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Arai Kasu Amman

I was having a practice of keeping some money in purse , some money in

watch pocket of pant and some money , pan card and a usb in a pouch in a
hand bag whenever I travel.
on Saturday 12 th during my last lap of Piligrimage to south India ,I
started for a visit to two of my relatives in velacchery. On getting in a cab,
I noticed I did not bring my hand bag and the daughter of host went up
and fetched my hand bag. On my way back on return in a cab ,I noticed
that pouch was missing from my hand bag. I returned to search all the
places where I have visited contacted the cabs I have hired but of no avail.
I was under tension as pan card was in the pouch. My wife prayed to Arai
kasu amman and returned home. LO !! what a surprise there pouch with
pan card was on the bed itself. What to say a sheer co incidence or a
miracle ?
As per vow we visited araikasu amman on tues day 15th to pay our puja to
There are four temples and no undil box there. Only donation for
annadanam accepted.

Vengappakkam Village (South Chennai)

One of the fast developing townships now in the suburbs of Chennai.With
Iyyappa nagar, Tagore Engg College, Lakshmi Kuberar Temple, Sri
Chakra Kali amman temple, shirdi sai baba mandir Arai Kasu amman
temple with 108 amman idols around in parikrama , Not too far from
Ramanujam Engineering college, Balaji Polytechnic, 2 Kms from Kandigai,

Arai Kasu Amman

India has many temples and our life style is also connected with our
Our big and famous temples have enough literature and money for their

My aim is to bring notice of the small temple near vandalur which are very
powerful and beautiful. I have visited them and got some real experience.

The original Araikkasu amman (also called Brigadhambal) koil is in

Pudukkottai, in a place called kokarneshwaram. She is called Arai kasu
Amman because the Tondaiman rulers of Pukkottai has a circular copper
coin with the image of Goddess Brhadambal seated on one side. This
'amman kasu" was minted first in 1738. See an old newspaper article for
more information on this:

The other Arai Kasu Amman temple that I visited is very close to
Vandaloor zoo on the national high way from Chennai. Turn left when you
reach the zoo and travel about 5 k.m.

Just as in the other temple in Pudukkottai, here too people believe that

when you have lost some thing or misplaced and cannot find pray to this
Amman and offer her jaggery (vellam in Tamil or gud in Hindi) or panagam.
Whatever you have lost you will get and when you get it you are supposed
to go the temple and give vellam, oil, or what ever you want to offer the

Actually after construction of kubera lakshmi temple in vandalur one day

they found that one of the ornaments of lord kubera was found
missing.henceforth people there belived in araikasu ammn and prayed to
her for the lost jewel.As expected araikasu amman helped them in findind
the jewel and this was the reason they erected an araikasu amman kovil in
vandaloor very near to kubera lakshmi temple...

Recover Lost Items or kaLeda vastu


kArtavIryArjunO nAma
rAjA bAhusahasravAn |

tasya smaraNamAtrENa
gataM naShTaM ca labhyatE ||

The rock cut cave Temple of Sri Kokarneswarar Brahadambal at

Thirukokarnam is of Mahendraverma Pallava's period. Pudukottai