 Pirat (S-02.46) Canx 6.21.
CS-DSE Hawker 900XP (HA-0204) Canx to N47VM 7.21.
EC-CPA L-13 Blaník (025911) Canx 6.21.
CS-HIK Agusta A.109E (11713) Reverted to EC-KNH 6.21. Canx.
EC-CPC L-13 Blaník (026019) Canx 6.21.
The following accidents are also known: EC-CQE SZD-30 Pirat (S-03.39) WFU at Ocaña 11.95. Canx 6.21.
CS-DDL PA-36-285 (36-7460017) w/o at Azambuja on 31.5.21. EC-CRI AISA I-115 Peque (54) Canx 6.21.
CS-UMY Tecnam P.92 Echo (065) w/o and DBF after hitting trees EC-CTI Ce.210L (21060139) WFU in 1988. Canx 6.21.
while positioning for a flypast after t/o from Mirandela EC-DAL CASA I.131E Jungmann (2065) DBR in f/l following
airfield on 25.10.14. engine failure after t/o from Requena on 20.5.18. Canx
Spain (EC) EC-DDF Thunder AX7-77A (035) Canx 6.21.
EC-DDG Thrush S.2R-600 (2456R) w/o 27.9.90. Canx 6.21.
EC-DMK CASA I-131E Jungmann (1049) WFU at Reus in 2001. Canx
EC-ADU(2) Stinson 108-3 Voyager (108-4386) WFU Sevilla as long
ago as 3.67. Now preserved at the FPAC Fundació Parc
EC-DOM PA-25-260D (25-8156002) Canx 6.21.
Aeronàutic de Catalunya, Sabadell. Canx 6.21.
EC-DPD Grob G.103A Twin II Acro (3682-K-33) Canx 6.21.
EC-AGM Macchi MB.308 (5807/34) WFU Sabadell 4.83. Reported
EC-DVX Grob G.103A Twin II Acro (33920-K-155) Canx 6.21.
under restoration but Canx 6.21.
EC-DYK AS.350B (1863) Canx 6.21.
EC-AGZ(2) Slingsby T.45 Swallow (1614) WFU at Lillo. Canx 6.21.
EC-DZR PA-32-300D (32-7140028) w/o at Rafal d’es Capita, Ibiza
EC-AHD J-3C-65 Cub (22468) Canx 6.21.
on 22.10.95. Canx 6.21.
EC-AIA(2) Slingsby T.45 Swallow (1656) WFU at Corral de Ayllón.
EC-ETQ UltraMagic V-77 (77/3) Canx 6.21.
Canx 6.21.
EC-EYJ PZL M-18A Dromader (1Z021-29) w/o at Sierra de Arace,
EC-AIS Auster J/1 Autocrat (2190) Canx 6.21.
Huelva on 6.8.94. Canx 6.21.
EC-AKD J-3C-65 Cub (11691) Canx 6.21.
EC-FCK UltraMagic H-77 (77/62) Canx 6.21.
EC-AKE Auster V (1526) Canx 6.21.
EC-FFG Ce.152 (15284573) Canx 6.21.
EC-AKK AISA I-11-B Peque (005-1-70) Canx 6.21. EC-FFU UltraMagic M-77 (77/67) Canx 6.21.
EC-AKL AISA I-11-B Peque (006-1-70) Preserved at Cuatro EC-FIR UltraMagic H-77 (77/58) Canx 6.21.
Vientos. Canx 6.21. EC-FIS UltraMagic H-77 (77/74) Canx 6.21.
EC-ANI Auster V (1262) WFU at Zaragoza in 1995. Canx 6.21. EC-FLC Wassmer WA.28 (108) Canx 6.21.
EC-AOU Jodel D.112 (E.41) Last reported stored dismantled. Canx EC-FMK UltraMagic H-77 (77/75) Canx 6.21.
6.21. EC-FOS UltraMagic V-65 (65/44) Canx 6.21.
EC-AOV Jodel D.112 (E.42) Last reported stored dismantled. Canx EC-FQM R22 Beta (2206) WFU at Sabadell 2005. Canx 6.21.
6.21. EC-FUE UltraMagic S-90 (90/07) Canx 6.21.
EC-AQA(2) AISA I-11-B Peque (54) Canx 6.21. EC-FUG PA-28-140 (28-21412) w/o at Fuentemilanos, Segovia on
EC-ATJ Jodel D.112 (E.50) Canx 6.21. 11.6.99. Canx 6.21.
EC-AVH T.66 Nipper 2 (63) WFU at Manresa 25.1.78. Now EC-FVE UltraMagic M-77 (77/93) Canx 6.21.
preserved at FPAC Fundació Parc Aeronàutic de EC-FVF UltraMagic M-77 (77/94) Canx 6.21.
Catalunya, Sabadell. Canx 6.21. EC-FXE K.7 Rhonadler (930) w/o at Igualada-Ondena, Barcelona
EC-AVJ Ce.170B (20573) Canx 6.21. on 6.6.95. Canx 6.21.
EC-BHV Slingsby T.45 Swallow (1556) WFU at Corral de Ayllón in EC-FYT Robin ATL (35) w/o at Massaguel, France on 13.3.98. Canx
2003. Canx 6.21. 6.21.
EC-BKK AISA I-11-B Peque (28 or 106) Canx 6.21. EC-GCC UltraMagic V-77 (77/87) Canx 6.21.
EC-BLY AISA I-11-B Peque (208 or 217) Canx 6.21. EC-GDJ Bell 205 (UH-1H Iroquois) (5320) DBR at Melias, Orense
EC-BOJ Jodel D.1190-S (E.115) Canx 6.21. on 19.3.98. Canx 6.21.
EC-BPN AISA I-11-B Peque (5 or 8). BU. Canx 6.21. EC-GGR UltraMagic N-180 (180/09) Canx 6.21.
EC-BPR AISA I-11-B Peque (145 or 172) Canx 6.21. EC-GIG R22 Beta (1200) Canx 6.21.
EC-BPY AISA I-11-B Peque (210 or 219) Canx 6.21. EC-GJP R44 Astro (0277) w/o at Lot de la Tora, Andorra on
EC-BPZ Jodel D.1190-S (E.117) Canx 6.21. 14.2.99. Canx 6.21.
EC-BQO SIAI S.205-20/F (4-163) BU at La Morgal. Canx 6.21. EC-GXP Fairchild F.24R (UC-61K Argus III) (946) To FPAC Fundació
EC-BQR Jodel D.1190-S (E.118) Canx 6.21. Parc Aeronàutic de Catalunya for preservation. Canx 6.21.
EC-BRB Jodel D.1190-S (E.119) Canx 6.21 as destroyed. EC-GZR UltraMagic H-77 (77/156) Canx 7.21 to EI-GZR.
EC-BRK(2) Jodel D.1190-S (E.125) Canx 6.21 as destroyed. EC-HGM UltraMagic M-77 (77/105) Canx 6.21.
EC-BSM PA-25-260C (25-4972) Canx 6.21. EC-HJS UltraMagic S-105 (105/56) Canx 6.21.
EC-BST Jodel D.1190-S (E.122) Canx 6.21. EC-HLK PA-18-150 (18-5388) Canx 6.21.
EC-BTX AISA I-11-B Peque (152) Canx 6.21. EC-HUA F172M (F17200952) Canx 6.21.
EC-BTY AISA I-11-B Peque (153) Canx 6.2`. EC-HYY T-6G Texan (182-736) WFU and now preserved at the
EC-BUD AISA I-11-B Peque (165 or 169) Canx 6.21. FACV/Fundación Aérea de la Comunidad Valenciana at
EC-BUT AISA I-11-B Peque (197) Canx 6.21. Requena. Canx 6.21.
EC-BUV AISA I-11-B Peque (203 or 212) BU. Canx 6.21. EC-IHG Antonov AN-2TP (1G238-20) Canx 6.21.
EC-BYS L-13 Blaník (174803) Canx 6.21. EC-IQT UltraMagic M-77 (77/70) Canx 6.21.

EC-IUR Ce.150M (15076120) Canx 6.21. ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS
EC-JUH Slepcev Storch SS Mk IV (SS4-068) Canx 6.21. ABN 5/21 EC-NPD Cameron N-105 (3307) ex D-OZAK,D-OBRE(1).
EC-JUT UltraMagic H-77 (77/228) Canx 6.21.
EC-KSM B747-412 (27178) WFU and stored at Lleida. BU there
EC-LEA A320-214 (1099) WFU at Barajas 31.3.20. Ferried to
Knock for part-out 23.6.21. Canx.
EC-LJB CASA C-212-200 (323) Canx 6.21. While we have no new items to record we still have several items to list
EC-LJH CASA C-212-200 (261) Canx 6.21. from Italy. Other areas include the inevitable number from San Marino
EC-LKJ CASA C-212-200 (247) Canx 6.21. and Malta as well as another welcome Cypriot update thanks again to
EC-LKN Bk.117C-2 (9300) Canx 7.21 to F-HSOC. Robert Swan and Melanie Ioannou of the Cyprus CAD.
EC-MFH Tecnam P.2002 Sierra (P2002-026) w/o after t/o from
Casarrubios del Monte airfield on 15.1.17. Canx 6.21. NEW REGISTRATIONS
EC-MNY A330-243 (261) WFU at Kansas City 12.20. Canx 6.21. SX-HCN EC.135.H – Airlift .21
EC-NFC AS.350B2 (2558) Canx 6.21. (Possibly c/n 2079 – to be confirmed)
EC-ZEZ Tecnam P.92 Echo (00095/1484) w/o at El Coronil, Sevilla SX-HGA Agusta A.109E (11216) IFly SA 7.21
17.3.14. Canx 6.21. [G-HPDM,G-DPPF]
The following accidents are also known: SX-H.. R66 (0657) 7.21
EC-JDQ AS.365N3 (6679) Ditched in the sea off Sotogrande [G-LSKS,N657JG]
Beach, San Roque, Cadiz on 11.7.21. SX-… Diamond DA40D (D4.035) 7.21
EC-LBS Bell 407 (53864) DBR on landing at Boltana, Huesca [G-CCFU]
while fire-fighting on 17.7.21. SX-… F172M (F17200915) 7.21
EC-FP2 Tecnam P.2002 Sierra (P2002-050) w/o and DBF on a [G-BAEY]
mountainside after t/o from Castejonde Sos, Huesca on S5-DRM(2) Commander 114B (14627) Sportno drustvo
10.7.21. [G-OECM,N6107Y] Letalski Center Maribor 16.6.21
S5-D.. PA-38-112 (38-78A0289) [N9241T] 7.21
REGISTER NOTES TC-… Beech 400A (RK-377) 7.21
The following full registration dates are now known: [N477FL,G-FXDM,N477FL,N477LX,N477CW]
EC-NGK (1.6.21) EC-NKP (10.6.21) EC-NOT (23.6.21) T7-AFS Honda HA-420 (42000177) 7.21
EC-NHK (24.6.21) EC-NKQ (10.6.21) EC-NPA (25.6.21) [T7-APG,N5145J]
EC-NHZ (25.6.21) EC-NLO (16.6.21) EC-NPE (11.6.21) T7-ASG EMB-135BJ (14501046) 3.21
EC-NIV (14.6.21) EC-NND (1.6.21) EC-NPK (25.6.21) [PK-DHK,PT-SED]
EC-NKN (7.6.21) EC-NNT (17.6.21) EC-XTR (29.6.21) T7-AYO CL-600-2B16 (5622) 6.21
EC-NKO (10.6.21) EC-NOK (10.6.21) [VP-CCE,B-LLL,C-FFLA]
T7-MCV CL-600-2B16 (6059) 6.21
John Porter reports the following were among those noted at Igualada [C-FJCB,C-FNSJ]
on 1.7.21 and 9.7.21: T7-ONEX Falcon 8X (469) [F-WWQH] 7.21
EC-LRQ AT-802 – Bombers 84 T7-PID Bell 429 (57414) [C-GUTJ] 7.21
EC-MCZ ELA-07 R-115 Vuelalo T7-ROC BD-700-1A10 (9761) 3.21
EC-MMO AT-802 – Bombers 86. [N626AK,VP-BAA,N284JA,C-FNKX]
EC-XPA Van’s RV7 2016 in hangar with EC-XFU RV-8 and a Just T7-SER BD-700-1A10 (9045) [N17GX,C-GFKY] 7.21
Highlander in early build stages. T7-TDL PA-46-350P/DLX (4636325/252) 3.21
EC-CP3 Quicksilver MXL Sport IIR – [G-DIPM,D-EMPI,G-DIPM,N5350V,N53450]
EC-GZ7 Aeroprakt A-22L2 – T7-… BD-100-1A10 (20556) 7.21
EC-HB8 Aeroprakt A-22L2 – [ZS-JDL(2),C-FEOF]
EC-HC3 Aeroprakt A-22L2 – T7-… BD-700-1A10 (9159) 7.21
EC-HE3 Sky Ranger – T7-… EC.130T2 (8537) 7.21
EC-505 Legend – Presumed a Cub with temporary marks. [N169SE]
Also a PA-18 Kit is nearing completion in one of the hangars. T7-… Gulfstream V-SP (5624) 7.21
Sabadell on 14.7.21 had much fire-fighting activity: [N524GA]
EC-JIM Bell 412EP – Bombers 03. YU-DGA UTVA-75 – Gas Aviation R7.21
EC-KZL AS.350B3 – Bombers 51. [4O-DGA,YU-DGA,JRV53168]
EC-LBU AS.350B3 – Bombers 11. YU-LOA Pipistrel Virus SW121 (VSW1210085)
EC-MZL AT-802A – Bombers 83. Pipistrel-SRB d.o.o. Vojka 7.21
EC-NDU AT-802A – Bombers 81. YU-PDD Ce.560XLS+ (560-6044) Air Pink d.o.o. – Belgrade 7.21
EC-NFY AS.350B3 – Bombers 31. [EI-GXP,I-GGEA,G-GGLA,I-GGLA,N221AM]
EC-NNE Thrush S.2R-T660 Plysa “TZ-6” (Gobierno de Espana) YU-6013 SF-25C (4218) Dula Rafai 7.21
EC-NNS Thrush S.2R-T660 Plysa “TZ-7” (Gobierno de Espana) [HA-1238,D-KGAB]
5B-CMF Tecnam P.2008-JC Mk II (1201) Troene Ltd
The following were also noted in the FPAC museum hangar: – Larnaca 28.5.21
EC-BCO Slingsby T-45 – 5B-CMG Tecnam P.2008-JC Mk II (1202) Troene Ltd
EC-CCJ L-13 Blanik – – Larnaca 28.5.21
EC-CNR SZD-30 Pirat – 5B-DDK A320-214 (2291) Peregrine Aviation Alpha Ltd
(TUS Airways Ltd) – Larnaca 27.4.21
EC-HD7 ELA-10 Eclipse (12196311014) 6.21 5B-DDL A320-214 (2665) Air Malta PLC (TUS Airways Ltd)
EC-HD8 ELA-10 Eclipse (11206471014) 6.21 [9H-AEN,F-WWBN] – Larnaca 25.6.21
EC-HD9 ELA-10 Eclipse (05216541014) 6.21 5B-HBT Celier Aviation Artur Trendak Xenon (CAJ12674S)
EC-HE1 ELA-10 Eclipse (07206391014) 6.21 [OM-M667] E.Ashcroft 24.5.21
EC-HE2 Tecnam P.92 Echo-S (P92ES-570) 6.21 5B-HPI Ozone Speedster 322 (SP322-V-44A-062)
EC-HE3 Air Cat Fly Skyranger Nynja 80 G.Stylianou 9.6.21
(ACF-SKR-2105001-N80) 6.21 5B-HPJ Ozone Speedster 322 (SP322-V-28A-012)
EC-HE4 ELA-10 Eclipse (05216551014) 6.21 N.Entafianos 9.6.21

5B-HPK Ozone Speedster 322 (SP322-V-44A-062) I-PLAM FR182 (FR18200037) Canx 28.7.21 to Malta.
P.Entafianos 9.6.21 I-SEAS Falcon 900EX (192) Canx 28.7.21 as exported.
9A-BTJ A319-112 (1808) Trade Air 7.21
The following accident is also known:
I-SVBA PA-28-140 (28-7425104) w/o after hitting power lines
9H-AFX EMB-550 Legacy 500 (55000028) Flexjet Operations
near Brindisi on 20.7.21.
[N402FX,PR-LHY] Malta Ltd – Luqa 7.21
9H-AIP EMB-135BJ (14500952) Blue Square Aviation
Group Malta Ltd – Luqa 6.21
[G-ERFX,N910FL,N910LX,PT-SFB] I-ACRL S.205-20/R (4-275) Formerly WFU as an eyecatcher at a
9H-AIY A380-861 (052) DS-Rendite-Fonds GmbH .21 restaurant this is now dumped in poor condition at
[F-HPJE,F-WWAN] Ornaro Basso on the SS64 south of Rieti. Also there is an
9H-ALM DHC-8-103 (472) Air CM Global 8.21 unidentified Partenavia P.64.
[C-FTKH,(LN-FVD),JA8972,C-GDKL] I-BVGM PA-34-200T (34-8070001) Recently offered for sale in the
9H-AMI A320-232 (3409) Avion Express Malta Ltd – Luqa 7.21 course of a complete rebuild at Viterbo.
[OE-IGH(2),HA-LPQ,F-WWIC] I-GANI S.269C (S-1781) This became N269FB in 2.17 and
9H-AML A320-232 (2594) Avion Express Malta Ltd – Luqa 7.21 appears to be still current as such. Its appearance above
[TC-ODD,ZK-OJN,F-WWBC] is presumably a “catch-up”.
9H-AMP A320-232 (2663) Wilmington Trust SP Services
9H-ART CL-600-2B16 (5125) .21 I-6150 Evektor EV97 Eurostar – .
[2-CUTE,2-SEXY,VP-CEI,P4-EPI,M504WB] I-B072 Apollo Delta Jet – .
9H-ASU Ce.S550 (S550-0028) Hyperion Aviation Ltd – Luqa .21 I-B375 Asso X Jewel – .
[9H-MCM,S5-BAX,HB-VHH,(N1260L)] I-C620 R22 Beta II – .
9H-AZA B747-428 (32871) Air Atlanta Europe Ltd .21 I-C768 HB-22 (R22 development) – .
[TF-AAL,F-GITJ] I-C968 AutoGyro Europe MTOnautic – .
9H-CCH CL-600-2B16 (6130) TAG Aviation (Malta) Ltd 7.21 I-D091 Fisher FP-404 – .
[M-CLHL,C-FAWU] I-D100 Flight Design CTLS – .
9H-GKL A330-243 (1293) Perth Aircraft Leasing (UK) Ltd 7.21 I-D157 ELA-10 Eclipse – .
[VH-XFC,F-WWYU] I-D546 Flying Legands Tucano LSA – .
9H-HFA A330-343 (1779) Hi Fly Ltd – Luqa (See notes) 7.21 I-D602 Zenair CH-601XL Zodiac – [LZ-KLS] .
[2-HHLL,ZS-SXL.F-WWCI] I-D764 Corvus Fusion – .
9H-HUB A320-232 (4328) Airhub Airlines 7.21R I-D798 Pipistrel Alpha Trainer – .
[2-IGSA,VT-IGS,F-WWIB] I-D811 Blackshape Prime – .
9H-LNP B787-9 (63310) AAA B787 I Ltd .21
9H-LNS B787-9 (63311) AAA B787 I Ltd .21
I-C326 Tecnam Astore (044) c/n confirmed from Polish accident
9H-MEP Tecnam P.2006T (326) Malta School of Flying
– Luqa .21
Greece (SX)
9H-SLG A321-231 (1946) Smart Lynx Airlines Malta Ltd .21
9H-SLI A320-214 (3866) SmartLynx Airlines Malta Ltd SX-DRA B737-4Q8 (24332) Canx to N37FF 7.21.
[EI-GVX,VQ-BDE,F-WWDZ] – Luqa 7.21
9H-SLJ A320-214 (3880) SmartLynx Airlines Malta Ltd Turkey (TC)
9H-SMC A330-343 (937) SmartLynx Airlines Malta Ltd TC-AAU B737-82R (40873) Canx to UP-B3732 8.21.
[OE-INJ,B-6112,F-WWKI] – Luqa 7.21 TC-HBZ BK.117D-2 (20275) Canx to RA–07494 4.21.
9H-VUA B737-8200 (65874) Malta Air Ltd – Luqa 7.21 TC-JGD B737-8F2 (29788) Canx to LY-FBA 7.21.
[N1786B] TC-KEU Ce.208 (20800317) Canx to A6-SEF then N208BR 7.21.
9H-VUB B737-8200 (65877) Malta Air Ltd – Luqa 7.21 TC-LOJ A330-343 (1607) Canx to HZ-NE24 7.21.
[N1786B] TC-ODD A320-232 (2594) Canx to 9H-AML 7.21.
9H-VUC B737-8200 (65328) Malta Air Ltd – Luqa 7.21 TC-ODE A320-232 (2663) Canx to 9H-AMP 7.21.
[N1786B] TC-SED B737-8CX (32361) Canx to EI-GWX 7.21.
9H-VUD B737-8200 (65878) Malta Air Ltd – Luqa 7.21 TC-SEE B737-8CX (32363) Canx to EI-GWP 7.21.
9H-VUE B737-8200 (65876) Malta Air Ltd – Luqa 7.21 REGISTER NOTES
9H-VUF B737-8200 (65082) Malta Air Ltd – Luqa 7.21
TC-GDK Ce.172S (172S8244) ex A6-…,N365SA. Identity
9H-XFG A330-243 (1407) Floreat Aviation MSN 1407
confirmed. Operated by GDH Flight School.
[VH-XFG,F-WWTU] (Guernsey) Ltd .21
TC-GDL Ce.172S (172S8281) ex A6-ALI,N384SP. Identity
9H-ZTA A321-211 (3749) Titan Airways Malta Ltd – Luqa 7.21
confirmed. Operated by GDH Flight School.
TC-GDM Ce.172S (172S8282) ex A6-…,N385SP. Identity
9H-… FR182 (FR18200037) 7.21
confirmed. Operated by GDH Flight School.

Italy (I) San Marino (T7)

T7-APG Honda HA-420 (42000177) Re-regd T7-AFS 7.21. Canx.
I-AMGZ Agusta AW.109SP (22241) Canx 28.7.21 to France.
T7-PRO CL-600-2B16 (5478) Canx to N973MN 7.21.
I-AWTZ Agusta A.109E (11625) Canx 26.7.21 as exported.
I-BZJY Agusta A.109A (7227) Canx 21.6.21 as exported. T7-99999 Gulfstream VI (6434) Canx to N650GD 7.21.
I-GANI S.269C (S-1781) Canx 27.7.21 to France. (See below)
I-GGEA Ce.560XLS+ (560-6044) Canx 6.7.21 to EI-GXP, then to Montenegro (4O)
I-GRED AS.350B3 (3488) Canx 28.7.21 to France. 4O-DGA UTVA-75 – Reverted to YU-DGA 7.21. Canx.

Malta (9H) A9C-HIS Agusta AW.139 (31919) [I-EAST] 7.21
EP-AOB B737-36N (28669) Sepehran Airlines 7.21
9H-CGH Falcon 50EX (306) Canx .21.
EP-H.. AS.350B3 (7750) [ZS-HIH(3)] 7.21
9H-LBI B737-36N (28669) Canx to EP-AOB 7.21.
9H-MBJ B737-7HE (36027) Canx .21. HZ-AL62 Agusta AW.139 (31924) Saudi Aramco 7.21
9H-MCM Ce.S550 (S550-0028) Re-regd 9H-ASU .21. Canx. [I-EASY]
9H-SAN Learjet 60 (60-335) Canx to N335SJ 7.21. HZ-FAN A320-251N (10255) FlyaDeal 7.21
9H-UDR BRM Citius (0180/K3/10-CT) Canx .21. [F-WWTO]
9H-XYZ Diamond DA62 (62.068) Canx to G-LAMU 7.21. HZ-FAO A320-251N (10530) FlyaDeal 7.21
REGISTER NOTES HZ-NE24 A330-343 (1607) fyNAS – Jeddah 7.21
9H-AIW Reserved for NAC Aviation 30 Ltd – no other details. [TC-LOJ,OE-IIU,TF-LUV,EC-MIN,(JA330K),F-WWCS]
9H-HFA Although the official Malta register quotes this as HZ-NS44 A320-251N (10290) flyNAS – Jeddah 7.21
A330-223 (874) ex LZ-AWZ,TC-LNA,D-ALAA,VT-VJK, [F-WWBU]
F-WWKA it would appear that the marks were NTU and it HZ-NS45 A320-251N (10442) flyNAS – Jeddah 7.21
remained LZ-AWZ. 9H-HFA has since been taken up by [F-WWBP]
A330-343 (1779) as above. All subject to confirmation. 9K-CBG A320-251N (10366) Jazeera Airways – Kuwait 6.21
9H-KAV Gulfstream V-SP (5391) Regd to Avcon Jet Malta Ltd. [F-WWIF]
9H-MAZ BD-700-1A10 (9309) Regd to Elitavia Malta Ltd.
UAE (A6)
ABN 7/21 9A-MIS F172H (F172-490) ex YR-MIS,HA-BAU,SE-ELY, A6-EFA EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000373) Canx to N22HQ 6.21,
OH-CNE. then to Pakistan 7.21.
A6-FTX Diamond DA42 (42.363) Canx to N63HQ 7.21.
A6-FTY Diamond DA42 (42.364) Canx to N64HQ 7.21.
MIDDLE EAST AND GULF A6-MPL EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000374) Canx to N39HQ 6.21,
then to Pakistan 7.21.
S6-SEB Ce.208 (20800401) Canx to N208KT 7.21.
A short section detailing known additions over the past few months. A6-SEC Ce.208 (20800355) Canx to N208HR 7.21.
A6-SEF Ce.208 (20800317) Canx to N208BR 7.21.
A4O-MG B737-8 (43299) Oman Air – Muscat-Seeb 7.21 Qatar (A7)
A4O-MH B737-8 (43797) Oman Air – Muscat-Seeb 7.21
A4O-MJ B737-8 (43304) Oman Air – Muscat-Seeb 7.21
A7-CEB CL-600-2B16 (5784) Canx to LX-RHC 7.21.
A6-EVO A380-842 (268) Emirates – Dubai 7.21
A6-FMK B737-8 (60981) flyDubai – Dubai 6.21
A6-FMM B737-8 (60985) flyDubai – Dubai 6.21 AFRICA
A6-FMQ B737-8 (60992) flyDubai – Dubai 7.21
A6-FMR B737-8 (60993) FlyDubai – Dubai 8.21 A short resumé of known happenings in recent months. There will be
A6-SEF Ce.208 (20800317) (See canx) . more in due course given extra research time.
A6-XWA A350-1041 (315) Etihad Airways – Abu Dhabi 6.21 NEW REGISTRATIONS
[F-WXAB,F-WZFD] D2-BFF Agusta AW.139 (31789) BestFly Angola .21
A7-GHZ Agusta AW.139 (41321) 2.21 [(A6-…),I-RAIV,(B-….),I-EAST]
[N33WX,N318YS] (Leased from Abu Dhabi Aviation)
A9C-HIA Agusta AW.139 (31916) [I-EASS] 7.21 ET-AVZ Bell 505 (65039) [(N852LT),C-GEAT)] .21

Airbus A380-842 A6-EVO [268] of Emirates at London-Heathrow on 23 June 2021. (K West)

SU‑... Ce.208B (208B5545) [N610MR] 7.21 ZU‑ZEA TAF Sling 4 TSi (303s) 8.7.21
TL‑WAS SA.341H (087) [RA‑1347G,RF‑00383,JRV12708] . ZU‑ … Hatz CB‑1 (495) [N46BG] 7.21
TS‑INE(2) A320‑214 (5310) Nouvelair – Tunis‑Carthage 6.21
5A‑GRA B737‑322 (24717) Ghadames Air Transport 7.21 ZS‑CCG(2) American Champion 8KCAB (813‑98) Canx to G‑JBVW
5A‑GRR B737‑341 (25048) Ghadames Air Transport 7.21 ZS‑CDJ DH.82A Tiger Moth (84811) Restored and Re‑regd ZU‑IUV
[UR‑CRM,TT‑DRT,EY‑552,VP‑BOT,N728BC,PP‑VOS] as above.
5H‑MFH DHC‑8‑103 (537) Auric Air – Arusha 4.21 ZS‑CKA(2) BD‑100‑1A10 (20626) Canx 20.7.21 to N626CL.
[C‑FXUZ,LN‑FVC,C‑FUCL,OY‑YBG,N81AM,C‑FCSG] ZS‑DEH PA‑18A (18‑191) Canx 9.7.21 to USA.
5Y‑FDW Ce.680 (680‑0036) [N352TX,N350QS] 7.21 ZS‑GMO Ventus a (10) Canx 19.7.21 to Australia.
5Y‑ … Colt 105A (1456) [C‑FGLL] 7.21 ZS‑GZJ Discus b (254) Canx 9.7.21 to Australia.
7Q‑SOG Ce.208B (208B2165) 6.21 ZS‑HHN(2) R66 (0029) Canx 21.7.21 to G‑CMEA.
[9J‑JJJ,N208X] ZS‑HIH(3) AS.350B3 (7750) Canx 15.7.21 to Iran.
7Q‑YAE LET L‑410UVP (831040) 7.21 ZS‑JDL(2) BD‑100‑1A10 (20556) Canx 7.7.21 to San Marino.
[OK‑SAS,CCCP67412] ZS‑KDW Ce.R182 (R18200556) Canx 16.7.21 to Netherlands.
7T‑VNS Ce.208B (208B5568) [N428HP] 6.21 ZS‑KKL Beech F90 (LA‑210) Canx 7.21 to N43BW.
9J‑ … Ce.208B (208B5152) [ZS‑MLS,N911LY] 7.21 ZS‑MLS Ce.208B (208B5152) Canx 12.7.21 to Zambia.
9XR‑.. Ce.208B (208B5607) [N607PB] 7.21 ZS‑PXJ R22 Beta II (4174) Canx 16.7.21 to Australia.
ZS‑RRK R22 Beta II (3480) Canx 16.7.21 to Australia.
Ethiopia (ET) ZS‑SBB B737‑3YO (26072) Reserved as N335CK 7.21.
CANCELLATIONS ZU‑EOF Van’s RV‑7 (71810) Canx 30.6.21 to ZK‑JPT(3).
The following accident is known: ZU‑FCJ GS‑2 Sportsman (7228) Canx 14.7.21 to N755TX.
ET‑AMI Ce.208B (208B1260) DBR in f/l near Kombolcha on ZU‑VNM T‑28B Trojan (200‑108) Canx 7.21 to N745PJ.
27.7.21. The following accidents are also known:
ZU‑FCP Challenger II (LSS‑0115) w/o after hitting an electricity
Tanzania (5H) pole on approach to Wingfield airfield, Lochvaal on
5H‑FLT Ce.208B (208B0374) Canx to N702SE 7.21. ZU‑FZZ TAF Sling 2 (052) w/o at Panorama airfield on 9.7.21.
5H‑MWT Ce.182Q (18266869) Canx to ZS‑TKM 7.21. ZU‑IPZ Zlin Savage Classic (0246) Badly damaged on t/o at
Rietvlei near Greytown on 28.7.21. This was following the
Kenya (5Y) previous crash of another Savage which was w/o and
DBF after hitting ESKOM power lines – believed to be Zlin
Savage Bobber ZU‑IFV (0269).
The following accidents are known:
5Y‑BCL DHC‑2 Beaver Mk 1 (1552) w/o in adverse weather
conditions at Naivasha while en‑route Nairobi to Lodwar
ZU‑IPZ Zlin Savage Classic (0246) Confirmed as ex 59DOH/
on 12.7.21.
5Y‑GRS DHC‑8‑106 (355) DBR after striking boulders while
ZU‑RDN Aerokopter AK1‑3 Sanka (0011) Canx 11.17 on export to
landing at Burahache airstrip, Somalia on 21.7.21.
Ghana, and became 9G‑AFM.
REGISTER NOTES ABN 7/21 ZS‑BEI(2) PA‑46‑500TP (4697523) Canx 25.6.21 to
9G‑AFM Aerokopter AK1‑3 Sanka (0011) ex ZU‑RDN. Offered for VH‑FWA(3).
sale by owner José Reynaert 1.20. Current status ZS‑HMU(2) R44 Raven II (13814) Canx 9.6.21 to
unknown. VH‑YTM(3).
ZU‑CVT Urban Air UFM‑10 Samba (33/10) Canx 8.6.21
to PH‑0A3.
SOUTH AFRICA ZU‑DKM Urban Air UFM‑10 Samba (40/10) Canx 8.6.21
to PH‑0A2.

Thanks again to Ray Watts we can update the SA register to the end of
July 2021. Cancellations continue at a high level while amongst the SOUTH EAST ASIA
newly regd entries most interesting is the newly‑rebuilt Tiger Moth
ZU‑IUV which will be coming to the UK after its initial test‑flying is
complete. Another regional survey including another update from Malaysia
thanks again to Steve Ozel.
ZS‑BJC(2) AT‑502A (502A‑3292) 30.6.21 NEW REGISTRATIONS
ZS‑TKM Ce.182Q (18266869) 8.7.21 AP‑ … EMB‑500 Phenom 100 (50000373) 7.21
ZS‑TKN Ce.208B (208B2164) 8.7.21 AP‑ … EMB‑500 Phenom 100 (50000374) 7.21
ZS‑TRP Ce.T206H (T20609626) 6.7.21 B‑KJA B737‑800 (42277) Greater Bay Airlines
[N2057D] [D‑AAGB,EI‑FVM,N1786B] – Chek Lap Kok 8.21
ZS‑YAR ERJ‑190‑100IGW (19000202) Airlink B‑LXN A350‑1041 (424) Cathay Pacific Airways
– Johannesburg 8.7.21 [F‑WZNP] – Chek Lap Kok 7.21
[EI‑GHJ,N202NC,VH‑ZPI,PT‑SGK] HL1 … Ce.208B (208B5030) [N904WL] 7.21
ZU‑IUV DH.82A Tiger Moth (84811) 9.7.21 HS‑NUM Sonex – .21
[ZS‑CDJ,SAAF4684,T6457] HS‑PLE Sonex – .21
ZU‑IUW Corby CJ‑1 Starlet (945) M.B.Davis 27.7.21 JA01AK R22 Beta II (3293) R7.21
ZU‑IUX Tecnam P.92 Echo Super (1194) 9.7.21 [N83738,JA01AK,N83738]
ZU‑IUY Explorer (SN‑12‑D‑20) J.Van Rooyen 13.7.21 JA224T Diamond DA42M‑NG (42.009) 8.6.21
ZU‑IVB ICP MXP‑740 Savannah S (14‑06‑54‑0341) 21.7.21 [OE‑FMR(3),F‑GJMT(2),OE‑VPY]

Airbus A350-1041 B-LXN [424] of Cathay Pacific at London-Heathrow on 23 July 2021. (K West)

JA7212 R22 Beta II (4844) Alpha Aviation – Ibaraki Pref 10.6.21 South Korea (HL)
JA7973 R22 Beta II (3527) Alpha Aviation – Ibaraki Pref R10.6.21
HL7705 B737-9B5 (29990) Canx 2.7.21 as exported. Last known
JU-5555 EC.130T2 (8574) [G-IPSE,G-CKYH] 7.21
stored at Tucson.
JU-6666 BK.117C-2 (9339) [N145SR,D-HMBQ] 7.21
HL9285 Sikorsky S-76C+ (760565) w/o 21.4.21. Canx 12.7.21.
JU-…. Ce.172S (172S12633) [N896EA] 7.21 HL9492 Mil Mi-2 (5210126027) Canx 19.7.21 as scrapped.
PK-SNB Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 (1015) .21R
[HB-FBA(3)] The following accidents are also known:
PK-… AT-802 (802-0494) [N812CE] 7.21 HL-C061 Zenair CH-701 STOL (7-7415) w/o at Euiryeong, south
RP-2420 AS.350B3e (8903) [F-WWXP] 7.21 Gyeongsang Province on 13.7.21.
RP-C…. Agusta AW.139 (31232) [N139DR,YV438T] 7.21
VT-ILP A321-251NX (10289) Interglobe Aviation Ltd REGISTER NOTES
[D-AZAM] (IndiGo) 7.21 HL-C014 Direct Fly Alto 912TG (DF128) Shown as regd 6.7.21 – if
VT-ISV A320-251N (10559) Interglobe Aviation Ltd correct then the Storch CL must be canx.
[F-WWIX] (IndiGo) 7.21 HL-C016 Direct Fly Alto 912TG (DF129) Shown as regd 6.7.21 – if
VT-ISW A320-251N (10556) Interglobe Aviation Ltd correct then the Bambi 2 must be canx.
[F-WWDQ] (IndiGo) 7.21
VT-TYB A320-251N (10433) Vistara 7.21 Thailand (HS)
XU-... AS.365N3 (6868) 7.21 HS-AMS Ce.310R (310R1223) Believed canx & reported shipped
[N520SH,9M-YCB,(N365PG),N391GE,F-WWOO] dismantled to Laos.
9M-CDI AS.350B3e (8904) Airbus Helicopters South East HS-APP SIAI S205-20/R (4-110) Roaded from Phuket Air Park to
Asia Pte Ltd (Leased to Airbus Best Ocean Airpark in 6.21 and is destined to be a GI
[F-WWPF] Helicopters Malaysia Sdn Bhd) 8.7.21 airframe at the nearby Samut Prakan Technical College
9M-CGA AS.350B3e (8700) Charter Group Aero Sdn Bhd about 20km south of central Bangkok.
(Op by Systematic Aviation HS-KVS Gulfstream VI (6363) In fact arrived at Don Muang on
[EC-NED] Services Sdn Bhd) 25.6.20 12.5.19 and active since.
9M-ITL PA-28-181 (2881100) International Aero Training
[N8051D,N9518N] Academy Sdn Bhd 23.4.19 ULTRALIGHT REGISTER
9M-ITO PA-28-181 (2881103) International Aero Training U-E24 Quicksilver MXII Sprint – .
[N8051S,N9522N] Academy Sdn Bhd .
9M-ITW PA-28-181 (2881269) International Aero Training Japan (JA)
[N8016C,N9529N] Academy Sdn Bhd 28.7.20
9M-ITX PA-28-181 (2881270) International Aero Training
JA02GB Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0189) Canx 1.6.21 to N89DV.
[N8016J,N9528N] Academy Sdn Bhd .
JA02RH R66 (0112) Canx to N827CC 7.21.
9M-ITY PA-28-181 (2881271) International Aero Training
JA23JJ A320-232 (5940) Canx 15.6.21 to VH-YXT(2).
[N8016L,N9510N] Academy Sdn Bhd 1.10.20
JA119L Bell 412EP (36462) Canx 8.6.21 to N364AK.
9M-WCM B737-33RF (28869) Asia Cargo Airlines 8.21
JA735A B777-381ER (34892) Canx 2.6.21 as WFU.
JA782A B777-381ER (33416) Canx 10.6.21 as WFU.
JA783A B777-381ER (27940) Canx 21.6.21 as WFU.
9V-NCD A321-271NX (10280) Scoot – Changi 6.21
JA4062 Ce.172P (17275689) Canx 21.6.21 as WFU.
[D-AZAT] JA6810 BK.117C-1 (1121) Canx 2.6.21 as WFU.
JA9639 AS.355F2 (5323) Canx 21.6.21 to NZ.
Hong Kong SAR (B)
B-HSK A320-232 (1721) Ferried to St.Athan for part-out 26.7.21. JA09XJ A350-941 (497) Regd to Japan Airlines 15.6.21.
B-LSM Gulfstream V-SP (5250) Canx to M-SAGI 7.21. JA6759 Sikorsky S-76B (760428) Canx 25.5.21 to N9082A.

Indonesia (PK)
PK‑CDA Bell 407 (54082) Canx to VH‑DKU(3) 7.21.
PK‑DHK EMB‑135BJ (14501046) Canx to T7‑ASG 3.21.
We make a start on tackling the massive China backlog this month
PK‑JTQ Bell 429 (57039) Canx to N429RT 7.21.
with a selection of mainly GA light aircraft or training machines plus
PK‑LBT B737‑8GP (39828) Canx to N894SM 7.21.
helicopters. Grateful thanks are due to Pete Longley, Jos Stevens and
PK‑LOO B737‑8GP (39714) Canx to N893SM 7.21.
Robert Swan in particular. Further updates will hopefully follow very
PK‑LPM B737‑8GP (39874) Canx to N891SM 7.21.
PK‑LPQ B737‑8GP (39877) Canx to N890SM 7.21.
PK‑LPR B737‑8GP (39881) Canx to N889SM 7.21.
PK‑LQQ B737‑8GP (43001) Canx to N887SM 7.21.
B‑10TM Diamond DA42NG (42.NW002) Hainan Airlines
PK‑LQW B737‑8GP (39868) Canx to N366AG 7.21.
Flying School Ltd .
PK‑LZR B737‑8GP (39862) Canx to N892SM 7.21.
B‑10WX Tecnam P.2010 (046) Liaoning Tongfei
PK‑LZU B737‑8GP (39825) Canx to N895SM 7.21.
Gen Avn Co Ltd .
PK‑SDK Ce.A185E (185‑1154) Canx to N22JG 7.21. B‑10ZF Ce.525M2 (525‑1056) 11.20
PK‑TNE ATR‑72‑600 (1324) Canx to OY‑YDN 7.21. B‑10ZG Sunward SA60L (SA60LS00121) Beijing Xiangfei
PK‑TNG ATR‑42‑500 (689) Canx to OY‑YBV 7.21. Jiufei Aviation Club Ltd .
PK‑TNH ATR‑72‑600 (1177) Canx to OY‑JZH 7.21. B‑10ZH Sunward SA60L (SA60LS00174) Beijing Xiangfei
PK‑TNM ATR‑72‑600 (1108) Canx to OY‑YDK 7.21. Jiufei Aviation Club Ltd .
PK‑TNO ATR‑72‑600 (1286) Canx to OY‑YDM 7.21. B‑10ZN Cirrus SR20 (2529H) Great Northern Wilderness
Gen Avn Co Ltd .
Philippines (RP) B‑10ZP Cirrus SR20 (2530H) Great Northern Wilderness
RP‑C3250 A320‑214 (3767) Canx to OE‑INX 7.21. B‑10ZQ Cirrus SR20 (2532H) Great Northern Wilderness
Gen Avn Co Ltd .
India (VT) B‑10ZT Tecnam P.2008‑JC (1065) Liaoning Tongfei Gen
Avn Co Ltd .
B‑10F8 Diamond DA40NG (40.NC064) Xi’an Avn Base
VT‑ERX PA‑31‑310 (31‑70) Canx to N999AW 6.21.
Jinsheng General Aviation Co Ltd .
VT‑IDN A320‑232 (2334) Canx to OE‑ITR 7.21.
B‑10F9 Diamond DA40NG (420NC065) Xi’an Avn Base
VT‑IEB A320‑232 (4609) Canx to OE‑ITI 7.21.
Jinsheng General Aviation Co Ltd .
VT‑UTA AS.350B3 (4970) Canx to RA‑07348 5.21.
B‑10Z2 Diamond DA40NG (40.NF004) Sichuan Longhao
VT‑UTB AS.350B3 (7330) Canx to RA‑07349 5.21.
Flight Training School Ltd .
The following accidents are also known: B‑12A3 Diamond DA40NG (40.NF031) Sichuan Longhao
VT‑AFR(2) Ce.172R (17281084) Badly damaged landing at Aligarh Flight Training School Ltd .
airport on 11.7.21. B‑12A5 Diamond DA40NG (40.NF032) Sichuan Longhao
VT‑BRP Tecnam P.2008‑JC – w/o at Jalgoan on 16.7.21. Flight Training School Ltd .
VT‑CAG(2) Ce.172R (17281483) Badly damaged landing at Dhana B‑12A6 Diamond DA40NG (40.NF033) Sichuan Longhao
airport on 17.7.21. Flight Training School Ltd .
B‑12A9 Diamond DA40NG (40.NF035) Sichuan Longhao
REGISTER NOTES Flight Training School Ltd .
VT‑ASU(2) Ce.208B (208B2054) Noted stored at Bangalore‑Jakkur B‑12AV Sunward SA60L (SA60LS00218) Hunan Shanhe
along with VT‑IIC (208B2008). General Navigation Co Ltd .
VT‑ULX Husky Norseman II – Still extant stored in derelict state B‑12C3 Diamond DA40NG (40.NF036) Hubei Longhao
at Bangalore‑Jakkur airfield. Flight Training Co Ltd .
B‑12DM Beech B300 (FL‑1118) Sichuan Xihua Gen Avn
Malaysia (9M) [N1118E] Co Ltd 5.21
B‑103S Ikarus C.42/E (1609‑7472) Guangzhou Sundel
9M‑CDJ AS.350B3e (8906) Canx 11.5.21 to XU‑585. (Believed B‑103W Sunward SA60L (SA60LS00163) Hubei Huihong
correct but to be confirmed). Gen Avn Technology Co Ltd .
9M‑LNK B737‑9GPER (38737) Canx to N950DA 7.21. B‑104Y Tecnam P.2010 (051) Liaoning Tongfei Gen Avn
9M‑LNL B737‑9GPER (38736) Canx to N949DK 7.21. Co Ltd .
9M‑MYR R44 Clipper II (13982) Canx 10.20 Philippine Army B‑106Y Gippsaero GA8 Airvan (GA8‑TC‑320‑17‑243)
“202”. Beijing Jing Gong Gen Avn Co Ltd .
B‑107T Ikarus C.42/E (1610‑7473) Changsha Xianghe
9M‑BDP CTRM Eagle 150B (041) Canx 19.5.17. B‑107U Quest Kodiak 100 (100‑0232) West Yinchuan
9M‑BEC CAAM have no data – marks assumed not used. [N232KQ] Gen Avn Co Ltd .19
9M‑BER CTRM Eagle 150B (036) ex N151EF,N4500P (N151EF canx B‑107V Quest Kodiak 100 (100‑0241) West Yinchuan
to 9M 20.7.04). Believed w/o 8.3.07 in an open area at [N241KQ] Gen Avn Co Ltd .19
Taman Melody while trying to land at Kem Mahkota. Canx B‑109D Sunward SA60L (SA60LS00156) Changsha Xianghe
11.2.08. Gen Avn Co Ltd .
9M‑BFA Ce.172P (17274859) ex N54050. Canx 31.12.08 to B‑109H Sunward SA60L (SA60LS00122) Hubei Huihong
PK‑AYB. Gen Avn Technology Co Ltd .
9M‑BFB CAAM have no data – marks assumed not used. B‑109Q Flight Design CTLS (F‑18‑03‑04) Anhui Gen Avn
9M‑BFC CAAM have no data – marks assumed not used. Co Ltd .
9M‑BFE EC.155B (6592) ex 9M‑YTL(2) Canx 21.2.11 to 9M‑AZM. B‑109U Ikarus C.42/E (1611‑7477) Guangzhou Sundel
9M‑LLH(2) Bell 206B (2254) ex 9M‑SHB,9M‑KAR,ZK‑HLG. Regd to Avn Club Ltd .
Layang‑Layang Aerospace Sdn.Bhd. 5.5.16. B‑109V Ikarus C.42/E (1611‑7478) Guangzhou Sundel
9M‑WSG EC.135P2+ (0483) Regd to Hornbill Skyways Sdn.Bhd. Avn Club Ltd .
This is a problem, suggesting that the long‑believed c/n B‑120D Flying Machines FM250 Vampire II (CD‑FM250V55 20)
for 9M‑WSB (w/o in 2007) is wrong. Zhejiang Wanfeng General Aviation Co Ltd .

B-120N Diamond DA40NG (40.NF016) Sichuan Longhao B-…. Ce.172S (172S12667) [N892TA] 6.21
Flight Training Ltd . B-…. Ce.172S (172S12671) [N738TA] 6.21
B-120P Diamond DA40NG (40.NF015) Sichuan Longhao B-…. Ce.172S (172S12672) [N816TA] 6.21
Flight Training Ltd . B-…. Diamond DA20-C1 (C0709) [C-FBDF] 4.21
B-120Q Diamond DA40NG (40.NF008) Sichuan Longhao B-…. Diamond DA20-C1 (C0710) [C-FBCX] 4.21
Flight Training Ltd . B-…. Diamond DA20-C1 (C0719) [C-GKAH] 7.21
B-120V Diamond DA40NG (40.NF025) Sichuan Longhao B-…. Diamond DA20-C1 (C0715) [C-GKAI] 7.21
Flight Training Ltd . B-…. Diamond DA20-C1 (C0149) [C-GMHG(2)] 7.21
B-121E Diamond DA42NG (42.NW030) Yunnan Energy B-…. Diamond DA20-C1 (C0180) [C-GOCF(2)] 7.21
Investment Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-30DT A320-251N (9404) China Eastern – Shanghai 3.21
B-121L Ce.525M2 (525-1060) CAAC Flight Institute 12.20 [B-007A]
[N8898T] B-30ET A320-251N (9536) China Eastern – Shanghai 3.21
B-121M Ce.525M2 (525-1061) CAAC Flight Institute 12.20 [B-00OP]
[N8894T] B-30FY A321-251NX (9509) Air China – Beijing 3.21
B-121U Diamond DA40NG (40.NC097) Sichuan Longhao [D-AVZB]
Flight Training Ltd . B-321H A321-253NX (10217) Spring Airlines 3.21
B-121V Diamond DA40NG (40.NC098) Sichuan Longhao [B-005U,D-AYAR]
Flight Training Ltd . B-321K A320-251N (10220) Air China – Beijing 3.21
B-122A Cirrus SR20 (2531H) Great Northern Wilderness [F-WWIX]
Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-321L A320-271N (10103) Air China – Beijing 1.21
B-122C Cirrus SR20 (2533H) Great Northern Wilderness [B-000L]
Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-321Q A320-271N (10138) Shenzhen Airlines 3.21
B-122D Cirrus SR20 (2534H) Great Northern Wilderness [B-000V]
Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-321Z A321-253NX (10214) China Southern – Baiyoun 3.21
B-122E Cirrus SR20 (2535H) Great Northern Wilderness [D-AVZZ]
Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-322F A320-251N (10309) China Southern – Baiyoun 3.21
B-122F Cirrus SR20 (2536H) Great Northern Wilderness [B-007J]
Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-322P A321-253NX (10267) Spring Airlines 1.21
B-122G Cirrus SR20 (2537H) Great Northern Wilderness [B-005T]
Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-322Q A320-251N (10004) China Eastern – Shanghai 1.21
B-122J Diamond DA40NG (40.NF012) Sichuan Longhao [B-000N]
Flight Training Ltd .
B-322V A320-251N (10429) China Southern – Baiyoun 3.21
B-122K Diamond DA40NG (40.NF013) Sichuan Longhao
Flight Training Ltd .
B-70R8 Mil Mi-171C (171C00156197817U) China Flying
B-123T Diamond DA40NG (40.NF014) Sichuan Longhao
Dragon General Aviation Co Ltd .
Flight Training Ltd .
B-70S2 Bell 407GXi (54822) Shaanxi Qinhan General
B-123U Diamond DA40NG (40.NF020) Sichuan Longhao
[C-GFHV] Aviation Co Ltd .
Flight Training Ltd .
B-70S3 Bell 407GXi (54823) Shaanxi Qinhan General
B-124M Beech B300 (FL-1229) Hubei Chutian Gen Avn
[C-GFNY] Aviation Co Ltd .
[N1229K] Co Ltd 9.20
B-70X0 EC.225LP (2615) Zhejiang Desheng General
B-124N Diamond DA42NG (42.NW027) Xi’an Avn Base
[G-ZZSB,F-WWOG] Aviation Co Ltd .
Jinsheng General Aviation Co Ltd .
B-70Y5 EC.225LP (2989) Zhejiang Desheng General
B-125F Ce.525M2 (525-1067) Sichuan Longhao Flight
[G-ZZSN] Aviation Co Ltd .
[N892ZT] Training Ltd 12.20
B-125L Diamond DA42NG (42.NW026) Hainan Airlines B-70Y6 R44 II – China Civil Aviation Flight Academy .
Flying School Ltd . B-70Y7 R44 II – China Civil Aviation Flight Academy .
B-126A Diamond DA40NG (40.NF017) Inner Mongolia B-70Y8 R44 II – China Civil Aviation Flight Academy .
Flight College CAFUC . B-70Y9 R44 II – China Civil Aviation Flight Academy .
B-126C Diamond DA40NG (40.NF019) Inner Mongolia B-721Z Bell 407GXi (54896) Haizhi General Aviation
Flight College CAFUC . [C-GIRG] Co Ltd .
B-126D Diamond DA40NG (40.NF024) Inner Mongolia B-722E H425 (Z9-0741) China Flying Dragon General
Flight College CAFUC . Aviation Co.Ltd .
B-126E Diamond DA40NG (40.NF025) Inner Mongolia B-722L R44 Raven II – .
Flight College CAFUC . B-722P Mil Mi-171C (171C00156207921U) Qingdao
B-126L Diamond DA20-C1 (C0698) Yunnan Energy Helicopter Aviation Co Ltd .
Investment Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-722Q Mil Mi-171C (171C00156207922U) Qingdao
B-127E Diamond DA42NG (42.NW061) Great Northern Helicopter Aviation Co Ltd .
Wilderness Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-723K Bell 505 (65273) Beijing Reignwood Tianxing
B-127H Diamond DA42M-NG (42.MNW003) Anhui Gen [C-GFNP] General Aviation Co Ltd .
Avn Co Ltd . B-723N Bell 505 (65279) Beijing Reignwood Tianxing
B-127P Diamond DA40NG (40.NF028) Inner Mongolia [C-GHES] General Aviation Co Ltd .
Flight College CAFUC . B-723R Bell 505 (65315) Beijing Reignwood Tianxing
B-127Q Diamond DA40NG (40.NF029) Inner Mongolia [C-GLZH] General Aviation Co Ltd .
Flight College CAFUC . B-723T Bell 505 (65323) Beijing Reignwood Tianxing
B-127R Y-5B (D) (1119) Jingmen Gen Avn Co Ltd . [C-GBUP] General Aviation Co Ltd .
B-127S Y-5B (D) (1107) Jingmen Gen Avn Co Ltd . B-723U Bell 505 (65324) Beijing Reignwood Tianxing
B-127T Y-5B (D) (1106) Jingmen Gen Avn Co Ltd . [C-GLZA] General Aviation Co Ltd .
B-128C Diamond DA40NG (40.N518) China Flying B-723V Bell 505 (65325) Beijing Reignwood Tianxing
Dragon Gen Avn Co Ltd . [C-FOFH] General Aviation Co Ltd .
B-128D Diamond DA40NG (40.N511) China Flying B-724D Bell 407GXi (54915) Shenzhen Jinhai Pengfeng
Dragon Gen Avn Co Ltd . [C-GAJR] General Aviation Co Ltd .
B-128E Diamond DA40NG (40.N519) China Flying B-724E Bell 407GXi (54917) Shenzhen Jinhai Pengfeng
Dragon Gen Avn Co Ltd . [C-GIQU] General Aviation Co Ltd .
B-129E Diamond DA40NG (40.NF030) China Flying B-724F Bell 412EPI (37044) Beijing Shouhang Helicopter
Dragon Gen Avn Co Ltd . [C-GEUJ,(N863HB)] Co Ltd .

B-724L Bell 407GXi (54908) Shenzhen Jinhai Pengfeng VH-PRK(4) Ce.208B (208B5429) Kirkhope Aviation P/L
[C-GIQN] General Aviation Co Ltd . [N766GA,N429EX] – Moorabbin/VIC 30.6.21
B-724W EC.135P3 (1210) Zhejiang Desheng General VH-QQC(2) DHC-8-102 (263) Bank of Utah (Skytrans P/L)
Aviation Co Ltd . [N806EX,C-GEVP] – Stratford/QLD 14.7.21
[XU-135,N135HT,9M-DRD,D-HECD] VH-TAF(5) Ce.172N (17269274) C.Bartlett
B-725H Bell 412EPI (37051) Shaanxi Qinhan General [VH-FMH,N737AS] – Helensburgh/NSW 21.7.21
[C-GSZO,C-GHFI] Aviation Co Ltd . VH-TKI(2) R44 Astro (0040) Flying Wombats Australia P/L
B-7… Bell 407GXi (54936) [C-GAED] 5.21 (Skyline Aviation Group P/L)
B-7… Bell 407GXi (54937) [C-GBUP] 5.21 [JA7902] – Marks Point/NSW 8.7.21
B-7… Bell 505 (65305) [C-FOFB] 7.21 VH-UWV(3) Bell 429 (57246) Bell 429 Ltd (Avwest P/L)
B-7… Bell 505 (65304) [C-FZFT] 7.21 – Jandakot/WA 28.6.21
B-7… Bell 505 (65310) [C-FZGX] 7.21 [ZK-HUU(3),N544RF,C-FIBH,(C-FBUP)]
B-7… Bell 505 (65308) [C-FZGZ] 7.21 VH-UYK(2) ERJ-190-100IGW (19000089) Bravo Airlines P/L
B-7… Bell 505 (65309) [C-FZHN] 7.21 Alliance Airlines P/L) – Brisbane/QLD 15.7.21
B-7… Bell 505 (65303) [C-FZHU] 7.21 [N989QQ,HP-1561CMP]
VH-VEC(2) SAAB 340B (340B-433) Vee H Aviation P/L
[N433XJ,SE-B33] – Canberra/ACT 15.7.21
VH-VED(2) SAAB 340B (340B-442) Vee H Aviation P/L
AUSTRALIA [N442XJ,SE-B42] – Canberra/ACT 14.7.21
VH-VJU Beech B200 (BB-1881) RFDS of Australia
(Queensland Section Ltd) – Brisbane/QLD 25.6.21
Another monthly update from CASA sources takes the register to late
July 2021 with our customary welcome input from Tony Arbon and
VH-VJV TAF Sling 4 TSi (239S) W.J.Catford – Laura/SA 22.6.21
John Streeter.
VH-VTW(2) Ventus 2a (43) G.V.Walker – Mount Lofty/QLD
[VH-WPP(5),D-6323,PH-1401,BGA4340] 12.4.21
VH-VWD(3) TAF Sling 4 TSi (246SK) M.Janse van Rensburg
VH-AML(4) Pennec Gaz’Aile 2 (347) M.Stephens
– Wongawallan/QLD 23.6.21
– Bellingen/NSW 22.6.21 VH-XSE(3) Europa XS (A217) P.W.Pendergast
VH-CMK(3) Ce.510 (510-0164) Robindale Group P/L (Valor’K – Ocean Grove/VIC 7.7.21
[N251MC] P/L) – Bankstown/NSW 7.7.21 VH-YLP(2) American Legend AL18 Super Cub (TX-1040)
VH-COB(4) Van’s RV-8 (83574) C.Oborn – Middle Park/VIC 20.7.21 K.Rea – Biloela/QLD 19.7.21
VH-CZR(4) Cirrus SR22 (5034) Cirrus Design Corporation VH-YNU B737-319 (25607) Sunco P/L (Nauru Air
– Ballina/NSW 15.7.21 Corporation) – Brisbane/QLD R6.7.21
VH-DCQ(3) W-Bell 47G-3B1 Soloy (WA/610) B.Hodgson [ZK-NGH,N1786B]
[D-HABY,G-BHKD,XT848]– Annangrove/NSW 5.7.21 VH-YQG(2) B737-8FE (40999) Wilmington Trust Company
VH-DKU(3) Bell 407 (54082) Forster Helicopters P/L (Virgin Australia Airlines P/L)
– James Cook University/QLD 13.7.21 [2-VYFG,VH-YFG] – Brisbane/QLD 14.7.21
[PK-CDA,PK-RDS,N452BB,C-FOFH] VH-YQH(2) B737-8FE (41000) Wilmington Trust Company
VH-EUK(3) Kavanagh E-120 (E120-595) Global Ballooning (Virgin Australia Airlines P/L)
P/L – Richmond/VIC 12.7.21 [2-VYFI,VH-YFI] – Brisbane/QLD 23.7.21
VH-EWL(4) Beech 76 (ME-393) Air Gold Coast Aircraft P/L VH-YTM(3) R44 Raven II (13814) Jetpoint P/L
[VH-AGG(5),N37228] – Coolangatta/QLD 21.6.21 [ZS-HMU(2)] – Biggera Waters/QLD 29.6.21
VH-FCD(5) Bell 206B (4288) Innovative Commercial Projects VH-YXS(2) A320-232 (5732) JJTEC2 Co Ltd (Jetstar Airways
[N196P,C-GAJN] P/L – Bankstown/NSW 30.6.21 [JA17JJ,F-WWIE] P/L) – Tullamarine/VIC 21.7.21
VH-FWA(3) PA-46-500TP (4697523) Networkcity P/L VH-ZPG(3) Tecnam P.92 Echo Super (1106) Qantum Assets
– Scarborough/WA 29.6.21 Australia P/L – Sanctuary Cove/QLD 14.7.21
[ZS-BEI(2),N155ES,N9543N] [24-5600]
VH-HEK(2) R66 (1042) HCHW P/L – Redland Bay/QLD 21.6.21
VH-INU(4) B737-79L (34538) Nauru Leasing Corporation CANCELLATIONS
(Nauru Air Corporation) – Brisbane/QLD 16.7.21 VH-AGG(5) Beech 76 (ME-393) Re-regd VH-EWL(4). Canx 21.6.21.
[N348NA,PZ-TCS,N348JS,B-5203] VH-BNJ(2) Ce.180A (50157) Canx 23.7.21 to ZK-KDC(2).
VH-IQU(2) ERJ-190-100IGW (19000091) GECAS Australia VH-BOZ(3) Ce.402A (402A0065) Canx 20.7.21 as WFU.
P/L (National Jet Express P/L – Adelaide/SA VH-COT(3) R44 Raven II (13173) Re-regd VH-OLR(2). Canx 8.7.21.
[VQ-BRN,B-16822,PT-SNK] 21.7.21 VH-CQG(2) ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (18-11-54-0649) Transferred to
VH-KSQ(3) Ce.510 (510-0247) HM Aircraft Holdings P/L RAAus register. Canx 16.7.21.
(Aviair P/L) – Kununurra/WA 28.6.21 VH-EIJ SAAB 340B (340B-458) Canx 6.7.21 to N458CL.
[N69JR,XB-JRS,N247VP,N60GS] VH-FBY(3) Bowers Fly Baby (V268) Transferred to RAAus register.
VH-LCP(2) Monnett Sonerai IILS (0831111146) W.Ginn Canx 23.6.21.
– Pimpama/QLD 19.7.21 VH-FDR(5) Beech B200 (BB-1881) Re-regd VH-VJU. Canx 25.6.21.
VH-NLK(3) Bellanca 7GCBC (708-74) N.Kranenburg VH-FIU Aeroprakt A-32 Vixxen (046) Transferred to RAAus
[C-….,N87097] – Hendra/QLD 13.7.21 register. Canx 22.7.21.
VH-NUF(4) Bell 206L-1 (45741) Coral Coast Helicopters P/L VH-FOT R22 Beta (0713) Canx 21.7.21 as destroyed.
[N1432D,C-GXHJ,N3174P] – Marian/QLD 9.7.21 VH-FVU ATR-72-600 (978) Canx 28.6.21 to VT-FBB.
VH-OHN(2) Ce.560 (560-0332) Mackellar Mining Equipment VH-FVZ(3) ATR-72-600 (1087) Canx 24.7.21. Stored at Exeter.
P/L (Revesco Aviation P/L) – Perth/WA 22.7.21 VH-GNJ(3) Northrop Primar (GFA/HB/142) Canx 21.7.21 as WFU.
[VH-MMC(4),VH-SJP(5),N332AR,N332LC, VH-GQM(2) Hutter H-17 (GFA/HB/43) Canx 6.7.21 as WFU.
N5108G] VH-JKM(2) R22 Beta II (4547) Canx 20.7.21 as destroyed.
VH-OIJ Bell 206B (3005) Linton Asset Holdings P/L VH-KQQ(3) Beech C90GTI (LJ-2123) Canx 25.6.21 to D-IXMA.
(Linton Aviation P/L) – Cuballing/WA 22.6.21 VH-LAI(2) Sikorsky S-76A (760103) Canx 23.6.21 to South Korea.
[C-GKJL] VH-LBU(2) BD-700-1A10 (9148) Canx 1.7.21 to N48WG.
VH-OLR(2) R44 Raven II (13173) C.Harris – Moree/NSW 8.7.21 VH-LHZ Sikorsky S-76A (760113) Canx 23.6.21 to South Korea.
[VH-COT(3),VH-HTA(4)] VH-LON R22 Beta (1664( Canx 21.7.21 as destroyed.
VH-PEK(5) AT-802A (802A-0900) NINVH P/L (Dunn Aviation VH-MJE(2) Ce.T337H (33701832) Canx 23.6.21 as WFU.
[N2358J] P/L) – Ballidu/WA 22.6.21 VH-MMC(4) Ce.560 (560-0332) Re-regd VH-OHN(2). Canx 22.7.21.
VH-PQW(3) Van’s RV-12 (121056) P.S.Winter – Traralgon/VIC 23.6.21 VH-NDX(2) Van’s RV-10 (40283) Canx 20.7.21 as WFU.

VH‑NTZ(4) DHC‑2 Beaver MK 1 (1259) Canx 6.7.21 to N2415Z. ZK‑MGO(3) R & B Bearhawk (1441B) Nicholson Syndicate
VH‑PTZ(3) Van’s RV‑3B (11468/32012) Transferred to RAAus register. – Rotorua 5.7.21
Canx 7.7.21. ZK‑PGU Cirrus SR22 (1639) B B Aviation – Feilding 13.7.21
VH‑PWM(3) Kavanagh EX‑65 (EX65‑325) Canx 20.7.21 as WFU. [VH‑PGU(2)]
VH‑PWP(3) Beech G58 (TH‑2172) Canx 22.7.21 to N58NZ. ZK‑RBE(2) AutoGyro MTOsport (MO1913) Mr.Mcintosh
VH‑RJR(2) PA‑23‑250E (27‑7554003) Canx 22.7.21 to N619BL. – Gisborne 12.7.21
VH‑SHI(2) Mudry CAP.232 (04) Canx 25.6.21 to France. 5W‑TFL B737‑85R (42805) Samoa Airways – Apia 7.21
VH‑UFD Beech A60 (P‑237) Canx 23.7.21 to Bolivia. [(4X‑ …),2‑BTTB,VT‑TGF,2‑BTTB,VT‑JTA]
VH‑VNR(2) A320‑232 (5900) Canx 19.7.21 to PK‑SAW.
VH‑VOT B737‑8FE (33801) Canx 6.7.21 to 2‑VVOT. Papua New Guinea (P2)
VH‑VOY B737‑8FE (33996) Canx 6.7.21 to 2‑VVOY. CANCELLATIONS
VH‑VPF B777‑3ZGER (37940) Canx 8.7.21 as exported. P2‑ALC Beech 200C (BL‑22) Canx .21.
VH‑WID(3) Pereira GP‑3 Osprey II (WJC003) w/o at Windella/NSW on
17.5.20. Canx 20.7.21. New Zealand (ZK)
VH‑XFG A330‑243 (1407) WFU. Last known stored at Tarbes. Canx
VH‑YUA PA‑23‑250F (27‑7854136) Canx 30.6.21 to N464PD. ZK‑HSW(5) Rotorway Exec 162F (6998) Re‑regd ZK‑HGA(3) 13.7.21.
VH‑YUU BRM Aero Bristell S‑LSA (274/2017) Transferred to RAAus Canx.
register. Canx 7.7.21. ZK‑JAB NZ Aerospace FU‑24‑954 (272) Canx 27.7.21 as WFU.
ZK‑PTK(3) CT/4E Airtrainer (210) Canx 30.7.21 as exported.
KNOWN IMPORTS/RESERVATIONS ZK‑TBF(2) Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker D‑VI Replica (NZ001) Canx
VH‑UYN ERJ‑190‑100LR (19000095) Alliance Airlines 7.21 27.7.21 as WFU.
VH‑ … AT‑502 (502‑0167) [N1532B] 7.21 KNOWN IMPORTS/RESERVATIONS
VH‑ … American Legend AL3 (AL1125) [N7741B] 6.21 ZK‑ … Bell 206L‑1 (51227) 7.21
VH‑ … Bell 407 (53189) 7.21 [C‑FZSS,JA9709]
[N667AT,YV2322,N9176X] ZK‑ … H.369D (27‑0080D) 7.21
VH‑ … Bell 412EP (36382) 7.21 [N8387F]
VH‑ … PA‑28‑181 (2843221) [N521MA,N4160N] 7.21 19H Niviuk Takoo 4 (NI352245) Canx 5.7.21 as WFU.
VH‑ … PA‑28R‑201 (2844146) [N751LU,N9528N] 7.21 28I Wills Wing Falcon 4 Tandem (51563) Canx 20.7.21 as WFU.
VH‑ … PA‑44‑180 (4496112) [N177CA,N9521N] 7.21 25O Gradient BiGolden3 (G4042150389) Canx 27.7.21 as WFU.
VH‑ … PA‑44‑180 (4496118) [N164CA,N9514N] 7.21 29E Gradient BiGolden3 (G40421610403) Canx 27.7.21 as WFU.
VH‑ … R22 Beta II (4174) [ZS‑PXJ] 7.21 33U Gradient BiGolden3 (G40391803104) Canx 27.7.21 as WFU.
VH‑ … R22 Beta II (3480) [ZS‑RRK,N75209] 7.21 34E Up K2‑3 (XT22SM07118276170) Canx 23.7.21 as WFU.
VH‑ … Ventus a (10) [ZS‑GMO] 7.21 35G Gradient BiGolden3 (G4042A2841066) Canx 27.7.21 as WFU.
VH‑ … Discus b (254) 7.21 36B Ozone Magnum III (MAG341‑U‑46C‑018) Canx 27.7.21 as


NEW ZEALAND AND PACIFIC ABN 7/21 ZK‑HUU(3) Bell 429 (57246) Canx 18.6.21 to VH‑UWV(3).

Apart from a few items from PNG and Samoa all our entries this CANADA
month are from New Zealand. Of specifics the Turbulent ZK‑CPI was
first registered in mid‑1966 but was never completed at the time, and
the project was cancelled in 1991. Similarly, the Yeoman Cropmaster As always Transport Canada provides us with the July Canadian
ZK‑CTX was WFU at Gore in 4.71, and reported scrapped on cancellation changes. We have omitted several obvious ownership changes where
in 11.73. the aircraft’s CofR is cancelled and later restored with a new owner, but
all other entries are retained. Highlights below include an increasing
NEW REGISTRATIONS number of 737 MAX as well as some former FlyBe Dash 8s for
P2‑AHP Ce.208 (20800667) Mission Aviation Fellowship conversion as fire bombers. An unusual entry is the Slingsby Firefly
[N767MF] – Mt Hagen 6.21 C‑FLTL formerly with the Jordanian AF.
P2‑HCZ(3) Bell 212 (30957) Hevilift Aviation Ltd – Mt Hagen
[VH‑LLZ(3),N2011W,B‑7703,B‑723] 5.21 NEW REGISTRATIONS
ZK‑CPI Druine D.31 Turbulent (PFA/1637) M.Murray C‑FAMI Pilatus PC‑24 (129) Aviation Starlink Inc
– Tauranga R6.7.21 [N985RC,HB‑VUD] – Dorval/QC 21.7.21
ZK‑CTX(1) Yeoman YA‑1 250R Series 2 (120) C.E.Dowden C‑FBKD CL‑600‑2B16 (5861) Image Air Charter Ltd
– Gore R6.7.21 [C‑FSEP,C‑GJUR] – Toronto/ON 15.7.21
ZK‑HGA(3) Rotorway Exec 162F (6998) I.D.Deaker – Oamaru 13.7.21 C‑FBPK Glasflügel 304CZ‑17 (42‑17) P.Kupcevic
[ZK‑HSW(5),ZK‑YHC,VH‑YHC(2),YJ‑CO7,VH‑LUN(2)] [N641DM] – Rockton/ON 21.7.21
ZK‑IAI(6) AS.350B2 (3877) B.J.Comerford – Porirua 23.7.21 C‑FCRQ Diamond DA62 (62.033) Diamond Aircraft
[N3819] Industries Ltd – London/ON 12.7.21
ZK‑IJV(3) EC.130T2 (8897) Advanced Flight Ltd – Ardmore 12.7.21 C‑FEYZ Diamond DA40NG (40.NC146) Diamond Aircraft
[G‑CLWS] [C‑FBDP] Industries Ltd – London/ON 16.7.21
ZK‑ILT(2) AS.350B3 (4012) Shaws Wire Ropes Ltd C‑FFAQ DHC‑8‑402 (4251) Conair Group Inc
[N3866] – Cambridge 13.7.21 [G‑ECOT,C‑FVUV] – Abbotsford/BC 13.7.21
ZK‑JPT(3) Van’s RV‑7 (71810) J.P.Theron – Ardmore 21.7.21 C‑FFQW DHC‑8‑402 (4259) Conair Group Inc
[ZU‑EOF] [G‑FLBD,C‑FWZN] – Abbotsford/BC 12.7.21
ZK‑KDC(2) Ce.180A (50157) Mr.Douglas‑Clifford – Papamoa 29.7.21 C‑FKZT PA‑20‑135X (20‑893X) M.Sigurdson
[VH‑BNJ(2),PK‑RKG,JZ‑PTG,N5259D] [CF‑KZT,N2167A] – Wanless/MB R28.7.21

C-FLKA B737-8 (64943) Flair Airlines Ltd C-IMBX Kangook LTE (02173) D.McGarry – (Calgary/AB) 7.7.21
– Edmonton/AB 16.7.21 C-IMBY Paratoys BH Talon 175 (CP-12-03-1009)
C-FLKD B737-8 (61806) Flair Airlines Ltd J-C.Mailhot – Wotton/QC 13.7.21
– Edmonton/AB 28.7.21 C-IMBZ Paravoile C.Leste (42) A Aguizoul
C-FLKI B737-8 (64944) Flair Airlines Ltd – Vaudreuil-Dorion/QC 2.7.21
– Edmonton/AB 27.7.21 C-IMCA Paravoile C.Leste (43) R.Castonguay
C-FLTL Slingsby T-67M-260 (2274) Ellipse Canada Inc – Rimouski/QC 5.7.21
[N834BT,RJAF429,G-7-186] – Edenvale/ON 30.7.21 C-IMCE Paravoile C.Leste (44) F.Parent – Jonquière/QC 26.7.21
C-FMPX Sikorsky CHSS-2 (61383) RM Helicopters Ltd C-IMCF Air Conception Nitro 200 (PED 096)
[CAF12440,RCN4040] – Parksville/BC 8.7.21 C.Ampleman – Québec/QC 27.7.21
C-FRAQ Lake 250 (4) J.Meggeson – Muskoka/ON 8.7.21 C-IMCH Per Il Volo Miniplane (HX11G8006)
[N1400T] M.Caouette-Mansour – Dolbeau-Mistassini/QC 28.7.21
C-FROM BB Aviation Epic 300LS (15-3003) A.Mackenzie C-IMCI Kangook PHX (02319) J.Brown
– St.Thomas/ON 5.7.21 – Peterborough/ON 29.7.21
C-FSMW Van’s RV-7 (74364) S.Methot – Edenvale/ON 12.7.21
C-FTJS Ce.750 (750-0118) Air Partners Corp KNOWN IMPORTS/RESERVATIONS
[C-FTLH,PR-XDY,N753BD] – Calgary/AB 21.7.21 C-…. EC.130T2 (7883) [N132TD] 7.21
C-FZTF Ce.P210N (P21000728) 578035 Ontario Ltd C-…. Aviat A-1 Husky (1346) [N400HU] 7.21
[N6197W] – Brampton/ON 26.7.21 C-…. Beech B200 (BB-1613) [N209CM,N299RJ] 7.21
C-GAZI(4) B767-338ERF (25576) Cargojet Airways Ltd C-…. B737-85F (30478) 7.21
– Hamilton/ON 13.7.21 [N478MQ,LV-CTB,N478MQ,D-ABBZ,TC-SKC,N1787B]
[N521AZ,C-GOGN(3),N328BC,VH-OGN] C-…. B787-9 (64981) 7.21
C-GBCT(3) DHC-8-311 (438) Central Mountain Air Ltd C-…. Boeing A75L-300 (75-1492) [N60562] 7.21
[N876CA,OE-LTG,C-GDFT] – Calgary/AB 6.7.21 C-…. Ce.172N (17272818) [N8007Q] 7.21
C-GCOD(2) R44 (2653) Grand Falls Aviation Service Ltd C-…. DHC-2 Beaver Mk.1 (780) 7.21
– Grand Falls/NB 2.7.21 [N457RM,C-GELP,N5318G,53-7958]
C-GEQD(2) Bearhawk 4-Place (967) P.Girard C-…. DHC-8-402 (4220) 7.21
– Mt-Laurier/QC 27.7.21 [G-ECOG,C-FSRQ]
C-GKMA(6) Diamond DA40NG (40.NC143) Diamond Aircraft C-…. DHC-8-402 (4233) 7.21
[C-FBCQ] Industries Ltd – London/ON 9.7.21 [G-ECOM,C-FUCR]
C-GKSP(2) PA-31-350 (31-8152164) KalusAir Services Inc C-…. Learjet 35A (35A-208) 7.21
– Bromont/QC 15.7.21
[N67PA,(N39DJ),N39DK, (N691NS),N40TA,N40149]
C-…. M.20M (27-0324) [N1030G] 7.21
C-…. Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 (1013) 7.21
C-GLBI(2) R44 II (10430) R.Lapointe – Laval/QC R27.7.21
C-…. Starduster Too SA300 (1697) [N53GJ] 7.21
C-GLFG(4) AS.332L (2139) Coldstream Helicopters Ltd
C-…. Team Tango II (10) [N620T] 7.21
– Kelowna/BC 30.7.21
C-FBRH Ce.337G (33701662) Canx 22.7.21.
C-GLKA(3) Ce.180H (18052093) O.Pickell
C-FDWM Taylorcraft BC-12D-1 (10131X) Re-regd C-GVNQ(3) 8.7.21.
[N21MC] – Grande Prairie/AB 20.7.21
C-GMRN(4) R66 (1065) Divine Supercars Inc – Ottawa/ON 13.7.21
C-FFHW Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0249) Canx 21.7.21 to N893AP.
C-GRHD(2) EMB-550 Praetor 600 (55020145) GLR Aircraft
C-FGLL Colt 105A (1456) Canx 2.7.21 to Kenya.
[PR-JCE] Ltd – Regina/SK 28.7.21
C-GRQG(3) EC.225LP (2684) Coldstream Helicopters Ltd CF-IHR PA-32-300 (32-7340027) Canx 22.7.21 to Afghanistan.
– Kelowna/BC 2.7.21 CF-LCV M.20A (11623) Canx 15.7.21 to N5787D.
[XC-LKO,XC-FAM(2),TPH-02/XC-LKO, C-FLKS Ce.340A (340A1028) Canx 26.7.21 to N314GR.
TPH-01/XC-LKO,F-WWOA] C-FLOG CL-600-2B19 (8075) Canx 28.7.21 to N168SW.
C-GRSZ(3) Diamond DA40NG (40.NC141) Diamond Aircraft C-FMFN Ce.680 (680-0158) Canx 14.7.21 to N6464.
[C-FBCO] Industries Ltd – London/ON 9.7.21 C-FNRG Ce.750 (750-0305) Canx 22.7.21 to N729GB.
C-GSSK(5) AS.350B3 (3608) Turbolyft Aerospace Group Inc C-FNZT Beech B33 (CD-500) Canx 19.7.21 to N882EC.
– Pitt Meadows/BC 6.7.21 C-FOOX DHC-2 Beaver Mk.1 (512) Canx 6.7.21 to N725FH.
[N357PJ,N381SH,N381TA,JA350M] C-FSEP CL-600-2B16 (5861) Re-regd C-FBKD 15.7.21. Canx.
C-GTDO(4) Diamond DA20-C1 (C0091) Diamond Aircraft C-FTLH Ce.750 (750-0118) Re-regd C-FTJS. Canx 21.7.21.
[N991CT] Industries Ltd – London/ON 8.7.21 C-FVFY Weatherly 620B (1597) Canx 20.7.21.
C-GVDY(3) Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0124) Forest Patrol Ltd C-FVUO Ce.U206B (U206-0868) Canx 15.7.21 to N81337.
[N124KQ] – St.John/NB 28.7.21 C-FWMD Ce.A185E (18501619) Canx 8.7.21 to N912AA.
C-GVEA(2) Beech B200 (BB-1904) 1223443 BC Ltd C-FXYZ PA-30 (30-146) Canx 26.7.21 to USA.
[N137TK,N983JB] – Boundary Bay/BC 6.7.21 C-FZSS Bell 206L-1 (51227) Canx 19.7.21 to NZ.
C-GVEU(2) BD-700-2A12 (70100) Bombardier Inc C-GARG(3) A319-114 (742) Canx 9.7.21 to USA.
– Dorval/QC 23.7.21 C-GBIP(2) A318-114 (546) Canx 13.7.21 to USA.
C-GVIY(2) Sikorsky S-92A (920134) VIH Aviation Group Ltd C-GDHN CL-215-1A10 (1089) Canx 22.11.21 to N419BT.
[JA02MP,N134WH] – North Saanich/BC 20.7.21 C-GEGM(3) Whelan AX5 (AX542K-001) Canx 20.7.21 to N223DP.
C-GVNQ(2) Taylorcraft BC-12DX (10131X) G.Jacob C-GEOU B767-375 (30108) Canx 8.7.21 to N223DP.
[C-FDWM,N44331,NC44331] – Ste-Thècle 8.7.21 C-GFBC(2) Beech A90-1 (LM-120) Canx 23.7.21 to USA.
C-GVOI(3) Quickie Q200 (2878) C.Walterson C-GGLI Ce.152 (15284464) Canx 7.7.21.
– Geraldton/ON 12.7.21 C-GHJO Volmer Jensen Amphibian (5544) Canx 5.7.21 to N9333.
C-GVON(3) Sea Hawker (50) C.Walterson – Geraldton/ON 8.7.21 C-GKJD(2) DHC-6-300 (792) Canx 27.7.21 to USA.
C-GVST(3) Bell 407GX (54957) Bell Textron Canada Inc C-GLOW(3) Ce.U206G (U20605792) Canx 6.7.21 to Bolivia.
– Mirabel/QC 12.7.21 C-GMHG(2) Diamond DA20-C1 (C0149) Canx 27.7.21 to China.
C-GVUQ(2) BBI Aviation Bushmaster Widebody (DG1) C-GMOO Ce.180 (30665) Canx 15.7.21 to USA.
D.Gurd – Tillbury/ON 23.7.21 C-GOCF(2) Diamond DA20-C1 (C0180) Canx 27.7.21 to China.
C-ILHA Challenger II (CH2-0512-LSS-L65-0219) C-GRMT(2) BD-700-2A12 (70074) Canx 19.7.21 to N3TS.
J.Moniz – Stoufville/QC 26.7.21 C-GSBU Beech A90-1 (LM-86) Canx 23.7.21 to USA.

C‑GUCZ(2) ATR‑42‑500 (606) Canx 19.7.21 to Denmark. Reserved as C‑GAJH Bell 505 (65313) Canx 19.7.21 to (N501NR),N504X.
G‑LMRE. C‑GHES Bell 407GX (54961) Canx 27.7.21 to N908ZB.
C‑GUOG(3) DHC‑6‑300 (662) Canx 28.7.21 to N662AV. C‑GHFP Bell 505 (65355) Canx 19.7.21 to N505ET.
C‑GUTJ Bell 429 (57414) Canx 16.7.21 to T7‑PID. C‑GIQL Bell 429 (57433) Canx 8.7.21 to N908KB.
C‑GUTS Ce.180 (32597) Canx 20.7.21 to N9125T. C‑GKAH Diamond DA20‑C1 (C0719) Canx 19.7.21 to China.
C‑GUVA(10) Bell 429 (57419) Canx 19.7.21 to Ukraine. C‑GKAI Diamond DA20‑C1 (C0715) Canx 19.7.21 to China.
C‑GYDS(3) EC.120B (1391) Canx 22.7.21 to N82PV. C‑GLZA Bell 407GX (54971) Canx 21.7.21 to N910EB.
C‑GYWF(4) Extra EA.300/L (1178) Canx 14.7.21 to N373MB. C‑GLZE Bell 505 (65351) Canx 22.7.21 to N607BH.
C‑GLZH Bell 407GX (54951) Canx 16.7.21 to N909RK.
TEMPORARY REGISTRATIONS C‑GLZK Bell 407GX (54927) Canx 9.7.21 to Germany.
NEW REGISTRATIONS C‑GPOM BD‑500‑1A11 (55113) Canx 16.7.21 to N3058J.
C‑FBCO Diamond DA40 (40.123) 20.7.21T C‑GSQB Bell 407GX (54969) Canx 15.7.21 to N985MC.
C‑FBCQ Diamond DA40NG (40.NC153) 26.7.21T C‑GSQK Bell 407GX (54965) Canx 9.7.21 to N501MT.
C‑FBDF Diamond DA20‑C1 (C0721) 19.7.21T
C‑FOFB Bell 505 (65363) 26.7.21T ABN 5/21 C‑FXUZ DHC‑8‑103 (537) Canx 14.4.21 to 5H‑MFH.
C‑FOFE Bell407GX (54973) 23.7.21T ABN 7/21 C‑FJCB CL‑600‑2B16 (6059) Canx 15.6.21 to T7‑MCV.
C‑FPBD BD‑500‑1A11 (55149) 19.7.21T C‑FNGA Piaggio P.180 (1007) Canx 30.6.21 to N399JD.
C‑FPBZ BD‑500‑1A10 (50063) 19.7.21T C‑FWSH Tecnam P.2010 (012) Canx 30.6.21 to N339BE.
C‑FZGL Bell 429 (57435) 7.7.21T C‑FYSE Ce.A185E (185‑1523) Canx 22.6.21 to N69NR.
C‑GBUH Bell 407GX (54953) 7.7.21T C‑GYRC(2) AutoGyro Cavalon (V00296) Canx 14.6.21 to
C‑GDMY Diamond DA40NG (40.NC151) 26.7.21T N2217V.
C‑GKAH Diamond DA40NG (40.NC150) 26.7.21T
C‑GKAI Diamond DA40NG (40.NC149) 26.7.21T
C‑GLZA Bell 407GX (54971) 7.7.21T CREDITS
C‑GPSW BD‑500‑1A11 (55148) 16.7.21T
C‑GSQB Bell 407GX (54969) 6.7.21T
With thanks also to: Graham Airey, Jim Birch, Peter Budden, Ian Callier,
CANCELLATIONS Paul Carr, Richard Cawsey, Richard Church, Dave Clarke, John Coleman,
C‑FBCO Diamond DA40NG (40.NC141) Re‑regd C‑GRSZ(3) 9.7.21. Ian Comley, Paul Crellin, Howard Curtis, Steve Darke, John M.Davis,
Canx. Martin Degg, Herman Dekker, Martin Dennett, Graham Drabble,
C‑FBCQ Diamond DA40NG (40.NC143) Re‑regd C‑GKMA(6) 9.7.21. Graham Duke, Phil Dunnington, Graham Evans, Lars Finken, Bill Fisher,
Canx. Colin Frost, Damiano Gualdoni, Richard Hands, Markus Herzig, Nigel
C‑FBCX Diamond DA40NG (40.NC142) Canx 8.7.21 to N261DA. Hitchman, Mike Hollick, Vince Horan, Paul Jackson, Tony Jarvis, Vojislav
C‑FBDN Diamond DA40NG (40.NC144) Canx 20.7.21 to N254DA. Jereb, Bob Kent, Mel Kirby, Martin de Koning/Helifinder, Erik Gjoerup
C‑FBDP Diamond DA40NG (40.NC146) Re‑regd C‑FEYZ 16.7.21. Kristensen, Vaclav Kudela, Roger Kunert, Arno Landewers, Stewart
Canx. Lanham, Joachim Lippl, Pete Longley, Michael Magnusson, Jan
C‑FOFB Bell 505 (65305) Canx 8.7.21 to China. Mangelschots, Andy Marden, Steve May, Frank McMeiken, Tavs Aas
C‑FOFE Bell 505 (65356) Canx 22.7.21 to N255JM. Mortensen, Simon Palmer, Ken Parfitt, Keith Parkinson, John Porter,
C‑FOUY BD‑500‑1A11 (55125) Canx 23.7.21 to F‑OTER. Lloyd Robinson, Stephen Rudge, Geoff Russell, Rod Simpson, Colin
C‑FOVH BD‑500‑1A11 (55106) Canx 13.7.21 to F‑OLAV. Smith, Terry Smith, Ton van Soest, Steven Sowter, Paul Stent, Chris
C‑FOVP BD‑500‑1A11 (55116) Canx 13.7.21 to F‑OMER. Swan, Robert Swan, Barry Taylor, Graham Taylor, Ken Tilley, Barrie
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C‑FZHU Bell 505 (65303) Canx 8.7.21 to China. Register, Twin Otter World Blogspot, Allan Wright/BN Historians.

Volmer Jensen Amphibian C-GHJO [5544], seen at Victoria, British Columbia on 29 August 2018, has been sold to the US as N9333. [Tim Martin]

Trevor Warren, 7 Riddles Drive, Colchester, CO4 5WA

I have not been sent a report for the Air‑ Luscombe 8A Master: G‑AGMI Piper PA‑28R‑200 Cherokee Arrow: G‑BBZH
Britain Fly‑in. if anyone who attended has a Luscombe 8A Silvaire: G‑BSUD, G‑LUSK Piper PA‑28R‑201 Cherokee Arrow III:
log they are willing to share please send it Luscombe 8E Silvaire: G‑BRUG, G‑BSSA G‑BNEE, G‑KIAN
to me for inclusion in a future ABN. Magni M‑16C Tandem Trainer: G‑CGCE Piper PA‑30‑160 Twin Comanche B: G‑BAKJ
Maule MX‑7‑180 Star Rocket: G‑MLHI Piper PA‑32‑260E Cherokee Six: G‑SIIX
Sandown, Vintage Piper Fly-in, Noorduyn AT‑16‑ND Harvard IIB: G‑AZSC Pitts S‑1S Special: G‑BRRP
5 June 2021 P&M GT450: G‑KEVS Porterfield CP‑50: G‑AFZL
Thanks to Julian R Moody for the report, Pegasus Quik GTR: G‑CIHZ Rans S‑6 Coyote II: G‑MYVP
compiled with help from Henry Nobbs and Piper J‑3 Cub: G‑AGIV, G‑BCXJ Reims/Cessna F172H Skyhawk: G‑AVIS
Andy Poulton. Piper J‑3C‑65 Cub: G‑BTSP Reims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk: G‑BFTH
Aerial Arts Chaser S: G‑MVRG Piper J‑3C‑65/L‑4A Cub: G‑BJAF Reims/Cessna FR172H Rocket: G‑BZVB
Aeronca 11AC Chief: G‑BRWR Piper J‑3C‑65 Cub/L‑4J Grasshopper: G‑HEWI Robin DR.400: G‑BAFX, G‑BBAX
Aeroprakt A‑22 Foxbat: G‑CCCE Piper L‑18C Cub: G‑BJWZ Robin DR.400/140B: G‑GDKR
American Legend Cub: G‑CGXN Piper PA‑15 Vagabond: G‑BRJL Robinson R44 Raven I: G‑WLDN
Auster D.6/180: G‑ARCS Piper PA‑17 Vagabond: G‑ALEH, G‑BDVA Robinson R44 Raven II: G‑ROAT
AutoGyro Europe/Rotorsport UK Calidus: Piper PA‑18 Cub: G‑BIYR SAN Jodel D.117 Grand Tourisme: G‑BAKR,
G‑CICM Piper PA‑18‑95 Super Cub (L‑18C‑PI): G‑BFGK
Beagle A.61 Terrier 2: G‑ASOM G‑FUZZ SAN Jodel D.117A Grand Tourisme: G‑BHCE
Best Off SkyRanger J2.2: G‑CCXH Piper PA‑18‑150 Super Cub: G‑BGPN, SOCATA TB‑10 Tobago: G‑OFIT
CEA Jodel DR1051 Sicile: G‑BLKM G‑BHGC, G‑CUBN, N123SA SOCATA TB‑9 Tampico: G‑JUFS
Cessna 150L: G‑BFVU Piper PA‑20 Pacer: N1502A Tecnam P92 Echo: G‑CBLB, G‑CCAL
Cessna 152: G‑BRTD Piper PA‑22‑108 Colt: G‑ARKK Thruster T600N 450: G‑REDZ
Cessna 172L Skyhawk: G‑BSTM Piper PA‑22‑150 Caribbean: G‑ARHR Van’s RV‑6: G‑BYEL, G‑ORVE, G‑RVJL
Cessna 172M Skyhawk: G‑CISX Piper PA‑22‑160 Tri‑Pacer: G‑BSED Van’s RV‑12: G‑IZRV
Comco‑Ikarus C42 FB UK: G‑CLIF Piper PA‑23‑250 Aztec E: G‑AZYU Van’s RV‑14: G‑ORWS
Comco‑Ikarus C42 FB100: G‑EDEE Piper PA‑24‑250 Comanche: N7456P Wassmer‑Jodel D.120 Paris‑Nice: G‑AYGG,
Comco‑Ikarus C42 FB80: G‑CDMS Piper PA‑28‑151 Cherokee Warrior: G‑BHFK, G‑BMID
Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser: G‑CFKB G‑BSCY Wassmer‑Jodel D.120A Paris‑Nice: G‑DIZO
De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth: G‑EMSY Piper PA‑28‑161 Cherokee Warrior: G‑BJBW,
De Havilland DH.87B Hornet Moth: G‑ADKC G‑BOKX, G‑BRUB, G‑CFMX, G‑ELZY, Hinderclay Meadows, Fly-in,
Evektor EV‑97 TeamEuroStar: G‑SDFM G‑OAAA, G‑OPUK
19-20 June 2021
Gardan GY‑80‑180 Horizon: G‑AVRS, G‑GYAT Piper PA‑28‑180 Cherokee: G‑AVYM,
Thanks to Martyn Steggalls for the report.
Glos Air Ltd Glos‑Airtourer Super 150/T5: G‑BSGD, G‑YULL
G‑AZHI Piper PA‑28‑180 Cherokee B: G‑DEVS Saturday 19th June
Jabiru J400: G‑PUKA Piper PA‑28‑180 Cherokee C: G‑AVNW The weather wasn’t too promising to start
Jabiru J430: G‑KIDD Piper PA‑28‑181 Archer III: G‑LGAN with, no rain, but lowish cloud. This did
Jabiru SK: G‑BXSI Piper PA‑28‑181 Cherokee Archer: G‑BOOF, start to lift and a trickle of visitors became
Just Aircraft Escapade 912(2): G‑ECKB G‑BPTE, G‑OPET a steady stream, with a total of 45 visitors.


Credit: Dave Wise &
The list of events below were still showing as taking place as of the end of July. As ever please CHECK CAREFULLY that an event is still going ahead
before setting out as things can change very quickly. Also be aware that some events require booking in advance.
It is also worth checking the Royal Aero Club website as event details are updated and new ones added on a regular basis and it is also advisable to
check event/airfield websites for the most up to date information.
2‑5 Bournemouth Sea Front Air Show 11‑12 Church Fenton RRRA Air Race
3‑5 Sywell LAA National Rally & Exhibition 11‑12 Glenforsa Vintage Tailwheel Fly‑in
3‑5 Foxlands Farm Victory Show 12 Crawley Gatwick Air Enthusiasts Fair
4 Compton Abbas Vintage Saturday Fly‑in 17‑18 Booker Elite Lifestyle & Private Flyer Exhibition
4‑5 Old Warden Vintage Weekend & Sunday Air Show 17‑19 Goodwood Revival Meeting
4‑5 Leicester BAeA Aerobatics Competition 18 Barton FOBA Fly‑in
4‑5 North Coates Summer Fly‑in 18 Weston‑Super‑Mare
Threshold Helicopter Museum Night
5‑11 Aboyne BGA Gliding Mountain Soaring Photo‑shoot
Competition 18‑19 Weston Super Mare Helicopter Museum Spotters Weekend
9 Guernsey Guernsey Air Show 18‑19 Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show
9 Jersey Jersey Air Show 18‑19 Headcorn LAA Kent Strut Fly‑in
10 Abingdon Threshold Pre‑Airshow Dusk Photo‑ 18‑19 Sywell Classic Pistons & Props Show
shoot 19 Halfpenny Green Project Propeller WW2 Aircrew Event
10‑12 Guernsey Guernsey Rally 23 Old Warden Shuttleworth Workshop Tour & Lunch
11 Bodmin LAA Cornwall Strut Fly‑in 23‑24 Windermere Waterbird Wings Over Windermere
11 Abingdon Air & Country Show Event
11 Sywell Young Aviators Day 25‑26 Leicester RRRA Air Race – Kings Cup
11 White Waltham Fly‑in 25‑26 Breighton BAeA Aerobatics Competition

Groppo Trail Mk.2 G-CLCO [134/93] at Hinderclay Meadows on 19 June 2021. [Martyn Steggalls]

Visitors In hangar Reality Escapade 912(2): G‑CEIL

Aeronca 11AC Chief: G‑BTSR Gardan GY‑20 Minicab: G‑BDGB
Auster J/1N Alpha: G‑AIGF Robin DR.400/180: G‑TUGZ End of Lockdown Fly-in, Sandown,
Avid Speed Wing: G‑NANO Slingsby T59D Kestrel: G‑DCTR/402 26 June 2021
Beagle B.121 Pup 2: G‑AXNR Taylor JT‑1 Monoplane: G‑BGCY Thanks to Julian R Moody for the report.
Beech 76 Duchess: G‑GBSL Zenair CH.750 Cruzer: G‑TOWA (On build)
Best Off Skyranger 912: G‑CCXN, G‑VVVV Originally planned when the lifting of
Best Off Skyranger 912S: G‑PECX lockdown was scheduled for 21 June, the
Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington,
Best Off Skyranger Swift 912S: G‑CETV, fly‑in still went ahead even though
Lancashire Aero Club Fly-In,
G‑CEXM lockdown remained in place.
26 June 2021
Boeing Stearman A75N Kaydet: N38940 Thanks to David Nixon for the report. Aeropro EuroFox 3K: G‑CJOL, G‑CKTE
CASA 1‑131E Jungmann: G‑EHBJ Auster J/1 Autocrat: G‑AHAO
Cessna 182T Skylane: G‑ZGZG The report is for the first day (1015 to
Best Off SkyRanger 912: G‑CDBA
Cessna F172H: G‑AXDI 1430) of this two‑day fly‑in hosted by LAC
BRM Aero Bristell NG5: G‑MLSY
Cessna FRA150L Aerobat: G‑OPIC at its picturesque Kenyon Hall Farm strip
CEA Jodel DR1050: G‑AVGZ
Comco Ikarus C42: G‑CCNT, G‑JSKY between Warrington and Lowton.
Cessna 172M Skyhawk: G‑BBKZ
CZAW Sportcruiser: G‑JONL Visitors Champion 7GCBC Citabria: G‑CKPF
DH.87B Hornet Moth: G‑ADUR Aeropro EuroFOX 912(iS): G‑EFSD Comco‑Ikarus C42 FB100: G‑FLYC
Eurofox 912S: G‑FOKS Alpi Pioneer 300: G‑SPED Comco‑Ikarus C42 FB100 Bravo: G‑CJIT
Groppo Trail: G‑CLCO Best Off Skyranger 912S(1): EI‑FGU Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser: G‑DADZ
Isaacs Fury: G‑EHMF/K5671 Best Off Skyranger 912S(2): G‑CCEH De Havilland Canada DHC‑1 Chipmunk:
Jabiru SK: G‑BYNS Comco Ikarus C42 FB80: G‑CEJW; G‑CIWT G‑BXHF/WP930
Jodel D.18: G‑BUPR Denney Kitfox Model 3: G‑KTTY Europa Aviation Europa: G‑OMIK, G‑URMS
Jodel D.117: G‑BAKR, G‑BFGK Evektor EV‑97 Eurostar: G‑CCDX Evektor EV‑97 EuroStar SL: G‑DFDO
Jodel D.120 Paris Nice: G‑AYGG Evektor EV‑97 Eurostar SL: G‑GVSL Grob G 109B: G‑SAGA
Luscombe 8A: G‑BRSW Evektor EV‑97A Eurostar: G‑EZZY Gulfstream‑American AA‑5A Cheetah:
P&M Quik GTR: G‑CIGG, G‑CIJO P & M Pegasus Quik: G‑CFLM G‑OSTC
P&M Quik‑R: G‑CINH, G‑LPIN P & M Quik GT450: G‑HOLE Jabiru J400: G‑SAZY
Pipistrel Alpha: G‑CLMI, G‑ELBB, G‑UNJA Piper PA‑28‑161 Warrior II: G‑BTRS Jabiru SK: G‑BXSI
Robin DR.400/180 Regent: G‑JEDH
Skyranger: G‑CJPB, G‑OVOL
TLAC Sherwood Scout: G‑INYS
Urban Air Samba XXL: OK‑JUA‑03
Van’s RV‑4: G‑BULG
Van’s RV‑9: G‑RVIW
Van’s RV‑9A: G‑GNRV
Zlin Z‑526F Trener: G‑EHZT
Sunday 20th June
As expected the weather was dismal with
low cloud and on and off drizzle, although
there was one visitor.
Robinson R.22 Beta: G‑KNIB
Residents (Both days)
Outside in full covers
Hoffman H.36 Dimona: G‑CLXK
Schempp‑Hirth Duo Discus XLT (T2): Evektor EV-97 Eurostar SL G-GVSL [2014-3720] at the LAC Fly-In at Kenyon Hall Farm on
G‑OTWS 27 June 2021. (David Nixon)

Above: Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser G-BRIL
[5-572] at the VAC Back to Breighton Fly-In,
28th June 2021. (David Nixon)

Left: BestOff Skyranger Nynja G-SNUG

[UK\N/BK0175] at the Suffolk Coastal Strut
Fly-in, Monewden on 10 July 2021. (Martyn

Auster J/1N Alpha: G‑AIGF

Best Off Skyranger Nynja: G‑SNUG
Cessna 172H: G‑AXDI
Cessna 182T Skylane: G‑HHDR, G‑ZGZG
Chilton DW.1A: G‑DWCB, G‑JUJU
Denney/Skystar Kitfox 5: G‑LESZ
De Havilland DH.87B Hornet Moth: G‑ADUR
Druine D.62C Condor: G‑ASRC
Pegasus Quik: G‑CDCK Autogyro Cavalon: G‑GDSO EV97 Eurostar: G‑DRCC
Piper PA‑28‑161 Cherokee Warrior: G‑BJBW, Best Off Skyranger Swift 912(1): G‑CFMI Jodel D.150 Mascaret: G‑IEJH, G‑LDWS
G‑EKKL Bristell NG5 Classic HD: G‑COLF Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur: G‑AYEH
Piper PA‑28‑161 Cherokee Warrior II: Cessna 120: G‑OVFM Jodel DR.1050M Excellence: G‑ATLB
G‑BPAF Cessna 150M: G‑BPOS Luscombe 8A: G‑BRSW, G‑CCRK
Piper PA‑28‑161 Warrior II: G‑BHJO CZAW Sportcruiser: G‑TEZZ Mainair Pegasus Quik: G‑TJAV
Piper PA‑28‑181 Archer II: G‑BHZE De Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth: G‑CIPJ (as Nicollier HN.700 Menestrel: G‑CIOR
Piper PA‑28‑181 Cherokee Archer: G‑BNVE, ZK‑AGM) P&M Quik 912s: G‑CDPD
G‑BSKW, G‑BWPH, G‑CHIP De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth: G‑ARTL/ P&M Quik GTR: G‑CIOL
Piper PA‑28R‑180 Cherokee Arrow: G‑NELI, T7281 Piper PA‑28‑140: G‑AVWA
G‑OMNI De Havilland DH.90A Dragonfly: G‑AEDU Reality Escapade 912: G‑PADE
Piper PA‑28R‑200 Cherokee Arrow II: Evektor EV‑97 Eurostar: G‑JLAT Robinson R.22B: G‑KNIB
N747MM Grumman AA‑5A Cheetah: G‑GDAC Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1: G‑KDOG/
Piper PA‑32‑260E Cherokee Six: G‑SIIX Jodel D.117A: G‑AZII XX624
Piper PA‑32‑301FT 6X: G‑TAAT Jodel D.120A Paris‑Nice: G‑BHZV TLAC Sherwood Scout: G‑INYS
Piper PA‑32R‑301T Turbo Saratoga SP: Miles M.3A Falcon Major: G‑AEEG Van’s RV‑4: G‑CDJB
G‑CUBA P & M Quik GTR: G‑GTRR Van’s RV‑6: G‑KELL
Reims/Cessna F150H: G‑AWUJ Piper J‑3C‑65 Cub: G‑BHZU/3914 (US) Van’s RV‑9: G‑RVIW
Reims/Cessna F150M: G‑CLHN Piper J‑5A Cub Cruiser: G‑BRIL
Robin DR.400: G‑RONS Reims Cessna F172H: N525DB
Cessna 182J: G‑ATLA
Robin DR.400/140B Major: G‑CHOE Reims Cessna F172L: G‑AZTS
Cessna 182T: G‑MPLB
SAN Jodel DR1050: G‑ATJA Van’s RV‑6: G‑RVCL
Tecnam P92 Echo: G‑CBUG
Pegasus XL‑Q: G‑MYBF
The Airplane Factory Sling 4: G‑SLNG Monewden, LAA Suffolk Coastal Piper J‑3 Cub: G‑BCNX/540
Van’s RV‑7: G‑RVUK Strut Fly-in, 10 July 2021 Van’s RV‑8: G‑VMOZ
Van’s RV‑9: G‑XXRV Thanks to Martyn Steggalls for the report. Yak‑52: G‑BVVW
The LAA Suffolk Coastal Strut was not able
Breighton, VAC Back to Breighton Old Warden, LAA 75th Anniversary
to hold their annual fly‑in at Boxted this
Weekend, 27 June 2021 ‘Flying for Fun’, 17 July 2021
year due to an issue with the state of the
Thanks to David Nixon for the report.
airstrip, so it was relocated to Monewden, Thanks to Martyn Steggalls for the report.
The log covers Sunday 27th only (1030‑ as “The Spirit of Boxted” fly‑in.
Public “walk and view” area
1530) which still saw a good mix of visitors
Visitors Aeronca 11AC Chief: G‑IVOR
despite a challenging wind.
Aeronca 7AC Champ: G‑BRXG Beagle B.121 Pup 1: G‑AVDF
Visitors Aeronca 11AC Chief: G‑BRXF Bristol 20 M1C: G‑BWJM/C4918
Aeronca 65C: G‑BTRG AeroPro Eurofox: G‑FOKS Bristol Scout C (Replica): G‑FDHB/1264

Chilton DW.1A: G-CDXU, G-DWCB
Colomban MC-30 Luciole: G-CKTD, G-LVCY
Comper CLA.7 Swift: G-ACTF
Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser: G-ENST
De Havilland DH.88 Comet: G-ACSS
English Electric Wren S.1: G-EBNV/4
Fauvel AV-36: BGA1999
Fokker DR.1 Triplane (Replica): G-CDXR,
Hawker Cygnet (Replica): G-CAMM/6
Isaacs Fury II: G-BWWN/K8303
Miles M.2L Hawk Speed Six: G-ADGP
Miles M.65 Gemini: G-AKHP
Percival Mew Gull: G-AEXF
Percival Mew Gull (Replica): G-HEKL
Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub: G-OOMF
Pitts S-1S Special: G-SWON
Pitts S-2AE Special: G-STUI Colomban MC-30 Luciole G-CKTD[190] at Old Warden on 7 July 2021. [Martyn Steggalls]
Rans S6-ES Coyote: G-GWFT
Reawin 175 Skyranger: G-RWIN
Hughes 369HS: G-HEWZ
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A: G-EBIA/F904
Scottish Aviation Bulldog Srs.120 Model
LeVier Cosmic Wind: G-ARUL Foreign Scene
Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer: G-AJRS/P6382,
121: G-DAWG/XX522
Slingsby SE5A (Replica): G-BDWJ/F8010
Mudry CAP.232: G-XCAP Beaumont Municipal Airport, Texas,
Sopwith Camel F.1 (Replica): G-BZSC/D8151
Nord NC.856A Norvigie: G-CGWR/54-AOM Beaumont Fly-in, 12 June 2021
Sopwith Pup: G-EBKY/9917
Piper J-3C Cub: G-BFZB/480723 Thanks to Javier Vera for the report.
Sopwith Triplane (Replica): G-BOCK/N6290
Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub: N45507
Taylor JT.1 Monoplane: G-AYSH Aeronca 7AC Champ: N2660E (7AC-6242)
Piper PA-22-150 Caribbean: G-ATXA
The Airplane Factory Sling 4TSI: G-OTSI Alexander Vagner Tango 2: N921AV
Reality Escapade 912: G-ECKB
Tipsy Trainer: G-AISA (000011)
Robin DR.400/140-80: G-GDKR
Van’s RV-9A: G-RVLC Asberry A&M-6: N168TX (92006)
Southern Marlet: G-AAYX
Westland Lysander: G-AZWT/V9367 Beech M35 Bonanza: N781Z (D-6471)
TL.2000UK Sting Carbon: G-STNG
Westland Spitfire Vc: G-AWII/AR501 Beech P35 Bonanza: N8602M (D-7294)
Van’s RV-6: G-BZRV
Flight Line Van’s RV-6A: G-RVIA Cessna 150F: N6848F (150-63448)
Aeronca 7AC Champion: G-ATHK Cessna 170A: N170WS (19490)
Display only Cessna 172C Skyhawk: N1351Y (172-49051)
Auster 5J1 Autocrat: G-AIGD
ANEC II: G-EBJO Cessna 172H Skyhawk: N2484L (172-55684)
Beagle A.61 Terrier: G-ASMZ/VF516
Avro Triplane: G-ARSG Cessna 172L Skyhawk: N7946G (172-59646)
Bolkow BO.207: G-EJBI
Blackburn Monoplane: G-AANI Cessna 172M Skyhawk II: N1224U (172-
Cadet Motor Glider: G-BCYH
Bristol Boxkite: G-ASPP 66920)
Cassutt Racer IIIM: G-BFMF
Deperdussin Monoplane: G-AANH Cessna 172N Skyhawk II: N737DY (172-
Cessna 150F: G-ATRM
Supermarine Spitfire Vb: AB910 69349), N83FP (172-71377)
CFM Streak Shadow: G-BZDF
de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth: G-ANKT/ Others Cessna 182A Skylane: N2187G (51487)
K2585 Canadian Car & Foundry T-6J-CCF Harvard Cessna P210N Centurion: N717MR (P210-
de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22: Mk.IV: G-BJST/AJ841 (pleasure flights) 00601)
G-BNZC/RCAF671, G-BWMX/WG407 Druine D.31A Turbulent: G-BLTC (practice Focke-Wulf FWP.149D: N9145 (167)
Extra EA.300L: G-XXTR display) Globe GC-1B Swift: N11HF (1191), N157TC
Gardan GY-20 Minicab: G-BRGW Zenair CH.601HDS Zodiac: G-CEZS (based) (1101)

Noorduyn Harvard IIB N9790Z [9048, ex-RCAF serial 3048] of American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Inc/Commemorative Air Force at the
Beaumont Fly-in on 12 June 2021. (Javier Vera)

Beech M35 Bonanza N781Z [D-6471] owned by Adam D Haskett and Rene W Darby at the Beaumont Fly-in on 12 June 2021. (Javier Vera)

Luscombe 8A Silvaire: N2251B (6678) Aeropro Fox Eurofox: OO‑E90, PH‑3P2 Christen Pitts S‑2B Special: N31NL
Magni M‑24 Orion: N928CG (2417105) Aérospatiale SA 341 G Gazelle: N341DT Cirrus SR20 G3: N586PU
Mooney M20C Ranger: N2945L (67‑0079) Aerospool WT9 Dynamic: PH‑4B7, PH‑4E8 Cirrus SR22 GTSX Turbo G3: D‑EHMP
Noorduyn Harvard IIB: N9790Z (9048) Aerospool WT9 Dynamic 912iS Sport: Czech Aircraft Works PS‑28 Cruiser: OO‑KCE
Piper PA‑18A‑150 Super Cub: N1951P 67CFW/F‑JHSB Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser: PH‑ARI
(18‑4177) Airbus Helicopters MBB BK117 D‑2: Czech Sport Aircraft PS‑28 Cruiser: OO‑SCC
Piper PA‑22‑108 Colt: N5586Z (22‑9395) OO‑NSV/NHV Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser: PH‑PJO
Piper PA‑24‑250 Comanche: N45888 Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 N: PH‑3R6 De Havilland Canada DHC‑1 Chipmunk 22:
(24‑3453), N7618P (24‑2829) American General AG‑5B Tiger: D‑EIRC G‑DHCC/WG321/G
Piper PA‑28 Cherokee: N5154W (28‑176) Aquila AT01 (A210): D‑EVIE De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth: PH‑CSL/
Piper PA‑28‑151 Cherokee Warrior: N43232 Aquila AT01‑100A (A211): PH‑BAG, PH‑BAN PG‑712/2
(28‑7415450) Aquila AT01‑100C (A211GX): OO‑DCA Denney Kitfox Mk IV: PH‑KTF
Piper PA‑28‑180 Archer: N4793L (28‑4130) Auster J/5B Autocar: PH‑NEH Diamond DA 20C‑1Eclipse: OO‑KOK
Piper PA‑28R‑180 Arrow: N4996J (28R‑ Aveko VL‑3 Evolution: 59DRB/F‑JBFC Diamond DA 40 D Star: F‑GUVM, PH‑TDS
30752) Aviat PittsS‑2B: N65PS Diamond DA 40‑180 Star: PH‑USL
Piper PA‑30 Twin Comanche: N7862Y B&F Technik FK‑14 Polaris: OO‑G74 Diamond DA 42 Twin Star: PH‑DTS, PH‑TSN
(30‑944) B&F Technik FK‑9 ELA SW: OO‑H63 Diamond HK 36 TC Super Dimona: PH‑1133
Piper PA‑32‑300 Lance: N2947U B&F Technik FK‑9 Mark 3 Utility: OO‑F05 Diamond HK 36 TTC Super Dimona: D‑KSFO
(32‑7940226) B&F Technik FK‑9 Mark IV: OO‑F65 Dyn’Aero MCR Club: PH‑CVE
Piper PA‑38‑112 Tomahawk: N2351T B&F Technik FK‑9 Mark IV Utility: OO‑E87 Dyn’Aero MCR‑01 : 56OR/F‑JYRC
(38‑78A0778) Beech F33A Bonanza: OO‑EOD (fuselage) Dyn’Aero S MCR 4S: PH‑SKY
Robinson R‑44 Raven II: N41631 (12294) Beech G36 Bonanza: N936HB Ekolot EK‑5 Junior: PH‑4M3
Ryan Navion A: N4937K (NAV‑4‑1937) Beech UC‑43/GB‑2/D17S Staggerwing: ELA Aviacion ELA‑10 Eclipse: 59DRK/F‑JBZD
Silverlight Aviation AR‑1 American Ranger: N18V/DR628/PB1, N192H (under Europa AL Europa: OO‑145
N923DJ (0002), N925AG (0003) construction) Europa AL Europa XS TG: PH‑LOB
Sorrell Robertson SNS‑7: N3717 (001) Beech V35B Bonanza: N888DB Evektor SportStar STC: PH‑RTC
Temco GC‑1B Swift: N3303K (1296) Beech YC‑43/D17S Staggerwing: N295BS Fisher Celebrity: PH‑WAG
Textron Aviation 182T Skylane: N824CS Bell 206B Jet Ranger II: OO‑VBA Fly SynthesisTexan: OO‑D63
(182‑83124) Blackshape Prime BS100: PH‑4P2, PH‑4Q1 General Avia F.22C Pinguino Sprint: PH‑MRC
Vultee BT‑13A: N61372 (9642) CEA DR.253B Régent: D‑EODT Glasair Sportsman 2+2: PH‑SHC
Cessna 150M Commuter: OO‑APC Grob G‑102 Astir CS: PH‑547
Midden Zeeland, 50 (+1) Years Cessna 152: PH‑HLE Grob G‑109B: PH‑746
Vliegveld, 13 June 2021 Cessna 172: PH‑ABM Halley Apollo Fox: OO‑H28
Thanks to Henk Wadman for the report. Cessna 172H Skyhawk: PH‑LIN, D‑EUGD HOAC HK 36 TC Super Dimona: D‑KEIV
Cessna 172N: PH‑BSF Impulse 100FIX: OO‑E88, OO‑F55
On 13 June 2020 Zeeland Airport (Vliegveld
Cessna 172N Skyhawk: OO‑CIR, PH‑AWB JMB Aircraft VL‑3 Evolution: OK‑ZUA 29
Midden Zeeland) planned to celebrate its
Cessna 172P Skyhawk: PH‑DON JMB Aircraft VL‑3E Evolution Ultimate:
official opening 50 years ago. Several
Cessna 172R Skyhawk: OO‑KPA 59DUU/F‑JDNB
activities were planned, including an
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP: D‑EWIT, OO‑EVH, Kappa KP 2U‑Sova: PH‑3D7, PH‑3V2, PH‑3Z5
airshow. Due to Covid‑19 all events had to
OO‑NZC, PH‑FAN, PH‑HBW, PH‑HLI, Maule MX‑7‑180AC Sportplane: N55001
be cancelled. So on 13 June 2021 pilots
PH‑VTB Mooney M.20J 201: OO‑ROS
were invited to fly to Midden Zeeland to
Cessna 182P Skylane: PH‑HLF Mooney M.20R Ovation 2DX: OO‑GYL
mark the 50 (+1)‑year anniversary.
Cessna 182T Skylane: PH‑BBC Mudry CAP 10B (10BK): D‑EQWN
Henk managed to visit most of the
Cessna T182T Skylane TC: PH‑TIO Piper J3C‑65 Cub: N92107
hangars, including the one used by the now
Cessna T206H Stationair TC: PH‑HMS Piper L‑4J Grasshopper:
closed Gyrocopter and Old Aircraft Museum
Cessna 208 Caravan I: PH‑JAS N1227N/55060/15‑C
and a hangar with many vintage gliders
Cessna T210M Turbo Centurion: N213GC Piper PA‑16 Clipper: N5360H
and restoration projects.
Cessna P210N Pressurized Centurion II: Piper PA‑18‑95 Super Cub: D‑EBYX/54‑
Aero Designs Pulsar I: PH‑IRM N66VS 750/A‑750, D‑EHCB/OL‑L45, OO‑ATY,
Aero‑Kros MP‑02 Czajka: 59DVE/F‑JDRC Cessna 402B: F‑GUAO (fuselage and wings) OO‑HBG, OO‑SPG/OL‑L47, OO‑SPJ

Fisher Celebrity PH-WAG [CE 160] owned by D van der Toorren at Midden Zeeland on 13 June 2021. (Henk Wadman)

Piper PA-18-135 Super Cub: OO-CUB SAAB 91D Safir: PH-RLB, PH-RLF (fuselage TL Ultralight TL-96 Sting: D-MSJB
Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub: D-ESTS, and wings, not the original PH-RLF) TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting S4: PH-4R4
G-NETY, N342CA, PH-TOK/R-114 Schempp-Hirth Discus b: PH-1325/DSD TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius: PH-4S2, PH-4T7
Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub: N55UB Schempp-Hirth Discus bT: PH-1612/2J, Van’s RV-3: N1428Z (fuselage and wings)
Piper PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer: N3514A PH-875/CP Van’s RV-9: PH-SCP
Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior: PH-SRP Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus T : PH-1287/IV Van’s RV-9A: PH-RVN
Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II: N8289A Schempp-Hirth Ventus cT: PH-1509/KD Van’s RV-12: PH-SEP
Piper PA-28-161 Warrior III: OO-JET, Schleicher ASH 25Mi: PH-1475/PLZ
Schleicher ASH 26E: PH-1297/97 Vintage gliders hangar
Schleicher ASK 13: PH-449/MAR Ground floor
Schleicher ASK 21 Mi: D-KHJS/ZZ1 Auster J/4 Archer: OY-ECG
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee D: OO-NYL
Piper PA-28-181 Archer II: OO-IFR, OO-VFR, Scintex CP.1315C-3 Super Emeraude: Champion 7GCAA Citabria: N67NC (fuselage
PH-DRT, PH-WKB PH-MOT and wings)
Piper PA-28-181 Archer III: G-VAAC, OO-KLX Silence Aircraft Twister: OO-162 DFS Olympia 51: PH-1062 (fuselage and
Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV: SNCAN SV.4C: G-AXCZ (fuselage and other wings)
PH-FAM parts) Pratt-Read PR-G1/LNE-1: N2565X/31251
Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B: N8326Y SNCAN SV.4E: OO-SVT Schleicher ASK 13: G-DCCX (frame and
Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain: N311VW SOCATA MS.894A Rallye Minerva: (OO-CCB) wings)
Piper PA-32RT-300 Lance II: N220BK SOCATA TB-10 Tobago: PH-COP Schleicher K 8B: PH-1448/LEE
SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad: D-ERHE, PH-CJO, Slingsby T.21B Sedbergh: PH-1045
Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II: OO-PKP
PH-RCM Slingsby T.29 Motor Tutor: PH-1452
Sonaca Aircraft S200 Trainer: OO-NZE Slingsby T.49B Capstan: BGA1118/BPD/N55
Pipistrel Virus SW 121: PH-VFL, PH-VLX
Spacek SD-1 Minisport: OO-H91
Rand Robinson KR.2S: PH-TDB First floor storage area
Sportavia-Pützer RF-5B Sperber: PH-945
Rans S-6 Coyote II: OO-G77 Pratt-Read PR-G1: N????? (frame and
Stampe & Vertongen SV.4B: D-EBVV/V58,
Rans S-6ES Coyote II: 59CTR/F-JXFP parts), N6319 (fuselage part)
Reims/Cessna F150L: N3279G Schleicher Rhönlerche II: BGA.…, PH-243
Tecnam P 2002 Sierra: OO-H49
Reims/Cessna F152: OO-CLK (fuselage)
Tecnam P 2010: OO-KWQ, PH-FVR
Reims/Cessna F152 II: OO-HFE, PH-VSN Tecnam P 2010 MKII: PH-BAR Schneider Grunau Baby IIIB: BGA1935/CZK
Reims/Cessna FA152 Aerobat: OO-LVJ Tecnam P 92 Echo: PH-3L9 (under rebuild, to become PH-221)
Reims/Cessna F172E: N172PL Tecnam P 92-S Echo 80: PH-3V5 Slingsby T.21B Sedbergh: BGA…. (fuselage)
Reims/Cessna F172M Skyhawk: N910LC,
Reims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk: PH-JBF
Reims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk II: PH-RES
Reims/Cessna F172P: OO-TRJ
Reims/Cessna F172P Skyhawk: PH-FVJ
Reims/Cessna F172P Skyhawk II: PH-DKF,
Robin DR 400/120 (DR 401): PH-ARY
Robin DR 400/120 (DR 401/120): D-ELGW
Robin DR 400/120 Dauphin 2+2: OO-CQD
Robin DR 400/140B (DR 401/160): OO-GTX
Robin DR 400/140B Ecoflyer 2.0: OO-VPE,
Robin DR 400/180 Régent: PH-SSZ
Robin R 1180 TD Aiglon: OO-WEJ
Robin R 2160: PH-SVN
Robinson R44 Raven II: PH-AVW PH-XXI Fokker D.XXI replica which is due for its first flight in August 2021, at Hoogeveen on 3
Rolladen-Schneider LS 1-d: PH-1578/LSD July 2021 for the Trainer Meeting. (Henk Wadman)

Slingsby T.31B Tandem Tutor*: BGA1200/ training aircraft were invited to fly to Fuji FA‑200‑160 Aero Subaru: PH‑MBW
BSP, BGA …. (fuselage), BGA …. Hoogeveen (EHHO). HOAC DV 20 Katana 100: D‑ENMS
(fuselage) – (one of these is Kirby Cadet Henk visited almost all of the hangars Klemm Kl.35D: D‑ECCI
T.X Mk.3 in Air Cadets markings of so there are a number of aircraft under Mudry CAP 10B: PH‑RIC
WT899 repair or construction listed. Murphy Rebel: PH‑RBL
Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper TX.Mk.1: North American P‑51D‑NA Mustang:
Aeromot AMT‑200S Super Ximango: G‑XYZT
BGA5074/WZ789/KGE PH‑JAT/413578/C5‑W
Aerospool WT9 Dynamic: PH‑4F1
Slingsby T.41 Skylark 3B: BGA806/BAC Piaggio P149D: D‑ECBW/92+19, D‑EEGD
AirLony Skylane: PH‑4F4
Slingsby T.49B Capstan: BGA1135/BPW Pietenpol B‑4A Aircamper: PH‑??? (frame),
Slingsby T.8 Tutor: BGA1770/CSL, BGA858/ Auster Mk.V: PH‑NET/TJ347
BCH Aviasud Mistral: PH‑2R4 Piper J‑3C‑65 Cub: N7009H (frame and
Smith Miniplane/Weil Special: PH‑TAS Aviasud Mistral BRD: PH‑2W1 wings), PH‑GEN
(under rebuild) Beech C23 Sundowner 180 : PH‑MBS Piper L‑4H Grasshopper:
Bellanca 14‑19‑2 Cruisemaster: N7600E N29EG/479709/43‑B
Inmates of former Gyrocopter Aviation Boeing A75N‑1/N2S‑3: N74650/586 Piper L‑4J Grasshopper: N3989B/54809
Museum hangar Boeing E75/PT‑13‑BW: N1944S/217701/306 Piper PA‑12 Super Cruiser: PH‑NDA
Aeropro Fox Eurofox: PH‑3R8 Boeing N2S‑5/PT‑13D: N68461/17452 Piper PA‑18 Super Cub 105: PH‑FLJ
Air Command Commander 536 Elite CASA 1.131E Jungmann: D‑EHMT (wings Piper PA‑18‑135 Super Cub: PH‑KNF,
Twoseater: PH‑RVB only), PH‑MSV (fuselage and wings) PH‑TOK/R‑114, PH‑ZCR
Air Command Commander Elite: PH‑DAV CASA 1.131E Srs. 2000 Jungmann: PH‑PMV/ Piper PA‑18‑150 Super Cub: (HC‑AEL?,
Brantly B2B: N2289U/66‑460 BI‑005 frame and wings), G‑CUBJ/18‑5395/CDG,
Carter‑Bensen B‑8M: PH‑RVJ Cessna 140: N73077 (fuselage and wings) SE‑GCK/Fv51245
Cessna 150E: N50AV registration cancelled) Cessna 150M: PH‑ARJ Piper PA‑28‑181 Archer II: PH‑RRR
Comco‑Ikarus Fox D: PH‑1P8 Cessna 172: N5708A Piper PA‑28‑181 Archer III: LN‑TFS
De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth: N929S/ Cessna 208B Grand Caravan/Supervan 900: Piper PA‑28R‑201T Turbo Arrow III: N207HV
G‑ACDR PH‑JMP Reims/Cessna F150K Commuter: PH‑VRW
Evans VP‑I Volksplane: PH‑VPI Comco‑Ikarus C 42B: PH‑3W5 Reims/Cessna F152 II: PH‑VSN
Fairchild 24G: N19146/NC19146 Command‑Aire 3C‑3: N476E (fuselage and Reims/Cessna F172E: N172PL
McCulloch J2: N4321G wings) Reims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk: PH‑JPO
Parsons II Tandem: PH‑RVC Consolidated Vultee BT‑13A Valiant: N56330 Rolladen‑Schneider LS 4‑a: PH‑1523/HL,
Piper J3C‑65 Cub: PH‑UCS/54488/49/B (fuselage), N68144 (fuselage and wings) PH‑1647/VIS
Piper PA‑18‑135 Super Cub: N83GR Consolidated Vultee L‑5 Sentinel: Rolladen‑Schneider LS 4‑b: PH‑1549/HP
Piper PA‑28‑161 Warrior II: N8241Z N57797/298248/6C Ryan ST‑3KR/PT‑22‑RY: G‑AGYY/27
Sopwith Camel replica: under construction Czech Aircraft Works PS‑28 Cruiser: OO‑KCE SAAB 91D Safir: PH‑RLA
Van As Gyroglider twoseater Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser: PH‑PJO Scheibe SF.25C Falke 1700: PH‑1314
De Havilland Canada DHC‑1 Chipmunk 22: Schempp‑Hirth Arcus M: PH‑1498/BD
Hoogeveen Trainer Meeting, 3rd G‑BWTG/WB671/910 Schempp‑Hirth Discus‑2 T: PH‑1655/HI
July 2021 De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth: G‑AJHS, Schempp‑Hirth Ventus ‑2 c: PH‑1524/HX
Thanks to Henk Wadman for the report. N8233, D‑EPKS, N935NL/T‑9354, Schleicher ASK 21: PH‑714/HV, PH‑844/HY
Every year a Wings & Wheels event is PH‑DLK Schleicher K 8B: D‑3036
organized at Hoogeveen airfield in the DG Flugzeugbau DG‑1000T: PH‑1525/HD SNCAN SV.4C: F‑GKEB (fuselage and wings)
northern part of Holland. Due to Covid 19 Diamond DA 20‑A1 Katana: D‑ECPU SOCATA Rallye 235F: D‑EWCS
the 2020 & 2021 events were cancelled. The Diamond HK 36 TTC Super Dimona: SOCATA TB‑10 Tobago GT: PH‑ESB
Egmond Vintage Wings society decided to PH‑1546, PH‑1580 Staaken Z‑21 Flitzer: PH‑TOT
organize a non‑public event: Trainer Europa AL Europa XS TG: PH‑SBR Stinson L‑5 Sentinel: N255DB/214847
Meeting 2021. Dutch owners of ex‑military Fairchild 24R‑46a Ranger: N81255 (frame Stinson L‑5B‑VW Sentinel : D‑ELKO (frame
and wings) and wings only, registration cancelled)
Below: Stinson L-5 N255DB, believed to be Fairchild M‑62A‑3/PT‑26A‑FE Cornell: Taylorcraft Plus D: G‑AHSD/LB323
the oldest of the type still flying and N58799/FV154 Tecnam P 2002‑JF: PH‑RGB
recently imported, at Hoogeveen on 3 July Fisher FP‑303 “Solar Spirit”: PH‑2V2 TL Ultralight TL‑3000 Sirius: PH‑4H1
2021 for the Trainer Meeting. (Henk (fuselage and wings) Ultravia Pélican PL: PH‑DOO, PH‑PLC
Wadman) Fokker D.XXI (replica): PH‑XXI/229 Van’s RV‑9A: PH‑RVN

Mel Kirby, 12 School Lane, Lostock Gralam, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7PT

Judging by this month’s sightings it looks like it was flyable most days Friday 11 July pm
other than for the Cheltenham Balloon meet which was unfortunate. I The Friday evening launch was from the North Somerset Show Ground
must apologise to Julian Moody who sent me a letter about the Isle of at Wraxall.
Wight festival back in May. When clearing off my coffee table I found G‑CFXP LBL.105A [1168]
it under a pile of papers so sorry about that. I normally just receive G‑CHSP Um M‑65C [65/196]
emails so that is why there is a sighting for June the 8th as VBAW flew G‑CIDU Ku BB‑22E [1058]
over Julian’s house. We are still living in strange times, but hopefully G‑CIKL Um S‑70 [70/01]
some balloons will get to fly over the Bristol fortnight. G‑CIUA Um B‑70 [70/12]
G‑CJJC LTL Srs.1‑105 [011]
Kirkoswald Meet, Cumbria, 27 June 2021 G‑CJRO Cam Z‑105 [12055] ‘BWS Standfast’
The North West region had a fly out here on the Sunday morning. G‑CJXJ Cam Z‑105 [12027] ‘University of Bristol’
Present were: G‑CKUN Bareford DB‑6R [1]
G‑CBPW LBL.105A [863] G‑CLDJ LTL Racer 60 [098]
G‑CHAU Cam C‑80 [11614] G‑CLMM Cam Sport 70 [12345] ‘Cameron Demo’
G‑CIAY Cam C‑70 [11786] G‑DANJ Cam TR‑65 [12324]
G‑CIBI LBL.90A [1458] G‑ITVM LBL.105A [1017] ‘Meridian tonight’
G‑CJWH LTL Srs.1‑90 [035] ‘Fixings & Fasteners’ G‑JEMS Um S‑90 [90/143]
G‑FVEL Cam Z‑90 [10580] ‘Fort Vale’ G‑JHAA Cam Z‑90 [11647]
G‑KAYI Cam Z‑90 [10710] ‘Snow Business’ G‑KAYI Cam Z‑90 [10710] ‘Snow Business’
G‑RAYO LBL.90A [949] G‑LOKI Um M‑77C [77/260]
G‑ROXI Cam C‑90 [11106] G‑LOON Cam Concept 60 [11160]
G‑SCFC Um S‑90 [90/148] G‑RECL Cam Z‑105 [12239] ‘Ben’s Tiles’
G‑STVL LBL.77A [624] G‑SCFC Um S‑90 [90/148]
G‑SUED Th Ax.8‑90 [1546]
Exclusive Cup, North Somerset, 9-11 July 2021
Saturday 10 July pm
This year the balloonists used any one of six launch sites so as to not
The third and final slot was on the Saturday evening, from a site on
attract a crowd, quite sensible during this pandemic.
top of the Mendip Hills overlooking Wells,
Friday 11 July am G‑BWYN Cam O‑77 [1162]
The first launch was on the Friday morning and they all flew from G‑CCLO Um H‑77 [77/244]
Bristol Lulsgate Airport. All of the balloon teams had to be on site for G‑CCVZ Cam O‑120 [10586] ‘Ascent’
02.45, a really early start. In total 45 balloons flew during the event. G‑CEUV Cam C‑90 [11078] ‘Silverline’
The following all flew from here:
G‑CCLO Um H‑77 [77/244]
G‑CFXP LBL.105A [1168]
G‑CHSP Um M‑65C [65/196]
G‑CHXN Ku BB‑20GP [1001]
G‑CIKL Um S‑70 [70/01]
G‑CJIH LTL Srs 1‑105 [16] ‘southern’
G‑CJJC LTL Srs.1‑105 [011]
G‑CJLT Cam O‑84 [12044]
G‑CJRO Cam Z‑105 [12055] ‘BWS Standfast’
G‑CKEG Cam Z‑105 [12103] ‘Thatchers’
G‑CKUN Bareford DB‑6R [1]
G‑CKXA Cam Sport 70 [12209]
G‑CLDJ LTL Racer 60 [098]
G‑CLMM Cam Sport 70 [12345] ‘Cameron Demo’
G‑CSEE Ku BB‑20ED [1405] ‘Kubicek Balloons’
G‑DAAY Um B‑70 [70/025] ‘Longleat Safari’
G‑DANJ Cam TR‑65 [12324]
G‑GBBT Um M‑90 [90/103] ‘Avantigas’
G‑GUIN Um B‑70SS [70/30] ‘Puddles 2’
G‑ITVM LBL.105A [1017] ‘Meridian tonight’
G‑JHAA Cam Z‑90 [11647]
G‑JIMA Cam Z‑105 [12321] ‘B&A Group’
G‑KAYI Cam Z‑90 [10710] ‘Snow Business’
G‑LEAT Um B‑70 [70/13]
G‑LOKI Um M‑77C [77/260]
G‑LOON Cam Concept 60 [11160]
G‑OOEY Ku BB‑22Z [767] ‘Exclusive Ballooning’
G‑SCFC Um S‑90 [90/148]
G‑SMIL LBL.105A [1425]
G‑UWEB Cam Z‑120 [11927] ‘UWEB Bristol’
Also inflated but ripped out was: Ultramagic B-70SS G-GUIN [70/30] at the Exclusive Cup meeting
G‑CIUA Um B‑70 [70/12] over the weekend of 9-11 July 2021. [Bernie Williams]

G‑CFIW Ku BB‑20XR [615] ‘Kubicek’ The only other balloon that inflated was on the Sunday morning and
G‑CGFY LBL.105A [1179] was:
G‑CHMI LBL.105A [1431] G‑CJXJ Cam Z‑105 [12027] ‘University of Bristol’
G‑CHSP Um M‑65C [65/196]
G‑CIJJ Cam O‑31 [11858] SIGHTINGS
G‑CIKL Um S‑70 [70/01]
G‑CIUA Um B‑70 [70/12]
8 June 2021, Oxford, pm
G‑CJJC LTL Srs.1‑105 [011]
Seen flying over my correspondent’s house this evening was:
G‑CJLT Cam O‑84 [12044]
G‑VBAW Cam A‑400 [12155] ‘Virgin’
G‑CJRO Cam Z‑105 [12055] ‘BWS Standfast’
G‑CKUN Bareford DB‑6R [1]
25 June 2021, Oxford Ice Rink, 07.20
G‑CKXA Cam Sport 70 [12209]
G‑VBAW Cam A‑400 [12155] ‘Virgin’
G‑CKZJ Ku BB‑26E [1483]
G‑CLDJ LTL Racer 60 [098]
25 June 2021, Wendover, Bucks, 08.00
G‑CLMM Cam Sport 70 [12345] ‘Cameron Demo’
G‑BZIL Colt 120A [4876]
G‑CSEE Ku BB‑20ED [1405] ‘Kubicek Balloons’
G‑DAAY Um B‑70 [70/025] ‘Longleat Safari’ tethered only
G‑DANJ Cam TR‑65 [12324]
26 June 2021, Ashton Court, pm
Tethered here this evening by the Bristol Balloon collectors were:
G‑GAGE Cam Z‑105 [12038] ‘S.M Gauge’
G‑BUVW Cam N‑90 [3020]
G‑GUIN Um B‑70SS [70/30] ‘Puddles 2’
G‑DIPI Cam SS [1745] ‘oho Dips’
G‑ITVM LBL.105A [1017] ‘Meridian tonight’
G‑DIPZ Colt 17A [1245]
G‑JEMS Um S‑90 [90/143]
G‑JHAA Cam Z‑90 [11647]
G‑JIMA Cam Z‑105 [12321] ‘B&A Group’
26 June 2021, Henley Summerfest, pm
Seen tethered here this evening were:
G‑KAYI Cam Z‑90 [10710] ‘Snow Business’
G‑BMOH Cam N‑77 [1277]
G‑LOKI Um M‑77C [77/260]
G‑SAWS Um M‑90 [90/210] ‘Butlers’
G‑OCTS Cam Z‑90 [11108]
G‑TRIG Cam Z‑90 [10446] ‘Intel inside/Centrino’
G‑OEWE Cam Sport 80 SS [12340]
G‑WETI Cam N‑31 [449]
G‑OWLL Um M‑105 [105/214]
G‑SCFC Um S‑90 [90/148] Also seen flying locally were:
G‑SMIL LBL.105A [1425] G‑CFXR LBL.105A [1263] ‘Redrow’
G‑UWEB Cam Z‑120 [11927] ‘UWEB Bristol’ G‑CLGB Um M‑77 [77/423] ‘BT’
G‑FUSE Cam N‑105 [10639]
Igualada, Spain, 9-11 July 2021 G‑JHAA Cam Z‑90 [11647]
With thanks to John Porter I have received a report for the above G‑OKEW Um M‑65C [65/184] ‘Kewtech’
meet, all of these were seen on the Friday morning.
3A‑MCJ Um M‑120 [120/92] ‘Champagne Jeeper’ 26 June 2021, Dover, pm
EC‑GFC(2) Um M‑105 [105/32b] ‘Ultra Magic’ Seen flying here this evening was:
EC‑IRF Um M‑77C [77/235] D‑LZFN(2) Zepplin LZ‑N07‑100
EC‑JGF Um V‑105 [105/122] ‘Banc Sabadell’
EC‑KGP Um M‑77 [77/302] ‘’
EC‑KIP Um H‑77 [77/301]
EC‑KIQ Um M‑77 [77/291]
EC‑LBZ Um M‑77 [77/323] ‘Rubis Vitogas’
EC‑LMF Um N‑180 [180/104] ‘Raimat Natura’
EC‑LXL Um S‑70 [70/04] ‘Friendship Balloon’
EC‑LZC Um M‑77 [77/372] ‘Ultra Magic’
EC‑MAL Um N‑355 [355/28] ‘Catalunya’
EC‑MBB Um M‑77 [77/378] ‘Sun Media’
EC‑MBZ Um S‑70 [70/07] ‘Tekno 70’
EC‑MDX Um M‑77 [77/382] ‘Ballooned’
EC‑MED Um M‑105 [105/206] ‘Balloons’
EC‑MNV Um H‑77 [77/401] ‘Radio Marc’
EC‑MRP Um N‑180 [180/133] ‘Kosner’
EC‑MXD Um H‑77 [77/415] ‘Fundacion Infantil Ronald
McDonald Espana’
EC‑MXX Um M‑105 [105/227]
EC‑NAI Um M‑77 [77/417]
EC‑NBY Um H‑77 [77/422] ‘Smart Clip’
EC‑NDS Um N‑180 [180/143] ‘Kon Tiki’
EC‑NJE Um M‑105 [105/238]
EC‑NNG Um M‑90 [90/203]
F‑HPLB Li L.2200 [330‑054]
HB‑QWC Um M‑77 [77/384] ‘Thommen Medical’
HB‑QWX Um M‑120 [120/103] ‘Oryx AEK’

Cheltenham Balloon Festival, 23-25 July 2021

This event was badly affected by the weather this year with no free
flying at all.
The following cold inflated on the Friday afternoon.
G‑CDZO LBL.60X [1104] ‘Cfs’
G‑FFAB Cam N‑105 [4067] ‘Hallmark/Forever Friends’ Cameron O-65 G-AZIP [029] and its (rather cleaner) baby brother
G‑JIMA Cam Z‑105 [12321] ‘B&A Group’ were inflated at Folly Farm Airstrip, Hungerford on 30 June 2021.
G‑RECL Cam Z‑105 [12239] ‘Ben’s Tiles’ (Celia Kunert)

30 June 2021, Ashton Court, 06.30 11 July 2021, Bury, Lancs, pm
G-BXYI Cam H-34 [4442] ‘Fairy’ Seen here this evening flying over Sale and eventually I caught up with it
G-VBFT Cam Z-275 [11215] ‘Virgin’ over Bury was:
G-RNDE Ku BB/S [1666]
30 June 2021, Folly Farm Airstrip, Hungerford, pm
Seen here this evening were: 14 July 2021, Royal Victoria Park, 19.00-19.30
G-AZIP Cam O-65 [029] tethered alongside a replica model G-CERC(2) Cam Z-350 [11602] ‘Bath Building Society’
G-BXOT Cam C-70 [4200] ‘British Airways’ G-NFVB Cam Z-105 [12107] ‘novia’
G-CISJ Um H-31 [31/07] cold inflated only
16 July 2021, Ashton Court, 06.00
2 July 2021, Ashton Court, 19.00 G-CKWW Cam Sport 50 [12192] ‘Cameron Demo’
G-CEDF Cam N-105 [10884] ‘EDF Energy’
G-CGZR Cam Z-350 [11603] ‘Bristol Balloons’ 16 July 2021, Maize field, Corston, 19.30
G-CIZM Cam Z-210 [11936] ‘Tribute’ G-OPBW Cam Z-150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’
G-CKEG Cam Z-105 [12103] ‘Thatchers’
G-RECL Cam Z-105 [12239] ‘Ben’s Tiles’ 16 July 2021, Royal Victoria Park, Bath, 19.30
G-VBFT Cam Z-275 [11215] ‘Virgin’ G-CERC(2) Cam Z-350 [11602] ‘Bath Building Society’

2 July 2021, Maize field, Corston, 19.00-19.30 16 July 2021, Keynsham Rugby Club, N.Somerset, 19.30
G-CCVZ Cam O-120 [10586] ‘Ascent’ G-CEDF Cam N-105 [10884] ‘EDF Energy’
G-ESMI Cam Z-90 [12433] ‘Pumpwright’ G-CGZR Cam Z-350 [11603] ‘Bristol Balloons’
G-OETS Um M-105 [105/243] ‘ETS Group’ G-PRZI Cam A-375 [11798]

2 July 2021, Bishop Sutton, N.Somerset, 19.30 16 July 2021, Cheltenham College, pm
G-KAYI Cam Z-90 [10710] ‘Snow Business’ G-CMAN Um M-77 [77/431] ‘Cayman Islands’ tether only

8 July 2021, Ashton Court, am 17 July 2021, Sackville Lodge, Beds, am

Seen on test with Cameron’s this morning were: G-CLMS Sackville BM-56 [10]
F-HVDV Cameron Z-105 [????]‘TT Partedis’
G-BTHF Cam V-90 [2543] 17 July 2021, Maize field, Corston, 06.30-07.00
G-CMAR Cam Sport 90 [12463] G-CLTT Cam Sport 70 [12415]
G-FWRK Cam Z-105 [12464] G-IBCF Cam Z-105 [11677] ‘’
5Y-CJI Cam A-350 [????] G-OPBW Cam Z-150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’
G-PRZI Cam A-375 [11798]
Also flying out was:
G-RECL Cam Z-105 [12239] ‘Ben’s Tiles’
G-CEKS Cam Z-105 [11003] ‘Champagne Taittinger’
G-VBFT Cam Z-275 [11215] ‘Virgin’
8 July 2021, Crosby, 19.30
G-RNDE Ku BB/S [1666]
17 July 2021, Cheltenham College, 07.00
Seen on only its second flight, with thanks to Phil Dunnington was:
G-CLPD Cam Sport 50 [12223]
9 July 2021, Ashton Court, 06.30-07.30
G-CDYL LBL.77A [1098]
G-CEKS Cam Z-105 [11003] ‘Champagne Taittinger’
G-CJXJ Cam Z-105 [12027] ‘University of Bristol’
G-GAGE Cam Z-105 [12038] ‘S.M Gauge’
G-OPBW Cam Z-150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’

10 July 2021, Gloucester Airport, am

G-CBOW Cam Z-120 [10302] ‘Torex’

10 July 2021, Keynsham Rugby Club, N.Somerset, 19.00-

G-CFCC Cam Z-275 [11103] ‘Park Furnishers’
G-CJXI Cam A-300 [12069] ‘Bailey Balloons’
G-CLZI Cam Z-133 [12455] ‘Poplar Insulation’
G-OPBW Cam Z-150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’
G-VBFT Cam Z-275 [11215] ‘Virgin’

10 July 2021, Cheltenham College, pm

G-CMAN Um M-77 [77/431] ‘Cayman Islands’ tether only
G-GCCC Cam Z-105 [12375] ‘Go Glos Cricket’

10 July 2021, Huntingdon, Cambs, pm

G-VBAN Cam A-400 [11959] ‘Virgin’

10 July 2021, Kimbolton, pm

G-CIWW Sackville BM-56 [04]
G-CLGX Sackville BM-56 [NC-01]

10 July 2021, Thorney,Cambs, pm

G-EDRE LBL.90A [1081] ‘Edren Homes’
G-FUND Th Ax.7-65 [0376]

11 July 2021, Thorney,Cambs, am Cameron Sport 50 G-CLPD[12223] at Cheltenham College on 17 July

G-BSIJ Cam V-77 [2164] 2021. (Mel Kirby)

17 July 2021, Newbury, am G‑CLGK Um M‑120 [120/236] ‘Bateman Skips’
G‑SAWS Um M‑90 [90/210] ‘Butlers’ G‑IBCF Cam Z‑105 [11677] ‘’
G‑PRZI Cam A‑375 [11798]
17 July 2021, Castle Coombe, Glos, 19.00-19.30
G‑CJIH LTL Srs 1‑105 [16] ‘southern’ 19 July 2021, Royal Victoria Park, Bath, 19.45
G‑CLGK Um M‑120 [120/236] ‘Bateman Skips’ G‑CJXJ Cam Z‑105 [12027] ‘University of Bristol’
G‑CLZI Cam Z‑133 [12455] ‘Poplar Insulation’
G‑OETS Um M‑105 [105/243] ‘ETS Group’ 20th July 2021, Ashton Court, am
G‑OPBW Cam Z‑150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’ On test this morning were:
F‑HVDV Cam Z‑105 [????] ‘TT Partedis’
17 July 2021, Royal Victoria Park, 19.00-19.30 G‑DANJ Cam TR‑65 [12324] cold inflated
G‑CERC(2) Cam Z‑350 [11602] ‘Bath Building Society’ G‑JIMA Cam Z‑105 [12321] ‘B&A Group’ cold inflated
G‑CGZR Cam Z‑350 [11603] ‘Bristol Balloons’
G‑CJXJ Cam Z‑105 [12027] ‘University of Bristol’ 21 July 2021, Wybunbury, pm
G‑VBFT Cam Z‑275 [11215] ‘Virgin’ G‑RLDX Cam A‑375 [11860]
G‑TUTU Cam O‑105 [10659]
17 July 2021, Maize field, Corston, 19.30
G‑CJRO Cam Z‑105 [12055] ‘BWS Standfast’
21 July 2021, Maize field, Corston, 20.00
G‑PRZI Cam A‑375 [11798]
G‑CCVZ Cam O‑120 [10586] ‘Ascent’
G‑OPBW Cam Z‑150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’
17 July 2021, Headcorn Airfield, Kent, pm
G‑CWOW Ku BB‑45Z [912]
22 July 2021, Little Stoke CC, 20.00
G‑JEMS Um S‑90 [90/143]
Seen here this evening was a new rides operator, which I think are called
Bloon. This evening’s flight was for charity:
18 July 2021, Hook, Hampshire, am
G‑CJCS Ku BB‑60Z [1250]
G‑CGGY Um N‑425 [425/35]

18 July 2021, Congleton, 06.10 25 July 2021, Ashton Court, 19.00-20.00

G‑SCFC Um S‑90 [90/148] G‑CBOW Cam Z‑120 [10302] ‘Torex’
G‑CDYL LBL.77A [1098]
18 July 2021, Ulverston, Lakes, 07.00 G‑CGZR Cam Z‑350 [11603] ‘Bristol Balloons’
G‑CIAY Cam C‑70 [11786] G‑CIZM Cam Z‑210 [11936] ‘Tribute’
G‑VBFZ Cam A‑300 [11493] ‘Virgin’ G‑CLZI Cam Z‑133 [12455] ‘Poplar Insulation’
G‑RECL Cam Z‑105 [12239] ‘Ben’s Tiles’ tether only
18 July 2021, Havyat Green, N.Somerset, 06.30
G‑CIND Cam C‑70 [11847] 26 July 2021, Ashton Court, 06.30-07.00
G‑CKCC Cam Z‑105 [12088] ‘TVE Group’
18 July 2021, Maize field, Corston, 06.30-07.00 G‑NFVB Cam Z‑105 [12107] ‘novia’ Laid out only
G‑BSEV Cam O‑77 [2271] ‘Donor Card’ G‑PRZI Cam A‑375 [11798]
G‑MILE(2) Cam Z‑90 [10548] ‘Miles Architectural’ G‑VBAU Cam A‑400 [12153] ‘Virgin’
G‑VBFT Cam Z‑275 [11215] ‘Virgin’ G‑VBFT Cam Z‑275 [11215] ‘Virgin’

18 July 2021, St Neots, Cambs, pm 31 July 2021, Milton Keynes, 07.30

G‑BUWI LBL.77A [23] G‑OSAT Cam Z‑105 [10564] ‘Fastrat’

18 July 2021, Ashton Court, 19.00-20.00 Forthcoming Events 2021

G‑CEJZ Cam C‑90 [10970] ‘AMO Complete’ tether only
G‑CIZM Cam Z‑210 [11936] ‘Tribute’ You can find further information on these websites:
G‑CJRO Cam Z‑105 [12055] ‘BWS Standfast’
G‑CLGK Um M‑120 [120/236] ‘Bateman Skips’‑ballooning‑calender.html
G‑ESMI Cam Z‑90 [12433] ‘Pumpwright’‑meets‑events/.
G‑TOPB Cam Z‑140 [11718] ‘Anana’
G‑VBFT Cam Z‑275 [11215] ‘Virgin’ UK
10th/12th Sept Old Warden Meet
Also tethered here by the Bristol Balloon Collectors were: 10th/12th Sept Longleat Meet, Night glows only
G‑DIPI Cam SS [1745] ‘oho Dips’ 17th/18th Sept Uttoxeter Racecourse
G‑DIPZ Colt 17A [1245] 17th/19th Sept Fishburn Airfield
G‑LIPS Cam SS [4846] ‘Joycam’
8th/10th Oct One Man Meet, Venue TBC
15th/17th Oct Hibaldstow Airfield
18 July 2021, Rushden, 19.45 19th/21st Nov Humber Bridge Meet
G‑BIFP Colt 56C [097]
G‑CLMS Sackville BM‑56 [10] Overseas
G‑CLUM Sackville BM‑56 [012] I am still reluctant to put any events in the Overseas section with
G‑KSKS Cam N‑105 [4963] ‘Kwik Kaye’ most of Europe suffering a third wave of Covid.

19 July 2021, Maize field, Corston, 06.30-07.00 Credits:

G‑CEDF Cam N‑105 [10884] ‘EDF Energy’ Bradley, Sue Campion, Duane Charles, Phil Claridge, Sarah Claridge,
G‑CMAB Um M‑90 [90/206] ‘Able Scaffolding Bath’ Paul Coman, Paul Crellin, Rob Cross, Martin Degg, Phil Dunnington,
G‑OPBW Cam Z‑150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’ Dave Haines, Paul Higgins, Paul Kirby, Melike Klein, Celia Kunert, Roger
G‑VBFT Cam Z‑275 [11215] ‘Virgin’ Kunert, Kevin Latham, Kev McLaughlin, Steve Miles, Julian  R Moody,
Ken Parfitt, John Porter, Trev Read, Fred Ridout, Steve Roake, Grant
19 July 2021, Ashton Court, 19.00 Robinson, Andy Rowbotham, John Russon, Ray Salter, Paul Sheppard,
G‑CGZR Cam Z‑350 [11603] ‘Bristol Balloons’ Mark Shortman, Steve Spence, Keith Tanner, Kevin Tanner, John
G‑CIZM Cam Z‑210 [11936] ‘Tribute’ Tomlinson, Tim Turner, Jason Wheeler, Bernie Williams.

Bob Ogden, 13 Western Avenue, Woodley, Berkshire RG5 3BJ

UPDATES TO MUSEUMS & AIRCRAFT Dassault Mirage 5DE 04‑117 ex 117 (Libya)
Mil Mi‑8 24515
The code letters following museum/collection names refer to those Location/GPS: At a school at 553‑2 Chwiam‑dong, Nonsan,
used in the book. Unnumbered locations are new. The listings are given Chungcheongnam‑do, 32954 in the northern
in continent order: Africa, Asia, Oceania, Central America, South America. part of the town. (36.1975N 127.0888E)
A cross‑reference to the country codes can be found in the book.
Bell 205 Iroquois (UH‑1H) 23152 [13977] ex 78‑23152
Address: 380 Yeoncheon‑ri, Yucheon‑myeon, Yecheon‑gun,
Gyeongsangbuk‑do 36133.
Probably this aircraft.
Tel: 054‑650‑4596
Location/GPS: At the Golden Palm Breeze Hotel, Kenol‑Muranga
Last Report: 7/21
Road, Sanduku La Posta 30, Murang’a in the centre of
Admission: By prior permission only.
the town.
Location/GPS: In the south western part of the town.
Let L‑410UVP Turbolet 9Q‑CIY [831020] ex CCCP‑67392, UR‑67392,
Ilyushin Il‑103 05‑006 [0409]
NEW LOCATIONS – ASIA F‑5 in previous ABN at an unknown location in the city.
Address: 82 Gwaebeop‑dong, Sasang‑gu, Busan,
BOJONG MONUMENT IND[C] Gyeongsangnam‑do 46958.
Location/GPS: At a restaurant at Jalan Raya Linggarjati, Bojong, Tel: 051‑999‑5000
Java 45556 in the western part of the town. Last Report: 7/21
(6.8814S 108.4940E) Admission: By prior permission only.
Location/GPS: In the western part of the city.
Fokker 100 ‘PK‑J&J’ [11486] ex PH‑EZC, N110ML, PK‑PFZ
(35.16316N 129.0003E)
CIREBON MONUMENT IND[C] Gates Learjet 25D N50RW [25D‑135] ex G‑BBEE, N3803G, N1103R,
Location/GPS: At the airfield at Jalan Jend, Sudirman Gg. Aksan 1, G‑BBEE, N7600K, (N1RW)
Kalijaga, Cirebon, Java 45144 in the south western Hughes 500MD Defender 78‑0050 [0283D]
part of the city. (6.7542S 108.5387E) Northrop N‑311 Tiger II (F‑5E) 50‑515 [R.1240] ex 75‑0515
Cessna 182
Address: Hwajeon‑ro, Namhae‑eup, Namhae,
Gyeongsangnam‑do 52420.
Serial correction for Mi‑8 – in previous ABN.
Tel: 055‑254‑2400
Dassault Mirage 5DE 04‑113 ex 113 (Libya) Last Report: 7/21

DH Mosquito NF.11 HJ711 made three taxy runs during the East Kirkby Airshow on 7 August 2021. (Brian Roffee)

Admission: By prior permission only. REVOLUCIÓN PAINTBALL Y GOTCHA QUERÉTARO MEX[B]
Location/GPS: In the south eastern part of the city. Address: CBoulevard Fray Antonio de Monroy E Hijar 85
(34.8365N 127.8972E) Juriquilla, 76230 Santiago de Querétaro,
Ilyushin Il‑103 05‑009 [0412]
Tel: 0442‑218‑8843
Last Report: 6/21
Admission: Tuesday‑Friday 1200‑2000; Saturday‑Sunday 1030‑
Address: 2235 Yeongpyeong‑dong, Jeju‑si, Jeju‑do 63243.
Tel: 064‑754‑0227
Location/GPS: About 6 km north of the city. (20.6881N 100.4528W)
Last Report: 7/21
Admission: By prior permission only. Piper PA‑23‑250 Aztec – fuselage only.
Location/GPS: In the south eastern part of the city. Unknown Glider – fuselage only.
Unknown Type – fuselage only.
Ilyushin Il‑103 04‑004 [0407]
Unknown Type – fuselage only.
Northrop N‑311 Tiger II (F‑5E) 50‑512 [R.1237] ex 75‑0512


In previous ABN – correction.
The composite Bird Dog could be based on F14‑11/11 = 8976, but not MONUMENTO DE TUBARÃO BR[F]
on 10/11 = 8975  Location/GPS: At the Memorial Aeroporto Anita Garibaldi, Vila
Moema, Tubarão, Santa Catarina 88705‑230 in the
WAR CAMPING AND GUESTHOUSE TH[C] eastern part of the town. (28.4770S 48.9928W)
In previous ABN. Neiva N.621 Universal (T‑25) T25‑1854 [024]
Cessna 305D Bird Dog (305A) (L‑19A) (O‑1A) (O‑1G) 1304 [21366] ex
Location/GPS: At Karain Airfield, Aşağıoba, 07190 Döşemealtı, Aircraft identified.
Akdeniz Bölgesi about 8 km north east of the town.
(37.0981N 30.6426E) Fouga CM.170R Magister 556 [556]
At the airfield at Route de l’Aéroport, Yoff, Dakar 29133 in the
PZL 104 Wilga 35A TC‑ECU [19870851] western suburbs of the city. (14.7316N 17.4874W)


In previous ABN.
Address: Ul. Kabanbai Batyr, Tashkent 180100.
Last Report: 7/21
Admission: During daylight hours.
FFA AS.202/18A‑3 Bravo LM‑2007 [187]
Location/GPS: In northern part of the the city. (41.3528N 69.2263E)
Ilyushin Il‑2 – probable type. YOGYAKARTA MONUMENTS IND[B]99
Lavochkin La‑5 09 – may be a FSM. North American NA‑168 Texan (T‑6G) B‑464
Lisunov Li‑2 [Douglas DC‑3 modified] CCCP‑54953 [23442202] ex At Jalan Laksamana Adi Sucipto, Banguntapan Yogyakarta,
CCCP‑L5493 – possible identity. Java 55197 west of the airport in the eastern part of the city.
Unknown Type (7.7862S 110.4270E)
Yakovlev Yak‑3 34 – may be a FSM.
NEW LOCATIONS – OCEANIA General Dynamics 401 Fighting Falcon (F‑16A) ‘004’ [714]

In previous ABN. Israeli Aircraft Industries IA.1124 Seascan

Piper PA‑22‑108 Colt VH‑AUK [22‑8887] ex N10F, VH‑MSB, 24‑3458 COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY – NIHON
NEW LOCATIONS – CENTRAL AMERICA Bell 47 has been removed.
Kawasaki‑Bell 47G‑3B‑KH4 (H‑13KH) 30213[ 2094]
Location/GPS: At the Campo de Tiro , Corralillo about 8 km north
west of the town. (23.0315N 80.6461W)
Mikoyan‑Gurevich MiG‑21 Kawasaki‑Hughes 369M (OH‑6D) 31313 [6767]A
Mikoyan‑Gurevich MiG‑21UM 506
COLECCIÓN DE CAMPO MILITAR 37-C MEX[B] McDonnell M.98HO Phantom II (F‑4EJ) (F‑4EJKai) 87‑8415[ M115]
In previous ABN.
Mil Mi‑8
Sikorsky S‑70B Pave Hawk (HH‑60G) 91‑26401 [70‑1733]
Location/GPS: At Flyboys Restaurant, Avenida Huehuetoca
Mz 23, Ex Hacienda de San Miguel, 54715
Chengdu F‑7M [Mikoyan‑Gurevich MiG‑21F‑13] 1610
Cuautitlán Izcalli, México in the north eastern
part of the city. (19.6717N 99.2067W)
Fokker 100 XA‑MRA [11284] ex PT‑MRA Serials of Mi‑8s now known.

At a site at Zarghoon Road, Quetta Cantonment, Quetta 87300,
Balochistan in the north eastern part of the city. MONUMENTOS DE HAVANA CU14
Mil Mi‑8 24516 Antonov An‑24RV CU‑T923 [47309404]
At Fort Miri, Samungli Road, Quetta 87300, Balochistan in the At the Escuela Vocacional Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Municipio
northern part of the city. (30.2107N 67.0108E) de Quivicán, Havana about 6 km south east of the city.
Mil Mi‑8 24521 (22.9773N 82.3358W)
At Kulli Range, Quetta 87300, Balochistan in the eastern part
of the city. (30.2143N 67.0687E) MONUMENTOS DE SANTIAGO DE CUBA CU23
Mikoyan‑Gurevich MiG‑21MF ‘883’
AVIALIFT VLADIVOSTOK MUSEUM RUS[C]35 At a military school off Camino de Santa Rosa, Santiago de Cuba
Mil Mi‑4A CCCP‑38270 [19176] 90100 in the south eastern part of the city. (20.0161N 75.8020W)


Bell 205 Iroquois (UH‑1H) 23021 [13949] ex 78‑23021 Cessna 172


Hughes 500MD Defender 78‑0029 [0195D] Location changed.
At a site at Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do. Douglas DC‑9‑14 XA‑SKA [47060] ex YV‑C‑AVR, YV‑57C, N38641
At the Parque Bicentario Hank Gonzales, Coanalco, Ecatepec
SUWON AIR BASE COLLECTION SKO[D]33 de Morelos, México in the south western part of the city.
McDonnell M.98DF Phantom II (RF‑4C) 41‑001 [668] ex 64‑1001 (19.5583N 99.0715W)
Northrop N‑311 Tiger II (F‑5E)
Northrop N‑311 Tiger II (F‑5F) 80‑787 [W.1034] ex 78‑0787 MONUMENTOS DE TOLUCA MEX[B]29
Cessna 172– fuselage only
GYEONGBUK AVIATION HIGH SCHOOL SKO[E]10 A paintball site at Calle Rio Viejo 5, 52747 San Antonio
Il‑103 now reported as this aircraft – corrects previous ABN. El Llanito, Toluca, México about 8 km east of the city.
(19.2778N 99.4978W)
Ilyushin Il‑103 04‑002 [0405]


Aircraft identified.
Canadair CL‑226 Freedom Fighter (NF‑5A) [Northrop N‑156A] 3051 Probably this aircraft – see previous ABN.
[3051] ex K‑3051 (Netherlands) Sud SA.316B Alouette III 396 [2396]


Correction. Identities now known.
Cessna 195A N195RS [7594] Sud SA.315B Lama ‘673’ [2576] ex E‑315
Sud SA.342L Gazelle ‘365’ [1882] ex AEE‑357
Lockheed 683‑10‑19 Starfighter (F‑104G) 62‑12336 [683D‑6035] MUSEO DE LA BASE AÉREA DE LATACUNGA
KOCAELI UNIVERSITY TU[E]19 Dassault Mirage 50EV FAE1054 ex 2353 (Venezuela)
Lockheed 683‑10‑19 Starfighter (F‑104G) Dassault Mirage F.1JA FAE812

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UK SCENE: Steven Wells
FOREIGN REVIEW: David Woods, 15 Swallowfield, Great Holm, Milton Keynes MK8 9BH

Abbreviations used in this section: July

* Overshoots # Night Stopped 1. 86-0419 C-130H Oh ANG/164AS RCH243
n/n Not Noted u/m Unmarked Departed on the 3rd
el Emergency Landing $ Overflight 87-9281 C-130H Oh ANG/164AS RCH165
l Loan Aircraft £ Flythrough Departed on the 3rd
f/n First Noted dep Departed 5. 87-9287 # C-130H Oh ANG/164AS RCH323
arr arrived fp Flypast 87-9283 # C-130H Oh ANG/164AS RCH420
a/t Airtest c/v Conversion Both departed on the 7th
cf Crew Ferry 7. ZZ417 # Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7420
8. ZZ417 Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7420
Airfield Codes 62-3513 # KC-135R Me NG/132ARS RCH100
EGAA Aldergrove EGUO Colerne f/v
EGDC Chivenor EGUW Wattisham 9. ZZ417 Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7420
EGDL Lyneham EGVF Fleetlands 10. 04-4132 # C-17A 305/514AMW RCH732
EGDM Boscombe Down EGVN Brize Norton f/v
EGDO Predannack EGVO Odiham 20. 168068/QB KC-130J VMGR-352
EGDR Culdrose EGVP Middle Wallop Departed on the 22nd
EGDY Yeovilton EGWC Cosford 27. ZZ417 Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7420
EGHF (Lee-on-)Solent EGWE Henlow
14Sqn Shadow R.1 Training Flights/Movements
EGHG Yeovil EGWU Northolt
EGHQ Newquay EGXC Coningsby
7. 13:45 – arrived from EGXW RRR7420
EGMH Manston EGXD Dishforth
EGXE Leeming 17:09 – Training flight – returned 18:29 RRR7420
EGNO Warton
EGXP Scampton 8. 10:47 – departed to EGNT RRR7420
EGNR Hawarden
EGOS Shawbury EGXT Wittering ZZ418
EGOV Valley EGXU Linton-on-Ouse 1. RRR7421
EGOW Woodvale EGXV Leconfield 7. 12:45 – Training flight – returned 14:35 RRR7421
EGPF Glasgow EGXW Waddington 8. 12:45 – Training flight – returned 14:35 RRR7421
EGPK Prestwick EGYD Cranwell 11. 22:34 – departed- returned 00:34 RRR7420
EGQL Leuchars EGYE Barkston Heath 13. 15:08 – departed to EGXW – returned 18:12 RRR7421
EGQM Boulmer EGYM Marham 16. 20:30 – Training flight – returned 22:45 RRR7421
EGQS Lossiemouth EGYP Mount Pleasant 17. 18:20 – Training flight – returned 20:09
EGSY St Athan KEDW Edwards AFB
EGTC Cranfield KNBC MCAS Beaufort
1. 13:31 – departed to EGXW – returned 16:58 RRR7420
EGTF Fairoaks KNID China Lake
2. 10:51 – Training flight – returned 12:35 RRR7420
EGTK Kidlington LCRA Akrotiri
8. 12:45 – Training flight RRR7421
EGUB Benson OAKN Kandahar
11. 13:37 – departed to EGKB – returned 16:48 RRR7421
17. 10:06 – Training flight – returned 12:18 RRR7420
Airfield Reports
18:15 – Training flight – returned 20:15 RRR7421
22. No Movements
Barton Airfield (EGCB) – with thanks to Paul Crellin
Noted here on 8/7 were a couple of Apache AH.1s from Wattisham, ZZ504
ZJ189 and ZJ197, using callsigns Machete 1 and 2. Their serials were 6. 15:02 – departed to EGXW – returned 15:47 RRR7420
confirmed on landing as ASDB showed them as ZJ194 and ZJ197;
both also landed at Bolton Royal Hospital. Biggin Hill (EGKB) – with thanks to Nigel Burch
Belfast City (EGAC) – with thanks to 2. WG486/E Chipmunk T.10 BoBMF Chippy 90
July 024 C-295M PolAF/8BLTr PLF048
7. ZZ418 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7421 10. 282 PC-12NG IAC/104Sqn IRL282
ZJ186 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt ⎫Hunter
Belfast International (EGAA) – with thanks to ZJ204 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt ⎭1 & 2
June 30. 0454 C-295 Czech AF CEF649
26. 00-0171 # C-17A 3WG/517AS RCH302
ZZ419 # Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7420 Birmingham Airport (EGBB) – with thanks to BHX Blog
ZZ417 # Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7421 June
27. ZZ417 # Shadow R.1 14Sqn 23. ZE700 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOR99
28. ZZ417 # Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7420 25. ZZ175 # Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6882
29. ZZ418 # Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7421 G-VYGK # A330 AirTanker AWC330P
ZZ417 Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7420 27. ZM419 f/v Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR4997
30. ZZ418 # Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7421 29. ZM419 *×4 Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 459
ZZ419 # Shadow R.1 14Sqn RRR7420
Base Notes 2. ZZ174 *×3 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR816
The 14Sqn Shadows took part in training flights during their stay. 7. ZE708 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn KRF53

AUG.1332 AUG.1332
9. ZZ331 Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2897/2166 501 C-130H ROAF/16Sqn MJN290
13. ZZ525 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Valiant 61 Departed on the 20th
ZM508 o/f Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 58 24. ZM335 Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 46
14. ZZ525 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Valiant 62 166377 # C-37B VR-1 VV104
ZM510 o/f Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 75 25. ZM335 Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 32
15. ZZ178 *×2 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR812 ZM336 Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 36
16. GZ100 AW-109SP 32[TR]Sqn NOH23 ZZ410 * Wildcat AH.1 652Sqn Recon 21
18. ZZ178 arr Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6683 28. ZM411 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn Comet 458
20. ZZ174 arr Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6687 ZJ134/S Merlin HC.4 846NAS Commando 054
ZZ177 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6628 ZM335 Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 47
22. ZZ171 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6656 505 C-130J ROAF/16Sqn MJN291
23. G-VYGK # A330 AirTanker TOW334 Departed on the 30th
29. XX162 * Hawk T.1 CAM BDN20
30. ZM525 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 70
20. ZZ174 was a Brize Norton diversion due to runway closures.
ZK553 * Chinook HC.6 Odiham Wg SHF495
Blackpool Airport (EGNH)
RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) – with thanks to MAR
7. ZM312 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 86
1. ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1541
10. ZM304 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 86
2. ZK554 Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF532
ZM306 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 73
50+83 C-160D GAF/LTG63 GAF601
14. ZM312 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 72
14+06 Global 6000 GAF/FBS GAF630
ZM302 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 88
G-ETPM * DA-42 ETPS Tester 04
ZM308 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 87
3. ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1661
16. ZM525 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 109
XW199/A Puma HC.2 Benson Wg
ZM507 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 125
XW235/Q Puma HC.2 Benson Wg
Also noted at Fulwood Barracks, Preston
Arrived as air freight
ZM509 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 77
G-FPLD King Air 200 Thales CLB716
Also noted at Lancashire Police HQ, Hutton
4. ZZ394 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11
ZM532 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 45
ZZ512 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 12
22. ZM525 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 135
14+03 Global 5000 GAF/FBS GAF630
5. OO-LUM Falcon 7X BD/15Wg BAF85
Bournemouth Airport (EGHH) – with thanks to CASPG E-Mail
7. XX162 * Hawk T.1 CAM Gauntlet 20
XW204 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF306
2. ZG996 * Defender AL.1 651Sqn AAC522
01-0188 C-17A NY ANG/137AS RCH155
7. ZJ123/G * Merlin HC.4 846NAS Commando 58
Departed on the 13th
10. XW216/G * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF281
8. ZA712 * Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF280
ZZ531 * Wildcat HMA.2 815NAS Martlet 1
XW237/R Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Warlock 1
11. ZH004 * Defender T.3 651Sqn AAC521
ZJ956/Y Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Warlock 2
ZH003 * Defender AL.2 651Sqn AAC523
177702 CC-177 CF/429Sqn CFC3613
12. XX177 Hawk T.1 RAFAT
09-0017 C-32A 89AW/1AS SAM 18
XX242, XX245, XX311 & XX325 XX219 Hawk T.1A
Departed on the 13th
XX278, XX322 & XX323
9. ZH896 * Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF250
15. ZZ511 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Valiant 62
XX162 * Hawk T.1 CAM Gauntlet 22
ZZ410 * Wildcat AH.1 652Sqn Recon 22
10. XW216 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF281
ZZ407 * Wildcat AH.1 652Sqn Spear 25
11. A39-007 KC-30A RAAF/33Sqn ASY305
16. ZM416 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn Comet 452
Departed on the 13th
17. G-ETPI * A-109E QinetiQ ETP87
CT-02 A400M BD/15Wg BAF642
ZZ526 * Wildcat AH.1 652Sqn Spear 25
ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1669/1205
18. ZZ527 * Wildcat AH.1 652Sqn Recon 22
Departed on the 14th

C-32A 09-0017 of 89 AW/1 AS callsign ‘Sam 18’ at Brize Norton on 12 June 2021. (James Ronayne)

CL-604 Challenger C-080 of Esk 721/Royal Danish Air Force, callsign ‘DAF1431’ at Cambridge on 3 June 2021. (Colin Johnson)

14. XW216 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF301 24. ZH879 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn MCE02
15. ZE708 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1677 Departed from MADG
ZA712 * Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF266 ZZ523 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Carbon 09
ZZ504 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Serpent 54 25. G-988 C-130H KLu/336Sqn NAF78
16. ZA684 * Chinook HC.6A Odiham Wg SHF533 G-781 C-130H KLu/336Sqn NAF70
ZH896 * Chinook HC.6A Odiham Wg SHF566 Departed from MADG
10-0053 * CV-22B 352SOW/7SOS Knife 71 28. 8T-CB C-130K Austrian AF ASF01
17. ZJ197 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Hydra 3
XX285 * Hawk T.1 736NAS Kraken 44 Cardiff Airport (EGFF) – with thanks to South Wales Aviation Group
18. XX285 * Hawk T.1 736NAS Kraken 44 June
129 * Falcon 10MER FN/57S FNY5575 26. 165835 C-40A VR-57 CNV835
21. 168981 C-40A VR-59 CNV4618 28. ZJ787 * AS.365N3 658Sqn Hammer 11
23. ZZ394 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 12 ZJ783 * AS.365N3 658Sqn Hammer 18
ZZ512 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11 30. ZJ121/E * Merlin HC.3 845NAS Jungly 22
168981 C-40A VR-59 CNV4618 July
24. ZK557 * Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF399 2. ZK023/N * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 29
10-0052 * CV-22B 352SOW/7SOS Knife 71 ZK031/FG * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 29
UR-82060 An-225 Antonov Airlines ADB3859/359F ZK021/O * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 36
XW231/N Puma HC.2 Benson Wg 6. 165832 C-40A VR-58 Convoy 4752
ZA935/S Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Departed on the 8th
ZJ955/X Puma HC.2 Benson Wg 7. ZH875 *×3 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR109
Arrived from Afghanistan as air freight in the An-225 8. 165833 C-40A VR-59 CNV4792
168981 C-40A VR-59 CNV4618 Departed on the 10th
25. OO-LUM Falcon 7X BD/15Wg BAF87 CT-02 A400M BD/15Wg BAF646
28. XW216 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF246 12. 165833 C-40A VR-59 CNV4792
29. F-RADB A310-304 FrAF/ET3/60 CTM1071 Departed on the 20th to LIRN
30. XX162 * Hawk T.1 CAM Gauntlet 22 15. 84-0083 C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 21
ZH898 Chinook HC.5 18Sqn SHF558 17. 168068 K C-130J VMGR-352 Ranger 81
Departed on the 19th
Cambridge Airport (EGSC) – with thanks to Stuart Clarke 18. 165159 # C-130T VR-54 CNV3003
June 19. 165833 # C-40A VR-59 CNV4079
3. 8T-CC C-130K Austrian AF MCE01 Departed on the 20th at 9:09 to LIRN; arrived back at 15:26
Arrived to MADG 22. ZH871 * Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR143
C-080 CL-604 RDAF/Esk 721 DAF1431 ZM333 Phenom T.1 1FTS CWL 43
7. G-781 C-130H KLu/336Sqn NAF73 25. 163591 C-130T VR-55 CNV3919
Arrived to MADG 26. 165835 # C-40A VR-57 CNV7974
G-273 C-130H KLu/336Sqn NAF29 27. ZH866 * Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR150
8. 281 PC-12NG IAC/104Sqn IRL281 166694 C-40A V-94 CNV4734
8T-CC a/t C-130K Austrian AF MCE05
10. 8T-CC a/t C-130K Austrian AF MCE05 RAF Coningsby (EGXC) – with thanks to
16. 5629 C-130J-30 RNorAF/335Skv NOW335D June
8T-CC a/t C-130K Austrian AF MCE05 2. ZJ935/WS-G Typhoon FGR4 2Sqn Typhoon 50
18. 8T-CB C-130K Austrian AF ASF01 Departed to Lossiemouth
21. ZM524 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS 64 ZJ919/WS-L Typhoon FGR4 6Sqn Typhoon 44
22. 041 Falcon 20 RNorAF/717Skv NOW7171 Departed to Lossiemouth
5601 C-130J-30 RNorAF/335Skv NOW335E ZK310 Typhoon FGR4 11Sqn Typhoon 49
Departed from MADG Departed to Lossiemouth
23. ZH868 a/t Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn MCE01 3. ZM321 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 88

7. ZM336 * Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 43 17. ZZ418 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD48
9. XX311 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 5 22. ZZ504 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD54
10. XX242 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 2 25. ZZ504 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD54
XX325 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 10 28. ZZ418 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD48
XX245 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 7 XX339 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 11
15. 83-0495 C-12D USE Oslo Dragon 11 ZM321 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH36
21. ZK022/M Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 04 29. ZM321 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH36
22. ZK364 Typhoon FGR4 11Sqn RFR9511/512 30. ZZ504 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD54
ZK352 Typhoon FGR4 11Sqn ZM306 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 95
Departed to Estonia and returned ZM313 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 77
28. ZK368 Typhoon FGR.4 2Sqn LOS17 ZM301 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH36
Arrived for TMF
ZK425 # Typhoon FGR.4 LOS 17 Duxford Airfield (EGSU) – with thanks to Stuart Clark
29. ZM312 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 67 June
30. ZK562 Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF397 Noted here on 2/6 was 3/4Regt Apache AH.1 ZJ198, callsign AA320.
Departed to Donna Nook, returned and departed again
XW214 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF242 East Midlands Airport (EGNX) – with thanks to John Smith
RAF Cranwell (EGYD) – with thanks to Waddo-Area-Spotters 2. ZZ341 # Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2135
June 13. ZM333 * Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 43
14. ‘XE688’ Hunter T.72 HHA Scampton 33 ZM337 * Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 39
16. ZJ215 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Nemesis 1 18. ZZ333 Voyager KC.3 10/101Sqn RRR2301
ZJ208 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Prowler 1 G-VYGL A330 AirTanker RRR2153
ZJ188 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Prowler 2
18. XW209 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF346 Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) – with thanks to
25. ZH004 Defender T.3 651Sqn AAC522 June
23. ZE700 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH99
The following were noted during the month 24. ZZ175 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR808
3FTS Prefect T.1 ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH35
ZM304/04 ZM306/06 ZM312/12 ZM313/13 ZM315/15 26. 05-0597 U-28A 318SOS RCH1018
45Sqn Phenom T.1 05-0446 U-28A 318SOS RCH1016
ZM337 04-0688 U-28A 319SOS RCH1020
All departed on the 28th
The Prefects now wear the last two numbers of their serial on the tail. 28. 13-5770 MC-130J 352SOW/67SOS RCH1030
Noted during June, including Barkston Heath based Prefects: ZZ175 *×2 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR816
45Sqn Phenom T.1 30. ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH12
ZM333 ZM335 ZM336 ZM337 July
3FTS Prefect T.1 13. ZM335 * Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 30
ZM300 ZM301 ZM302 ZM304 ZM305 ZM306 ZM307 14. GZ100 A-109SP 32[TR]Sqn NOH22
ZM308 ZM310 ZM311 ZM312 ZM313 ZM314 ZM315 ZM333 * Phenom T.1 45Sqn CWL 50
ZM316 ZM317 ZM318 ZM