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Lucent Technologies 5E-XC High Capacity Switching

5ESS (5ESS-2000) Switch

The new 5E-XC (expanded capacity 5ESS-2000) Applications portfolio
offers significantly expanded capacity and enhanced capabilities to the
5ESS switch. With 5E-XC (expanded capacity 5ESS-2000) hardware and
software applications, you can profitably grow wireline or wireless
business, and migrate to a more efficient IP network architecture by
building on existing infrastructure. These new applications can help you
cost-effectively migrate to converged voice and data networks while
facilitating new revenue-generating services. Lucent Technologies has
applied the latest Bell Laboratories innovations to the 5ESS switch to
create this added performance and a powerful platform to help you
respond to increased traffic demands and the need to implement next-
generation network services. Our switching platforms are flexible,
scalable and reliable. From the packet-ready 5E-XC (expanded capacity
5ESS-2000) High Capacity Switch to the 5ESS Very Compact Digital
Exchange (VCDX) and BZ5000 switches, switching products help you deploy cost-effective,
revenue-generating solutions for specific network requirements.

The 5E-XC applications provide the capacity and converged networking capabilities that exisitng
networks need to implement Lucent's Accelerate Voice over IP solutions to rapidly deliver next-
generation services that enterprises and consumers want.

Value description

New 5E-XC (expanded capacity 5ESS-2000) applications can help you significantly reduce
operating expenses and increase opportunities to generate revenues. Modular hardware upgrades
and software enhancements build on the proven platform of highly reliable and widely deployed
5ESS switch, the only switch to achieve 99.9999 percent availability for six consecutive years.
These improvements, engineered by Bell Labs, deliver higher switching capacity and a ten-fold
increase in the number of trunks per cabinet while using less space and power than before.
Service Rich Software facilitates the introduction of new applications and services, without the
cost of a switch retrofit. With the 5E-XC (expanded capacity 5ESS-2000) applications portfolio,
you can leverage current technology and be ready to respond to opportunities presented by new
technologies. This allows you to conserve capital while managing higher traffic levels and
satisfying customer demands for expanded voice and data services.

Proven Platform

The reliability of the 5ESS switch design is proven every day on approximately 6'000 host
switches in more than 66 countries. According to analyses in U.S. FCC quality reports, the 5ESS
switch is the only switch that has achieved 99.9999 percent availability for six consecutive years.
The unique architecture of the 5ESS switch enables modular upgrades and implementation of
multiple services on one switch, providing strong economies of scale in training, management,
and spares. The switch uses industry standard interfaces to ensure interoperability. Fully
functioning Standalone Remote Switches (SRS), including the Remote Line Unit (RLU), can be
located up to 2'000 miles from the host switch. As a result, you can pursue business and network
strategies without locking company into a specific technology and without interrupting current

Higher Capacity

5E-XC (expanded capacity 5ESS-2000) High Capacity Switching can help you reduce operating
costs by up to 50% by:

nearly tripling the physical capacity of the 5ESS switch from 92'000 telephone trunks to
256'000 trunks
more than tripling the current processing capacity of the 5ESS switch, reaching up to 2.5
million Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA)
helping reduce y operating expenses by up to 50%

By adding a Communications Module 3 (CM3), High Speed Signaling Links and the Service
Rich Software, the modular, flexible and scalable architecture of the 5ESS switch allows
increased capacity while lowering operating costs. So you can manage long distance, dial-up IP
services and burgeoning wireless traffic without the expense of multiple switches or

Optical Transport

5E-XC (expanded capacity 5ESS-2000) High Speed Trunking brings OC-3 capability to the
5ESS switch with the addition of a new Optical Interface Unit (OIU). The OIU provides a 10-
fold increase in the number of trunks per cabinet - up to 120'000 - and flattens transport network.
5E-XC High Speed Trunking will be IP network compatible with the addition of IP circuit and
signaling cards, which are expected to be available at the end of 2003. So you can continue to
serve all of customers while you converge on a single IP network for voice and data services.

Flexible, service-enabling software

New 5E-XC Service Rich Software helps enable greater 5ESS switch capacity. It reduces
software upgrade costs and speeds the introduction of new services through eight biannual
feature releases. Each feature release will be automatically available to all customers retrofitting
to the 5E-XC (expanded capacity 5ESS-2000) Service Rich Software and will offer immediate
go-to-market advantages to gain new revenue from high demand service offerings.

New Applications

5E-XC (expanded capacity 5ESS-2000) Service Rich Software, along with Enhanced Business
Services (EBS), enables a new set of services and enhancements to existing services. These new
capabilities can help you increase share of the enterprise market by enabling you to offer highly
competitive IP network-based contact centers and IP Centrex services that include Internet
desktops, call and presence management, instant messaging and Web-based customer contact.
Enhancements to the most popular existing services are available for both consumer and
enterprise markets in areas such as call forwarding, voice mail, call waiting and call transfer.

To learn more about the products and services that enable the 5E-XC applications that can boost
capacity, increase revenue, and reduce costs - all while providing a cost effective IP migration
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