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Since the early days of the 2012 theories when David Wilcock was channeling an entity named “Ra”

people were told

that 2012 was really all about enlightenment. This idea is the one we are supposed to believe I think, Yes I know, this
is a bit of an insult to those who think that they have uncovered the idea that 2012 was really about a “consciousness
shift” or “spiritual evolution” as opposed to some doomsday situation through their diligent research. Well, I’m sorry
to burst your bubble, but this has been the line even back when 2012 ‘enlightenment’ was supposed to have occurred
in 2000 (it was pushed back after it didn’t happen). Nowadays, it would be very difficult to find a 2012 website that
doesn’t make a claim similar to the following: ‘Many people think 2012 is about the end of the world, but that is what
stupid people think, we smart people know that it is really about a great cosmic shift in consciousness‘ Ok, they
might be a little more subtle than that. But what I am saying is that you only think your the only one who knows 2012
is supposed to be about spiritual evolution, this what what you were meant to think all along. The idea, if properly
presented, has many uses for a global government. One of which will be acceptance of the genocide of dissenters of
that new system. Im not saying the people behind promulgating the ideas are part of a secret cabal or anything (for
the most part anyway) in fact, I think they really do believe their sources, in Wilcock’s case his source is “Ra” and as
we will see, there are many types of “Ra’s” out there, and they are extremely concerned with getting those who are
willing to listen to them, to tell the world about this coming “enlightenment” in or around 2012.

The idea is that the planet is due for a change in consciousness, they say its a spiritual evolution. Some say it will be
physical as well as spiritual shift. They offer various pseudo scientific reasons for this happening, most of them if
pressed, will default to a variation of the following to explain why we are to expect a spiritual evolution: That a
vibrational change, which is supposed to be due to the solar system entering a certain nebula in or around 2012, will
cause us to raise our “vibration” and thus change to new spiritual beings.

I covered this theory in depth in my video “Michael Tsarion is Wrong 2009 a Debunkumentary” Where I found that
not only are we moving away from the star system where this nebula supposedly is, but to suggest that the solar
system passes through anything at all as a result of the 26,000 year precession cycle requires a fundamental
misunderstanding of the precession cycle, which has nothing to do with the solar system’s position in the galaxy and
therefore could never tell you when the solar system was going to enter a nebula, no matter how well you understand
it. It simply does not, and never will have anything to do with that. And even if they meant to tell us that they were
referring to the 250 million year cycle of the solar system’s revolution around the galaxy instead of the 26k
precession cycle, then in addition to all the problems with the precession version of enlightenment (i.e moving away
from the proposed nebula as well as literally no astronomical data that says we will be entering into any nebula at all,
especially not in 2012) you also are expecting people to believe that nebulas somehow are made up of captured light
particles as opposed to dust, gas, and plasma, which is a logical fallacy in itself, as light by its nature is moving rather
rapidly and doesn’t gather in nebulas or anywhere else, and even this is assuming that nebulas are somehow known to
cause spiritual enlightenment, but there is absolutely no reason to think this, even if they were made up of light,
which they are not. The whole thing is based on logical impossibilities. And if someone tries to appeal to secret
“ancient knowledge” to validate this they are usually doing so using some variation of the 26k precession cycle,
because to the best of my knowledge, there is no indication that any ancients were aware of the 250 million year
cycle of the solar system around the galactic center. And even if they did know about it, it would be illogical to
expect that things would be the same from one revolution to the next, as the life span of a nebula is at the most
several 100’s of thousands of years, and one revolution around the galaxy takes us 250 million years to complete. To
put it simply, you cant expect a nebula to be there when you get back.
What I find the most fascinating is that most of the time people are not requiring anyone to explain to them why they
should expect this consciousness shift. It has almost become the background noise of the new age movement, and as
such has been taken as truth, just because they have heard it repeated so often. They are content to take these snake
oil salesman at their word. I realize that in some cases it is presented in such a way, using big words and detailed
graphs that look very scientific, That it is easy to be sucked in, I once was, and although people dont understand the
“science”, they feel that the reason they don’t understand it is that they aren’t smart enough to, which makes them
believe the salesman is exceedingly brilliant because he apparently does, which builds trust in that person “that guy
knows everything”. the fact is, the salesmen themselves probably haven’t been given many details about the
mechanics of all this “shifting” either, remember its coming from their…sources, Yeah, so lets look at these sources
for a moment.

Channeling, and other forms of direct contact with the “spirit world” have been the primary way that this idea has
come down to us. I have already mentioned David Wilcock and “Ra”. Ra, who apparently takes over Wilcock’s body
from time to time thinks the exact same way as other entities who take over other peoples bodies all over the world.
The only difference seems to be that the entities will claim to be different things to different people in other words,
they tend to lie. Most of the time they claim to either be aliens from other planets, Pleadians, or Greys, sometimes
they claim to be “ascended masters” from this planet, or light beings, or angels, or even just plain regular dead
people. They definitely play to the the person paradigm.

I would have the reader notice at this point that some of these claims are mutually exclusive, that is to say that it
appears that although the message is exactly the same, which suggest a relationship, what they tell the humans about
what they are is sometimes vastly different. This should be a red flag in my opinion, that the idea is not coming from
the most honest of entities, whatever they may be. Here is a typical example of the message from these beings. in this
example she is in contact with “star people”.

“So you may be wondering then, why I am creating a 2012 Blog! I was asked during an alien channeling in Boynton
Canyon, Sedona, AZ, late in the night, then nudged during meditations back at home in Oakland, CA, then told with
loud clarity while driving through an amazingly strong vortex by the Trinity River, CA, and now since I didn’t take
the other 3 blatant hints, I am being PUSHED to do so NOW! Alright already – I’m doin’ it! And, actually, I am
happy and excited back it, because it just feels like the timing is perfect. Also, I have notice so many people getting
worked up about gloom and doom with 2012, I feel it is part of my mission to raise awareness. 2012 is certainly not a
catastrophic event ~ rather a beautiful, highly enlightening shift to a high vibrational acceleration into very high
dimensions! It is – Ascension at its all time Best!”

There are literally hundreds of such cases, each one feeling obligated to share this message to the world after their
supernatural encounters. in fact much of the enlightenment movement was started by people who admit their work is
in some cases dictated directly to them from their entities. Take David Icke for example, one of the best known
proponents of a coming “spiritual awakening” in 2012, his own testimony is one of “extra dimensional entities”
telling him to write books on this. he claims that much of his early research was given to him directly from them. the
same is true with the birth of the new age movement itself through H.P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey who claim to
have been given their teachings by “ascended masters” (humans who apparently have achieved this state of

For those that haven’t actually channeled any entities, or had the displeasure of being abducted and indoctrinated by
one, there are many that simply consult the spirit world with tarot cards, or some other means of getting information
from spirits, The fact is, this whole idea has been given to us by the spirit world, almost without exception, and the
most intriguing thing about it to me is that the spirit world either knows very little about astronomy and science, yet
feels obligated to tell us what they think they know about it, OR they have another agenda that we haven’t figured out
yet about 2012 and enlightenment, and it is necessary to lie about who or what they are for some reason.

So how will this idea of spiritual enlightenment lead to genocide? Very easily given the proper circumstances. It is
my belief that the proper circumstances are in fact being planned, I understand that what I am about to say seems
impossible at the moment, but i think that the world will be a very different place by 2012, and many weird things
will be engineered to happen between now and then. This will be because there is an agenda that will greatly benefit
from the masses believing themselves to be bucking the old system in favor of a new spiritually enlightened one.

First lets look at some verbiage associated with the supposed coming enlightenment. Notice especially the view of
those who do not wish to be enlightened, or those that simply will be unable to advance to the higher level like
everyone else. There is a lot of talk of the need to be eliminate one group in order for the rest of the world to progress
into this new promised spiritual utopia.

Michael Tsarion:
“and that the end date of two thousand twelve signals major changes positively for consciousness again, as I repeat
before you can have the light or when you have a bright light the first thing you notice is the dirt.”

The survivors are those who can adjust their consciousnesses and mentality to the nonviolent movement of nature and
synchronize their psyches with the universal metatheme. Having the fates conspire to auger in cataclysmic external
and internal events in order to undermine the rotten edifice that we stand worshipping, and bring it crashing down
around us.

As this photonic light gradually intensifies most people’s consciousnesses are going to rebel as we all do when a
bright light is shined in our face, we turn away and cover our eyes we may even strike out at those holding the light
towards us.

Those few who can face this light and who are prepared for it will be guided, given their healing, and able to live
their dreams. But these few will have to be deeply able to understand what’s happening to those around them in order
to be defended against the worst effects of this the irregular but radical change.” Michael Tsarion

David Icke, a person who also thinks the 26k cycle somehow will passes us through a light nebula says:

“Then we can go into stage two which is the incredible consciousness shift which is going to happen, and is
happening for man people already but it can happen for everybody IF we open up to the knowledge of whats going on
and to do that the edifice oppression must go.

…..And the second is not going to happen for many people, unless we remove the edifice of suppression,
cause most people are going to think ‘What the heck is going on?’ and they’re going through this great change in a
complete fog of what’s happening: FEAR, ‘Oh My Goodness, what’s happening!!’
Two things to do here: One is to start focussing on how the world is controlled, identifying it, removing it. Secondly,
than we can concentrate on the transformation spiritually that is unfolding unto the year 2012 and beyond.”

A random channeling session I pulled from the internet said:

There is an extraordinary Divine Alchemy also happening with your planet and humanity as it experiences this
karmic transmutation. The roots of a new human evolution are taking hold. Through the changes that will occur in
your lives and in your world over the next years, a human society of Oneness will indeed be birthed. If there is no
change, no upheaval which causes the old ways and systems to be evaluated and dispensed with, then no evolution is

Also notice the reasons given why we need to evolve from the spiritual state we are currently in. Its more of the tired
old line that all the problems of the world were caused by religions and that religions, especially the christian one, is
the greatest enemy of enlightenment. This is an idea which I explain in my video “Religious Wars Fact or Fiction?”
that is also a piece to this complicated web of indoctrination we are going through. The sum of the video is that it was
never true believers of any religions that caused wars, but instead it was governments who through controlling
education systems, perverted religious teachings so they could get their people to fight wars for them. In fact, thats
the reason why the bible was kept from Christians for 1000’s of years after Rome took over Christianity, because true
christian teaching has literally no place for anything but absolute peace and love for your enemies, and that concept is
not good for governments that love war.

So I will now stop beating around the bush and tell you what I think is going to happen and how it will lead to
genocide. Keep in mind this is my opinion, and I am still working on it, and I am sure that many of the details I
propose about how we get there will be wrong but we will get there.

A major war will be set up by those who have the power to make that kind of thing happen. I think there will be an
effort to make this war seem like the same war prophesied at the end of bible, in order to give credibility to their next
move. There will also be, before that, an effort in the coming years to make a man seem like the biblical anti-christ.
They will make it look like he has made a peace agreement with Israel and the whole bit. They will put him in charge
of some quasi global government, maby the UN or EU. This system and man will essentially be the “fall guy”. They
will be destroyed to make what comes after them seem like the prophesied utopia.

The culmination of this system will be a nasty war in the midst of terrible economic devastation. Basically everything
that can be engineered to go wrong will be going wrong at that time. It is my belief that this will be around 2012. At a
specific time, possibly even a very specific time, I.E. December 21, 2012 but it doesnt have to be it could just be
close to that date. an event will happen that will activate all the years of indoctrination that we have been subjected to.

The following could happen a number of ways, but many things will be accomplished with it. I have hypothesized in
the past that it could be done with a false alien manifestation where we are saved from ourselves just in the nick of
time by them, and I still think it will have something to do with this I.E. “Extra Terrestrials.” One of the reasons is
because it would also activate some of our other programing at the same time, namely that we have been, in the same
manner as 2012, taught to think that aliens existence equals no God, and so it would help us go into the new system
united with a new belief about our origins as well as a worldwide rejection of God (this will be important later) , this
new religion will be one where man believes himself to be God, again activating years of latent programming. The
“aliens” will encourage this belief by telling us that we just aren’t evolved like them but that we too can be as gods
(like them) I will eat my hat if it is not claimed that they genetically created us, because that idea would finally give
evolutionist a way to temporarily explain the DNA code, (until someone asks “well who created their DNA”) The
DNA code currently frustrates an honest evolutionist because the code betrays design. This would also be the best
possible solution to national sovereignty problems that a world government has had,as we would willingly give up
our flags and constitutions as we would now believe ourselves to be a part of a new galactic family, making national
sovereignty obsolete. There is one more ingredient that will be added to the mix, this is the one that you will, if you
understand Theosophy, know that any utopia cant be complete without I.E the World Teacher.
In addition to the stated objectives, as early as 1889 Blavatsky purportedly had told a group of Theosophical students
that the real purpose of establishing the Society was to prepare humanity for the reception of the World Teacher when
he appeared again on earth. This was repeated again more publicly by Annie Besant in 1896, five years after
Blavatsky’s death. In Blavatsky’s own writings, the only reference to a similar idea indicated that it would not be for
at least a century.

The world will believe that an ancient avatar or god has returned to save them from themselves. He will possibly
claim a relationship of some sort to ET but he will most importantly have in some way destroyed the patsy antichrist.

This person will activate another program that we have been given by the propaganda machine, this one is part of
what is called the “externalization of the hierarchy”, which is the idea that many ages have seen an avatar come to
them at crucial junctures, and that they were all the same entity, like Buddah, Krishna and Jesus, they will say they
are all the “christ consciousness” I.E the same entity, this will seem to be a genuine god in the flesh, and we as a
planet will like it..a lot.

It is my belief that this man will in fact have many of the institutional churches convinced that he is the same Christ
as the the 1st century Christ. and that the reason all the pieces dont match up precisely is because the bible was in
error. After all he did destroy the antichrist, and he did save us from Armageddon, so he must be the Christ, only a
little different that we were expecting. The lukewarm churches will embrace his message totally as will the rest of the
world. and like Hitler after world war 1 and the treaty of Versailles, He will promise a brighter future than the one the
people have just witnessed one with no more wars. a new world order.

We will give him the reigns to this new technological utopia, but it is my belief that this will not be the end of bad
things, but the beginning of the worst time in the history of humanity, one where this impostor will force the world,
through technological means (possibly a chip), to worship him. and this is why in my opinion when the disciples of
the real Jesus asked him what his return would be like He started his answer with this:

Matthew 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

5For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

6And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass,
but the end is not yet.

My friends, every conceivable conspiracy has in some way or another been leading up to this event, it has all been
preparation for this, This is a spiritual war and there is a very powerful entity that wants to try to extract the worship
from every human on earth. For the first time he has the infrastructure to control people in such a way to do this. All
of the money systems, and geopolitics, and the police state buildup, and chemical poisoning of the planet, have all
played a role in preparing the world to be spiritually milked by this ancient cherub. But no matter how powerful he is,
he and all his demons are still subject to the lowliest christian who has been given total power over all dark spirits
because the real Christ has given it to them, even though most do not understand what they have., that is why it is
said ” the Spirit who lives in you [Christian] is greater than the spirit who lives in the world”. it is important to realize
this next part is true in order to understand the reason why the Anti-Christ will have to convince the world that
Christians must be systematically eliminated in the new utopia. The answer to that is found in the following verses:

Luke 10:19-20 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the
enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto
you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.

The Bible also talks about this final world system killing Christians by the untold millions for not worshiping this
false Christ. It has always been one of the hardest verses to understand in the bible for me, how could a world that
pretends to be so moral acquiesce to such a brutal genocide?, I thought we would have grown out of Genocides by
now, after seeing so many in the last century. The answer is that it wont be the same world. The next few years will
be a roller coaster ride of weirdness if I am correct.

It is also notable that most of the worlds religions can be reconciled to the idea of a guru messiah figure Islam
Hinduism Buddhism and the new age, it is only Christianity that have been warned about this scenario, and it will
serve as yet another reason that they will need to be made the public’s enemy. They simply cannot go along with the
new utopia. but you can be sure that the world will be told this resistance to the new utopia is because they ARE the
old system, and they are holding everyone back from the evolution they deserve.

Matthew 24:23-24
23Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it
were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.