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Entry Test

Name and surname: ____________________

I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses (Past Simple or Past Continuous):

I _____________ (shop) in town last Saturday when I _______________ (start) to feel

hungry. So I ______________ (go) into a Burger Bar and ordered a Coca and an apple
pie. The place was very busy, so I ______________ (sit) down next to a good-looking
guy. He ________________ (read) a motorcycle magazine.
While I _________________ (sit) there with my Coca, I noticed the guy suddenly pick up
my apple pie and take a bite! Then, while I ________________ (try)to think of something
to say to him, he ________________ (do) it again! So I _________________ (stand) up
and started shouting at him. I was really angry.
While I _________________ (shout) at this guy, a waitress arrived at our table. She
____________________ (carry) my apple pie on a tray! ' You ______________ (forget)
this, Madam.....' she said. I was so embarressed! Luckily, the guy _______________ (think)
it was funny and we both laughed. And we laughed about it again the next day, while we
_____________ (have) dinner together. 14p./

II. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses (Present Simple or Present Continuous):

1. She always ______________ (eat) her lunch at one o'clock.

2. They _________________ (do) their homework now.
3. I _________________ (watch) TV at the moment.
4. The capital of Poland ______________ (be) Warsaw.
5. He never ________________ (go) to school on Sunday.
6. Look! Your dog ________________ (eat) my sandwich. 6p./

III. Put the verbs into the Present Perfect Tense:

1. Are they still having dinner? No, they __________________ (finish).

2. I _________________ (buy) some new shoes. Do you want to see them?
3. Is Tom here? No, he __________________ (go) to work.
4. ___________ you ___________ (do) the shopping?
5. Where's your key? I don't know. I __________________ (lose) it.
6. Look! Somebody ___________________ (break) that window.
7. Your house looks different. __________ you _____________ (paint) it?
8. I can't find my umbrella. Somebody __________________ (take) it.
9. I'm looking for Sarah. Where ____________ she ___________ (go)?
10. Do you want the newspaper? No, thanks. I ________________ (read) it. 10p./

IV. Zero or First Conditional:

1. If you ______________ (say) that again, I _______________ (scream).

2. It ________________ (be) good if he ___________________ (get) the job.
3. If CDs ______________ (become) very hot, they _______________ (melt).
4. If you __________________(not know) English, you can't _____________(get) some jobs.
5. We _______________ (need) some money if we _______________ (go) out tonight.


V. Tranform the following active sentences into passive ones:

1. Somebody called the fire brigade. ____________________________________________

2. People often prefer coffee for breakfast. _______________________________________
3. People make mistakes sometimes. ____________________________________________
4. John broke Mary's new vase. ________________________________________________
5. The commanders ordered an attack at dawn. ____________________________________

VI. Transform the following direct speech sentences into reported speech sentences:

1. 'I work for a small publishing company'.

Jonh said _______________________________________________________________
2. 'I am their marketing manager'.
Beth says _______________________________________________________________
3. 'I am going to work in Spain next year'.
Mary said ______________________________________________________________
4. 'I don't want to speak to him'.
Emily says _____________________________________________________________
5. 'I am feeling ill'.
Tom said _______________________________________________________________

VII. Adjectives – comparative and superlative:

far - _________________________ - ______________________________

intelligent - __________________________ - __________________________
easy - _______________________ - ______________________________
bad - ______________________ - _____________________________
wide - ______________________ - ______________________________
hot - ______________________ - __________________________ 6p./

VIII. Combine the sentences by using a relative pronoun – who, which/that, whose:

1. A DVD player is a machine. It shows films.

2. Shakespeare was a writer. His plays include Hamlet and Macbeth.
3. A pianist is a person. He plays the piano.
4. A cow is an animal. It eats grass.

Points: 55 Total: _________ Teachers: ________________