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Father Saturnino Urios University

Nursing Program
Butuan City


Submitted by:
Florence Phil H. Amoroso
Section 39 – IIJ

Submitted to:
Miss Annie M.
Supervising Clinical Instructor


(August 13, 2008)

Pregnancy is the state of carrying a fetus inside the

mother’s womb. The fact that a woman is carrying a human being inside her
is the thought that it’s not easy. However, it is widely accepted that being
pregnant is a great blessing from the heavens wherein God have allowed a
couple to experience the joy of parenthood.

The 12th of August, 2008 was the first day of duty in the
community. In fact, all I have expected from the CHN duty is the concept of
Maternal and Child Health Nursing in which we will be dealing about pregnant
women and care for growing children in the community. With the thought of
caring for a pregnant woman, relating this activity to this semester’s concept
makes me think whether it’ll be possible for me to push through and if it
would be a good experience to me. So, I pushed me ambivalence through and
grasped the handle of CHN bag insisting to myself that I can do it. Following
the first day of duty, we assisted on the EPI at Buhangin, Brgy. Baan. But that
wasn’t the highlight of the day. The procedure Leopold’s Maneuver, a very
exciting procedure to me because it was my first time, was the exhilarating
thing within the course of the day. Surely, I said to myself that I’m going to
enjoy it.

Arriving at the house of the client we are about to perform

the procedure with, our clinical instructor divided our group into two, to
better facilitate learning experience. Prior to the arrival, of course, we ate our
lunch. And that was one heck of a highlight. At last, palpating, feeling the
fullness of the tummy of a pregnant woman. We performed the procedure
with alternation. There were only four (4) of us during that time, and it was all
our first times. Luckily, our clinical instructor assisted us to make the return
demo successful.

Honestly, palpating the fundus, as the first maneuver

made me hesitate to touch it. Why? Because I feared that I may hurt the
mother. But it was explained to us that it isn’t going to hurt that’s why I must
proceed. As I palpated the fundus, the extremities of the fetus, the inlet and
the engagement occurrence, I frankly was amazed. I haven’t done that like
forever. And it was a great opportunity for me to assess the condition not only
of the mother but also to the fetus. To be an effective nurse, you must be
empathetic. Assess what must be assessed such as the immediate needs of
both the mother and the fetus. I thought I didn’t like nursing, but the feeling
that I had inside me while caring for the pregnant mother made me think that
I guess, I really like nursing anyway. I feel happy for the expectant family, but
sad to say, I wish prenatal was accessible to them that they can travel less to
facilitate rest to the pregnant woman. They are in a not-so-remote area, far
away from the civilized society. I hope the government has been doing what
they call their “best” to give those health services, and not doing more and
more corruption.
But anyway, I believe the communities are just so lucky
that there are practicing student nurses. If not for these students, like me, it
would be very difficult for them to avail for minor services, such as the
Leopold’s procedure for free. I look forward to doing these activities again, to
somehow help for the clienteles in need. The experience was very fulfilling
and worthwhile.

(August 27, 2008)

Where did we get the foundations of our education today?

Of course, before we set foot to a university, we first invaded ‘school’. It’s not
a just an ordinary school, because it is where we spend most activities of our
childhood. Everything has been cultivated in grade school. And that is why,
for the 2nd duty for the 2nd week, we have chosen the School Nursing Activity
to better understand what the complexity of a child, as part of the Maternal
and Child Health Nursing concept.

As I arrived to the school entrance in FSUU, I can feel my

heart pounding for excitement, very much excited to be mingling with little
kids, again. I saw my group members complete and as well excited too.
Everything was prepared, because of course; we want an overwhelming
learning experience to take place.

As we arrived in the area, we have noticed that the

classes were about to start. But of course, our batch wouldn’t want to fail any
plans, so we penetrated into one of the classes, in which we were assigned.
However, I was quite disappointed to see the young ones in a not-so-tidy
appearance. Their nails were so dirty, not to judge them, but I’m just stating
what I have seen. It seemed like they lacked care from their parents. I even
saw a student who had a black eye, and he said he was accidentally punched
by his father. Is there such thing as accidental? I don’t think so. Children as
young as 6 years old shouldn’t be exposed to violence in order for them to
grow out of brutality. Good thing we went there with plans; plans to impart
good hygiene and proper nutrition. Every one of us, especially myself, were
so eager to present our topics in front of the school-aged group. I felt the
whole class participating as we were discussing our assigned topics. They
were also eager to learn. Some of them were showing potentiality that made
me amazed. I was cracking some jokes so that my short lecture wouldn’t be
boring. The children inside the class were laughing and smiling. Seeing them
so enjoyed made my heart as young as theirs again.

The school nursing activity was a worthwhile experience. I

hope to do it again, and somehow impart if not fully materialized the
interventions to promote the well- being of children in the community and

(August 26, 2008)

4:00 AM was the very first time of the day in which I woke up. I
know in myself that it’s unusual for me to wake up in such an early time. My
mom also woke up and asked me what the important event was about to
happen. By the way, I forgot to tell her that we’ll be going to FPPI in Agusan
del Sur. Going there was some sort of a field trip, but the main high light was
to interview a “company nurse”, and know the situation of workers inside a

We left from the school at around 6:45AM, and drove our way
to the palm oil company. I heard that it will take three hours of travel to reach
there. But I didn’t mind since I was too excited to break free from the quo of
the school. I was wondering about the job and functions of a company nurse.
It was my first time to hear such occupation since all I have known was just
“an occupational nurse”, and not some sort of specificity of the occupation.

As the bus was rearing and nearing the entrance of the 8-

hectare land fully implanted with palm trees, I felt nauseated and lost my
interest since I was focusing on my physiologic needs. But when the bus
reached the plantation, I totally lost the feeling of being nauseated due to the
astounding scenery of the plantation. Then, while I was filling my eyes with
awe, we reached the health center of the company, and there, we met the
company nurse, but to no avail, I forgot her name. But I remembered the
services she has discussed which she emphasized as being rendered with
schedules to the total population of workers including stay-ins inside the
company. Also, she stated that it isn’t easy to be a company nurse. She
further added that she made major adjustment inside the company that
prompted her to last for 22 years. Ain’t that already a number? She also said
that loving the chosen job can help an individual last for a lifetime; therefore,
one must love his or her job to be able to feel contentment and satisfaction.
As for the health services offered, she mentioned about Company Physician
which was required by the law for a company, Dental Check-Ups,
Immunizations for the workers stay-in offsprings, maternal services such as
Pap smear which was done by the company nurse, and other services to fulfill
the immediate needs of the workers. After the interview, it was so generous
of the company to let us have a small eat-galore. And after the stomach-
filling snack, we proceeded with tour around the area headed by the
company nurse.

Prior to that, we were given group assignments, such as

physical assessment of an assigned client, wherein we performed a head-to-
toe appraisal. We assessed her for any alterations or any discomforts she was
feeling that time, and all she said was that she’s feeling a little ache on her
tooth. She mentioned a lot of things, about her beliefs which made me think
that her beliefs were based from her ancestry, and that some of her beliefs
were not contrast to the medical setting. However, I didn’t impose my own
beliefs because I need to respect theirs, as much as mine, too.
“Sana industrial nursing araw-araw.”, I heard a student from
the other group confidently shouted it inside the bus. He was right. Industrial
nursing activity was such an exciting but at the same time fruitful experience
to me. Adding to that, I’m looking forward for another industrial nursing
activity with a much more “flesh to bite” experience. All in all, the exposures
were very great a successful. Thanks be to GOD. =)