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Purdue Student Government

Over 95 Years of Commitment to Purdue Students

Purdue Student Government

Position Application

• Please read this entire petition. Follow all directions. Please submit this cover sheet with your essay
responses attached. Keep the remaining sheet outlining position descriptions and duties for your reference.
• Please sign the Grade Release Waiver and Statement of Understanding on the back of this sheet and return
with completed application.
• The application is due Friday, April 22, 2011 at 5 PM in the PSG Office, STEW G-6.
• If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kelly O’Brien at

Please print neatly:

Full Name: ___________________________ Student I.D. Number: _____________ Birth date: ____________
Campus Address: _______________________________ Phone: ______________ E-mail: ________________
Classification: ________ Major: ____________________ Cumulative GPA: _______ Semester GPA: _______
Expected No. of semesters left at Purdue: ___________ Academic Hours next semester: _________________
Home Address: _________________________________ Home Phone: ___________________

Please rank the areas in which you are interested with 1 being the area you would like to serve in the most and
(up to) 5 being the area you would like to serve in the least. Please see the attached sheet for position

___ Programming
___ Government Relations
___ Student Organizational Outreach
___ Public Relations/Marketing
___ Strategic Planning and Assessment

Would you be willing to accept a semester-long internship to learn more about PSG? (Yes/No) _______

Important Notes
This petition is due in the Purdue Student Government office (STEW G-6) by 5 PM on Friday, April 22, 2011.
You will be notified of your progress in the application process by Tuesday, April 26, 2011. If you receive an
interview, you will be e-mailed your interview time and it will be your responsibility to confirm your
interview time. Please note, not everyone will receive an interview. Any conflicts or questions regarding
interviews or the application should be referred to Kelly O’Brien, at (618) 977-9563 or
Please be sure to read and sign the Grade Release Waiver and Statement of Understanding.
Grade Release Waiver

With my signature below, I give permission for the Office of the Dean of Students to release my current
number of credit hours, graduation index and previous semester index, including my academic standing,
to the student body officers.

Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ________________

Student I.D. Number: ______________________________

Statement of Understanding

If selected for an Executive Position, I agree to abide by and uphold all the responsibilities listed on the
following pages (“Minimum Requirements – Purdue Student Government Executive Position”) for the
position that I attain. If at any time I do not perform my duties, I understand that my immediate
supervisor may recommend my removal from my position, and that the Student Body President may also
recommend my removal from my position.

Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ________________

Purdue University • Stewart Center, Box 640 •128 Memorial Mall • West Lafayette, IN 47907-2034
Phone: 765.494.7201 • Fax: 765.494.3299 • E-mail:

Please type the answers to the following questions in Times New Roman, 12 point font, and double-spaced.
Print and attach your essays to the cover page. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. There is no
word minimum, but there is a word maximum of 200 words.

1. Please list all known extra-curricular activities and all other time commitments for the Fall 2011 and
Spring 2012 semesters. Please specify how much time you will be devoting to each commitment.

2. Please explain which area, of those listed above, you feel you are most qualified for and explain why.
Please include attributes, experiences, or education that make you uniquely qualified for this position.

3. As a second choice, please cite another area you believe would enable you to contribute the most to the
organization and explain why. Please include attributes, experiences, or education that make you
uniquely qualified for this position.

4. Explain your future educational or career goals.

5. Choose one issue that you believe to be important to the University. Explain how you would present this
idea to University administrators and implement the idea.

Position Descriptions

Have creativity with many types of programs for the Purdue Student Government. This job entails demonstrating
adequate management insight with other students.
Other duties include:
Coordinating Student Developed Programs throughout the Purdue Campus
Working with various university officials on Program related Issues
Develop PSG Programs relating to special events throughout the year

Governmental Relations:
Facilitates and supervises all communication between federal, state, and local governments and officials.
Other duties include:
Working with City Councils
Working with State Governmental Agencies
Being Politically Aware
On-Campus Voter Registration

Student Organizational Outreach:

Acting link between Purdue Student Government and organizational contacts including:
Student Organizations
Campus Activities
Organizations Outside of Purdue

Public Relations/Marketing:
Media and public relations consultant. Must have the ability to understand projects taking place in PSG and be able to
craft a message for PSG regarding the overall tone of the organization.
Other duties include:
Overseeing the publicity of PSG programs and initiatives
Overseeing creation of PSG e-newsletter
Understand Press Release development
Oversee technology communications
Construct and execute marketing campaigns

Strategic Planning and Assessment:

Research the implementation, feasibility, and statistical analysis of policy proposals and current platform issues.
Other duties include:
Writing policy proposals
Meeting with administrators to discuss policy proposals

• Office Hours
o Executive Director – 5 Office Hours per week
o Board of Directors – 3 Office Hours per week
o Intern – 2 Office Hours per week
• Attend meetings
o At least one Senate meeting per semester – every other Wednesday
o All Board of Directors meetings – every other Wednesday opposite of Senate
• Motivation, Flexibility, Dedication, and Leadership
• Willingness and ability to speak in front of large groups of people on a regular basis
• Develop professional relationships with other PSG Members
• Betterment of the PSG Organization throughout the year